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 Luna Staff Application

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: Luna Staff Application   Luna Staff Application Icon_minitimeThu Jan 14, 2016 4:37 am

Furcadia Name: Princess Luna

Furcadia alts we may know you by: Shadow Dart, Zelenia

Are you currently volunteering at any other dreams on this or any alts? [ ] Yes [x] No

Is your email on file on the forums a e-mail we can contact you on? [ ] Yes [ ] No
If so is it okay if the Rah Contacts you using your listed E-Mail? [x] Yes [ ] No (I almost never check my email)

How did you hear about us? I've known about Equestria for a while, obviously~

Why did you decide to volunteer with us? Because I like MLP and I hope to be a help to the dream and helping new patrons out.

Group applying for: Character Creation

Why do you want to serve in this position? How do you hope to benefit the community?
Character creation is a fun thing to do and to help with. The way in which I hope to benefit the community is helping newcomers flesh out their characters, and provide ideas for them to make new ones; I also hope to keep those characters within the borders of known MLP canon, because characters who break canon tends to mess with the setting and canon.

Are you: [ ]under the age of 18 [x]over the age of 18

Birthday (mm/dd/year): 03/12/92

Service Term Desired: (Check the applicable circle)
[ ] One time volunteer
[x] Long term volunteer
[ ] Other (Please Clarify): __________________________________________________________

List any previous or current volunteer experience:
Dream Position/Major Responsibility Contact for Ref
1 Idalia Co-owner Altair
2___________________ ____________________________ ___________________
3___________________ ____________________________ ___________________
4___________________ ____________________________ ___________________

Do you have a skype? [x] Yes [ ] No
If so are you willing to share your skype name with the rah for skype staff meeting? [x] Yes [ ] No

Number of hours available to volunteer each week:
[ ] 1-5
[x] 5-10
[ ] 10-15
[ ] 15+

Describe your favorite volunteer or work experience:
It'd probably be Idalia, and what I've experienced in this dream so far~

What do you think makes you a good fit for volunteering with us?
I can be welcoming, friendly, open and helpful.

List the qualifications and skills that you bring to the volunteer position:
Patience, creativity, and enough knowledge on canon and how it works/ideas.
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Luna Staff Application
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