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 (1/1/2013) An awkward meeting at the library. (Part 1)

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(1/1/2013) An awkward meeting at the library. (Part 1) Empty
PostSubject: (1/1/2013) An awkward meeting at the library. (Part 1)   (1/1/2013) An awkward meeting at the library. (Part 1) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 3:45 am

(You see Macintosh.)
> Eeyup. Questions? Whisper me! Creator of Equestria {Roleplay?} {Commish me?}

(You see Miss Cheerilee.)
> Cheerliee is the teacher of the Ponyville school. she loves her students and has three smiling flowers as a cutie mark.

(You see Spikey Wikey.)
> Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant! Also the best little dragon brother a unicorn could ask for.

Spikey Wikey knew that managing the library was a big responsibility, especially on days like this where Twilight had gone to enjoy the company of one of her friends and left him in charge. He always took it seriously, especially now that he saw himself having to keep up with that owl. For now, he busied himself with book returns, and tried not to disturb the library's only visitor, Applejack's big brother Macintosh, who was quietly reading in the corner.

Miss Cheerilee: Cheerilee had just finished up with teaching and was running a few errands. She stopped by the library and knocked carefully on the door "Excuse me, Twilight? Spike? is anypony here?" she was hoping somepony was inside as she was looking for a book on gardening, having found a strange new plant near the Everfree Forest and wantted to know what it was and how it would respond to other flowers and such

Macintosh wan't known for reading, while he was not object to the idea of book-reading itself. Books were just so impractical, it was easy to loose connection with the real world when reading (and when you have as many real-world duties as Mac, that was a problem). The book he was reading now was about corn. Twilight had mentioned something to Applejack about a corn-growing method she had read about and when word got to Mac he had to check it out. To be honest, he really quite enjoyed the library. It was very serene and the library itself smelled like sweet maple and apples. He could easily spend all day in here, watching Spike run around and organize dusty old books. He looked up as a knock was heard on the door. Now who would knock on a public library?

Spikey Wikey Looked away from where he had been eating from his tiny stash of Topaz on one of the top shelves and quickly leapt down from the ladder he was perched on at seeing that the library had a visitor. The door was open, of course, but if Cheerilee needed his help with something then it was his duty as the assistant librarian to... assist! "Hey Cheerilee. What do you need?"

Miss Cheerilee trotted inside "oh hello Spike, i found the most interesting plant near the Everfree Forest and need a book to help me identify it and see where to put it in my garden. can you help?" she gave a very ernest and pleading expression

Macintosh let a smile cross his face as Cheerilee entered the room. Ever since the fiasco regarding the youngins' and the love poison, he and Cheerilee had not spoken much and when they did, it was always with a discomforting awkwardness that Mac would rather just avoid. He looked back down at his book, struggling to understand a bit about measuring and altering soil pH to best suit the crop. He should ask Rainmaker next time he sees her, 'pH' is a term he remembered her using. He continued to read, just observing from his corner of the library.

Spikey Wikey nods, taking notes on a small notepad leftover from his stint as a reporter for the foal free press. "Everfree forest plant, gardening, got it!" He goes about the library in a flash, climbing over shelves and going up ladders, and quickly has put together a small selection of books. "here's Supernaturals, and the second volume of Supernaturals, and explorer's guide to Fauna. And here's Mr. Greenhooves' guide to Zen and the art of Gardening. Between those you should be able to identify and cultivate whatever it is you found." He looks at the copy of Supernaturals Vol 2 again, checking behind the cover. "Um... actually this one is the library copy. After the poison joke incident we don't want the library to not have a copy, and Zecora already has the copy we have to lend. You can read this here, but I'm afraid I can't loan it out."

Miss Cheerilee goes and sits down "well that quite all right, i dont mind." she sees Big Mac and a huge smile blooms "Hello there Big Machintosh! it has been a while!" she seemed very cheery and then a bit sad as she and Mac had used to be such friends and then he seemed to have been avoiding her. yes she remember the "love poison" thing but she had hoped their friendship would overcome that.

Macintosh offered a polite smile as Cheerilee sat nearby, ears rotating as Spike made a scuffling noise off at the other end of the room. "'Ello, Miss Cheerilee." He greeted, glancing back down to flip the page of his book. Yep, he was probably going to need Rainmakers help to understand some of this. Once he was able to get some of the terms, he bet he could follow her instructions to a tee. Some tension formed in his head as he read. He felt obligated to speak to Cheerilee, like ignoring her wasn't an option when she was so close. It was easy to avoid contact when they are on opposite ends of town, much different when in the same room and Mac didn't want to be rude. "Ya' say yeh found some sort of plant out there by Everfree?" He asked just as a conversation starter.

Spikey Wikey was glad that the conversation had gone over better than when she'd had to tell Rainbow Dash that the latest Daring Do novel had already been checked out. "Well, let me know if you need anything else. It's a good thing you came by, though; some of those Everfree plants can be dangerous." With that, he goes back to slipping the returned books back into their places, keeping half an eye on the two old acquaintences.

Miss Cheerilee felt a bit slighted and wondered if she should confort Machintosh right then and there but decided against it. she flipped through the book and found the plant "oh here it is...let me see, Trumpeter Bush, grows purple and blue flowers that make a trumpet sound wind the wind blows, keep in nuetral PH with plenty of sunshine and water every two days. Check the PH every week and add fertilizer as nessessary. is not harmful to other plants" she brightens at the thought of a second musical plant in her garden

Macintosh leaned over to look at the picture in her book. A mighty goofy lookin' plant if he did say so. "Sounds awful noisy if you ask me." He commented. What did spark his interest was PH. So far from his research, he knew that PH was the acidic content in the soil and that some crops thrived of of nuetral or acidic soil. For instance tomatoes seemed to enjoy slightly acidic PH while Cheerilees plant seems to like nuetral soil. What Big Mac needed help with now was figuring out how to change PH without replacing all of his soil. Sweet Apple Acres had too much ground to even consider replacing the top soil.

Miss Cheerilee looks up from teh book "well i like them!" She slaps the book shut and stands up" did you have a question for me?" She was not only annoyed now by his avoiding her but also him insulting her new plant. she LIKED her musical plants as they did play a soothing music and soetimes helped her to remain calm
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(1/1/2013) An awkward meeting at the library. (Part 1)
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