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 [12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1.

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Who should've won?
Captain Spitfire! Hoorah!
[12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1. Vote_lcap10%[12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1. Vote_rcap1
 0% [ 0 ]
Ugly Bristle! He's innocent!
[12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1. Vote_lcap150%[12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1. Vote_rcap1
 50% [ 1 ]
Neither! Someponies just like to watch the world burn...
[12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1. Vote_lcap150%[12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1. Vote_rcap1
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[12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1. Empty
PostSubject: [12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1.   [12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1. Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2012 11:39 pm

This was intended to be an RP between myself, Ugly Bristle, and Nostalgic Winter, though it really ended up being just myself and Bristle. Props to whoever gets the inspiration for Bristle's OC, but please don't go shouting about it to everypony; he's kinda shy! Special thanks to Bristle for tolerating my aggressiveness throughout the whole thing, and for giving me one of my longest, and most interesting sessions yet! <3

(20:35:41) Ugly Bristle: Though you may be among the more difficult characters to shove into a situation with Ugly. XD
(20:36:41) Ugly Bristle: Ideas?
(20:37:43) Captain|Spitfire: Not really. Part of my job is performing aerial patrols of the Everfree Forest. I happen to spot Ugly looking suspicious, fly down and investigate. And we can take it somewhere from there, but I don't know where. xD
(20:37:59) Captain|Spitfire: OH.
(20:38:17) Nostalgic Winter is also RPing :B
(20:38:29) Ugly Bristle always looks suspicious >D
(20:38:30) Captain|Spitfire: We happen to hear Missus Winterpants over there tramping around the underbrush and chase her down. Then, moonlight dinner and candles?
(20:38:39) Ugly Bristle: hahahaha winterpants
(20:39:34) Nostalgic Winter: Sounds good to me.
(20:45:27) [#] You have entered ICZ, please read our rules before roleplaying!
(20:46:04) [#] Captain Spitfire got 1
(20:46:09) Captain|Spitfire: o_o
(20:46:15) Captain|Spitfire: Balls.[]
(20:46:22) Ugly Bristle: [[O-o]]
(20:46:39) Captain Spitfire didn't want first.[]
(20:46:46) Captain|Spitfire: Two out of three? :-D[]
(20:47:10) Captain|Spitfire: Oh, we're still wainting on Winter, yeah?
(20:47:13) Captain|Spitfire: []
(20:47:14) Ugly Bristle: [[I think so yeah]]
(20:47:41) Captain|Spitfire: I feel a bit too hyper. Let me get my burrito and carb up.[]
(20:47:49) Ugly Bristle: [[But I think it'd be logical for one of us two to be first post]]
(20:48:00) Ugly Bristle: [[Annnd.... you *did* roll....]]
(20:48:04) Captain|Spitfire: It would, yeah.[]
(20:48:18) Captain Spitfire glare. "Fiiiiiine."[]
(20:51:43) Nostalgic Winter: [Just.... Pretend I have a griffon avvie. Just pretend.]
(20:51:53) Captain Spitfire pretends.[]
(20:52:13) Nostalgic Winter: [Order?]
(20:52:57) Ugly Bristle: [[Cap first, then I think me, then you]]
(20:54:27) Nostalgic Winter: [Mkay.]
(20:55:06) Captain|Spitfire: And, just so you know, Winter, your first few posts are just going to be you lurking around. I plan to harass Bristle a bit before 'discovering' your presence, and then we'll hunt you down somehow.[]
(20:55:31) Captain|Spitfire: Unless you're just painfully obvious.[]
(20:55:38) Ugly Bristle: [[We could just skip Winter for the first few rounds if she doesn't feel like lurking uselessly o_o]]
(20:56:35) Captain|Spitfire: True, true. Up to you, Winter. Just tell us if you want to post after Bristle, then.[]
(20:57:10) Captain|Spitfire: Typing now. :3[]
(21:01:36) Nostalgic Winter: [I'll post once of lurking, this once after Bristle. Then after that I'm done until you whisper me of when you need me to return.]

(21:03:57) Captain Spitfire sighs. 0300. And another security patrol over the Everfree Forest. It wasn't the Wonderbolt Captain's first choice of assignment, but it was her duty weekend, and she was the only one cleared solo over this particular sector of the forest. As she broke off from the rest of her flight, ember'd tail casted a hazy glow over the upper canopy, illuminating the forlorn branches and most certainly alerting any denizens of the treetops to her scutinizing gaze. Her orders from Celestia were clear: Interrogate any one, or anything she happened to cross, whether friendly or hostile. Another routine night...

(21:09:31) Ugly Bristle did not look friendly. Or, in fact, terribly distinct, from the height that Spitfire would be at to avoid some of the taller, overgrown trees. But he could be seen -- a bone-white form. But something looked very much off about him -- still hard to distinguish at a distance, but clearly wrong, like a rabbit with a long tail and four-inch fangs. He repeatedly hammered at the massive trunk of a tree with his front hooves, then turned round and kicked with the back hooves. He seemed to be speaking and muttering to himself.

(21:18:29) Nostalgic Winter slid through the undergrowth. Usually, light-colored griffon would be easier to spot than a snowy white owl in a flock of crows, but lurking along through the fronds and mud had streaked her wintery plumage and the fur on her haunches with earthen-colored muck. Her mismatched eyes glistened meagerly as a tiny sliver of light penetrated the thick canopy. She spotted two figures: the amber pegasus that stuck out like an orange beacon light, and the bone white unicorn stallion... atttacking? The tree. The ice griffon noticed they were a nice distance apart from one another, although it wasn't great. Sly as a fox, she slithered like a snake into the cover of a low-branched pine-like tree, the bushes and growth and moss sprouting up among it's tangled, unearthed branches concealed the mismatch creature well as she spied on them, a leaf tickling at her beak.

(21:27:01) Captain Spitfire carefully surveyed her designated area, seeing a familiar smoke rising from Zecora's ever-bustling hut, as well as a few fluttering swarms of bats she lazily banked to miss; her contrail was attracting them. Slowing a bit so as not to give away her position nearly as much, the pegasus idly wished she'd had her night flightsuit. The forest wasn't cold, but was far from warm, making her shiver as the cool winter breeze ruffled through her wings. Three more passes and she was done. But, wait... That white shape... Groaning inwardly, she cut to a soft flap of her wings, slowing down further to get a better look as she began an investigatory arc, coming around to get a better visual. It appeared, from this height, to be a rather agitated stallion, though she couldn't be sure. Circling ever lower, the patrolling pegasus descended, trying to remain as quiet as possible as she approached through the rapidly cluttered canopy. Finding a manageable gap, the flymare dove through it, landing with a soft thud in the muck. Cautiously, she approached, wings spread wide, certainly an imposing sight (she hoped). "By royal decree, halt!" she thundered, commanding voice echoing through the barren trees nearby. "Advance and be recognized, by order of Princess Celestia!" she finished with a growl, assuming a defensive stance, in case the worst should happen.

(21:34:46) Ugly Bristle and the forest he stood within looked stranger and more monstrous the further Spitfire descended. One suspected the atmosphere here could make a sugar gumdrop look like a poisonous slime mold. His ears swivelled back as Spitfire approached, his horn taking the red glow of his magic; by the time she landed the trick of the forest was gone and he looked like a lanky but fairly ordinary unicorn stallion. He froze at the thundering voice, shuddering, then turned around slowly, face set in a powerful scowl. He moved forward slowly and hesitantly, but glared his mismatch glare.

(21:40:57) Captain Spitfire took a cautious step back, digging her hooves in and bracing herself should he charge. The skeletal white pony kept her focus throughout, the mare not paying an ounce of attention to the shifting of the scenery around her. "I said stop!" she ordered, wings flaring fully, tips nearly touching eachother as they extended above her head. She was not small, by any means, thanks to her rigorous training, but the unicorn probably still had a couple inches on her. "State your business in the province of Everfree Forest, stallion! What are you doing here?!" she continued her intimidating shouts, the glare not fazing her in the slightest.

(21:44:29) Ugly Bristle grumbled, "You said stop, and then 'advance'. Make up your mind..." But he did stop, pawing at the ground -- ears pinned, he even seemed to shrink back a few inches, intimidated by her shouting. "I live here, is that a crime?" Oh, he was... annoyed, to say the least, though Spitfire was keeping him back with her voice.

(21:53:11) Captain Spitfire snorted at the grumbling, steam issuing from her nostrils. "Just... Stay where you are!" she bellowed, resuming her normal defensive stance, even taking a step or two forward. "Living here is not a crime, but being suspicious might be. Have you got something to hide, unicorn?" she almost spat, her temper rising even despite his apparent deference.

(21:55:28) Ugly Bristle's mismatched eyes flickered to the side as she asked if he had something to hide. His horn still glowed red, though just what he was enchanting was not visible. "Like what? What are you looking for?" He took another step back, head ducking. Avoidant in posture.

(21:59:01) Captain Spitfire taking another step forward, she fixed him with a fiery gaze, her own ears splayed in very clear annoyance and aggression. "ANSWER ME!" she cried, stomping her hooves hard enough to shake the soggy muck, sending bits of muddy vegetation out in front of her. A bright red whistle glinted against her chest, hung from a pewter chain, which she hooked with one of those filthy hooves. "Or shall I summon the Royal Guards to deal with you?"

(22:00:18) Captain|Spitfire: [Now, I'm thinking... Should we have Winter interrupt here, and band forces to hunt her down together, or should I coerce you into helping me find any other unauthorized activity?]
(22:01:56) Ugly Bristle: [[Hrm, I think Bristle would be unlikely to hunt her down without some degree of coersion]
(22:02:21) Captain|Spitfire: [Let the hoof-twisting begin, then!]
(22:02:37) Nostalgic Winter: [Completely up to you guys. XD]

(22:04:28) Ugly Bristle, at last, cringed -- one front leg raising up, his eyes squinting shut. He was certainly scared, despite his ongoing enchantment. His voice grew much softer. "Please, leave me alone... I'm not hiding anything important..." The anger was still there, but he really didn't want to bring any of the Royal Guard into this. "I don't even know what you mean."

(22:05:24) Nostalgic Winter: [Now, or one more round of posts from you guys?]
(22:06:45) Captain|Spitfire: [One more, I think.]
(22:07:54) Nostalgic Winter: [Fine by me.]
(22:08:10) Captain|Spitfire: [I actually have the alt Royal Canterlot Guard.... I'm thinking about bringing them in as a final show to force Bristle's hoof. Yes/no?]
(22:08:53) Ugly Bristle: [[I don't think it's totally necessary, might make things crowded for Nost]
(22:09:14) Captain|Spitfire: [Good point. I can take you by myself anyway. >;3]
(22:11:28) Nostalgic Winter: [Can we nmake it as fast as we can? I have to go soon.]

(22:11:38) Captain Spitfire grunts and calms slightly, still doing her best to look imposing, whether it was necessary or not. "Then stand down. And tell me what you're doing out here, for the third time, now." she commanded firmly, but let the whistle fall to her chest, where it would remain unless he thought of disobeying her order.

(22:12:11) Nostalgic Winter: [...ARGH! Too late, oh well. Not like I was ever there to them anyways... Even though I had an awesome action post thought out...]
(22:12:28) Captain|Spitfire: [Sure, sure. Of course, we could always make it out like you got away, and I have to keep patrolling. Don't feel obligated if you need to go... Alright! Take care! <3]

(22:17:54) Ugly Bristle's whole body was scrunched up; he was backed up against the tree. "I... I was just trying to fracture this tree. Zecora mentioned you can use the sap to keep predators away." His voice was now so quiet and quickly muttered that it was a little hard to make out.

(22:21:58) Captain Spitfire gave a bit of an exasperated sigh, letting her head fall. That's it? Another of Zecora's eccentric errands? Celestia, help her, she'd hunted down enough innocent ponies doing seemingly innocuous things for the zebra that she was sure she'd spent more time filling out paperwork on nonincidents than actual threats in the dark thicket. "Something for Zecora? That's it?" she pleaded, almost hoping the unicorn was trying to plot the resurgence of Discord or Sombra than squirreling away sap for the province's only shaman-zebra.

(22:25:46) Ugly Bristle was, in fact, concealing something from Spitfire even now -- but nothing even remotely like she was thinking. "Well... no, it's for me. I've had trouble with bears and other things. Zecora just recommended it.." He slowly stepped out of his crunched position.

(22:30:05) Captain Spitfire gave a weary grimace, running a hoof through her mane without even thinking -- and smearing some of the Everfree muck through her brilliant orange withers. Even this seemed to bother her less than the still-suspicious unicorn. That wasn't all... That couldn't be all. "If that was the only thing you were doing, then why not state so when I asked, multiple times? Why the secrecy? There's no shame in protecting your home!" she began to raise her voice again, this time more fueled by exasperation and annoyance than anger and intimidation.

(22:37:27) Ugly Bristle barked in return, angry again, "Then why treat me like a criminal?!" He was over-defensive, really, stepping forward once more now he had the upper hoof. "Or threaten to call the Royal Guard on me, when I'm sure they have better things to do? I'm sure there's shame in that!"

(22:45:34) Captain Spitfire screams out, charging forward, chest to chest, as if she were shouting down an insubordinate cadet. "BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T BEEN STRAIGHT WITH ME SINCE THE BEGINNING!" she bellowed over him, firey mane and tail bristled out, seemingly unaffected by her recent muddy mishap. "THE ROYAL GUARD IS AT MY BECK AND CALL, THANKS TO OUR RULER, AND I'LL BE GROUNDED BEFORE I'M TALKED DOWN TO BY A UNICORN WHO FORGETS HIS PLACE IN THIS KINGDOM! YOU'VE GOT THREE SECONDS TO TELL ME WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON, OR BEARS WILL BE THE LEAST OF YOUR PROBLEMS, HORNHEAD!" she screamed 'til her voice cracked, sweat trickling from her brow and down her neck despite the temperature. She was pissed! And not a single word she spoke conveyed any hint of a doubt.

(22:45:57) Captain Spitfire might have abused the caps a bit, will remember to bold and italicize in the future. []
(22:46:44) Captain Spitfire would also like to note that she doesn't truly have a problem with Bristle OOC and wishes him nothing but love, but she has a duty to protect the land! <3[]

(22:53:13) Ugly Bristle cowered once more under the weight of her shouting. Bristle clearly hated being shouted at -- but it filled him as much with anger as with fear, his horn flaring redder and redder, yellow and blue eyes going from a cowed grimace to a venomous glare, until he sort of... popped under the pressure. The glow from his horn disappeared, and so did the magic disguise that went with it. In many ways nothing was changed; he kept the same frame, coat, cutie mark, mane and tail. His eyes, too, were unchanged -- almost. But the pale blue right eye was positioned bulging from its socket, and his face had little fur to it, only in patches -- indeed, in places, little flesh, bones visible at his cheeks and forehead, and a little around the mouth. He had a hole for a nose where a skull's nose would be. What skin there was was sickly-looking and puffy. A number of scars crossed his body. A pony -- if he really was -- such as this, looking violently angry? Not a sight for the faint of heart. He hissed low and hatefully. "Well. You just had to know what I was hiding. Is this better?"

(23:03:07) Captain Spitfire was able to keep herself composed for a few moments, adrenaline rush from her training keeping her from backing away hurriedly as any normal pony would. Instead, she kept her aggressive stance, taking a single step back to allow the... creature room to compose itself. She'd seen worse things before, truth be told, but none as cleverly disguised. "Much! Now, state your intentions!" she shouted, though not nearly as loud as before, whether from exhaustion from her previous exertion, or uneasiness at her current predicament was unclear. "You have hidden under disguise long enough."

(23:07:40) Ugly Bristle let out an incredible yell of frustration that echoed through the woods like the howl of a horrible monster, kicking the tree behind him again -- it suddenly gushed its bitter sap, and he ducked so it might splash on Spitfire. "I want to be left alone, you yellow buzzard!" He bolted.

(23:09:26) Captain|Spitfire: So, where are we going from here? Epic chase scene through the forest, or do you really need to go?[]
(23:10:08) Ugly Bristle: [[I don't actually need to go XD]]
(23:11:26) Captain|Spitfire: Oh, so it's a speed challenge, huh? This could get interesting, seeing how cluttered the inner forest is.[]
(23:12:08) Ugly Bristle: [[Plus it's Ugly's home territory and he knows it well, though Spitfire's got the advantage of Being A Gorram Wonderbolt XD]]
(23:12:47) Captain|Spitfire: We may have to roll a few outcomes through here to keep it fair. Mind if I roll for the sap?[]
(23:12:58) Ugly Bristle: [[Go ahead, I tend to roll for things like this]]
(23:13:34) Captain|Spitfire: Alright. So, outcomes? I assume one is blinded by sap, but what's the highest the roller goes?[]
(23:17:56) Ugly Bristle: [[Let's make it a 1d4 -- 1 = Blinded by sap and lose a turn due to stickiness, 2 = Severe slowing due to stickiness (probably in wings too) 3 = Minor slowing, and 4 = Totally avoided.]]
(23:18:34) Ugly Bristle: [[eh actually make it a 1d3 so it's more fair, cut out option 2]]
(23:20:35) [#] Captain Spitfire rolls 1d3 & gets 1.
(23:20:46) Captain|Spitfire: I totally would. fcs.[]

(23:26:48) Captain Spitfire stumbled a bit at the beast's uproar, losing her footing as he bolted. "HEY! Come ba-ACK!" she yelped, sputtering as the sticky trap coated her face, muzzle, wings... everywhere! Damn it! she silently cursed. Silent, due to the awful, bitter-tasting gunk she tried to hurriedly spit out. Her vision was blurred as well, suggesting the sap wasn't only good at irritating bears. Every moment she sat in the sludge gave her attacker another moment to get away, frustrating the speed-crazed Wonderbolt to no end. Frantic hooves slapped at her face, wiping away what she could as her ears strained to follow his movements in the nighttime air.

(23:31:57) Ugly Bristle was fast. Well, for a grounded unicorn, anyway -- nothing to Spitfire's usual, of course, but he could certainly place at any wingless race. And this was his home turf. He had a huge advantage beginning -- but he was, after all, still in the Everfree forest. As quietly as he could move, there were inevitably moments where he could not help but be audible; twigs cracking, birds fluttering off at his approach. And the dangers here would not play nice for him just because he lived here. He panted, horrible face contorted with rage; he had a destination now, and crossing a stream splashed loudly.

(23:37:33) Captain Spitfire manages, through several awkward, and slightly cringe-inducing washings, to cleanse herself with the muck from the Everfree's swamp. This gave her the slight advantage of not being so noticeable color-wise, but did make her a bit more noisy. Fortunately, she wasn't too worried about noise: He was expecting a chase. Splashing water gave her a solid bearing to go on, and the pegasus chose to forgo her wings and hoof it, lest she lose her quarry by navigating through the canopy. After a few stumbling gallops, she managed to pick up speed, closing the gap she had no idea the size of. She only hoped she could make it through the brush in one piece. Maybe it was a good thing she left her flightsuit at home.

(23:43:13) [#] Ugly Bristle rolls 1d3 for Vines -- 1= Stuck, lose movement next turn, 2 = Slowed, 3 = Avoid & gets 2.
(23:44:28) Ugly Bristle ducked and weaved. Easier to lose a pony than to outrun them over a distance -- and it was indeed a distance he would have to run. So to throw her off, he began to run in zigzags for a brief time, then darted off right, down a sharp hill -- it was hard to see from the approach, but knowing it was there made it easy for him to jump. Unfortunately, the forest had a surprise for him, too -- nothing so cunning as his sap trap, but just as troublesome. A cobweb-like collection of vines grew very thick just past the hill, and he had always walked through them before very carefully, so as not to become tangled. Darting through, he found himself having to force his way past the vines -- moving barely faster than a walk anyway, even as he was able to cut through a few with a choice spell.

(23:47:54) [#] Captain Spitfire rolls 1d3 stumble check -- 1 = injured leg and lose turn, 2 = slip and recover with no change, 3 = close gap to hearing distance again & gets 2.
(23:51:17) Captain Spitfire had a solid pace going, jumping and ducking as needed, still able to orient herself with the occasional set of busted foliage, but was losing the benefit of his noise. Either he was being cautious and moving slow, or she was about to lose him completely. The pegasus became so wrapped up in her thoughts, a wayward stone slid from underhoof, causing her to tumble forward. Thankfully, her wings kept her balanced enough to keep galloping, but only just. She had a hard fight ahead of her to track down her quarry.

(23:52:03) Captain|Spitfire: Say two missed rolls and he escapes, just to keep it from getting too drawn out? Otherwise, she'll have the benefit of a daytime hunt, and navigating will be mush easier.[]
(23:52:36) Ugly Bristle: [[Sure]]

(23:56:19) [#] Ugly Bristle rolls 1d3 for Pond 1 = Stop, 2 = Stumble 3 = No change & gets 3.
(23:59:41) Ugly Bristle was nearing his goal, muscles burning -- but he couldn't slow now, or alter his path. But he burned with anticipation. He was taking a route he rarely took -- past a small, stagnant pond which was a home to many frustrating gnats and mosquitoes, who would itch a pony furiously. These, to him, were not the problem. The problem was the pond -- a home to these parasites because it was usually very still, and thus, highly reflective, vaguely mirror-like. The very thought filled him with anxiety. He closed his eyes -- kept running -- and went right past the pond before he opened his eyes again. He couldn't tell if he was being followed closely either -- but it felt like he might be getting away.

(00:03:43) [#] Captain Spitfire rolls 1d3 shortcut -- 1, wrong direction and lose turn, 2, not shortcut same distance, 3, arrive at pond & gets 3.
(00:04:12) Captain|Spitfire: Fair? Or Would you like three to just gain one space?[]
(00:04:32) Captain|Spitfire: As far as I can tell, I'm three spaces back.[]
(00:07:04) Ugly Bristle: [[Seems fair to me, keeps it exciting]]

(00:13:05) Captain Spitfire panted heavily, her mane tangled and muddy, hooves aching... but she was closing. She could feel it! As she approached a clearing that once was full of vines, she smiled. He's slowing... she thought, quickly using the unicorn's work against him, darting through the previously cleared path and down a small gap near a stand of mangled trunks. A loud shuffling made her laid back ears perk, and she gazed in the direction of the noise, catching a faint glimpse of white from beyond a very unappetizing water hazard. Braving the insects and other unsavory critters, she charged through the soupy mess, grimacing at the stench, but not letting it slow her in the slightest. Not when she was this close.

(00:16:36) [#] Ugly Bristle rolls 1d3 for Root Hollow 1 = Visible and Audible, 2 = Briefly visible, 3 = Total mystery & gets 2.
(00:17:27) Ugly Bristle has one more obstacle left. His breath burns in his lungs now, but he's nearly there. Nearly home. 'Home' here meaning 'a hollow under some seriously overgrown tree roots'. Yes -- in the end, it comes down to speed only partway, and the rest comes down to whether or not he can be seen, heard. He darts into his hiding hole like a rabbit, and then, with one great big gulp of air, eyes closing tightly, holds his breath. For a moment, with the pegasus gaining on him, there is a glimpse of him leaping and then disappearing. He stays perfectly silent, hiding in the dirt. Literally, an animal run to ground.

(00:21:51) [#] Captain Spitfire rolls 1d3 search 1 complete success, 2 within 5 yards, 3 total mystery & gets 3.
(00:22:11) Captain|Spitfire: You have honestly got to be bucking kidding me. After all this?![]
(00:23:59) Ugly Bristle: [[XDDD Just do what feels right. I figure this goes one of three ways: Either Spitfire finds him, she doesn't find him and alerts people to what she believes to a situation, or she doesn't think there's a serious Situation BUT if he happens to run into her in say, Ponyville, then Spitfire gets to sing Stars and become Javert. *possibly too excited for Les Mis*]]
(00:26:43) Captain|Spitfire: To be honest, even if she finds him, at this point she's too tired to do much more than ask to lean on his tree stump. Maybe yell at him briefly for attacking her with the sap, but she's too exhausted to follow up on her threats after all this. Also, Les Mis, +1[]
(00:27:32) Ugly Bristle: [[Righto]]

(00:31:36) Captain Spitfire barrels down the weak slope, still only seeing bits and flashes of white. Her endurance was a bit better than the unicorn's, due to her military training, but the struggles she'd had during the chase had weakened her considerably. Wings ached from keeping them pinned to her sides, and she took the first opportunity to unfurl them, skidding to a halt in a clearing full of felled trees. And the unicorn? Vanished. Buck me! There is no way I'm letting him escape AFTER ALL THIS! she screamed internally, mustering the remaining dregs of her strength to start blasting the decayed wood with her hindlegs. Splinters showered throughout the glade, the Wonderbolt taking out her frustration as she tried to flush out her hidden prey.

(00:37:17) Ugly Bristle simply would not move -- though he heard, as if distantly, smashing and blasts of splintered wood. The colt shivered and gritted his teeth. He had likely made a terrible mistake today -- as had his pursuer. He did not feel he was home free... he would not feel that until he had had hours of silence, with no sign of the pegasus. Slowly, he let himself breathe again.

(00:42:09) Captain Spitfire gave an exhausted huff and slumped in the middle of the clearing, wings drooping a bit. Finally, she called out. "Look... Unicorn... I'm done chasing you... You know these woods better than I do... Just, come out. Please. No Royal Guards. No yelling. No more questions. I propose a truce..." she managed to pant out, taking breaths every few words. "I don't want you to feel ashamed anymore... And I'd rather not look over my shoulder every time I fly down here... Please..."

(00:45:44) Ugly Bristle heard the words -- but it took him a time to actually hear them. He opened his eyes, and stepped towards the entrance to his home. His horn glowed softly, but he remained a very ugly beast. This was different magic. His voice rested near where he had heard the now more-hoarse (horse?) voice of the pegasus. It was a whisper. "Liar."

(00:50:55) Captain Spitfire composed herself enough to stand, gazing slowly in all directions. It was only when the enchanted voice spoke that she tried calling out to him again. "You've got no reason to trust me, after how far I've chased you, I know... " she admitted, ears flattening a bit. "And the shouting. That was probably a bit much, too... But if I was lying to you, then why haven't the Royal Guard shown up? Why isn't every acre of the forest being felled right now in search of a wild beast that assaulted the Captain of the Wonderbolts, huh?" she tried to reason, walking in a slow circle about the grove.

(00:56:59) Ugly Bristle had an immediate answer for that. "First, because there are many who would object to this forest's destruction. Princess Celestia likely among them. Second, because I never attacked you... merely defended myself. But third... Because you're afraid of me." His voice seemed to move where it willed; meandering softly in circles. He purred, darkly, vicious in this moving whisper. "And after all, why shouldn't you be, Captain of the Wonderbolts? I disappear like a shade. Move about invisibly. Outrun one of the fastest ponies alive... Do you think I am vulnerable and mortal? I am a ghost. And you have angered me."

(01:05:21) Captain Spitfire only shook her head at his rebuttal, stopping every so often to compose her thoughts, wings and tail still drooped, head hanging from exhaustion. "A shade that's afraid of his own reflection! You hide yourself behind false magics because you believe a pony would never want to see you! I faced you, and I still stand, unicorn! Why can't you face yourself!" she hissed at the moving aura of his voice. She grew weary of trying to reason with him. "I only wish to help, unicorn... But you must see the sincerety in my eyes to trust me. We cannot build a truce, or a friendship, on ventriloquism and false images. Face me like the stallion you are, or forever be lost to the land of Equestria!"

(01:14:01) Ugly Bristle, at last, stepped from where he hid. Fury still burned in his eyes, though he produced no more illusions. There was the oddest appearance as he emerged from the hole -- like something emerging from a grave. And there was fear about him, too, no mistake. Why would a pony who was not full of fear pretend to be something that could never be harmed? His voice sounded... tired, now. Well. He had every right to be. And his eyes -- they stared straight ahead. "I only asked to be left alone." Every fiber of him seemed to expect attack, to be gearing to bolt again.

(01:24:33) Captain Spitfire remained still, wings folded, plot firmly planted to the soft, spongy moss. A delightful change from the obstacle course she'd run earlier, for sure. "And I only commanded you to tell me what you were doing. I am sorry for yelling at you, unicorn. And, I fear my attitude was the antagonist here, much as my stubborn pride would like me to blame you for my sore hooves and burning eyes." she risked a bit of humbleness, something the Captain of the Wonderbolts didn't often show in great amounts. "My duty is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Princess' subjects. And, believe it or not, that includes you, whether you want it or not. Hiding your condition from me was unnecessary, and put us both at risk. I do not wish for our misunderstanding to happen again, but by the same token, I cannot simply ignore your presence. While I may have approached the situation rather hastily, my intentions were noble."

(01:35:55) Ugly Bristle just looks... tired. And uncomfortable, being seen as he is. "I told you what I was doing, didn't I? You kept pressing me, and I showed you the only secret left... and still you demanded more. You have not walked in my hooves any more than I have flown in your wings..." He was trying to understand. He really was. To be calm, and diplomatic. He stepped forward, though he was loath to do so, to draw close, all his scarred body and unnatural face. "If a pony charged, apparently, with my safety chooses to assume my ill intentions the moment she sees my face..." He trailed off, unsure of what to say, and instead hissed, "Do not tell me it is not necessary to hide my condition." His horn glowed. He restored his appearance to how it had first seemed. "... See... Like this, I earn no scars..." He sat, unwilling to resume his true form. "But thank you for apologising."

(01:49:16) Captain Spitfire sighs heavily, exhaustion beginning to over come her quickly. She barely had the strength to keep herself awake, let along make her arguments to the difficult unicorn. Though, she could tell it was from her unclear phrasing than from his being stubborn. "The importance of scars... we will discuss another time. But for now, let me at least say this: It was not my intention to chase you through the greater half of the Everfree Forest tonight, nor was it my intention to harm or embarrass you. I simply was here to do my job."

(01:58:39) Ugly Bristle nodded dully. "Of course. Nopony means to be hurtful..." He slowly walked back to his hiding place, hooves somewhat dragging. No; he honestly didn't believe Spitfire had any malicious intentions. The blame he placed on his nature, as he placed the blame for everything; after all, she was on duty to look for a threat, and he could not help but seem to be one. If they had not had the chase, in fact, he reasoned she might never have seen him as anything but a threat. The only thing unclear was whether or not he preferred fear. "There's a spring to the East. Should clear up the sap from your eyes." He crawled into his den

(02:17:01) Active after 6 minutes.
(02:17:02) Captain|Spitfire: Ugh, I should probably ask for a continue. I just woke up from ym keyboard. >_>[]
(02:17:52) Cloud Kicker: [xD]
(02:17:58) Cloud Kicker: [Waffle face. <.<]
(02:18:18) Ugly Bristle: [[I actually think this is a decent place to stop both are super exhausted]]

Comments and criticism always welcome! And, sorry for the couple spots that may not be quite PG13; I'm still getting a handle on what I can and can't say, even as a military pegasus! Thanks for reading! <3

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[12/24/12] Everfree Patrol, Part 1.
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