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 (12/30/2012) A Midmorning Brunch at the Library (part 1)

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(12/30/2012) A Midmorning Brunch at the Library (part 1) Empty
PostSubject: (12/30/2012) A Midmorning Brunch at the Library (part 1)   (12/30/2012) A Midmorning Brunch at the Library (part 1) Icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2012 9:15 am

Some Descs are missing, because so many ponies got involved I was too busy to make sure to click each of them. Will edit for completeness later.

(You see TwilightFLWSparkle.)

(You see Spikey Wikey.)
> Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant! Also the best little dragon brother a unicorn could ask for.

(You see Ugly Bristle.)
> A lanky and tall unicorn colt, bone-white. Usually found in a cape, it can be sometimes hard to spot his cutie mark -- a musical staff and bars of music, curled into a tight spiral. His mane and tail are both long and black, his left eye yellow, his right a very pale blue. A soft red glow can be observed around his horn -- even when just what he is doing magic on is not evident. Oh -- and he has possibly the worst name in all Equestria.

(You see FluttershyEAT.)

(You see SweetieBelle.)

(You see Apple BloomEAT.)

(You see CeIestia.)
> i am the morning & the evening star. x

(You see Stormdance.)

(You see Nightmare Luna.)
> Princess of the Moon and Guardian of Dreams, Luna has become much gentler to the ponies of Equestria since her 1000 year banishment. Often more serious and skepticle than her sister, Celestia, Luna is starting to make better progress conversing and connecting with the other ponies. She is gentle and kind, though can sometimes seem awkward. canon PO:

Twilight Sparkle would wake early in the morning, there was a lot to do today, and she wouldn't waste anytime getting started! She'd hop out of bed, and trod to a mirror, using a small bit of magic to style her mane in her usual fashion. She'd nod, getting it perfect, and move to go check to see if Spike was up, though she'd terribly doubt it. 'Spike...' she'd call out softly to the baby dragon 'Spike...' she'd repeat, a little louder this time, huffing and having to do it a third time to get his attention 'SPIKE?!'

Spikey|Wikey: Spikey Wikey had only snuggled deeper into the blankets in his basket at each successive mention of his name, until finally the shout jolted him awake. His curled limbs came loose all at once, upsetting the basket and sending him sprawling across the floor. He looks up at his 'Big sister' in slight annoyance. "You didn't have to shout."

Twilight Sparkle looked at him with a mix of mild annoyance and disappointment 'Apparently I did Spike, I had called out to you a few times and it seemed you were still asleep!' she'd shake her head at him 'Nevermind, it's a big day today! Princess Celestia is going to be joining us at the library this morning, and didn't you tell that other pony to meet us there today?'

Spikey Wikey groans, rubbing his back and streching. "Yeah. He's kinda like Zecora, all alone in the woods, but I managed to get him to come." His eyes go wide. "I totally forgot about the princess's visit! Wow, we'd better get ready!" He quickly tosses the blankets back into the basket and rushes down the stairs to the lower floor, where he begins making sure that everything is clean and in it's place.

Ugly Bristle was utterly unaware of any visit from Princess Celestia, or he certainly would not have come to Ponyville today. He wasted no time in getting to the library -- and though he did not see the baby dragon there as anticipated, his excitement was not much diminished. Books! Everywhere! Maybe not as much as the Canterlot library, but still... after living in the woods with only a few, it was overwhelming.

Fluttershy would have usually spent the morning tending to her animals, but upon a hasty request by her dear friend Rarity, she had found herself instead tending to the filly Sweetie Belle for much of the day. She hadn't minded, and was even curious about heading to the library to kill some time while the young unicorn was in her care. "Did you want to go anywhere in particular Sweetie Belle?" She'd ask gently, bowing her head low so she could be eye to eye with the filly. Then again, she had to wonder, what with the three being nearly attached to the hip; where were they? "Or would you like to go and play with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo?"

SweetieBelle: meanwhile was happy from being out of Rarity's house, away from all of that dumb fabric and how boring her older sis was. Fluttershy was a little bit less boring but it was who her sister picked out to foalsit her. She glances up staring into Fluttershy's bright blue eyes, than looks off in the sky at a cloud, her toungue pokes out showing that she was in deep thought over all the choices she was presented than a light bulb goes off and she smiles,"Eh i duno, my friends said they were already pretty busy helping Applejack and im already a little sore from all those piles of fabric that Rarity had me move around." she flicks her tail than glances over at the library seeing a pony walk in, rather strange, in all her days shes never seen anypony go in there to check out a book,"Can we go hang out with Twilight?"

CeIestia approached the library on hoof rather than by wing. She moved at a brisk pace, truthfully eager to see Twilight again. Letters were all well and good, but nothing beat a personally attended visit. She'd even brought extra company with her, in the form of a much darker unicorn falling shortly behind. Hopefully Twilight wouldn't mind the unexpected addition! Stopping at the door to the library, Celestia glanced up at the balcony she'd dropped out of the sky to land upon once before. It had seemed unsturdy at the time, yet there it remained up among the boughs. "Twilight Sparkle?" the royal called, turning back to the door. She considered adding something along the lines of 'I'm here now', but that was kind of self-evident.

Stormdance. The stallion had met up with Princess Celestia quite a bit ago and had been following her lead for some time. He cared not where they were going, for he had been lost in conversation, whether she actively participated or not was ignored by him as he merely enjoyed sharing his findings with another intellectual. She had an eon's worth of knowledge in that noodle of hers, and he was more than happy to blather on in order to at least get some of it to leak on him. He wanted influence, and he was going to do his best. As they came close to the library, the usually grumpy pony was finishing up his recent finding, "... and thus I concluded my research through the book that I had laying about that examined a Pegasuses ability to manipulate weather patterns. With it, I learned to focus not on the clouds themselves, but rather the energy flowing through them! I was quite surprised, indeed, when I found myself able to create a small thunderbolt from a miniature sized cloud fashioned from-" He stopped his mindless jabbering now as he realized that they had arrived some place, his brows furrowing slightly as he examind the surrondings and inquired, "Princess Celestia? Who is this 'Twilight Sparkle' that you are calling out for? The owner of this fine estate or someone who resides upon it yet does not officially own it?" His head was slightly tilted as he questioned their present location and this 'Twilight Sparkle', yet, judging by the way this situation was about to play out, he would find out quite shortly.

Nightmare Luna flew from Canterlot to Ponyville in her gothic-styled chariot, preffering the royal method of traveling over walking. As the Royal Guards of the Night landed her and her chariot in Canterlot, she found that her sister was just getting to the library. "It figures that I could leave later, and yet still arrive at the same time, sister." She chuckled a bit. She noticed that there seemed to be another pony behind the giant, white, alicorn, and tried to glance around her. "And whom might that be?" She wondered. She had followed her sister to Ponyville to potentially help make more friends again, or at least make aquaintanceship with her loyal subjects.

Twilight Sparkle put her hoof to her chin, deep in thought 'What was his name again..' she'd close her eyes, running through her mind for a moment 'Spike said something about a B...' she'd had associated it with something 'Thistle.....' she'd mutter 'Bristle! That's it!' she'd nod to herself, following Spike downstairs after a moment, seeing that their guest had already arrived! 'Ah, hello there!' she'd give him a smile 'You must be Bristle! Welcome to my library' she'd nod at him, being as welcoming as she could be 'I'm Twilight Sparkle, if Spike didn't tell you my name' Her ears would perk up, hearing the voice of the Princess call out from the door, smiling even brighter now --'Princess Celestia!' she'd call out, running up to greet her, almost forgetting to kneel in front of her, looking up 'Oh, and you brought another pony as well' she'd peer at StormDancer as she'd rise from her position, whom she'd not yet know 'Please come...' she'd trail off noticing Princess Luna arrive shortly after Celesita 'Princess Luna!' she'd give another curt bow. As she did that, she'd notice Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle coming up the path towards the library as well 'My goodness, we're going to have a full house it seemed!' shed' turn back around 'Spike! We have more guests! We might have to get some snacks together'

Spikey Wikey Had stopped for a moment in the middle of his cleaning as he saw that Ugly Bristle had already arrived, somehow having entered the library before they unlocked the doors for the morning. 'Must have forgot to lock it last night...' he thought. He barely got to wave to the mysterious pony, however, before there was a rapping and a calling at the door. He'd scrambled to open it as Twi came down, only to find that he had to fumble with the lock before he could pull it open to admit the Princess of the Sun.

Spikey Wikey Spun away from the door, rushing into the kitchen. "Snacks, right on it!"

Ugly Bristle didn't remember telling Spike his name... He tended to avoid telling other ponies his name, because it was probably the worst name in Equestria. Why, Zecora must have blabbed it to the little dragon, to make something or other fit a meter! He stepped back a bit upon seeing Twilight; he was a shy thing, after all, voice quiet. "Hello, Twilight... Oh, yes... Spike did go on about you a bit." He was utterly unaware that he'd sort of... well... broken in without meaning to. Upon hearing the arrival of ponies behind him, he scooted politely away -- and then a purpose of his name became apparent as he bristled, fur standing on end, and absolutely leapt aside, fairly cowering as Celestia and her compatriot entered.

Fluttershy smiled brightly at Sweetie's agreement, but as soon as she had looked up towards the library again; she paused. "Oh my.." Was all she could say, her ears flicked forward as she saw the ponies outside filing in... Celestia and Luna among them! Torn between shying away and feeling the need to investigate, she again looked to the filly, but held her tongue. Swallowing down a whimper she continued on her way, with her friend's little sister in tow, towards the library. Being too busy to stay as small as possible and out of anypony's line of sight, she failed to be aware that she and Sweetie Belle had been noticed; dashing away her hopes for a surprise visit. "H-hello?" She'd offer shakily, bowing for the two Princesses, while offering a weak smile to both of the ponies she had never seen before; putting herself between them and Sweetie Belle out of pure maternal instinct.

SweetieBelle: knelt down as well putting herself on the floor infront of the visiting princess's she bows her head for a few seconds before standing back up and smiling, shes never had a real chance to meet either Princess or even talk to them usually it was her sister and her friends that did so, so right now she took the Fluttershy approach being slightly timid and pokes her head curiously from behind one of Fluttershy's forelegs looking up at how tall they were, than glances up at her foalsitter, leaning up close to her ear and whispers,"What's going on here, Fluttershy?"

Apple Bloom trotted into the busier part of Ponyville, having just cleaned up after completing her daily chores. Today consisted of building repair with her big sister. The chicken coop had a rather large hole in the side, vandalized by local predators, and she'd fixed it up lickety split. She was good at that sort of thing, and had finished her remaining jobs early, knowing Sweetie Belle was probably alone with Fluttershy doing non-Crusader stuff. As of late, they were behind in exploring potential talents, and she thought she'd search for her friend in town. About to pass the library, she had to do a double-take, seeing a large gathering of ponies, including two very important princesses: one from the sky in a chariot, and one at Twilight's door. Curious, she trotted over to investigate.

CeIestia smiled warmly toward the rushed duo, particularly to Spike as he'd opened the door for them. Perhaps she should have delayed her arrival some, to give the poor souls a chance to prepare. Somehow she doubted it would have made much difference in the end, as a myriad of visitors had shown up in swift order- least of all expected to the Princess herself, as her fellow diarch showed up in all due drama. Did Luna ever exercise her own wings except to raise the moon? Sometimes she wondered. "That tends to happen when one heads directly for their destination while the other leaves time for a detour." She'd planned it that way, what else. As Luna inquired as to her company, Celestia moved around to usher him forward. "This, is Storm Dancer." She'd seen potential in him. Perhaps nothing alike Twilight's blatant magical prowess, but it was potential nonetheless. Glancing then to Storm himself, she gestured toward the other alicorn. "This is my sister, Princess Luna." While many ponies were aware of Luna now, some might still be out of the loop. Better to play it safe and introduce her, just in case Storm was one of those ones behind on the times. Celestia glanced around the room again, giving brief, curt nods to those who had looked toward her as she didn't want to appear to be ignoring them. That would be rude! Unfortunately the opportunity to answer Storm's question about Twilight had slipped away from her in the wake of all the new arrivals, but so too had it answered itself. Her line of sight finally fell upon Fluttershy, ears perking at the soft greeting. "Hello, Fluttershy," the paler royal spoke. "It's nice to see you again."

Stormdance. The moment he realized that there would be more than just the two of them, Storm Dancer's heart sunk and his stomach instantly began to feel like there were butterflies fluttering about inside. He hated social gatherings, particularly with those who he believed inferior to his own intelligence (either through their demonstration of such or through quick prejudice on his part) and yet as he was presented to the night incarnate, he'd dip his head in a very gentlemanly fashion as he spoke with fake confidence, "A pleasure, your Highness." That should show some improvement, at least, in his attempt to be more social. The thought of doing more was beyond him, though, as the door swung open and he saw a purple unicorn that seemed extremely excited-ish to see them. The calling of their names indicated such, and whatever Celestia did, he would do. She walk through the door? Bam. He would do so closely at her heels. She take a snack? Boom. Down the hatch. She was his lifejacket for this shin-dig.

Nightmare Luna nodded to all parties and then turned to dismiss her entourage of chariot drawers. with a wave. Good evening, all ponies, and dear sister." She still had to try to not to use the Royal Canterlot Voice with such a crowd drawn. She looked into the library and saw Twilight Sparkle and her purple dragon companion as well. "And hello to you two as well." She half-shouted to them. "I have come to make the aquaintenceship of new ponies, and to see what it is like here on a, normal, day. Though it seems it is not quite as normal as it might usually be?" She asked rhetorically.

Twilight Sparkle would totally be scattered now, due the sheer amount of ponies in her library, let alone the arrival of both Princesses! She'd try to keep everything straight in her head, but it was becoming a little difficult. Though, truth be told, she'd like the company! She'd smile over the group, old friends and what was sure to become new friends in short time. She'd allow everypony to come inside before shutting the library door 'Please, make yourselves comfortable! I have to see what Bristle is after. Spike said he wanted to check out some books...' she'd trail off for a moment 'Pardon me everypony, I am sure Spike is making a huge mess getting the snacks together..' she'd excuse herslef, darting towards where the baby dragon was, looking to see if he had indeed made a huge mess of things.

Spikey Wikey Was actually just opening the door to the main room of the library with a large tray of small tulip sandwitches balanced on one claw. He was actually much more deft when he wasn't overexcited about fulfilling the 'Dragon Code' he'd made up after finding out how badly actual dragons acted. He ran straight into Twilight's chest, and the tray went flying over her back before somepony saved it with their magic. In the immediate aftermath he looked form onepony to another, doing a quick count. "I... think we're gonna need more snacks," he said, before about-facing and marching right back into the kitchen.

Ugly Bristle was just alarmed. ALARMED with a capital everything. Oddly, Celestia's explanation of Luna didn't put him at ease; in fact, he may have been more at ease with Luna than Celestia. Slowly he calmed a bit -- though not enough to save the sandwiches, though his horn glowed the whole time without a pause. "Oh, I... I don't know if I was looking for something specifically..." He mumbled, trailing off -- edging towards the kitchen to go help Spike.

Fluttershy breathed a sigh of relief, but stiffened when Princess Celestia had noticed her and Sweetie Belle. She'd smile back, bowing her head again respectfully, conscious of the filly staying close to her foreleg the entire time. "N-nice to meet you two-" She squeaked as Spike collided with Twilight, shielding the filly with her wing to get her out of the line of fire should a sandwich come their way. "I hope we're not intruding..." She managed afterwards, tilting her head at the filly's question, lowering her voice so only she could hear her. "I'm not quite sure, dear. It might be something important."

SweetieBelle: eyes get big and wide seeing the plate of snacks, her stomach makes an audible growl and she scoots further away from Fluttershy and goes to where the plate of treats were set down, grabs one and begans to munch. Sweetie's lets out a relaxed sigh and licks her muzzle a few times before taking another bite and no longer shy now that she had a few bites of food in her said outloud,"Wow these sure are some yummy sandwitches." her voice cracking with excitment

CeIestia had long since wandered inside by then, apparently very closely followed by Storm. The princess almost felt bad for bringing him into such a large crowd. Suddenly and relentlessly was not a good way to conquer one's fears. It often took baby steps. Still, he seemed to be doing alright hiding in her shadow. If it made him comfortable she had no real reason to drag him out of it again, at least until the crowd might thin some and she could speak more directly to Twilight. She sat down with intent to get comfortable when she noticed the tray of snacks soaring through the air. Oh dear. A regal golden glow surrounded her horn, catching the food and setting it down neatly on the floor, whereupon the smaller white unicorn immediately set upon them. Someone was hungry, huh?

Stormdance. The unicorn's eyes were quite round and wide as he studied the scene, head feeling a bit lighter than usual due to this sudden exposure. He constantly looked to Celestia for guidance, never doing anything without her doing so. This was quite bizarre, in all sense of the word. Let's just see if the crowd died a little so he could inspect this gorgeous library...

Nightmare Luna had stayed by the door, knowing she had to set off again. "I was just stopping by to say hello to my sister, her student, and their friends. But sadly, I must be leaving. I am off to study the interactions between ponies nowadays so I may better understand." She dipped her head into a low bow towards all in the library, then she turned to the white princess. "I shall see you, dear sister, at the changing of the day into night." The darker princess would then open the door, and duck out into the sunlight, spreading her wings and flying off into the daytime sky.

Twilight Sparkle crashed into Spike, though Celestia would quickly save the food from going everywhich way. She'd look down 'Sorry!' as Spike quickly dashed back into the kitchen, Sweetie Belle already attacking the first tray of snacks. She'd nod to Bristle as he'd join Spike in the kitchen, and bid a fairwell to Luna as she'd fly off almost as quickly as she had arrived. She'd let out a soft sigh, approaching the Princess as everypony else seemed to be distracted 'You said you had something for me to do, Princess Celestia?' she'd query, wondering what task she'd be set out to do

Spikey Wikey worked quickly, depleting their stocks of tulips and switching to daisy sandwitches midway. He'd barely remembered that Celestia was joining them today, much less Bristle, and even much less so many other visitors. That darkhaired pony, Stormdancer, put him on edge after the way he acted at the picnic, though he didn't seem in the same mood now. And in the shuffle he'd lost the odd pony he'd finally convinced to visit the library- oh, there he was. "Oh, hey there. I've almost got these ready. Sorry about all... all this." he waves a claw at the main room. "I sometimes forget these month-in-advance royal visits Celestia does."

Ugly Bristle shrugged his shoulders -- the fur on which was still standing on end. Maybe after living alone, any crowded situation just frightened him to no end. "This happens ... often?" This Twilight Sparkle must've been more important than he'd assumed. He frowned.

Fluttershy felt a little left out, but was a little happy with that to be honest. Upon seeing Sweetie Belle dive for the sandwiches on the floor, she'd blush brightly. She should have checked to see if the poor dear had eaten breakfast! Still, Fluttershy would help herself, bidding Luna a friendly farewell as she stepped back out the front down, wishing she could have stayed a little longer. "These are really good, Spike... Spike?" She'd look up from her sandwich and see that the baby dragon was gone, and with that she'd resolve to being quiet for the moment, keeping close to Sweetie Belle. "Have you ever met the Princess before, Sweetie Belle?" She'd ask gently.

SweetieBelle: shakes her head back and forth a few times before she sits down relaxing her hindlegs and leans forwards on her forelegs relaxing there happily,"No not really, we went to the palace and everything one field trip." she puts a hoof under her chin shifting her weight on her left foreleg before she puts her right one in the air,"Ahh i think we did at the start of it, but you girls know her much better than i do." she puts her legs back down, turns around and glances up at Celestia with curious wonder and awe

CeIestia's attention was nabbed abruptly by Luna moving for the exit. "Wait a moment, sister of mine," she implored, then glancing back to Twilight Sparkle. "If Luna will allow it, I would like you to go with her, Twilight." Elaborations were not needed- one only needed to recall that one Nightmare Night to understand Celestia's request. While Celestia had faith her sister could keep her temper in check if things once more did not go according to plan, it never hurt to be extra certain. "Who knows, maybe you'll learn something new about friendship as well," she mused aloud. That would certainly be an optimal result. The chatter of the hungry filly with Fluttershy caught Celestia's attention, primarily at the mention of her name. "Hello, my little pony," spoke the alicorn then, toward the thoroughly enthralled Sweetie Belle. No better time for them to be properly met than now, she figured.

Stormdance. A quirked brow was held at the ready as his heart thundered in his chest, threatening to simply gallop right on out of his ribcage. He was awkward and cumbersome at conversations that hardly interested him, and now he was thrust directly into the heart of it all! The glow around the sandwich he was nibbling upon was faint and weak due to the great amount of stimuli that caused his head to pound, yet now he seemed to have a sole interest as this 'Twilight' character waddled right on up to Princess Celestia and asked about some sort of task. Hm. Interesting. The skilled eavesdropper would have practically a prime seat to listen in on this conversation due to his close proximity to the alicorn, head lowered slightly to make it seem as if he were focusing more inwardly than on their dialogue.

Twilight Sparkle blinked at Celestia's request, but quickly would understand. She'd just simply nod to the alicorn, before speaking 'Of course, I would be happy to!' she'd turn to everypony else, giving a polite nod 'I'm sorry everypony, I must depart.' she'd turn back to the Princess who had made the request 'Please, watch over Spike, Princess, and my house? I will be absolutely certain to send you a report when I return!' she'd move over to catch up with Princess Luna, looking up at her 'Well, it looks like we're off in search of adventure, huh Princess Luna?' she'd smile, walking off wherever the day may take them.

Nightmare Luna smiled sweetly at her sister and then at the purple unicorn. The dark princess then landed and folded her wings onto her back. "It seems so, young Twilight Sparkle." Admittedly, Luna was rather glad to have a companion with her. Since her last time trying to bond with her loyal subjects during Nightmare Night went, not so well. Not to mention, Twilight was there to help her then too. "Then shall we be off?" She asked, starting to walk towards out of town with her sister's star pupil, and her own new dear friend.

Spikey Wikey nods to Ugly Bristle. "Yeah, Celestia drops in on her personal student every once in a while. It was a lot less of a big deal back when we lived in the castle, but now it kindof disrupts things. Sorry I forgot to warn you." He finishes his tray and brings it out, only to find that suddenly Twilight was leaving with Luna, and that he'd barely got a chance to say anything before they both were gone. He looked to the remaining ponies in the room. "Uh... well, I've got more snacks."

Ugly Bristle almost smiled? He seemed... more comforable now it was less crowded, though still sort of shifty and unsettled. He finally got up the courage to say "Hello" to everypony, mismatched eyes flicking between those remaining. He was nearly as shy as Fluttershy, though in a somewhat different way, it seemed. His horn still glowed red, as he looked over the books, shying from either Sweetie Belle or Celestia, hard to tell which.

Fluttershy took her sandwich to one of the tables on the library's ground floor, taking a seat in a soft cushion she felt comfortable that Sweetie Belle was more than safe with the Princess near and her own watchful eyes on the filly. She felt a little bad for the one stallion however, seeming as displaced and uncomfortable as she was... but she though maybe introductions could come later at any rate. For now she'd just watch in silence, like always.

SweetieBelle: eyes widden, pupils dilate and start to sparkle as she was now, finally talking with Princess Celestia, letting in a big gasp of air she does a quick bow moves back up and nods her head, a big smile spread across her face, than she frowns getting a little nervous along with that smile,"Heh...hhhiya Miss Princess Celestia." she closed her eyes and kicked herself mentally for that line,"Um hows it going?" Rarity obviously didnt teach her about talking with royality

CeIestia noted the library was much quieter suddenly, with just two of the most talkative figures out the door and off into town. Celestia had been entrusted with care of Twilight's house, with responsibility over Spike, and apparently was now left with all the quiet ones. She smiled at the filly, doing her best not to look like the imposing godlike-ruler of all that she technically was. Sometimes it was hard to dispel the preconceptions of ponies new to meeting her, particularly when they were young. All adults tended to look like giants in the eyes of a foal- she could only imagine what they saw in a princess like herself. "It's going well, thank you," she responded in her usual manner, if a bit softer for the filly's sake. The sudden hello from across the room brought Celestia's eyes up to catch Bristle, and Spike returning with more snacks. Summoning her magic again, she'd aim to lift both Spike and the tray he was carrying, as well as bringing a cushion from one side of the room toward her. She'd lay the cushion down, fluffed, and place the baby dragon atop it. Presuming he might have let go of the tray by then, Celestia seemed content to keep it held by her magic. "You are a hard worker, Spike," she spoke warmly. "Have a break while Twilight is out of the house, won't you?"

Stormdance. Hm. A library without a single person willing to read a book in the vicinity? Woe to the books! They certainly would collect dust! With the population waning, it was quite nice as he hummed and summoned a book forth from one of the multitude of shelves and absent mindedly said, "Yes, fear not; I will attend to this library quite well." What was this random book he pulled out? Oh, a book about Ursa Majors! Quite an exemplory book about the anatomy and behavior of those magnificent beasts. He would plop down onto the ground some ways off, a cheery look on his face as he let into his old habits for but a moment in order absorb the knowledge from another piece of literature. "My goodness, what beautiful creatures! Princess Celestia, have you ever ventured up such a gorgeous creature as an Ursa Major? I once stumbled upon tracks, but I hadn't realized they belonged to such a magnificent beast until I peered into these old pages." For once, he'd actually turn to face a stranger head on, a slight dip of his head given as he spoke to Spike directly, "Give my compliments on this fine collection to Ms. Twilight, would you?" Boom. One social-phobia wall came crashing down.

Spikey Wikey Let himself be carried through the air with only a modicum of squirming, having long been used to Twilight unicornhandling him. He blinks back at Stormdancer's compliment. 'That's wierd' he thought. Maybe the dark-coated unicorn had just been in a mood last time they talked. "Um... sure. It's good that somepony appreciates them. And, uh... I guess 'Magnificent' is a word to use? If they're anything like the Ursa Minor that tore half the town apart last year."

Ugly Bristle had never seen an Ursa Major, though he had spotted the Ursa Minor when it did its damage -- it had been hard not to, even if not especially living in the Everfree Forest. "It is a very nice collection," he commented awkwardly, scanning the titles -- those in reference to creatures and legends tended to catch his mismatched eyes.

SweetieBelle feels a bit more relaxed now that she didnt find the Princess scary or intimidating at all as much as she did before, she was easy at making new friends after a casual conversation, she smiles and grabs a pillow, puts it near the Princess and sits down beside her, staring up at the very large alicorn infront of her,"So erm Princess... do you play any games?"

CeIestia noticed that the snacks were now going unnoticed, and proceeded to nibble on one herself. She rose from where she'd been seated to place the tray on a nearby table. She returned to where she'd put Spike, shuffling around some until she lay down beside him. "I believe Twilight Sparkle has encountered an Ursa," she recalled, just before Spike confirmed the theory. Ah, so it had been a Minor, not a Major. "Interested in magical creatures, Storm?" She'd have to remember that. "I don't suppose you saw the dragon migration last year, then?" That was another thing she'd heard about vicariously through Twilight's letters. "I heard it was quite a sight to behold, but unfortunately didn't have the time to see it for myself." Before she'd have time to hear an answer, however, the filly was speaking again. "Games?" she repeated, looking thoughtful. "Yes, but it's been a while," she then admitted. "What sort of games do you like to play?"

Stormdance. If ponies could shrug, he would have done so as he responded in a nonchalant manner, looking up from the book for a moment before speaking, "I hold more interest for the magical properties they have. To conjure flame like a dragon, to turn things to stone like a Cockatrice, to be born again from ashes like a Phoenix: these are all amazing abilities that could be studied and perhaps replicated through magic and alchemy." He snorted at the inquiry, shaking his head as he spoke, "Saw it? I was in it. Those things burned down my cottage that I had lived in for a long time. With that old house went my fine collection of books and recipes. It was one of the main reasons I moved here." Oh gosh, the very thought of that ghastly dragon migration was something to shudder at. Sure, they were lovely to see in the air, but once they landed and found a town with some riches... Well, it wouldn't exactly be a solid town, but more like ashy remains. A game, eh? He hadn't played one of those since he was a young colt with his older brother! The stallion would listen in, and might even join in if it sounded interesting enough. If Celestia would do it, then so would he.

Ugly Bristle, despite his apparent calming (his fur is finally back in its normal tidiness), maintains a shifty look. He was just looking at the books -- then, the next time anypony happened to glance where he had been, a few choice books had gone missing -- as had the white unicorn colt.

Spikey Wikey actually looks sympathetically toward Ugly for a moment, shaking his head slowly. "Yeah... some dragons aren't very nice. Sorry about that." At that, he glances up to the roost of the pet phoenix, Peewee. The bird noticed his look and quickly flitted down to perch on his claw, preening it's firey-golden feathers and looking around at it's audience. "This is Peewee. Those guys almost smashed his egg, but I managed to stop them."

SweetieBelle: standing up off her fluffy pillow, she starts to get excited now and bounce happily around in circles and list of a good amount of games she liked to play with her friends,"Erm well Scootaloo, Applebloom and i really like to play: tag, toss, jump rope, hoola hoops (i think they are renamed in the show) hide and seek, all sorts of fun games." she smiles warmly up at the princess than notices her floating tail and mane,"Erm i was also wondering, umm Princess Celestia." she points to your mane,"How come your mane wiggles around like that?"

Stormdance. His eyes would lock upon Spike as he gave a curt nod, eyes focused intently as he spoke in a cold voice, "I wish it were so simple to apologize." When the dragon went over to the phoenix, however, Storm's eyes immediately widened and he spoke, "Oh boy, you have a phoenix! What a magnificent specimen, I shall have to get my writing utensils and study it promptly!" With this, he raced out with school boy cheer, excitement at studying this bird racing in his heart all the way.

Spikey Wikey was again a little annoyed at Stormdancer, after all it wasn't like he was even with those dragons, but his excitement over Peewee mollified the baby dragon enough not to be too sarcastic. The dragon, ponies, and princess all had an enjoyable little brunch for the next hour or so as they awaited Twilight's return from whatever business Luna had taken her away to deal with.
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(12/30/2012) A Midmorning Brunch at the Library (part 1)
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