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 Princess Luna Application

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: Princess Luna Application   Princess Luna Application Icon_minitimeTue Oct 20, 2015 6:10 am

Name of alts we may know you as
Shadow Dart, Princess Night

Why do you want this character?
Princess Luna is my most favorite character and I relate with her a lot. I know what it feels like to have made mistakes, even horrible ones, and continue to be haunted by them and how I've hurt others in the past.

How often are you online?
Pretty much every day, or night, depending on what my sleep schedule is doing.


Princess Luna

Princess Luna



A single, white crescent moon.

Gen 4


Luna has none, although if you wanna go by the comics, then she has an opossum.


Canterlot, usually, though her stature as Princess may take her all over the country.

Princess, one of two diarchs that rule Equestria.

Bringer of the Night and guardian of dreams, she who commands the moon.

Princess Luna is one of two diarchs in the land of Equestria, and one of the royal pony sisters. She raises the moon each night to grant the land a time to rest and prepare for the next day.

Celestia and Luna originally come from a place known as 'Canterlot Hill', presumably having once lived with other alicorns there, where they played 'princess' as foals, using the gems found there to fashion fake crowns.
At some point they were approached by a pony by the name of Starswirl the Bearded. He believed that alicorns embody everything that the three united tribes of Equestria sought in leaders, like their love and harmony, and due to the fact that they are connected to all three of the pony species.
The sisters were soon crowned, building their castle within the depths of the Everfree Forest- an idea of Luna's, as it granted them solitude and a chance to have time to themselves outside of their duties as princesses. They would later gain their cutiemarks in moving the sun and moon for the first time, once the last of the unicorns, Starswirl included, drained the rest of their magic attempting this feat. Starswirl knew that the alicorns were invigorated by the heavens, rather than drained by them.
The sisters, with the aid of the newly acquired Elements of Harmony, would later deal with the spirit of chaos, Discord, and the evil unicorn king of the Crystal Empire, King Sombra, in their time as princesses, but their problems did not end there.
Luna grew disheartened by the way that the ponies slept through her night, and who would shirk the chance to gaze upon the star-flecked sky, and the great silver moon? She noticed how ponies looked up to Celestia, who seemed to be more beloved than she. She did not possess the skills her sister did when dealing with their subjects, nor connect to them in the way Celestia could- it seemed she was condemned to her sister's shadow.
Luna's sorrow eventually blossomed into resentment and anger, leading her to move against Celestia. Luna confronted her sister on that fateful day, and after giving in to her emotions, transformed into Nightmare Moon to bring night eternal. A lengthy battle ensued, until Celestia chose the only option left to her: the Elements of Harmony. Luna was banished to the moon, condemned for the next thousand years until her escape was aided by the stars themselves.
Her final defeat was at the hooves of the new Element Bearers, restoring her to the pony she was.
Luna would spend her time catching up on the modern society and easing herself back into her duties as princess, which once included attending her first Nightmare Night and learning how to socialize again with the citizens.

(I could probably write more but I figured it'd be best if I just condensed it.)

Luna's appearance is fitting for such a deity of the night, with a midnight blue coat unbroken save for the splotch of black on her rear and flanks. Her white crescent shaped cutie mark stands out in stark contrast. She has a mane of flowing, star-flecked indigo with a curl of bangs falling over her forehead, and wide eyes of teal with lids of pale blue. She is slightly shorter than her sister, and a little more strongly built, with regalia that is not quite as flashy. Her tiara is a simple, sparkling black matched by a necklace- the latter of which is marked by another white crescent moon. Her shoes, on the other hoof, are a glittering silver.

Luna is regaining who she used to be, although she will forever be marred by what she had done under the guise of Nightmare Moon. Her guilt of this has so far caused her to practically self-harm, by using the Tantabus to give herself the same nightmare every night of her defeat. Twilight helped her realize that she had to forgive herself, not only to defeat it, but to begin healing- and there is still a long road to go.
Luna remains a little shy and awkward when it comes to socializing, and though she prefers to let her sister do most of the talking, she is trying to take a more active role as one of the rulers of Equestria. She is more old fashioned and stiff mannered than her sister, although she is still easing herself into the ways of modern society. Her ability to be kind and helpful is more evident in person to those who need it, especially in the matters of the mind and in dreams. She can appear a little standoffish, too, but after a long history of dealing with villains who have sought to take Equestria as their own, she takes her duty as protector seriously- more so to make up for her own sins. Her anger can be easily invoked, and she has a habit of slipping into ye olde Equestrian.

* The possibility that there are other immortal alicorns, due to the fact that Celestia and Luna exist, lead me to form opinions about them. It may stem from their longevity or some innate nature, but immortal alicorns seem to be more strongly influenced by their emotions, evident with Luna who became Nightmare Moon from her jealousy and envy. There is a chance that most immortal alicorns have fallen prey to their darkest impulses and the species has likely been mostly wiped out as a result.
* Luna is connected to the moon. She is strongest during a full moon, and weakest during a new moon.
* Luna has a slight flair for theatrics, if the more intimidating kind.

Shadow Dart, Princess Night, possibly others once I get around to making applications for them.

Princess Luna Application Luna_by_malheureuxart-d8vae6m

Princess Luna blinked down at her apprentice, awaiting his answer- she noted he seemed almost hesitant to tell her. It didn't bode well, but she gave him time to gather his thoughts to speak, and when speak he did, she listened. What answer she got did make her frown, but she harbored no anger in him. Was she not as accountable for her loss of emotional control, as he was? Anypony who knew her past would see this. "I admit this is slightly disappointing, but it is quite understandable. I forgive thee, Mirage. It would have been difficult for anypony to handle their emotions accordingly when dealing with such as the changelings, and their queen, after what they had done to Canterlot." Luna said with an acknowledging nod. "I shall not send you on anymore such missions, lest there is something from them you might learn. I appreciate that you made an effort, but worry not. I will handle the Queen, now."

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Lauren Faust
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Luna Application   Princess Luna Application Icon_minitimeTue Oct 20, 2015 6:17 am

Pre-approved app as this is a alt update for the already approved Luna
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Princess Luna Application
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