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12/01/2015 Let Bygones by Bygones

Discord Draconequus could smell shenanigain from a mile away, and it wasn't just teh arbitrary idea of always being in teh wrong place at hte right time. Discord actually did have a six sense for trouble. The imbalance of magic was a favorite one, but typically he followed the paler antics that trickled through the stale and boooring airs taht was Ponyville. Everyone needed a little chaos in their lives, but he couldn't just make chaos out of thing air (though he could make a lot of things out of thin air, seemingly): there had to be just a wee bit of a spark for him to light the fires. The spoofy draconequus appeared coiled atop the roof of the nearby building, staring down at his prey like a hungry predator! But given he was half pony and half dragon and half many other parts -- he really didn't have that sense about him, which madei t pretty easy to hide, for now.

Squirrel Feather lowered her head, ears pulling back nervously. She lifted a hoof, brought it forward, then pulled it back. Poor thing looked like a baby deer first entering a meadow. Emeralds darted around the town she had so boldly and blindly fled into not too many nights ago to warn about the evil birdlizards. It was easier when she had something to run from. Had Bygone ever forgiven her for running off like that? She probably needed to ask. Snorting softly, bushy tail rose above her as she lowered her chest all the closer to the ground. "Papa!" She hissed out, knowing he was too far off to hear. The squirrel was running straight toward Luminescent, darting quickly between the unicorn's legs and toward the nearest cart where apples were being sold. The mare groaned lowly and scooted forward, lowering her rump until she was only an inch off the ground, creeping about like a bug.

Luminescent Wish saw the squirrel skitter between her legs and smiled warmly not moving a hoof until the bushy animal had ran towards the apple cart. "How cute, it didn't even look very afraid, I love this village, now then on to the event planned." probably unbeknownst to Squirrel Feather Luminescence had actually repaired and healed Bygone's horn a few days back and had heard about the cockatrices yet not of the forest dwelling pegasus befriended to him.

Discord Draconequus still really hasn';t told anyone what he did with those bird-monsters, probably best he didn't. As he watched the troublemaker rubbed his foreclaws togetherat the delicious thought. He remembered teh squirrely little pony, or at least he felt he did. She was constantly strung up on cafffine, which worked for him. With his tail tufy gripping the edge of the roof like a hand he sprung down like a bungee jumper and swayed in that upsidedown position. "Bawk!" He called out like a chicken to see if it spooked the wee pony, of course it was only a joke so the male was sent into a fit of laughter like an upside down bat who nubbed his funny bone.

Squirrel Feather crept a bit further into the village, her tail flopping over on top of her as if she could successfully hide under it. While it would certainly cover her entirely, she would stand out like a sore thumb! Her Father reached the apple cart and climbed onto it, dodging the shooing hoof of the owner, running back and forth and knocking apples about. So focused on her father, there was no chance of her noticing Discord dropping down behind her. The loud sound earned the shock he wanted, the poor Pegasus leaping straight into the air, limbs and wings stiff as she shrieked, "Cockatriiiiice!" Legs took off and the rest of her followed, wings falling flat on her back as she ran head-first toward the cart and her Father. If Lumi wasn't fast, she would likely be run over or slammed into.

Luminescent Wish perked her ears as she heard Squirrel scream cockatrice and saw her run towards her in a mad rush, horn bursting into lavender but before the unicorn could teleport she was slammed into by the pegasus momentarily knocking the wind out of her even if her robes caught some of the blow, yet she wasted no time and in desperation threw a shield over the pegasus and closed her eyes knowing what it mean to catch one's gaze.

Discord Draconequus still cackling the draconequus floated over teh pair. "Hoo hoo, a perfect ten ladies." He called holding out a scorecard that read 1 1/2, because Discord. "Practicing a routine? I wouldn't mind getting a few cheers in myself." He stated as a pair of purple pom poms appered in his paws before vanishing, the snake-bodied pony landing on his hind feet whihc cionsisted of a pony's left and dragon's. A mischevious grin was drawn up on his features before a soft smile replaced it. "Goood afternoon ladies, am I uninvited to this halabaloo? Ho ho."

Squirrel Feather hit Lumi with all she was worth, sending the Unicorn down. Hooves tangled in the robes of the mare and she wasted no time following the other, forelegs caught together, causing her to crash into the ground. Chest hit, then neck, choking her as her chin collided and teeth rattled. Hind legs went forward and landed by either side of her head, tail falling on top of her face. She made an ugly noise as her throat contracted, attempting to gain air and failing. She dropped her hocks, her rump smacking the ground. She tossed her head, tail falling aside. Clearing her throat roughly, she worked her forelegs free and opened her eyes. There was no cockatrice? Hearing laughter, she felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment. Yanking herself to her feet, she shook her head clear, then glared toward Discord. The cowboy thing! She remembered

Squirrel Feather him! "There is no halabaloo." She spoke with an odd propriety, almost like a proper lady. "There is only an accident, for which I am sorry." She glanced back at Lumi. "I am very sorry." Her face still red, she tossed her tail into the air and turned back toward the trees. Her Father could just cause havoc, it was not her probem.

Luminescent Wish dropped the shielding and opened her eyes as she heard both Discord and Squirrel, the one obviously having pranked them and the other sounding angry but apologetic towards her, then stood up looking the pegasus over. "Oh sweet Celestia are you alright dear? is your throat alright? you sounded horrible.. Discord! you could have hurt somepony! and really? using cockatrices as a scaring tactic? that's so.. so uncouth!"

Discord Draconequus sat back on his haunches, head turned away as he offered a nonchahalant shrug. "What cockatooty? First off I've no idea what tht is -- second of all where do you see a doodle cooker?" He's gunan mix it up each time, by Jove. He vanished and reapepared behind them. "Nopony got hurt, what's the big fuss! It was kinda funny!" I mean getting scared by a chicken's cluck showing you were a well -- chicken. othing seemed more ironic.

Squirrel Feather shook her head lightly at the Unicorn's concern. Her jaw would be sore for some time but she was not one to lament on her injuries. "I'm fine. Nothing hurt except my pride." She flashed a kind smile toward the other, then flicked her tail at Discord as he spoke. She scoffed lightly, glancing back at him over her shoulder. "And to think, I nearly found you cute." Throwing that squirrelly tail into the air, nose followed, and she trotted back the way she had come. Her Father sighed and leapt from the cart, running behind her. Discord had killed his plan to lure her deeper into the village. Now he had damage control to work on.

Luminescent Wish trotted after the pegasus and called gently. "Wait, wait are you sure? my name is Luminescent Wish and I'm a healer by trade and you did crash rather hard into me, no pinion feathers or anything else hurt?" she then looked at Discord in mild disapproval. "Please, Discord I know you love a good prank but I'm armored, that mare could have really hurt herself and I know you wouldn't do such you're reformed yes?"

Discord Draconequus narrowed his eyes, ears folding back a bit. He rubbed the back of his neck, egale claws scraping through his mane. "W-well how was I suppsoed to know you were coming around the corner?" He protested weakly. The male's crooked tail gave a crick as it beat agianst the ground. He looked to Squirrel, brows twisting up in a bit od disbeleif. "Me, cute?" He vanished, appearing in Squirrel's path. "Oh come on now, what's a little prank between friends, ho ho." He rubbed his foreclaws together sheepishly. "No need to get bent out of shape about it." He twisted his head upside down, curliong his serpentine body so he could see the smaller mare eye to eye. Kinda creepy when he did that in all fairness.

Squirrel Feather slowed her walk as Lumi chased her, unaware her father was also pursuing her. She hdn't thought twice about her wings, and she looked back at them curiously. They didn't hurt, and she spread them to be certain. They seemed too small for her body, and a strong eye would recognize the lack of muscle that should have existed in the joints. "It's a pleasure, but I do appear to be fine." She smiled reassurringly. As Discord appeared in front of her, she blinked slightly, then turned her head shyly. Admitting he was cute was meant to be a parting confession, not a topic of conversation! At least it wasn't as bad as her attraction to another, but really, what mare didn't like a badpony? She kept her head turned, her hooves coming together in the front while staying proper width in the back, standing straight and tall

Squirrel Feather as any well-brought-up pony. "I was not aware we are friends. Do you even know my name, Sir?" Her Father crawled up her back and sat on her flank, glaring up at Discord. He bared his teeth protectively.

Luminescent Wish nodded gently and with a soft glow her own starting bruises were mended, she turned then towards the ponyvilly city hall, once there she magically improved the volume of her voice speaking out loudly in a clear voice. "Dear in habitants of Ponyville my name is Luminescent Wish, today I am here as exemplar on behalf of the Unicorn Temple and will do my best to treat any illness or injury within my power to treat at no cost! can't afford medical treatment yet need a healer? then I am your mare!"

Discord Draconequus huffed and put his paw nad claw on his hips. "That's a little presumptuious." he noted. "I offer a paw in friendship and you snub it over something so easily remedied as telling me your name! Well, go on, or were you raised in a barn!?" he threw up his arms. It seemed he flipped that situation around, as he did. His ears pricked up as he vanished and reapepared behind the squirrely lass. "If you keep making faces like that it'll get stuck." He laughed and snapped his fingers to force Squirrel

You say, "s 'dad's' face to get stuck in that angry scowl. "Now whddfya say?" He held out his paw chuckling. "Since you seem to already know my name it's only fair to trade." "

Squirrel Feather's eyes opened wide at the accusation. She snorted, whipping her head toward him. "I'll have you know I was not raised in any such thing!" She tossed her mane proudly. "I was raised in the forest." Which was worse than a barn, or most would think. Where in the world did those manners come from, then? She snapped her head around as her Father was addressed, the squirrel's face freezing in place. Scamper growled and pawed at himself, trying to unfreeze it. Squirrel Feather pawed the ground. "Oh, Papa!" She glared back at Discord. "You're a brute and a scoundrel." All this coming from the same mare that had defeated cockatrice with burning fruit and burrowing into a hole? "I'd not give you my name if my life depended on it!" She leaned back and grabbed Scamper by the scruff, then pulled him down to hold him against her chest as she had when he was stone.

Bygone Specter hopped merrily through Ponyville completely unaware of what all was going on. For him it was a cheery day with some nice clouds, sunlight, a delightful drink of cider... Oh! Lumi was calling out from what was probably the center of town! Perhaps he could go say hi. He turned a corner and saw Discord talking to a distressed Squirrrrrrr-wait, what? The little 'unicorn' performed a grand spit-take at that last sight and nearly choked upon the cider that he had been taking a sip of. Squirrel was in Ponyville?! What glorious day! He thought the pony was too scared to! With a flare of magic he'd pop up next to Squirrel with a wide grin on his muzzle. "Hi Squirrel!" Yep - he was just asking for it....

Luminescent Wish sat in the center of the town and smiled as ponies came to her for services of aid, it was a beautiful day and none of her fantastic mood had been dampened by Discord's prank or the poor pegasus mare he had made collide into her, horn humming in a lavender glow as she looked over a young orange pegasus with a red scooter, the poor thing had bruises all over and she was really curious what the filly had been up to, the curiemark she bore was somewhat peculiar though.

Discord Draconequus furrowed his brows, his paw closing up into a fist. He was doing his best, you know? It wasn't always easy just sitting back and watching things happen. His arms lowered to his side as the dragonequus fumed. "Weeell excuse me princess!" He snapped out, pulling his legs forward as he floated off the ground. Magic sputtered around as the mismatched male as those a wee bit too close seemed to lose ground. "This'll be hoot than, won't it?!" Suddenly Discord appeared to be a giant owl -- well at least it would look that way to a wee tiny Squirrel. Anypony too close to the draconequus' tantrum would get trasnmogrified into a tiny squirrel. He grasped the air with his owl talons and hooted. "You wanna see a brute?!" He hooted.

Squirrel Feather had not expected her roommate to run up on her as he did, but luckily she hadn't the chance to react to Bygone's approach. She was too distracted by the discombobled pony's anger. She stepped back as his magic blossomed, her father crawling up to sit on her shoulder. Barely a gasp left her before the mgic took hold. In a flash, she went from an adorable Pegasus to a purple pile of fluff stuck under her dad. Scamper chittered and crawled off her, turning to pull her to her feet. Stunned, she stumbled about, not aware of the Discord owl. She shook her head and looked around, her arms and legs connected by thick skin - a flying squirrel! Her ears and tail were the same color as her mane and tail, with a white streak on her forehead. Cutie mark had become orange stripes. She circled herself, then looked at Scamper and

Squirrel Feather chittered. Excitement hit her eyes as she hugged her Father, then she heard that hoot. Scamper spun and fled, ducking under the apple cart, while the purple squirrel looked up at the Discord bird. She backed down, then rushed forward and leapt right toward his talons. If she ws able to, she would grab his legs and... hug him.

Bygone Specter didn't have much time to react before there was a problem. Discord used his chaos to turn everyone nearby into squirrels! That would have been fine and included him if it weren't for the chaos core in his chest. Unfortunately there was still a downside due to that influx of chaos 'into' his body completely throwing out the rather delicate balance of magic. The magic forming his disguise blew up! Or rather - his magic went haywire and yanked him around like he was on a chain (or a deflating balloon) until he crashed into a cabbage cart. THEN the disguise and a good chunk of his magic (and a big chunk of his horn) blew up! There was even a miniature magic mushroom cloud as there was a cry of "my cabbages!".... The changeling was flung from that wrecked cart into a pear cart ("My pears!), and then an orange cart (My citrus!) before the changeling came to a stop in a pile of wood boxes in an alley.

Luminescent Wish froze the moment she felt the disruption in the aether as her young charge whom she only mended the day before was ripped apart by his chaos core, watching him being flung around before teleporting straight towards the fallen changeling trying to hide him with her body, horn overcharging with multiple layers of her magic as she started pouring almost her complete reserve of healing spells into Bygone. "Oh Celestia no, no no, don't take a foal before my very eyes, take me, not a child, how why? stay with me."

Discord Draconequus found his leg suddenly anchored down by a wee squirrel who was suppsoedt o be scared and ompg! He toppled over and landed right on his head, losing his form and turning right back to his full sized draconequus. "Ooww." He hold his paws over his head before turning to the panicking healer mare. Now Discord did feel a funny snickersnap of energy, really strange only he should be made of chaos around here. He looked up only to spot a mangled heap that was well supposed to be Bygone, right? At least it --- something was wrong. He fluttered up, not bothering to wiggle Swuirrel off. Like a snake in water he slithere dthrough the air and hovered over Luminescent. "Hey -- what heppened?" Now he wasn't aware he had done anything o harm Bygone for to him the fello was just an Earth Pony.

Squirrel Feather snickered when she threw Discord off his game. She was a squirrel now! She could live as her family did and disappear into the forest forever! She was ready to release him and run off when the commotion arose, and she was carried still clinging to his pony leg over to the fallen Changeling. She looked down and frowned, dropping from the King of Chaos to land beside Bygone. Chittering with concern, she stood by his head, petting his mane gently. She would run away once he was healed. He would be fine, right?

Bygone Specter: :was going to be out of it after a melt-down like that. If it wern't for the chitin plating it would be a lot more messy! But even still the chitin was cracked and shattered in several places as were a few of his limbs. Going right through carts like that had to do some major damage to a little changeling like him! The major burns though were around the large (now dimly) glowing cracks in his chest that was the chaos core. There were some pretty heavy burns there! While slow go because of the fact the chaos magic was still running rampant in his system, the healing spells were helping some. Deep-tissue was especially 'cooked' due to the burnout... Thankfully the core had a good history of keeping the changeling alive as long as it was still active!

Luminescent Wish saw that her spells were atleast helping somewhat but all the wounds and burned areas made her focus even more and more of her magic into both the changeling's core and tissue, her head turning towards Discord with stress tears in her eyes, body trembling already. "Something hit him.. nade his core explode... barely healing... won't let a foal s-slip.. D-discord help or get help I'm getting so tired." then she saw the squirrel and extended a hoof smiling warmly. "H=hey you.. are you a friend of that other little one?"

Discord Draconequus wasn't really expecting her face to be full of tears when she turned to him. He looked around before pulling back his chaos, releasing the spell on her. He landed on the ground, ears pinched back. "What hit him?" Was there fly bys going on what was this today? Looking around he couldn't spot any evidence of anyone else around. But he remembered! "Oh, oh!" From Mira's library... "I know!" He held out his hands over the foal and recalled the healing spell he had saw in taht old book. Though healing wasn't his forte it seemed that this was a pinch and he had to do something. Bygone was his lil mischeviosu pal!

Squirrel Feather was content to sit and pet the changeling, having no help to offer. She couldn't heal anyone. What medical knowledge she had was more aimed towards twisted pasturnes and broken legs, maybe even broken wings. Something like this? Heck, even the Unicorn was having trouble! She gave a light whinny when the magic was pulled back, sending her back to her true form. Pegasus was on her haunches, her hoof resting lightly on Bygone's neck, sitting as a squirrel would. She blinked a few times and shook her head. She would mourn being turned back into a pony later. For now, she would focus on the unconscious Bygone. She lowered down and tucked his head onto her folded forelegs, humming lightly at him. Comfort was all she could give.

Luminescent Wish nodded at Squirrel understanding it now what a sweet mare to stay with her friend like that, she in turn snatched Discord's healing power in her own flow and worked hard on stabilizing Bygone but she already felt by the feedback that her young charge had slipped into a comatose state, pouring the last of her power into the changeling her horn sputtered and she let herself slump on her side eyes closing with a mumble. "He'll... live..." then gulped in deep breaths of air chest heaving.

Discord Draconequus breathed out, feeling his paw and claw digits tingle. He never really had to use healing magic very much if at all before so it was a bit draining. He was more in flow with teh chaotic features of magic. "What heppened to him?" Why would a chaos spirit know? Given taht it had only been a wee bit o f chaos, at least to him. He materialized a blanket and let it flutterdown on Bygone, ears folded back, his tail al ldeflated.

Squirrel Feather gently lowered Bygone's head to the ground upon hearing he would live, giving a light nod. He would need to go to the hospital, and she was leaving that duty in Lumi's hooves. She didn't even know where it was. Turning from the pair, she took off, disappearing off into the woods.

Luminescent Wish wormed herself under the changeling trying to get him onto her back with the last of her strength but failed miserably. "D-discord.. get princess L-luna or Celestia.."

Discord Draconequus folded his ears back. "O..okay..." With that he vanished kidna worried for his otehr friend, though they had only been mischief buddies for an ight.

Luminescent Wish had sent Discord to get either princess Luna or Celestia and the moment he vanished she stopped forcing herself, horn sputtering out as she spasmed once, then foam frothed at her muzzle as she passed out from complete magic drain and overcharging her horn, Bygone was under a blanket and propped against her, Discord would get one of the princesses all would be ok..

Discord Draconequus was probably a confused mess, never seend a spirit of disharmony and confusion in a state of disharomony and confusion to fetch a princess because all thee was were floating bubbles of visual representation of his panicked thoughts and jsut a lot of bad charades with objects and items. He was a terrible messanger. DOn't do that. Bygone was his pal so of course he was worried. All he could sputter out was "Invisible assailant".

Princess Luna hadn't been expecting a visit from Discord, of all creatures.. even though he would be the type to pop in unexpectedly. But he never had, not until now. The lunar deity could only sit there on her throne, staring at him with an expression of confusion while he blubbered and mimed at her frantically. It wasn't until he'd actually uttered something understandable did she get up, wings flaring open as if for flight. "Calm yourself, Discord. Take a deep breath and show me the way!" Luna commanded as she stepped down from the throne, translating what little he had said as something that needed dealing with. Assuming the spirit of chaos didn't use his reality-bending powers to simply teleport them to the spot, she'd head for the throne room doors at a trot.

Discord Draconequus threw hsi arms up in escasperation. "Finally!" Darn it man you were hardly understandable. Normally there would be a perade of exageration and pomp that he would lead someone off to the tune of his own digereedoo, but it was an emergency! With a poof and pop of white he would doorway them to the spot from above. Whooops that was suppsoed to be sideways. Close enough. Using his wings he fluttered down til he stood on all fours.

Princess Luna had hardly gone halfway down the throne room when there was a confusing flash of light. She found herself plummeting and an expression of fright briefly crossed her face before her wings reacted instinctively, flapping to slow her descent. Below her, she recognized that Discord had teleported them straight to the Ponyville market, of which contained a few smashed carts. Lying on the worn dirt, the slumped forms of Bygone and a unicorn. Brief shock flitted through her chest like lightning and Luna let herself drop the last few feet, landing heavily to rush over to them. They were both in a state, but Bygone was the only one that showed damage. The unicorn, though.. Luna knelt down next to her, lowering the tip of her glowing horn to hers to send magic into the poor pony. With Bygone.. she didn't know where to even start.

Luminescent Wish was filled with some of the princess's magic and shuddered, eyes fluttering open as she regained some conciousness, only a whisper escaping her lips upon recognizing Luna. "Save the child... majesty.." then passed out again in an easier exhaustion caused haze, no longer trembling or frothing.

Discord Draconequus did try to heklp. Heh ad remembered that handy book at Mirage's place and by remember he didn't put it back. No one actualyl saw him put it down, it was on hsi tail. A bit of light reading right? It came in handy this time, but that aside... he stood tere, his neck craning to look at hte princess. "The little unicorn said something about an invisible assailant, I know he looks a little weird, but there's something you cna do right?" Seemed rightly concerned! He may not be good at making friends but what ones he did he was loyal to! He has yet to really admit to himself he made friends with bygone all by himself, his little tantrum today didn't help at all.

Princess Luna had hoped to bring the unicorn around for her help. Her robes were familiar, and if she was here.. it meant she'd been trying to heal Bygone, but it seemed the unicorn had been too drained. She'd passed into unconsciousness, after a whispered plead to save the little colt. The princess was no skilled healer, even though she had the power of the heavens.. She glanced up to Discord, worry in her face. "I am not sure if I will be able to aid him, but I will try my best. Do you.. still have that book? I may need it." Luna requested, standing to move over to where Bygone lay.

Discord Draconequus pushed his forepaws against the ground and sat back on his haunches. He reached into his feathers like there were pockets there, and certainly there were! Interdimentional pockets eased the male's burden. One couldn't play pranks without hte right tools, and that meant having access to smalelr pocket dimensions. After laundering through miscellenous objects: a whoopee cushion there and a fake nsoe and glasses disguise he pulled out the book. "Ah ha!" He held it float over his claw, moving it over to the princess. "I already tried... I don't think it helped." It was strange for the draconequus to seem dejected and unspirited, but something was strange about this situation. He felt it was his fault, but he really hadn't done anything! He was sure of it!

Princess Luna waited anxiously while Discord rooted around in.. his feathers? When he brandished the book, she quickly took it from him with her magic and flipped open the pages. She scanned through them, hoping to glean a useful healing spell of some sort.. Although she did find one such spell that would help her seek out damage. Poor Bygone's horn she could already see, but the rest? Luna knelt by him and enveloped the little changeling with her magic so that she could perform the spell. It initially took her a few tries, but it eventually revealed to her the extend of his damage. The broken bones, she knew how to deal with. Luna focused herself upon them, moving the bones back into place. She turned back to the book but briefly, flipping through the pages again until she could find something. Healing broken bones.. Luna took a deep breath and tackled the spell, hoping she could pull it off.

Discord Draconequus could only anxiously watch. M
Princess Luna was surprised she'd made the spell work! The bones had healed back together under her touch, which left the horn as the remaining problem. Had anypony ever mended a broken horn before? The princess fretted and only looked up when Discord's voice reminded her of his existence. "I am not versed in healing magic, not expertly. I have fixed his bones, but for his horn.. I do not know what I can do about that." Luna replied solemnly and fixed Discord with a curious gaze. She'd only just noticed he seemed quite worried, which was.. unlike him. Had she been correct about Discord having a heart, after all?

Discord Draconequus deflated, and melted into nothingness befoe apeparing behind where Bygone lay unconscious. "So than what can we do? I mean if you can't do anything..." Well either he was mocking her apacity or he had a greater regard for it than he let on, either way he was right -- if she couldn't do anything and Luminesence was knocked out like a cold stone in a river -- This truyl was not his forte. What was after a prank? When games and jokes went badly -- the last time it did .... he spent 1000 years in stone. He winced at the thought. They'd pin this on him! They'd find a way to, but not if he blamed someone else... if he could find this invisibel assailant. ...

Princess Luna quirked an eyebrow at Discord and shifted her gaze to where he'd reappeared by Bygone. She couldn't discern his tone, and didn't see the need to, not when she had bigger problems than her pride. "If I am correct about the mare, she is from Canterlot. We may have to bring her, and Bygone, back to the castle and have more expert healers attend to him. The matters of his broken horn are out of my hooves, but it may not be out of theirs." Luna replied, getting back onto her hooves and closing the book of healing spells.

Discord Draconequus flailed his claw and paw as he looked aroun. "Do I pick him up what?" He sulked. "The last time i appeared in Canterlot they were kinda upset with me, though I haven't the foggiest why...." Probalby because it's him and last time he was around he crashed the party and conuqered it? He was internet famous. He reached his paw to hover of Bygone. You were allowed to move broken ponies right? Whatever Bygone was anyway.

Princess Luna eyed Bygone a moment, thoughtful, and slowly nodded his head. "I have healed his bones, so it may be safe to move him. I will handle the unicorn." She answered to first and only after she'd addressed it, she gave Discord a quizzical look over the latter. "Ponies have not yet adjusted to seeing you, let alone seeing you without something horrible happening. If you wish to endear yourself to them.. doing something good will certainly do that." Luna idly advised as she levitated the unconscious unicorn up. "So shall we fly back, or do you wish to do the honors?"

Discord Draconequus pouted at her resposne. It was not as flamboyant as he would have liked -- nor was it a lie, he really wished it was a lie. So he caused a bit of trouble there's nothing wrong with letting --- bygones be bygones. Speaking of he picked up the unconscious pony and floated up off his hoof nad claw. "Well, if you say so princess, but don't blame me if those tin can ponies you call knights trip all over themselves, falling head over hoof for me instead of you~ ho ho!" He tried to brighten up. Bygone would be fine, right?! With a poof of white energy the draconequus would send them straight into Canterlot -- where, he wasn'treally sure. It's been centuries since he's been there. He was sure lots had changed!

Princess Luna braced herself when Discord agreed to be the one to bring them back to Canterlot. She drew the robed mare closer to her and shut her eyes against the bright flash of white light. When they'd reappeared again, she opened her eyes hesitantly. There was no sensation of falling this time- she was standing on solid ground. Feeling relieved, she looked around. They were in one of the castle town's many streets, but thankfully not lost. She knew the way to the castle, and it wasn't a difficult thing to find with those graceful, decorative towers looming over the rooftops. "Follow." Luna uttered and set off for the castle at a canter, the unicorn mare levitated just ahead of her.

Discord Draconequus had no idea where he was. Pricked ears swiveled aroudn as he turned his head, tsking at the strange luck. He had hoped when he returned it would be mroe glamours and less -- tragic. Well he suppsoed he could rove around 'his' old place another time. He had Bygone in his forepaws, and given taht he was Discord, his long body just did not have a good time without using his magic. He floated Bygone over his head and hopped into the air, wings fluttering after Luna. "Well I suppsoe we can go sightseeing anotehr time." He was wearing a tourist's outfit and had a disposable camera in hand, all objejcts vanishing in a moment's notice as he let out a dejected sigh. Well at least he was acting like his usual self now, the knowledge of Bygone not being broken helps.

Princess Luna glanced back at Discord, and only just had time to notice the strange things he'd appeared with before they'd vanish. That was a little more typical of the chaos spirit. The moonbringer made a noncommital noise in her throat, turning back to look where she was going. She lead the way to the castle, stopping only to inform the guards not to worry about Discord. She ignored their confused glances to head inside, and made for the infirmary wing. They were really in no rush.. but if they were to get Bygone the help he needed, speed seemed almost necessary. Upon entering the infirmary, Luna made sure to set the healer down on her own bed- all she needed was rest. "Lay him down on a bed somewhere. I will see to it that healers come to tend to him."

Discord Draconequus he floated pased teh confused guards with a smug air about him: his head coucked up and his snaggled tooth pointed out over his lip in a cheeky grin. "You heard her boys, why not take a vacation!" A pair of Lei (flower garlands) appeared around the guard's neck as well as sunglasses and a fruity coconut drink (don't forget the wee umbrellas!) Oh theri confusion always did put him in good spirits, all granted that was waht he was! he dropped to all fours and clopped behind the lunar princess. A frown came to his face. "You've not done the place justice. You know I was pretty sure there was a fountain of licorice over there, shame you got rid of it." Babbling aside when they arrived at the infirm the mismatched spirit carefulyl set Bygone in, and materialized a number of teddy bears and pilled to 'help'.

Princess Luna had heard something in passing about a 'fountain of licorice' and knew that Discord was just up to his old jokes again. She wasn't sure what she preferred more about him- his honest concern over a changeling colt, or his odd humor. She merely watched as he set Bygone down comfortably in a bed, and surrounded him with teddy bears. Touching. Luna turned away and headed for the other end of the infirmary to see if any of the healers were in. If not, she'd probably have to go out to one of those temples.. or wait til morning. Hrm.

Discord Draconequus felt a bit antsy and out of place. He perched himself on the edge of the bed. Why couldn't he get it out of his mind that what happened to bygone was his fault? "Huh?" The spirit pricked an ear, the other laid flat agianst his skull. "What is that?" He pointed his claw at Bygone. Did he jsut realize Bygone wasn't a pony? No.. no no! He's not that potato. He poofed put in a flash of white before apeparing at the injured pony's right side, looking in his ear with a magnifying glass. He poofed in font of Luna. "What is that?!" he moved to grab her shoulders and pull her up off the ground, were the princess to allow it. He was freaking out all of a sudden. But -- he could feel it.

Princess Luna cocked an ear back on her way out of the room- she could hear Discord talking, probably to himself. She disregarded it, until he suddenly materialized in front of her and lifted her right off of the ground! The lady squirmed a moment in his grip, her feathery wings spread. "What is what, Discord?" Luna asked, concerned and a little perturbed. "Do you.. speak of Bygone.. ?" She asked after a moment, her brow furrowing- she'd realized that Discord had probably never seen a changeling before.

Discord Draconequus would physicaly turn the Moon Princess around (since she didnt escape his grip) and forced her to face him. "Yes, that. That energy. Don't you see it?" The magnyfying glass appered in front of the mare's muzzle. "It's all wriggly and explody and smells faintly of bacon." That was how the spirit of disharmony described chaos. Someoen write a book! He released the princess and apepred by Bygone. "Here!" He moved a finger to point at his chest. "It''s like someoen burned popcorn!" Discord was out of it today, right? He knew somethign was off, but he couldn't figure it out. The spirit could feel those weird vibrations becuase he rode them like a surfer to and from everywhere in between.

Princess Luna felt Discord shift her around in his grip until they were face to face. Her brow furrowed at his response and she squinted through the magnifying glass he'd materialized in front of her face. "Ah.." She grunted, uncertain. The moonbringer stumbled a little as she was dropped and decided to approach Bygone's bed as the spirit of chaos gestured towards Bygone's odd chest. "I.. see. I remember seeing such a thing when he showed me his true self once before.." Luna replied, peering at the core. The only thing was, she didn't know what to do about it- not when she didn't even know what Bygone's torturer had even done! "This is.. out of my hooves. What do you think it is, Discord, and what would you recommend I do?"

Discord Draconequus blinked and slumped back, pressing his paw to his chin beard, stroking it. A pipe (that spat bubbles0 appeared at the edge of his pursed lip and his bifocals over his eyes. "I haven't the foggiest." The articles vanishes before he poofed and spawned standing on teh ceiling. His body was long enough to dangle down and face the princess. "But it's chaos! It's me! It's him! I have a long lost brother!!" Facehoof, activate! He epxploded into confetti and appeared hovering over bygone. "I thought I was the only one in all the world to have a heart of chaos." W--what? Maybe he was tired, or maybe this had been the first time -- there was someone that was maybe like him....

Princess Luna frowned a little and cast her mind back, trying to remember what exactly it was that Bygone had told her about himself. She knew it was chaos magic, yes, but.. nothing more. Other than.. "I would not know about that. What little I know about Bygone here is that he was infused with chaos magic by some unicorn before he had ever hatched. Thus why he looks as odd as he does and why, I suppose, you can sense that magic." Luna explained, if briefly- if only she knew more!

Discord Draconequus stared at her in confusion. "Sense it, puh pah puh!" She sputted and threw his hands to the boy. "Can't you see it!? How ti swirls, how ti dances! It looks like mine!" Did Chaos magic have a signature, or was it perhaps just the first time he has generally ever seen it outside of his own? Well there was no accounting for recorded knowledge. The draconequus kept to himself for the msot part only hanging out with teh Mare 5, so -- His thinking cap appeared on his head (which looked like someting out of a sherlock hooves novel to assure you). "Well..." He hoenstly didn't know what to do either. "I mean puh...." He was taken aback at his own thought. "It's not as if chaos magic cna hurt anypony..." Because he never really took hsi spelsl that far. They were a certain inconvenience, and annoyance. They could be outright demeaning and could easily enslave a culture, but -- no. Perish such a thought. What was the fun if everyone was all gone?

Princess Luna looked back down at the glowing, jagged hole in Bygone's chest when Discord sputtered and gestured. She.. wasn't sure what she was seeing. "Well, it is chaos magic." She stated again, and dryly. She wasn't entirely sure what Discord was digging for. "It can very much hurt anypony, as can any other magic, if in the wrong hooves or used for the wrong purposes." Luna explained patiently, eyeing the draconequus with a raising eyebrow. "What exactly is your point about all of this?"

Discord Draconequus he stamped his hoof agaisnt the ground like a pouty child. "Chaos magic is not dangerous!" Why did everyone keep saying that?! It was peposterous! They had no proof. He's been using chaso magic for eons and nothing bad every happened to him or anyone and he was a feared tyrant lord that ruled over allllll of Equestria! (cue spoopy background lighnting and ominious lighting). He put his paws on his hips, huffing out. "I'm saying...maybe if I gave him some of mine, his wouldn't be so wiggly anymore. It's kinda like rabbit ears!" A pair of television antenna apepared on his head as his bodt began to "static" and deform. Adjusting the 'rabbit ears' he straightened out. "It could do the trick."

Princess Luna eyed Discord with some concern at his childish antics, but her expression disappeared when the spirit went on. When he finally did explain, a faint, dawning realisation blossomed on her face. That.. might actually work- or as the old saying went, it would be crazy enough to work. That was about all she could get out of him before he pulled out V shaped metal wires and put them on his head. Luna ignored this to look back at Bygone curiously. "Well, Discord, let us put that to the test. Give him some of your magic and we will see if it helps as you say."

Discord Draconequus sighed. "Well I mean if you're going to argu-- come agian?" She agreed? He actualyl wasn't expecting it to be that easy. No not becuase he thought it was dangerous (though something about it was nagging him), but because it was his idea and he usualyl had an ulteiror motive. This time -- well he did, and it was as selfish as it usually was. But it came from a good place. he wanted to help his friend but he wanted, more than anything, for someone to be like him. Being alone was -- scary. Being the last of anythng -- at least Luna had Celestia and vice versa, you know? "Right.. well, here goes." He stood back, his paw on his hip, and snapped his clawed digits. A small green and grey sphere appeared floating over his had. It looked like an ordinary cat's eye marble, but on closer inspect: it blinked. He leaned over Bygone's core and made a srs biznaz face as he jsut proceeded to push it into the changeling. "Just gunna leave this here." He made it look super easy, but it was not.
(00:44:35) Discord Draconequus's action involved quite a complex set of actions that involved, mroe or less, cutting a peice of his own essence which, for an immortal spirit, was no cake walk. He'd probably have a nnasty sneeze later for this, or a sneeze will have him -- however it went. Of course it was possible Bygone could have totally rejected it, but it wasn't ordinary, displacing chaos. It was the chaos that bound, what kept a lot of stars from falling from the sky and apple carts tumbling down instead of tumbling up.

Bygone Specter was still comatose at the moment, but... well, there was quiiiite the bit of a change with the introduction of the essence.... And that is almost an understatement but not quite. The little changeling's body was filled with a whole bunch of unicorn magic residue from the initial healing which was no laughing matter. Then there was the introduction of alicorn magic from the healing spell into his system. And then the kicker - Discord's essence. Normally such a thing would have been sumarily rejected by the wild chaos, but said chaos was at an all time low... And between the essence and the potent magic in his system the wild chaos was easily overwhelmed and bound. The glowing from the chaos core increased, but then turned a much kinder shade of amber. The dim magical signature from the changeling also seemed to change, feeling far more stable than it had been before. Lastly the changeling also looked far more... relaxed? Perhaps it was a change in the way he lay or something? >

Bygone Specter: > Who knows til he awoke properly!

Princess Luna merely nodded when the mixmatched creature's response was one of disbelief. Did he think she was going to argue? No, she was putting her faith in him. Celestia did tell her that Discord was on their side now, and such gestures would help cement that alliance if Discord was treated positively. The princess stepped back from the bed when the draconequus moved in to do his thing, and observed his little process. It was an odd one, but once he'd finished, she kept a wary eye on Bygone for any changes. There were no violent reactions, but he seemed to.. relax, and the glow of his chest was gentler somehow. Huh. Had they really done it then? Luna fought the urge to rear and kick her forelegs; which if one knew equine body language well, was an expression of happiness. "I think you have have helped him! Well done, Discord."

Discord Draconequus got praised! Oh... he didn't know how to respond to that very well. His ears pricked up as he fought a blushing muzzle. He huffed out and shook his head before he cocked it proudly. "O-of course! I knew it would!" He didn't really but he had to do soething and the most powerful thing he could really thing to offer was a wee bit of his eternity. For a moment he lost his figor, ears sinking back as he looked to Bygone. "You're supposed to help siblings...right?" It wasn't the same as a friend though. Maybe for a mismatched monster like him someone that had a likeness on the inside and differences on teh outside could be family too. His lion paw nad bird claw clasped together i nfront of him, his tail flopped against the ground lifelessly. "Is chaos magic really...dangerous?" He didn't want to beleive if and he certainly wasn't -- stupid. He didn't notice it until they had to carry him to Canterlot --- it was his fault.

Squirrel Feather moved silently along the roof of the hospital. It had been an ordeal, trying to follow her friend to Canterlot. The city was not one she wanted to be in, not in a thousand moons. Her Mother had forbidden it and her adoptive Father certainly saw no reason to visit. Her stomach was in knots just thinking about it. But Bygone was the first friend she had made, her roommate, and she was not about to abandon him. Had the unicorn on the scene of the incident not been a healer, she would not have left him in her care. She had never expected them to take him so far, though! Chasing shadows took all day and she had failed to keep up, relying on her brethren of sciuridae to help guide her, as well as the small figurines Bygone had created. Upon her shoulders sat her father, anxious and uneasy. In her mouth, a familiar

Squirrel Feather hat. She crept over to the side of the building and leapt down, landing on the windowsill. She hopped from window to window, the figures once more guiding her, until she stood outside of Bygone's room. Emeralds turned toward the group inside, her teeth tightening on the hat. Crap. Visitors.

Princess Luna smiled amusedly at Discord's reaction to the praise and noticed the struggle playing out on his face. She fought back a chuckle and settled on nodding her head. "Indeed, you do. I am glad to see that you consider somepony a sibling; it is a very close bond." She remarked and peered up at the draconequus's face. "Magic of any kind can be dangerous when used incorrectly, or for the wrong purposes.. or if you hold evil intent in your heart." Luna told him patiently- and as she was only focused on Discord, she didn't quite catch the movement outside of the infirmary window.

Discord Draconequus thoughta moment. "So say -- you were only playing, and someone got hurt?" It all seemed confusing. He hadn't used his magic with an ill heart for a long time. Maybe a an envious one, maybe a lone-- well enby, he could accept enby. He still struggled with accepting any sense of the word. After all he was always alone. He didn't need anypony, except to prank on. That was enough, right? Right! But it didn't feel right. He felt like he had too much candy in the pit of his stomach. He pressed his paw to its belly. "Right here, it feels strange. How do you say sorry for this...?" He had guilt. A rare and humbling experiene for the draconequus, but he had it, in very low and sparing amounts. His ears twitched. Did he hear the flicker of rain? Before he could look back toward the window he turned his expression back down to Bygone. "I don't want to be dangerous -- but even though I try..." He still remembered Squirrel pulling back from his paw.

Discord Draconequus let out an ervous laugh. "Will you look at the thyme?" A bottle of spice appaared in his hand and he tossed it toward the princess. "Silly me letting it run away like that!" He laughed, voice breaking a bit. "That sneeze is about to catch up with me," He sniffled and rubbed his muzzle. He was pretty dejected by it all. It was jsut sort of sinking in now. Though he made tease toward the knight's flabbergasted response -- why would a banished tyrant return to his former conquest? he was a joke that wasn't even funny anymore. As an immortal, time was funny like that. Things that took time, though he had plenty of, were hard to be patient for at his age. "Give the pony my rregards!" With that he vanished in a flash of white, as usual, but that funny little crohet'd bygone was left behind, but now with a little amber core sewn in.

Squirrel Feather lingered in the windowsil. How in the name of tree bark she was managing to balance on such a thin strip of brick was anyone's guess -- no doubt a perk of being brought up by creatures a fraction of her size. She watched the odd compilation of animal parts that was Discord grow anxious and take off in a flash of light, and the small figurines leapt from her and, with Scamper's help, worked the window open. Little things wanted to get to their owner and fast! There was no going back now. She stepped into the room after the figurines and her Father, keeping a wary eye on the Alicorn within. Hoping Luna would remain distracted, she stepped up to the bed and lowered the hat at Bygone's side. Scamper carried the figures up and placed them on the hat, then leapt onto the Pegasus's back. Turning quickly, she moved toward the window, praying she went unseen.

Princess Luna peered up at his face thoughtfully as he posed something phrased hypothetically, but seemed almost.. odd, considering. She watched as he placed his lion's paw against his stomach, talking about a strange feeling. A worry about apologizing. Faint realisation crossed her face and she looked up at him, her eyes widening a little. Was.. Was he responsible for this? If he was.. she couldn't find it in her heart to be angry- he sounded genuinly upset. Remorseful, even. Every time now that she ran into Discord, it seemed she was seeing more and more of his soul. Luna could share the sentiment of remorse, and though she was moved enough to want to comfort him, he quickly changed tune and abruptly left in a signature flash. Oh.. Luna turned back to the bed Bygone lay on, troubled, but she wasn't so deep in thought that the appearance of Bygone's hat and figurines went unnoticed- not by the sharp eyes of the moon. Luna looked around

Princess Luna. and spied the little pegasus escaping for a now open window. "Hello.. ?"

Squirrel Feather barely got her forelegs through the window before she was seen, leaving her to hesitate for a heartbeat. Run or stay? The squirrel on her back lifted it's head and turned it's beady eyes toward Luna, half curious, half protective. His teeth flashed before he ran up onto the Pegasus's head, resting between her ears. It was rude to ignore a greeting, the Mare knew that. She could go without a care in the forest. Being in the towns brought out another side of her, one she thought had been lost forever over five years ago. Fighting instinct and propriety, she glanced back and murmured a quick, "Oh, good evening" without bringing her gaze or any form of smile toward the Princess. She had no recollection that Princesses existed. Turning back to the window, she pushed herself out, landing softly on the brick.

Princess Luna watched the pegasus mare hang there from the window as silence stole into the stillness yet again, but only for a moment. Her ears rotated forward as she received a greeting in response, but nothing more. She is probably just scared.. The princess thought to herself, watching as the stranger left. Hoping she'd hear her while she was wriggling out of the window, Luna spoke up. "Thank you for bringing his hat, he will be very pleased to have it when he wakes." Luna wasn't expecting any sort of response, but at least she'd have thanked the mysterious pegasus. The alicorn stood there a moment, peering at the open window before she turned back to Bygone. She supposed she could wait here.. at least until morning came. She didn't want any passing guard, or the healers, to panic at the sight of a changeling now did she?

Princess Luna's ears tilted back and she turned her head a little, but her gaze did not waver from the bed. She'd heard the little pegasus's response and found it interesting. Had Bygone found himself another friend among ponies? It was good to know. This time Luna didn't respond, but let it pass, and let the pony go. If she had- alas, she couldn't see through walls. Luna only smiled a little and found herself a place to sit by the colt's bed to wait.

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12/02/2015; You'll Be Sorry

Bon Bon was wandering the Everfree again ever looking for those rare herbs that you could find in these woods while they were scarce outside of it, she had not been here for a while but now braved the forest again, carrying blue saddle bags and a stick in her mouth, yup that will keep you safe Bonny.

Discord Draconequus's tail tuft was sticking up out of the tall grasses looking akin to a flower or cottonweed, which seemed odd given the season. The twisting and flubbering coils of the draconequus were hidden among the drying drubs and crinkling bushes. He had thought he saw Angel wander into here. He wanted to spook him, but alaso it was warm under the rotting foliage and the mismatched hooligain fell asleep and took a nap. One would think such a fellow would safely curl up to sleep but with his but over there and head laying yonder it was a wonder he hadn't broken himself in half (which he could physical do so without harm). A hoof plopped to thes side, his dragon leg laid atop his muzzle and lions paw under his feathered belly.

Fluttershi fidgeted slightly as she looked up to her opened window. There was no shadow there she sighed a sign of releif. She had a feeling the stalker creature whome she thinks was some sort of pegasus or something with wings like one wouldn't be going away soon and she might well she might have to confront it. The thought of it made her shiver slightly as she walked over to Angel and looked down to him, "How are's little precious?" Angel smiled and sat pretty like as his ears flopped back and forth slightly. Fluttershy got out some food for Angel; a salad with all of Angel's favorites in it and sat it down before him. Angel sniffed it slightly, before crossing his arms and turning away; pouting, "...oh what's wrong? It has a-all...your favorites in it...come on eat....please, Angel..." She tried to coax him into eating. Angel huffed and turned to the food, before flipping it over spilling it everywhere. Angel then jumped on top of the bowl and started making noises at Fl

Fluttershi: [c]

Fluttershi , "Now Angel...behave...and eat what...I give you..." She said, but Angel jumped off the bowl and ran out an open window of the cottage. Flutter gasped, "...Angel...!" She called after him as she rushed from the cottage her self; without shutting the door behind her as she chased Angel into the Everfree forest where he vanished.[e]

Bon Bon saw an odd flower sticking out of the bushes and trotted towards it curiously, she had not seen those in the forest before, slowly opening her mouth trying to catch the stem of it and give a short yank to see if it came loose or not.

Discord Draconequus's felt a snap over the base of his tail's tuft. It stiffened, crinkling as it was tugged. It shot the draconequus awake with a fright. "Yeouch!!" He shot up like a pellet from a slintshot. He pulledh is paws to his rump as his tail snapped back. The looming spirit of disharmony stood with all his spoopy glory, leering down with sleepy eyes at BonBon. His mismatched, red-yellow eyes looked full of rage, though it was more sleepy harumph. "What do you think you're doing?" The deep slur would put batman's knight voice to shame, but the poor hodgepodged pony-dragon was up all night with fret and an upset stomach. He felt teasing Angel and bothering FLuttershy would help but he never made it to the cabin, let alone out the field where a wee shadow spotted was assumed to be Angel, but ma have, as easily: been a squirrel.

((some text missing here cause I got on phone pounce, and fell asleep))

Bon Bon looked at Discord and sat up scuffing a hoof across the forest floor. "I.. I don't know Discord, such might blow my cover and these days I do enjoy being a sweets maker and enjoy my time with Lyra, why would a common pony like me hang out with a draconequus?"

Discord Draconequus nodded to Fluttershy. "Of course an acci--" Ears would perk up as his head turned to BonBon. He slowly crossed his arms over his chest. "Oh, I see." He flatly replied. "Well pardon me for being a draconequus." He stamped his hoof, the comings of another tantrum? "Humph!" He turned his head away, not really sure how else to react to that -- a second time. It didn't end to well the first time he responded. "If you'll excuse me I have -- draconequus things to dooo." He spat, seemingly annoyed but truly most hurtfully, and the male became invisible. He didn't vanish, for the indentation where he rump was in the grass was still there --- darn it Discord.

Bon Bon trotted to Discord's invisible form and stood up against him, standing on her hindlegs while her front hooves patted his back. "Discooord don't be like that, what I mean is what if my cover is blown? then maybe Lyra or myself could be in danger and I kinda like being a candy maker, I'm not like the princesses or the bearers, not that strong."

Fluttershi nods to Discord as she gigled at his becoming invisible, "...o-okay..." She said as she outstetched one of wings and patted the bunny that was nesting on her back. She then folded them up neatly once more and walked around Discord invissible form and Bon Bon for a second as she sighed slightly, " wasn't...really...u-um...well to where...I-I...was...go-going when I was...following...Angel...d-do...either...o-of you bychance know where...the entrance is...i-if...its not...t-too...much of a problem that is..." She looked down just for a second. Her ears twitched as she caught sound from above her as she jumped and hid behind a tree as she looked up into the tree tops; and she saw a shadow what she thought atleast as it passed through the trees, before vanishing again.

Discord Draconequus still had a pout on his face as he became visible again. He opened an eye and looked down toward BonBon. "I am growing rather tired from that excuse being valid." What did he even mean by that? He vanished, reapeparing floating in a laying position. His nose was snubbed to the air, snaggle tooth pressed to his lip. "Darned if I know I came out here looking for the little bug---nny. Since he's the only one that is willing to play with me." Far from it but it was a good excuse because is pride would not allow it. It kinda had his feelings sore. Maybe... if h-- A lightbulb appeared over his head, of which he picked out from the air and poofed it from existence.

Bon Bon put a hoof to her muzzle in thought. "well we can always hang out now and then in the Everfree, maybe you can help me find herbs to make my candy with?" then she looked at Fluttershy. "I know the way out to Ponyville if you want Fluttershy."

Fluttershi tilts her head with a frown and then sighed, "...o-okay..." She said, before walking up to Discord and pulling out a muffin that seemed to come out of nowhere and handed it to him, "...h-here...maybe this would help...I brought a couple, before I came out..." She told him and then looked around, "O-oh dear..." She said. She was hiding behind a tree, before Discord reappeared; yet she forgot for what reason as she handed Discord food. She then sighed and then it happened. The rustling returned and with it she remembered as her body began to quiver and she jumped; doing a one eighty, "...wh-whose da-dat...?" She called out only to see a shadow pass by then vanished once more. Her stalker hads returned and she was getting parranoid about it. She got low to the ground and covered her head with her forehooves. Her ears twitc hed slightly as she caught what BonBon had said, "...o-oh...I-I don't want to be a bother to...any-anypony..." She whimped and peered up at her through her hooves.

Discord Draconequus seemed satisfied with that arrangement. "Very well... I do suppose I can escort you, I am the most qualified..." How -- valiant. He curled his neck around to comp the cupcake out of Fluttershy's hoof. He pressed his paw on her back, waving his hand around, mouth stuffed full of cake. "Don't chu worry Fluffersh wef me here." He swalloed and looked to BonBon. He didn't know the way, on hoof anyway. If Discord didn't float or appear there he was really jsut bad with directions and getting places. It was on BonBOn's hooves.

Bon Bon waved a hoof dismissively towards Fluttershy. "Oh It's no trouble at all to guide you both back to Ponyville Fluttershy, I was on my way back there as well anyway so it could be nice to go as a group no?"

Fluttershi got up shakingly as she nodded, "...y-yes it would be nice to" She agreed and turned back to Discord with a smile, "...y-you're welcome...." She said and nodded to BonBon, "...well...?...s-shall we go now...?" She asked and looked behind her slightly; checking on Angel to make sure he was still sleeping comfotably which he was. Such a cute little bunny snore he had as well; she giggled and turned back as she started to walk with the three; feeling a little faint and wobbly as she walked though. She leaned to the left slightly and leaned against Discord; perhaps it was from the lack of sleep she got that she couldn't focus much on walking or rather standing. Her eyes felt rather heavy as well to make things worst...maybe she could take a small nap here she thought as she drifted off with out warning and put all of her weight limply onto Discord.

Discord Draconequus flinched back a bit at Fluttershy, having not expected her weight on him, not that it was very much but he wasn't expecting it. Didn't liek surprises if he wasn't committing them. He hummed and stood on all fours. "Come on sleepyhead, we'll never make it at your pace." He snapped his fingers forcing the trio through his time and space bending capabiliteis. He would than reappear, with ponies in paw, on a roof, somewhere in Ponyville. Oh.. he wasn't veruy careful on his landing. "We're here!" He looked away. "Wherever we are." He was the sort of guy that refused to ask for directiions.

Discord Draconequus was clerly impateint in the trip that he teleported them all there, but it seems his aim was as on target as a barrel full of monkeys at the pool side. He peered over the edge and folded his ears back at hte comment. How dare Pinkie do more shenanigains than him! "Fluttershy?" He looked back at his neck in confusion as it seems the wee pony fell asleep. He snapped his fingers and teleported BonBon in a tree, seeing his chance. "So tell me BonBon, I am rather curious..." He floated over to her, ears swiveled forward. "What is it that other ponies think about me. I emean playing in secret just doesn't seem fun." He wasn't goingto overreact in front of Fluttershy. While the look didn't work on him she was still one of the first to accept him without cause or reason evne with his ulterior motives. Whle making friends was not easy, the repeated refusal due to what he was was really -- confusing and heartbreaking. A spirit of disharmony and confusion did not like being confused.

Bon Bon was teleported into a tree and frowned at the god of chaos. "Well I'll be fair with you, most ponies fear you and do not really believe that you redeemed yourself Discord, many of us in Ponyville want to, but randomly teleporting mares into trees will not be winning you any good favors."

Discord Draconequus narrowed his eyes and floated right in front of her, the weight of his conscious being ignored (in this case a sleeping Fluttershy). He pointed his paw to her muzzle. "Well you know what that makes you ponies?" He held a dramatic pause. "S-O-L, Somepony's Outrageous Lie!" He threw out his arms, careful not to lose his passanger. He couldn't comprehend it. "Isn't enough I don't subjegate you ponies and make friends?!" Well it certainly isn't a one day thing, but being immortal, and one of chaos, time passed along funny. It was hard to just patiently wait for things to happen. "I'll make you ponies sorry! Just you see!" He would make both Fluttershy and BonBOn vanish, only for them to reapper midair. Of course below them was a matteress for a soft landing, with a few pillows for naptime. But by the time anypony looked up the sleepless and grumpy spirit was gone.

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12/02/2015; Red Hot Tamales

Discord Draconequus in a grumpy fit he poofed back into his realm. With a business had and suitcase he pushed open his door. "Honeies, I'm home!" Of course he could have locked the cockatrice in a cage and forced them to lay eggs for weekso n end but what kind of hsot did that make him? So he let them bum out in his place for a while, though getting used to Discord's backwards ways was a bit -- difficult. Sometuiems down was up and up was down, other times Dust bunnies multippied isntead of subtracting.

Los Pollos Loco was... comfortable! The cockatrice leader had somehow returned to his normal size and now joined his fellos in bumming out on the draconequus's couch! Each cockatrice was still wearing the eye-watering wear from before as they lounged, some draped over the back while the leader claimed the delightful cushions! The 'chickens' were startled and flew into a sudden panic when the door crashed open! Two of them crashed against eachother while the leader took a moment to fox his glasses. "Bawk?" was the inquisitive question from the cockatrice towards Discord. What was he asking? Somebody knew!

Discord Draconequus motioned his paw. "Now, now!" He tosses his briefecase out and it landed on the coffee table. the case popped open revealing a nice cache of corndogs. Why? Because birds gotta eat. He slammed the door closed with his tail and snapped his finger letting his hosue robes drape over him. "It has become apparent that there is a severe problem in Ponyville -- one which we can remedy!" He clapped his paw into his egale claw. "They sit up there, judging us with ther beady eyes and wisper about us with their pony mouths... well enough I say!" CUe dramatic lightning clash.

Los Pollos Loco: _ The lead cockatrice blinked and gazed at discord. "Bawk?" Was asked once again. When the corndogs were revealed the rest of the cockatrice practically dove upon the corndogs! They were carnivores after all! The cockatrice leader took off his glasses and looked at them for a moment before holding the glasses out to the draconequus. It was more a gesture of peace than anything. This glorious couch was comfortable it was! The los pollos loco approved the couch, and would be quite happy to be this creature's friend! 

Discord Draconequus stared down at the glasses before picking them upand placing them on his nose. It was strange getting a gift open heartedly. The last one he got was -- well ... "Thanks." His ears folded back as he fought his embarassment. "But onto important business. He moved to sit only for a floating pillow to appear under his tush. "We need to change our look!" Of course unlike the flashy birds the draconequus wore no clsothing, for hte most part. Beyond his glasses and usual showy cloths for narration, he had no need for the mcovered in feathers and scales. "We have to stand together in this time of need."

Los Pollos Loco all turned to look at Discod and sat down as well, heads inclined. "B'kawk?" the creature seemed to ask in confusion. What did the draconequus mean by change their look? They knew that the creature was mighty and could shapeshift. Why didn't he just go around like that then? It confused them! However they couldn't voice said confusion. The cockatrice stared up at Discord, wondering what the creature had in mind....

Discord Draconequus a sombrero apepared on his head. "We're going to hold a cookout!" O-oh. Well it wasn't as mischevious as what one could, but he was a spirit of idisharmony -- sometiems upheaving teh drab and dreary life of ponies was another part of the spirits life. "You guys can cook right? If you do this we'll look cool and everyoen will look up to us, I mean who can frown when eating?!" He could't.

Los Pollos Loco all stared at the Draconequus. A confused.. "Bawk." came from the cockatrice group again as the leater looked at his wings and then waved them. How could they cook anything?! They didn't even have grills! "Bawrk Bewkk?" was asked as they wondered just how they could also perform a cookout. Ponies would run away in an instant! It seemed like a crazy idea that was doomed to failure.

Discord Draconequus shook his hands. "Now don't complain, I'll take care of everything, all you need are teh right tools, am I correct? It's time to go on a shopping trip!" Oh that would be quite scary. Going to the main mall in Canterlot and bringing a bucnh of cockatrice with you? That's a way to make a statement.

Los Pollos Loco all stared at the draconequus once again. "Berwak!?" Shopping?! How would they go shopping? They'd show up in the middle of a busy place and all it took was for one pony to see them and there would be pandemonium! And if they were startled they might accidentally petrify someone! That would be just as bad, would it not? The 'chickens' began to 'speak' amongst themselves, each agreeing that the idea was nice, but impractical for the simple reason that they'd cause mayhem wherever they went.

Discord Draconequus put his paws on his hip. "Come on now! This is exactly the problem! Why should we be scared of scaring them when they're the -- pardon my language, chickens! If they get so scared just by looking at us -- we whave to change it and this cook out..." He appeared suddenly in a military uniform. "This is our ONLY way. Come on, yer gunan be scared of a buncha smol ponies?!" He stoo with his hadns behin his back. "Lemme see your war faces now!"

Los Pollos Loco stared at Discord even as one of the smallest in the group began to look inspired! Yes; they could do this! Who were the ponies to not let them into the market?! They wanted to fit in with the ponies! Each of the cockatrice gave their 'commander' a win-salute as they stiffly stood. Yes, they were Discord's to command! He shall lead the Los Pollos Loco to glory and comeradery! They shall live amongst the ponies and, and cuddle the ponies, and feast on the - uhnwaaa no, bad thoughts!

Discord Draconequus pwofed the outfit into vanishing. He floated off the ground. "We have to make this cookout perfect! SO we have to have all teh fun things there! Good, toys, and confetti!" He erupted in a plum of the colorful stuff before reforming. "But!" He pointedh is claw. "We can't tell them! No matter what happened - if you're caught, tared and re-feathered!" He grabbed a pillow and ripped it apart til the featers exploded -- "This is a secret! You must swear on your right wing! Surprise parties are only as good as the surprises! Prepare yoourselves -- birds! We are going shopping!"

Discord Draconequus gave a salute. "My fellows, we are off to shop. Remember~" He poofed into a "disguise" which consisted of his sombrero, the sunglasses and his own poncho, but with rainbow colors rather than gaudy lime greens. "Never... let go of your buddy." Soon as the cockatrice found their wing buddies he would warm them right to a shopping market in Canterlot.

Los Pollos Loco paired up and looked at Discord once again. Minutes later, though, they were all teleported right into the shopping market in canterlot! There were a few moments of peace before one pony let out a cry of alarm. The whole shopping market fell into a state of pandemonium with ponies running all over the place! "We're all gonna die!" One pony cried as they dove into a cart which then toppled over. Across the market there was a 'boom''. "My cabbages!" rang out across the rapidly clearing market.

Discord Draconequus adjusted his cool chicken-lizard shades. "Alright men!" He snapped his fingers and each paried up member was given a list of things they needed. "We'll meet back at this fountain at lunch time, don't be late!" He adjusted his heavy poncho and sombrero and held tight the Pollo leader's wing. With the lists handed out there would be a break! Discord's first stop would be the hardware store. A few hammers, nails and other tools would be the first step in their goal! One pair were given a list of food. Another a list of toys, and the last was given the odd list which involved finding just left shoes and the bottom halves of chairs.

Los Pollos Loco all stared at Discord and squawked at the forming lists. Each team had their own objective! Thus they split apart and raced to find their list! Of course there was only a matter of time before the guard recieved word that a bunch of cockatrice and discord had appeared in the market! Discord was probably gonna get in trouble for this in some way.... Really, just showing up with a host of horribly colored cockatrice... in the busy market?! Really?! Just asking for trouble! Several ponies that hadn't run were cowering in the stalls as the group searched for the items on their list. The only problem with this.... Los pollos loco didn't know what the things on the lists were.... So they were collecting all sorts of random junk in bags like little bandits!

Discord Draconequus would have the big pollo helping him in the hardware store. The draconequus had a lips in hand and a pair of bifocals on his muzzle (in front of the sunglasses of course). "Let's see we need five hammers, a barrel full of nails and enough wood to build a barn." He handed the big pollo the list and vanihsed, reappearing in front of what looked like a nail gun. "Ooooh~ This looks like fun!" His crooked serpent's tail squirmed as he pushed it against the ground to lift himself up. He grabbed the nailgun to inspect it. "What do you think?" It was hard to tell if the guards were doing their job or panicking. Orders rang down the line in a discombobulated fashion. SOme were hearing about Discord, others Cockatrice, but which were the real orders? Why (and how) did either get into Canterlot without anyone noticing?! Well -- town square sure noticed... Discord filled the cart with a lot mroe than what was on the list and got on line to pay, impateintly tapping his hoof.

Los Pollos Loco were running about with their bags of loot only for a surprised crow to come from the edge of the market. The result as a petrified guard and a terrified cockatrice running from several more who had come upon the scene. Dicord's merry little plan was going to fall to pieces at this rate! The longer they took the more guards began to respond to the panic... and the cockatrice were starting to panic because of all the sharp pointy metal weapons pointed their way!

Discord Draconequus after dealing with a scared pony cashier (who duely fainted after charging Discord's goods, the mismatched mongrel flaoted out of the hardware store. He looked to his paw's wrist where a watch sat. "Where are the others?" He looked to the pollo king. "Certainly you have a way of calling your men in!" He scratched his chinly beard. "Hmm, oh!" He snapepd is claws, a megaphone appearing. He handed it off to the pollo king. "Call them in, at this rate we'll be late for lunch!" BI don't think Discord thought this all the way through, or maybe he did and jsut did not care to consider the Cockatirce's powers.... though it would probably help to say he had no idea they could turn ponies to stone when scared – whoops.

Los Pollos Loco was in a state of.... insanity. No fewer than six guards were after one of the chicken bandits and several more had become garden ornaments as they tried to catch the panicked creatures. Usually hiding somewhere and then jumping out. The boss cockatrice leaned down to the proffered megaphone and crowed! The end result was the cockatrice running in a panic for discord with tears in their beady red eyes. They were gonna be skewered and given to the griffons! Noooo! A few guards got in their way only to be stoned much like the rest. Yeeeeah... Discord was SO going to get in trouble for this...

Discord Draconequus was surprised they came running to him, crying no less! He didn't really know how to deal with crying chicken lizards. But if they were crying that meant the guards had to have been bullying them! It was the msot logical conclusion, cause the lil guys were only shopping (to his knowledge). He held out his paws. "Don't worry about them..." he stomped forward and rolled up his sleeves. The draconequus was suddenly in a collared shirt and tie. Loosing the tie he held out his claws. He would turn all the guards' weapons and armor into candy. Thier swords became candy canes and armor marshmallows, making it rather hard to move. The Draconequus himself was wearing sunglasses and had no idea that it was really an issue. People should proably explain things to the 1000 year old tyrant. He doesn't quite understand kids these days.

Discord Draconequus turned to face the cockatrice and gave a thumbs up. "Alright! Now we have lunch! I have prepped a snack to renergize us!" Snapping his claws the group resurfaced at a cafe in a spals h of white smoke. Of course what ponies didn't panic sat there is stupified (almsot petrified, har har) awe, shock and terror. The draconwquus made a number of fish sandwiches appear/ "I bet you guy'sll like this. No pony ever seems to like my fish sandwiches." He said with a lamenting sigh.

Los Pollos Loco were all taken by surprise as they gathered around their leige and he teleported them to another establishment filled with ponies! Several were still panicked and the sight of ponies just caused them to panic even more and petrify several of the city-goears! The ponies in that establishment then began to panic much like the market before, diving out of windows and any open door. The place was empty (save the statues) in moments. The cockatrice soon gathered around a table which sported fish sandwiches. Oh they smelled good! The group fell onto them and even began to fight over them with various chicken battle-cries!

Discord Draconequus seated himself and munched on his samich, wondering what was with all the halabaloo! He was flaoting off his chair with his hind legs crossed. It was probably at this points some guards got word that the group was not at the cafe?! Was it another group or the same one?! "Has anyone noticed somethign strange?" He looked around. "All of these ugly pony statuess cropping up everwhere. Did someone set free the art student ponys after finals?" He questioned with confusion. He had never really considered the Cockatrice could use the same powers the princesses did to seal him -- without the same magic. It was why it went unnoticed. It wasn't the same sort of magic he was familair with and had a personal distaste for. Harmony still made him itch here and there.

Los Pollos Loco continued to fight over the fish sandwiches while Discord ate himself. The 'pony statues' were still sitting there with varied degrees of shock. Meanwhile the guard had recieved word of another cockatrice incursion! Within minutes the local patrols were sent to investigate while more returned to gather protective wear! Those patrols crouched outside the establishment and were peeking in. The ponies were getting smart now that they somewhat knew what they were up against! But... why was discord setting cockatrice loose on the town!

Discord Draconequus vanished, reapepreing over the table. "Now that isn't the way to get a meal! Don't you guys know about sharing?" He hovered upside down ovr them, his snack finished. With thier bag of supplies (he called the msupplies for he had no idea the littel birds hand't any idea on forms of currency an dtrade within Canterlot). "Look look I'll show you!" He beamed proudly at his chance to show someone else how to share. He made the sandwitches of stinky fish float about until they were sat on plates, one in front of each cokcatrice. "Now you all get one, see? That's how you share. If you keep squabbling we'll never make any time to go through with our plan!" He floated backwards, claws to chin in a devious looking manner. "We can't keep letting the ponies look down on us like this! We have to show them!" They couldn't make friends if they kept getting distracted with chicken squabbles!

Los Pollos Loco all look at the floating fish in a dejected way. Why were the fish floating! They turned their gaze upon Discord with narrowed beady eyes. He must have been doing it! However before the hungry cockatrice jumped hi he set the sandwiches down on plates. The group calmed down almost immediately and began in on their sandwiches. "Bawk?" came from the cockatrice. The guards outside were getting the wrong idea. Discord was up to something! And these cockatrice were his minions! Several of the guards sent for the first princess they could find! They might be able to reign in the chaos spirit from this nefarious plan he'd apparently hatched. He'd gone rogue again! The special guards hadn't arrived quite yet.... A few more minutes.

Discord Draconequus floated down onto his seat. "See, freinds share." He crossed his arms as if he were a fine dutiful senpai. "We'll also have to share the work. SO" He chuckled, clapping his paws together. "Did everyone finish thier list." He flicked up his sumboero, having it vanish so he ould better see, because the sunglasses were enough. He leaned over to pat his oversized sack of supplies. "I found us something that'll make work easier." SOMEONE SOLD DISCORD A NAIL GUN. Call the army. But to be fair said pony passed out right after sale. Oh well.

Los Pollos Loco each offered their own bags. Unfortunately each bag was just filled with random junk. One even had a pony statue in it! How it was carrying said statue? Best not think about it. The guards peeked over the windosil and blanched. "Somepony get the special guard here NOW!" he whispered forcefully to the other guard. With food finished the cockatrice were once again calm. They were still hungry, but all was still well indeed! Thankfully about that time the 'special' guard arrived. They bore armor and enchanted glasses that were unable to be removed from their face by another. Those glasses protected them from the gaze of a cockatrice, even reflected it! Thus the squad edged up to the building, waiting to strike! With a crash the guards entered the building and made to apprehend the cockatrice! Discord was out of their league but the cockatrice no! If they could take them down surely if a princess arrived they could deal with the spirit! One cockatrice was petrified by the reflection! >

Los Pollos Loco: >The rest... well... panicked and began to run aroun like chickens with their heads cut off. (hue hue)

Discord Draconequus snapped his fingers, teleporting the gods away. "Yes, yes this will do-- wha?!" Suddenly chaos (more than even the spirit of disharmony could bargin for). He floated off the ground when his minions started laying eggs in a panic, well at least figuratively. "Hey, hey!" The spirit materialized a whistle nad let out a sharp blow. What did they think they were doing to his fledgelings!? He motionedh is hand and anchored one of the specail guard up off the ground. "Explain yourself, what are you doing causing so much mayhem -- thats my job." His face had gone from dark, to a calm flat in a moment. He pulled the pony to his face looking a bit annoyed. "You're scaring my friends!" He motioned a claw down to the flustered cockatrice.

Los Pollos Loco were still running around. "Scaring them?! They're petrifying ponies!" the guards yelled back as they tried to corral the cockatrice. Several tentatively turned to make sure Discord didn't try to interfere! Several of the cockatrice dove out the window into the streets and fled while several more tried to go to Discord. The ponies were angry and yet they looked so tasty!

Discord Draconequus fluffed up! "Of course they are scaring ponies stiff!" No... No Discord. "They have a particular taste in clothing that's less than fashionable, but that's not their fault!" He snapped his fingers and dropped the guard. "Round up boys! Remember show them your war face! Don't run from their bullying you. Stand your ground!" Though he meant for them not to be scared anymore the cockatrice standing their ground may have mroe dire consequences than expected.

Los Pollos Loco turned to Discord, or rather those that remained did. The 'boss' looked at the draconequus and then just...shrugged? He crowed loudly and like a flock of craziness they flew at the guards, spears or not! They were pecking at the poor guards and trying to get their goggles off! One actually did and before the guard knew it the cockatrice's eyes bore into his and the guard was quite stoned, thudding back to the ground noisily. The 'chickens' were now on a warpath! Equally one was taken down by a group of guards and bound! But the damage had been done! The cockatrice were gonna fight to the last chicken standing. For their couch buddy!

Discord Draconequus blinked in surprise as he leaned back, paw on cheek. "Oh... that's what he meant by petrify. Ho ho! Silly me." Conflabbit Discord. The draconequus shrugged andraised hsi claw up to the air. "We have the goods guys! Let's go, jsut -- make sure to unfreeze them or they can't make the big event." He hinted. Slithring into the portal he peeked out. "Hop to!" Of course as a precuation the spirit would turn their weapons into candy corn. He won't have those bullies assault his freinds! Maybe he would't invite them!

Los Pollos Loco was still fighting the guards! When he had the chance the leader turned to look at Discord with a 'bawak?' However when the portal opened he crowed once again! The group of cockatrice dove for the portal! Howeve the petrified cockatrice and the ones outside remained! They were going to be caught! At least nobody could talk to them, right? But then again that meant Discord lost all of the loot that they were holding on to! Oh well, they couldn't be interrogated at least. Did they turn the ponies back? It didn't seem like it! Why would the cockatrice do that? Ponies were the enemy - wait, no... Some of them did realize that and turned them back. The others.... were dumb as bricks.

Discord Draconequus couldn't really leave the one that froze himself...thatwoudl be abandonment. Discord knew how that felt and it made him...mad! All he tried to do was make freinds with the othrs and they go and attack his friends?! Whelp. No more. He seemed to increase his wing size, the beast kicked off the ground, his size continued to increase until he could pick up the cockatrice with his paw. He snorted down at the guards. "So you like picking on little chickens?" he smirked. "You can walk a mile in thier claws!" With that the spirit of disharmony and confusion, who have come to bond with teh cockatrice -- turned the guards into Chickens.

Los Pollos Loco watched from inside the portal and out as the guards were... turned into chickens! Several guards were frozen outside the building by the cockatrice that were fleeing. The rest cheered for their couch buddy and savior! Yep... When Fluttershy learned about this debacle it would be quite interesting. Especially with still petrified creatures in the market. The cockatrice magic only stretched so far.

Discord Draconequus rescuing his friend he would slither into the portal, it snapping clsoed behind him. As a spirit of disharmonyhis magic spread a bit further. Until he willed it those guards would remain chickens as punishment for bullying the small 'helpless' cockatrice. After escaping, with what party favors they could the Draconequus would take them back to his place scatterign the loot bags around. He stood in ponder. "Are you guys scared of the ponies?" He was honestly confoudned by the reversal. Normalyl ponies were scared of him, and by the looks of it disliked the cokcatrice, but the cokcatrice were scared of ponies?

Los Pollos Loco quickly shook their heads and made several gestures that might have been obsense, and might have not.weren't scared of ponies in general! They were scared of ponies with those point-ed sticks! At least they didn't have bananas... Then they'd really be sunk! The cockatrice group sprawled out on the ground and just laid there. They wanted to sit on the couch... And just stay there... forever. They were couch chickens... if only they had something to do on said couch.....

Discord Draconequus floated over and vanished, appearing smooshed up between his flatmates. What did you call a cockatrice that was your flatemate? Harboiled for space, HA! "than they will not be invited to the cookout! We'll only invite the good patient ponies!" Like his friends. No one else! "Not like anyone needs a draconequus ruining their friendships." He sniffled and let the clicker appear over head, his tv floating upside down. He supposed he could write up the invitations. Sparkling special inviatations to the cookout!

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12/03/2015; The Morning After

Luminescent Wish lay on the infirmary bed even if Luna had inferred some magic back into her she still missed a good week's worth of reserves, still not having come to in the last days and seemingly Bygone hadn't either, her chest heaving with slow deep gasps as her horn kept sputtering with lavender sparks.

Discord Draconequus leaving his flatmates back in the Realm of CHaos, Discord would decide it was time to spare a wee visit to Bygone! He appeared in a puff of white smoke, stepping out with what appeared to be some metal tray covered in cloth in his paws. Flickering his ears the male rest onto his hindlegs, crouching down on hsi haunches. He was hoping, by now, Bygone was up and about. Maybe what they had done wans't enough? Oh the spirit dispaired, but he would not relent! "Hoo seems like I'm the life of the party!"

Luminescent Wish stirred in her bed but couldn't wake her body simply not allowing it but a mumble escaped her parched lips. "Save the.. foal.. princess... Discord get.. Luna or... Ce.. Celestia.." then her body rested again as her horn's glow hummed and burst into a glow for a moment, then winked out again.

Bygone Specter was snoozing away rather peacefully seemingly with nothing too dreadfully wrong. Well, save the fact he was still missing a large chunk of his small horn! However, Discord arriving once again seemed to be the catalyst that was needed to wake the little changeling up again! He practically leapt out of bed and suddenly found himself trying to stand in mid-air. Of course that failed and he fell right down and face-planted into the stone of the infirmary floor. The little changeling scrambled onto his hooves and looked around, realizing with dread that he was in the canterlot infirmary - IN his base form! What happened?! All he remembered was the market and... oh... The little changeling winced at the memory... But then he noticed something major. He was in his base form and the chaos core wasn't hurting! He found the first reflective surface he could and stared at the chaos core which was... glowing gently? What the (cabbages!).

Discord Draconequus blinked at the delirious Lumi. It seemed she was still having trouble keeping ehr senses about her. Discordf pulled back, holding his dragon leg up and pulling up his tray. "Whoa there, I don't think you walk with you're face, unless that's all teh rage and I;m missing out!" The spirit set the tray down and floated off his feet toward Luminescent. "Seems she's not as young as she appears to be, raising with the dawn and all!" He teased as he seemed to wave a cane in the air.

Luminescent Wish moaned suddenly, her face contorting in pain as she shuddered. "Must.. must heal foal... Bygone.. live.. please.. even if I fall..." yup she was delerious but mostly out of danger, yet the mare had given every drop in saving the young changeling.

Bygone Specter quirked his head to the side and looked at Discord in shock! The core wasn't hurting being near the chaos spirit! He stared at Discord for a small time and... blinked as he walked up and poked the chaos spirit if he could. "Oooooh... it does't hurt!.." he gained a face-splitting grin only or his ear to flick as he heard the other pony in the room speak. His ears fell as he recognized the voice. "Miss Lumi!" his horn sputtered and he hissed in the first bit of pain he'd felt since he woke. However the glow from his broken horn faded as he gave up and climbed up on the bed next to the pony. Taking the opportunity he gave her shoulder a shake. Not the most polite thing to do, but the changeling was confused and... well, confused! He looked back at Discord again and inclined his head. "What happened? Why is miss Lumi here?"

Discord Draconequus landed on the edge of the bed. He scratched his muzzle before vanishing and reapeparing floating overhead. "It seems some strange, invisible assailaint had attacked youm but never fear, for Discord has defeated him!" Even if it was his own doing in a way. He landed on teh ground in a doctor's coat and adjusted his bifocals. "It seems sheis suffering from acute magicus emptius." He looked to a clipboard on his arm. "Tsk, tsk tsk. There's not a thing I can do unfortunately." The magivcal affects vanised. "But it seems she fought pretty hard to get you here in one piece." Though he wasn't sure how many pieces of Bygone there were to begin with,.

Luminescent Wish fell still again no longer mumbling or twitching, the unicorn mare looked serene in her slumber and curled herself up more as Bygone touched her shoulder, it shouldn't take too long for her to get up if only her reserves could make that final push.

Bygone Specter looked down at Lumi again as his ears fell. So she'd tried to help him and wound up here? That made the little cangeling feel no small amount of guilt. He liked ponies to be happy, not risking themselves! He had a few self-worth issues. He looked back at Discord and quirked his head. He also knew that there was no 'invisible assailant' but.... he didn't want to correct the chaos spirit and make him feel bad or something! So he'd let Discord seemingly believe it was somepony else. "Soooo... uh... Everypony knows I look like... this?" he'd ask with a bit of a wince. If so, he'd never be able to sell anything now...

Discord Draconequus crosses his arms over his chest. "Like what?" He flaoted off his hoof and claw lookign down at the Changling. "Oh you mean that awful disgusie you were wearing?" He stroked his chin beard. Well you were brought straight here, but what does it matter if anypony saw you?" He was still trying to udnerstand this whol 'beign different' thing. It wasn't just because he was Discord, but because he wasn't all pony.

Luminescent Wish haled sharply then cracked an eye open as she rested her her side, her tail thumping the bed a few times as she looked at Bygone, voice cracking but still sweet. "H-how.. are you.. child?"

Bygone Specter looked down towards the floor from his position and his ears fell. "I.. don't want to cause a panic, and... Fear tastes spicy." he'd say as he shifted some. However his ears perked as she heard Lumi speak again. His head turned and he nearly jumped off the bed again at the sight of an eye being open! "I'm fine! A wee bit of a headachy thing but I'm fine!" he'd smile wide even though he had a concerned look. "You okay?" he asked as he glanced at Discord with a smile. The pony was up and fine! He then glanced at his hat and saw a little note. He hopped off and retrieved said hat reading said note. Just one word but he simply adorned a sad smile for but a moment before the expression was wiped into one of his wide smiles. He slipped the paper into his hat and put said hat on, hopping back next to Lumi again. With his horn broke his hat fit a little better...

Discord Draconequus did anjoy spice in his life. The male floated off the ground. "Oh!" He vanished and reappeared in his usual fashion. He now stood in front of htem both and unveiled the tray. "I brought over some cucumber sandwiches. They usualyl put a smile on Fluttershy's fae, so I figured you two could need it." He set the trad down, pushing his tail agianst the ground to perch up on it as he grabbed his feet, laughing out. "I think those ponies are more scared of me! You're hardly frightening! Like a burp in a tornado!" He spun around rapidly. he wasn't trying to belittle Bygone, but seeing his lil'bro upset over the ponies being afraid of him ... it made him mroe determined to push his plan forward...

Luminescent Wish extended her hoof to take one of the sandwiches and gave Discord a thankful smile, taking a bite as she lay back against the pillow. "I will be fine.. with some food and some more sleep... and Discord thank you for being considerate and bringing food."

Bygone Specter perked his ears at the sight of the cucumber sandwiches! "Thank you mister Discord!" he'd smile happily as he took the sandwich. He didn't care whether the sandwich was pranked in some way or not, he was happy that Discord brought one for him! The little changeling couldnt' help but snort some and smile at Discord's statment though! "Awww, they just don't understand ya! Changelings scare some ponies sill, though... like monsters...!" he laughs as hides a wince and his gossamer wings buzz a little. He actually found the magic in this room to be quite appetising now! Where the chaos around Discord hurt to absorb before it was almost..invigorating! It made him start to feel rather bouncy and quite energetic! Quite the change that was!

Discord Draconequus laughed. "Oh please, this is nothing." Embarrassed by the praise but too egotistical to not accept it with ease. He looekd to Bygone. "Mister Discord was my father -- I think." He said in a thoughtful pose. Shaking off the weird though the draconequus floated back as Bygone explained. He looked to his paws. Mismatched, neither pony nor dragon here and there. He sunk down in a nearby chair and became a bit deflated. "Oh come now... you're so small, and... nice." Bygone sure wasn't scared of him, even a little, when they first met. The contrast to his proper meeting wih Squirrel contrasted quite a bit.

Bygone Specter quirked his head to the side and looked at Discord. "I'm strange... ponies fear what they don't understand." he smiled and raised a holey leg to rub at the side of his head. He glanced at Lumi and saw to his disappointment the mare had fallen back asleep. He hopped off the bed and decided to go over to Discord and hop nimbly up onto one of the arm-rests of a near-by chair. Why did the chair have arm-rests?! "I don't really mind. As long as I can keep ponies happy I'm able to deal with the fear... I can't really blame them so I forgive them...." the little changeling simply remained sitting right there on the arm rest. How? Well... who really knows! He was able to do a lot of odd things.

Discord Draconequus looked away. "You're probably to little to understand, you're still a foal after all." Discord protested. "I've tried.... for a long time to make them understand, be good -- but everytime..." He looekd to his paw, the one Squirrel shunned. He smirked and floated off the chair before vanishing and reapeparing on the cieling, hanging down to stare at Bygone. "Which is why, little brother, I am going to have you help me with a big plan!" He reached out his paws in attempot tp smoosh honk Bygone's face and lift him up a bit.

Bygone Specter inclined his head and gave Discord a small smile. The changeling wasn't as ignorant as that sort of thing as the draconequus might think. However he didn't really speak up and then smiled wide, nodding. "Of course I'll help!" he'd say only to blink and stare at Discord as something else he'd said registered. "Huuh? Little brother?" he asked the Draconequus quizzically with some bit of disbelief. He was, of course, Mira's unofficial little brother but now Discord was perchance saying the same thing?! The little changeling was actually a little stunned by that! He'd resigned himself to being the background ghost for his whole life, noticed by next to nopony, but that was just seeming to be not the case!! He still didn't know what was up with his chaos not hurting! The changeling loved having friends, but family was really important to the little creature, thus having 'brothers' meant the world to him so it wasn't something to say lightly!

Discord Draconequus dropped Bygone in the bed and raised his paw in proclimation. "You have in you, what could be a change at inheriting my power! I may not always be around--" Cause, you know: he naps a lot when theres no subjgation to be had. Without Tuesday Tea he was sure to go mad with bordem and invent up horrible new gags. Hi friends gave him new inspiration to try his mroe harmless pranks rather than fit-fueled acts of terror that sent everypony running off. "But you have to prove you are cappable of carrying that mantle --" He stood with a cape fluttering in teh wind, heroic pose. 

Bygone Specter inclined his head curiously. Discord said he could use his power - say whaaaa?! But wouldn't the infection kill him first? Wait... it didn't hurt, did... Discord somehow fix it? That thought made the little changeling blink as he watched Discord take his pose with the cape. For a moment the little changeling stood on his hind legs and mimiced the pose because it was a funny pose! That was only for a moment before he fell forward again and giggled as he came downon his hooves. "Alright! What need I do? Ser Discord?" he asked with a wide grin.

Discord Draconequus poofed out of existence before reappearing behind the changeling. He moved to attempt and pul lBygone close to whisper in his ear. "We have a special surprise planned for those pony. They're always spooked and startled around m--er ponies taht are different, so I say we give them reason!" Reason to what? But he would attempt to pull Bygone into a close smooh. "I have a big plan in place...but you have to keep it a secret. For everypony."

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PostSubject: Reverse Spring Cleaning Part 1   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 3:58 am

12/05/2015 – 12/08/2015; Reverse Spring Cleaning(Part 1)

(14:25:21) Discord Draconequus had been doing some reverse spring cleaning, and it was particularly backwards when it was during the winter months. While some areas in Equestria became colder, the spirit of disharmony was hardly inactive. Between one of his couch cushions he had found an old parchment covered in a layer of dust thick enough to line a cake. After a bit of inspection the draconequus came to the conclusion (by the writing and obvious scribbles of dates in the corner): the map was from a time during his rule of Equestria. How it survived this long... one can only thank chaos. He had plenty of hidden treasures from his reign, the plunder seeds probably best left unused lest Luna or Celestia catch wind and lecture him for hours on end. Whatever this map was to (a very well drawn map if the spirit said so himself-- and he did), it had to be something fun! Hoo~! He had sent a message to Bygone in hopes his lil'bro could assist him.

(14:25:23) Discord Draconequus doubted Bygone was well enough but... He rubbed the guilt from his tummy and huffed out. The journey carried the old prime to just outside of Hollow Shades. He couldn't remember if this town was here when he ruled, but it went to show how far ponies spread given the opportunity. Things to note next time he was in a leadership role. The parchment floated beside his head, rolled up and encased in a field of magic. The map gave off an old touch of chaos, the kind Discord hadn't used since he became friends with Twilight and the others. On all fours the uneven mangle of monsters strode through the dense woods; the twisted canopies made the place look as if it was always nighttime. He seated himself on a roadside leading from the tiny town, and into the dark woods waiting for his company. He wouldn't wait long. Bygone was hurt so it was understandable if he was left to his own devices. The thought made the draconequus sulk.

(14:25:26) Discord Draconequus's ears folded back as he rest in a sitting position, his back arched in its awkward manner. His spined tail lay lifelessly against the ground, the white tuft a frazzled mess as usual. Well he'll wait another minute or two and see.

(14:29:18) Aculea was heading through the woods towards the town of Hollow Shades she was so very hungry and simply had to have something besides that standard fare ponies fed on, sure it took care of basic needs but a creature like her had different needs as well, she had never agreed with Canterlot's invasion but had gone with anyway but after being blasted away by the love shield she had opted not to rejoin her fallen queen.

(14:43:55) Discord Draconequus lowered his head to rest it on his forepaw and claw.His long ears pricked up at the sounds of the forest. He really hated sitting still like this. Anxiousness always clawed down his back, causing his feathers to ruffle. His body always seemed an awkward rollercoaster of twists and turns. His flexible body would arch and shift to allow him the incredible range of movements that gave him the upper hoof in athleticism. While he wouldn't make the effort to run: he could gallop like the best of them when he wanted to. He felt the journey was needed. As of late he felt pathetic. Far from the feared tyrant he once was, he was now just a feared rope of coils in the front yard. If he could add to his repertoire of accessories perhaps he could pull his pride up from its ditch. Or maybe he had gas from boredom. He needed to do something to really stick it to Ponyville. Lids began to weigh down over his mismatched eyes.

(14:43:56) Discord Draconequus would suddenly snap open his eyes hearing movement. At first he had thought it was Bygone, so of course the spirit perked up like an over eager cat attacking the Hearth Tree. The ball of muscles sprang up to pounce the movement, but he had not taken the time to note that there was a certain energy signature missing. "You came~!" He suddenly screeched (which in a spoopy forest with hooting owls and other unprecious critters it really wasn't the most suave thing to do).

(14:50:21) Aculea was shaken out of her thoughts of hunger by a loud schreech of you came! which made her startle so badly she almost peed a little, shrieking in fear she doubled back and her eyes dilated, she almost changed back in the hopes that her chitin proved better armor but kept herself barely together looking in the direction of Discord. "Aaaaaah!!!"

(14:51:44) Bygone Specter was really, really, REALLY bored. Ever since Discord had left the time before it had just been ponies checking up on him to make sure everything was okay. He rather wanted to go back to his cart and... try to figure out what to do now. Then again at the same time he had the impulsive desire to go out and celebrate the fact that the infection wasn't going to blow him up in a few years! But that didn't help the fact that... sitting in this room was boring! To his delight he recieved a message from mister Discord! It could have been any manner of trap but the little changeling didn't care. He'd snuck out, changed into an adult pegasus variant of his little unicorn form... and flew like the hounds of tartarus were on his tail! Freedom was grand! Of course that meant he had to potentially suffer several hours of flight all on his lonesome, but uh... wait, which way was Hollow Shades?! Ooooooh Ponyfeathers! The hat-wearing 'pegasus' was lost....

(15:06:24) Discord Draconequus probably should have sent directions to Bygone but the spirit didn't do directions. He was a derelict navigator whose pride disallowed him to be lost. He was just always "taking a detour", as it went. Scenic routes were his favorite excuse, especially when he appeared in awkward places at the wrong time. There was only one thing Discord was ever on time for and one could be sure he probably cheated to even be there on time. ...Time shenanigans aside the misguided hodgepodge pony's attempt to gleefully pounce his little foal was stopped short when, instead of a colt, he came upon a dark mare. His head whipped back as he would land with all four limbs on either side of the pony, ears back and face twisted up in confusion. There was a bit of a spark as a number of question marks and stop signs appeared overhead advertising his state of mind. It took him seconds to calm down and reevaluate his position.

(15:06:25) Discord Draconequus pulled his paw and claw to his chest, standing on his hindlegs as he sort of just hovered over the mare, looming. "Oh, my mistake. I thought you were someone else." He casually brushed away as if he didn't just scare a pony halfway back to the otherside. He put his claw over his mouth to let out a demure laugh. Coughing into his fist: facing taking on a serious expression he vanished, only to reappear a few feet away sat down on his haunches, forelimbs holding his chest off the ground. "It's dangerous walking around in the middle of the woods you know, you could get eaten by a rabbit." His head was turned stubbornly, refusal of admittance that he made a mistake (was he pouting? He was, totally dissappointed it wasnt Bygone he scared the candy corn out of).

(15:11:26) Aculea looked up at Discord and scuffed her hooves. "U-um whom did you w-wait for then sir?" now now be polite to the unknown monster Acu and you might yet leave these woods alive so you can find some love to feed on, besides if he had wanted to hurt you he would have already done so, never hurts to be polite though.

(15:17:58) Bygone Specter was flying in circles! He swore he recognized that tree from before. In any case the 'pegasus' finally gave up and swooped down into the forest. But alas, he had good luck; even if he had a bad landing. His wing clipped a tree and he toppled right on down through the limbs. Bounce-bounce-thud ; and the 'pegasus' hit the ground not too far from Discord and the new pony. Bygone shook his head and checked for his hat. "I'm here!" he'd finally announce only to let his head drop again. The little changeling was tired! He wasn't used to flying in a form like this for long distances.... Tartarus, he hardly ever flew places in the first place! He only took enough time to learn and keep practice while out on the road.

(15:53:37) Discord Draconequus stared at the mare a moment. She wasn't anyone he knew, but he was far from Ponyville. Though in all fairness he hardly knew anyone there. The thought made the draconequus a bit sour. "Nopony!" He barked out, not wanting to seem like a bad date left behind to fend for herself. Himself? Well -- whatever. He twisted his muzzle in an annoyed pout as his snaggletooth poked against his lower lip. Shaking his head he poised himself like the spoiled (and arrogant) spirit he was. "What's a little mare like you doing out here? Looking for trouble~?" His voice danced at the idea. Perhaps he could find willing vic-- er assistants to his plan! "I bet yo--" Before he could finish his sentence, as if from the heavens themselves a young foal swooped down. The draconequus shifted his head to the mare. "Excuse me a moment...." The mottled chimeric spirit put on a srs face and vanished.

(15:53:38) Discord Draconequus appeared above Bygone, body coiled like a spring. He launched himself down at Bygone. He would attempt to coil around the foal and smoosh his paw and claw at hsi cheek and squiiiish. "You're late!" Said the king of time who is always late anyway.

(16:15:25) Aculea sat back as Discord turned to Bygone and looked around, the spirit of chaos had asked her a question though and asked her to be excused a moment, so she waited calmly to see when he would return to her.

(16:51:44) Bygone Specter tried to sit himself up but would have suddenly found himself being assailed by the very Draconequus he had strove to find! Discord quickly found that By was a good bit larger in this form, but that didnt last for long because the shock caused him to let go of the disguise itself. He toppled from the green fire right out of Discord's coils and flopped onto the ground in his base form. His still broken horn sputtered green sparks as he pushed himself up. "Sorry I'm late!" he'd say with an uncomfortable cough. "I..uh... took the scenic route. A real nice view it was!" And there the changeling went imitating discord and his 'never getting lost' front!

(17:06:58) Discord Draconequus released himself off Bygone and vanished, reappearing floating just off the ground, his hindlegs kicked up. Throwing up his claws to the wind at Bygone's remark. "Isn't it? Nothing more lovely than the long, unridden trail!" Nope, real ponies didn't get lost. Even if Discord wasn't a real pony... He dropped down at all fours, the folded parchment hovering by his head. "Remember what I told you in Canterlot Bygone? About our secret plan?" His lips pulled back in a cheeky smirk as he stood proudly. He curled his tail out, letting the tuft warp around the parchment like a fifth limb. He cocked his head and clopped back toward the roadside where that dark mare was and seated himself. "I also believe we found a compatriate for the journey we are about to partake in." He prused his lips, feeling Aculea didn't quite fit the part jsut yet. Snapping his claws the male dropped an explorer's hat on Aculea making her look like something out of Indiana Pony movies. "Perfect!" He bellowed.

(17:09:47) Aculea looked up at her new hat and actually smiled, new hat! yup she would keep that one for personal reasons, tilting her head at the draconequus as she stood up. "Why thank you but what for? aren't you... Discord?"

(17:26:37) Discord Draconequus gave a shy at his clumsy little brother. He would have to fix that one day. Glancing around, disregarding Aculea's existence moment he snapped his claws, forcing a magic lasso to appear and wrap around Bygone before it tied itself on the draconequus' back. He put his paws at his hips indigently. "I am the great," He stressed. "Discord. And who else would be me?!" He demanded looking around almost paranoidly. He stamped a hood and crossed his arms over his chest, cocking his head proudly. "I am the most powerful and most revered of spirits of disharmony!" He was the ONLY spirit of disharmony. Ugh, Discord no. "And since it seems Bygone is a few coconuts short of a macaroon, you'll be my assistant for this journey little pony." He wiggled the digits of his forepaws, his grin drawn back in glee, though with fangs like his it looked more a threat than a gift.

(17:40:58) Aculea was not all too sure if she wanted to go on some strange expedition with the very god of chaos even if he had given her the first ever hat she ever owned. "Well actually mister Discord I was on my way to Shady Hollows to get some nourishment for myself.."

(17:46:05) Discord Draconequus waved his hand dismissively. "Pah, I'm sure we'll find some apples on the way." He disregarded. Honestly had she no sense of priority!? Though this came from a spirit who ate just about anything. Pushing his tail against the ground he raised himself a bit so that he was in a amiable sitting position. His dragon's leg was crossed over his hoof, arms over his chest. "Look, let's say you do me this favor." He held out his paw, his tail placing the parchment in his pawpalm. "And I'll split with you whatever I find." He unfurled the man in front of Aculea. It -- certainly did look like some sort of treasure map, though the discordant spirit didn't really do a good job at explaining it from the beginning. He vanished and reappeared beside her. "Imagine! Finding an artifact from a time before ponies ruled -- do you know how famous you'll be?! How many friends you'll make!?" He himself had no idea.

(17:46:07) Discord Draconequus had found it in his couch, for all he knew it was a trick he would manage to trick himself with. But that was impossible! The guardian of confusion could not get confused. Pish posh and poppycock! The map refurled as he moved to wrap his arm around Aculea's shoulders, pulling her close. "I mean town is allll the way over there," Pointing down the road. "But there -- there is were glory sleeps." He pointed his paw down the spoopy trail of nope and never.

(17:49:30) Aculea considered it a moment, going to the town and find a pair of ponies or some hired entertainment to feed on or go hungry a little longer and follow the god of disharmony in possible danger and or demise in search for a treasure that may or may not exist? "I'm not sure..."

(17:54:43) Discord Draconequus could taste opportunity on his forked tongue. Dropping down to all fours he slowly walked toward Aculea. Being as large as he was (as he was long) the mottled and mangled monster was able to look down at Aculea even on the ground. His ears were pricked forward as the dashing (in his personal opinion) gold and red eyes leered down at her. His lips pulled back in a smile. "What could be so bad about having an adventure with a friend. Have I ever steered you wrong?" Well there was an obvious answer to that, but a not so obvious one as well. The draconequus was playing mind games again. He slowly circled the pony like the predator he was, well more like prancing around her like a yearling. His spined, slithering dragon's tail curled up behind him as he twisted his neck so he was face to face with Aculea (his head upside down). "We are friends... aren't we? Because if we weren't that would mean we are..." Oh dare he say the word?

(18:17:45) RD was cruising along through the skies, looking and feeling quite spiritless. "We searched EVERYWHERE. Look, Fluttershy, I only came with you because I'm not the kind of pony to leave a friend on their own. But just because Discord didn't show up for afternoon tea doesn't mean he doesn't like you anymore. He could literally be anywhere!" He could've just overslept, or maybe he was having tea in the wrong dimension! She suddenly stopped where the mist-shrouded town began, and looked at the dimly lit area. Some may have called it instinct, others may have called it a third eye; but there he was: it was unmistakebly Discord. She grit her teeth, glaring down her nose at him. "Or maybe he's up to his old tricks again!" Without further hesitation, she rocketed towards the ground at an amazing rate and landed in front of the supposed pony he seemed to be engaged in conversation with, planting her hooves firmly on the ground. "Discord! Caught you red-hooved!"

(18:25:09) Fluttershi had tears in her eyes as she followed Rainbow through the skies; trailing way behind as he wings couldn't keep up much as they flapped furriously just to keep her going at the pace she was, "...Rainbow...s-slow down...I can't keep up..." She complained. Her ears twitched as she heard Rainbow's words and tears flew from her eyes; slapped off by the wind as they approached the foggy town, "...o-oh...n-no...something must be wrong...Dis-Discord...has never...m-missed tea before...h-he must not like me any more..." She called back to Rainbow meekly. Suddenly Fluttershy's eyes went wide and froze in mid air as Rainbow called out she found him, but accused him of being up to his old tricks again. Silly Fluttershy as she was frozen there she forgot that she needed to flap her wings to continue to stay airborn. Rainbow dived down through the fog as Flutter fell with a loud, "Eeeeeeep!"[c]

(18:30:08) Fluttershi continued to fall passed the fog bank, before she landed in a near by tree with a loud thud on the branch, "...ow..." She cried as tears formed in her eyes, but didn't last long as a cracking sound could be heard and soon the tree branch broke off. SShe flapped her wings just in time as she was able to avoid the second crash and sighed as she followed RD back to the ground and saw Discord with another pony. She pushed passed RD and shook her head, "...o-oh...I don't...think..>Discord would" She said and bowed her head to the other pony, " sorry...I am...Fluttershy...and this is...Rai-Rainbow...Dash...she...o-over reacts sometimes..." Not at all like her when Discord was missing from one tea party oh no not at all.[e]

(18:38:50) Discord Draconequus smirked at the little mare as she seemed backed into a corner. Yes either she was his friend, or his not-friend! It was a nobrainer! The devious smirk slowly erased from his features as some strange sensation crawled along his left horn. His ears had been pinned back, his amusement growing stronger with each passing second that confusion and disharmony consumed the mare. Something tickled. His brows furrowed as he stared down at her. He raised his paws, jaws parting as if to question her. Suddenly, boom! With Bygone tied to his back like a ponyskin backpack the pieced together patriarch certainly looked as if he was prepared for trouble, but not it seems it was going to double. He fought (and failed) at the struggle not to roll his eyes as the attempt at swaying Aculea with his hypnosis (jsut a gentle suggestion that he was totally the coolest...) was intruded upon before he could even attempt it. But something else was odd about this mare...

(18:38:53) Discord Draconequus sat back in his haunches, his forepaws settled between his legs. His wings re-situated themselves against his back as his long, spined tail coiled around his legs. He looked like an annoyed cat caught eating the Hearth Fire Chicken dinner. There was a second crash, this time a floof of yellow and pink landed. "Wait a minute..." He pulled his wrist up to his face and glared at his watch (that had not been there before). Shaking it the object fell to pieces. What was today? He looked annoyed, because he couldn't remember what today wa-- oh! OH! "Oooh..." He sunk a bit at the realization. Moreover! "Hey!" He perked up, vanishing in a flash of white, reappearing on Aculea's otherside, his lion's arm around her shoulders. "What are you implying Dashy?!" He stressed the nickname. "Fluttershyyy~" He dew out. " I'll make it up to you. I didn't think I ... I mean. I had other plans." He mumbled. It was the truth, he really couldn't lie to her.

(18:38:54) Discord Draconequus held out his paw as if to halt any attempt at them talking back. "But I have something that will make it up to you!" He smirked and held up a rolled up piece of parchment. "Me and my friend uh... here!" He still hadn't learned her name, whoops. "Have discovered there is a great treasure sleeping deep in these woods!" At least that was what Discord assumed. He's spent so many years muddling over his greater plans involving the plunder seeds, that any other traps he set up in advanced were either forgotten or left in place because he was too lazy to disarm them. Wheeeelp.

(18:45:44) Aculea saw the other two mares arrive and was now literally caught in a very interesting if not threatening situation, she had planned to see if the god of chaos could be syphoned from when the two pegasi arrived on the scene, adjusting her explorer's had she smiled at Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, trying to sway them into any kind of positive emotion towards the draconequus. "It's Root Leaf Discord you keep forgetting that silly, So will they too go on your wild unknown treasure hunt?" so saving your skin there chaos bringer.

(18:51:27) Queen Chrysalis was buzzing about in a frantic way.. Zig Zaging about.. Her Jester was not heard in her hive mind.. he had gone hushed.. that was not normal from him she was always able to hear some type of jumbaled mess from him.. it had the Queen very worried.. She had spotted Dash and Flutter and hope the two whould be able to tell her where he was.. As she dropped down she sensed a Changeling near by.. One of her Hive oddly to say.. But it was not Bygone.. However dropping down to land just as she seen the young changeling she sensed him.. He was weak and seems not resopnsive.. And tied to Discord really why.. " DISCORD release my Jester. " she yelled out as she landed on the ground away from all of them thinking that Discord had changeling napped poor bygone

(19:08:33) RD tried hard to keep up with Discord as he teleported from one place to the next before her gaze finally locked on the draconequus. "Don't act all innocent with me! Why would you be in a shady forest like this one if you weren't up to some shady business?" How much proof did Fluttershy need? It was so obvious! She visibly bristled at the nickname but before she could speak, Discord silenced them with a single hand gesture. She then heard the other mare talking, and she *definitely* didn't sound like she was in distress. Confused, she slipped back into a more relaxed posture, bowing her head in a slightly embarassed manner. "On second thought... maybe I was a little rash." Then she flew up, eyeballing Discord and resumed, "but don't think I won't still be watching you." She perked up, however, when she heard multiple mentions of treasure. "Wait.. did somepony mention... TREASURE? In these woods? Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go find it! We'll split up into two groups,(c)
(19:09:22) RD: just like in Tales from Daring Do, issue number one, Volume 5--!" Her jubilant rambling was cut off however, when a familiar voice boomed through the fog, leaving her miraciously lost for words... for now.(d)

(19:21:24) Fluttershi looks to Rainbow with a timid yet friendly smile, "...see...theres nothing wrong here...they just...going" She cut shortly as Rainbow seemed to be off in her own little world now since somepony mentioned treasure. She couldn't blame her though being it was like she would step into the hooves of Daring Do her idol. Flutter sighed and looked to the map as she approached Discord and awkwardly raised an hoof to it, " this dangerous...? ...y-you shouldn't really invite other...ponies...on such...dan-dangerous occupations..." She scolded him in a kind voice. All that changed when her ears perked up to the sound of another voice. She froze and glanced over her shoulder at Chrysalis as her heart skipped a beat.[c]

(19:24:13) Fluttershi whimpered as the queen of the changelings landed, before she rushed under Rainbow's hooves and shivered; grasping on to them as she hid under her, "...u-um...give,...the...creepy...a-and...scary...changeling now, Discord..." She stuttered and held on to RD as she had never seen Bygone outside of his unicorn foal form nor did she know that it was he whome she revered to.[e]

(19:36:59) Discord Draconequus looked down to Aculea -- or Root Leaf. Earth Ponies certainly had strange names, but she vouched for him! That was plenty in Discord's book and man was it a long book of games. "They have to come! They are my friends after all!" He proudly proclaimed, perching himself like a smug Griffon. His brow arched at Rainbow Dash. "You don't split up into groups, don't you remember the seventh volume they were caught by Bug Bears because of it?" He scoffed, clearly offended by her newb lack of knowledge. After a moment he looked down to Fluttershy, his face twisting up as he padded on his paws. "What?! I'm not taking anyone on a dangerous journey! Why would a dark, gnarled, tangled woods filled with howling wolves and hooting owls be dangerous?!" Uuuuh... kay. "Come on Flutter, at least let me make up to you for mixing up my time." Or was it universe? Well, whatever. He pulled his lips back into a smirk, holding Root Leaf close.

(19:37:00) Discord Draconequus gave the puppy dog eyes. "Pleaaaase?" Discord perked his ears, the sound of something like a kazoo. He turned his head to the sky and the buzzing noise became an annoying screech of his name. He turned his head way, paw still over Root Leaf. "Ahhhh," he drawled. "Princess Crimson, right?" He knew that wasn't her name, but he loved pushing buttons. Poke poke! Flicking his spined tail the mucked up beast moved his paws back to jump over Root Leaf, but vanished before reappearing behind the Changeling Queen with his left leg properly crossed over his knee. He had the treasure map gripped in his tail's tuft. "You're pretty -- FAR, from you're what do you call it? Heave? What brings you to my side of the woods?" Sometimes it was hard to really separate the tyrant and the reformed draconequus when he had moments of frightful seriousness that was shattered by a strange madness driven by his chaotic games.

(19:37:03) Discord Draconequus moved his hands in a shooing motion to promptly have the black queen scoot. "We're busy, shoo fly." He vanished and appeared on the trail toward the forest with his tail up and his Bygone backpack secured. "Bygone is mine, sooooo later." He pranced his way into the woods. "Come on you slowponies! If we don't hurry we'll never make it to the campsite by nightfall!" Wait -- what? He snapped his claws promptly dropping adventuring gear on each pony. While Aculea had her hat, Dash was given a heavy pack to inhibit her flying, Flutter a canteen and the Queen a bag of marshmallows.

(19:42:26) Aculea stared at Chrysalis as the world around her melted away, her gaze locked on the very mother of her hive, in a very literal sense her mother, the one she had not returned to after Canterlot, she trotted up to the chitin covered queen and looked up at her for recognition and to see if she was very angry with her for not having enjoyed that invasion at all, but mostly she was very hungry, would the hive mother share so much as a drop or pummel her quietly into submission?

(19:49:32) Queen Chrysalis growls at Discord for his answer " Return my Jaster Discord.. Or I will take this up with Luna.. He needs help.. " she titls her head to the other member of her hive as they more to her " Well hello little pony.. How about some candy.. It is made with love.. " she gives a wink and levitates a bag of green candy from her bag to the pony " There is about 10 there.. Best if you eat at least 3 a day " another wink is gave as she turns to Flutter and Dash " Hi Rainbow Dash and Flutterhy Nice to see you again.. " yes it was the new Chrys for sure she was a lot nicer but then with the peace talks she had to be.. But don't let discord think she'd not tair him a new one if he did not return Bygone he neded to feed..

(19:52:46) Queen Chrysalis growls at Discord for his answer " Return my Jaster Discord.. Or I will take this up with Luna.. He needs help.. " she titls her head to the other member of her hive as they more to her " Well hello little pony.. How about some candy.. It is made with love.. " she gives a wink and levitates a bag of green candy from her bag to the pony " There is about 10 there.. Best if you eat at least 3 a day " another wink is gave as she turns to Flutter and Dash " Hi Rainbow Dash and Flutterhy Nice to see you again.. " yes it was the new Chrys for sure she was a lot nicer but then with the peace talks she had to be.. But don't let discord think she'd not tair him a new one if he did not return Bygone he neded to feed..

(20:12:10) RD opened her mouth to say something, but was unable to come up with a suitable retort for Discord. She rubbed a hoof over her forehead, as if trying to remember. In her excitement she'd forgotten all about volume seven. "Wow. You're good." She simply stood as Fluttershy shot towards her and instantly hid underneath her hooves, dropping her head into an upside down position to look at her cowering friend. "Are we really doing this again?" She spoke evenly, arching an unimpressed eyebrow. Her head shot up again when a heavy gear was suddenly on her back, preventing her from moving. "Hey!" She called after Discord angrily. Summoning all the power in the universe, she started flapping her wings as fast as she could and (very) slowly started floating up into the air. She then engaged in a slow-speed chase, and waved in passing at Queen Chrysalis. "Hey there. I know you're good now, but I can't talk. Gotta make sure the world doesn't fall into chaos and all. C'mon, Fluttershy. We can't(c)

(20:12:54) RD: lose sight of him." She turned her attention back to Discord, and her face dropped when she saw his suspicious-looking 'backpack'. She looked from Discord to Queen Chrysalis and back again. "Wait a minute... what's going on here? What's that on your back?"(d)

(20:44:00) Discord Draconequus held his nose high and stopped as if Chrysalis' words were only just occurring to him. "Oh, will you look at that..." He leaned his face real close in to Bygone and parted his jaws wide. That large mouth of his could have easily snapped the foal in half. Sharp teeth were no show and there was no question that the draconquus eat anything that was appetizing. But tiny foals were not appetizing, so that forked tongue of his lathered the side of the colt's face with a cowlick to mock the dark queen. The mottled mutt cared not for these treaties and boundaries set on the lands. "Hoo? And pray tell what are you going to tell Princess Luna? That you are in the woods along, giving strange fillies candy?" He knew -- something. His claw curled up against his chest in a smug post, his crooked tail swaying the map. "I wasn't bent and twisted by some pretty cursive, on some paper." He tossed the map in front of him, unfurling it.

(20:44:01) Discord Draconequus had the map float in front of him with his magic. He continued to prance along with those that would follow. If the queen wanted Bygone she would likely have to follow, but that was playing into the mischief maker's paws... So what could one do? "Hmm so according to this map we have to go through something called the Ring of Fire... or is that the Ring of Flowers?" Old script was really hard to translate. He had gotten so used to the new letters, and heck hadn't read any scrolls proper in over 1000 years, man you'd have a hard time too with the way the pictographs had changed meaning! As the spirit tried to muddle through the map he carried on down the trail which soon became just a field of gnarly roots and grassy roles. Soon the trickster spirit ended up in what appeared to be an open field surrounded by a veritable wall of trees (that looked like they were stuck or braided together).

(20:49:17) Aculea was following her queen and the others around quite optimisticly, popping one of the green candies into her salivating muzzle, chewing greedily on the concentrated drop of love like a starving mare, prancing with her new explorer's hat hanging back on her head, looking between Chrysalis and Discord, then at Bygone a moment. "I have no idea what's going on but yay candy!"

(20:53:42) Bygone Specter was starting to come around after a good while! Between the fact he shouldn't have been flying out like this and the branch that came down on his head and KO'd him. He stirred and was slowly approaching conciousness once again. However; the tongue brought him to conciousness pretty darn quick! How else did a foal react to such a thing but. "Eeeeeeewwwww!" the little changeling was almost instantly fully aware and began to squirm on Discord's back as he tried any way he could figure out to escape the bindings! Miraculously he somehow slipped from the rope and toppled to the ground where he began to run in circles. "Naaaaasty!" was the childish scream as the little changeling galloped in circles! He eventually came to a stop at Discord's tail and proceeded to wipe his muzzle off on said draconequus's tail.

(21:06:02) Queen Chrysalis looks at discord and huffs flying up and landing in frount of him " I said release my Jester! " she stands her hoofs planted as her horn starts to glow green.. " Can't you see that he need to eat.. " a growl was gave to the mangled mess.. She watches as the others follow behind Discord blindly she was not going to follow she was here to get Bygone thats all.. As she watches the foal wiggle out of the ropes she moves and levetates him to her " Bygone are you ok.. I got worried.. where have you been. " she lifts a glowing green candy from her bag and to him " Here I normally do not give this out but I think you need it.. " she loks at Discord and grows again.

(Missing bits due to D/Cing or switching to aPounce which I can't get logs from!)

(18:34:25) Discord Draconequus snaped the map to straighten it as he pursed his lips, trotting along on his hind legs. "Surely you don't actualyl like those things? They taste like rotten grass rolled in buckwheat." Which was equally icky. He could assure you. "Really.." He mumbled, starting to miss the tooth rotting cupcakes in Ponyville. He wasn't big on sweets, personally. He perferred fresh vegetables, cripsy foods and bitter treats, but that bitter candy was far beyond his tasts! He spat out his forked tongue at the thoght. "So Root Leaf, are you friends with Bygone? I've never seen you in Ponyville." While this and that weren't conneted the spirit had his reasons.Bygone wasn't always in Ponyville himself and wherever Root Leaf came from -- it wasn't either.

(18:36:36) Aculea blinked as she could only very very dimly remember her other hivemember and nodded slightly. "We.. met once or twice, why do you ask?" dangerous questions here Aculea better watch where you put your hooves.

(18:54:53) Discord Draconequus gave a slight shrug. "Oh -- curiosity you know. Don't need any cats falling victim to it." He mused as he face morphe dinto a cheshire grinning cat. Though his back was to Root Leaf so it was easy to hide. "Alright." He whipped his index claw out and pointed toward a particuarlly dense part of the woods. "Hurmmm..." He was still baffled by his note in the corner. Ring of Fire, at least he assumed it was fire. How couldn't it be fire?! Something to keep nosy ponies away! It had to be one of his devices. Not as potent and dangerous as the plunder seeds could have been -- but it had to be useful. "Alright, this is where you ponies have to show your stuff." He clecnhed his paw, a grin wide on his face.

(18:57:11) Aculea looked at him before nodding and straightening her explorer's hat, this treasure finding business had it's charm and excitement that much she had to admit. "Alrighty let's get to it."

(19:11:35) Discord Draconequus laughed and made the map vanished before he dropped to all fours. "I can't say what's beyond those trees... but we'll find out." The spirt charged the trees only to vanish, leaving the remaining ponies on thier own to push through a veritable wall of trees. VInes, tangled shhrubs and reaching branches did well to bar the path. Though one could hardly call a path since it looked as if nopony had tread this path in a thousand years.
(19:15:46) Aculea wrestled her way through the foliage wishing she had her chitin to protect her now, but her queen had said that the time wasn't ready yet so she had to keep up appearances as she made her way down the path after Discord.
(19:21:10) Discord Draconequus hadn't rappeared again. Though once everypony broke through the desne foilage they would find themselves in an open field. Miles and miles of flower patches dotted the open landscape. In the distance one could see fog lining the mountians. The mountain was facing south, toward Neighagra Falls. They were too far from it to get there by hoof. They were essentialyl in the middle of nowhere. No roads, no towns, no cities. Discord would reappear perched on a nearby stone with his binoculars to his eyes. Hovering over his tuft was the map and on his muzzles a serious pout.

(19:23:44) Aculea bend down and snapped up a few flowers curiously, chewing on them as she looked at the pouting Discord. "Eh.. where's the treasure at mister Discord? though the view and the flowers are very lovely."

(19:27:46) Discord Draconequus huffed and tossed back his binoculars, the survey tool vanishing before it hit Aculea in the muzzle. "No, this isn't right." He spun around, his dragon's leg balancing on the rock as his hoof raised up and arms were thrown out in a frantic. "Where's the fire? The doom?!" He doesn't remember this place being so -- colorful. His ears folded back as he slumped forward, jsut barely floating over the rock he was on. Something wasn't right... His map flittered to the ground. There on the map there seemed to be old writing, not quite legible in the current pony pictogram writing. "I know this place didn't have all this grass before...." he stroked his chin as he pulled his legs up, floating in a backwards J shap.

(19:35:11) Aculea flinched but the binoculars never hit her muzzle, chewing on a few more flowers as she sat down in the grass giving the god of chaos a lopsided smile. "Aww see it from the positive side guy, you gave us a wonderful view and a beautiful plateau to frolick about."

(19:43:03) Discord Draconequus snorted from his nostrils and crossed his arms over his chest. This was a let down. His ears were pressed to his skull as he let the most fierce Discord scowl play at his features. Think postively! Pah! Treasure was positive. As he looked around, mismatched eyes dancing along the landscape. He wans't really into all the froufrou things. Sure they were nice but he perferred a bit more -- liveliness. "If I wanted to frolic in flowers I would have stayted in Pon--i...ville?" He pushed to stand on his tiptoes, looming down overRoot Leaf. "What are you eating?" He jumped off the rock and lowered his skull to sit face to face with her.

(19:45:36) Aculea chewed happily on flowers looking up at him, muzzle full as her tail flicked playfully. "Fwowers wry?" and they were tasty too, or so she thought atleast, giving him a curious gaze at the question, surely the god of knowledge knew ponies were herbivores?

(19:54:09) Discord Draconequus squinted and pressed his paw atop her head to use her as a post as he leaned forward. They were standing in what apepared to be a natrually growing circle of flowers. He blinked and looked around. "A...ring of flowers?" He vanished, his weight releasing from teh pony and reapepared in the center of the ring. The map appeared low enough for Root Leaf to also see it. Discord pointed his claw. "It says a ring of flowers, but -- there werne't flowers when I made this map." Wait he made the map?! It wasn't some secret ancient map that was made by olde hoof explorers?! The spirit floated up, crossing his right leg over his left knee. Did he perhaps...?
(19:56:30) Aculea looked on the map while chewing on the flowers as she shrugged softly. "There weren't? well there are now, pretty tasty too." yup she was quite content while Discord had a small stroke over his perhaps not so ancient map.

(20:04:50) Discord Draconequus was convicted! "Alright, time to get to work!" He snapped his fingers causing the map to vanish and a number of shovels to appear. Though it was a long and exhausting trip fhrough Hollow Shades, that wasn't stopping the draconequus from making use of his helping hooves. Tapping his hoof on the ground before floating back the shovel he had control of made the first stab into the ground. "Time to dig out that treasure!" Oh he was getting excited. "Maybe it's a pogo stick -- oh, no no -- maybe a potion that turns a pony's fur white-- I'm sure I had one before, no idea what happened to it." Had he used it? Squinting the draconequus stroked his chinbeard. Yes yes, whatever he hid it had to be a great and old treaure. Maybe he could turn the tables on the ponies yet!

(20:08:41) Aculea grabbed a shovel into her muzzle and started digging, maybe he had indeed hid something and she also had hoped to find something to be very honest, though she did get an explorer's hat.

(20:19:38) Discord Draconequus was getting more excited the deeper the hole became. His shovel moved of its own accord before he finally tiltedh is head. The spirit floated his way down the hole which, by now, had become at few feet deep. He put his paw and claw to his hips. There wasn't anything. "What?" No it couldn't be. Maybe it WAS Ring of Fire? He crossed his arms, very grumpy that his journey had been for naught! He had half a mind jsut to teleport out of here. The spirit couldn't spot anything resembling treausre. No gems, no gold, not even a sack of loot! "Someone probably got here before us because of you slowponies!" He wouldn't admit that he perhaps was wrong and even tricked himself!

(20:21:12) Aculea saw something in the wall of the hole and dropped the shovel, grabbing the object with her teeth as she tugged while digging with her forehooves.


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12/05/2015 – 12/08/2015; Reverse Spring Cleaning(Part 2)


(16:23:42) Bygone Specter flicks an ear and shrugs some. "I...I wasn't part of the hive to begin with. Some ponies.... well... they hatched me and did some stuff to me and I suppose Queenie just wants to.... help." he'd say as he scuffed a hoof upon the ground. "I don't mean to make anypony jealous." he'd say as he backed away. He should just make himself disappear, yes? That way he didn't cause anypony trouble... Heck, now he was feeling guilty for making the other changeling jealous!

(16:31:22) Shadling growled as he was left behind again. His queen left him behind at the hive to watch over it far too much! He didn't like leaving her side especially when she could be in danger. Crimson helment was over his head as his crimson matching armor glistened from being just recently polished. He wandered the forest of darkness; just feeling out for his queen. Shadling sensed another in the air, but it was different a more...obscured power...? Mmmm yet it felt familiar...something from his hive perhaps? No...he couldn't feel much from his hive besides his Queen lately. His connection was very fragile as his changeling magic was beginning to become more and more unstable. He could still keep his transformations, but he wondered how long would he be in control? He growled again as he sensed others up ahead.[c]

(16:37:31) Shadling red eyes glared in the darkness as he noticed the figures off in the distance. He wasn't sure what it is he felt, but it lied beyond these two. Shadling ducked behind a tree as his horn lit up with a black glow. The glow surrounded his body and soon he began to change. His armor disappeared as his hardened features began to grow fur and turn smokish grey. The fur would thicken as his red eyes turned from red to black and grey swirtling mixture. His tail became more bushy and curled up becoming black as he grew out a mane and it too matched his tail as crimson tips flailed from the tail making it look more like a flail in design. The crimson tips trailed up his entire mane and made it spiky looking as his eyes narrowed. The legs on him became full and thick with the smokey fur as his hooves became a shiney black. The last thing to change was his absent cutie mark as it becam a campfire with three smoke rings puffing out of it. With his transformation to Smoke Flare now complete.[c]

(16:42:11) Shadling stepped out from behind the tree and glared at the two distance figures trying to calicuate where they had moved to or to simply relocate them. After awhile he found them and moved towards them again it wasn't long till he realized the familiar sensation indeed it was one of his newly inducted hive members. The court jester it seemed. Bygone? It had been awhile since he would see that little happy go lucky chester grin of one of the few changelings he actually gave the knowledge of some of his past to. Why? Perhaps it was because...the little changeling reminded him of his self when he was experiemented on. During the war...the snow pony war...a war he should not of been part of, but he followed his Queen into battle and he had no regrets; how ever...he was captured in the war...and his body was altered by his holders. Shadling growled and shook it off as he approached By and his companion.[c]
(16:44:01) Shadling stopped short as he called out, " that you...?" He asked in a raspier than normal voice and he tried to maintain his urges inside of him and his head. As it kept telling him to shed the life from around him even his own changeling hive. He growled as he just pushed it off and noded his head to the young changeling.[e]

(16:50:03) Discord Draconequus was most excited that he found his treasure, but he had spent the better part of the night trying to open it. Eventually the draconequus passed out, crumpled in a mess of coils atop the small chest. It was not very big, but neither was it very small as it would nearly outsize Bygone's foal size. His ears perked up as he grumbled awake with all the racket. He say up, yawning as a blue striped pajama cap and stuffed monster vanished from his possion. "What's going on?" Vanishing the spirit would reappear beside Bygone and Root Leaf, mouth foaming with toothpaste as he brushed it and a mug of water in his clawed hand.

(16:54:13) Aculea gave the captain a guarded look once he came within sight, she had heard of his reputation and guessed her conversation with Bygone was over now that Discord also appeared out of nowhere, giving the god of chaos a lopsided grin. "Hey guy have you managed to open that chest that heh I found yet?" oh yes we were teasing the Discord this morning.

(17:02:32) Bygone Specter perked his ears and couldn't help but give a wave to the smoky pony when he approached. "Hiya Cap'n Crimson." he'd call back only to jump near out of his fur as Discord suddenly appeared next to them! The draconequus got a bit of an odd but amused look from the little changeling at the fact he'd appeared while brushing his teeth. Did the chaos spirit even really need to do that? That was an amusing thought.... The changeling was brought out of his musing as the other changeling in the group actually.... teased Discord! His eyes widened and he almost let out an "Oooooooh!" But the damage was done as the changeling almost immediately grinned and leapt on the 'teasing' bandwagon. "But I thought I found it in the haunted tomb over there!" he'd say with a bit of a whine and a scuff of his hoof. Alright! Teasing Discord while claiming credit for himself to! Check ~ Yay!

(17:12:05) Shadling nodded to the other changeling slightly as his eyes narrowed at the abrupt appearence of Discord. So that what he felt no wonder it felt similar to Bygone from the past...only exception was it was about a billion times stronger sensation of chaotic energy. He huffed slightly as he growled at the one tooth Discord brushed...really he is up to his not so ammusing jokes this early? He rolled his eyes slightly and turned to face the other two changelings and flicked his tail at Discord, "I see...some things don't change. Do you ever take a break from annoyingville? Or is it a constant twenty four seven deal?" He asked with a sneer. His expressions slowly changed as he looked at Bygone unicorn state and noticed his horn, "...are you alright? You look damaged." He asked not sensing anything too different about him, besides he feels um...empty some how?[c]

(17:15:10) Shadling shook his head as it must of been his imagionation. Surely a changeling couldn't just feel empty without being completly drained and he sensed that Bygone had recently fed or consumed some of his hives candy. He could tell as it was not the same output as the pure emotion, but it did register the same efect. Shadling horn glew as a bag teleported infront of him a candy that was black and crimson swirl lifted out of the bag and into his mouth as he consumed it, before the bag disappeared. The emotion radiating off the candy as the other changelings could tell was not that of love. Love...something that he could not feed off of any more not sense those weeks of torture.[e]

(17:28:44) Discord Draconequus narrowed his eyes at Root Leaf and swung his toothbrush out from his muzzle, pointing it at her in protest. His jaws parted to complain, but Bygone joined in the teasing! He whipped back, agasp with the traitorus slander! He washed down his mouth with the water before the objects vanished. One had to take care of the good fang they had after all! "I'll have you know you were just lucky to spot it!" So he had missed the glaringly obvious chest stuck in the hole. That aside! He crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at Bygone. Throwing up his paws the spirit would vanishing before reappearing behind the darker colt, holding a magnyfying glass to his twisted eye. "And who is this? Someone you two know? Listen we can't split the treasure so many ways...." He proclaimed, glass vanishing in a puff of smoke. Not that they knew what was inside given that he had yet to be able to open it.

(17:28:44) Discord Draconequus had tried everything to open it. Hammers, magic, asking it nicely, heck he even tried using the kitchen sink, which still lay discarded among the other random tools he tried using (was that a rubber chicken?).

(17:33:53) Aculea looked at Discord and Shadling. "That would be an acquaintance of ours I haven't seen in years so forgive me for not recalling his namebut I'd be careful guy, that pony is a dangerous one." and that was about everything she could or would recall about Shadling, a murderer and apparantly good at it, then sidled up to Bygone grinning at him. "See? Discord couldn't even open that chest."

(17:41:01) Bygone Specter couldn't help but grin wide some. "He's Captain Crimson!" The little changeling insisted since... that 'was' what he remembered the changeling in disguise by! With the chaos core now in control it was no wonder he felt a little... empty... to those that ha known him before. He wasn't filled to the brim with enough unstable magic to cause him to go boom! Whenever Shadling noticed his horn though, he winced. "Bit of an accident... blew my horn off." he'd say but he couldn't help but break down into a fit of giggles at the way Discord responded to the teasing. That was so amusing it was! So worth potentially getting into trouble with a chaos spirit! As the other spoke he'd somehow have got his hooves on the box in question! One moment he was sitting with the rest and the next he was fiddling with the object in question! Now then... first thing's first. Did Discord actually try to physically un-latch the box? The little changeling tried that if there was, in fact, a latch! >>

(17:41:13) Bygone Specter: >It was so easy to miss the obvious things sometimes!

(17:52:37) Shadling nods his head to the other changeling as he faugly remembers one such as her, but with he his self being disconnected from the hive he can not recall a name nor can he sense her as one of his hive. This worried him slightly; perhaps it was he who did not belong any more...? He was dangerous indeed, but not just to those that were predators, but to his own hive and the queen he cheerished so much that he wouldn't break in his torture for her. He did not attend the Canterlot mascreade, but he did hear of it. This happened shortly after the war he was hurt and near death if it wasn't for a kind pony that took him in. He growled as he looked his form over for the pony that died was the Unicorn he was currently. Smoke was his fault why he died and he despised his self for allowing it to happen. [c]

(17:56:38) Shadling continued to be lost in thought, before getting snapped out of it by Bygone's call and then noticed some kind of...treasure chest? He blinked as he watched the little foal examin the strange thing and say a common sense, "...well he is Discord...after all and he doesn't do things easily. Have you even tried to just open it? Perhaps it not even locked...just smashing something with brute force is not enough to acheave goals, you know?" He scolded Discord and smiled lightly to Bygone as he walked over and sat next to him and his features softened more, "Oh..I do not care for such trifal things suchs as gold or all means have the treasure it would be useless to me." He announced to them as he looked down he had darker desires and with these peace treaties going on he couldn't bring out the thoughts in his head to light.[e]

(18:18:58) Discord Draconequus cocked his head, arms remaining crossed at the rude little, black unicorn. "I'll have you know that I indeed try turning it on and off." So when Bygone did try -- he would find there was no latch. So how the heck was it closed? "Have you tried opening it!? You little unicorns are supposed to be good at magic!" He accused the dark changeling unaware of its true form -- or maybe he was? It was hard to tell what the spirit was thinking. Most of the time he went about confusing others and making their lives difficult, but he had gone out his way to find this treasure, but it seemed others had found it and not the spirit. Was it all part of his plan, or a plan he forgot he planned to plan out? Regardless the rather erratic spirit floated off the ground in a grump. "That's just because you don't understand my genius..." He stood tall and pressed his paw to his chest before vanishing and leaning beside Root Leaf.

(18:19:02) Discord Draconequus whispered down to the earth pony. "Man, this guy sure is grumpy, did he have breakfast?" The spirit materialized an apple in front of Root Leaf and a small picnic blanket of cucumber sandwiches and carrot muffins, with some lemonade. The draconequus vanished and reappeared rest on the blanket. "We're on lunch break," He proclaimed to the dark unicorn. "We're taking a break from all this solving. And I can assure you it's not just some trinket, but some great ancient device!" But he couldn't be sure of that at all. Discord took a bite out of a sandwich and loudly slurpped his lemonade.

(18:24:43) Aculea flicked an ear at the draconequus's question and shrugged faintly. "I don't know guy, but that apple and lunch break sound like great idea, maybe our dark stranger who should not be a stranger if memory serves me could use a bite too." there was something off about this captain Crimson but she couldn't put her hoof on it, keeping an eye on him seemed a good idea, then she rearranged her explorer's hat and bit into the apple.

(18:36:27) Bygone Specter inclined his head and looked down at the box. There were no latches?! What the heck? "Uuuuuh, I think this box is broken. There's no way to open it." he'd say but then he had a really... really stupid idea. He didn't know if Discord had the same idea but he quickly put the box down and whipped out some of his explosive crystals! Before anypony could react he cackled and picked the box up, placing it down amongst his explosives.... With a wide grin he ducked back group and ducked down. Hopefully it was too quick for most to react since he thought it might work. Of course he was a foal. The end result; he let out a short magic pulse that made his horn sizzle and the crystals exploded around (and on) the chest/box! Almost instantly he'd turn and duck in for food, the treasure box instantly forgotten in lieu of the delightful delicacies that Discord wrought. He was hungry!

(18:59:41) Shadling stared at the box for a bit Bygone played with and noticed as Discord said it...there was indeed no key hole or even line that looked like it could be opened it appeared at his speedy glance not even attempting to look at it throughly. His ears twitched at the call of Discord mentioning food. He turned towards the draconequus and the female changeling as his eyes flickered slightly; from his black color to his normal crimson hues. It was only briefly though, but then his attention went back to the little foal of a changeling. Jester was not planting...explossives around the box? He jumped up and leaped over to the others; just to avoid the explossion as it went off. The box was caught in the dirrect fire of it; how ever it merely flew up into the air and landed on the ground as it rolled to Shadeling's hooves.[c]

(19:04:32) Shadling looked down to the box and squinted slightly as it was scruffed abit, but other than the slight batter it was in one peice from an explossion of that calibur? He placed a hoof on the box and pushed it around as he sighed, "'s just a made of onyx or something...." He huffed at it as he took the box in his black magic aura and lifted it up, before tossing it somewhere off in the distance and he did not care where it landed, "Useless junk I say." He muttered and turned back to the group. Suddenly his horn lit up again and the black aura surrounded his body he knew it would be safe to trasform here he didn't feel any other pony around as started to revert back. In mid transformation he spoke, "So where is thy queen at?" He asked and finished reverting to his armored wearing changeling self.[e]

(19:18:46) Discord Draconequus watched as Bygone went about trying to explode his box. He didn't mind, they had to try something right. The spirit perched up on his tail, slurping the lemonade and broke out laughing when the explosions not only sputtered but failed to put a dent into the box. "Now that I think about it I suppose it wouldn't be much of a treasure if it was easily broken into, but there was a trick to it, I'm sure of it." The map appeared on the blanket as the spirit settled down on his stomach in annoyance. He tapped his chin with his paw's digits as he mulled over this conundrum. The male's crooked tail twisted and twitched as he thought. The map itself seemed pretty old, but it hadn't aged, some old chaos magic still lingering on it. The dark Unicorn seemed to use a dark energy to handle the box. Suddenly a bright lamp appeared over his head. His tail's tuft grasped the chain and tugged it, shutting off the lamp before it vanished.

(19:18:49) Discord Draconequus sat himself up on his haunches, paw and claw settling on his knees. "Hey Bygone, does your chest do that glowy thing when I do this?" He leaned over, his eagle claw ripping into the air, tearing open a small portal from which he yanked out a handkerchief tied to another, and another until at the end he pulled out what appeared to be the mailpony tied to the end of it. The mailpony blinked and nervously waved his hoof before being dropped back into the portal that sewed itself shut.

(19:23:13) Aculea watched the chest being tossed away and halted her chewing of the apple, eyes following the thing flying off before staring at Shadling, then at Discord he had tossed it away so casually? the fruits of their treasure hunt? now she had a few conflicted feelings but decided not to act on them, the queen would mostlikely not agree.

(19:30:50) Bygone Specter inclined his head some to Crimson as he took a bite of a sandwich and saw him throwing the treasure away! "Noooo!" he'd cry only to drop to his front and weep cartoonish streams. However much like Discord's lightbulb he had an idea! An idea that caused him to grin quite a bit. He almost instantly calmed and chewed on anothe bite as he looked between the other three. "Queenie headed back to the hive after Discord accidentally mucked things up a little with the hive mind... At least that is what I understand." he'd say with a scratch of his head. When discord asked his question the little changeling in disguise gave the chaos spirit a dead-pan stare. "Thankfully not otherwise that'd hurt." he'd say as he hopped up and over to grab one of the drinks.

(19:45:38) Shadling blinked once then again as he noticed the scene of Discord and shook his head. Shadling couldn't be bothered with such fantasies such as treasures and other trivial things. He merely turned his head and bowed it to the other changeling and then looked to Jester whome answered his question about his queen. She went back to the hive...? Without so much of even contacting him stating she was returning? The queen and his self must have a talk about all this dangerous otuting that she partakes in. These peace meetings could be the death of her...he dreaded this that is one reason he was so highstrung and usually quite strick with his changelings that he commanded. Shadling scruffed an hoof on the ground and sighed slightly. [c]

(19:50:10) Shadling looked back up and smiled at Jester one of the few in his army that he even showed a bit of...kindness to he supposes you would call it. He started to walk off and turned his head breifly towards By, "Well than, Jester. I shall depart back to the hive. I have a strange feeling lately and I must speak with the Queen, but I always just miss her...I do believe our hive is under attack or rather is about to be attacked. If you see her before I do please relay this message that thew town may of been pentrated." He told the little changeling and continued on his way; calling back, "...Good day, Sir Discord....and you as well." He nodded to the other changeling as he walked off. Buzzing slightly and he disappeared into the darkness from where he once appeared.[e]

(20:11:10) Discord Draconequus chuckled and waved his paw at the dark Uni. "Tell your Queenie I said hello and that she really should sweeten her candy recipe." Discord, no, stop sassing royalty. "She seemed in a cheerful mood to me~" But sometimes he was disillusioned or knew more than he truly let on. The spirit allowed his eyes to draw up and meet the dark changeling, his red tail crossing over his back legs as his elbows remained in rest on the blanket. His paws wrapped over one another and chin resting on them. He waited, grin wide -- waited til the dark changeling was out of view before his expression fell flat, ears pricking foward. "I have an idea." Oh Celestia no. "Bygone, Root, we're gunna do the thing." He pushed on his paws so he was standing on all fours like a bull ready to charge. "That grumpy bug gave me an idea." O-oh, did he know? He vanished. Discord was an old spirit, he had a knowledge becoming of his age.

(20:11:11) Discord Draconequus's maturity needed work, but what good was that in a spirit of chaos. He reappeared in a white burst above Root and Bygone holding the box. he dangled from a treebranch like a bat-snake. His wings fell loose as his hindlegs clutched to the branch, tail wrapped around it. "When he touched it with his magic -- it wasn't like Celestia or Luna's magic." He knows he still itches a bit when they use their magic! "It's sealed with Chaos Magic!" Wait -- wasn't that what he was essentially made of in respect? No, but it was awfully complicated.

(20:14:21) Aculea almost cheered as the box had returned still curious what was in it, she had after all found it so it was only fair that she were to find out what the mystery box contained.

(20:19:23) Bygone Specter was still munching on his sandwich even as cap'n crimson left, and Discord vanished off. He was still sitting right where he had been before whenever the draconequus returned as well! The little changeling's attention immediately returned to the box, and amusingly enough he'd have stolen the box from Discord himself! Or rather, he stealthily slipped his sandwich into Discord's claw and was now nomming on a corner of the box! Perhaps he could drain the magic or something? The magic did taste pretty nice now that he thought about it. And it was giving him a bit of an energy boost... It being sealed with chaos magic would explain a lot. He was absorbing the magic being radiated off by the box!

(20:48:29) Discord Draconequus blinked. He thought he was holding his treasure box but ended up with a sandwich instead. This was okay too. He bit down into the sammich and floated down above the two as he munched on it. "But the only problem is I haven't used that magic in a while." While he was still capable of it he felt really guilty using it. He had made a promise to reform, but sometimes it was hard to forget magic ingrained in your very veins. He rest his paws on his knees as he considered it. "Though I'm pretty sure that's been buried for way more than a thosuand years." He pointed to a small etching on the side of the box. He pressed it up while it was still in Bygone's mouth so the bottom of the box became visible. "This here, this is my old signature." he pffft'd. "I stopped writing my name like that when -- well it doens't matter when." The writing wasn't legible since the type of writing has changed.

(20:48:30) Discord Draconequus scratched at his chin. "But to open it... I might have to break a promise." Maybe the old spirit had changed. He would normally jump at the chance to cause mischief, but it was hardly the same as breakinga promise.

(21:42:29) Bygone Specter continued to munch upon the treasure chest as Discord also studied it! The magic tasted quite nice! If the draconequus were to pick the bo up he'd quite literally stay attatched and would hang by his grip. Soon enough he was forced to let go of it to speak, though. "A promise?" he'd ask with a curious tone of voice to Discord. "What sort of promise keeps you from opening the treasure box! ~ Treasure box, Mister Dissy!" he'd say with a wide grin as he gazed oh so innocently up at the chaos spirit. Nopony would ever expect a maniac with explosives under that so innocent exterior!

(21:56:48) Discord Draconequus felt it was a bit convenient that a little promise kept him from what could possibly tip the scales between them and the ponies. He sat with his arms crossed. "It is treasure." Oh the temptation was glorious, why dear little brother do you tempt him?! While Bygone was correct in his questioning, the spirit, for the life of him couldn't figure that breaking a little bit of this promise would do them wrong. He stared at the box while Bygone drooled all over it. His hind dragon's leg held up a teacup, the draconequus sporting a monocle. "Very interesting." He murred, ears pricking. he vanished, letting the teacup clatter to the ground. Discord reappeared behind Bygone, a Cheshire grin on his face. "I don't have to break my promise..." he had his head over Bygone's shoulder and his paws on his shoulders. "You've got a bit of my heart in you..." He chuckled. "I bet you can use some of my old magic. That way, I don't have to break a promise!" He proclaimed.

(22:07:01) Bygone Specter blinked as he looked up at Discord and couldn't help but wonder just when he made that promise... and still what the promise was! Was it not to use his old power? Why...not? However he didn't say anything because the Draconequus turned his attention to By himself. It was true by had a bit of discord's 'heart' in him. And the controlled chaos was only growing inside the chaos core to! "You think I could.... use it?" he asked curiously.

(22:16:08) Discord Draconequus slitehred to Bygone's otherside and brushed his claws over the top of the box. "You are my little brother -- right? You can do anything I can, though not better, but I guess that comes with a professional skill." He waved his paw dismissively. He pointed against teh box, brow arching. "Now what I can assure is that this has to be fantastic. Why wlse would I lock it away so that only I could open it. It's destiny Bygone!" He vanished reapeparing in front of the foal, moving to smoosh his face between his paw and claws and raise him off the ground. "It's your destiny...."

(22:21:57) Bygone Specter stared up at the chaos spirit with amazement as the draconequus claimed that it was.. even as far as going to say destiny... for him to open the box. What was in the box?! The little foal was giddy as he bounced on his hooves. "How do I do it? How - how?" he asked with a wide grin as he found himself picked up and nearly flailing as he was held. He didn't like being picked up randomly like this! It was so high though! The view was nice.....

(22:45:00) Discord Draconequus vanished before reappearing and settling himself a bit away on his haunches. For the lfie of him the mottled menace couldn't remember what was in the box. But he was sure it had to be totally awesome. Contrary to what many may think of the beast's mucking about Discord was an outstanding foe of wit. His ability to think ahead and act when it suited him, twisting a situation around so he was the winner, was a level of intelligence hardly matched by your everyday opponent. Sometimes his ego knocked him over, but the spirit always did with reason and cause. Random games were meant to dilute the bordem of Ponyville lest he succumb to his base urges to... idle hooves. Beyond that he still had thousands of years of tyranny to wash away, long beyond his thosuand year sleep. There had been no telling what would have become of the world had the spirit had his way.

(22:48:08) Discord Draconequus lowered himself to all fours and nodded his head, tail whipping behind him. Though thsoe days were behind him, it was hard living in a time where he couldn't jsut snap his fingers and have it. Friends shouldn't be hard to make, so perhaps instead of using his toys and magic to force ponies to follow him, maybe he could use it to be praised by them. "Break it." he said seriously. "Chaos magic isn't something like regualr pony magic where with enough training you can choose to make something happen and make what it is you need..." he explained. "Chaos magic is the exact opposite. You must break that which is already made." Which is a lot harder than it sounds. Creation, for an old spirit, was easy, but to destroy the very fabric of existence, and doing so so it only breaks a tiny bit, rather than unravel the universe took quite a bit of careful self control.

(23:03:55) Bygone Specter stared up at Discord with wide eyes as the Draconequus began to explain the.... essence of chaos magic? Uh... okaaaaay. The more Discord spoke about just how it worked the more confused the changeling became. He began to have the strangest look as he understood just about.... nothing. Ugh, how confusing it was! However he did grasp one basic concept... 'break which was already made...' He also could only assume it had something to do with the chaos core so he'd focus on that! Okay... chaos core and.... destroy! He focused on a nearby tree to test and... the tree detonated in a massive blast of chaos that might very well have had a mushroom cloud... But then the changeling started to feel woozy.... His energy was sapped in almost an instant as he flopped over on his front and groaned..."I think I need a nap...."

(23:13:27) Discord Draconequus facepawed. He sighed and put his claw and paw on his hips. "I think we have to discuss the difference between break and obliterate." That could be a little dangerous, espeeecially if the Princesses found out. He laughed to himself at the thought. It wouldn't be his fault. He was trying to be a good bit brother and teach Bygone how to er -- not use obliterating abilities. He poked Bygone with a stick. "Hey...heeey." She sat down and floated teh box over to him. It was curious -- why did he use such a seal?


(13:53:35) Discord Draconequus was tremendously annoyed. He couldn't remember what he had hid in that box. But he did figure out it was sealed with an older brand of his Chaos magic, the likes he had promised to no longer use. He needed to find a way around that promise, but so far Bygone was a bust. A nearby tree was shattered evidence that, perhaps, it was not a very well thought out plan. The spirit now lay floating in the air, on his back. Arms were crossed over his feather lined chest and the treasure box was being used as a pillow of sorts. His left knee was crossed over his right leg, crooked tail twitching. No amount of meditating brought him to a conclusion. He was on the edge of giving up and --- ugh, asking for help. But where did asking for help ever get him? In truth he has never tried, seriously, asking. No amount of explorations, throwing it against rocks, or even rubber chickens seemed to break the seal so he was back where he was: with a box that won't open.

(13:58:52) Aculea was asleep again after having fussed over the still closed box, her explorer's hat laying over her eyes just revealing her nose as she lay in a rather silly pose, all in all she was enjoying herself, this exploring and treasure hunting stuff was very exciting.

(14:36:17) Discord Draconequus rolled around and twisted his body before he vanished and reappeared behind the box floating still in the air. He struggled with that itchy feeling in the back of his left ear, you know the one that tingled when you wanted to do something naughty. He had traveled all the way to Hollow Shades only to be stopped by himself. That was an unexpected turn around. His paws came around the box. It was smooth and untouched by time. the only thing that marred the surface was his name carved at the bottom of it. Turning it so the bottom was up he looked down at the old script. His claw brushed over the surface of the letters. "D-I-S-S-Y." He spelled out. He was intent on finding a way of opening it, but at the risk of breaking his promise it seemed unreasonable. Unfair. Why couldn't he remember it though? He had a bad feeling in his stomach which made his ears fold back. Maybe he pushed Bygone a bit hard and teased Root Leaf a bit too much.

(14:36:18) Discord Draconequus was left to his own thoughts when everyone was asleep. It wasn't as if the spirit didn't sleep occasionally, but wen he was awake he felt ... lonely. He didn't play with Fluttershy and the others as much as he wanted because they always seemed busy or generally remiss to partake in his tomfoolery. Sure Flutter and Rainbow had come, but it seemed a begrudging chore than a willing venture. Was it much different from back than? "Why can't I remember?!" He sneered at the box and raised it into the air to toss it, but he deflated, floating to the ground. The box now rest in his lap. Maybe it was fine just to have the adventure with them. Maybe the reward wasn't worth it. He struggled, he really did. But as a spirit of disharmony, he couldn't show it. He had to keep it up! Vanishing a moment he reappeared perched on a stone in the camp with a scout's cap on and a bugle. "Eh, might as well enjoy it." He blew Morning Call (Reville) as loud as he could to wake up the sleeping campers.

(14:40:29) Aculea jumped in her sleeping back bleating out a startled cry as her explorer's hat fell off and her untamed black mane reappeared in the world, fighting the sleeping back to get free she bucked and wrestled until she was out of the thing and looked around bleary eyed as she yawned widely. "Whu happen? where's fire? my hat?"

(15:08:27) Discord Draconequus snapped his fingers and removed the camp from existence, tents, sleeping bags and all, before he vanished and reappeared standing in the center, arms crossed over his chest. "Well it seems that the adventure is a bust!" He announced, dramatically removing his (was that Root Leaf's?) explorer's cap from his head, holding it to his chest. "We were unable to discern the contents of the ancient box!" He reached up his paw toward the floating treasure box, a halo of light around it as he posed, as if in some sort of old painting. He tossed the hat before pulling himself up on the box to sit on it as it hovered mid air. "We've tried every method to open it. There doesn't seem to be anything we can do." Well they couldn't do anything, but he could open it if he really -- no, not worth breaking his promise. "Unless someone has any ideas we have exhausted our resources."

(15:08:28) Discord Draconequus's whined and held the picnic basket upside down showing it was empty. "We've run out of cucumber sandwiches and those little cracker Hors d'oeuvres!" He motioned with his claws. Tossing the basket back he dusted off his paws.

(15:12:28) Aculea watched the hat go and dove after it. "Mine!" she shrieked as she caught it in her teeth and tossed it up only for the thing to land perfectly on her head, then trotted towards Discord as she looked at the other would be treasure hunters before gazing up at him. "Well guy we still had a nice trip didn't we? besides it was really exciting when I found that chest after all that digging, wasn't that worth something?"

(15:24:12) Fluttershi was sound asleep in a sleeping bag and didn't even bother to heed the call of Discord as she sawed some logs. Suddenly however the camp vanished and she would be tossed to the ground as she flipped onto her back and her eyes opened slowly with tears in them, "...ow..." She looked up through the trees as a frackle of light hit her eyes. Blured vision grew blurrier as she brought up her right fore leg to her eyes and wiped them. She sat up shortly after and looked around to see Discord calling the adventure a failure it seemed like as she let out a yawn. Flutter got up as Acu went after the tossed hat to retract it. She slowly pushed her self up on shakingly limbs and shook her head, before going over to Rainbow and attempting to hold her back as she would most likely not like the abrupt awaking.

(16:04:29) RD: Upon hearing the blaring of a horn, Rainbow Dash's eyes shot wide open. She instinctively jumped, and probably would've shot out of her sleeping bag and into the air, if Fluttershy weren't holding her back. Still half-asleep, she lurched up into a sitting position instead, and started swinging her hooves at whatever was within reach. "Who's there? Don't ever sneak up on me like that! Come on, I'll take you right now!" Her vision started clearing and Fluttershy came into focus. "Oh." Before she had the chance to work out what to say, her sleeping bag suddenly disappeared, and her attention shifted to Discord. She raised an eyebrow at his dramatic announcement that their quest had failed. "Wait, wait, wait. You guys are going to give up that fast?" She stood up, and with a few flaps of her wings, she was off the ground as she neared Discord and Root Leaf, looking around as if to confirm they were being serious. Suddenly she was fully awake. "Well, good thing you brought me(c)

(16:06:54) RD: along. Because a winner NEVER gives up! Stand back, everypony! I've got an idea." That was hardly ever a good sign, as Rainbow Dash wasn't exactly one to thnk her plans through beforehand- but before anypony could protest, she ascended into the sky, shooting straight up through the cloud cover. A few seconds later, she reappeared with an exponential, rapid decline. "Watch out below, ponies!" She yelled out a little too gleefully. "This is gonna get pretty radical!" The second she reached the box, an explosion bigger than any mountain erupted from the impact zone, taking the shape of an enomrous rainbow-colored mushroom cloud that could be seen for miles around.(d)

(16:13:02) Bygone Specter was, unless moved, still laying where he'd passed out after accidentally magically 'nuking' a tree. Leave it to the explosion-prone foal to try to cast chaos magic and put all of his power into what turned out to be a gigantic tree-demolishing explosion of magic. Or gigantic where he was concerned. It took just about aaaall of his magic to! So unless he was picked up from being left face-down in the dirt that is how he'd wake up when the bugle sounded. No matter where he was, however, he'd have jumped out of his fur and scrambled in circles going "Aaaaaah, bandit attack!" until he spotted a nearby tree in which he somehow scrambled aaaall the way up into the high branches and clung like his life depended on it! For all he knew it might just! To go from dead to the world to jumping to life due to a loud sound it... well, he'd dealt with bandits before and it had NOT been fun! It usually involved lots of screaming and hollaring and his 'sentinels' getting mad! >>

(16:13:17) Bygone Specter: >>It took him a few minutes to realize there was no bandit attack, and that it was just the same group as before....But then the 'rainbow nuke' occured. Bygone clung to the branch as hard as he could but his grip failed. He was flung off into the distance by the resulting shockwave with a rapidly fading cry of glee and distress as he was shot off like a rocket due to the shockwave and his small size.

(16:35:54) Discord Draconequus nodded pitifully at Root Leaf. "Unfortunately there's a magic se-- hey!" Suddenly the box was out of his possession and the target for a certain pony's bravado. The spirit jumped back, a shield with a blue surface appearing in front of him. Debris clattered over the metal covering before it went quiet. The spirit slowly peered over the top of the shield before it vanished. Discord looked up as Bygone was launched off like a shooting star. Clapping his claw and paw together Discord would appropriately make a wish. His box bounced out from the sonic Rainboom and bounced off to the side. The mismatched monster slumped forward, narrowed eyes turning toward Rainbow. Sitting back up he sited, paws on hips. "Aaaaaas I was saying, sealed by magic that I can't break." He scratched at his chin. Now that made it sound like he was weak or something. "Well that I won't break. We have to find a loophole." He clenched his fist.

(16:35:58) Discord Draconequus pointed o the others. "Come on now, one of you ponies have to know some sort of magic." Though with mostly Earth Ponies and Pegasus in his company aaaand bygone flying away home -- he was now out of options. "We succeeded in finding the ancient treasure but we don't have the tools to solve this problem unless one of you are a disharmony spirit in disguise." He doubted it since there was only one him. There could perhaps be other draconequus, but none he has ever seen, but he was the only spirit of confusion and disharmony. As disheartening as it was -- He brushed his paw through his man, standing in a proud pose. "There can be no others like me~!" He laughed out though the situation was dire. For if they did not find a solution they were to be the laughingstock of adventurers everywhere!

(16:45:43) Queen Chrysalis sighs softly and shakes her head as she lands near the group. " This is sad for even you Discord " she knew his tricks. No pony but her truely knew how old the queen was. " Well guess Bygone will return for his candy later " she turns to the other changeling and in hive mind asks her " How was the candy? Was it strong enough for you? Its a new mix and I was hoping for it to be stronger then the first type and work better to keep changleings strong " She waits for the answer in her mind as she throws a hoof up to Dash and Fluttershy. " Hi Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy how are you? " she asks as she takes a seat and watching the manipultive Discord work his magic.

(16:46:09) Aculea was caught by the blast and seeing as she was not an unbreakable pegasus main character she was slammed rather unceremoniously into a nearby tree, having the wind knocked out of you was an annoyance, having your ribs bashed into your lungs however was a little more than that, slumping against the ground as she wheezed and doubled over groaning. "G-guy stop murdering m-me."

(17:02:53) Twily Sparkle was on princess duty in Canterlot when she heard a bugle sound in the distance. She wasn't sure what had caused it, but it certainly attracted her attention. Beating her wings, she flew closer to investigate. As she arrived, she could see Rainbow Dash plummeting towards something that looked like a box, seemingly bent on... destroying it? "Oh, this can't end well..." Shielding herself with a wing, an explosion unfolded in front of her eyes, a cacophony of colors momentarily painting the sky. Seeing the small pony and the Changeling blast off, the lavender mare would quickly suspend them in the air with her magic, slowly levitating them back to where everyone else was. "Rainbow, what were you thinking?" She sounded slightly miffed as she placed the unlucky duo back on the ground. She regarded Discord and Chrysalis with mild concern, then the box. "Alright, what are you all up to?" She conceded, curiously raising an eyebrow.

(17:29:16) RD: As dust slowly spiraled around her, she dizzily righted herself, but had to use her hooves to steady herself. She was seeing double, and her vision was completely out of focus. "Did it work?" She blurted, quickly getting her answer when the box was teleported to Discord. "No, wait! Gimme another chance! Maybe I got it at the wrong angle!" She desperately reached her hoof up to Discord, unwilling to accept failure in any form, but she froze mid-pose, her pupils turning to pinpricks as she caught sight of somepony blasting off into the distance. "Uh-oh." Without a moment's hesitation, she extended her wings, ready to boost off after Bygone and Root Leaf, but before she could, everypony was safely being levitated back to earth again. She plumped down and sighed in relief, not really thinking about who might've been behind the save- that is, until she heard Twilight's voice and nearly jumped out of her skin. "Twilight?" (c)

(17:38:35) RD: Oh, don't work yourself up. Okay, I admit, I probably should've thought that through better, but I had it all under control. I could've snatched them back to safety before you can say 'Mach 10', easy! Besides, I was just trying to help the others open this box... except it won't." She glowered dead ahead at the box, and then glanced over her shoulder to look at Queen Chrysalis. "Oh, uh, hey there, Queen Chrysalis. I hope my my latest glorious failure back there didn't disturb the hive."(d)

(17:45:04) Bygone Specter was counting the many painful ways he could crash as he was sent flying from the tree. How far would he fly? Oh why couldn't he have taken a pegasus form; he might be able to fix this if he was! But noooo he was flailing around and not able to concentrate enough to change! Much to his infinite relief he was caught by somepony's magic! Aha! The little changeling nearly had cartoon tears of relief as he was set back down on land! Even the geas that kept him mortally terrified of alicorn couldn't even stop him from hugging Princess Twilight's leg! "Thank youuuu!" He'd say..... even though he was rapidly paling and was growing flighty as the geas pumped boatloads of magical terror into his head for daring to 'hug' an alicorn's leg! When it got too bad he let go and quickly galloped over to hide behind Discord and Queenie. They'd protect him from alicorn, right?!

(17:54:13) Discord Draconequus perked his ears when the insect queen arrived. "Oh, are you back?" He motioned his paws for her to shoo. "What makes you think I'm up to anything?!" He glanced away before parting his jaws, pausing. In the stead of the resounding boom of a landing Bygone he heard wails of gratitude mixed between Dash's spastic explanations. "Great just what we ne--" Than it dawned on the spirit. He clasped together his forepaws as a devious grin drew over his features. He moved to attempt and grab Bygone from behind him with his tail to roll him up to a muzzle to muzzle height. "Bygone, you made my wish come true~" Senpai has noticed you. Of course he'd still make this gleeful declaration if the foal slithered from his grasp. Vanishing and re-existing beside Twilight the mottled monster loomed.

(17:54:13) Discord Draconequus clapping paws together he cooed. "Twilight my dear friend! Aren't you radiant today~" Ah -- He was up to something. Well it seems the bug-eyed queen had a clear grasp of his naughty nature. Discord lowered himself to Twilight's eye height and perched on his elbow. "Now Princess, I have a biiiig favor to ask..." Snapping his fingers the box appeared in front of the Alicorn. "It seems all efforts of wrenching this treasure open have been met with failure, but you -- you are the most magically inclined of any of us aren't you?" Well except for Discord himself. So why didn't he open it? Raisins that's why. As if mentally processing his own thinking a box of raisins appeared in his paw and he began to pick at them one by one, popping them into his muzzle. "But if you can't figure out the magic sealing it I can understand. Really complicated old magic. And you're so young." He smiled at Queen Chrysalis, knowingly.

(17:59:40) Aculea was rudely interrupted from her make-out session with the local flora by Twilight's magic, even if her ribs hurt she held no ill feelings for the tree in question thinking him somewhat handsome, yet the voice of her mother over the hivemind made her respond meekly. "Mommy a tree was way too rough with me on our first date can you punish him? my ribs hurt." she then recalled something. "The candy is delicious though you gave that otherling your best candy." she mentally pouted as Twilight brought her safely towards the ground again, some groans escaping her. "My hat..."

(18:07:21) Queen Chrysalis shakes her head and looks at Rainbow Dash " No the hive is to far for that to bother it. But thank you for asking. " as the young ones words fill her mind she respons to her in Hivemind " Bygone was wounded much like you are now and needed my candy for heal. As for the tree I will give it a fussing later.. right now I need to help I guess save everypony from Discord's lies and truth twisting " She levetes 2 of her glowing candy's one to each of the two changelings and turns to Twilight giveing her a bow " Twilight.. I am truely unsure about opening that box with out Luna and Celestia.. Discord took all these ponies on a tresure hunt to find a box that he said he can open but not without finding a loop hole first.. This tells me whatever is in that box maybe a danger to you and your friends maybe even Equestria.. Or it may be 3000 year old cake.. No telling knowing him.. But if the magic calls for him to find a loop hole I am going with the first that I said " she bows to the

(18:09:10) Queen Chrysalis she bows to the Princess once again " Just be careful we all know how he loves to menipulate others.. " she gives discord a back off look.. Not only was some of the mane 6 here but also two of her hive members and she was not about to let any of them be hurt anymore then they where already from discords actions

(18:36:31) Twily Sparkle: Ears went back and her cheeks took on a red shade as the pony clung to her leg in a mildly embarrassing fashion. "Oh, it's no trouble, really..." He seemed rather pale; surely it had to do with the explosion? "Are you alright?" She asked kindly, peering down at the terrified pony. Before she could get an answer, however, he had already scrambled off to hide behind Discord and queen Chrysalis. Perhaps it was something she'd said? She'd have to ask him later... she wouldn't want them to depart on bad terms. The other Changeling seemed (relatively) unharmed too; that considerably lifted her mood. When Discord shoved the box in her face, the lavender mare almost jumped in surprise. She arched an eyebrow at the Draconequus' admittedly sly tone; though she'd grown used to it by now, it rarely failed to put her on edge. Involuntarily, she acknowledged that he was eating raisins, but she certainly wasn't about to ponder on why. Before she could answer him, the hivequeen -c-
(18:37:03) Twily Sparkle: addressed her, saying something that perhaps the princess hadn't considered before. "Chrysalis is right. What's in the box, Discord?" She demanded, regarding him with suspicion. "One of your tricks?" It wouldn't be very wise to open it before knowing exactly what was inside, but then, one couldn't guarantee that whatever would come out of his mouth next wouldn't be a lie, whether it was a cake or something more substantial... she certainly wouldn't put it beneath him. -d-

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PostSubject: Snow Day   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 4:03 am

12/06/2015; Snow Day

(21:06:20) Silver Lining had finally made it to Ponyville after a long train ride from Canterlot. She oversaw the unloading of her belongings and then loaded most of the heavy stuff onto a cart. No use wasting more money on help getting it to her new home when she could carry them with magic, even if just barely. Besides, shipping everything here had cost more bits than she would have liked. She slipped into the yolk and got the thing going, heading straight toward the center of Ponyville to drop some paperwork off at the town hall before heading to her new home. It was much more peaceful and relaxed here. She loved it. The stuffiness of Canterlot just wasn't the type of place the carefree unicorn wanted to be in. She stopped here and there to ask where things were and such, making sure she was headed in the right direction but didn't pay too much mind to the bustle of the busy daytime around her.

(21:13:58) Discord Draconequus was going incognito. The troublmaking spirit had buried himself under a pile of snow to pounce an unsuspecting pony for laughs but he inavertedly fell asleep in the cold. The spirit burst out the snow liek some sort of snow zombie with a sharp sneeze shaking his form, turning the snow around him into a bunch of snowponies. "Brrr!" The spirit shivered, shaking out his wings. He floated off the fround, wings flapping a bit as he rubbed at his nose. The various sized snow ponies shook their heads and marched off. The spirit spun around and landd on teh ground with a scarf, snow cap and mittens appearing over his forepaws. "Ahh winter... you're cold." He grumped. But the best time of year for pranks! His ears perked as his eyes caught a face in Ponyville he hasn't met (not that he met many ponies outside of his friends).

(21:25:45) Silver Lining paused for a moment at stall selling flowers. The winter blooms were beautiful and inspiring, giving her high hopes for business. She chatted for a moment with the peppy mare who ran the stall. Like any good business pony, she left a business card with her. She was definitely going to be a regular customer. She bid her farewells and turned to go. The heavy cart slowed her down and it clearly took some work for her to ger it rolling again. She continued on her way to get her errands done.

(21:31:30) Discord Draconequus's snowponys would make their way passed the pony's path. Discord flaoted behind his parade of snow scupltures with a bright orange vest and yellow flag in paw. "Careful now, snowpony crossing!" He stood in front of Silver's cart and blew a whistle, holding out his white gloved hand to stop her. He would cross-guard the snow across the road where they would settle in the snow on the other side and still, becoming lifeless once more. With that the spirit vanished, only to reappear on the back of the pony's cart. "Well you're a new face around here."

(21:43:41) Silver Lining had been looking away when the snowponies came into her path, probably admiring something in a shop. So when she finally had the mind to look where she was actually, going Discord was already standing in her way. With a surprised gasp, she dug her hooves into the snow to try to stop her cart before her smashed her into him. The funniest, fearful squeek escaped her just as she came to a stop, just centimeters from his paw, only to have him disappear. She was so confused. Moving snowponies? Discord running around? She had heard Ponyville was different but this was... something. His voice behind her spooked her and she jumped a bit. No one else was panicing so it was okay to talk to him, right? "A-ah yes! I'm just moving here today. I've only been here a few times so i guess I would be a new face."

(21:54:25) Discord Draconequus pinched up his face as he became a glow with interest. "Is that so, well newpony, let me welcome you to Ponyville. I am the great and pwoerful Discord, the offical welcomer in Poneyville!" Well -- not really but he sure knew how to throw a welcome party. Vanishing again he would reappear floating over her head. "Hmm, a unicorn huh," He went to poke her horn with his paw's digit before dropping down in front of her on his hind legs. He stood proudly and held his claw to his chest. "I know everything there is to know about Ponyville, so why don't you just -- depend on me for today." Oh dear. Usually that couldn't be good, not that he meant bad, but sometiems bordem was too easily remedied.

(22:04:41) Silver Lining- This who situation was hard for the poor little pony to process. She stumbled over a few words. She tried to gather a coherent sentence but it was more difficult than her mouth wanted it to be. The tap on her horn set her a bit more clear. "Oh uh..." She looked around to see if anypony going about their business objected to his claims. There was a few off stares but no one was running for their lives or anything. "O-okay? Well, I do need to go to the town hall to turn in some records and register my new address for the mail. Then I need to pick up a few groceries and things, then I can finally head to my new house. At least that's all for today."

(22:17:34) Discord Draconequus stared down at the pony. All of that sounded positively... boring. "Are you really going for that angle?" He crossed his paw over his chest while his eagle's arm rest on it, digits coming to his bearded chin. "I mean you're the new pony in town, you have to really announce your presence!" He clenched his claws into a fist. "If you do every little thing by a plan you'll be as easily forgotten like that pony over there..." 'Hey!' They called in protest. Discord slowly turned his gaze toward the pony who quickly took off. He held out his paws in shock. "See?! Do you really want to be that nameless pony in town? I have a better idea to really introduce you!" Though Discord's plans were always more effort than what they seemed worth, the spirit had a clear understanding of what path he was walking. Why let her just walk into Ponyville and do all those little ho-hum, boring ol' things?! This had to be exciting!

(22:30:03) Silver Lining gave him a blank stare for a second. "But... that would do against my to-do list," she said with a tone that could almost be described as stern. She turned to look back at a bag hanging at the front of the cart. The soft gold glow of her magic sparked to life as she dug a neatly folded paper out, unfolded it, and held it up for Discord to see. Many items had been crossed off already, but a few still remained. "I have stuff to do today before I can have any fun. Plus, this cart is heavy. The sooner I get it home, the more my back will thank me."

(22:58:19) Discord Draconequus kept his arms crossed as he looked to the list. His lips pursed as he read over the list. This pony was far too uptight. A grin drew itself over his features as his exhaled a stream of burning blue fire to attempt and obliterate the list. "You worry to much." He flicked his wrist, paw on his hip as he listened to her complaints. "Is that all, we can fix that in a jiffy." the edges of his lips all but curled as he snapped his claws to levitate the cart. "We'll drop this off and go have a little fun, to celebrate your arrival. Just leave everything in my capable paw!" He pounded a fist to his chest before vanishing and reappearing on the otherside of the mare. He would move to press his claw to her muzzle. "Lead on." Either the spirit was up to something naughty or he really was trying to welcome her, but it was sometimes hard to understand an anomaly. 

(23:21:26) Silver Lining was not! But yes, she did worry too much even if she would be hard pressed to admit it. She frowned a bit as her list burned to ash, but didn't do more than give him a huffy frown. His little smile worried her. But what could she do? As the cart floated, she slipped out of the yoke and shook herself off. "Er... alright, I guess." She was clearly unsure of this plan of action. But saying no in this kind of situation was a bit difficult. "Follow me, I guess?" She took a few tentative steps to make sure he was gonna follow. If he was obidient, she would walk along like normal toward town hall. If he tried anything funny, she wouldn't be taking more than a couple steps before giving him a stern look.

(23:51:55) Discord Draconequus would of course try something, he was, after all: the king of chaos. He had reached his sneaky claws to peek into her cart, curiosity consuming him like the Cheshire cat. When glared at he chuckled giving a goofy smile before he dropped to all fours to prance after her. Behind him his red dragon's tail curled up and twitched along the end. A few ponies here and there would gasp in surprise as a rather heavy looking chart just floated by with the spirit of disharmony at the helm and another unicorn. "So, let me guess, you've come to Ponyville for the soothing, tranquil sights and smells?" Of course there wouldn't be a constant presence given the current company. Who knew that the spirit resided here, or even within this realm? There were plenty of terrible stories in Canterlot about him, and a recent rumor that the lord of chaos himself had turned a number of guards into chickens, and released cockatrice on the populace. This helpful, mottled, monster? Impossible. Well, improbable. 

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PostSubject: Snow Day 2: The Snow Dragon   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 4:03 am

12/10/2015; Snow Day 2: The Snow Dragon

(18:35:53) Mist Feather was on her rounds through Ponyville and as of yet unaware of the spirit of chaos, a warm smile gracing her lips as she watched the foals play in the snow, though was curious why some of the mares were so alert and some even led their foals away? then she saw him and her blood felt suddenly like ice water.

(18:38:59) Discord Draconequus seemed bored, but one of the foals sauntered up to the spirit. 'Do it agian, do it again!' They cried. He grinned as he sface rest against his egale's claw. The tuft of his tail rose up and waved, one o the snowponies coming to life. The snowpony reared, neighed nad turned to face antoher who had come to life. Both lowered their heads and charged one another. SLAM both snowponies hit each other and erupted into a display of snow which the foals laughed and ran around in.

(18:40:04) Discord Draconequus looked up spotting Mist. He remembered her. Such a troublemaker -- "Oh, well if it isn't my best friend~" It was hard to tell if he was dripping with sarcasam or sass, seeing as there is a fine line between the two. "Out on such a day? Careful not to catch cold." He slithered out his forked tongue teasingly before slurping it back in.

(18:45:26) Mist Feather narrowed her eyes at the chaos bringer hoping her legs weren't trembling too much. Oh don't worry about me Discord, cold never bothered me beings with the power and probable motive to lay waste to Equestria on the other hoof.." yup definately trembling, treacherous hindlegs you're betraying our terror to that beast, what if he rips off your wings again? then again... had Luna not said Discord actually helped to save her? probably just said to soothe me..

(18:52:46) Discord Draconequus smiled brightly as he lazyily lay in the snow, coiled as such. Still leaning on his arm, lounging as if he was the most relaxed crreature in the world right now. "Oh, well good thing the later isn't a problem." He pulled his lips back in a deep smirk, showing off his mouth of fangs. "What fun is a world that's been laid to waste?" He gave an almsot knowing wink. "Good think you have the Princesses on top of eeeverything." That was really just not helping. He snapped his paw lazily causing the snowponies to come to life again and chased the laughing foals around. His ears pricked up as a pair of earmuffs appeared over them. "You certainly look cold!" Nothing her trembling as he snapped his paw again, a scarf appearing around the mare's neck.

(18:57:11) Mist Feather gasped as the scarf appeared around her neck, he's going to strangle me and nobody will notice! or atleast that was what the pegasus mare was thinking, her blade hidden in her armor coming loose as she hesitated, she wasn't being strangled yet somehow, still looking at Discord with pupils the size of tiny pinpricks she scuffed a hoof through the snow. "T..thank you?"

(19:04:20) Discord Draconequus moved to speak but as the smaller foals surrounded him he turned his head away. 'Come on, this one!' "I don't know...Mist Feather here says I'm faaaar too dangerous to be around you little foals." He chided, turning his nose to Mist. The foals clopped up to her. 'Aww, come on!' 'Yeah come on Mist Feather, please?!' 'Please! Just this last one!' It seems they had been making all sorts of snowponies and having Discord bring them to life. How they found out he could do that was anyone's guess. he was probably teasing them with it, rest in the snow as he was. He seemed particuarly relaxed today, or was saving his energy for something big...

(19:07:55) Mist Feather folded her ears back and swallowed, he's using foals to manipulate my feelings... "Very well children ask mister Discord if he resumes his fun with you." touché chaos god you win this round, but I'll never forget how you mutilated me just for fun, even if you apparantly saved my life afterwards, did you do that for me? or for Luna... yay inner monologue of a scared witless pegasus mare.

(19:20:17) Discord Draconequus grinned when the mare relented, to the foals' joy apparently. He moved to sit up, never uncurling his tail from his hindquarters. "Alright, this one will take some concentration." he rolled up his sleeves, when did he have a jacket on? It hardly seemed like he was using his powers raising the snow ponies to life, but now he had to sit up? Suddenly the ground rumbled, the snow beneath their hooves shifting. Among all the snowponies a slithering role of snow moved. It had been hidden between the forts and smaller snow figures. Standing to its full size was a snow dragon. It let out a mighty roar that scared a number of nearby park goers and spooked a number of ponies that could spot it from town. The foals looked on in awe. 'Whooa...' The mixed patches of pegasus, unicorn and earth foals all seemed amazed by their colossal strcture being brought to life.

(19:25:34) Mist Feather stared at the snow dragon and fought herself mentally. do not draw your sword, do not draw your sword Discord is merely playing with the foals, he wont hurt them or kidnap them or.. or... aaand the pegasus nearly wet herself, trembling fiercely as she trapped herself in self spun nightmares, staring between the spirit of chaos and the snow creature as she sweated bullets. "D-discord.." and that was all she could manage.

(19:31:29) Discord Draconequus's smile only seemed to widen as he floated off the ground, tail curled up against his backside. He sat upon his balled up tail coils like a circus pony perched on a ball. The snow dragon roared out and bashed its snowy tail against the ground, causing the foals to tumble in laughter. A wave of snow erupted up from the 'attack' before it fell to all fours and turned to face the group. Gnashing fangs of icicles and claws of the same, glistening substance. It inhaled deeply, parting its jaws before breathing a stream of ice breathe, freezing a nearby tree crystalline. "Yes Mist Feather~" He answered as sickeningly sweet as possible.

(19:34:44) Mist Feather stared at him as tears streamed down her cheeks, ears flat against her skull. "H-have you ever abducted or.. ended the lives of foals?" she had to know, by Luna she prayed Discord would for once be serious and perhaps help her deal with the terrors she so often endured during the late hours.

(19:39:35) Discord Draconequus floated on the vertible winds of his tomfoolery as he moved his paw's digit around to puppet the snow dragon. It pounced at the foals who threw snow balls at it and took refuge behind their little fort walls. He arched a brow and looked at the mare who seemed, frankly, terirfied. "Hardly." He seemed offended, but it passed. "I don't know why you would assume I have ever ended the life of another." He laughedo ut. "What fun is a boring world? How can you wreck chaos when there's no one to enjoy it? No one to participate? A game can't have one player." It had always been his motto, in a sense. While there had never been a loss of life due to his pranks, there were clsoe calls, but these days his pranks were hardly the lessons taught by an anti-hero as he once was. Though it was difficult to leave behind countless centuries of behavior. He merely had to be redirected...

(19:44:44) Mist Feather sat down on her haunches and faced her hooves. "When Sunny and I were young we were always told that you did unspeakable things to the world, and that children went missing by your doing, so when a few foals I used to play with were gone one day.. nightmares started, and when you returned to Equestria in the flesh.. I rarely have calm nights anymore." and she wasn't lying she looked like a wreck even if she had tried to smoothe her mane and hide things with armor.

(19:58:15) Discord Draconequus's snow dragon lunged at the foals but it was pelted in the face with a snowball and was halted. Shaking its face it raored, teh foals screaming and running to duck behind 'safe base', in where the snowy zombie would be unable to pass or see them, jsut angrily roar! Seemed to be listening, his face looking straight at her own, he pulled the strings to his snow puppet tight before it lunged at the fragile forts. "Well unspeakable things is not very much the same as harm is it? You came to the conclusion on your own, judging me on the words of others." He turned around too resumng his puppeterring. Albiet some of the things were true nad nightmareish but actually killing someone? he honestly never considered it. Seeing an enemy defeated was usualyl plenty for the egomaniac.

(20:00:35) Discord Draconequus pulled his invisible strings apart causing the snow dragon to split in half, considerbly shrinking its size but increasing the difficulty for the little foals to 'battle'. They charged while he was rolled on his back, flaoting. "So I took your wings away, not like it hurt. So it was a bit of a scare, but hardly harmed. A harmless joke that I think you took too seriously." He smirked. "Sometimes you have to look at a joke and laugh. If you stay so serious you'll turn into stone!" He professed. While he felt a bit bothered she had taken his prank to heart, he supposed not everyone -- liked him.
(20:05:48) Mist Feather nodded and stood up, turning to resume her rounds perking her ears a moment as she muttered back to him. "Maybe I judge you wrong but I hope that you can understand better now why I feared you, I must continue on my route however." [It's 2 AM so sadly my time to find my bed.]

(20:12:43) Discord Draconequus gave a lazy shrug as he continued to play with the foals. "I guess, but maybe you'll accept my pranks a bit more easily... I was only trying to be your friend." It was true, but he jsut couldn't socialize on the pony's level. He had his own way iof extending the paw of friendship.

(20:15:36) Mist Feather nodded some though not turning back to him. "I'll consider things.. maybe tea sometime." then she spread her wings and beat them heavily as she lifted off, flying back enroute to patrol for a good six more hours, then back to home for dinner with her favored mercenary.

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PostSubject: The Grey Stallion   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 4:05 am

12/15/2015; The Grey Stallion

(00:04:01) Discord Draconequus looked over when the young foal bounced over. His dark brows would arch, ruby eyes, sitting atop yellow sclera turned toward him as a cupcake floated over to the Unicorn. The stallion took a lazy bite as he stared at the lad, slowly chewing as he mulled over the foal's facial features. "Nope!" He suddenly neighed. "Can't say I've seen you before." And he certainly couldn't say, lest ruin his fun! The male pricked his ears, using his hoof to push aside the crossword puzzle which was completely destroyed by the discovery of words that were not part of the search. Words like Pzzt and Zoom weren't quite the goal for the puzzler. "But you -- I think I have seen you ... late at night." He teased. "In passing of course." Maybe the unicorn had seen him causing trouble in the middle of the night?! Maybe he was the sort to tattle!

(00:15:56) Bygone Specter inclined his head as he continued to stare at the unicorn. Then he stared at the cupcake... and then he blinked. Maybe he was wrong, but something just bothered him! He felt like he should know the pony but nooooo! It was driving him crazy! (relatively) as he tried to figure out where he saw the pony. However, then it was brought up that the unicorn might have seen him... 'late at night'... There was a sharp intake of breath as he actually inhaled half the cupcake and somehow didn't choke. "N-NO you didn't! I have a bed time in my cart by uh... eight!" he'd say as he quickly shook his head. Distraction successful!

(00:22:25) Discord Draconequus felt the snaking curl of amusement when the foal's panic. His lips parted as a curl of a smile drew itself on his face. "Oh, well that's good!" He praised as he motioned his hoof, flicking off a few sprinkles from his strawberry frosted cupcake. "A good little foal always goes to bed early! I guess I was mistaken." Oh this was too much fun. He had only used this illusion once to play a trick, though it had backfired on him in a way. This -- oh this was so much more fun! No one seemed to be running away and it made it easier to spy on everyone! It was much more fun to pony watch in person/ "Hmmm, well what brings a foal like you to the Sugarcube unattended?" Adult supervision! As if Discord was anymore an adult than anyone else.

(00:26:35) Bygone Specter let out a bit of a sigh. "Nothing good, I suppose." he'd say with a scuff of his hoof under his breath only to perk up. "I suppose I'm just... out and around. Not like I have anyone to watch over me. Don't - uh...needit." he'd say with a voice that wasn't entirely convinced himself. The foal took the last cupcake of his and popped it into his mouth. "None of my..friends are around right now... suppose cupcakes are the comfort food." He let his head rest upon the table.

(00:36:14) Discord Draconequus tried to bight back laughter. "Pffbbt--" He pulled his hoof to his muzzle before folding his ears back, leaning forward a bit. "What I mean to say pfft~ who needs them?!" He tapped his hoofs on the table top. "Cupcakes and tea, what is better?!" Oh well maybe some crisp cucumber sandwiches, but those were bit of a specialty for him! "I must say for a little foal to be all by himself, you must be quite independent. You don't need a blanket, a comfortable bed, oh and hard to imagine having fresh hay to eat!" Though he teased Bygone about it, he was sort of worried the kid was always out on his own. Foals should be taken care of by adults. Discord was hardly an adult himself in such a case.

(00:45:52) Bygone Specter did his best not to wince but he just shrugged eventually. "I might... well... not have some of those things, but I get by in my cart just fine! Grass under the tree and a collection of miniature enchanted stars... Night all the time." he smiled wistfully... He didn't have a bed, but... how does a pony miss what he's never really had? Each time he'd been in a bed longer than a a few minutes he'd been knocked out.. He'd never actually slept in one!

(00:55:25) Discord Draconequus scratched his chin with his hoof. "Well I suppose that sounds pretty awesome, but you know what is more awesome?" Another plate of cupcakes was set down beside him. The unicorn grinned and levitated a cupcake in front of Bygone. "More cupcakes." He smirked. "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself." The cupcake floated out of reach and shoved itself in the unicorn's mouth. He noisily chewed. "Mmm, cheesecake icing~" He chortled and looked to the foal after swallowing. "You can call me Strife." He beamed proudly of his clever disguise. "How about we become friends?" Again -- haha. "And I'll share some cupcakes~"

(01:05:28) Bygone Specter inclined his head some as the pony asked his question.... And then more cupcakes appeared setting down next to them! The little 'unicorn' stared at the cupcake that was set in front of him and then smiled as he went to reach for the cupcake. The cupcake, however, was quickly retrieved and the other pony bit into it causing By to pout. "Strife?" he'd ask as he blinked and stared at the pony in front of him. However his thoughts were wiped by the fact that the pony offered to become friends! That immediately cheered up the little unicorn who was practically bouncing at the thought of a new friend! "I'd be happy to be friends! I love friends!" If it weren't for the table hed probably be hugging the pony's leg... But that was besides the point.

(01:20:05) Discord Draconequus brushed the crumbs off his muzzle. "Yes, I can see how much it makes you happy..." Friends were fun, but it was awfully hard to come by them. "So, little foal." He brushed at his chin, lips pulling up in a grin. "You came in to get some sweet desserts? Do you have any favorites?" He moved to push the cupcake toward Bygone. This particular one had watermelon icing and a vanilla cake. "My personal favorite is cucumber mint cupcakes with rose buttercream." He kissed his hoof at the utter elegance of the delicious sounding cupcake. He sighed, face flattening in annoyed seriousness. "Unfortunately~" he growled. "They only sell them in Canterlot." How droll. He leaned his hoof on the table, easing himself toward Bygone. "Have you ever been there kid?"


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PostSubject: The Grey Stallion 2: Riddle Me This   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 4:08 am

12/16/2015; The Grey Stallion 2: Riddle Me This

(15:45:06) Azure Rain was in the throne room today was the big day, the hall was big enough for her try and she was really excited to execute her plan, today was going to be perfect, concentrating as her horn began to glow golden a soft humming filled the air as energy collected into an overcharge, sweat forming on her features as she concentrated on casting.

(15:52:28) Discord Draconequus was far from a grumpy gus today. The Unicorn clopped his way down the streets. On one side of him hovered a red velvet chocolate cupcake, and in front his crossword book. His horn gave off a soft, white glow, as he went about his business. "Oh, hoho~ I still think Canterlot could do with a few more troubles. Can't very well solve problems if there aren't any." His quill drew over a line of words that spelled out G-A-M-E-S. "Hmm." Coming to a halt the male would turn his head up toward the castle. Looking around as he shuffled his puzzlebook into his saddlebag he made sure no one was none the wiser on his presence. While gruff over the fact he had to use a disguise to get around without causing a scene, perhaps it was not the best idea to visit Canterlot that day. Who knew so many ponies were scared of chicken lizards? Ah well. Maybe he could have a little fun with Luna and Celestia if they were about.

(15:52:29) Discord Draconequus using his magic he sent a loose piece of litter flying into the faces of the guards to distract them as he trotted by. No face-less pony could just waltz into the castle, but when no one noticed an ordinary background pony like him: what could be more fun? After a bit of walking he made his way to the throne room where audiences with the Princesses were held. "Oh, what do we have here?" A familiar voice, but different. "I wasn't expecting anypony to be about~" On his hip sat a strange looking cutie mark. A tornado of some sort. The unicorn seemed rather average with his ash grey pelt and dark-grey mane.

(15:57:47) Lady Rarity had an audience with the princesses today, to showcase her new, upcoming line giving ode to the sun and moon. As she trotted in with her three new dresses floating behind, covered of course, she raved about her new set. "Oh, Princesses, I'm sure you're going to love my new pieces! One per each, and a sort of duet~!" The distracted pony then opened her eyes to see there were others here, and stopped in her tracks. "So sorry, dearies. Am I interrupting?"

(17:39:00) Discord Draconequus chuckled and seated himself back as his horn gave off a glow. "Of course! Give me just a moment to find it!" He used his magic to sort through his saddle bag. The flap of the brown bag pulled back as a few items seemed to flaot out. A few puzzle books, followed by a small noting pad, and some bottles of ink. A brown quill hovered to rest on the back of his ear... he had quite a few items. "Ah here it is!" He sorted all his things back and floated them toward Azure, a small fold wallet that opened to reveal Discord -- er well Strife's grinning face with a P.I.'s badge. The badge itself looked to be similar to something -- but he snapped it closed before it could be too deeply investigated. His name was on the liscense and it had read his specialty was gravity magics (levitation and the sorts). "I have been tasked with assisting Equestria in thier time of need!" Which wasn't wholly untrue he just brushed off certain truths of the matter -- like his identity.

(17:46:12) Azure Rain nodded and her horn glowed with a soft hum. "Alright then I have notified both princesses that I will try and help you catch this culprit, Oh I also have a unit of houseguards enroute to us now, two pegasi for sky recon and two unicorns to assist and lastly an inquisitor to break illusions and detect lies in our suspect."

(18:04:36) Discord Draconequus chuckled and clapped his hooves together. "This is wonderful, seeing ponies work together." He stepped back and raised his hoof, waving it toward the mare. "Now we have to handle the most important task! For the festival to go on without a hitch..." He levitated from his bag a rolled scroll which unfurled as it floated in front of her. "These items and a stage built in the center of Canterlot, oh did I mention we have but two days to get this all done?" The scroll snapped closed. "We need all the hooves we can gather while the guardsponies are off investigating any of the major problems. Oh of course I did the liberty of researching possible culprits." He floated a scroll over to her. On teh scroll was his own name -- well Discord's, Queen Chrystalis, and -- oddly enough: Spike's? "They were carefully sifted through and reducedfrom a list of 100!"

(18:11:08) Azure Rain looked the list over at the three possible suspects. "Chrysalis is currently very unlikely as a suspect, seeing as her highness is keeping an eye on the changeling queen, Spike may be a suspect so I will ask princess Sparkle if she can send him over, and Discord as the spirit of chaos is a likely suspect, but I had tea with miss Shy a few days ag and she assured me that he wouldn't try to ruin us anymore and has been rather helpful lately, and he also healed one or two of our fallen, this is very tough."

(18:18:30) Discord Draconequus face seemed to twist in disbeleif. He doesn't remember being invited to this tea party! He coughed into his hoof and shook his head. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. A good investigator never overturns a possibility. All suspects must be questioned, to show fairness." He waggled his hoof as if shame on you. "Now, since you seem a bit biased on the possibility of the insc--innosence of the queen I shall investigate her. You can question Spike and Discord." He couldn't very well investigate himself! That was crazy! Hahah! Clearing his throat a cupcake floated from his saddle bag. Melon frosting this time! "Now Miss Azure do you think you can keep the square secure during construction? I mean without the Princesses approval I can hardly coordinate seeing as many of the letters of invintation have gone missing. Can you imagine who we have offended?!" Hardly.

(18:22:19) Azure Rain nodded sending off a few guards to go secure the square that Strife wanted secured, then started casting a modified want it need it spell to actually bring Discord and Spike to her, smiling at the other unicorn as he said that he would investigate queen Chrysalis himself. "Surely."

(18:26:27) Discord Draconequus recognized that stupid spell. He threw up his hoof huriedly. "Well I'll leave you too it!" He quickly galloped away. He seemed raring to get to work and noooot to get foiled. Tartarus heh ated that spell! He would have to have a sit down with Luna and Celestia about it! He can't cause trouble with such a spell in place! Calling him this way and that!

(18:30:18) Azure Rain nodded as he galloped away and cast the spell to call the spirit of disharmony to her presence, she did not really doubt Fluttershy as she always claimed that Discord had changed and was willing to believe such, records said that he had behaved lately.

(18:38:45) Discord Draconequus ended up appearing half floating in the air with, what appeared to be, a dragon's egg wrapped around his spinned tail. He had a book in hand with his bifocals. "Really, I dislike this spell." he vanished his book and narrowed his eyes at Azure. "And you, I don't even know." WHo taught her that spell anyway? He rolled his eyes and set himself down, crosing his arms over his chest. "What is it now? I am in the middle of egg-sitting!"

(18:42:53) Azure Rain was still happy to be wearing her armored robes, she was a tad small so had to be careful, looking up at the annoyed Discord with a soft inquisitive smile. "Lord Discord I have a question which is somewhat important so I am very sorry to interrupt your egg sitting duties, but do you have any idea why a lot of mail apparantly seems to be vanishing lately?"

(18:51:48) Discord Draconequus's eyes narrwled slightly as his ears folded back, head turning away slightly. Lord? Lord Discord? Oooh that title brought back memories. though none of them good. He never was one for titles. "PLease, call me Discord. Titles are far too formal." He offered with a wave of his paw. He sat back on his haunches with the egg curled in his tail, coiled close to the side of his goat's leg. The egg itself looked rather shiny and a bright red color. "Vanishing? Well ponies and things...vanish all the time. Why are you so curious about it little mare." His lips pulled back in a deviant grin as he leaned forward toward her. "I must say I am interested in the excitement of change. It can get a bit boring here in Canterlot." He mused.

(19:00:43) Azure Rain looked at him. "Because an investigator is looking in such a matter and he kindly requested help, and seeing as mail is fairly important I'd thought to help him out in this endeavor Discord, so I wondered if you might know something about this, it could be one of your playful jests." smiling then she regarded him kindly, he took care of an egg, thatwas sort of sweet.

(19:09:27) Discord Draconequus was grossed out by how similar to Flutter was, at least in terms of acceptance. It almsot made him feel guilty for teasing her. He turned his back to her, lest his face give away his games. Arms would cross over his feather covered chest, and left leg would cross over his right knee. "Well I suppose I could help." he relented. "Sometimes the mailpony brings letters to my place and gets a bit lost on that turn to the bottomless pit, but he usually makes it back fine, but that's just one pony missing, I mean it can't be that big a deal to call an investigation over." Though it was his idea. Well he should play along! "So what's the reason you're investigating anyway? To accuse innocent monsters?" he spat at the word. There really wasn't a way to discribe what he was... unfoirtunately.

(19:15:00) Azure Rain hung her head and her voice lowered to a whisper now feeling somewhat guilty. "Well we care about any missing ponies naturally and mail is important to many ponies... and I never called you.. a monster.." rubbing her foreleg with a hoof now she averted her gaze and flattened her ears.

(19:22:33) Discord Draconequus would vanish before reappearing behind the mare. "Now, now!" He patted her back, lowering himself in his awkward manner. Being so tall and wriggly made it a bit hard for the draconequus to really meet other ponies eye to eye. "Fine so it is important to find other ponies, but no need to feel guilty about not being able to find them!" He brushed off the comments about her being remiss to call him monster. It was embarrassing. "He'll show up, don't worry. Fine, I'll help, a little. Can't go out in the cold though with this little one." He moved the egg up toward Azure before moving it back. "So what else do you need?" He seemed reluctant, but now he was just totally embarrassed.

(19:30:44) Azure Rain scuffed a hoof offering him a tiny innocent smile. "Um if it isn't too much trouble Discord could you keep an eye on investigator Strife and the work that's going on at a square that was set aside for those events? I know that you are very skilled in watching things without being seen, Strife saved me from harm but I did not believe all his claims blindly, with him having listed important beings like you and queen Chrysalis so casually."

(19:54:49) Discord Draconequus sighed deeply. She was a bit too clever but at the same time quite na airhead. "Very well. It's not like I can walk down Canterlot streets without being declared a meanace. I hope you know this means I will want repiratiosn for all iof this. Maybe carrot cupcakes." He chuckled before floating off the ground. "Seen but unseen. Easy enough, but be warned little pony..." He held out his paw. "Things aren't always as they seem. Your little festival is rather boring, perhaps it is best you put another pony in charge of it." Though Strife did say that pony had gone missing. "Well toodles~" He would vanish, just like that!

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PostSubject: The Grey Stallion 3: Return of the Cupcake Menace   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 4:08 am

12/17/2015; The Grey Stallion 3: Return of the Cupcake Menace

(14:36:04) Princess Luna. The night's ruler had found herself swamped with work in the wake of Heart's Warming Eve's arrival.. amongst everything else she was responsible for. She had lost track of the days, or was it weeks? but she handled it with the strength and grace of a princess. By the end of it, she'd been exhausted enough to sleep in her quarters for several hours- before the sun had even rose to take its place in the sky! The time of her waking came around afternoon, when the first glitters of orange sunlight touched at her windows. Luna dragged herself, almost unwillingly, from the comforts of her bed to groom and head back into the depths of the castle. She loathed the idea of seeing the throneroom after such busy work, and opted for the snow-blanketed gardens. Maybe she might meet Azure there.. and others, if she were so lucky.

(14:39:43) Azure Rain could indeed be found there thinking herself alone as her lithe frame shuddered with her retching, she had been feeling under the weather but had stubbornly continued working for hearth's warming eve and learning how to teleport, so now her body told her it had enough and there went her lunch, trembling on her hooves as her ears lay flat against her mane.

(14:50:23) Discord Draconequus shoved the cupcake in his muzzle as he slowed to a stop. Ruby eyes turned toward the unmistakeable visage of Princess Luna. Ooooh~ Where has this one been? His ears folded back as a grin plastered his face. No no, erase that expression. Cool, casual... The stallion brushed his hoof back through his mane as he cleared his throat. "Greetings your highness!" Oh he took a lovely bow. "I am Strife I am assisting with the Hearth Festival preperations. I am also inspecting some troubling incidents involving the festival's plans, do you have a few moments?" Oh He was a cunning fellow, but it was as it as.

(14:59:51) Bygone Specter flicked an ear as he hid on a windowsil overlooking the garden. What was Bygone doing there by chance? Why, he was trying to figure out just who his new friend was! He knew that there was something fishy and familiar (The faint smell of cucumbers nonwithstanding.) about that pony. But... why? And why did it bug him so bad! The little changeling in 'pegasus' form had somehow come across a full spec-ops outfit from some cosplay vender down in canterlot market. So he was outfitted in that as well as his large top-hat. He'd even found little black suits for the two figures of his! From a doll shop, but that was besides the point! Anyways! He jumped with a flap of his disguise's wings to the next windowsil and scrambled to keep himself from falling off the other side. He flung himself down flat to hide after making all that noise!

(15:06:43) Princess Luna had scarcely stepped out into the wintry cold, and spotted Azure not too far distant, when she heard a new voice ring out behind her to halt her progress. She turned to take it in, and allowed the outside chill sweep the last vestiges of sleep from her. "Greetings, Strife. I am pleased to hear you are assisting us with such important preparations. I do certainly have free time in this moment.. perhaps you may join me out in the gardens with my scribe?" Luna replied patiently, stepping outside and holding the door open for the stallion. Her ear twitched at an odd sound she could not discern from somewhere nearby.. but in her distracted state, she dismissed it as nothing more than a cold wind clawing at a window. Luna turned to approach her scribe, extending a wing to touch her shoulder gently and sounded concerned. "Azure, are you ill?"

(15:12:03) Azure Rain let out a soft pitched squeal and hurriedly shoved snow over a certain spot, face reddened as she turned around and resumed the scuffing with a hind hoof ears perking up. "O-oh Princess L-luna I'm fine j-just having a stroll out in the gar.." kept her jaws shut as her cheeks bulged some and ears went flat again, looking left and right in embarassment as she also noticed Strife.

(15:20:53) Discord Draconequus flicked his tail. Internally squealing Luna hadn't noticed. Though why would she? It was not as if Unicorns did not have magic so just a tinge of it about wasn't out of place. Since his disguise hardly used any, if at all -- it was perfect! Ahhh!! He cleared his throat, coughing into his hoof. "Why thank yo mi'lady! Oh certainly much nicer than the rumors portray~" He walked out into the cold after afternoon~ His ears flickered back as his eyes drew upward. Oh... this would be fun. He turned to face the others as he levitated a noting pad and quill from his saddlebag, but something else was shifted as he did so. Where Bygone was a large, fluffy spider appeared clung to the window. "Now would you mind looking at the itinerary I have planned?" He levitated the pad to her. "And Miss Azure~ soo lovely to see you today. Not practicing any troublesome spells today are we?" He grinned.

(15:28:29) Bygone Specter snuck up to the windowsil and peered down at the collection of Mister Strife, Miss Luna, and Miss Azure! He was going to figure out this mystery! However, even as the unicorn down below levitated out a note-pad he.. felt like he was being watched! His head slowly turned and... SPIDER!? The little 'pegasus' let out a startled cry (that was coincidentally accompanied by a gust of wind) and jumped back right off of the windowsil. But... there was no ground! And he was exposed! Realizing that he tried to dive back onto the nearest non-spider windowsil! He was... moderately sucessful. His forelegs found purchase, and he scrambled the rest of the way up onto the windowsil and tried to resume hiding! Hopefully the damage wasn't quite done.

(15:33:27) Princess Luna blinked a little in surprise as Azure squealed upon being found. She didn't let her notice of sickness pass, but she let it drop for the time being, seeing as they had a guest among them. "If you say so, my scribe." The princess replied, casting her another puzzled and very concerned glance before she turned her attention back to Strife. Her eyes found the notepad and she took it into her own magical grasp to read. "Of course, this I will not mind." Luna accepted as the wind.. cried out? overhead.

(15:39:37) Azure Rain quickly spat to the side as Luna turned around and panted some. "H-hello again mister Strife, h-how are you this fine d-day?" she stepped up besides Luna and smiled at both of them in turn, still trembling as her horn sputtered into a soft hum and her clipboard levitated shakily next to her head. "Any notes I n-need to t-take your h-highness?"

(17:10:47) Discord Draconequus narrowed his eyes hen he failed to remove Bygone -- well later. He chuckled. "I -- could be better. You see there is jsut so much to do but I am missing some very important objects that would mean a whole lot for the festival!" He seated himself back on his haunches, a bit surprised the ground was cold. He looekd toward his saddlebag and huffed. "As you see I-- we have a lot planned for r the festival and with the original planner -- missing, it's nothing short of problematic!"

(17:20:30) Bygone Specter wouldn' t have been able to help but frown as his attention turned from Strife to Azure.... The unicorn didn't... look that well. Thus he warred with himself! Should he go down and see if miss Azure was okay, or... should he keep tailing mister Strife! Eventually concern won out and tried to jump off the ledge to fly down. However.... his lack of experience using these wings did make a fool of him this go round as he toppled with an 'eeeee' right from the air and came to a crash landing not too far away in the snow. Leaving naught but an outline of his falling form and his hat fluttering down to cover the 'head'.

(17:24:20) Princess Luna cast her scribe a sympathetic look when she stepped up beside her, pad of paper and pen at the ready for taking notes. "There is no need, Azure. The night has not yet begun! Allow yourself a moment to rest before our work makes us busy." The princess advised as her gaze returned back to Strife's notepad- which was, she noticed, very organized. "I do see. You have worked hard in the original planner's stead-.." Luna paused and looked up at Strife in surprise, realizing something. "A moment.. I did not realize our planner had gone missing! Much has escaped my notice.." Luna muttered this last sentence, and was prevented from prodding for more information when something came crashing out of the air nearby. She scarcely saw who, but identified the little black hat that came floating down after its master.

(17:32:16) Azure Rain the words planner and missing shot through the scribe and she was visibly fighting her own urges now, yet the princess had told her to relax for the moment as the night had not yet begun, so with a soft groan she sat down, ears flattening as a strange gurgle sounded from her abdomen, thinking to herself no more, not infront of them you stupid weak unicorn then smiled in a forced manner hiccuping. "Y-yes Princess."

(18:33:33) Discord Draconequus was thankful for a busy princess. Those who had idle hooves -- got nosy. He say back and waved his hoof bashfully. "Oh princess you praice me!" Of course it was organzied! Everything about Strife seemed relatively perfect! A shiny horn, a smooth coat and fab writing! Certainly this fellow was the pure opposite of Discord. "Hoo... you are a charming one." he cleared hsi throat. "Oh well it seems we have a visitor." As Bygone fluttered down he chuckled. It seemed Azure was to relent. She did seem tuckered out. "You should get some rest dear. Can't help if you aren't at full capacity."

(18:39:28) Bygone Specter me was in the snowy hole for all of five seconds before he jumped right back out. "Cooold!" The currently little pegasus hopped all the way to the path with the odd beat of his wings before he shook like a dog to throw the clinging snow off. He was, of course, still in his costume as his Daring Do figure clung to his hat. The Ahuizotl had fallen off and was clinging to By's mane for dear life. The little pony then blinked and looked between the group. "Uh... hi." he'd say with a sheepish grin as his hat was put back up on his head by the hoof that had retrieved it.

(18:50:24) Princess Luna idly extended a wing to curl it around Azure as she slumped down beside her while her attention was split between the three- a talent that took long practice. She smiled distractedly at Strife when she heard him vocalizing his pleasure from her praise and turned her gaze back to their abrupt visitor. The hat seemed familiar, but she might have dismissed it as chance if not for the little figurines. The pegasus themself.. "Indeed." Luna agreed. "Hile,stranger, what brings thee to the Canterlot Gardens?" She queried almost teasingly.

(18:54:24) Azure Rain slumped against the princess without pardon as the wing curled around her, taking the moment to rest herself before her brain caught up to whom she was actually leaning and that infront of guests no less, bleating out a deep moan as she detached herself and tried to lay down in the soft inviting snow, mumbling. "I'm so sorry your highness. " mm yes just ten minutes to just lay and rest there, then work..

(19:11:32) Discord Draconequus bit back a snarky smirk and tapped his hooves agianst the ground. "But Princess, certaliny you alone can't be handling approval to this event? You know it would really be something to see you both there, but what's more, not stuck in the castle during such a festivity!" He clapped his hooves together. "As you see we have most things handled but there's still the tiny things -- like our guest speaker and of course the culprits. If someoen is out to sabatoage the event -- well we want ot make sure they are apprehended before it all."

(19:24:26) Bygone Specter glanced in concern at Azure even the foal that was dressed up in spy garb was addressed by Luna. Ever since the chaos core had stablized the geas hadn't... well... it was still there, but it didn't have such a hold on him when it came to Luna apparently. It made him feel fidgety around the alicorn but he wasn't quite as... dead to rights terrified? Then again the majority of it might be becaue Luna's magic had been used in the whole 'keeing Bygone ticking after his head near got blown off' ordeal. The 'pegasus' fluffed up his wings in embarrassmet as he blushed. "Ummm... well... I totally wasn't sneaking around the castle spying on Mister Strife because he feels too famliar!!" He'd blurt out before his hoof flew up to smack himself on the forehead... Smooth... real smooth. Some spy - cracking under pressure... and a tease at that.

(19:33:50) Princess Luna glanced down at Azure briefly as the weight against her side immediately disappeared and found the scribe resting in the snow. She must be feeling pretty ill.. The princess pondered worriedly. She brushed the tips of her feathers over the unicorn's back comfortingly as she turned her attention to the two others. "You are correct, Strife. My sister is as responsible for having a hoof in the event as I am. We will be able to discuss these matters soon, including what may be done about these to-be party crashers." Luna told the stallion, and to the pegasus she lifted both eyebrows. "Familiar, oh?" She echoed and glanced back to Strife. "How so?"

(20:08:03) Azure Rain was brushed by feathers and cooed softly looking up at Luna she would look pretty guilty over it. "Yet again I'm sorry your majesty.."
(20:11:10) Discord Draconequus cleared his throat at Azure's collapse. "Quite." Felt a bit restless from Bygone's accusation. "Well of course I'm familiar, I live in Canterlot. Here and there, probably seen me in passing. Pretty common." Pretended not to realize it was Bygone due to his little wings. It was a struggle not to override his own knowledge and blurt things out. He had a put a vice on his muzzle. "have a cupcake." He would let his magic attempt to shove a blueberry cupcake into Bygone's mouth. "Now that I am glad to hear. Seeing as we cannot currently locate hte planner ---" He put hsi hoof to his chest. "Might I suggest I continue my role in assisitng things being moved forward. It's only fair that everyone gets to celebrate and not be delayed by -- pah minor inconvieences!" Stay cool. You got this.

(20:17:41) Bygone Specter furrowed his brow and scuffed his right fore-hoof upon the path as he looked up at Luna. "I don't know and that is why it bugs me!" he groaned and then blinked, ears perking. "A-although, my core..." he looked like he was having a thought. Yes.. he had it! It was - *Ka-cupcake!!* The foal blinked as he chewed the rather delightful blueberry cupcake that had been unceremoniously shoved into his mouth.... and its gone.. The little pegasus had a quite delighted expression as he munched on the cupcake.... Dissy was saved?
(20:23:08) Princess Luna turned away only briefly to attend to Azure. "You need not apologize. We have both worked ourselves ragged. Let us take it easy tonight, now that the worst of the storm has passed." She murmured gently. "Should you need to step out to the infirmary for a potion to ease your ills, you will be free to do so." A smile lit up the moonbringer's face, one meant all for Azure, before she turned back to the business of the stand-in planner and the lurker. She'd heard their little exchange, but made no comment yet. "Hmm, I do believe this will be acceptable, and my sister may agree. We do need the preparations finished for such an important holiday.." Luna frowned but briefly. "'Tis true, you may have seen him around Canterlot, considering."

(20:27:01) Azure Rain nodded getting more comfortable under the moonbringer's smile, eyes half closing as she rested next to the alicorn, a potion crossed her mind but being too reliant on those could spell trouble later, instead she scooped up a muzzle full of snow letting it melt in her jaws. "Thank you kindly your highness."

(20:36:35) Discord Draconequus chuckled. "Such an energetic foal..." Hmm mmmyesss. "Well Princess by your grace this will all work out nicely." But Bygone was in the way. His ears folkded back. Sliding toward the foal and pulled a hoof over his shoulder. "Why this little fella could even help out, keep bus-- well make sure everyone has a part to play!" Yes that was teh way. "Maybe he could help perhaps construct things for the visitors to enjoy." He moved to raised the foal's hooves up. "I mean that is the hoof of a tinkerer!"

(20:43:00) Bygone Specter flicked an ear and inclined his head when it was brought up that the unicorn might just have been around Canterlot. "But... I'd remember a pony with such strange non-pony tasting magic...." he'd say only to furrow his brow. However, his train of thought was once again brought to a screeching halt as Discord brought up him... helping! He inhaled and his eyes went wide. He couldn't help but smile at that thought! "Yeah! I could help - I have a cart! Need me to pick something up? Make something? Uuuuh... I have some bits on me so I could even take the train with a cargo haul!" he'd grin wide as he bounced excitedly in place. He liked to help his friends! Yesh! Even if he was spying on the pony Strife was his friend! And in his head the little changeling liked to think Luna was one to! One couldn't have too many friends! "I'll do anything!" However that was nterrupted by the... removal of his hooves as Strife raised them up. >>
(20:43:59) Bygone Specter: >> The end result... The 'pegasus' face-panted right into the snow-covered path and whimpered... His face hurt...His hooves were up to study but he was down!

(20:51:19) Princess Luna's ear flicked back towards Azure as she heard the thanks, and a glance showed her the scribe letting cold snow sooth her. Hey, if it worked. She looked back around at the new planner, an eyebrow quirked when he mentioned 'non-pony' magic, but Strife seemed quick to change the subject. "If he is willing, indeed he could, but.." Luna let the sentence trail out into a dramatic pause before she spoke again, and this time she was smirking, "a tinkerer you say?" Luna queried, eyeing the foal with a look that said 'gotcha.' "Bygone, is that you under that strange garb, or am I mistaken with another tinkerer I did not know of?"

(20:57:11) Azure Rain gently brushed the princess's foreleg with a trembling hoof as she gave her a shy smile. "P-princess Luna? I know it's v-very unbecoming of me but m-may I by way of exception take a half n-night off to celebrate my birthday a little, um later on?" oh by the princesses that was embarassing, and infront of others even! what would her parents have said about this? that idea however sent a shock through her totally unrelated to her little flu.

(21:06:19) Discord Draconequus was jsut glad subjects changed. Note, stop materializing cupcakes... but there was a good reason he ate them. Cupcakes were full of energy adn keeping up disguise wasn't a cake walk-- well in a way it was, for the chaotic spirit. His natural state was anything but primp and perfect so forcing a sense of calm beneath an obvious being od discord. It was hard work. Settling on his hooves he chuckled. "Yes, yes, don't be humble lad, you are quite nimble." Oh ye olde irony. "And what is a festival without craftsponies showing off thier work!"

(21:16:41) Bygone Specter crawled back up onto his hooves with an eager smile still on his muzzle. However; then he was caught! Luna smirked and looked his way with a look that he knew meant that the jig was up! His goose was cooked as carnivorous creatures said! The little 'pegasus' let out a long-drawn 'eeeeeeep' as she asked if it was in fact him. His wings once again fluffed up and he gained a rather amusing sheepish look. Like the foal caught with the hand in the canterlot kitchen's cake storage ~ er... cookie jar! Yeah! Thats it!... But it was not... that he didn't know where the cake storage was, right? hehehehe..."Uhhhh.." he'd start as he adjusted to try to change his voice. However he was panicked and totally failed at that. Finally he hung his head. "Y-yeah..." he scuffed a hoof on the path. "I'm sorry I was s-sneaking around the castle again miss Luna..." his ears fell.

(21:27:06) Princess Luna chuckled lightly at the two ponies, most of all at Bygone's reaction to being found out. "I do not know your reasoning as to exactly why you were, other than finding somepony, but I will overlook it today, and with Hearth's Warming Eve on the horizon. I must agree, though, craftsponies would be welcome at the festival." She replied, greatly amused. When she felt the gentle touch against her leg, she turned to face Azure with an expectant look. It soon shifted to one of surprise, once she'd registered what her scribe had said. "Thy birthday!" Luna gasped. "Of course you may, my dear. In fact, we could host thee a birthday party here at the castle if you so wish.. and I wish thee a merry birthday!"

(21:32:47) Azure Rain flicked her ears back and turned her head aside to let more of her stomach's contents dribble out between her teeth, her formality finally sapping. "Oh sweet Luna I give up somepony either get me a potion or end me I.. I can't take it anymore.. I I'm feeling ill I don't c-care what dad'll s-say.." cringing as she said such her pupils narrowed and she gave her employer a pleading look before stammering. "A p-party? for me? that.. I'd love that. p-princess.."

(21:36:13) Discord Draconequus perke dup. Did someoen say party?! Ugjh he had to reel it in. Trembling a bit he waved his hoofs. "W-would you look at hte time!" He had run out of cupcakes and with Bygone around -- curses! The pony stood and bowed. "Princess anything you cna do -- but I must go help wi--with the um... banners!" And as quick as one could hte male galloped waway, faceplanting the snow when he turned the corner, but zipped.


(21:46:05) Bygone Specter flicked his ear and looked from Luna to Azure even as Strife seemed to beat a hasty exit! There were more important things to take care of! He quickly hopped over to the laying, and rather ill, pony and popped of his hat if allowed. His reached his hoof up to the shoulder in the hat and then pulled out a... box? Or more like something akin to a briefcase. he opened it up and inside wre vials upon vials of potions! How did a foal get ahold of medical grade potions one might ask? Well when said foal has the tendency to blow themselves up in various ways or get into all sorts of mischief.... and doesn't have hte ability to go into a hospital without risking exposure... he might stock up on anything and everything that he might need to avoid said hospital! He frowned and looked down at Azure. "Uhhhh... besides vomiting is there anything else?" he looked through the collection of medicines. How could he leave a pony sick on her birthday?! That was just... a travesty!

(21:52:17) Princess Luna looked around at Strife at his sudden exclamation. He was leaving already? "Ah.. very well!" It was all she managed before the stallion galloped off, in an unusual hurry. She stared after him for a moment before shrugging and turning her attention more fully on the remaining two ponies. "Indeed, a party for thee! We may have to get you to the infirmary first, for how can you eat cake while ill? But you are my scribe, it is the least I can do to give back." Luna replied and faltered a little when Bygone came forward, pulling a briefcase right out of his hat! It was filled with potions, eliminating the need for them to walk all the way to the infirmary. "Oh, thank you, Bygone."

(21:56:12) Azure Rain shook her head slowly she had a mild flu but having teleported for the very first time had left her stomach completely upset, though her earlier shock of having nearly fallen from the throne room's ceiling to the floor if Strife hadn't caught her had her stunned enough that the ill effects had only surfaced a while later.

(22:03:02) Discord Draconequus would siddenly appear with a party hat, floating jsut over the group and pull a rather loud popper. "Ho ho! Did someoen say party!" As if on cue. Sometiems one could wonder about the spirit and his hosuewife habit of easvedropping. "Did I miss anything?" He floated a little party hat down to Azure before himself landing on the ground on all fours. "I do love a good party. Oh if it isn't Princess Luna. I am surprised to see you out of your study. Careful now. The sun must be far to obright!" A pair of sunglasses would appear over Luna's muzzle. Even though it was nearly night time... good on you.

(22:08:51) Bygone Specter could only smile. "Ooooh... I have all sorts of stuff in here... mmm..Hold on." he'd say as he rummaged between the corked vials. Soon enough he came up with one that was a light reddish color. "Ah! Here we are! This should take care of stomach nausia...." he happily smile as he held up the vial with a hoof. It was habit but he didn't tend to use magic when in a non-unicorn form. Call it ingrained habit.... In any case, the little changeling nearly fumbled and dropped the vial as discord appeared and popped a loud party popper. However he managed to catch it thankfully. The little changeling stared up at Discord with a blank face.... wait....he narrowed his eyes in thought....

(22:16:12) Princess Luna stood by as Bygone made to tend to poor Azure, but with her focus on them, she didn't expect the loud arrival of a certain spirit of chaos. The loud party popper gave her a start, her wings partially unfurling in a 'fight or flight' response, though upon seeing who it was, she quickly folded them again. The fright left her looking a little disgruntled. "Ah, Discord. Always a pleasure." Luna replied dryly and made to levitate the newly appeared sunglasses off of her face. She looked to Bygone quizzically, wondering what was with the expression on his face. "Is there a problem?"

(22:19:44) Azure Rain lay on her belly now and had her head tiltedback, jaws parted as her muzzle was held open so that the potion could be poured in once Bygone had found the correct one he was looking for, tongue getting a bit dry with the exposure to air though and she realized she must look silly.

(22:28:20) Discord Draconequus took great pleasure in spooking the princess. Sitting back on his haunches. "Oh what's this? Birthday pony sick?!" A plate of cake appeared floating down nearthem. "Come now I bet a bit of cake'll clear that right up." While he wriggled all around the spirit appeared to have something or another coiled around his tail and said tail tucked clsoe to his body. "So what do you say? Blwo out the candles, cut the cake? Some cheese?" In that order of course. Couldn't have anyone cutting the cheese!

(23:04:54) Bygone Specter stared up at the draconequus as his head started to put 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 together in a nice and pretty star. Wait, what? The foal shook his head and looked down at Azure. There were more important things to think about.. like the sick pony! The little foal smiled and inclined his head as he brought the vial to pour into the pony's waiting mouth. Before the cake could get there at least. He didn't know what the silly chaos spirit was up to trying to give a sick pony cake! Not that he'd not do the same! Cake was a delight! Anyways, the potion tasted like a warm cinnemon with berries as the scribe was given it. Then Bygone gained an impish grin. "Hope you feel better when you wake..." he'd say with a small smile. She did seem like she needed some sleep to... Thus he'd given the pony a slightly stronger brew that should work with her magic to help lessen what was wrong with her... She'd end up knocked out for that to happen though. >>
(23:05:02) Bygone Specter: >>He turned his attention back to Discord and went ridgid. Oooooh, precious! The little changeling caught sight of that ever so delightful ruby-like gemstone on Discord's tail. He wanted it! He wanted to study it a-and nom on it...a-and see what he could do with such a wonderful thing! Thus with a flap of the changeling's pegasus wings he tried to pounce at Discord's tail... But due to use of typically unfamiliar muscles he missed by a mile and hit a pillar not too far away head first. He slid down mumbling gibberish about beautiful tasty red magic gemstones. -end- ^^

(23:11:25) Azure Rain swallowed the potion obediently never having been one to balk when it came to taking medication, her eyes widening though at the part that Bygone added to it taking a half second to panic before conciousness started to slip away and the warm embrace of unconciousness took claim over the small mare, flopping onto her side after trying to question him but words never passed her lips coherently. "Whu do you mea..."

(23:15:27) Princess Luna frowned in a disapproving way when Discord noticed her ill scribe and summoned forth a cake. "Cease, Discord! You will not help her with cake, only make her illness worse." The alicorn warned, her tone stern. An idea occurred to her then, and she allowed her tone to lighten somewhat. "I am sure you can give her such a tasty cake, later on during her party!" Luna suggested, hoping that the chaos spirit would take the bait and give Bygone time to give Azure the potion. He seemed to be doing that just now. And true to his hint, it put the poor unicorn mare out like a light. While Bygone fixated on whatever Discord had coiled up in his tail, something Luna couldn't make out, she decided to move over next to Azure. "I will take her to the infirmary until she recovers.. and him too, I suppose." Luna remarked, noting Bygone's lunge had smacked him right into a pillar and knocked him out, cold. "We can plan her party a little later.."

(23:20:13) Discord Draconequus harumphed! Spoiled as he was the spirit let the cake vanish as he floated off the ground on his "back". "Whell!" Almsot offended. "I suppsoe it can wait til th party, but there's nothing li eka good cake to turn your frown upside doooown." He floated upside down and let the end of his curled tail boop over Luna's head. What was he carrying that led Bygone to self--wall face planting? When he was around shenanigains were never far behind.

(23:33:39) Bygone Specter quickly shook his head as he pushed himself up onto his hooves. Uuuugh...what had...No! He missed! The little changeling's tail flicked as he pushed himself up and his wings fluffed out. Damn! How did he miss? The little 'pegasus' sat up and stared at Discord as he hovered over Luna's head.... Distracted... Hehehehehehehe! He held back cackle that sounded out in his head as he took his squished hat in hoof and flicked it, causing it to resume its precious shape with a little damage of course. He reached a hoof in and pulled out a little red crystal of his own and stared between the crystal and the one in Discord's tail. With a cheshire grin on his muzzle he focused that chaos core and darn-well prayed (focusing all he had) that it would obey his 'request' to swap the crystals! Much to his delight there was a pang of warmth from the chaos core in his chest as the chaos laced magic fired up! Unless there was something to stop it the crystal was swapped with the red gem in hoof! >>
(23:34:42) Bygone Specter: >If he obtained the gem Bygone would be delightedly turned away while nomming on the residual magic.. -e-
(23:40:09) Princess Luna quirked an eyebrow at Discord as she gently levitated the unconscious Azure out of the snow. She didn't want to leave her lying there for long, not if there was a chance she might suffer frostbite.. or some other sickness. "Indeed, it will wait, and the reward will be all the better for it, but can I count on you not to ruin Azure's party?" Luna queried delicately. "I know how you love to cause, how they say in this present, a 'ruckus.'" Her focus was almost entirely on the draconequus, so she didn't see what Bygone was up to- or that he was up at all. She did, however, wonder what Discord was hiding.

(23:52:29) Discord Draconequus did like ruckuses! "What's wrong with cuasing ruckeises!" He crossed his arms over his chest and righted himself. "Oh well fine. I guess it's no fun without the birthday pony!" He felt his tail unabashedly grip groped causing the spirit, who was distracted with teh princess, jump! As a result he would end up manifesting something from his realm. "Hey! Hey! No touchy!" He would raise his tail and turn updown side to waggle his finger at Bygone. "Do you know hte powers you tempt foal!" Cue random thunder and lightning.

(00:13:58) Bygone Specter gave a start as he nearly jumped out of his disguise's fur when discord suddenly addressed him. He turned his head and... -hello greyness my old friend-... The now once again stony foal was blankly staring on with red gemstone in mouth mid-nom. The culprit was the surprised cockatrice wearing a bright neon pink apron reading 'kiss me' with a white and black feather duster seemingly mid-action of dusting something. The cockatrice also wore a large pair of sunglass that ha fallen from its eyes when the foal had been petrified. It let out a confused 'bawk' and looked up at Discord with a rather stunned expression. It was literally standing just inches from the night princess....if she startled it, well... hope she's immune to petrification magic!

(00:24:39) Princess Luna merely stared levelly at Discord until he relented. "You say true." She replied at last and tilted her head to peer past him when the draconequus suddenly gave a start. It was Bygone, and he'd done something to draw the spirit of chaos's attention. She only caught the glint of a red stone in the foal's mouth before he was.. suddenly turned to stone! Luna stared at him, and.. was that a cockatrice out of the corner of her eye? Where were those sunglasses when she needed them? Not that she knew if she could be petrified or not, but one never knew. "Discoord. Do please be a dear and unfreeze poor Bygone, and perhaps send that away." Luna warned. "I am taking Azure to the infirmary, and if things are not fixed by the time I come back to discuss her party, I will be quite irked." Luna added before she slowly turned away, and chose that moment to levitate a sleeping scribe up into the castle.

(00:48:30) Discord Draconequus laughed nervously. "How did that get out." He sighed at Bygone, looking at his tail. "Honestly." Floating down he would swap the gem back to his hooves and the objects back to his tail with his magic. He looked to the cockatrice ggiving a shrug. "Would you mind fixing that. I supposehe's one of the few pony out there that aren't so bad." He teased with a smirk. Ah at least she didn't get mad! This time. He could wait for the party. Bygone was gettinga bit sniffy and hoffgrabby with his treasure. "Go ahead and unstone him, I'll send you back, with this!" He snapped his claws, a dvd box appearing in his grip. "It's a good one!" The Amazing Spiderpony.
(00:55:51) Bygone Specter: The cockatrice stared between the small pony and then the draconequus as he spoke. As far as the cockatrice was concerned the pony cold stay stoned! However; the draconequus used his greatest weakness! The cockatrice's eyes were focused on that DVD box.... "Bawk?" Somehow a whole sentence was condensed into that... asking about if it was better than some of the other ones.... However the cockatrice still made grabby motions and absent-mindedly un-stoned By before pushing his sunglasses up. The little 'pegasus' face-planted in the snow...The cockatrice turned back to Discord and looked up expectantly.

(01:02:16) Discord Draconequus gave a thumbs up. "Good job. Alright, back to the couch with you!" He handed the cockatrice the DVD and moved to slash his claw across the air, whic hwould rip open a portal allowing the Chicken lizard waddle through to gatherup with the others. He turned to look at Bygone. While the princess was tending to Azure this was an opprotunity. "Bygone..." he had his paws on his hips like an expectant mother. 

(01:16:55) Bygone Specter was as of yet dazed as he came out of being petrified for the second time. The 'pegasus' pushed himself up and let out a quiet whimper as he rubbed his head. "What was that?" he'd ask only to be greeted with the sight of Discord with his paws on his hips. He let out an 'eep' and looked up at the Draconequus with flattened ears as he stepped back and pressed himself down to the ground with his ears flat. If only because he was afraid he'd upset said chaos spirit! The little changeling didn't want that! oh no! Nonononono! He didn't wanna wind up making his friend mad! In effect the scene now looked like Discord the expectant mother and Bygone the soon to be chastised foal...The cockatrice had returned to its lazy couch-potato life....

(01:40:49) Discord Draconequus threw up his hands. "Now I know I have a lovely tail... but what were you thinking?" He realyl wasn't sure why Bygone was so excited about the gem-not-a-gem. The spirit floated off the ground before vanishing and appeared behind him. "I mean, you're tail is hardly different!" He would reach to fluff it up. Though he said this, his tail was far from Bygone's own.
(01:43:21) Bygone Specter jumped nearly out of his fur with Discord's teleportation and the fluffing of his tail. "Tail?" he asked with a puzzled manner. He didn't really have interest in the chaos spirit's tail; even as somewhat useful as such a strange appendage might be. However; he noticed something. "Noooo the gem is gone." he'd say as he started to sulk with a near-spontaneous storm cloud over his head....

(01:59:53) Discord Draconequus arched a brow at the foal, leaning his body to hover over the foal's form. "What Gem?" He scratched his chin beard. "Hoo do you mean..." He motionedh is claw to the "gem" as his tail hovered it in front of Bygone, only to move it out hsi reach. he would vanish and appear floating with crossed legs. "Silly foal!" He laughed. "This is a not a Gem. This is an egg!" Whaat? it was one of those strange moments where you question Discord, but when has the spirit ever really-- lied?

(02:08:16) Bygone Specter stared at Discord with a rather odd look. "Whaaaaaaa?!" he blinked a few times as he stared. An egg? What's it an egg for? I bet its magic tastes good if the egg is anything to go by!" he'd say as he began to hop a bit as he looked up at the chaos spirit. The foal was definitely excitable if anything. But he was taking being told that the gem was an egg at face value!

(02:32:07) Discord Draconequus rolled his eyes. "Of course its tasty, some residual chaos magic from when it was sealed. It should wear off soon and perhaps it will hatch." He pondered it. "Though what sort of egg it is I'm not very sure..." He held the egg gem clsoe to the foal so he coudl better see. The egg was quite lovely. It glimemred and had a shone, the fractures of the crystal gave it a mosaic look. It was warm, so maybe this as the case....

(02:37:46) Bygone Specter blinked and stared at the egg with a tilt of his head. Well... now that he knew it was an egg he knew he couldn't enchant it! Nooooooo! D= ..... However, he let out a sigh and moved to stand once again befor ehe blinked. "By the by, Dissy.... You wouldn't have anything to do with that Strife pony would ya?" he'd ask with a bit of an odd look. The little changeling was observant, but this was his first moment he could ask without Luna or anypony else being around! Before the gem had appeared he'd been putting the dots together after all!

(02:59:47) Discord Draconequus coiledthe egg back up in his tail. "I don't know anypony by that name." It was true, he did not know anypony by that name, so it was not a lie. "Why do you ask? Aren't you interested in my egg?" Oh my. He crouched down. "I've been msotly busy egg sitting it, which is not so bad with chickens as roommates."

(03:05:20) Bygone Specter stared at Discord and inclined his head to the side. "Huh... no reason." he'd figure the mystery out! His ears, however, would have perked as he remembered something. "ooooh! I need to run and figure out something to have for miss Azure's Birthday! The little foal was running in circles all of a sudden. "Gotta run Dissy! The foal tried to jump and fly up only to run smack dab into the corner of the castle. He fell a few feet before he resumed on the flight path! As perilous as it was!

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PostSubject: How to Throw a Party   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 4:09 am

12/18/2015; How to Throw a Party

(20:29:29) Bygone Specter was wandering back into the Castle because a thought struck him. When WAS the party? The little changeling in pegasus form wandered into the castle and rather quickly got lost. He wound up in all sorts of places! But neveer where he wanted to go! Soon enough he'd come back to the enterance hall and would simply sit down. The present was in a wrapped box that was currently tied on a string around his neck so he didn't lose it....
(20:32:46) Azure Rain had eaten and recovered enough that she was wandering the castle by now, making her way to the entrance to see if she could find Princess Luna anywhere to notify her that she was now well enough to function again.

(20:35:59) Bygone Specter perked up when he saw Azure enter the entry and inclined his head. "Hi Azure! The little 'pegasus' all but hopped up and bounced to the unicorn. He rather liked wings, he found. It allowed him to do these rather fun bounce-glide hops! He came to a stop in front of Azure and inclined his head. "Up and about now?" he asked with a smile.

(20:39:37) Azure Rain nodded smiling at the pegasus as she sat down, having donned her armored robes again as she readjusted her saddlebags with her magic. "Yes feeling much better now thanks to you, very much obliged Bygone."

(20:47:47) Bygone Specter smiled and nodded quickly. "I'm happy to hear that... Oh! I have your present! Dunno when the party is though." he'd say as he indicated the wrapped parcel around his neck. Come to think of it, where was everypony else? Sure the guards were around but he was wondering where everypony else was!
(20:51:20) Azure Rain had no idea either, hadn't really seen anypony around since she had left the infirmary room so had started wandering in the hopes of finding somepony. "I wouldn't know either."

(20:56:46) Bygone Specter nods some and flicks his ear again. "Weeeell maybe somepony will come through here! Perhaps....Oh! I could go ahead and give you the gift!" he'd say as he perked his ears. Yes! That would be fun yes! The little 'pegasus' was back to bouncing again as he went to unfasten the parcel from his neck.

(21:00:02) Azure Rain sat down on her haunches and looked at the bouncy pegasus, wondering what her changeling friend had found for her birthday, as he unfastened the parcel her ears perked and she leaned in some.

(21:08:05) Bygone Specter set the parcel down and pushed it to the unicorn as he sat back on his haunches. The wrapping was... well... lack-luster since it WAS wrapped by a foal. And one that was in a rush at that. Inside the wrapped parcel was a small box; and in that box was a silver necklace with a gleaming white amulet-cut gemstone. Evidently he'd gone out, blown his current funds on a necklace and then enchanted one of his large twinkling 'stars' into the gemsone! "It might come in handy... the star can be used as a mana-battery in dire situations!" the foal was hoping she'd have a good reaction to it! Come to think of it, he didn't know the birthday of most of his friends... curses! He needed to find that information!

(21:11:58) Azure Rain opened the box with her telekinesis and she looked at the mana battery in fascination, immediately putting it around her neck before reaching out with her hooves and embracing Bygone kindly. "It is a fantastic gift Bygone so rare and yet fashionable and extremely useful."

(21:19:30) Discord Draconequus appeared overhead with his party hat, the egg curled in his tail. The spirit floated upsidedown above the pair "Hoo and what's this? Trying to outshine me are we little brother?" He reached a claw down to boop at the changeling's muzzle. In his paw he gripped a box wrapped up with paper printed with cokcatrice. Who made such a thing?!

(21:21:48) Bygone Specter flicked an ear. "Well... It isn't THAT rare... I-I mean the necklace is common... And it was kind-of a rush job." he'd say as he scuffed his hoof. "A lot of the aesthetics are just enchantments!" he'd say only to suddenly have a Draconequus appear over them both! He 'eeped' and jumped as his wings flapped and remained fluffed up from the fright of suddenly appearing Discord. However he started to relax some and sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "I needed something to give her....So I winged it." Hehe...winged it... The cockatrice wrapping paper was quite peculiar. And unnerved him considering he'd got petrified by another one the night before...Albiet briefly...

(21:25:25) Azure Rain smiled up at the draconequus as the mana battery shimmered with her charging it hoping he meant it playfully and wasn't really angry with Bygone. "Hello mister Discord how very nice that you could come." her eyes went to the cockatrice paper and blinked some.

(21:35:31) Discord Draconequus lowered himself down to the ground. "Yes yes I can see." He chuckled and held out his box. "So how bout you open everyhting up and we can get to the cake?!" Always a one track mind that guy. With a grin he would catch Bygone eyeing the package. Vanishing the spirit appeared behind Azure to display it. he floated it in foront of her and held his claws over teh outer edge. "Like it?" He smirked. "I ordered it specail~" The tease.

(21:45:59) Bygone Specter looked between Azure and Dissy as the Draconequus teleported to the other side of the scribe. The little changeling was curious what Discord got her, but... he remembered something that was...NOT good! He might have left the fire going in his cart! Uh-oh! "Uuuuuh... I gotta run. I think I left the fire going in my cart! I-I'll see you two later!" he'd run from the entry hall and down towards his cart. He didn't need his home to burn because the fire was left on!

(21:54:29) Azure Rain opened the package with her magic and was curious what the spirit of disharmony had brought her for her birthday, sitting back on her haunches looking fully concentrated on the birthday presents her friends were bringing her. "I am so very curious what you brought me mister Discord."

(22:08:31) Discord Draconequus chuckled and floated off the gtround. "Well I have selected something quite fitting for someoen like you~" He threw up his paw, waving it dismissively. "Now, now, try not to shower me with too much praise. It may get others jealous!" Inside the gift was a lovely brown quill that seemed quite sturdy. "Well? Do you like it?" He put his paw on his hip and hsi claw on his chest as his head cocked up. "Go on, tell me! I made it myself." Come tothing of it... the entirety of the spirit's torso was covered in -- brown feathers.

(22:35:28) Princess Luna was, admittedly, running a little late for Azure's birthday party. It had been set up beforehoof, but with it being on such short notice.. she'd yet to find her scribe a present! And the deity didn't want to show up without one, but what was she to get her dear scribe? The lady of the moon had scoured the shops of Canterlot's city in the few short hours she had, searching for something. And eventually something did catch her eye, something pretty. Luna had purchased it at once, and had it wrapped in lovely, purple wrapping paper decorated in crescent moons and stars. Wasting no further time, Luna flew back to the castle with the present. The doors opened before her and she came gliding into the room like a gentle wind, beaming- and just after Discord had handed over his own gift. It pleased her to see it. Luna landed soundlessly nearby to watch and wait her own turn.

(22:39:05) Azure Rain regarded the quill with glee and almost immediately tossed her old one out, the new brown one taking it's place on her clipboard, then she gave the draconequus a hug and smiled gratefully at him. "Thank you very much for the thoughtful gift Discord." then saw Luna glide in and beamed a smile at her. "Ah princess Luna! I'm.. all better now how nice to see you your highness."

(22:41:21) Discord Draconequus would almsot bristle, having not expected the hug. Frankly he expected to be teased or shunned. He chuckled nervously and patted her back. "Well you are quite welcome~" He vanished before reappearing lounged on the floor like a prize winning poodle. Tossing away the dog-shaped party mask he smirked. "Well well, the princess of the night finally decided to join us. Was it too bright for you?" Inferring taht she was somehow a vampyr.

(22:53:48) Princess Luna looked on with interest as Azure, having received a brand new quill, tossed out her old one. She had an inkling what that new brown quill came from, but made no comment- she did, however, consider it quite kind of the draconequus. His jibe earned him an unreadable look from the lady night, but she didn't rise to his bait. Instead she turned her smile back onto Azure. "I am pleased to see that you have recovered, and for your party of all things! Forgive me for my tardy arrival, but it was a gift I sought for thee, so that I would not arrive empty-hoofed." Luna said, levitating over her own gift. Within the box was jewelry, a delicate spider's web of platinum chains strung with moonstones and lapis lazuli to set over the mane and tail- the mane piece, specifically, had a loop to set around the base of the horn with a single, hanging crescent moon to lie across the forehead. Luna had figured Azure should have something nice for special occasions.

(22:59:41) Azure Rain squeeked in excitement wasting no time in donning the glittery mane and tail jewelry as she fought between hugging her employer or hugging her friend, which of the two was Luna at this moment? technically it was a work night but then again she did have her party. "Thank you so very much your majesty, they are beautiful."

(23:05:35) Discord Draconequus crossed his arms over his chest as he floated off the ground giving a little scoff. He tried so hard with his jabs! Each one unique in their own way. "Well -- it seems the little pony is recieving all manner of gifts." He would vanish and snake up Azure's side, putting his paw over her shoulder. "And being such close friends~ these things only come natural~" He was poking at something with a stick, but exactly what it was -- was unclear.

(23:24:16) Princess Luna swelled with happiness when Azure displayed how much she loved her gift. She cast an eye over the newly donned jewelry to see how well it looked on Azure, and found it fit her color. "May you have joy of it!" She replied, smiling widely and glanced to Discord with a quirked eyebrow. "Well of course, it is the day of her birth. All ponies deserve gifts on their birthday." Luna said, watching the draconequus curiously; what was he doing?

(23:30:05) Azure Rain smiled joyfully still but then staggered a little, thinking a moment before finding a pillow to lay down on. "I must still be out of it thanks to the medication, would you terriblymind if I rested some more princess?" and assuming that wouldn't be too much of an issue she would rest upon the spot, merely looking at them hoping her guests enjoyed herself.

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PostSubject: Discord's Hearth Warming Eve   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 4:10 am

12/19/2015; Discord's Hearth Warming Eve

(18:24:49) Plot NPC sighed and padded toward a curtain that seemed to be hanging mid air. The Earth Pony took hold of the gold cord and pulled down on it. When it was yanked the curtain fell revealing a wood, stage platform. On it seemed to be a scene. A room with a warm hearth fire cracking. Windows showing outside a snowy scene. Things became rather quiet as the light dimmed over the room to simulate evening. A bed dressed in red bed sheets and a green quilt patterned with wreaths and dancing ponies. Stuffed toys lay scattered about as a bird looked to be sitting in a gilded cage just by the fire. There was a window of frosted glass beside the hearth and one at the opposite end of the room, across from the bed.

(18:26:12) [#] Discord Draconequus: And so the stage is revealed. Attending ponies are led to their seats, vendors seemingly appearing out of nowhere selling warm cocoa and freshly made S'mores. Snow ponies, that took a live of their own, now dance about hte open fields where a massive Snow Dragon exhales crystalized snowflakes, causing them to glimmer over the streets. Spirit of Disharmony and Shenanigans

(18:32:49) Discord Draconequus looks over to Nessie. "Alright my volunteer...are you ready?" He rubbed his claws together floating off the ground.

(18:33:10) Plot NPC groans. "Do I have to?" He stood nad sulked. "This is a gross abuse of authority." he lamented before heading backstage.

(18:34:30) Discord Draconequus motions. "Do not worry, you are... " Motions his claws to hold the group in frame. "In the perfect spot." He turned his head away to chuckle. "Puh, don't worry... Now on the raffle, who wishes to..." Shakes glass jar. "Draw a ticket?

(18:35:10) Plot NPC peeks outside. "Sir..this is embarassing.... Could we switch roles?"

(18:35:24) Discord Draconequus twchks his claw in the air and points backstage.

(18:35:44) Plot NPC deep disgruntled groan. "I'm firing my agent..."

(18:35:52) Discord Draconequus throws paws in air. "I AM YOUR AGENT!"

(18:36:02) Lauren Faust giggles

(18:36:05) Plot NPC narrows eyes. "You''re fired." Hobbles back backstage.

(18:36:25) Bygone Specter volunteers to be the new agent.

(18:36:54) AppIejack pats Bygone on the shoulder. "I don't reckon that's a good idea atall, sugarcube."

(18:36:58) Discord Draconequus sulks a bit. "Oh..." Perks up. "Alrighty so who wants to participate in the raffle?" Shoves glass jar toward Bygone. "How 'bout you lil brother? You seem so quick to jump on my old job!"

(18:38:01) Bygone Specter inclines his head. "But why not? Just means I can have someone to tell to test the stuff I make. Win - Win! I don't blow up anymore, and he has an agent?" Oh, and he also takes a raffle paper?

(18:39:50) Discord Draconequus grins. "Why thank you for participating dear brother." He rattles the jar full of folded papers. "Who else wishes to join the lottery!?" he had a really sly grin on his face.

(18:41:17) Malix raises her paw and takes a slip of paper. The kitten curls up atop the slip, purring contently.

(18:47:47) AppIejack raised an eyebrow at Discord. His expression alone was enough to convince her that he was up to no good... which was probably to be expected in a 'just what it says on the tin' sort of way.

(18:49:13) Discord Draconequus smirks. "Of course the sooner we pick from the jar the sooner poor Nessie can come out to entertain you nice ponies!" he chuckled wiggling the shiny jar.

(18:52:28) Discord Draconequus holds the jar slightly up, out of Bygone's reach.

(19:00:15) Discord Draconequus gives the shy ponies a bit longer to see if they'll slip a raffle ticket from the jar. "We'll once Nessie comes out the chance to participate in the raffle will be over~"

(19:00:49) AppIejack rolled her eyes and sighed. "Mind explaining what the raffle thing is even about?"

(19:02:46) Discord Draconequus shrug. "Pull a ticket, win a prize." He looks away. "All proceeds go to little pony charities to help rebuild roads to friends across Equestria." He dully recited before perking back up. "They make it pretty rough letting a former tyrranical king run an event without an ultimatium. So it's for fun. That suspicious of me Apples~?" He cooed. "Not scared of a little bit of paper are we?"

(19:07:21) Princess Luna kept her silence for the most part, ever observant was she of the night, as was her way. And she took her time considering the offer of a 'raffle ticket' until Discord had mentioned a charity. She, too, had her suspicions about what Discord might be up to with it- but knowing him, it was difficult to tell one way or the other. "Perhaps I shall take a ticket." Luna spoke up at last, raising a hoof; it was mostly to humor him, and to see where this rafflewould lead them.

(19:08:54) Discord Draconequus chuckled. "Well, isn't this an honor! " He held out the jar. "Good luck to you princess." He seemed tickled pink, until his colors shifted back to normal. "Oh, excuse me, I had one too many peeps on my way over." he burped softly.

(19:09:38) Bygone Specter pulls out a rather wicked looking goat 'demon' mask and begins to carve runes on it since ponies were slow raffle-in-ing ^^

(19:17:28) RD exchanged a knowing look with Applejack for a moment and then just shrugged her shoulders. What did she have to lose? Everypony else was doing it. "Eh, why not. I'll take one!"

(19:18:46) Discord Draconequus chuckled. "Good good. Once you have your tickets, Nessie can begin. He's almsot ready...." A chesshire grin just curled up on his muzzle. he was already having far too much fun.

(19:25:07) Princess Luna smiled briefly, her horn lighting with its usual glow as she chose and plucked her own ticket from the jar. She gave it a cursory glance, saw that it had a number writ upon it, and tucked it behind her gorget for safe-keeping. Now was the time to sit back and see what was going to be played out for them!

(19:29:26) Discord Draconequus floated off the ground with glee letting the jar float on its own. "Alright, gather round everypony~! Enjoy the show!" He seemed happy about it, but truth be told he spent a lot of his hijink points schemeing this event out!

(19:31:28) Plot NPC steps out from backstage wearing a pink nightgown, his mane curled up in rollers and matching bunny slippers. He sighed and shuffled over to the fire seating himself before the crackling embers. "Woe is me." His dull, disinterested voice carried a drawl if sadness and a pinch of loneliness, which seemed to fit this part swimmingly. "The day has come, but will he choose me?"

(19:37:59) Discord Draconequus used his best omniscient announcer voice, mic in paw. The spirit stood under a spotlight holding a screenplay, wearing his bifocals as he read over the narrator's role. "An old tradition, still held by many ponies today, began long ago on the night before Hearth Warming. Like all good ponies Nessie-tilda would hang her horseshoes up, rusted by time and play. There they would dry and be warm for the snowstorms that would come the next day, for Earth Ponies had to work hard to clear out front yards. Nessie-tilda has a neighbor she liked and hoped that when dried she could shine up her shoes to impress him, but tonight Nessie-tilda would sleep soundly: unaware something else lurked the windows of good ponies, who went to bed on time"

(19:41:12) Plot NPC leers over to whisper. "Do we have to keep saying Nessie-tilda?"

(19:42:06) Discord Draconequus clears his throat. "And NESSIE-TILDA SLEPT SOUNDLY." Twhck claw point!

(19:42:25) Plot NPC stomps to bed! "I hope my horseshoes are nice and dry by morning..." He said in a toneless pitch.

(19:44:37) [#] Discord Draconequus: As the play began it seemed night fell just in tune with the open air stage. A few other background ponies have gathered, faces familiar and unfamiliar. With the troublemaking spirit having teleported anyone he caught in his net to Canterlot's square, many were forced to either join the festivities to show their spirit or sit very far from the stage knowing the draconequus' nature, or at least assuming it. Besides that ponies began to speak warmly to one another filling the air with higher spirits than with what began. The next scene a shadowy figure is creeping into the sleeping pony's bedroom, leaving behind sooty pawprints and steals her rusty horsehoes before skulking out into the snow, leaving a trail of their heist with every nearby home. Spirit of Disharmony and Shenanigans

(20:05:13) Discord Draconequus cleared his throat. "And suddenly, Nessie-tilda roused from her sleep, some little mare forgot it was never a good idea to have a glass of water before bed. But as she returned she spotted, over her hearth, the empty spot where her horseshoes had been! Spotting the soot prints she rushed outside in her nightie, not a care in the world! Those were her only pair!"

(20:05:29) Plot NPC walked over to the edge of the stage and stared down. He looked at discord. "...boss."

(20:05:40) Discord Draconequus twhck! "Rushed outside!"

(20:05:59) Plot NPC sighed and jumped off the stage, faceplanting in a mound of snow. After a moment he righted himself and hobbled toward the audience. Looking around he woed. "Oh, woe is me. Now I'll never impress 'im." He sunk onto his rump.

(20:07:52) Discord Draconequus pressed his paw to his chest. "Oh, what would poor Nessie-tilda do?! Well she would follow the trail. Though it meant braving the snowstorm the pegasui rained down upon the village. Nothing meant more to Nessie-tilda than the attention of her crush!"

(20:08:06) [#] Discord Draconequus: The "heroine" sets out into the snowstorm. She encounters trial after trial in the snowy fields. It was dangrous to set out at night alone, but if it meant finding her horseshoes Nessi-tilda would do anything! Soon she followed the trail to a mountain and climbed her way to the top. Bats, snakes and bears -- oh my! It was not something anypony should do alone. Reaching the top she came to a shadowy figure who stood with the bag of stolen horseshoes overhead as they peeked upon the edge of a cliff. As the clouds parted from the moon... it would reveal the figure. But upon this part the stars overhead Canterlot were brightened, a particular notice upon one area in the mountainous scene of the newly changed stage. Standing at the edge, with a giant, burlap sack--- Spirit of Disharmony and Shenanigans

(20:26:32) Discord Draconequus chuckled as he stood at the stage's edge, the sack rattling with horseshoes. "So sorry little pony, but I have grown tired of all your clippity clopping around the base of my mountain!" Discord appeared to be wring a extra pair of antlers and fake fur over his arms which had a foresty green hue. The "monster" stared the pony down.
(20:26:46) Plot NPC walked forward "...bos-- i mean, why -- why are you taking our horseshoes? Why?"

(20:27:17) Discord Draconequus stamped his hoof down against the edge. "Why? Why?! I'll tell you why! Every day you little ponies rush in the snow, than instead of sleeping in, resting --no! All I hear is your clippoty clop as you stamp about in your noisy shoes!" He leaned the sack over the edge. "And now, once and for all I'll be rid of it-- I'll let it all fall!"

(20:27:54) Plot NPC stared at Discord. The rhyming wasn't really part -- he shook his head. "But mister monster, certainly you can understand it. We do not mean to trample. But please, I need my horseshoe, won't you -- won't you return them to me?" A tear slipped from his eye.

(20:28:29) [#] Discord Draconequus: Now the monster who threatened to hurl the precious horseshoes into the chasm had never seen such materialism! Perhaps he would punish the little pony. After a thought the monster set down the sack. He gave the pony a simple task. By tomorrow's light she must deliver a gift to the pony she loved most in her village, but it had to be a gift he chose, and no matter what, she could not take it back. Only than would he deliver the shoes back to the ponies below. The mare agreed and rushed back down to her village with the gift, but could she give it to her crush? But there was no time to spare. With those shoes he would perhaps praise her! The very next day she gave the stallion the gift only to find inside of it her old horseshoes -- shined and cleaned of the year's rust. Spirit of Disharmony and Shenanigans

(20:35:50) [#] Discord Draconequus: The mare was despaired, but the stallion expressed sheer joy. He had lost his horseshoes last Hearth Warming, so he had been able to work very well in the fields this year, which made it difficult for his family. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the mare for giving him something he had needed, but when he asked where she had been able to afford a second pair, for their village was a humble and small place, the mare parted her muzzle to express her personal loss -- but seeing him smile... it was good enough. In that village, every Hearth ponies would take their most prized possession and give it to another, who needed it more than they. That day the snow were cleared as the monster laid atop in his mountain den with a pair of earmuffs and scarf, laughing. No one ever did find out who that grouchy monster was, but he sure was generous giving the mare such a gift, after all she had done. Our heroine married the stallion the following year. Spirit of Disharmony and Shenanigans

(20:47:55) Discord Draconequus snapped his book closed. When did he get that? "And the moral of the story -- wanting for selfish reasons, leads you to trouble. Giving to others, makes everyone smile. We don't need grouchy monsters thorwing things off cliffs!" He laughed and tossed toe book up, letting it erupt into snow-fetti.

(20:49:29) Plot NPC shook off the pink robe and kicked off the slippers. "Charming." While he was right, in a way, he really just doens't read a situation. "So -- I guess. In spirit of Hearth warming. A pony will be given something today, something they probably don't need, but someone may one day. You can change that pony's heart with a dollop of kindness." He flatly expressed.

(20:58:45) Discord Draconequus snapped his claws, letting a strange costume of a green jackt and cap (perfectly topped with annoying ringing bells) over his form. "Yes for now we shall be participating in the raffle!!" He wrapped his paw and claw over the handle of a massive bell and rang it obnoxiously.

(20:59:55) Plot NPC sat on his haunches holding a paper in his hooves. "Yes... to note today was the play boss will be holding other small events, periodically, until the day of the Hearth Warming. Now let ..." He sighed. "Let us hit the gong of anticipation...."

(21:00:16) Princess Luna found the story that Discord, of all creatures to tell it! had spun out for them, with the help of his equine assistant. The moral of the story made her smile, and she stomped her forehooves upon the ground, but it was a short lived applause. The raffle had begun, oh! She waited, curious.

(21:01:07) Discord Draconequus pulled back his gong hammer and smirked wildly. "Hoo hoo, happy holidays ponies! Try not to be scrooges!" Hitting the gong hard it rang across Canterlot, ringing in, of all things: snow.

(21:03:15) Bygone Specter jumps about ten feet into the air in fright at the gong.

(21:05:27) Plot NPC reaches into the jar, wearing industrial ear covers. He unfolds the paper. "The winner of the Raffle is....Number 1. Rainbow Dash." He deadpanned. "Congratulations. May this gift teach you to pay if forward."

(21:09:24) Discord Draconequus claps. "Wonderful!" He snapped his claws so Nessie and him were in matching elf costumes. "Now for the grand event!" He stepped foward and spread his little wings. "I need your help decorating the tree for Hearth Warming! The tree is lit up to not only annoy mountain monsters, but to radiate a safe beacon for all ponies to gather together and warm up in these chilly months. But first we have to knock down all this snow!" Which he made fall of course. "So follow Nessie! I have a few more...ah, little foals to visit!" Yes yes, little foals that need help.

(21:10:58) Plot NPC used his back hoof to tug at the tight green outfit. "Very well. Follow me..." He seemed so tired but he was participating, so maybe it was just his nature?

And together the ponies decorated the tree and celebrated Hearth Warming Eve –Discord style!

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PostSubject: Curiosity was a Pony   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 4:11 am

12/20/2015; Curiosity was a Pony

(15:13:50) Azure Rain was in the royal library for a change, sorting through various books with a look of concentration on her features, her curiosity was hard to quell these days and she was absolutely certain that the tomes she were looking for simply had to be here unless the princesses had them stashed in a secret place.

(15:17:22) Bygone Specter stared down from up above! Heavens knows why the little changeling had taken to haunting the castle lately... Perhaps it was because many of his friends seemed to frequent it? Probably! The little changeling was up in the rafters of the library why? Who knows really. What mattered was that he crawled down onto the top of the shelf and laid down to look down at what Azure was reading. "Whatcha looking at?" he curiously asked form up above! Stealthy little bug when he wanted to be, wasn't he?

(15:23:03) Azure Rain jumped and the tome fell from her telekinetic grasp just as she had plucked it from the bookshelf. "Nothing! erm literature, a book on magic." by Luna how could her changeling acquaintance sneak up on ponies like that?

(15:28:09) Bygone Specter perked his ears and fluffed his wings up. "Oooh! What type of magic?" he'd ask as he hopped down onto the ground next to Azure and inclined his hat-wearing head. "Can I seeee?" he'd ask as he tried to get a good look at the book! Ah yes, foals always seemed to get into things that they shouldn't, no? That wasn't to say Bygone already didn't own a few dark tomes.....

(15:31:56) Azure Rain rubbed a hoof along her foreleg as she rose the time again, the cover reading the title Pratical theories of portals. showing it to the little pegasus half hoping he wouldn't question her more about it more than he already was. "Just a simple magic tome see?"

(15:48:12) Bygone Specter nods some and stares at the tome Azure held. He hadn't read that one... Portals? The little changeling didn't have any experience with portals. "Why do ya want to learn about portals?" he'd ask with a flick of his tail. Wait....The only portal he could remeber reading about was... "You aren't gonna let the demons out of tartarus are you?! I don't want them to eat my brains! I like my brains!" he cried as his mind went faaaar off into left field.

(15:52:56) Azure Rain flinched and stepped back a few paces ears flattening against her mane. "T-tartarus!? o-ofcourse not you silly.." no not to Tartarus that was never the intention but perhaps to just catch a glimpse of the afterlife...
(15:56:18) Bygone Specter seemed to a complete reverse 180! "Oh.. Thats okay then." he'd say as he hopped to look at the book again.... "Anything I can do to help?" the little changeling offered, tail flicking back and forth almost like an excited puppy. He was very happy to help out anypony!

(16:01:18) Azure Rain thought for a moment, with the risk that such a spell could cause if handled improperly she wasn't too sure if she should involve her kindhearted young friend into this, if it backfired she wouldn't want Bygone in trouble. "Well the mana battery you made me was a huge help already, maybe you can help by standing by just incase?"

(16:04:18) Bygone Specter quirked his head and nodded, smiling happily when she said that the mana bettery was already a huge help! "Aww... okay! But if you need me to do something you only gotta ask!" Indeed... he'd done all manner of dangerous things just because his friends asked or mentioned wanting something... He hadn't encountered something he couldn't handle....yet.. He wast just lucky he had so many explosives...

(16:13:04) Azure Rain would never wish to harm anypony with her studies and wasn't planning on starting to do so now, she had fully charged her mana crystal in the morning guessing she would need a tremendous amount of energy to create a portal in the first place.

(16:14:56) Bygone Specter inclined his head. "Ummm... where are you going to open this... portal?" he was actually rather curious! It wasn't a demon portal at the least so all was somewhat well.... Oh! Perhaps it went to a land made of candy! Or no.. that was silly... Maybe somewhere with more ponies he could sell to since business wasn't that good anymore since most everypony in canterlot and ponyville knew his chaneling status.

(16:17:16) Azure Rain smiled fussing the foal's mane. "I think it best to try and open a portal like this outside in the gardens for safety reasons, if it goes wrong we atleast wouldn't damage the castle."

(16:20:53) Bygone Specter pouted and raised a hoof to brush back his messy mane. It didn't do much good though! "Outside would be best!!" Without any prompting he flapped his small wings and hopped right up on Azure's back! "You know where to go better than me!" he grinned wide.

(17:05:03) Azure Rain headed outside after placing Bygone on her back and headed for the back of the garden, once there she levitated the tome after placing By a safe distance away, reading the spell as her horn ignited in a golden glow channeling energy from her reserves a while before making ready to switch to the crystal.

(17:07:27) Bygone Specter was deposited off to the side in the garden and watched on with a curious mix of curiosity and concern as his friend cast the spell. Needless to say he was having a few... flashbacks... To a certain unicorn mare practicing a new spell in the Everfree only to skewer herself with her own spell! He stood and began to fidget, ears perking and falling while he watched....
(17:11:48) Azure Rain overcharged her horn for better chanelling as she read the words carefully putting more and more power into the spellcasting, soon the crystal around her neck began to drain rapidly as a tear in the very air infront of them began to crack open, her eyes shifting from the tome towards the opening gate as her pupils widened. "By Luna.."

(17:15:40) Bygone Specter blinked and inclined his head as the whole spectacle occured. Now... one thing about foals.. they can just hardly help but get involved! Before he could even realize he had he was already standing next to Azure looking at the tear. "Ooooooh... where does that go?" he'd ask with a curious expression! At least he hadn't just jumped right on in! [nearly rolled for that btw.]

(17:21:25) Azure Rain whispered softly, dread in her voice as her ears went flat stiffly against her skull. "To.. the Underworld Bygone.. g-get away before you're drawn in.." by the princesses what had she done? she felt more magical energy being drawn away as the portal settled more and felt a chill course through her body, looking through the portal filled her with a fear she couldn't comprehend.

(17:23:40) Bygone Specter made a rather amusing 'eep' wound as he said the word 'underworld' which to him translated into 'tartarus'. "Nooo! You said you weren't opening a portal to tartarus to let the demons inside eat my brains!" The little pegasus jumped right up on Azure's head and clung! "I don't want my brains to get eateeeeeeen!" [*once again resists urge to roll the 'bygone dives in' dice xD]

(17:32:26) Azure Rain suddenly had a changeling on her face and lost her control over the portal and the spell, chaotic surges of power bursting out of the rift as grass and wood near the gate simply started to age and die off, desperately she tried to shake Bygone off as she neighed loudly. "Bygone! get off me! I can't c-control it anymore like this!"

(17:42:06) Bygone Specter was tossed off by the neighing pony! And thankfully he didn't wind up flying into the portal. Now that would have been bad, yes? Then again the underworld might throw the crazy little bomber out on his rear in the end! Or he might conquer the underworld! Doubtful.... What actually happened was he landed flat on his face right next to Azure and groaned.
(17:45:19) Azure Rain grabbed Bygone in her telekinesis and forcefully teleported him a good distance away, she would never risk her young friend like that, then she turned back towards the rift and flattened her ears back again. "I only wanted a glimpse..." well Azure good going there filly you sure are getting that glimpse alright, now find help to close the cursed thing.

(17:50:28) Bygone Specter felt himself wind up wrapped in Azures telekinetic hold and forcefully teleported away! The little 'pegasus' hopped up and immediately looked back! This was the unicorn with the lance all over again this was! The little changeling all but ran back in the direction of Azure again. (If she teleported him away from the park area!) Once he was able he tried to get a good look at what was going on. He took his little wooden 'assistants' and stuffed them into his hat so they could go get his sentinels back at the cart via the hat-link!

(17:56:56) Azure Rain looked at the tear in the fabric between dimensions and swallowed she had not expected things to backfire, the plan had been simple open the portal look inside the realm of beyond, take notes then close the accursed thing again, yet now she had a problem of being nearly out of magical reserves and that encroaching entrophy crawling from the gate.

(18:16:41) Bygone Specter had a crazy idea... Why? Because he wasn't about to let something happen to Azure like that self-killing unicorn! There was a wee bit of panic in the streets as the crazy changeling's sentinels ran through and to the courtyard! Kinda happens when they both look like crudely carved timberwolves and were also about the same size. So larger than most ponies. Bygone slid into the courtyard and tripped, tumbling head over hooves a few times. However he hopped back up and shook his head. "I got iiiiit!" The first sentinel appeared at about that time, the second following along. "Get miss Azure away from it! Containment!" The little changeling caled as he started whipping crystals from the hat and scattered them in a circle. Once again he tripped and fell on his face in his haste but he only laid in that twitching pile for a moment or two as he sat up and grimmaced! Both the sentinels moved back in and stood around the circle as well! >>

(18:16:48) Bygone Specter: >>There was no Luna or anypony that could help; and he knew Azure was getting tired! With the crystals laid out he stomped his hooves down as the sentinels mirrored his movement spaced out on the circle as they were. "Aaaaaaand fire!" The array of crystals flashed bright and then the entire court yard with him and the portal were effectively frozen in time and covered by a shield! Now she could find and get help from somepony! Friend was safe...Worth it!!!-e-

(18:36:02) Discord Draconequus felt a disturbance in the force, and it really wasn't uncommon for him to appear where the twist of crooked magic twisted because it opened opprotunity for him to play and certain livened up a sunday afternoon. Stretching out the draconequus appeared amidst what appeared to be a picnic of mischief. "Now what do we have here?" He rolled about in the air before he twisted his body leaving his rump in teh air and his fore claws touching place on the ground. He would have thought the guards would have jumped on this, or even one of the princesses. Were the nost highny-esses out? Ooh~opprotunity knocked loudly.

(18:37:24) Bygone Specter is out still for now - soooo go ahead xD]
(18:43:28) Azure Rain saw Discord and gallopped over to him in sheer panic, dread falling off of her in waves to those sensitive to emotion as she nearly crashed into him. "discord discord! something went horribly wrong! I did some research and Bygone jumped on my head now a gate to the underworld is out of control and it encroaches andimsoscaredicantevenlookatitanymore!" shivering out of control she looked up at him with glassy eyes filled with terror.

(18:55:01) Discord Draconequus stared flatly on the mare. He blinked. "Whoa," He held up his claw, his paw keeping him upright. "Have you seen your mane?" She looked a mess. The mismatched mosnter folded his ears back and stared at the mare incredulously. "You ponies say I'm bad, but I never opened a tear to Tartarus..." Pfft though now that he thought about it that was a pretty awesome idea. "Now, what's this about an open portal out of control?" He scratched at his chest, floating off the ground, not at all flustered, somewhat amused.

(19:01:27) Azure Rain trembled and spun in a circle prancing on her hooves. "I had always been curious where ponies went after they left for the other side and with this mana battery I got for my birthday I saw an oppertunity to get a small glimpse of it by opening just a tiny rift for a few seconds, but in his fright Bygone jumped onto my head, I lost control and now negative energy is starting to seep out, but then Bygone did something and he seemingly froze time in that area."

(19:11:33) Discord Draconequus sighed and slumped a bit. "You ponies are mightly dangerous. You shouldn't be messing with things like that." He rolled his eyes and motioned paw. "Well showme where this rift is." Bygone would get into a mess like this. He was so proud! The spirit dropped to all fours to follow Azure. He was wondering what that strange feeling was,. He jsut thought he had gas! He could always feel a chaos storm in his bones!

(19:14:44) Azure Rain led Discord into the gardens and to the site of the rift which was frozen in time just the way she had left it, pointing at it with a hoof as she gave the draconequus anxious looks, a being with near omnipotent potential like Discord could fix this mess right? "T-there it is m-mister Discord."

(19:42:19) Discord Draconequus blinked and flew around the distorted space, scratching at his chin. Reaching out his egale's claw he pulled at the portal's edge, strethcing it like taffy. He curled his rump forward so his legs were raised toward the hole. "Hmm... it looks like you tore the edges. What did you do, you know the fabric of space and tiem is pretty sensetive." He scratched at his beard chin before dipping his head into the altered world to search for Bygone. He pulled the edge of the portal so his horns didn't hit the top of it as he peered through.

(19:46:06) Azure Rain could only sit down on her haunches and watch seeing as she lacked the energy to do anything about this and her ability paled in comparison to that of Discord or Luna. "I only wished for a look mister Discord.. I wanted to know if there really was something beyond death."

(19:47:44) Bygone Specter is still frozen in the stasis field around the portal. No fewer than fifty glowing gemstones marking the circle he and his timberwolf-like sentinels fueled! Dissy'd have to kill the stasis field before By'd even be aware of anything!

(20:11:23) Discord Draconequus folded his hears back at the mare and shrugged. "Why are you wondering about that, aren't you alive? You ponies really have too little time to wonder about such things." He slipped into the portal and toward the statis field, keeping off the ground. He scratched at his hind leg. "Man this place is itchy. I know just the cure." The spirit clutch a bottle of talcum powder in paw and dumped it over himself, inm turn dumping it all over the timberwolves. Whoops!

(20:17:25) Azure Rain nodded looking down a bit guilty she had just always dreaded there would be nothing at the end and just needed to know for certain, but now it didn't seem worth it, Discord had a point she was alive and she was happy, no sense worrying about such things. "You are right mister Discord..."

(18:14:45) Azure Rain curled up on the grass hiding her head inbetween her fore hooves and draped her tail along them in turn trying to hide, she didn't know how she had escaped the far too literal death trap but she vowed one thing to herself right at that moment, she would never attempt dangerous magic ever again, sobbing into her own chest as she squeeked out more cries for her maternal parent.

(18:23:48) Bygone Specter was reanimated the minute the barrier was torn! He hardly had enough time to pale and let out an 'eep' as the portal Azure had made spread that decaying stuff! It had already surrounded him by that point and it was the quick snatching from Luna that spared him from being caught! The two guardians 'died' the moment the barrier broke, collapsing into naught but twigs and carved wood as the magic in them drained out from being linked to the barrier. It took him a moment or two to realize he was floating. "Whaaaaa?!" he'd cry, squirming since he didn't have a good view of his rescuer though the magic was quite familiar! "Oooh Miss Luna!" he finally smiled wide before said smile fell and he squirmed to look for a certain unicorn. "Miss Azure opened a portal to somewhere that was supposed to be dead-y-y! But I thought it'd let out tartarus demons to eat my face! I got scared and then the portal started to do that wispy thing - and - and I tried to contain it so she could get help!"

(18:36:47) Discord Draconequus had certainly attempted to save by but since he could not get Bygone out of the bubble seal, he went in and sat there on all fours. His helpfulness was delayed by his distraction. This couldn't varyily be such a place. For it to be accessible to a wee pony? Nah. "You know this place looks familiar..." He scratched his chin beartd. "I think I took my third vacation here during my reign over Equestria." He waved his hand. "Pah, no matter. Now what was I suppsoed to be doing?" He was probably suppsoed to be getting Bygone out. He moved to reach for the foal and set him getnly atop his head. Hats on.

(18:57:01) Princess Luna was relieved to have Bygone safely in her grasp, and away from the strange portal. Its reaction to the barrier's fall had been.. alarming, and she didn't like the effect spreading from it. "It is I." The night ruler agreed, speaking for the first time since she'd come to deal with this issue. She spared the broken timberwolves a cursory glance, but for the mismatched claws reaching towards Bygone, she honored them with a scowl. "Ah, Discord!" Luna exclaimed, her expression grim as she made to snatch Bygone back and hopefully place him by Azure. "You are just the creature to help me. We need to contain this." It was a situation she was taking seriously, so it came to no surprise to those who knew her that she was all command and business.

(19:04:11) Azure Rain was a quivering mess as Bygone was placed by her staying curled up in a tight ball as she muttered softly. "It's alright it's alrigh.. it's al.. dead.. cold.. tired pretty.. m-mother..." then the mare giggled softly nuzzling her tail as wide glassy eyes regarded Bygone. "A-are you cold t-too? I-I'll stop y-your cold." and her horn flared brightly as she slipped into spellcasting.

(19:14:41) Bygone Specter flicked an ear and looked between both Luna and Discord now that he was free! He was first grabbed by Luna - then Dissy grabbed him! And now Luna took him again and set him by Azure. Yes! They could take care of whatever was in that portal! Bygone, however, turned his attention to what he considered the more pressing matter and smiled at Azure only for that smile to fall when he heard the muttering from Azure. The little 'pegasus' walked up and nudged the unicorn scribe. "I'm fine... everything will be fine! Dissy and Miss Luna are here!" he'd say as he warily eyed the spell that was being cast. She somewhat wasn't in her right mind; what would she do?

(19:23:42) Discord Draconequus slithered out of the portal, bah humbug. The ruiner of funsies has arrived... He seemed to slip from the dangerous portal with ease, floating just above it. His limbs dangled in front of him as he let out an exasperated, dramatic sigh. "Must we?" He pressed. "I mean Miss Azure here worked so hard on it." He would poof in a flash of white before reappearing behind the princess, grinning widely. "To toss away something so fun, I mean look at how cuddly all teh doombeasties look!"

(19:38:23) Princess Luna's frown deepened as Discord slithered further out of the portal, pouting all the way. "We must, for if we let it run rampant.. who knows what damage it will cause-.. Azure did this?" The dark alicorn's warning of impending doom came to a halt as Discord revealed who'd been behind it. She froze for just a moment in her surprise, but she quickly recovered and looked over at Azure. The poor unicorn seemed out of her mind, but Luna could probably snap her out of it. Something else, something Bygone had told her, occurred to her. "Azure!" Luna raised her voice. "To where does this portal lead? It is imperitive you tell us so I can close it!" About Discord's mention of 'doombeasties' she elected to ignore it, for looking into such a realm didn't bode well.

(19:45:30) Azure Rain flicked her ears and ceased spellcasting murmuring. "The underworld s-silly... s-sorry I must help that poor pegasus get w-warm and ease h-him on.." she then gazed at Bygone again restarting her spell, the poor dear had to be as cold and pained as she was she had to be merciful, her horn hummed and glowed golden, her eyes closing as she tried to find the spell in her terror addled mind.

(19:52:50) Bygone Specter let his ears fall flat as he listened to everypony speak. However he simply focused on Azure and stepped forward when the unicorn cast the spell to 'warm and ease him on'? The little pegasus had noooo idea what sort of danger he was in! "Miss Azure... snap out of it!" he'd say as he hugged the scribe! The demons of tartarus had her brains! Nooooooo! D= ~ The little changeling was going to cling and make it hard for her to do much more than talk! He was warm, right? She kept mentioning cold? He could help warm her up! Haha! (*snickers at silly Bygone xD)

(19:57:05) Discord Draconequus folded his ears back. Perhaps had he paid attention sooner he would have gotten here before the portal got too out of hoof, but he was making nachos for his flatmates. Rubbing his paw through his mane the spirit shrugged. "Oh don't be too hard on the little pony, you know curiosity and how it likes the nameless bonking of cats." he assured before sliiiding through the air and hung upside down so his face dangled in front of the princess. "My rump is getting a bit chilly out here plus..." he dnagled his tail tuft in front of Luna with what appearted to be an egg wrapped in the coils. "Cold can't be good for an egg. We should probably head inside. PLus." He pointed toward the portal as a gigantic spider monster skulked toward the portal. "Pretty sure the castle doesn't have an open door policy."

(20:15:56) Princess Luna's face darkened somewhat when Azure answered her. The underworld? That was what Azure had been trying to access? She had a few more questions to add to that list, but she currently had no patience for them. "Azure, cease your casting at once! There is no need for that." It was too bad she didn't have the proper time to deal with the unicorn, but at least Bygone was trying. As for Discord.. he was being no help at all, as usual. She scowled at him, and his egg, but she dropped the expression quickly. "We can retreat to the interior of the castle much quicker if you help me close this portal." Luna told him, trying for her best honeyed tone; albeit it probably sounded a little strained underneath. She ducked under the floating draconequus at his warning and sent a beam of magic through the portal, or tried to, in order to warn off that gigantic spider.

(20:20:35) Azure Rain actually listened to the order and ceased her casting, it had become far too tough to do with Bygone clinging to her as it was, now simply swaying her head as she looked between Luna and the portal. "Aw are you g-going to close it? b-but that poor spider is still in t-there, maybe it's cold too.."her dull coat atleast stayed even now instead of graying out more.

(20:29:01) Bygone Specter looked at Azure with a rather odd expression as she said 'that poor spider'. He looked at the portal and... that was no poor spider indeed! It was gigantic and... was that acid dripping from it?! Uuuuugh what?! "That is no poor spider! It'll eat our brains! Miss Lunaaa kill it with fire! I don't have magic!" He even tried to cast a spell from that currently hidden broken horn but only felt a splittign headache that made him whimper and cling to the somewhat woozy Azure all the more tighter! 

(20:50:27) Baokros There was a the magic...For the past year this foal had spent among his kind, who had taught him much about the nature of magic, and the true power of the Dark Side.[Sorry ><] With this knowledge and their help he had managed to capture two of the most elusive beings in the North, The Windigos, now under their command, serve to amplify their ice magic, a perfect pet he thought. And here and now they came with another quirk, the ability to sense magical anomalies and teleport to them, ounce a day. Yet this anomality had freaked them out, never felt something like this...since...well that day. The foal was curious, but conflicted...he wanted to see how Mom and Dad were doing, yet here is a new opportunity for adventure. "Alright Fin and Fey, let's go. TO ADVENTURE!!!" He yelled as he is teleported, the little foal having no idea what to expect or what he was getting himself into.

(20:53:48) Discord Draconequus leaned his head to the side as the spider's limb tried to take a stab at his head. "Oh you are such a party pooper!" He threw out his paws as Azure, behind him, seemed to struggle to close the portal. The spirit sprang toward the opening of time and space and other dohickies, a scarf around his neck and snowboots on his hind paws. Scuffling toward the magical mouth he moved to reach for it, to help out, but the sudden spring and spoing of an unknown teleporter distracted the spirit. The spider rushed passhed him, blowing his mane into disarray. "Well, I never!" He gripped the portal with his egale's claw and pulled it taught before pulling a 'thread' of fur from his tail tuft and began to sew the rip in the fabric of space, closed like it was a hole in a foal's stocking.

(21:04:02) Princess Luna's brow furrowed at the question uttered by her scribe and she could only nod her head. Azure had been addled, perhaps by the magic's toll on her, or the horrors she'd seen within.. or both. Once she regained her wits, later on, she'd have to give her a stern talking to about messing with magic she didn't understand.. For now.. "Fear not, Bygone, that beast will not enter this realm." The princess tried to speak as soothingly as she could, even though her nerves were frayed somewhat by frustration. Luna would use her magic to try to keep the spider at bay, as Discord finally decided to help. But while they were working on fixing one problem, something else came out of the blue- literally. She didn't see what it was, only a blur, but that was to be tended to after the portal was closed, no?

(21:09:22) Azure Rain as Discord started to seal the rift the addled unicorn would suddenly shudder, then slumped on her side as if a plug had been pulled mane and coat graying out a little more while the changeling clinging to her could feel a subtle drop in temperature, finally she had been cut off from the entrophic effect of the gate and the drain took it's toll, breath slowing to intevals.

(21:16:18) Bygone Specter eeped at the sudden change with Azure as she slumped and just about fell right on top of him. "Miss Lunaaaa! I think something is wrong!" he'd call as he scrambled out from under the rather cold mare... Oh no, did she try to kill herself?! The little changeling was up and starting to pace as he ducked and poked at Azure! "Why do almost all of the ponies I know do this type of stuff to themself?!" he'd whine as he sagged to the ground and thunked his head agaisnt said ground.

(21:31:07) Baokros Teleportation was@a nightmare, it was nauseating, and being magically connected with wind spirits made it much worst for the little blue foal could feel what the Windigos felt, and it was nothing but rage. Even after the portal was sealed. They looked very angry and he did not know what to think. But as soon as the vision came to view, he notices the gathering of familiar and unfamiliar ponies around. His ears perked as he noticed Luna, who seemed quite agitated, and Discord who seemed to be enjoying something. Before he could speak to say hello the enraged screams of the Windigos demanded their attention. His ears flattened as he heard them, before seeing the familiar face of Bygone, as soon as he was about to call out to his one of his best of friends, he notices the sad look upon their faces, and thought. Maybe something bad had happened.

(21:40:49) Discord Draconequus sewed up the hole in space and turned aroudn to talk bout found hsi tail stuck against the newly closed thear. "I --..." He tugged his tail back to him, egg safely curled around. "I would suggest we not dally any longer." Whatever zipped out, was no longer in sight. The spirit's paws folded behind his back. "I don't think Miss Azure will last much longer as such." he put his claws to his chin as if hinting at something mroe dire than it seemed. A bit of drained mana could be bad, but dealing with such questionable gateways, was worse. "It seems you've got a foal epedemic here princess." With Azure dabbling in strange magic, and Bygone's own paast troubles, now there were wee blue foals scampering out of teleport spells! The spirit was as harmingly vauge as usual. When he felt like it he would say what he wanted to say, or until someone figuredi t out months later.

(21:49:51) Princess Luna barely looked around once the portal had closed to spy a blue foal nearby.. and Wendigos? Wendigos were the last creatures they needed to deal with, next to a monstrous spider from the underworld! The whole situation made her feel like groaning aloud, but like any proper princess, she kept her facade steely. She was thankfully distracted from the complex problems at hand when Bygone cried out for her- something was wrong with Azure. That she could deal with. Luna rushed over and bent over Azure to check on her, frowning. "Indeed," Luna agreed with Discord, "we should get her to the healers, they may know how to aid her." She stated and levitated the unicorn out of the freezing snow. Luna turned back to the others and dropped one wing around Bygone to sooth him. "Perhaps we should go inside, but first.. Young foal, who are you and why do you consort with Wendigoes?"

(22:04:34) Bygone Specter was wound up tighter than a spring! He'd come out here with Azure to watch her open up this portal and then... Everything went so, so wrong! He never even noticed that one of the creatures escaped to... Oh well... The fidgeting foal watched as Luna looked after Azure with ears laid back. He'd already lost his two wooden guardians.. and he was doing rathe good to hold back that pain! He wanted to help! Then again he kept gettting himself in dangerous situations because he wanted to help. His ears perked and he glanced to the wing that was dropped around him. The little foal huddled silently into the wing's comfort... silent at least until he noticed the new addition to their midst! "Hi Bao." He tried to force cheer into the greeting but utterly failed!

(22:11:50) Baokros They were angry they were, but the rage was not directed towards the ponies, nor the Draconequs, it was directed towards something else, something they couldn't see nor hear, if only he could understand their thoughts in a more complex manner@and not in a remote insignificant way. "Uhh@who am I? I am Bao." He said looking at the Princess of the Night with a curious glance, he could have sworn they met before@or maybe they haven't. "I am one of Bygone's friends. Hi By!!" He said as he took a step closer, noticing the pony that had collapsed noticing familiar signs, a drop in body temperature that's for certain. "Oh dear@that looks really bad." He said@understatement of the century right there. Before stopping, he best clear as to why he has two Windigos with him. "Uhmm this are Fin and Fey. They are my pets@but I've never seen them so angry before@yet they took me here, as this was the cause of their anger@.What happened here?"

(22:19:07) Discord Draconequus motioned his claws. "Come no ponies, in you go." He seemed to be ushering them for a reason. "No need to mind the little black box." He floated over Azure and would attempt to pick her up to take her inside. What was he up to? Or was he just intent to help? Making heads or tails of Discord's thinking was impossible, but one thing was clear: he never did anything without a reason.

(22:23:27) Princess Luna looked briefly puzzled by the giving of the blue foal's name- had she heard it before? She couldn't remember. There had been so much on her mind.. some things were hard to keep track of. "Oh, I see. As long as they remain friendly.. I am sure they will be fine, but as to what happened.. My scribe seems to have attempted to open a portal to the underworld, and a monstrous spider escaped before we could close it in time." Luna frowned briefly as she explained this and started forward at Discord's ushering. When he came forward to take Azure from her, she gave him a considering glance. "Take her to the infirmary, and alert the healers. They will look after her." She ordered as she relented, and levitated Azure's unconscious form towards the draconequus. "Now.. shall we get out of the cold?"

(22:32:14) Bygone Specter looked towards the unicorn scribe with concern only to look back at Bao and incline his head at the wendigo duo. And ponies said having a baby hydra for a pet was dangerous! Haha! If Discord took Azure away to the infirmary it was more than likely that Bygone would stick rather close to the night princess's side. At least she didn't have a giant hole through her like the last unicorn to 'test' something! The little changeling's ears fell and his feathery wings fluffed up some only to settle back down. he hoped his friend was okay! It was bad enough he lost two 'friends' already just minutes before! Sure they were just magical constructs he'd animated but they were still important to him! He hated having to sacrifice them like that....But - Miss Azure was alive, right?! His ears fell flat.

(22:34:54) Baokros Stared at Luna and then at Discord, as the princess spoke he wondered before watching his two Windigos. Is that what's got you two so worried? A spider? He thought. Before he nods his head in agreement to the idea of going inside. "I agree, and give them some hot Chocolate maybe some hotcakes." He said as he notices that the Windigos had changed from being angry to becoming more agitated...was that spider really that important. He shrugged. "Okay...I think you two should rest. You worry me..." Raising his head a little, the two Windigos were dragged back into his being. "Ahhhh...brain freeze..." He may love the snow...and the cold...but he hated Brain Freeze.
(22:42:23) Discord Draconequus carried Azure to the infirm and after the nurses got over the fact that he, a grand celebraty, graced them with hispresence, he would leave her to be tended to. "You might wwant to consider stocing up on antihistamines!" He laughed nad floated off. What did he meant by that?! Sneak sneak. From above the others a shadow crawled toward Bygone, in a not so sneaky manner. Scrit scrit went the claws and stick stick went the spider's net as
(23:04:47) Princess Luna watched the little blue foal with interest as he looked up at his two, icy companions. Either her frustration was making her crazy.. or he seemed to be silently communicating with the two spirits. What only made the situation weirder was when Bao eventually absorbed the two Windigoes. Luna stared for a moment and shook her head as though to clear it of something. What a weird night this was turning out to be already! At least she was saved from further confusion by a very alien chitter and scritch of sound from above. The spider! Luna twitched a wing around Bygone protectively and fired a bolt of magic at it.

(23:11:58) Bygone Specter stares somewhat blankly as Bao... absorbed the wendigo? Then again he'd seen stranger? Maybe? Yes? Kinda - sorta? Probably not, but even still the little changeling inclined his head and shrugged. His ear perked at the sound of the spider moving and made an 'eep' wound as his reflexively cast spell caused a small 'puff' of smoke form where his broken horn would be! He all but hid behind the offered wing while his ears fell flat! "Burn iiiiit!" he yelped as he tried to duck onto the other side of Luna so she didn't have to deal with him being between her and the accursed thing!

(23:18:14) Baokros Shakes his head a little bit as he recovered from the brain freeze, in doing so he had failed to notice that the thing that had escaped had climbed its way to the ceiling. "Ahhhh that's ugly." He said as he levitated a large piece of snow and using magical manipulation he turns it into a giant icicle, launching it towards that monster spider thing. "Stay away from my best friend you..." If only Fluttershy were here to reprimend them on the treatment the poor spider was getting.

(23:21:23) Discord Draconequus peeked out the door and pursed his lips. Oh, they found it already." The spider skee'd when nogging blasted by Luna, but that wasn't enough to deter the doombeastie! Throwing up its spindly legs it held out a web net of silk and moved to launch toward the princess (well she did blast her in the face, rood). "Careful now! Spiders bite!" He grasped his claws to mimic gnashing fangs.

(23:35:37) Princess Luna squinted up at the eight-legged monster from the underworld, her nose wrinkling a little in a grimace. She'd have to agree with the colt, it was indeed ugly. "It does not belong in this world of light." The moonbringer intoned sternly as way of response, and her only response; the beast left her no chance to talk further, should she have wanted to. All she could do now was react to its sudden lunge with the web, unfazed by Bao's icicle. Luna summoned forth a spell of flame that she released from her horn like dragon's breath. "Children, inside!" Luna commanded, hoping to keep the thing's attention. Discord, as usual, she could hear joking from the sidelines.
(23:38:17) Princess Luna: [small headcanon: celestia and luna could be represented by their matching elements of fire and water, and are probably better at their matching element in spells]

(23:58:26) Bygone Specter flicked an ear and watched as the spider was hit with a spell that... didn't seem to phase it more than knocking it back! The little Changeling fumble with his hat as he backed away, turned.... and tripped! "Gah! He landed on his front as his hat bounced away, glowing marbles scattering from said hat! Uh-oh! He'd have to pick up all those explosive marbles! "Dont' step on them!" he'd cry as he scrambled to try to pick up the marbles that were rolling away from his hooves. Yeah... stepping on one was a very bad thing to do!

(00:03:11) Baokros Whines "Awww I still cannot make that sharp enough or fast enough." It probably felt like a pebble or a stick or something to the spider...the Windigos would have done better. Running towards Bygone, as Luna gave her command. But stopping suddenly as he sees Bygone tripping over, and spilling a whole bunch of glowy marbles. Cooool he should ask to play with them latter, but no time for that, big spiders eat foals. Avoiding stepping on them as Bygone says he should avoid. He goes around them to try and help By and get inside as they were told to do.

(00:11:07) Discord Draconequus motioned to the foals as he stood at hte door. Were they to get clsoe enough he would drag them inside. The icicle, was jumped over, with luck, but the fireflame pain not so much. With a scream it threw its web new up and flailed around like it was dancing a jig. It shrieked and ran in circles, but where would it go? It had no where to go since they sealed its only path "home". Discord pursed is lips, snapping hsi claws as the net would dissappear.

(00:19:29) Princess Luna could hear yelling from Bygone's direction, something about not stepping on 'them.' She didn't spare the colts a glance as they scrambled about in her peripheral- all of her focus was on the spider. Her flame spell seemed to work well enough to harm it, and it now ran about in a panic. Tempted was she to kill it and put it out of its misery.. for sending it back wasn't an option. She definitely wasn't going to chance reopening the portal, either. Luna gritted her teeth. "Should I kill it?" Might as well seek opinions yeah?

(00:24:16) Bygone Specter managed to catch the rest of his marbles with Bao's help. None exploded, thankfully! At least he thought he had them all... He stood up and scampered with Bao to Discord and the safe interior of the castle. However, just as Bygone entered he skidded to a stop and peeked out of the castle from behind Dissy. He didn't want to leave Miss Luna with the spider! Sure she could handle it but... it was a dangerous giant spider thing! Uuugh... He'd like to see it burn in fire, but he couldn't have everything he wanted, right?

(00:44:35) Discord Draconequus peeked his head out. Great. Now he had to do SOMETHING to get rid of it. She groaned a bit and clapped his claws together, a rather crudge cage apeparing aroudn the spirder who passed out from fear. The spirit laughed softly, in a tasing manner. "Having trouble deciding what to do with an enemy princess? Hesitation can lead to troubel you know~"

(01:11:42) Princess Luna's nostrils flared briefly and she turned to look at Discord once he'd placed a cage around the spider. "There are children present." She pointed out. "I would have struck it dead, and happily, but I would not want to scar them or anypony else." That was her reasoning, at least, and an effort to brush aside Discord's teasing. She flicked her whispy tail and retreated towards the castle; now that the spider was temporarily dealt with, she need not worry about it. For the time being, anyway. "I may retreat to my quarters to allow myself a moment's relief, if you two do not mind." Luna stated as she stepped into the warmth of the hallway, and shut the door to the outside behind her.

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12/20/2015; Dem Portals

(21:13:25) Bygone Specter was sitting in his cart this day doing something...rather dangerous. What would happen if he conciously focused the chaos in his core into a crystal! Haha! Chaos bombs? Maybe they'd be fun prank material? He wasn't so sure about that though. He pushed the magic into the crystal and... uh-oh.. It was glowing... And flashing... and growing flowers? He stared at the crystal only for it to explode and with a 'eep' he was abruptly gone from inside his cart! Where did he go? Well... The little changeling currently in pegasus form was arching high in the sky of the chaos realm before he met the door of a particular Draconequus's house with his face, causing a loud 'thud'.

(21:25:45) Discord Draconequus was sitting on his couch in the Chaos Reakn, It was a twisted, undefined hobble of opposites. What was up, usually wasn't. Floating pieces of islands were connected to twisted roads of gold and trees bore fruits of bird eggs while from the nests of birds grew apples. He was lounged on his couch watching a new DVD with teh couch potatoes, sipping on some milk from a crazy straw. On his head sat a bowl of cheese sauce and curled in his tail the egg. The chip bowl sat on his left hind paw, the right controlling the volume as the thunk hit his door. He vanished from his spot, leaving the bowl nad remote to float, as he hovered toward the door. "The mailpony is early today." He pulled open the door, arching a brow.

(21:36:41) Bygone Specter was laid out on Discord's porch with his hat squished nearly flat once again. "Owwwww..." He'd groan as he rolled onto his back and looked up at the Draconequus with the raised eyebrow. "Oh... Hi Mister Dissy... When did you get here?" she'd ask with a mild concussion! The little changeling kept messing with dangerous stuff! At least it was all in good fun though, yes?! Long as nopony got hurt....Inside the building the 'couch potatoes' were all hiding from the strange voice on the other side of the couch!

(21:50:06) Discord Draconequus arched a brow. "Oh, well I got here months ago." He flatly stated. "Question is -- what are you doing on my porch. Unless you're selling cookies." he turned his head summoning his wallet to his pawgrinning. "I'll take all your Samoas." Clearly Discord knew that was not why was here, but that was the million bit question now wasn't it? His ears flicked forward as he moved to levitate teh foal to his hooves.

(21:52:53) Bygone Specter blinked up at the Draconequus and found himself being levitated to his hooves. He looked around and couldn't help but appreciate the charming nature of the place! "Hmm... I don't have any Samoas, but I have plenty of pickle-nut." he'd retort back with an amused tone of voice only for his expression to turn pensive. "I think I blew myself up again.... With a chaos infused crystal this time.... But how did that put me here?! Wherever here is!" he asked as he tuned and looked around.

(22:04:00) Discord Draconequus hovred over him. "Ooh those pickled-nuts might go good with the chili!" What chili? Oh the one to suddenly appear on the upside down coffee table. "Well --- probably shouldn't blow up chaos, it's unstable enough without you doing that." He laughed as his paws came to his belly. "Looks like you teleported t my front door!" He was impressed. It wasn't easy to teleport here. Sure plenty easy to take stuff out -- bur bringing stuff in was a game of chance. He turned, putting his paw over his muzzle. "Hey any room on the couch? We're having one more for nachos!"

(22:06:27) Bygone Specter: The only reply to Discod's query in the house was a quiet "B'kaw" from the lead cockatrice whom was still wearing his glasses as well as the outlandishly horrible neon pink poncho. "Oooh.. perhaps! I like nachos!" he'd say as he bounced in place a little. Once it was almost like he was going to float off but he mimed swimming and made it back to the ground. What a strange place! He liked it! "Sooooo... This where you live?" Admittedly the little changeling was curious.

(22:11:50) Discord Draconequus laughed. "Come in come in, meet my loftmates!" He would move to pick up the foal and lob him on the couch like a doll. The spirit floated in and closed the door which vanished when they were inside -- weird. The tv was playing some strange movie about traveling pants, but the coffee table sat nacho cheese, chips and meat chili, yum. It was movie night! The spirit floated up with the dvd's box grinning. "This is my little brother Bygone, does an old spirit's heart proud. He's finalyl teleported into the heart of chaos! That means we can have a block party! Invite all teh anomolies!"

(22:24:13) Bygone Specter eeped as he was picked up and then et out a cry as he was thrown! However he hit a soft couch and bounced against it. By quickly found himself assailed by a group of curious gaudy cockatrice! All of them weren't trying to petrify him thankfully, but he remembered the oddly dressed cockatrice. "D-Dissy... They aren't gonna get me stoned again... a-are they?" he'd ask as he looked between the group and the Draconequus with a really nervous look. He was willing to give them a chance but the DID stone him... twice... He recognized those glasses....

(22:33:56) Discord Draconequus inspected the DVD curiously before inserting it into the player, changing movies. "Eh? I don't know." He squeezed himself a spot on the couch and kicked out his kegs. "Movie night is kinda important, but if you rather be turned to stone -- I suppose..." He scratched at his beared curiously before setting more snacks out, more like apeparing mroe snacks out, on the upside down coffee table.

(22:44:48) Bygone Specter eeps and hops on the other side of the Draconequus. "I don't wanna be stoned!" he'd say as he hid! The little changeling found the Cockatrice to be rather funny....but getting turned to stone wasnt funny! It sucked! He cracked his horn that way. Then again it didn't matter now since the horn was outright broken, but....Yeah! He settled down and glanced at the Television... Odd thing that was!

(22:59:07) Discord Draconequus laughs. "Than we'll watch movies tonight. Though it's probably not a good idea you sleep over." He wiggled his clawed foot and grabs the remote. "While me and the cockatrice have mismatched parts, I don't think you growing a lizard t ail would suit ya!" He cackled as if to insinuate staying in teh realm would twist you. "But enough of that! What brings you to the neighborhood? It seems you are quite good at causing mischief even in my absence!"

(23:03:54) Bygone Specter inclines his head. "A lizard's tail? Would probably be rather cool actually.... I could probably shapeshift it away." he'd cheekily say as he stared up at his 'big brother' as he smiled some. "oh! Well... I wondered what would happen if I infused chaos from my core into a crystal instead of my regular magic! Just to see what happened. I kinda wanted to make chaos bombs... How fun those would be..." he frowned some at the lost opportunity... "However the crystal just exploded and threw me here!" he finished with a wide smile. This was a good enough consolation prize! This was where Mister Dissy lived! Plus the magic in here... Oh yes, he could taste the chaos magic in the air. It made the chaos core feel warm in his chest. (and it was, of course, glowing!)

(23:11:52) Discord Draconequus snorted. "As if, shapeshifting isn't something anypony can just do!It takes years and years of altering reality!" He had a license apepar with his bothed photo ID where only half his face got photograph and his basic information. Age: Uncertain, Feather Color: Brown, among other mundane draconequus attributes. "I am a lisenced bender of time and reality!" Such proud, many space. Wow. He snatched hsi card from the air letting it vanish. "Plus you shouldn't reach so high or you may get stuck in the first form you choose." he grinned.

(23:28:40) Bygone Specter stares flatly at Discord. "I'm a..changeling partially made with your chaos...." he'd say as he flatly stared at the Draconequus.. If there was one thing he would be able to do it was basic shapeshifting. Sure he couldn't do anything drastic but still! The little changeling looked back towards the television and couldn't help but snort. "If only.. " he hummed and rest his head down on his forelegs. Before he'd wished that he'd get stuck in his pony form! Then again that was because his changeling form used to hurt to be in, but... He was fine now. So he didn't mind whatever form he took....

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12/24/2015; Celebrity Impersonator

(22:54:03) Bygone Specter was for once not trying to get up to any sort of mischief... intentionally.. What was the little changeling doing? Well; he had decided that he wanted to test his changing prowess! That is what led him to taking the form of a tiny dragon like creature. Something he'd seen once while traveling... how long ago? If he recalled it might have been somepony's pet. But the little creature was sitting literally inside his hat and using it as just some place to relax. The reptilian tail this creature had was strange.... But bah, he was fine! He sported the same coloration as his unicorn form. Mostly cream with green and red stripes on the fins that could count as a mane. Oooh... could he breathe fire in this form? Probably not, but... wouldn't that be SO cool! He was too lazy to try, though.... Then again he had no idea how dragon-like creatures managed to do such a thing....

(23:09:26) Discord Draconequus was a bit of a troll -- oh who are we kidding: a huge troll, and stalked Bygone. "What's this? I guess you realy can shapeshift. To think you're only a wee changeling." Ah, did Discord knew when he was in different forms? Of course. He wouldn't be the spirit of disharmony otherwise! He vanished, only to rematyerialize on the ground in front of him with a sthetescope and pressed the cold listener to Bygone's skull.

(23:17:38) Bygone Specter was startled by the sudden voice of Discord ringing out through the dark forest! The little creature gave quite a bit of a start and then just stared up at Discord when the draconequus placed a stethoscope upon his head. The listener nearly being as big as this little form's head! He pulled back and gave Discord a flat look along with an amused 'squeak' of sorts. The form was quickly covered with the signature green fire before once again a changeling foal was sitting there! "I told you I could." he playfully stuck his tongue out!

(23:35:18) Discord Draconequus let the inspection tool vanished as he shrugged. "Well that's no good if you little ones can change your shape so easily. You know that puts me in a spot!" He assure,d but what did he mean? "Such a skill-- you know how many pranks you can incur?" Really!The nerve of it! He was the prank king! Of course the spirit really wasn't going to let the idea not settle and seed itslef in Bygone's head. That way it was his idea.

(23:43:02) Bygone Specter stared up at Discord and then his head tilted some. "True.. I have played a few pranks on some ponies using my shapeshifting... But... It is just SO much more fun to get away with a prank in my unicorn form." he'd say with a kilowatt smile and a flick of his tail which had, frustratedly, actually not turned back into that of a pony like the rest of him had! He turned his head and glared at the offending limb and the tail changed back into that of a pony quick enough. "I'm a bit... rusty with other forms though." he admitted with a lowering of his ears.

(23:46:05) Discord Draconequus rubbed his claws together. "Could you perhaps...imitate something bigger?" He wondered. Oh yes Discord had plans for he was the crowned glory of mischief and the bonafide king of pranks. Lowering himslef a bit he grinned back at Bygone. He needed the wee foal's help to get his plan off the ground. But he woud explain it to him soon enough!

(23:50:39) Bygone Specter stared at Discord and furrowed his brow. "Just.... How big?' he asked as he looked up at the Draconequus. He was willing to give it a try for his friend! But he did know that the larger the being the more tired changelings started to get holding the form for a large period of time. Theoretically... But he'd never really tried it. Perhaps he could! He'd do anything for his friends which included mister Dissy!

(23:53:46) Discord Draconequus's lips curled up into a grin. "Well... How about me?" He pointed to his face. I mean I come in all sizes, but this one." He was rather -- large. Compared to most ponies he was exceptionally intimidating. Not in size, for a manticore easily out muscled him, but he was tall and covered in sharp claws and spines.

(00:04:08) Bygone Specter owlishly blinked up at Discord and frowned some. "I... m-maybe." he'd say as he looked up at the Draconequus. "Perhaps... I could use some of my crystals to amplify my magic enough to be able to hold the form." he'd say with an unsure look. "Or... maybe my c-chaos core could help." he was wholly unsure whether or not he COULD hold Discord's form! It was particularly unique after all!

(00:20:41) Discord Draconequus hmmed. Bygone didn't seem all that confident he could do it. "Alright, how about... Princess Luna?" He mused. "You've seen her the other day right?" He reembered that and it was amusing. Luna was pretty spoopy, but it only made it funnier that Bygone was scared of one of the more harmless ponies in the realm -- well at least to him – sometimes.

(00:25:11) Bygone Specter twitched as the geas pumped some of that fear infused magic into him. "I-I probably could transform into Luna for a time... But what about you? Changing into you might be fun." he'd try to steer the form decision into something that wasn't causing the geas in his head to writhe. It didn't torment him so much when near Luna anymore, but the idea of 'changing' into one of the alicorn made it try to cause the little changelign trouble! "She might get mad at me to..." he didn't want any of his friends to be mad at him! He cherished each and every friend he had!

(00:48:44) Discord Draconequus pats Bygone's shoulder. "No, no. It would help me so super much if you could do that for me,. See I havea great idea..." He movedt o pull Bygoen clsoer. "Luna is always super busy, important, you know? Sometimes she needs to be around Equestria making perosnal apeparances. But alas the sad life of a princess!"

(00:49:24) Discord Draconequus held out his paw to have a cage appear with a mini Luna figurerine inside. "Princess are caged up with littel freedom. If the princess say..." The cage vanished. "Were to promote our little cookout-- we can get many more friend to come together, faster."
(00:58:38) Bygone Specter flicked an ear and hummed... That was a nice idea... And he didn't want to disappoint Discord to! But... Was it right to impersonate Miss Luna? His ears perked and fell a few times before the little changeling stared at the imprisoned Luna figurine. The sight made his ears fall... He didn't like to see a creature in such a state! Was Luna really caged in such a manner! His ears fell and he looked up at Discord. He wouldn't steer him wrong, right? "I.. perhaps I could...I-If she wont be mad..." he stated as he looked at the Draconequus hesitantly.

(01:17:36) Discord Draconequus pressed his paws together before placing one over his heart. "No, no. Worry not. I bet she would even be happy that you helped her out like this!" No she maybe won't be -- probably. But it was always fun to poke Luna's buttons. "Plus we'll be helping the chicken gang! And me! We gotta show ponies we aren't at all scary and jsut want to help!" Plus it was annoying watching them always scared of him. You can't very well prank people who didn't at least stand still for it!

(01:31:25) Bygone Specter nodded and seemed to almost instantly relax when Discord reassured him that she woudn't be angry! He could easily trust big brother Discord yes?! "Okay then... Let me try it." he'd say as he tried to think back to the appearance of Miss Luna! Everything seemed to go well as the green fire covered him... But then again... Now he was quite literally a Mini-Luna! Exactly like the alicorn but still Bygone's small foal size! Likely infinitely adorable much to the changeling's likely chargrin. "Darn! I'll get it!" He'd actually say with Luna's voice....He was a changeling 'foal' that didn't change into much beside his pony forms so it would take a little work! He wasn't as practiced as an adult changeling!

(01:46:57) Discord Draconequus blinked a moment before his foreclaws fell over his belly and he whipped back with laughter. The draconequus fell onto his back, legs kicking in the air as he bellowed with laughter. "Puahahaha!" He rolled about before sitting up with his claw on his belly. He wiped a tear from his eye. "Ahh no we cna use this! If we stand you reallllly far away... they won't be able to tell!"

(01:54:30) Bygone Specter gave Discord an odd look that would not have been entirely out of place on the real Luna's face even if it was all Bygone still. "Riiiiiiight... And I suppose nopony would notice the fact that the props around said fake princess appear to be gigantic in scale..." the 'mini-Luna' said with a rather prominent frown as he looked at the laughing Draconequus with a shake of his head. Now... Size... how did he increase size! Gah, why was changing so frustrating at times! 'Think Bygone! You do use an adult pegasus form to fly with!'

(02:20:04) Discord Draconequus began to cackle again as his paws came to his stomach. "Well you can always pass yourself off as..." He snerked into his claw. "As little woona." He broke out in uproars laughter befitting the lord of chaos. He righted himself up. "Why not try agian, I mean the fate of all of us sit with you." He pointed to Bygone. 'Think of all the ponies we can make friends with..."

(02:29:18) Bygone Specter dead-paned at Discord and let out a sigh. The draconequus was having far - far too much fun at the expense of this botched change! And then DIscord righted himself and suggested trying once again a-and then... The little changeling gulped in his mini-princessly disguise. Discord was laying it on thick - What with saying that the fate of all of them sat with him! The little changeling looked bound and determined to get it right. He dare not let down Dissy... and the chickens, even! They were a fun group once one got past the 'stoning' stare. Discord even mentioned making more friends! He wanted more friends! Bygone/Mini-Luna's eyes screwed shut and there was another flash of green fire. This time, thankfully, he succeeded! "I did it!" With a wide grin that was quite out of place on Luna's features the changeling tried to move only to face-plant into the ground as his sense of balance went screwy due to the change in size.

(02:37:08) Discord Draconequus snorted, putting his paw over his muzzle. "Well, well..." He flaoted around Bygone inspecting his shift. It was almost flawless... And since he would be in the same area, he wouldn't be troubled with people claming it was him. It would all turn out perfectly. He jumped with joy, remaining in the air. "Ahahhaha! Yes!" He vanished and rematerialized behind the Luna. "With this, we can solve all our problems!"

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12/26/2015; Hide-and-Seek

(16:48:12) Discord Draconequus was admiring the tree. He had to say the event went on without a hitch. He was proud. With a scarf around his neck and his plain saddlebag over his back the unicorn looked really pleased with the tree. While in this form he took on the aspect of a pony, in the sense that he was, overall, not as troubling as he was in his true state. That was, simply due, to the fact he was playing a game -- a very deceptive game.

(16:50:40) Luminescent Wish was for some unknown reason in the rustic little village of Ponyville again, her last visit had ended awkwardly with that exploding changeling and all and for some reason Ponyville being the magnet for disasters it was always gave her an uncomfy feeling.

(16:56:37) Bygone Specter was once again back to stalki - uh, no... - watching the pony named strife! He had an inkling of what the problem was, now, and he was bound and determined to find some sort of link between the pony and Dissy if he could! Perhaps it was Dissy running around as a pony? Not the most outlandish thing the draconequus could do! Thus he was once again back in his spy gear even as Strife was admiring the large ornament-laden tree. He shifted to try to get a better view only to 'eep' as one of hte ornaments topled right off! Crap! He didn't have magic to stop it! All he could do was helplessly watch as the ornament dropped as he ducked back into the tree and tried to get another good view of the pony. Yes... Bygone and his little figures were back into spy mode... It was something that could distract himself from the portal incident, yes? That flash of inspiration was born from when he saw Strife walking about town!

(17:08:35) Discord Draconequus slowly stepped toward the tree only for his ears to prick at strange movement. With a startled few steps back, his "horn magic" shifting to pull his puzzle book in front of him, the ornament dropped without cause on his part. Really? Did things just happen when he was about? His short, raggedly combed tail gave a flick. It was not long nor as majestic as other ponies. It was a bit short and ungroomed. As for his magic it certainly seemed like normal magic. No definition of pony or not, but there were levels of magic that ordinary unicorns could do, and stronger ones could. His ears swiveled forward as he looked up the tree. Were their birds nesting?

(17:13:03) Luminescent Wish sighed as she headed towards a more central part of Ponyville's centre and amplified her voice with magic. "Citizens of Ponyville I am here today with the Unicorn Temple's blessing to once again give you free healing and advice for those ponies who can not afford expensive medical treatment right now, with hearth warming's eve in mind I myself shall pay for treatments!"

(17:21:02) Bygone Specter hid inside the tree for a while longer. No... There were no nesting birds.. just a little pegasus spy! He waited and then started to peek out once again whenever the magically amplified voice of Lumi suddenly rang out! The little pegasus near jumped out of his fur (and feathers) and found his head impacting a branch with a 'thud'! The stunned changeling's hooves then slipped off of the branch he previously had been standing on! The tree shook with several more baubles likely falling off as the failure of a spy fell from branch to branch down the tree with quiet 'oomphs' and 'eeps' all the way down. Soon enough he fell with a thud onto the ground below said tree with a quiet whine. By the sun that hurt... But at least nothing was broken!

(17:28:23) Discord Draconequus levitated a cupcake from his saddlebag and took a munch from it as the voice pelled through the streets. "You know some ponies sleep in after Hearth Warming festivities..." He blatantly accused at the exhuberent cries of the healer. His red eyes rolled toward the tree again as it rattled. It was like ther was a trio of sickle weasals fighting in there... Uh-huh. He turned to look back to Luminesence. He was an unfamilair pony, but at the same time there was familiarity....

(17:33:01) Luminescent Wish looked back at Strife and perked her ears. "I am so very sorry if my services at this hour upset you good gentlestallion but I know that there are many that suffer and I mean to help th.." then she looked at the tree as commotion came from the ornament laden thing, eyes going wide as soon as Bygone came into view under the tree. "By Celestia are you alright little Bygone?"

(17:37:35) Discord Draconequus really had to resist cackling so took another bite of cupcake. This time it was blueberry cake with vanilla frosting. "Yes well it is too early to be visited by a nurse pony." He mused, paying no mind to Bygone for a moment. Wiggling his snoot before licking a stripe of frosting off he looked to Luminescent once more. "Perhaps you spooked that little hatchling out of the tree with your early morning calls. Probably should carry it back up before the mother notices." In one side he carried his cupcake, the other his puzzle book which seemed to be folded open to a partricular page.

(17:41:36) Bygone Specter quickly sat up and stood, his wings fluffing up in embarrassment and then falling flat as he realized that his cover was blown. "Uuuuuuuh... Yeah! I'm fine! I'm tougher than most ponies." he'd say as he quickly shook his head. The changeling had to surpress a near visible wince at the comment from the pony he was watching... Parental terms always did have that effect... It wasn't like he had either! [meh – short]

(17:48:49) Luminescent Wish looked more closely at Bygone and frowned, as usual seeing straight through his disguise due to her natural talent and frowned. "What in Equestria? you.. Bygone you come here right now young colt." oh yes the unicorn had seen the changeling's injury and he was not getting away with it, she looked at him expectantly as she sat down and waited.

(18:06:48) Bygone Specter stiffened some at the tone that Lumi had took and shuffled right over so she could look him over. There was possibly a little light bruising under his spy outfit but otherwise he was somewhat okay! Even still he relented and let Lumi do what she will with a small smile on his muzzle.. A smile that he would quite happily claim was never there to begin with! It was thankfully covered by the mask from the spy outfit though! [throwin out my post - gotta brb real quick]

(18:07:29) Discord Draconequus stifled back a snort by biting into his cupcake, makign a frosting mustache. "Foals these days. Honestly when I was his age I was inside, studying!" Was that true? Sometimes it was hard to tell if the things Discord meant, were true or teasing, but even in Strife's hooves it seemed teasing. A seriousness curled over his face (even with that frosting stache). "Hey, I've seen you around Canterlot... yer that lass who was hospitalized for a few days." It wasn't hard to not hear of the healer who failed to heal themselves! Quite a provacative circumstance.

(18:13:17) Luminescent Wish focused on Bygone and channeled her magic, a lavender glow surrounding her horn, then Bygone as she started repairing his horn and other fractures even if she kept the changeling's disguise intact, ears swiveling towards Strife as she answered. "I was hospitalized because I burned through all my energy to safe a foal's life.." and now again she was healing up that very same foal, giving Strife an odd look as if she saw something, but did not say anything about it.

(18:17:10) Bygone Specter stared at Lumi as she channeled her magic and... started to heal him? Even though the disguise's 'transformation' he felt his horn... was she repairing his horn? He gave Lumi a rather blank look. Did that mean she could have restored his horn at any time?! Like... He could have been like 'Hi Lumi can you fix my horn?' and he'd have been able to cast magic?! The little pegasus's eyebrow twitched some and he let out a breath... yes... stay calm... Just go home and get out the 'hit head here' target and hang it on the nearest wall! Such a wonderful idea....

(18:27:33) Discord Draconequus finished his cupcake. "Oh?" Slurpping the frosting off his lips he gave a little burp, hoof coming up to his muzzle. "Oh, excuse me." He brushed off his hoof, clearing his throat. "I have to say though, you are pretty famous in the corner." Corner? What was this corner? "You see I'm part of a group that gathers up all the declious gossip in Canterlot and write articles about ot for the paper." He pulled his hoof over his muzzle. "But I can assure you I only search for the truth," He leaned back. "So I wanted to ask you about a rumor. Is it true you harbor changelings?" He questioned up front.

(18:36:23) Luminescent Wish something changed in her gaze, her ears flattening back against her multi hued mane as her eyes blazed, the lavender glow around Bygone winking out as the foal was whole again and she stepped up to Strife pushing her nose to his. "I treat anypony when hurt, Ponies, Zebras, Diamond Dogs and so yes also Changelings, and I know you see everything as a joke and yes I do know incase you wondered, but I never thought you to be of the discriminating type mister "stallion" so tell that corner I would harbor changelings if they were hurt but decent."

(18:45:49) Bygone Specter stared between the two and flashed green for a moment as he outright dropped his disguise. Why? Well... he had to know! He sat on his rump and raised a foreleg up to his crooked horn and found.... a solid horn! The little changeling practically squeed as he practically tackled Lumi with a hug! "Yaaaay I have my horn back!" Of course that was likely a risky thing to do, giving the silly changeling access to his magic once again! It was durin gthat hug that he noticed something she said... Or rather, the way she said it! "Oooooh, you know who he is yes! Is he Dissy?! I wanna knoooooow!" he'd ask as he crawled over and looked down into her eyes from a perch on top of her head! Still in changeling form the whole while of course!

(18:59:48) Discord Draconequus was utterly amused how flustered she became, but held it in. He bit back that smile and offered her a flat stare. "No need to get so up and hooves over it madam, I was merely seeking to confirm the turth. I am a detective after all. It is my job to gather evidence, and what better evidence than the words right form a pony's mouth?" He glanced away. He arched a brow at Bygone. "Dissy?" That name didn't bother him just weird memories. "No, my name is Strife." At least in this disguise it was. He hovered yet another cupcake from his saddlebag and a small badge. As he ate the sweets he hovered the badge in front of him. "Strife, Canterlot Detective. I have an office on Mane Street, thirteenth floor. You should come visit me sometime. I do jobs for the paper, law enforcement. When truth needs to be told, you can be sure to find me there." It really did not seem liek Discord at all. The fur color was pretty normal, a cutie mark (as far as anyone knew Discord hadn't one) and he was
(19:00:04) Discord Draconequus was calm and tidy, organized in many ways Discord was not.

(19:07:13) Luminescent Wish snorted but nodded. "Well mister Strife I am sorry for the reaction but for a moment there I thought you were another one of them Ponies are supreme elitists by the way you asked that changeling questi.. by Celestia! Don't drop your disguise like that dear! negotiations aren't done yet and you might be in incredible danger when seen like th.. oh goddess.. Strife." now she had to choose, a detective would spread this revelation about Bygone like wildfire, how to stop him from creating mass chaos? her horn went ablaze brimming with lavender power.

(19:15:36) Bygone Specter drops from Lumi's head in exasperation only to thud against the ground with a 'thunk' as his head impacted the ground first. Then he tried to pull back only for that crooked horn of his to snag! Curses! He pulled as hard as he could and 'eeped' as he was sent tumbling back by his horn suddenly coming lose! "Danger? Everypony kinda already knows after the incident in the market..." he'd say as his ears fell some. Indeed... kinda easy for ponies to put 2 n 2 together whenever there was By - then By blew up and a changeling was there. Sure he could try to invent a new ponysona but.... bleh... he was too lazy to start over from square one!

(19:20:51) Discord Draconequus chuckled into his hoof. "He is right tho Miss Luminesence... word getds around in my group fortunately." Which could explain why he wasn't spooked about hte foal turning into a changeling. "But, you are correct. There are many who look to changelings with a great deal of hatred due to their stories spread from their nearly toppling the current ruler of the Crystal Kingdom, but I don't need to go into factless tales: the truth of the matter is they are believed to eat ponies and drain them of their magic." That was the rumor, be it truth or not.

(19:26:26) Luminescent Wish sighed and gave him an almost tired look. "No species can be held responsible for the actions of only a few of it's members, I don't judge books by their cover "Strife" so I never tend to judge before I know somepony and don't like it when others do so, yet I am sorry I got angry." she then gave Bygone another quick look over as he had fallen and looked back. "Did you perhaps need a healer today?"

(19:32:43) Bygone Specter couldn't help but snort and giggle some as Strife said the part of the 'rumor'. "Changelings don't drain them of their magic. We feed on emotions!" he laughed as he sat on his rump. "I'm the only changeling that I know of that feeds on magic! But I don't wanna hurt a pony! I-I mean... I love magic.... It tastes good." he reached a hoof up to scratch at the back of his head. 

(19:55:27) Discord Draconequus bit back a smirk and rolled his shoulders. "Well it's hardly my job to control rumors." Though he totally did not help them either. "I am merely a seeker of truth and to find truth you have to ask a lot of hard-to-swallow questions." He explained. "But I have to say little foal, taht is interesting, but hardly my point. The point is a lot of ponies out there don't have access to the truth and I am looking to find out why!" Well sure the paper was printe dbut hardly circulated outside of Canterlot since Ponyville had its own way and about.

(20:00:27) Luminescent Wish guessed Strife didn't need her services and sat back waiting to see if more ponies were coming out to receive a treatment or not, then she looked at Bygone. "Why were you in that tree anyway?"

(20:09:38) Bygone Specter went a little shifty-eyed as Lumi asked why he was in the tree. "I was practicing my... stealth! Yes... definitely not spying on anypony!" he cheerfully smiled as he inclined his head at the healer pony. He looked back at Strife and hummed...."Well... good luck with the truth stuff.. Lot of ponies just don't care about it." he smiled and flicked his tail.

(20:16:23) Discord Draconequus puts hsi hoof to his chin, nodding. "This is sad, but true little foal and it is part of the problem. If no one cares, nothing will be solved! Wars would start, ageuments would be never ending!" As much fun as that was for him, it wasn't the sort of game he wanted to play. "Why if they didn't care about the truth, one would never make friends because if the Changelings aren't so bad, why wouldn;t oyu, right? People get hurt when the truth is forgotten." He nodded, munching on what seemed to be his third cupcake.
(20:21:32) Luminescent Wish had to agree on the truth thing and nodded at the disguised draconequus. "Interesting choice of words.. detective." she wasn't snarky or hostile but just surprised that somepony that was master of all chaos would care about a small detail like the truth not thinking chaotic beings would care about that at all.

(20:26:26) Bygone Specter stared at Strife and nodded.... That was quite true, but that still didn't answer his question. He just knew that Strife had to be the chaos spirit but ye was yet to actually find proof! With a sigh he took on his pegasus form once again an looked between the two. "I..uhm... need to go see if the Daring duo managed to burn my dinner... or burn my cart down! See ya later!" he bounced and ducked into an alley on his way back 'home' to the

(20:42:28) Discord Draconequus was out of cupcakes and couldn't really hold his disguise otherwise. "Ah, it seems I scared him off." It seemed he would hold to the fact that he wasn't some troublesome spirit and he had quite a dubious means of proving that. "Well, I need to go check out a lead." Even if he was the spirit of disharmony, nothing was more problematic than the truth. A lie was difficult to uphold, but the truth was strong and not easily broken. It made causing trouble... so much more fun! "Well toodles!" The unicorn pranced off toward the Sugarcube.

(20:47:11) Luminescent Wish would return to her actual job after Bygone and "Strife" both left, by now seeing the usual throng of ponies needing her help, she started to look an orange filly with magenta mane over carefully. "You crashed again? where does it hurt? did you wear your helmet atleast?"

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12/28/2015; Raiders of the Lost Box

(20:54:25) Bygone Specter was out in the everfree one again. Though this time he wasn't really doing anything! This was probably one of the most calm times anyone came across him! Of course there was the fact he was playing fetch with a baby hydra the same size he was but that was besides the point! The three headed little creature chased after the tough ball that he'd brought and the little creature brought it back! Occasionally the hydra did get into a little trouble though! It tried to take a bite out of his hat! That had been easily emedied by a quick whack to the snout and a starn 'no' that caused the little hydra to whine. However things went back to normal as the two enjoyed their little game!

(21:12:03) Discord Draconequus was pretty sleepy, considering he has been egg sitting for over a week. Padding through the Everfree forest the spirit seemed to be looking for something. Slithering around the roots and climbing over low shrubs the darkly feathered male looked a bit silly. He popped his head out of the bushes only to spy a little Bygone playing with a suspicious creature. His brow arched before he pulledh is head back in. Not moments later he would reappear hovering behind the little foal, a scarf around his neck and a pair of mittens over his paws. "What do you have there?"

(21:17:41) Bygone Specter jumped a few feet into the air with an 'eeep' whenever the sound of Discord rang out from behind him. It was more that it was a voice in the everfree! He spun and let out a groan. "Oh... It's only you Dissy..." he'd devlate as his rump hit the ground. The baby hydra looked at Discord warily, keeping in front of the little changeling in disguise protectively.... Even though it was a shirmp compared to most hydra. "This is Mr Cuddles... He's my pet!" the little changeling smiled wide.

(21:35:25) Discord Draconequus blinked and looked to the Hydra before he looked to bygone. "You do kno-- nevermind" There was no point in explaningit to a faol. "Why are you always out here? Not causing trouble are we?" Though he sincerely hoped. There was nothing wrong with a bit of trouble. It cleaned up a boring day. As the spirit of disharmony he could certainly turn a day upside down, or maybe it night and day at the same time for the lulz. All in all he had to reign back his powers so that another disaster would not occur, because what was mroe disasterrific than him ending up in stone?

(21:39:55) Bygone Specter stared at Discord and blinked some only to smile and hop up on the little hydra's back and sit down. That seemed to calm the formerly growling beastie oddly enough. "Actually, I was just playing catch with Mr Cuddles before I went back to practicing my shapeshifting! I did make a new group of mana-batteries I need to fill to.. Bah...I don't wanna work!" he'd whine as he let his head hang down! Most foals his age didn't. But then again he did have to look after himself; so he had to!

(21:49:02) Discord Draconequus blinked. "You think of it as work?!" Would suddenly be on him, moving to slide his arm over his shoulder. "Tks tks, Bygone -- no no. This isn't work, this is arts and crafts!" What --? "Imagine being able to build hte biggest paper airplane and flying it? That's exactly waht this is! If you can hold the princesses form for a long time -- we'll be riding that airplane!" An aviators cap and goggles appeared on Bygone suddenly.

(21:55:14) Bygone Specter froze whenever the Draconequus was suddenly on him with an arm over his shoulder! He blinked... It was.. Arts and crafts? He screwd up his face and he could somewhat imagine it. LIke.. That giant paper airplane! The little 'unicorn' was looking up at the Draconequus with a frown only to suddenly find himself wearing... aviator cap and goggles? He suddenly felt like flying through the sky with them! "Can I keep these?" he abruptly asked the draconequus with a serious expression. They were awesome! And these goggles looked much cooler than the goggles he wore when experimenting....

(22:00:55) Discord Draconequus slithered back and pulled up hsi claws in a non chalant shrug as he floate doff the ground. Around hsi tail curled that egg, safely tucked from teh cold. It even had its own little winter cap ontop of it! "But we have to keep practicing your.. little skill. I mean if it's true that changelings are the best at shapeshifting, that leaves only you capable of doing this." Seeing as the Queen likely wouldn't do it and risk a war How boooring of her. And he wasn't sure any other of her buggy minions would listen to him above her which made manipulating them super annoying. Bygone, Bygone was santa's little helper~ It made him giddy.

(22:08:23) Bygone Specter inclined his head and couldn't help but smile proudly! "Yeah! I try to practice when I can... It is just so hard to hold a form that size!" he'd whine as he let out a sigh. "I-I mean... With a mana battery I have enough magic to pull it off for a while but still!" he scuffs a hoof upon the dirt and lowers his ears. Give it a few years and the size difference wouldn't be quite so silly... And there wouldn't be so many face-plants... Then again Discord probably found that funny ~ Watching Luna face-plant and wobble time and time again because By can't walk right with such a dramatic change in balance. Then there were the instances where he still occasionally botched the change itself.

(22:12:25) Discord Draconequus slithered across the grass until he was lounging on it like a french woman ready to be painted. "Well Bygone, it just so happens I may have something that will help you in your endeavor" He spread his paw and claw apart until a map, of what appeared to be silk, appeared between his palms. They looked intricately woven, sewn by a steady spinnerette. "I have a friend who has notable knowledge of an old gem of mine that may supercharge taht battery pack of yours." That looked like spider's silk...

(22:16:01) Bygone Specter suddenly found himself stiffening as he looked to Discord. The draconequus may have a friend who would know of a gem? A gem that could supercharge his mana-batteries?! Oh the magic that gem probaby had! No! Bad Bygone.. No eating the magic from the supercharged mana battery! He got ahold of himself before his mouth could start to water and he stared intent at Discord. "Who... is this friend of yours?" He looked at the strange silk map that was in Discord's claws curiously. Meanwhile Mr Cuddles was looking curiously betweent the two.

(22:28:31) Discord Draconequus glanced toward the Hydra before smirking and looking to Bygone who took the bait like an overeater hermit crab racing toward shiny new digs. "I am glad you asked... see a long long time ago, in a time so far away, I was a leader." He apepared behind Bygone in a dark, black robe. He reached to brush back the hood only to appear in a familair red and black jumpsuit. "But it seems I was the victim of an inevitable end." Oh he will always be quite sore for losing and seek to boost himself over that obstacle. He shined the crescent badge on his chest and looked to the foal. "Well it's not like I led a country without a few artifacts." he was powerful, not stupid.

(22:32:46) Bygone Specter looked up at the Draconequus with foalish curiosity. Of course he knew Dissy once ruled... When he appeared behind him in the dark robe the little changeling just about jumped out of his furry disguise! That was just a litle bit intimidating! Dark giant robed figure and all! However it was just Discord... Bygone let out a relieved sigh and his ears fell. "Okay... So... Where is this artifact of yours?" he couldn't help but ask. Oh the stuff he could create with that gem!

(22:43:35) Discord Draconequus gave a shifty glance. He scratched at his beard and wondered if the Princesses had telepathic powers. He knew mother mares could easily hear you whisper naughty words when they were in another city! He put his paw on his hip, claw curling in his chin whiskers. "Funny you should ask..." Uh oh. "You know that really really shiny castle in Ponyville, I mean who doens't know it!" He laughed and threw up his paws. "Well you see I sort of leeeeft it in the basement." Of course there was a bit something -- he was leaving out of that. To be sure.

(22:48:53) Bygone Specter stared at Discord and raised a hoof to press it against his face as he tried to hold back a whimper. "You left it in.... the basement of the castle? D-Do you want to... Break in and get it?" he'd ask with a wince... That was the castle of another alicorn! An alicorn that wasn't Luna! He didn't know if he could deal with an alicorn that wasn't Luna. He was already feeling just a little panicked by the very thought! Finally he let out a gulp and looked at Discord. "H-How would I get it?" he managed as his ears were flat. His friend depended on him. No matter how scared he was he'd.. try, at least!

(22:54:01) Discord Draconequus was not it! He didn't say it! "Why Bygone! Such a dangerous idea! But since we have no others to follow, I suppose you are right!" Oh -- well. He moved to pick Bygone up by his shoulders as if pitying the poor foal. "You are...brilliant!" he would drop him, a pillow appearing under the foal's tush. "Well we can't jsut walk in the front door." And by we, he meant him. They always had their eyes on him when he was anywehre about. So some still had reasons to distrust him. "Pffft!" he expressed aloud. It wasn't as if he ever liiied. "Well if you could use that super awesome disguising ability -- as a smalelr pony of course, I bet you can get in and retrieve it!" He volunteered Bygone.

(23:01:03) Bygone Specter stared at Discord even if he was all but shaking and the Draconequus would definitely be able to tell it! "I-I... Okay. I can try." he'd say as he tried to renew his braver in the face of certain death! He let out a shaky sigh and looked down at Mr. Cuddles. "I've snuck into canterlot before... I can do it there. No real guard presense" he'd try to tell himself only to let out a shaky sigh. "W-what am I looking for?" he looked up at Discord with a determined gaze!

(23:03:37) Discord Draconequus handed him the knitted map. "This here, should lead you to the basement of the castle. I mean pahaha... spiders get around you know." What? He shrugged that off. "The gem should be in a sealed box, one simialr to this egg." He flatly looked at Bygone. "Try not to break it open? I'd really like that little Twiligth doesn't notice." Cause you know opening a box wit ha gem full of cosmic powers was liek summoning a genie from a lamp. "Oh, take this, it's dangerous to go alone. Probably." He offered Bygone a flashlight.

(23:08:26) Bygone Specter nodded and raised a hoof to aslute Discord! "Aye-aye ser!" he smiled as he took the flashlight and bouncd off in the direction of ponyville! Mr Cuddles merely stared at the Draconequus with a glare... and a bit of a growl. Even he knew Bygone was being manipulated, but it wasn't like he could speak! Bygone was notorious for doing almost anything for a friend! If breaking into an alicorn's castle was something he had to do.. He'd do it! He paused long enough to reach into his hat to retrieve his 'perception filter' amulet and then he went right on in! Nopony would notice him yet. Perhaps if he was lucky he'd not run into anypony! But how would he find the box?! He couldn't read spider!

(23:25:48) Discord Draconequus would follow Bygone, to a point. He really couldn't go inside without trouble. "Alright," He poked the aviator helmet. "I should be able to hear you through this so just act natural and avoid anything that looks like a book." He was pretty sure Twilight would notice if one of them was moved. "Go straight down and passed the Gargoyle statues. But whatever you do... don't sneeze." That was weird advice, but ok.

(23:29:24) Bygone Specter furrowed his brow as he headed for the castle. One would wonder why he was going along with this but.... oh well! Why would sneezing be a bad thing in there? Then again it WAS a library in most rooms... Perhaps sneezing would be a bad idea after all. "Aye-aye!" he'd say with a grin and a pirate accent. He bounced right into town while wearing his aviator helmet... under his top hat! It looked rediculous but.... nopony was looking right at him. He bounced into town and to the castle where he thus entered! Now... straight and past the... Gargoyle statues? He started on... looking for said statues! Hopefully he'd not get lost in the castle!

(23:44:03) Discord Draconequus did as he said and impatiently waited outside. He couldn't go in. He would be really conspicuous. He folded his arms and chilled in a tree. His tail tangled down, the egg cozy curled at its very end. He was opposed to bothering with this more complicated plan, but if it had more stpes it would take the princesses that much longer to realize he was upto something. Do a little good -- get praised. Do a little naughty get reprimanded. Doing them in small, patches of schemeing mischief kept him well under the radar. The way down was easy enough with the map, but the little spider sitthced notes were hard to read. Something about chus? Or Itches? Well regardless the gargoyle statue was upahead, and it looked to be holding a tissue paper to its face? Whaaat?

(23:47:12) Bygone Specter came to a stop and stared at the gargoyle statue that had a tissue paper held to its face. Was the gargoyle gonna sneeze? He blinked and inclined his head. Perhaps... caution would be best. He stepped forward, another spell muffling his hoof-steps now that he thought about it. He stepped up to the statue while keeping his distance and tried to simply sidle around it. Discord did say to get around the statue. All he had to do was not sneeze! And at least he didn't feel like sneezing!

(23:58:50) Discord Draconequus's failed to mention the reason for his warning, as he always did. It was underground and pretty old -- there was gunna be some dust. Oh dear. The path was pretty straight forward. This way, that way. Toward the end there was a loooong hallway with what appeared to be a door that lead to the cellar steps. It wasn't a hard quest right? Nothing ominious about the pitter patter behind Bygone.

(00:03:19) Bygone Specter was starting to feel rather unnerved by some sort of ominous 'pitter patter' that was behind him! But... even as the fear that it might be the alicorn began to mount he quickly quashed down that feeling and scurried along himself! He needed to get the box and.. get out! OOOooooooh, The alicorn would kill him! Kill him if he was found! That dreadful thought spurred him to greater speed as he nearly leapt down the hall and - turn - turn - door! He felt the urge to turn and look at what was behind him but.. he settled for casting a shield spell to block off the hall and broke into a run for the door!

(00:15:05) Discord Draconequus blinked when his body jumped a bit from the loud THUMP when the pitter patterer slamemd into the sheild. He better get to that door quick! Down at the bottom of the steps he would find lots of dirty ol boxes. But it was pretty dark. Outside Discord wondered if he found Sniffles yet. Shrugging the spirit roleld to hsi side, the egg clung in hsi tail swaying side to siiide. His left leg crossed over his right knee. "He's not in danger, I don't need to feel guilty." than why did he feel a wee bit uncomfortable?

(00:19:54) Bygone Specter let out a sigh as he leaned against the closed door.... Okay! Now... box - box... Oh for the love of the stars and... gah, Celestia's Devils Food Cake!!! There were dirty ol boxes everywhere! The changeling in disguise let out a long drawn out whine and his ears fell. How was he going to find a veeeeery specific box amongst all of these boxes!? Bygone began to look around the room, ears flat against his skull. Thus he began to dig through boxes and look about the dark room!... Thankfully he could see.. alright in the dark! ~ He was looking for the very specific box he was supposed to be looking for! 

(00:27:37) Discord Draconequus falls asleep, really he is a terribly impatient spirit. But for Bygone luck would come to him! It wasn't hard to find a really conspicous box that belonged to Discord. It smelled a wee bit of chaos and orange slices. And not oranges, orange slices. Very particular that smell! The little box had old writing on it, hardhly understandable in modern days. It was more proof this boxwas al ittle older than others. Bygone had an easy time around -- now there was the case of getting out.

(00:34:41) Bygone Specter couldn't help but let out a quiet yay as he jumped with the box in hoof! The box was sumarily dropped into his hat where it quickly disappeared and the hat was once again placed upon his head! The little changeling turned to the door and blinked. Uh-oh... Whatever was following him was gonna be... out there! The little changeling moved up to the door and took the knob, opening it up to peek out to see if it was in the hall!

(00:36:43) Discord Draconequus slept his time away, loudly snowing in the tree. Such a nuisance -- the wahtever it was stood with its back to the door. Gray skin, like stone, with nubs of waht would be spikes down its back. It sat on its haunches with paws against the ground, one paw to its face as it sniffled. On its shoudlers were tiny teeny wings, like a bat's, with curled horns that looped behind its pointed ears. It continued to sniffle, holding back a sneeze or a drippy nose cold.

(00:43:56) Bygone Specter stared out at what he quickly identified as the gargoyle! What was it doing following him around?! D= ~ The little changeling in disguise tried to think just what he was gonna do and... well.. Ponyfeathers. He simply decided to emerge from the door as stealthily as he could manage... He heard a sniffle and blinked. Was the thing sick? The little changeling had snuck a good way only to be foiled by foalish curiosity! "You sick?" he'd ask the gargoyle... "I have more tissues if you want them!" he cheerfully offered.

(01:00:44) Bygone Specter looked up at the gargoyle and fidgeted some. "Yeah.. I know how that goes!" The little changeling took his hat off and reached his hoof into it! He dug around a little only to 'aha' and pull his hoof back with a box of tissues in hoof! At first he eyed the gargoyle and furrowed his brow. That might be a problem! he didn't know any spells for enlarging the tissues! He tossed the box back into his hat and started to dig around again only to 'aha' once again! This time he pulled a towel out! Sure it was a towel for the little changeling but it was about the size of a wash cloth for the gargoyle! "I know it isn't the best, but it should help!" he levitated the towl to the gargoyle. The creature was stone, right? The fact it was a towel wouldn't bother it he figured. It was something to blow its nose upon!

(01:23:18) Discord Draconequus's warning perhaps went forgotten, for all the kerfuffling about caused the dust to unsettle. Snifflesp icked up the towel only to ah... ah-- oh hat was what was written on the map: Don't let the gargole sneeze. "ACHOO!!" Such a noise pelled through the castle like a ringing in of the new year. Discord was startled awake, faceplanting a tree branch. He hung onto the limb, dangling as he regained his senses. "Oh what now?!" Wait oh -- that can't be good. Sniffles blew his nose and looked around, the sound of stone sliding against stone as a door opened up. Behind that door was an old trap far below ground Discord had set up incase someone tried to foil his plans at the Tree of Harmony. Always gotta have contingency plans for your contingency plans, right"? Amirite? Out from the door slithered a blue spider! Sniffles squeaked and jumped up in fear, cleaning to one of the chandeliers above. No one liked spiders.

(01:32:19) Bygone Specter went by one rule when it came to spiders. Burn it with fire! The little changeling all but squealed like a filly when the large blue spider crawled from the door. And what was the first thing he did? He lobbed a massive fireball at it! Definitely no chaos nuke, but it would leave quite the scorching! The foal turned and fled pell-mell from the spider while leaving the gargoyle to hang from the chandelier. "it's gonna eat my braaaaaaaaiin!" was the cry from the little changeling as he made every attempt to flee the castle. At least he already had the box....

(01:37:17) Discord Draconequus grumped a bit before stretching out his old bones. He floated down and toward the castle's entrance. Why was Bygone taking so long? Oh well because spiders sera. Seems like the fire was super effective, the poor spider was running aorund in circles as it burned the hairs on its legs! Eeeeh! Flaming spider, much worse than flaming bats! The spirit reached a paw toward the door and slooowly opened it to peek hi head in. "Bygone~?" He softly called with a shifty glance around the foyer.
(01:44:07) Bygone Specter ~ At first Discord could just her a 'eeeeeeEEEE' that was rapidly approaching. A moment later Bygone was tearing across the foyer at break-neck speed! The little changeling practically pounced the Draconequus as he rapidly exited the door. "Giant! ~ Spider!" he'd 'eep' as he clung to the Draconequus's back to put him between Bygone himself and the hallway he'd just come from. Now that he had Discord around the panic wasn't so bad, but.... he wanted to go now! No more giant spiders!

(01:59:08) Discord Draconequus blinked, was quite surprised to see a foal tearing across the foyer.. He stumbled back and was face planted by a Bygone. Ah. Oh. He peered over Bygone and raised his paws. "Thanks Jaques. I'll send Marie back in a bit, this one's mine." Teh angry spider, all toasty, squeaked something angrily before stomping off. His red eyes turned toward Bygone. "Told you not ot sneeze." He vanished nad reapepared (with Bygone) a bit away from the castle. It wasn't a good idea to be seen standing there.

(02:02:59) Bygone Specter continued to cling to the chaos spirit as he heard him... talk to the spider?! Why was he talking with it?! The little changeling was perplexed. However the threat had passed. "I didn't sneeze... Big 'n gray did! Then the wall opened up and the spider came out!" he found that they were now a good ways from the castle and he tentatively dropped off and let out a whimper. He'd made it through the alicorn's castle ~ And he wasn't dead! Yaaay! "I.. I got the b-box." he'd finally manage as he took his hat off and shakily reached in only to pull his hoof back out with the box stuck to it.

(02:10:25) Discord Draconequus blinked. "oh, Sniffles, year. He has hayfever. Forgot about that." He flopped down to sit and looked at his box, wiggling his figners. "Alright! Now let's get this open~" He rubbed his claws together and placed one claw on iether side of the box before they seemed to go inside small holes. Click! The box's top popped open and inside was a lovely blue gem so big and brimming with mana. Precious.... "Behold! The Big Blue Gem!" Crative name, honestly. It was glorious. All the things you could do with this gem. "I got this alll the way across the see in a place where the mountain smokes~" Most likely Dragon Isle.

(02:18:39) Bygone Specter stared up at Discord in rising curiosity as he took the box and placed his claws on either side of it! Then the box was opened and... inside was! Ooooooh... He could practically taste the mana already! No wait, he really could taste it! It was filling the air so gloriously! His eyes unfocused and he was actually drooling for a bit there! However he managed to shake his head and banish the thoughts as he looked up at the BBG... "C-can I see the precious?!" he'd squeak up at the chaos spirit with an innocent smile. Oh yes, that would make a heavenly mana-battery! He could hold that form with it easily! Yeesh! So much he could do....

(02:20:56) Discord Draconequus snapped the top closed. "No, no -- not here." He would whisper. "Someone may notice" It was probably bad enough they opened it here. "I'll take it to my place and meet you at your workshop tomorrow after tuesday tea." He promised, the box vanishing into whatever pockett dimesion the spirit kept small things. "Remember... keep this a secret." Because -- you know: they'd get a lot of torouble.

(02:26:59) Bygone Specter snapped out of whatever state he'd fallen into whenever the gem was once again placed into the box. Ooooh that was like an all he could eat buffet! But that was besides the point. "O-okay... I'll see you then." he'd say with a smile and a flick of an ear. "I need to be going to check up on my workshop. I hope Mini Do hasn't burnt the cart down. I've had to leave the fire and She 'n Minizotl have been getting more rowdy." he'd say with a bit of a smile. "I'll see you tomorrow Dissy, okay?" he asked as he hopped forward and gave the Draconequus's leg a hug if he could! The little changeling in disguise then began to cheerfully hop off back in the direction of his cart.

(02:28:37) Discord Draconequus chuckled nad patted the foal's head. "Yes, yes. It will be much fun." Oh no one's caught on yet. He'll make sure to make some trouble early tomorrow so no one thinks he's slacking or plotting things! Yup yup. Maybe he'll overgrow some of the cupcakes at Suugarcube?! hue hue hue! Nothing like giant sprinkles!

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PostSubject: Hard-pressed for Mimes   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 4:31 am

12/29/2015; Hard-pressed for Mimes

(19:36:33) Bygone Specter was eagerly awaiting Discord's arival later tonight! His cart was parked underneath a tree and the little changeling was inside. Where in the cart was he? Well.. The main room which was his work room! It was a bit of a clutter in there what with all of the in-progress toys scattered about. The Mini-Daring duo were weaving in and out of the obstacles in their perpetual chase while a cheerful fire burned in the fireplace. Bygone himself was sitting on a stack of various items... Mats-pillows-the ilk... that made him tall enough to sit at his desk. Upon the desk was a green gemstone that he was carving intricate patterns into! What was he making? Not even he knew!

(19:59:55) Discord Draconequus was always a nosy gob, but he had his reasons. After sending Jaques and Marie back from whence they came the spirit had gotten what he neededwith Bygone's help. The spirit appeared with his usual white haze and landed on his hind paws. WIth winter still in full blow he wore his scarg and mittens, that egg still tightly curled in his tail its own wintercap to beheld! "Well well if it isn't my favorite, little brother!" He chuckled.

(20:04:20) Bygone Specter eeped and jumped a few feet in the air at the sudden voice! He really needed to be more observant with his surroundings! Then again he WAS inside his cart so almost nopony ever did show up in his cart. The little changeling in disguise took two minutes to realize why Discord was there though! He let out a gasp and his ears perked. "Gem?" he'd ask with almost literal sparkles in his eyes. He wanted to get his hooves on that gem to experiment with it, he did! He had even come up with something that Dissy might be interested in. Ooh! That was what he was workign on, right!

(20:12:24) Discord Draconequus always seemed to keep himself amused with his pranks. "Don't be so jumpy. It's not like you're in the most dangerous haunted place in all of Equestria." He assured. Cause there were much more scaier places. "So are you ready!" e held out hte treasure box and opened it up with a wave of his claws revealing the big blue gem! Ah it was jsut as pretty now as it was yesterday~!

(20:18:57) Bygone Specter grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head with a hoof. "Why... well.. It IS supposed to be scary out here. What if you were like...An alicorn!" he'd raise a hoof! Yes, alicorn were scary! Well, besides for Miss Luna... She was nice! The little changeling's head bounced with the increasingly dangerous or scary things that Discord could have been. However; his attention was immediately seized by the trasure box being opened. "mmmmm.... Sooo Pretty ~ Sooo much magic!" he'd put a hoof out to pick the gem up if he could! He was drooling again...

(20:32:53) Discord Draconequus rolled his eyes and waved his paw dismisively. "Pfft Alicorns aren't scary." he crossed his arms over his chest. "I mean throw a cupcake their way and watch how quickly they become distracted." Honestly anyone would become distracted if you randomly tossed cupcakes around. Discord arched abrow at Bygone's resopnse. "Hey, hey, the project remember?" he snapped his claws in front ofthe boy. Clearly he had enough control over his powers not to rend chaos at the snap of his claws, yet could if he would.

(20:41:28) Bygone Specter blinked and regained his sense of mind and then nodded! "Right! U-uh... I actually have a way to mask the power from the crsytal..." he'd suggest as he looked up at the Draconequus... If the crystal was in his hoof he'd set it down on the table. "I mean... I could easily turn this into the strongest mana-battery I've ever made." he'd say with a bit of a look. "Oooooor perhaps a piece of the gem could be made into a mana-battery?" he'd suggest as he was just about bouncing in excitement!

(20:52:19) Discord Draconequus seated himself, pressing his paw and claw to his knees as he looekd down at the big blue gem. "A piece?" He rubbed teh back of his neck, ruffling his grey mane. "I don't know. Have you ever tried to break a piece of magic off stronger magic?" He knew how to do it well enough himself with few to no reprocussions but chipping something that sealed that much mana may resonate. "I mean if someone got wind that we're breaking relics..." Far be it for him to announce that he really shouldn't have this particualr relic...
(20:56:06) Bygone Specter inclined his head. "It'd be like... cutting a gem I guess? I've... done it before." he'd ask with a confused look as he looked up at Discord. He had no idea that Discord wasn't supposed to have the relic... "It'd be an awefully uhhhhh....clunky? gem to wear otherwise, right?.." He had to resist the urge to nom on the crystal... The magic was just soooo tasty!

(21:06:57) Discord Draconequus began to seriously doubt Bygone's skills in cutting a mana loaded relic. "You know you can't eat what's left, right?" He flatly stated, feeling as if that was Bygone's goal. "It's a big blue gem, maybe, but it's still a relic." It won't look good for Discord if he was discovered to havve obtained it and was like 'opps my foal ate it'. Oldest excuse in the book. "Why do you want to make something little out of something so big?!" That seemed coutnerintuative to Chaos, the spirit wouldn't have it!

(21:12:05) Bygone Specter stared at Discord. "I know! But how am I supposed to wear, use, and hide it if its half as big as my head?!.... Use your chaos powers to shrink it or something if I can't try to cut it, Dissy!" he'd say with a pout upon his muzzle. He really was trying to just figure out how to make it work! The things that could be powered by the gemstone he was holding. 

(21:18:45) Discord Draconequus sat and stared at Bygone before looking at the gem. He couldn't cut it but there really w--- A lightbulb appeared over his head. The spirit placed a lampshade over the lightbulbe. "Eureka!" He cackled. "We can jsut... disguise it!" he motioned to the lampshade overhead. "We can put it on you over where the Pirncess' halter sits!" Nopony would ever notice!

(21:24:10) Bygone Specter blinks some and looks at Dissy... "What... Put the gem into a fake halter?" he'd ask with a blink. "But... what if we'd want to use it for something else? ~ Well I suppsoe we'd just have to take it out." he'd mutter with a bit of a frown. But he wound up just sighing some. "So I need to make a replica of Miss Luna's halter now?!" he'd ask the draconequus with a bit of a look. Quite a bit of trouble that was! He didn't even know what the halter was made out of!

(21:52:00) Discord Draconequus waved his paw. "Oh You can do it, you arte a craftspony aren't you?" He had seen this nad that Bygone had made, so making a replica of the black crescent moon halter would be easy! "I suppsoe any old thing will do so long as its black, it's not liek you' lbe shaking any pony's hoof! You'll be far away, speeching! Details aren't necessary." He dismissed Bygone's fretting. "Just make something to hold it on your body!" He seemed pretty adamant about not cutting into tejh relic.... why....?

(21:55:52) Bygone Specter wouldn't have been able to help but sigh some. "Fine-fine... I'll try to see if I can make a replica of the halter.." he'd say with an inclination of his head. "Just leave it with me for a bit and ~ Oh! I forgot to mention! I came up with a way to muffle the magic it gives off so that others won't detect it so readily!" he'd say as he spun to look at Discord with a wide grin. "Might make it easier on both of us!"

(22:15:44) Discord Draconequus clapped hi paws together. "Perfect, I knew I coudl count on you!" He assured. "This will make project cookout much easier!" He assured. If they could get Luna's "endorsement" and annoy the alicorn all the same, the spirit would find himself in nothing but a win-win situation! The princess can't repeal something she has proclaimed without risking the possiblity that naything else she has proclaimed been a falsehood! Discord isn't known to shapeshift so it couldn't be him either! Ahahaha! "Ahahahah! This wil lbe perfect!"

(22:20:58) Bygone Specter nodded some and chuckled. "I don't know why you think having cockatrice at a cookout is gonna be a good idea." he hummed but shrugged. "But... Breaking the normal social barriers! Good fo you Dissy!" he then frowned some. "I still need to figure out a good way to walk as Miss Luna! I mean... she's so much taller than I am!" he'd say with a flick of his tail as he turned back to his 'workstation' and examined the big gemstone. He didn't know why Discord found the whole thing to be so funny though... "Miss Luna isn't going to be mad, right? You promise?" For the n'th time he asked. Not because he was scared of getting into trouble - but because he didn't want to lose a friend!

(22:36:53) Discord Draconequus pats his shoulder. "She won't be mad at you, don't worry. She isn't easy to get flustered." All truths. She'd priobably be mroe mad at him than anything and it took a lot to ruffle those feathers. He was hoping to! He smirked and shook hsi fist. "There's no way we cna let these injustices ocntinue! For chaos spors, cockadoodles and changelings everywhere! We shall have this cookout!" And 'sanctioned' by a Princess no less. "Plus I have already prepared you a lovely pricness speech~!" He unfurled a mile long parchment...

(22:43:22) Bygone Specter nodded some, relieved that Discord had said that Luna wouldn't get mad at him! He didn't want friends mad at him! He tried to keep everypony as happy as he could! The little changeling hummed and tapped on the crystal experimentally to get a feel... And that was when he heard Discord speak once again. He turned and blanched at the parchment that was suddenly unfurled. "Y-You want me to s-say... all that?" he'd ask with rather wide eyes. There was no way that he could ever hope to remember that! Then Dissy would be upset with him! He didn't wanna dissapoint his 'older brother'!

(22:54:41) Discord Draconequus shurgged. "Well I suppsoe we can shorten it." The parchment vanished. "But you have to become the best princess in order to pull this off, it's not easy I know but if Twlight Sparkle can do it, so can you. If you don't believe in yourself, than believe in the me, that beleives in you!" He put on a pair of strangely shaped sunglasses and poses, am ysteriosu wind blows through the cart, making Discord's mane dance.

(23:00:05) Bygone Specter looked up at Discord with wide eyes. Why... That pose he took - with those glasses - that just looked so cool! Wait... why did he suddenly find himself sporting a blue-red trim jacket and yellow-lensed red goggles? "I shall do my best Big Brother Dissy!" he'd smile wide and spin back to face the desk with the goggles pulled up over his eyes as he looked at the crystal and began to sketch out plans for a replica of Luna's halter that the gemstone could be placed in! Hopefully the reference wasn't some ominious premonition of the future!

(23:17:27) Discord Draconequus nodded. "Well I have ponies to meet today and trouble to cau-- er no yeah trouble. A few pranks to play to keep those ponies on their hooves!" With that he would vanish!

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PostSubject: The Grey Stallion 4: Investigating a Princess   Discord's Muckery Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 4:31 am

12/29/2015; The Grey Stallion 4: Investigating a Princess

(23:55:55) Discord Draconequus arrived in Canterlot not long after his teusday tea~ A short meeting with Bygone andoff to Canterlot he was. Of course as he entered the capital he was far beyond his former self. now in teh guise of an oridinary background pony, the unicorn male trotted his way toward the castle. It was easy enough to be ignored when you looked like everypony else. After a questionable cupcake incident in Sugarcube the spirit was able to get himself a good stock of freshly baked cupcakes. Let us not ask about the batter overflow that had foals lickign their lips with snowcone treats. He made his way toward the castle nad would manage to meander up to the gcourtyard. With puzzlebook floating beside his head and a saddlebag of smuggled cupcakes -- could he perhaps lure a princess out?

(00:23:47) Princess Luna probably could be lured out from her castle, once the guards took enough interest in the unknown pony moving up into the courtyard. They were obviously a visitor, and visitors were oft reported to the higher-ups so that they knew who passed through the palace. And Canterlot Castle.. or parts of it, were certainly open to them. Princess Luna herself was looking forward to a calm enough day, one that hopefully didn't involve giant spiders, or scribes and foals endangering themselves with advanced magic. She was thankfully steered away from such a train of thought when one of the guards came to her. Her court was open, or would be, and she wondered what they had in store for her.

(00:50:43) Discord Draconequus dipped his head to the guards. "good day sirs how are you today? I was wonder might there be a chance to meet with the princess? Local detective, Strife." Using his horn he woudl levitate his badge from his saddle bag and show it ot the guards. "I was hoping to ask the princess some questions on the cockatrice invident a few weeks back in Canterlot." He spoke with a raspy voice, hardly looking as if he was the sort to cause trouble.

(01:11:42) Princess Luna. The guards cast each other brief puzzled glances when the unicorn introduced himself. A nosy pony.. but probably a harmless one; one that the princess could easily handle. "Of course. Head to the throne room." One replied gruffly, and as one, they used their magic to open the double doors for the detective. They would say no more, and close the doors after the visitor had entered. Princess Luna would be where they said she'd be, opening the throne room doors and taking her place upon the throne itself to wait.

(01:18:08) Discord Draconequus cleared his throat. "Why thank you gentleponies." He slid the badge back into his saddlebag and made his way into the foyer. Of course Dis-- er Strife had an ulterior motive. It was easy enough to ask Luna this and that about hte incident, to gauge her annoyance level, but his goal was to learn how the princess moved and walked for Bygone. The prank wouldn't work if Bygone did all the work! He made his way toward the throne room and glanced around with his red eyes. His cropped, scruffy mane gave him a ruggad look, but also just a bit lazy and haphazard with the scissors. 
(01:46:18) Princess Luna spied a figure approach the open doorway and pass through into the throne room proper. She watched them curiously from where she sat poised on the throne, trying to gauge him; but it was always difficult to tell what it was ponies wanted from just a look. The princess idly ruffled her folded wings against her sides, getting them comfortable, while she hailed him from across the room. "Greetings, citizen, to the court of night. What ails thee to seek my aid?"

(01:57:23) Discord Draconequus stood with an informal stance: back legs parted slightly while one forelimb curled up. His scruffy tail flicked this way and that before he settled all four hoofs on the ground. "My, I have to say the Night Court's pretty impressive." His ears pricked forward, the quill behind his left ear slipping down as he levitated it and a notepad. "I wished to inquire about a few things Princess, if you wouldn't mind?" He was polite in his manner, but spoke informally. He seemed an average street pony. "So I presume you heard about that incident in teh streets about two weeks ago involving ..." Hen osed over his notes. "Guards hunting monsters-- as one citizen called it." He looked directly at Luna, eyes focusing on the princess.

(02:15:32) Princess Luna allowed a faint smile to briefly surface across her face at the compliment, and let it fade as the stallion continued. "I would not mind at all. Please, ask." She replied, bidding him to continue. To what he said next, she tilted her head a little in thought. "Ah.. yes, I assume you speak of the sudden cockatrice invasion?" Princess Luna queried. "It was unfortunately during a time of which I slept, or I would have dealt with it myself. What was it you wished to know about it?"

(02:21:27) Discord Draconequus scrawled his quill's tip over the marchment in though. A few pages were leafed through. "Yes, very good, thank you princess. Now ah, jsut to get some clarity on some old information -- you no longer hold affiliation with your old title, Nightmare Moon, correct?" He poked the feather end against his lip. "Leading toa full cooperation and seperation of duties between night and day, according to sources?" While as a detective he did need to seperate fact from fiction, sometimes Dis--Strige liked to have a little fun. "I'd also like to confirm that your favorite flavor is blueberry?" He arched a brow, peeking over the pad.

(02:32:48) Princess Luna guessed that there was nothing more the pony needed to know about the cockatrice, but the following question prompted a raised eyebrow. Were ponies still so concerned about that, about her? "I indeed no longer hold Nightmare Moon as a title. I must clarify, too, that what prompted me into taking it has long since been dealt with. I have atoned for the sins I have committed under that guise. Princess Celestia and I have forgiven each other, and settled our differences. We are as equals once more." Luna replied, hoping her answer would help quell their worries. To that last question, she looked briefly puzzled before she answered. "No, it is cherry."

(02:35:54) Discord Draconequus nodded. "Well, may I say it is good to have you princess." Of course he had to bite his tongue lest he said 'good to have you back,' that would have ruined all the fun. "Always important to set the facts straight, now given that many felt that with you two Princesses together the panic caused by a few cockatrice dining at a resturant could have easily been quelled by a few graceful words. Tell me what is your view on the animocity between the two groups? Ponies and Cockatrice that is." He seemed ready to jot down her words for posterity. What was he investigating though? It seemed the questions were arbitrary.

(02:54:53) Princess Luna bowed her head in response to the little 'welcome back' and straightened to hear what else the detective had to say- and it was back to the cockatrice. She allowed a moment of silence to trail out to consider her answer. "It is understandable why ponies would be upset with the cockatrice. They caused quite a lot of trouble in Canterlot, in damages, lost goods and general mayhem. As to the cockatrice.. I have little idea. Their home is in places such as the Everfree Forest; what they were doing here in Canterlot, of all places, is puzzling." Luna paused, gathering the rest of her thoughts. "I suppose the animosity is a bit unfounded. We should not fight with fellow animals we should be caring for and returning them to their natural habitats."

(03:03:03) Discord Draconequus pinched his eyes up in amsuement. "As expected of a princess." He could not help but mentally sneer for the answer. While it was to be expected of Luna she didn't need to meet every aspect of being royalty. It made it no fun corrupting her words! Twirling the quill with magic the detective considered the newly wrought information. "Well as you can understand it is my duty as a detective to find the truth and discover where the cockatrice came from -- but as you said they were quite far from Everfree -- so there had to be a reason they were in town. I am determined, if I may princess, to find out why. Why does anyone come to Canterlot really, let alone to one of its high scale cafes." He levitated a small photograph from hsi saddlebag. "This was acquired as evidence. During the pandemonium someone seems to have found the time to take a picutre." He flaoted it over. It was a selfie of Discord and the lizard birds at lunch while ponies in the background seemed to be running for their 
(03:03:05) You say, "lives. "

(03:08:53) Princess Luna merely peered down at him at his response, her expression neutral; had she known what was going on in his head, she probably would have smiled in triumph. Alas, she did not. She nodded as the detective went on to tell her of his duty to find out who was responsible, and why. When he mentioned evidence and brought out a photograph, she leaned forward a little in interest. The picture was floated towards her so she could get a full look- 'lo and behold, it was Discord. Luna's face darkened. "Oh I do believe I know who it is." She replied. "There is only one draconequus in Equestria, and it is Discord. He must have brought them here for the sake of creating trouble, for that is what he loves to do."

(03:14:51) Discord Draconequus pricked an ear as he turned his head slightly, the quill lifting from teh parchment. "Discord -- but my princess, certainly that can't be so. Is he not some old mare's tail?" He bade. "As such there has never been any empirical evidence that he exists, and pardon me for saying so but even from the word of muzzle of a princess: without proof it seems a bit of a strentch." While he did not claim it was impossible... "It is highly imporbable still that such a creature of myth would come to Canterlot for the sake of ...dining and trouble. It doesn't explain why cockatrice." He really had to hold back his tongue. How he wishedto fill the hall with the decedant sounds of his ego stroking. He was too awesome, cool, powerful to be anything but a spooky bed time tale! He cleared his throat and stuffed down a cupcake feeling a bit drained. Luna was tough nut to crack.

(03:26:29) Princess Luna frowned at the detective as she lifted a hoof towards the levitated picture and nudged it back towards its owner. If she had been any other pony, she would have asked the rude question 'What rock have you been living under?' but, fortunately, she was not. "Certainly you have heard of his return and the trouble he caused in Ponyville those seasons past." She prompted, confused. "Discord is indeed real. My sister and I once sealed him in stone with the aid of the Elements of Harmony, where he had stayed these past thousand years. There is plenty of evidence, if you know where to look, detective. Our tomes of history are not written on false tales."

(03:39:13) Discord Draconequus seemed to write something down. "Well, those in Ponyville, but being thatI live in Canterlot it isn't very easy to travel between the two. Princess, I am a simply pony, I really don't have the means to travel so haphazardly on a rumor. Hysteria is avery real disease you know. It is why I ask these questions. There truly seems to be quite a bit of conflicting evidence. Truth is my priority. So some facts." he flipped through some older pages. "Ponyville becomes the center of Princess Twilight's kingdom." Flip. "Old Kingdoms restored from obscurity thanks to princess Candace." Flip. "Princess Luna returns to the throne." Snap book closed. "There seems to be much evidence of princesses stepping up from the shadows of ruined or forgotten kingdoms that one littered Equestria, and the presumed king-tyrant of the you know what these facts point to Princess Luna?"

(03:48:01) Princess Luna quirked an eyebrow at the detective, but let her face quickly settle back into mildly interested neutrality while he spoke. "Truth and honesty should be highly valued, and it is understandable to hold a healthy amount of doubt for what you hear.. but one should be open to trust, too." She idly told him and fell silent as he brought up facts of which she nodded to each, confirming that they were true. "I could give you one good answer to that. Equestria is blossoming into something more than it was.. but pray tell, what is it you see?"

(03:53:43) Discord Draconequus settled his noting pad in the saddle bag before consuming another cupcake. After he finished chewing he let a cherry frosted cupcake float toward the princess. "Perhaps maybe those individuals that invade from Everfree, and other parts of Equestria, should be considered as well, not just new princesses, fromer princesses, or former kings." He bowed his head. "Well, Princess Luna, I must thank you for your time. You have helped me clear up a number of discrepencies in these reports. Do expect a lovely report of the investigation concerning the Cockatrice Incident. You know many have come to favor the title 'fox in the hen house' I wonder who will be the fox in all this." If she had naught else to say the unicorn would turn to depart~

(03:59:44) Princess Luna looked surprised by the offering of a cupcake from the detective- who, she noted, had a bit of a sweet tooth. She would accept the confection into her own magical grasp, but she didn't dig into it right away. Her focus was still on the unicorn stallion while he talked, and he brought something into her consideration. Interesting point of view.. Luna thought to herself and nodded to the stallion. "You are most welcome, detective. I am glad to have helped. Goodnight." She bid him, and did not speak aloud her answer on who the 'fox' would be. Discord, most likely. He was a wily one, and it was always difficult to predict what he was up to.

(04:02:29) Discord Draconequus existed the throne room to the foyer, and headed out the castle. His eye gave a twitch as he turned his head and let out a sneeze. A wayward flower sprouts and blooms, only for it to erupt a hooffull of sprinkles. Off the unicorn went back to canterlot to work on his 'investigation'. Next time he'll have to consider anotehr angle. Luna was hard to get a giggle out of. He was determined!

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12/30/2015; My Shadow and Me

(15:51:32) Discord Draconequus had 'interviewed' the princess the night before so the unicorn found himself up and early -- well almsot dinenr time was pretty early for him, and working on furthering his investigation at the Sugarcube. What was he investigating? The new batch of mint cupcakes he ordered! The male munched way, pad and quill strewn about other papers at the table. As cold as it was he seemedto still find the time to relax outside. With a knitted scarf, winter cap and quilt under his saddle bag: he kept himself cozy. "Ho ho... wonderful. This makes things much easier."

(16:02:21) Baokros Was up early, and he was just devouring the food in the fridge. He had spent the night inside the castle, in his old cozy room, that seems to still be there intact. For breakfast he was having marshmallows and cookies, cold chocolate, raisin and oats with some milk, and cake on the side. This was his "personal" breakfast, not the most healthy choice, but it was his decision to make, and he decided on this sort of food. Suddenly his ears twitch as he hears a knock on the door. It was old Kibitz. "Hello young master, Princess Celestia has asked me to make sure that you were eating healthy and not gouring yourself in sweets. May I come in?" Oh he done did it, eating all these sweets.

(16:22:12) Princess Luna. The sun had risen, announcing it was early morning to most ponies, but to the lady of the night.. it announced that it was starting to get late. The princess stifled a yawn with one wing as she left the throne room far behind her, pondering two things before she retired: a quick snack before bed.. or visit her scribe to see how she was faring? The latter seemed a little more important, considering the trouble Azure had been in, and so Luna meandered off in the direction of the infirmary.

(16:26:05) Azure Rain saw a door in her way and her mind simply dismissed it, a bolt of entrophic energy washing through the wood decaying it instantly before blasting it outwards in slivers of mold and dust, then the scribe would step through the opening as bile dripped from her pale lips. eyes finding the guards near a sneer washed over her features. "Convenient..."

(16:35:42) Discord Draconequus had himself many a questions and after packing up his cupcakes he would be off back to Canterlot, the easy way though. Far be it for home to take the long way back. A teleport spell would do the trick. Packing up his saddle bag with the an inappropriate amount of cupcakes and an obscene number of sprinkles! Or was it inappropriate sprinkles and obscene cupcakes--? Well no matte. The unicorn shook his head and raised his horn to hte air, letting a soft glow over come it. He would vidualize his spot... now -- it wasn't hard for 'Strife' to use such simple magics, but you can bet flashy flair came with everything!
(16:36:25) Discord Draconequus released the teleport spell so he would land proper and primp in front of the castle gates. "Ah-ha!"

(16:41:24) Bygone Specter was taking a break from working on his part in Discord's 'glorious cookout plan'.... maybe he could use some cupcakes? Perhaps... He really wished he could just pop over to Canterlot though... he needed another look at the Luna's chestpiece if he were to make a proper forgery! It wasn't like he could find a good picture off-hoof! Makign the small mini-luna figure wasn't near as hard. Why was it hard? The little changeling was, for all his faults, a bit of a perfetionist. If somepony wasn't foold then Dissy mght get mad at him! And Bygone didn't want his 'big brother' upset at him for messing up the cookout! The little changeling in pegasus form was seated upon a bit of a high perch only... to slip! The end result was very fortuitous! He landed square on Strife's back as he executed his teleport. Thus Bygone now found himself falling from the pon's back right outside of canterlot castle!

(16:49:41) Baokros Scurying off, in an effort to hide the evidence, while advisor Kibitz kept on knocking on his door. "Be right there Kibitz." The only idea...stuff all the marshmallows and crackers in his mouth and chewing as fast as he can, only leaving the cold chocolate and raisin with oats. Gulping it all down, it was not a pleasant experience for the foal, he will get a hiccup latter on. Opening the door to let Kibitz in, who so happens to bring in a bowl of fruits and vegetables along with some healthy breads. "Ahh master Baokros, the royal Canterlot society of chefs have prepared this delicious assortment of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables for your morning breakfast, after which our royal majesty princess Celestia have given permission for a doctor's visit, so you are to report to the infirmary for some blood work, and a health checkup. A foal your age should be healthy afterall." He grimanced, somewhat enjoying his words

(16:54:23) Baokros For Bao this was nothing but bad news, first his delicious high sugar meal was ruined, but now he has to go see a no no, this can't happen, worst day ever so far. Ounce more Kibitz spoke. "Ahhh yes, one of the members of the royal guard will accompany you to the infirmary, apparently he has to visit a friend of his who was injured...Mhmm never thought guard duty would be such a dangerous line of work, I always thought it was all for show." He said before leaving Bao with his healthy breakfast. The foal's ears dropped as he said his goodbyes to Kibitz, then finishing his somewhat dissapointing breakfast. Until hearing another knock at the door, this time the guard who was suppose to escort him to the infirmary.

(17:03:38) Princess Luna should have dealt with her visit to the infirmary earlier, so she could have retired to bed when she wanted. It was her fault, but in the long run it was probably best that she had. The closer she came to the infirmary.. she was sure she heard something odd in the stillness. It sounded like a faint explosion, or rather a crumbling of something. Princess Luna became concerned and quickened her step to see what was going on.

(19:39:47) Baokros: Baokros Horn continued to glow, even as he finished panicking. Breathing hard, in his mind he could feel it, this dark magic, disgusting. Suddenly out of his horn the two Windigos that have taken rest inside of him began to manifest, surrounding the room, giving their angry whinny directed at Azure. The room temperature started to drop faster, now covering the walls and the ceiling with ice. {Repost for D]

(19:41:53) Princess Luna, with Azure's help, managed to peel Bygone off and out of harm's way... mostly. Azure's throw had knocked him unconscious, but she wasn't entirely in control of herself. She could see this, but before she could do anything, before she could even stop Azure's spellcasting, she felt somepony whisk by her. It was.. Strife? He had gone to tackle her scribe and halt the process before she could have- and furthermore, the air around them was growing colder. In her peripheral vision, the princess saw the windigoes manifest out of the frightened Bao and felt her time for hesitation was up. Luna rushed in while Azure was down, and made to cast her spell to cleanse the unicorn mare of dark magic. It would take a lot out of her, but it would be worth it.

(19:44:26) Azure Rain screamed at the top of her lungs as the entropic force was cleansed out of her system by the night's princess luckily being held down by Strife tangled with her, fear now in her eyes as she came fully to her senses and her dark mana dissipated now that the host was clean of the otherworldly parasite.

(19:53:38) Discord Draconequus would admit it was perhaps a bit reckless of him to assault the mare, but it it kept her and the others safe he saw no harm in taking action. What he had done was done so in calculated risk. If anything -- he would have broken his guise if the others were in serious danger, but much of the risk was reduced thanks to his own presence and the Princesses, who were no slouches when it came to fooling around with rift and their kin-beast. When he felt it was safe the male unwrapped himself from Azure he shifted back on his haunches and sighed out. Dusting back his badly cut mane he looked down to the mare. "Miss Azure?" He called before looking to the others. "Are the foals alright?" The calm, cool, and composed facade of Strife bit back the zipping righting actions of a hyper chaos spirit.

(20:12:58) Baokros The Windigos began to encircle the ponies, forming their etheral shape. Bao had collapsed, now unconsious, he was always weak to dark magic, even getting close to it, freaked him out, getting encircled by it, that sickened him. Now that he was out cold, there was nothing to keep this Windigos in control. A screeching whooing sound, as the Windigos made their way towards Azure, with the intent of causing harm.

(20:20:03) Princess Luna pinned her ears back when Azure screamed, but it was soon all over. The dark magic was gone, forcefully cleansed from the unicorn's body. Dark magic was a difficult thing to clean up- on an entire town, it took three alicorns. For one pony.. Princess Luna's power was enough. It still took a toll on the already tired princess and she sank down to the plush hallway carpeting on shaky legs. She did think to draw Azure towards her in a comforting embrace, forgiving, once Strife had disentangled himself. One problem solved, and one more remained: the windigoes, and their handler unconscious. Luna sighed wearily, stifling a yawn with one silver-shod hoof, and tried to cast up a shield around her and Azure. It wouldn't be long before she passed out from exhaustion, but hopefully somepony else could come along and help.

(20:47:36) Discord Draconequus stood with the mare to his form. The foals were TKO'd and he seemed the only with power to remain. Pursing his lips, the very visage of calm and thoughtful, the unicorn stallion lit his horn aglow, and lit it did so with a torch of blue fire that was sent out in a wave among the circling ice creatures. His eyes narrowed as he stamped his hoof agianst the ground in a show of power. "Disperse beasts." He commanded. He really rather not break his guise and so help them if the spirit did -- so help Canterlot with a Discord loose in the streets, oh that would be a riot! He felt the strain of holding the disguise as well and had to take a munchie break, but so long as the windigo did their coach circling it gve him little time to.

(21:01:13) Baokros The Windigos continued to encircle the three. the magic strikes against them, drove them even more agitated. The burst of magic that came from the unicorn made them pause for a moment, stopping the drop in the room temperature, before suddenly an eruption, their actions have called the attention of another. On the corner of the room, a time and space anomally, drawn to the dark magic, as well as the magic of chaos, a curious intruder. From the portal emerged three more windigos, carrying a carriage with another spectre that looked both very similar and very different from the others. The rise of the cold continued underway, and Finn and Fay stopped circling the pair, and moved back over to the blue foal in a protective stance.

(21:02:28) Azure Rain actually had no problem with either Strife or Discord as the spirit had saved her in both of his forms atleast once, so stayed close to him putting her fate in him while she was weakened and disorientated, no matter his love for pranks she knew Discord would save others when it mattered.

(21:15:05) Discord Draconequus twisted his head up, horn still aglow with magic prepared. Whether it was defensive or offensive was yet to be known, but by the very vibrations against the air it was easily noted as offensive to those with a sense for magic. For such a plain unicorn though he seemed mroe than steady on his hooves when it came to the twisting of magics. His brows furrowed. "You trespass in a dimension that isn't yours to trespass in..." Oh how the spirit was intrigued, but his visage could not show the curling grin that fueled his mischief. Who was this? Another player to the game?

(21:27:49) Baokros In appearance the spectre looked identical to the other Windigos, with a few noticed changes, painted marking across its body, pupilated blue eyes, a bony face, if Discord memory were to pull for him, this spectre was known as a Wight, or a Pony that turned into a Windigo through its curse. The spectre looked at the unicorn. "And you take things that do not belong to you." He said as a pair of chains wrapped themselves along the two Windigos that were defending the foal. "Come, is time to take you back to where you belong." The spectre spoke, as he pulled on the chain, only managing to break it. A look of surprised and annoyance. "The foal has binded them...very well the foal will die to unbind them."

(21:31:40) Azure Rain could not stand against such beings in her current state even if she had wanted to help the foal, instead she lay against Strife and made herself as small as possible, windigoes and spectre's required one to be at peak condition, which the unicorn was not in the least, looking up at Strife as Bao's spectre associate apparantly knew the dark coated unicorn?

(21:36:42) Discord Draconequus strode forward as he held himself tall. "Was is it with sorts like you? You misplace a windigo or two and assume theft?" Hovered a cupcake at he most inopprotune moment. Biting into his he gave a casual stare at the creature. "Why don't you just relax, have a cupcake. We can talk about it." He hurled the cupcake toward the spectre with his unicorn magic, eyes narrowing. "Because if there's anyone here who is going to be a killjoy, it certainly isn't going to be you." How dare he! How dare he ruin his fun! The unicorn stamped his hoof, the ground cracking beneath it. Was it an illusion? it felt strange as large, dragon shaped shadows began to grow outward from his own. Well illusions can't hurt right? Cept these weren't pixies. Just not beliving in them, didn't kill them. The playful shadows cackled before they jumped and moved to climb all over the spectre's cart to topple it.

(21:51:00) Baokros The Wight screeched at the other one, freezing the cupcake in its place, and passing through its etheral body. "You do...your magic, your land, it all belongs to us, your magic belongs to the father, a mere gift." He said as an icicle began to form to stab the little foal, before stopping, another howling sound began to call them. Looking at the foal and the two Windigos who were in its defense. A mild annoyance, as he turned towards the shadows, who had managed to topple the carriage only to have it reapeared ounce more, this are afterall ethereal, not really there, yet there. His horn glowed as he opened another portal to their world. "When the time comes, I will return for my kin, be wary of my call Spirit."

(21:54:07) Azure Rain look weary and nudged Strife. "Strife? can I please go rest now, is it safe to retreat to my chambers? I'm so very tired." she would however lift Luna in her telekinetic hue, it was after all part of her duties to look after the diarch of the night as much as Luna was looking out for the scribe.

(22:12:52) Discord Draconequus blinked, cheeks blushing softly as he stood at attention. With te creepy spectre gone (given he hismelf was a ammalgamation of mosnter parts -- that was serious case of pot calling the kettle black...) he looked toward Azure." Ah, Miss Azure are you alright?" The shadows sheepishly looked around before vanishing. "Please, please do as you must. I'll take the foals to the proper facilities." His ear swiveled back toward where the creature had formed. Wight, huh. It seemed just with new powers coming to bat for the side of Harmony, so were runner ups attempting to take his spot as a creator of disharmony. He was not going to take that lightly... He trotted toward Bygone to check on him nosing at the young foal. He would look to Bao, it's windigo seeming intent on guarding him, but that raised many questions...

(22:21:51) Baokros Not feeling anymore danger the Windigos began to dissipate back to the foal's being. He started to wake up, now that the place was getting back to normal. His legs gently scurry as he woke up. Looking around for a small moment, not knowing what happened.

(22:46:42) Discord Draconequus seeing as he was the only really conscious one around -- hardly a candidate for mature adult, but since he was playing the role he migth as well take to it. With Bao and Bygone all squishy the male unicorn would make tempt to scoop them up and take them to the infirmary where they could rest. It was hardly trouble since he was ful lsized and not the least bit out of energy, though he did face whoarf like three cupcakes on the way. Man it was hard being him!

(22:50:03) Bygone Specter suddenly jerked awake with a cry as he was picked up and once again fell off of the pony that had been carrying him. "What happened?! Aaah! Where's Azure? The brain eating demon from Tartarus! It didn't get in my head did it?! I dun wanna have my brain eateeeeeen!" he'd cry as he ran around in circles crantically until he flopped to the ground and tried to bop his head with a hoof to 'dislodge' whatever brain-eating demon that might have gotten into his head.

(23:05:43) Discord Draconequus arched a brow as the lad ran in circles. The unicorn male sat down on his haunches, his horn levitating a cupcake as he munched on it. He licked at the frosty mint creme and watched the boy try to cleanse himself of evil. After a good while he leaned his head slightly. "It's over." Oh, well he could have said something sooner. He could have, but made the distinct choice not to. "The danger has passed. Worry not foal, I wil lbe making a full incident report to the authorities." Wans't he the authorities? Well he was a step in teh ladder.

(23:08:56) Bygone Specter eventually slowed to a stop as he heard Strife speak up. "Oh... Thanks Dissy." little foal thought he was being clever! "So... I won't have demons from tartarus trying to eat my brain... good! The little foal practically saged to the ground with a sigh. "Oh! I forgot to get a look at the halter!" he let out a cry and then groaned as he let his head thump heavily to the floor.

(23:13:26) Discord Draconequus slowly munched on his cupcake. "Tis the second time you called me that foal, you know? My name is not Dissy." Which was true. It was a fact. Strife spoke in cataclymic facts even if they hurt your feels. His ears swiveled forward as he licked the icing off his lips. "Aren't you a little young to be interested in halters...?" Zing. The male stood nd moved to tuck Bao in and would next make move to grab Bygone by his tail to lift him into the bed.

(23:20:23) Bygone Specter stares at Strife and sticks his tongue out. "You ain't fooling me." he'd say with a flick of an ear as he stuck his tongue out. However his comment about being a little young to be interested in halters. He stared at the 'unicorn' for a few moments before his head quirked to the side. "I don't get it..." he simply stated as he sat on his rump with a confused look. "A little young for what?" he was quite confused ~ At least until the male went to grab his tail! "Noooo! I'm not tired yet! I need to look at the halter for the mana-battery!" he'd say as he tried to evade!

(23:25:05) Discord Draconequus moved to super tuck Bygone into the infirmary bed. "You should not go around making trouble little foal. Sometimes rest is best, though it is beyond me what you are on about, what am I seeking to fool you for?" He really wasn't but it was a bonus. There was a tapping at the window. While Strife continued to tuck Bygone in tight, from behind the wispy curtains of the infirm's window slithered Discord's shadow. The spirit made a laughing motion before waving and pointing up, as if signaling Bygone to climb to the roof. Strife arched a brow and looked back, but all that remained was the billowing curtain revealing nothing behind it but the night sky. He furrowed his brows and looked to Bygone, raising an accusing hoof. "Don't get strange ideas in your head by reading too many comic books."

(23:31:47) Bygone Specter stared at Strife with a rather amusing look. If he WAS right and Strife was who he thought he was...Then he was reeeally good at acting! Then again he was old no? He had plenty of practice! In any case Bygone's attention was turned to the tapping of the window and he blinked at the sight of Discord's shadow! Since when could he detatch his shadow? Cool! Could Bygone do that to? He stared at his own shadow in thought only to look up and see the shadow for a moment. However he had directions to follow! Just as strife mentioned comic books he blinked. "Ooh!" Whats that?!" he asked pointing back at the window once again. Should the pony have looked he'd turn back to find a very well crafted scare-crow replica of bygone sitting on the bed with a crudely drawn smily-face! and even a straw top-hat! Bygone himself was slipping right out the window to follow Dissy's shadow!

(23:35:17) Discord Draconequus looked away for a moment only to look back and narrow his eyes at the replacement jutsu technique. "Darn foals..." He turned toward the window, ears pricked up. At the very lip of the roof the shadow of Discord's tuft would be seen slithering there. Of course once upon the roof Bygone would find none other than Discord floating on his back playing with a paddleball, with his hind dragon's paw of course, his arms folded behind his head. "Took you long enough. Well? Did you see it?" He questioned. Wait, if Discord was there, flesh and blood, who was --?? This was certainly Discord, chaos and everything, though obviously dumbed down as to not alert the guards. Strife certainly did not feel like this, not even a little. What the hippity haps?

(23:40:16) Bygone Specter stared at what he could only think must be the result of a clone jutsu! He knew Discord knew it! After all it was plainly displayed that he could create copies of himself! "Ain't foolin me with a clone jutsu!" he pouted as he crossed his forelegs and then scowled. "Did I see what? The halter? I didn't get a chance to examine it because demons from tartarus were after my brain to eat it!" he sulked as he hung his head and scuffed a hoof!

(23:45:00) Discord Draconequus missed his paddle shot and stared at Bygone. "Clone ju-- what? Listen here you had ample opprotunity! And demons from Tartarus? I am pretty sure they are, you know, in tartarus. Hence the name demons of Tartarus." He face pawed. He flaoted over to Bygone to pick him up and lean him over the roof's edge. "You see that idiot down there? He is a detective. If anyone has weird information, it is him." Said pony was peering out the window with a look of confusion. The kid was a pegasus... but he was not. He huffed and shut the window grumpily. 

(23:50:24) Bygone Specter blinked up at Discord as he missed a shot and then spoke. "No! Miss mist made that portal, remember?! Then she woke up today and was all 'I won't go there so I'll take yours' and all that! She had this creepy black - purple magic that tasted I dont' know what it tasted like but it was aweful! I have no words to describe it." he'd say as he actually turned a little greenf rom the memory. However he found himself picked up and set a the edge of the roof. "Uh.... Yeah... What information would I be looking for? What adult ponies do with halters?" he asked innocently. He didn't know what the big deal about halters were!

(23:53:55) Discord Draconequus rolled his eyes. "Go down there and find out. Do I look liek I can fit in a halter?" Don't answer that, that is rude. Never as a draconequui his size. Down below Strife made his way downstiars toward the gates. "Go catch up with him before he gets away! Fly!" He tossed Bygone off the roof, least made motion to. Heh ad wings, he could do it! Go, be free friend!

(00:00:05) Bygone Specter flicked an ear. What did Dissy mean about 'go down there'? The litlte 'unicorn' blinked at that next question and never had a chance to reply before he was thrown down towards the gates! The little changeling in disguise let out a combination between a cry of distress and a 'wheeeeee' as he was thrown at Strife from the roof! This was it, he was done for! The little changeling's course was off! He was going to hit the wall above the gate! And little By was too panicked to shapeshift into a form that had wings!

(00:05:21) Discord Draconequus nodded to the guards, giving them a pleasant farewell. Discord rolled his eyes and snapped his claws, a trampaline appearing midway down and bounding Bygone onto a pillow below which appeared just a few feet from the cool detective. "!" The stallion jumped back and looked up just as Discord dissappeared, not one catching sight of himself. "What in Equestria foal?! That was dangerous." It was, this was the truth! The stallion sighed. "Do not tell me this was the reason you climbed the roof?! By Luna's mane you troublemaker." It had to be illegal, somewhere.

(00:09:32) Bygone Specter bounced off of the trampoline only to thud down and tumble from the pillow onto his front just a little in front of Strife's hoof! "Uuuuhnn.. Don't throw me off of the roof. I can't fly." he'd whimper as he tried to get a-hold of himself. He was a foal that was jsut put through a traumatic experience! It would take a few minutes for his head to start working properly again... And for the hooves that suddenly clung to Strife's leg to let go....

(00:16:45) Discord Draconequus's expression fell flat. "I am gaining more and more evidence of your lack of sanity little foal. You prattle on about many things that I can only presume are an overactive imagination. Did someone hurt you? Who threw you off the roof?" Was the foal just loony or had someone realyl did something to him? Only way to know was to get the facts.

(00:23:37) Bygone Specter blinked and inclined his head. "Oh.. I've never had any sanity! But I just have a hat full of marbles!" He literally could not resist that... "It was Dissy! He wanted me to ask you something but he never told me what it was! Then he threw me off the roof!" he'd say as he let out a whine. "Why am I the one that is always flying?" he'd whimper as his ears fell.

(00:30:40) Discord Draconequus facehoof' and sighed. "Do you know how backwards you sound? Your continuous tempt to call me by that name, yet whomever was on teh roof also has that name? Is that what you kids call adults these days? It doesn't show very much respect." He glanced away feeling strnage saying somehthing like that- - as if he has gotten old! "Perhaps you shoudl go back to the infirmary, you really seem to need it."

(00:34:56) Bygone Specter inclined his head and 'snerked' some as he tried to hold back a laugh. "Well.. Obviously not! That'd just be silly Mister Strife!" he'd say as he gave the pony a rather strange look. "Are you feeling alright?" he couldn't help but ask.... Yes, he was playing with the pony and he could hardly help it! If it WAS Discord playing a trick on him then he deserved the headache he could cause! If not.. All in good fun.

(00:37:26) Discord Draconequus rubbed his face into his hoof. "I see you finalyl learned my name..." He let out a sigh. "Now, would you mind releasing me, I've an investigation to continue and I needn't marble losing foals helping me out Now considerate as I am as a mentor, I do think you need rest given your recent tribulations." Punted into a wall, thrown off a roof. Yah.

(00:41:52) Bygone Specter furrowed his brow and wimpered. "But I can't! I need to finish my part for the cookout! Or Dissy will be upset that I'm taking too long and I can't have that! Upset friends are bad! They might not wanna be my firends if I make them upset!" he'd say as he quickly hopped up onto his hooves with his ears flat. "I-I'll let you get back to whatever you're doing yeah? I-I have work to do." he'd say as he tried slip away.

(00:44:47) Discord Draconequus watched the foal as crept away. Sighing out he legvitated a cupcake from his pack. Munching into it he made his way out back toward the main streets of Canterlot. On teh roof Discord vanished leaving some very real questions....

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