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 (1/1/2013) Fear and Greed in the Ponyville Library.

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(1/1/2013) Fear and Greed in the Ponyville Library. Empty
PostSubject: (1/1/2013) Fear and Greed in the Ponyville Library.   (1/1/2013) Fear and Greed in the Ponyville Library. Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 5:50 am

(You see Spikey Wikey.)
> Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant! Also the best little dragon brother a unicorn could ask for.

(You See TwilightFLWSparkle)
>Twilight Sparkle was off for another adventure in Ponyville, (URL: Spike riding on her back. She was often seen with her group of friends, when she wasn't studying in her (URL: library. She was a friendly sort, so don't be shy and be sure to say hello! [Come (URL: furc://equestria) visit!]

Spikey Wikey has finally almost finished putting away the returned books. The recent flow of new faces in Ponyville had lead to a lot more activity in the library and quite a few more lent books than was usual, and the first batch of returns had just started coming in. Tracking down the few who hadn't returned their books would be another task, but for now, Spike was at the top of the ladder, shelving the last few volumes. "Wow, Twilight, with so many new ponies in Ponyville at this rate we'll have to get third or even fourth copies of some of these."

Twilight Sparkle was overseeing Spike's work, she could easily do this with her magic, but the dragon was insistant. She'd just gotten her books back from Bristle the other day, no thanks to Scootaloo crashing into them. She'd nod to Spike, looking at the stack still to be done 'I know Spike, it's great that we have all these new faces and that library is being used!'

Spikey Wikey rolls the ladder along the side, slipping the last returned into the right place. He always insisted because while Twilight's magic was great for reaching high places, she frequently couldn't see well enough to make sure that things were being shelved in the right order from the floor. "Yeah, it's nice being needed. It used to seem like hardly anypony ever needed to check out a book, though it was good to have the place to ourselves sometimes."

Twilight Sparkle gave a nod to him, sighing a little bit 'That's true. It's definitely not as quiet as it used to be here, but I guess that's okay' she'd look at the last book, and swore she recognized it 'Wait, Spike...' she'd start, narrowing her eyes a little bit 'Isn't that...' she'd perk up a little bit 'It is! That's one that I gave you!'

Spikey Wikey had been about to jump gracefully down from the ladder, but Twilight's exclamation had caused him to suddenly look back at the book he'd just put on the shelf midleap (and confirming that it was in fact the copy of 'The Return of the Prince' that she had given him for his birthday three years ago), causing him to go careening to the floor in a heap. As usual, the durable little dragon only took a moment to get to his claws and brush himself off, and looked back at Twilight with a touch of panic in his eyes. "C-come on, Twilight! I mean, one copy looks a lot like another, doesn't it?"

Twilight Sparkle would jump back from the fall of spike, closing her eyes in fear that the books would fall down after him. She knew he could easily take that little impact. They, and he'd, be perfectly fine, but she shook her head at the baby dragon 'No no no. I can tell that's the one I gave you, see' she'd use her horn to levitate the book, nodding to the spine 'It's got a print of my cutie mark right there. It's small, but you can see it if you know it's there'

Spikey Wikey looks at the book sideways, his eyes widening as if seeing it for the first time. "Wait, you had them all imprinted?" He bites his tongue, waving a claw as if to dismiss what he just basically admitted. "I mean, um... how could that have gotten here. I must have... uh... left it somewhere and let it get mixed in." He does his best to smile innocently, playing nervously with his claws behind his back.

Twilight Sparkle heard what he had said, of course. She'd look at him wide eyed 'You didn't....' she'd start, muttering 'You wouldn't?' she'd look hurt now, quickly looking at another section and... there it was, right in front of her, another book she had given him last year! 'SPIKE!' she'd turn and face him 'What's the meaning of this?!'

Spikey Wikey's eyes follow hers, cringing as he's found out piece by piece. He backs into the library shelf behind him, holding his claws out as if to fend off a charge. "H-hey, this isn't what it looks like!" he protests, his claws shaking a little. He'd never thought she would notice another few books in the library. "And-and like I was saying, the library needed more copies of some of these!"

Twilight Sparkle was trying not to be angry at him. She closed her eyes, sighing deeply ' Alright fine, what is it then, because I know it's not just we needed copies of these' she'd open her eyes back, obviously annoyed at the dragon 'You tell me what's going on, please?'

Spikey Wikey let his arms fall to his sides limply as she pulled back her anger, and swallowed hard. He couldn't lie to her, not after the time he accidentally burned that book, but he didn't want to hurt her either and he didn't know what to say. "I... I had to, Twilight. I had to make absolutely sure."

Twilight Sparkle looked him, her eyes and expression telling the story. A mix of confusion, anger, and disappointment. All of which were rolling over her, she'd ask nicely, one more time to see if he came clean to her 'Had to be sure of what, Spike?'

Spikey Wikey sinks down into a little pile on the floor holding his own tail. "That- that I don't get big again," he says, his voice creaking a little though he did his best to control it. "If I have too many things I'll grow big again and-and last time I wrecked half the town and hurt ponies." He peers out at Twilight from the floor, wishing he could sink between the floorboards and dig a tunnel out of the basement. "If I don't keep things, it won't happen again..." he trails off, not sure what else could be said.

Twilight Sparkle recalled the incident. She didn't even think about what would happen if Spike kept... no... hoarded the books she had given him. She'd sit down in front of him, letting out a deep sigh 'Oh Spike... I didn't even...' she'd pull him in for a hug 'I'm sorry...'

Spikey Wikey lets her pull him in, accepting the hug a little weakly. That day had been more than a little traumatic for the little dragon, and for the last week he'd found himself thinking of it constantly. After a few moments the shaking stopped, and he was able to calm down again. "I'm sorry, Twilight," he said, needing a little gasp of breath between. "I didn't know what else to do."

Twilight Sparkle thought it over for a moment. She was at a loss herself as to what to really do about it. She had been researching a fair bit about it since that day. She'd smile at him 'Pick your three favorite books, those shouldn't cause a problem, right?' she'd brighten up 'And you have your bed and everything, so you can still have things. We just have to be more careful until we can figure this out, right?'

Spikey Wikey hugs more tightly into her, relief that she wasn't angry at her making his limbs feel like rubber. He pulled out of her embrace enough to look her in the eye, his own catlike eyes quivvering. "Will that be enough? I don't want that to ever happen again." He buried his face in her mane, murmuring. "It was like I lost my mind, forgot everything that really matters to me..."

Twilight Sparkle: "I can imagine" she hugged him tight "It's a start, right? If it happens again, you'll know that I'll be there to help you' she'd smile at him 'Like I always am and will be"

Spikey Wikey gives her a fragile smile back, backing away a little, embarrassed at making such a scene. "I know." He scratches his spines and shakes his head a little. "I guess I should have talked to you about it before. Th-thanks, Twilight." he turns, passing his eyes over his collection, many of which he liked quite a bit. "so... my three favorites, huh?"

Twilight Sparkle: 'Hey I've got another idea!' she perked up 'Spike, get some materials. We're going to make your own bookshelf here, that way you can keep three in your room at a time, and trade them out whenever you want to..' she'd beam, that look in her eye...'Come on Spike, we've got work to do!'
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(1/1/2013) Fear and Greed in the Ponyville Library.
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