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 Staff Application Form

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Staff Application Form Empty
PostSubject: Staff Application Form   Staff Application Form Icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2012 3:20 pm

Currently we are Hireing

Please answer all the Questions.. and post this as a new topic where you found this one at and clicked it.. If you post this anywhere else it will be ignored and deleted.

When I open a Staff Spot I will look over the apps the one whos made a approveable app first will get the opening and be approved. It is best to look at  Dream Staff Hireing Info to see if there are spots open in the dream.

When posting your app please make it a poll for staff to vote on include Approve, Denied, & Undesided

Furcaida Name:

Furcadia Alts We May Know You By:

Are you Currently Volunteering at any other dreams on this or any Alts? [ ] Yes [ ] No
If so what dreams are you also Volunteering in?
Is your Email On File on the forums a E-Mail we can contact you On? [ ] Yes [ ] No
If so Is it ok if the Rah Contacts you using your listed E-Mail? [ ] Yes [ ] No
How did you hear about us?

Why did you decide to volunteer with us?
Group applying for
Welcomer, Helper, Char Creation, Bugge, Patcher, Eventers, Teacher
 Every one starts in Trial Group
Why do you want to serve in this position? How do you hope to benefit the community?
Are you: [ ]under the age of 18 [ ]over the age of 18
Age will not affect your application, we just need to know in order to better understand our community's age demographic.
Birthday (mm/dd/year):
Service Term Desired: (Check the applicable circle)
[ ] One time volunteer
[ ] Long term volunteer
[ ] Other (Please Clarify): __________________________________________________________

List Any Previous or Current Volunteer Experience:
     Dream                             Position/Major Responsibility             Contact for Ref
1___________________    ____________________________    ___________________
2___________________    ____________________________    ___________________
3___________________    ____________________________    ___________________
4___________________    ____________________________    ___________________

Do You Have a Skype? [ ] Yes [ ] No  
If so are you willing to share your skype name with the Rah for skype staff meeting? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Number of Hours Available to Volunteer Each Week:
[ ] 1-5
[ ] 5-10
[ ] 10-15
[ ] 15+

Describe your favorite Volunteer or Work Experience:

What do you think makes you a good fit for volunteering with us?

List the Qualifications and Skills that you bring to the Volunteer Position:

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Staff Application Form
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