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 11/24/15; Library Troubles

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Princess Luna

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11/24/15; Library Troubles Empty
PostSubject: 11/24/15; Library Troubles   11/24/15; Library Troubles Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 10:24 pm

Mist Feather wandered into the throne room late at night knowing the pony she needed would be there this time of night, she gave a nod to the powder blue unicorn at the desk near the throne before she looked around for Luna.

Princess Luna hadn't been expecting any visitors this night, not since they'd stopped coming, but it seemed whenever she wasn't expecting them.. they showed up. The lunar diarch looked up as the double doors opened and in came Mist. It'd been a while since she'd seen the day guard.. she'd have to see how she'd been doing since their last talk. "Ah, Mist! It is a pleasant surprise to see you again. What brings you here?"

Mist Feather looked quite serious this night and the powder blue unicorn near Luna shifted some in her armor, Mist however then smiled at the night's diarch and flitted her wings in greeting. "I have been doing well princess, but I need your help with something if you can, your associate Mirage is said to have a book in his library called the Knights of the Moon, yet the library is sealed by your magic, still I'd love to see it, by the way is that unicorn there going to hurt me?"

Princess Luna looked briefly puzzled and lifted a wing to Azure, gesturing for her to relax. "How did you come to hear about him having such a thing?" The princess asked as she stood and descended the throne's carpeted ramp. "He may have such a book, but so may the Canterlot Archives.. unless it is a dangerous book." Luna said, tilting her head and arching an eyebrow. "I do not personally approve of any unicorn having so many dark and dangerous books in their possession, but seeing as I have placed a seal on his library.. I suppose it is something I will have to permit." Luna commented with a dismissive gesture. "What is it for?"

Mist Feather cursed inwardly as Luna started to ask the smart questions and involuntarily stomped a hoof. "Well I sort of saw his book collection when I visited him a while ago and he kept talking about restricted areas so I guessed he had to have special books, the book isn't dangerous princess, it just holds ancient training regimen for knights." that was not a total lie and she flicked her tail pleased with herself.

Princess Luna peered appraisingly at Mist as she answered her questions. "I see. I am sure such a book could be found in the Canterlot Archives, although it may take some time searching for it.." She trailed off for a moment, placing a silver-shod hoof on her chin in thought. "If you are in no hurry, of course, but Mirage's library may take less time to search. I am sure he would not mind me borrowing one of his books." Luna answered at last.

Mist Feather nodded and fought herself mentally as not to start prancing in place she had managed to convince the princess, no, her friend to help her, soon she could see this book and learn it's secrets so that ponies like Luna and Bygone could rest more easily at night. "Thank you your majesty your help is so very much appreciated."

Princess Luna dipped her head to the day guard and strode forth, briefly stepping around her, to head for the throne room's entrance. "You are welcome, Mist. We can go and fetch it now, if you so desire. Mirage's home is not too far from the castle." She replied, pausing in the throne room's doorway to glance back at the pegasus.

Mist Feather nodded almost too eagerly, keep it cool Mist no need to worry Luna, then trotted after her so that the two of them could go to Mirage's home to retrieve the tome she had heard so much about, the tome who would make it able for her to redeem herself for all the mistakes she made in life, maybe even her crimes. "Yes, now would be very nice Princess."

Princess Luna turned and left the tall doorway behind her by the time Mist agreed on going forward with it. The princess of the night would lead the familiar way out to the castle's entrance hall and beyond, towards the town. "It has been a while since we have spoken. How have you been faring since?" Luna asked curiously once they were beneath the open night sky, making idle conversation on their way to Mirage's house.

Mist Feather trotted next to her quelling the nerves inside and smiled up to her friend. "I have been hanging around my older sister and Bygone lately, I ran into Sunset when I left our parent's house and truth be told I had missed her." she left out the part of Discord ambushing her or so she reasoned and was smiles all the way.

Princess Luna smiled faintly, turning her head a little to look at Mist out of one eye. "I am glad to hear you have been surrounding yourself with friends. I had not known, either, that you had an elder sister." She replied. "It sounds like you two are close." The diarch added as she looked ahead again, eyeing the houses as they passed them. Mirage's house was close. "Ah, here we are." Luna said at last, stopping in front of a doorway. A shimmer of blue light blossomed around her horn as she reached out to unlock the door with her magic. Luna would lead the way in, glancing around to see if Mirage was home. She saw no sign of him, but she did see something out of place: the ward over his library was gone. Luna frowned in concern and approached it, muttering. "How odd.."

Mist Feather nodded and as they passed her parent's home flicked her ears flat a moment feeling ashamed, what would Sunny or her parents say? then trotted into Mirage's home and heard her comment, tilting her head as she looked at the door not knowing what was amiss. "Something wrong Luna?" yes since the two of them were alone she had dropped the formality as she did see Luna as a friend as well.

Princess Luna merely nodded and pointed at the door with a hoof. "There is a magical seal that I put over this very door, due to the nature of the books within. My sister spent much of her time locking up the most dangerous of the old tomes, so that nopony would ever misuse them.. If Mirage would not give them up to be placed under the protection of my sister and I, then his library had to be sealed for others' safety." Luna explained, approaching the door. "For him to leave it unsealed is taking quite a risk." The door opened before her magic's touch after this final comment and Luna stepped inside, hoping it had been left undisturbed.

Discord Draconequus seemed to have a second spider sense for these sorts of things. Danger, magic, seals? These are things that certainly interested the curious chimeric pony. Appearing overhead in a lounging  position the draconequus rest his chin in his lion paw, eagle claw draped over his forearm. "Well, well, so you've gone through so much trouble to keep everypony safe huh?" His ears flicked forward before he vanished and appeared on the ground, leaned back on his haunches. "I gotta say that's pretty clever, but denying others from their right to learn? Barbaric!" He nodded astutely, a clear teasing tone rolling in his voice.

Mist Feather froze a second, the monster was here it was now or never Luna would never forgive her but there was no choice, fear changed inside of her and with determination she dashed into the library, scanning book covers as fast as she could until she saw the price.. snatching the dark alicorn colored book she screamed at the top of her lungs. "By Luna I am willing! I am a knight for the Ruler of the Moon!" And the book responded, brimming with swirls of purple energy washing over the pegasus, eyes growing cold and calculated as she stared at the draconequus. "Let's see if you're truly immortal..."

Princess Luna gave a start at the sight of the draconequus within the library, but she quickly recovered. "Discord!" She exclaimed, her expression darkening. "We have a very good reason why, as I am sure you well know. The times have-.. Mist?" The alicorn began to snap back, only to feel the passing wind of the pegasus as she darted by her. It was not a moment later that she felt the surge of magic, and noted the change in Mist's appearance. Luna's brow furrowed at the implications of this visit and she took a step forward. "Stand down, Mist! This is not a situation that calls for fighting."

Discord Draconequus blinked in surprise as he flinched back. "Well, I can understand your concern princess. Maybe you should commit to a better screening process." Quick witted and even quicker to dip around a situation that he likely cause-- nah it totally was no fault of his that she just seemed an overly sensitive pony. Vanishing for a moment he would reappear closer to one of the shelves. "You should really keep your temper in check -- look what it does to your complexion." The male held up a mirror toward the filly, intent on reflecting any magical attack from himself, off to the corner, of course it was merely a temptuous hope that his feathers were not singed in the process of magical misfiring.

Mist Feather, and the book that accepted her over, whispered so sweetly to her, alicorn, probable weaknesses, horn, heart, eyes, wings, then facing Discord more flooded information, Draconequus, best approach petrify and shatter, perhaps eyes and heart. flicking her ears towards Luna she shook her head slowly, not her the alicorn said something but it could probably be dismissed for now alicorn was safe, turning to Discord her sword unsheathed, he was likely to stop existing. "You hurt enough ponies, you and other threats will be dust."

Princess Luna admitted to herself that she probably spoke a little too harshly to Discord, considering.. but now she had a bigger problem on her hooves. If she wasn't upset with Mirage for leaving his library unsealed, freely talking about its contents would definitely do it.. The moonbringer's nostrils flared. Mist refused to acknowledge her, let alone listen. It was probably the dark power of the book that was swaying her mind, which meant she'd have to remove it. Luna crossed the space to place herself between Mist and Discord, her wings flared out to their fullest extent. "I do not want to fight you Mist. I will tell you only once more, stand down! Discord is no longer a threat and you do not need to do this. Do not make the mistake I once did!"

Discord Draconequus ducked behind his mirror, the object vanishing when the princess jumped in front of him. His ears folded back as he held out his paws in rejecting confusion. "I've no idea what has the wee mare so flustered." He truly didn't. Who could think such a tiny prank would send a lady into a range on sight? Well -- he knew how to poke pony's buttons but he was used to ponies with greater patience and higher constitution. A halo appeared over his head as his paw came to his feathered chest, claw pointing upward. "No threat, honest. I haven't don't anything -- tooooday.." He murmured the last bit.

Mist Feather had to decide, using a book of this power could not possibly come without a cost to a mere pegasus like her it was now the simple question, trust Luna the princess who was her friend and had brought her safely home once, or try and destroy the god of chaos who was now claimed to be reformed but could still be an enormous threat to Equestria? upon her hesitation though the book whispered. Luna did reject you little pegasus, why trust? Weak points, horn, heart, wings..

Princess Luna tilted an ear back towards Discord to catch what he was saying- she hardly wanted to take her eyes off of the pegasus when she'd made herself such a threat. "Discoord.." The princess chided, lowering her voice for Discord's ears only. He.. had to have done something, right? Luna did notice that Mist hadn't yet made a move, she was hesitating. Maybe she'd gotten through to her after all, but Luna didn't wanna take a risk. She took a couple of steps forward, her gaze briefly flicking to the book and back. "Relinquish the book now, and you will not get into trouble."

Discord Draconequus sheepishly turned away sputtering a bit, tapping his clawtips together. He turned his muzzle to the air, ears pressed down. His tail was pressed to the ground and knees in. "I may have played a liiittle joke on her." He said, shrinking down in size to visually illustrate, what he felt, wasn't a problematic gag. "Just a trick of light, a trick of light!" He assured in his normal size. He turned his face away, lips pulling back over his fangs as he winced at the possibility of crossing the line. He didn't think he did! He was on his best behavior, and for a spirit of disharmony -- that's pretty darn good!

Mist Feather suddenly gasped she couldn't go through the alicorn to get at the draconequus and she was running out of time, an untrained pony like her could never use the book long or it would consume her in the process and left only the book's consciousness. She needed to act and then drop that accursed tome but.. but Luna was in the way, heart she's distracted by your mark, heart. sweat dripped from her mane as she decided, and severed her connection to the book, never betraying a friend.

Princess Luna activated her magic again as she prepared to wrest the book from Mist's grasp, but it soon seemed she didn't have to. The pegasus gave it up willingly. The moonbringer quickly scooped the book up in her magic and pulled it out of Mist's vicinity. Now that it was in her possession, she could relax. Luna exhaled in relief. "Thank you, Mist." She murmured gratefully and finally glanced back at Discord, now that the danger had passed. "You may have to be careful with that. Pranking is a tricky business, and many ponies are still frightened of you." Luna told him, but her voice was gentler than what it was when she'd first greeted him.

Discord Draconequus's head sunk on regret, pressing his claw tips together ruefully. It wasn't easy balancing these things with the ponies, but he was learning -- kindaa. Last night's prank may be giving a few foals nightmares for a week. Exactly a week, because that was exactly how many explosions there were. ANNNNYWAY. "I learned my lesson, from now on wee pranks for wee ponies." He assured. He floated up, grabbing his toes with his forepaws. "Am I really that scary? I know sometimes I have a bit of bed mane but really..." A hand mirror appeared in his claw as his lion's paw brushed back his kurfuffled grey mane.

Mist Feather stood there staring blankly a moment, ears flicking at the princess's thank you, then dripping could be heard on the library floor making the pegasus mare blink, looking down she saw crimson drops pool at her fore hooves how odd where did that come from? then looked at the ceiling seeing nothing, frowning she looked down again and realized oh... and flopped onto her side.

Princess Luna looked a little amused by Discord's chatter while she folded her wings, making sure to tuck Knights of the Moon under one of them. "It could be many things, such as plunging Equestria into chaos a thousand years ago.. You are the spirit of chaos after all." The diarch pointed out, and only realized afterward that Discord might have been joking. Whoops. Luna turned back to Mist and froze when she saw the blood. Uh oh. The princess sprang into action, and though she didn't catch her in time as she fell, she immediately sought out Mist's wounds. The flow of blood would have to be stopped.

Discord Draconequus gave an ill-mannered shrug. "Well aren't we a galloping gossiper." He crossed his arms and pouted, head turning away. "That was a thousand years ago, I mean--" he was startled from talking when the mare collapsed. "Ho ho -- maybe it is better for them to be exposed to such things. Their magic wouldn't be so wee to handle the tiny tomes." He remarked (not mean spiritedly but blunt and arrogantly...) as he balanced one of the 'dangerous' books on his tail end.

Mist Feather spasmed some, the bleeding coming from facial orifices and ear seemingly using very powerful tomes were a bad thing without the proper education or willpower after all the power to use such abilities had to come from somewhere, in this case the pegasus's personal health which manifested in trauma to the veins in her head, Discord had a point as had Luna these books should not easily be accessible to would be zealous mares acting on distress.

Princess Luna knelt down next to Mist, one of ears flattened back to pick up on Discord's prattling. "Discord, please, she is injured. It is because of this that we keep these books locked up in the first place." She chided him again, frowning. The princess fell silent, enveloping the pegasus's head in her magic to find the problems. Her.. veins? Luna closed her eyes to focus with just her magic and cast a spell to close them up. If she could. There was no telling what kind of magic the book used.

Discord Draconequus clasped his paws together and frowned a bit. He tsk and bit down on the end of his claw, feeling that nasty curl of regret bite into his tummy. He didn't mean harm but it seems he inadvertently caused a bit of an issue. He turned around to look at the shelves. He brushed a paw over the book spines before his ears perked up. Sliding the book down he would slowly turn and walk toward them, sitting down on his haunches, his spine curling to allow him to bend down. "Maybe I can help?" Ah -- this was embarrassing. He wasn't really used to helping. Somehow it always ended up troublesome, but his idea of help sometimes differed in view to a pony's. Maybe that was what it meant to be an individual that ran against the wind. He had taking out a book about healing magic, though he lacked confidence in his ability to use it. Sure he could finagle with reality and gravity, but much of his magic, if not all of it, was focused into this solitary task.

Mist Feather was slowly being healed by the alicorn's and draconequus's magic and seemingly avoided paying the price today, body stopping it spasms and shaking after a little while as she was no longer bleeding out from backlash induced head trauma, her quest to rid Equestria of dangerous monsters having effectively ended laying in a small pool on a friend's library floor.

Princess Luna only turned away from Mist to look at Discord in surprise; she didn't expect to hear that come out of his mouth. Ever. "I would greatly appreciate it." She said gently, turning back to Mist while Discord seated himself near them. The lunar deity focused her mind to the task again, and only backed off once the spasms and the flow of blood slowed. Luna leaned back, exhaling slowly in her relief. "Thank you for your help, Discord. I admit I was a little harsh on you this night, but you have a good heart.. when you do show it."

Discord Draconequus didn't mean to get anyone hurt over his pranks. It wasn't any fun when no one would play with you. It made the pranks boring and spoiled them. He may have been a spirit of disharmony, but that didn't mean he was a spirit of harm. Smol pranks were okay -- plus Flutter would probably cancel their tea parties on him. It was one of the few things he looked forward for in Ponyville. A lot of places were still pretty boring and a lot of ponies still looked at him like he was a selkie or something. He grinned widely. "OOooof course princess, the fantastical Discord at your service." He still couldn't help being silly. He wasn't one for dour drama.

Mist Feather gasped and started breathing faster, visibly recovering from her ordeal as she cracked open an eye and muttered something, wings giving a few flaps but not moving the pegasus all that much, why did nopony tell her that using powerful ancient artifacts came with a price?

Princess Luna figured she wouldn't get a serious response from Discord, but it didn't matter. Or what she'd said would, at least to him- but he'd probably never admit it out loud, knowing how he was. She turned back towards Mist when she'd gasped and moved her wing. It looked like she was finally coming to. That was a good sign. "Mist? Mist can you hear me?" Luna prompted, trying to see if she could get a response out of her.

Discord Draconequus tossed the book he handled behind him, though it somehow managed to rematerialize back into the shelf. He slithered around the princess to inspect Mist. The little mare seemed pretty rattled. Something seemed off though why did this place seem familiar? Sometimes he just sort of popped in as he eavesdropped -- floated around. He had a strange, sinking feeling. He tapped his chin and looked up. "Not to sound like a certain pony -- but why is this decor familiar." Of all the things, that bothered him? He floated off the ground a bit to sit in a thoughtful posture. It was just nagging him.

Mist Feather flicked an ear and mumbled. "Tired..." then slumped more and stopped flitting her wings, surely she could just take a nap, her cheek and chest felt sticky for some reason but that was okay, she had been sticky before she'd take care of that problem later, tail flicked once and a raspy giggle escaped.

Princess Luna managed to get something out of Mist, which was more than enough. "Take it easy, Mist. Get some rest." She advised gently, knowing that she could discuss this little problem with Mist later. The princess looked up to Discord with curiosity, ears perked. "We are in the home of my student, Mirage Moon, in his private library. Why does it seem familiar to you?"

Discord Draconequus narrowed his eyes, hard. He pursed his lips, snaggle tooth poking out from his muzzle. His paw stroked his chin beard, ears folding back. His eyes narrowed as a cold sweat painted over the back of his long neck. "I may be mistaking this place for another....." that drawling of his letters didn't make it true, 100%. He was likely attempting to spy on Twilight and picked the wrong library to snoop. "You know you should really start stacking books more efficiently! Stacking them on the shelves makes them all look the same!" He accused before putting on a pair of thick glasses, feigning near-sightedness.

Mist Feather crawled up to Luna and closed her eyes, slumping fully on the floor as her breath grew even and all of her muscles visibly relaxed, oh the little pegasus would wake up later with the mother of all headaches and be ravenous with hunger.

Princess Luna lifted a hoof to wrap it around Mist's shoulders while she focused on the draconequus. It seemed the poor pegasus would recover, but she'd have to clean the floor of blood once they were done here. "I would not want to mess with Mirage's library; no doubt he has gone to great lengths to organize it. Where did you expect to be, if not here?" Luna asked, watching Discord's antics.

Discord Draconequus flicked his ears and pulled his wrist to his wriggling ears, where a watch sat. "Tsk tsk, seems I'm out of time." he laughed and snapped his claws together, leaving the hodgepodge pony with a traveling hat and suitcase. "Well I best be off. No telling what the weather'll bring!" He smirked and poofed out of the plane before reappearing with his back to the door. "You mares have a swell night, maybe I'll see you later~!" Ah, the prankster was quick to run off when his dubious acts were becoming translucent. Better an annoying opaque of confusion than clarity, he always felt.

Mist Feather was not doing all that much as she had drifted into a deep sleep it was a lucky thing that guards weren't all too heavy when serving the flight division, even with armor she could be transported fairly easy when needed.

Princess Luna looked surprised when Discord avoided the question, declaring that it was time for him to go. Well.. that was a little disappointing. "Very well then. Farewell, until next time, Discord." She replied, turning her head to catch his reappearance by the door. The princess briefly raised a hoof in a wave before she turned back towards Mist. The hoof she'd had around her shoulders was removed as she got to her hooves, and lifted the pegasus in her magic. She set her gently aside on one of Mirage's plush seats, and went about trying to clean up the drying blood.

Mist Feather is doing what she was doing best lately, making a complete fool out of herself and either passing out while hitting on Luna or passing out because of blood loss after using an ancient artifact.

Princess Luna spent a moment of her time cleaning up the blood, which wasn't difficult especially when one had magic on their side. Had it been completely dry, she would have had a harder time of it, but ultimately there would probably be the vaguest of stains. Alas. The princess stepped over to where Mist now lay and sat down on the floor next to her, frowning faintly. Luna checked under her wing to make sure the book was still secured there, and reached over to run a hoof over Mist's mane.

Mist Feather fidgeted and smiled faintly in her sleep, the petting of her mane relaxing the pegasus as she had always loved it when her mother or sister had done so, tail giving a slight flick in content as she turned herself into it.

Princess Luna glanced down at Mist when she fidgeted under her hoof, but it was only the movements of sleep. She was already beginning to plan out what she could say to the mare once she was awake, and could only hope that Mist had learned her lesson. It had been twice now that the pegasus had nearly torn into someone, which was starting to worry her. Luna frowned. Perhaps she should carry Mist up to the castle to the infirmary until she wakes- she'd probably have time to talk to Mirage then, if he was awake and about.

Mist Feather may or may not have some anxiety and fear issues, among those being neglected and not wanting those she likes to be hurt being very strong ones, yet she should perhaps indeed get help seeing as she was a tad too willing to slaughter things that threatened her personal world.

Mirage Moon just arrived back in Canterlot as the train pulled into the station and he stepped out of it. No sign of Discord, he sighed. The explosion in his library startled him and he pretty much gave up hope of finding out what the last page of the book held with in it. He sat out on a quest to find the draconequus, but so far he found nothing as his search led him to Ponyville and he even talked with Twilight about it. She had no idea where he was either and thus his journey to Ponyville was wasted. Mira kicked a loose pebble on the ground as he departed the station in disappointment. Discord was old than both Luna and Celestia so certainly if anypony or rather any creature knew something he would. He is the oldest thing in current history isn't he? He pondered with a sigh.
Mirage Moon looked up towards the castle and the corner of his eye caught the glimpse of something. His door to his was...left slightly ajar. Surely he closed the door even if he was out of it he remembers closing the door all the way. Mira approached the door cautiously as he tried to use a magic sensing spell to see if he could tell whom it was in there, but it seemed his spell failed...? No...not failed it was being blocked which meant that the creature inside had an more powerful aura than his own. It wasn't hard to do that, but still very few would enter his domain. He sighed and pushed open the door as he walked inside and shut it quietly behind him where it just barely clicked. Mira looked around as he started up the stairs, "...Um, Bygone...are you in here? You left the door open." He said as he ready his magical aura just in case and stopped about half way up the stairs as he projected an illusion of himself or a mirage and made it go the rest of the way just in case it was an hostile presence he would not be targeted himself.

Princess Luna stroked the sleeping guardmare's mane a final time before she dropped her hoof, frowning. Yes, perhaps she should go forward with her plan, that way she could seal the Knights of the Moon away in the Canterlot Vault. It would be safer if nopony had it in their possession. The moonbringer made to stand and paused when she heard a voice- or so she thought she heard. Was Mirage home at last? Luna rose fully and stepped out towards the library door, where she would stand a few feet from it. She left her body lax, nonthreatening, and waited for her student.

Mirage Moon's mirage seemed to not be attacked as it made it's way to the top of the stairs so his horn stopped glowing and it faded. He made his way up the remainder of the stairs as he peeked up through the railing of the stairway. Nopony was there; yet his library mirage and seal was broken. That was strange, he swore he cast the spell, before he left. Then again the explosion exhausted his powers for the time being, took a night recover of sleep to heal them and he slept most of the next day at Twilight's place cause he just crashed out and didn't budge. Mirage made his way over to the door and peeked around the corner it was there he saw it. He gasped and bowed, "Me-mentor?" He said uncertain that he was really seeing her. He shook his head and looked up as he approached; not noticing the mare unconscious, "...Is it you that broke the seal? Did you need something?" He asked and looked around, the explosion did a number on the room, but all books were relatively unharmed to his surprise.

Princess Luna waited until Mirage came into view and shook her head at his first question. "I have a few things to discuss with you. It was not I who broke the seal, as there was none. Mist came to me, asking me if I knew of a certain book.. One she claimed was in your library because she had heard it from you." Luna paused to quirk an eyebrow at him. "As it turned out, the book she sought was a dangerous one, and she aimed to use it. It may have been an unfortunate circumstance that Discord had been here in the library when we arrived." Luna frowned, lowering her head to levitate the book in question out from under her wing. "I had to talk her down and took it from her.. If you do not mind, I wish to seal it away within the Canterlot Vault. It is too dangerous for me to leave in anypony else's hooves."

Mirage Moon looks to his princess and tilted his head slightly as she talked about Mist and then the book that he his self had forgotten about then something about Discord...wait DISCORD? His eyes went wide as he rushed to the princess and placed his hooves upon her shoulders, "Wait!?! Discord was here? When? Where did he go? I need to see him about the book! Maybe he can translate the last page!" He exclaimed and threw a bunch of questions about the draconequus at her. He totally ignored the other questions not to be rude, but merely he did not hear a thing after Discord's name was mentioned.

Princess Luna visibly flinched when Mirage burst into sound and motion at Discord's mention, leaning her head back from him while he hurled his questions. The princess patiently waited until he finished before she made to step back. "He was here not eighteen minutes past, but to where, I do not know." She replied, tucking the old tome back under her wing; she guessed that she probably didn't have to ask his permission. "Celestia and I can call him to us, if we need to; we even have a spell to summon him forcefully should he not come at our first beckon." Luna told him, but she probably shouldn't have. "There are other things I should mayhaps bring up before we address that matter."

Mirage Moon tilts his head, "You...can summon him...? Oh! Twilight mentioned something about a summoning spell to me and Discord while I visited her, but...I guess I kind of missed what it did...I was tired...fell asleep in her throne chair thingy..." He nervously chuckled and his face turned bright red, but only for a moment as thinking about Twilight made him feel weird and he still didn't like what it did...or perhaps he did? These feelings and emotions to him. He looked to his mentor with another tilt of his head, "Discuss?" He said as he noticed the Knight book and nodded, "Oh...I already read that book it's useless to me yeah you can take it." He finally answered from earlier.

Princess Luna merely nodded and cleared her throat. "Mist knew some sort of spell or command to invoke its dark magic. She was set to kill Discord.. if one could ever truly kill, or even harm, a spirit of chaos. Even if she is only a pegasus." She averted her gaze to where Mist now slept, her cream fur splotched with her own dried blood. "What I wish to discuss with you is that you should take better care of making sure the seal is replaced before you leave. If Discord was responsible.. I am not sure if I sensed his magic at all when I entered." Luna paused to shrug. "The only other thing I wish to add is that you should not talk of your library. If others learn of the dangerous tomes contained here, they may take advantage of it.. Of course, it is partially my fault for allowing Mist to trick me into bringing her here. She was dishonest with me, and in more trouble than you."

Mirage Moon tilted his head to her, "A certain spell...? I didn't mention any fact I did not mention that book. So in truthfully I don't know where she came across the knowledge of me having the book nor where to look for it. But I do understand your concerns and yes...I failed to seal the door properly last time. It seemed I was running low on magic due to my spells usage and lack of sleep that day. I thought I placed the spell back up, but my magic flickered so the spell must of failed." He explained. He looked to Mist and sighed, "Books like that usually can take over a pony's weak heart....I am impressed you talked her down, before something bad happened." He said as he didn't even seem to be bothered about her mentioning kill a god of chaos. Mira how ever did comment on it, "Anything can be killed more than likely...even immortal beings would have to die some how...years ago there used to be more of you...pray tell if immortal beings cannot die...then why are there currently only two to my knowledge?" He questioned.

Princess Luna tilted her head to that query, looking faintly troubled by the implications. "It is forgivable." She commented, speaking of the seal, and went on. "Sometimes to be immortal does not mean to be invincible.. only long lived." She said solemnly. "I can tell you what I know of my race, or what I have always suspected must have happened to them." The princess heaved a sigh and sat back. "You know the tale of how I became Nightmare Moon, how I was 'transformed' by my jealousy. The story is literal. It is a.. fatal flaw of my race, with our eternal lives. We fall prey to powerful negative emotions, and when we act on our darkest impulses, it twists us into something terrible. I suspect my kin destroyed themselves. If any at all remain, they are few and in hiding."

Mirage Moon nods as he listened to her, "Yes...the Nightmare Moon incident...I researched that my early years, before you took me on as your apprentice...I actually studies much about you and the moon and the night in fascinated me and I was always drawn to it. You know of my lost memories of the past...? All I remembered was my name and my passion for the night..." He said as he recalled back when he was a foal. He sighed and looked to her again, "But enough of this...I'll make sure this room is well protected from now on." He said as he walked over to the door and sighed looking at wonder the spell didn't work...the explosion damaged the door way and had to be fixed before the spell could be in place again as he rubbed along the charred archway, "Well I shall have to fix this before the spell can be put back up..."

Princess Luna merely listened, giving Mirage a turn to speak- she'd probably done way too much of that tonight, and would have to do a little more tomorrow once Mist was awake. "Be sure that you do, otherwise we may have to hide the most dangerous tomes of this library elsewhere." Luna replied, and eyed the doorway as Mirage pointed out the damage. Huh. "That would explain it, but now that we have our discussion out of the way.. Would you like me to summon Discord? I must point out to you that he may be of little help, considering that he can be reluctant to be straightforward."

Mirage Moon listened to his teacher as he nodded every now and again, but his focus was on the door way and when she mentioned Discord her shook his head slightly; turning back to her, "Not tonight...I have just arrived back into Canterlot from the train and rather tired. And now I have to fix this door as well...sigh...Discord will still be there...after all he is I can get in touch with him any time." He laughed. He searched the room and noticed a book was missing...the shelf was intact yet...the was gone...weird, "Well...I guess I shall see you later, my princess and beloved mentor." He said as he gave her a bow, "I...have much to do, but it was good to see you after nearly a week. Maybe I can come to the castle or we can go on a stroll through the Canterlot streets or something later." He said as he started to get to working on the doorway.

Princess Luna rose back to her hooves while Mirage talked, denying a chance to speak to Discord, but it was for a good reason. She had to admit to herself that she was feeling quite drained herself, after this night's excitement. "Very well. It was good to see you, as well, and I would very much like such a break. It will give us a chance to catch up." Luna replied, turning back towards where Mist lay. She levitated the poor, unconscious pony up and bent her head to Mirage. "Do not overwork yourself. Goodnight, my student." Luna bid and stepped out of the library, with Mist floating just ahead of her. She'd take her to the castle's infirmary, with the Canterlot Vault as her next destination. After that, Luna could finally retire to her quarters.

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11/24/15; Library Troubles
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