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 Bon Bon Application

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PostSubject: Bon Bon Application   Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:00 pm

Canon Name: Bon Bon

Furcaida Name: #SoBon Bon#Sp

Name of alts we may know you as: Flitter Pegasus.

Why do you want this character?: After long thinking and sample roleplaying I have decided to relinquish Octavia to somepony who can dedicate better time to her and instead pick up the first pony I ever really cared for namely Bon Bon.

How often are you online?: I'm online almost every day as many ponies in Equestria can vouch for.

Gender:  Bon Bon is a Mare.

Species: She is an Earth Pony.

Cutie Mark: Bon Bon's cutiemark consists out of thee wrapped candies.

Generation: My specific Bon Bon is generation 4

Special Somepony: Her best friend and possible romantic interest is Lyra Heartstrings.

Pet: Bon Bon has no pets as of yet but with Fluttershy around that can never take long.

Residence: Bon Bon lives Ponyville sharing a home with Lyra.

Workplace: Bon Bon's Candies, a confectionary in Ponyville.

Occupation: Bon Bon is a sweets maker and salespony.

Short Introduction: Bon Bon is a somewhat typical earth pony with a friendly disposition, when she is not working in her sweets store she can often be found hanging around Lyra or other friends and often partakes in most of Ponyville's activities.

Backstory: Bonnie was born in Ponyville and befriended a minty unicorn named Lyra at a young age, they grew up together through studies and life and have remained the best of friends ever since, before working in her own sweets shop she had worked in Canterlot for some time performing government activities.

Apearance: a beige coat, pigment blue mane with a rose pink streak, cerulean eyes, and a cutie mark of three sweets on her flanks. when wearing saddlebags they are usually blue.

Personality: Bon Bon is a very sweet and social mare full of life and energy, she loves both her job and her friends but can get annoyed when unfairly treated by some of her fellow ponies.

Job: Bonnie makes and sells a wide plethora of sweets in her self owned shop near Quills and Sofa's, she open from spring till late fall but closes shop in the winter, the job she once had in Canterlot is classified.

Equestria RP Alts: Flitter.

Ref Image:

Sample Post: Bon Bon stood behind the counter of her sweets store in the shopping district of Ponyville, it had been a fairly quiet day so far so the beige mare stared at nothing in particular while she rolled a lemon drop candy along the registry counter, then her ears perked up as the small silver bell above the door to her shop chimed and she saw the familiar face of a certain minty coated unicorn trot into the place, a warm smile finding it's way to the mare's snout as she called out kindly. "Hello Lyra, back from your recital already?"
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Bon Bon Application
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