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PostSubject: Discord's Staff App   Discord's Staff App Icon_minitimeSun Dec 06, 2015 12:09 am

Furcaida Name:

Discord Dracoequus

Furcadia Alts We May Know You By:

Psigma, Malix, Shisou, Rex Draco

Are you Currently Volunteering at any other dreams on this or any Alts? [x] Yes [ ] No
If so what dreams are you also Volunteering in?

I run Paradeisos and co-run/own Peddler's Hollow
I am Dreamweaver/Patcher/Coder/etc for PH and Paradeisos
I am staff in Clans of Fire

Is your Email On File on the forums a E-Mail we can contact you On? [ ] Yes [x] No
If so Is it ok if the Rah Contacts you using your listed E-Mail? [ ] Yes [x] No

How did you hear about us?

It's been here a while finally decided to peek in cause friend of mine told me it was chill.

Why did you decide to volunteer with us?

Cuz it needs help.

Group applying for

Welcomer, Helper, Char Creation, Bugge, Patcher, Eventers, Teacher
Every one starts in Trial Group

Eventer & Teacher

Why do you want to serve in this position? How do you hope to benefit the community?
_I run events, I have been a GM/DM for many years and I always have RP ideas I also think its important to teach new players so they feel part of the group and learn.

Are you: [ ]under the age of 18 [x]over the age of 18
Age will not affect your application, we just need to know in order to better understand our community's age demographic.

Birthday (mm/dd/year): x/x/1986 (dont like my birthday really known cept by friends, and than not even)

Service Term Desired: (Check the applicable circle)
[x ] One time volunteer
[ x] Long term volunteer
[x ] Other (Please Clarify): ___As needed, I can come help on the spot__________

List Any Previous or Current Volunteer Experience:
    Dream                             Position/Major Responsibility             Contact for Ref
1___Paradeisos_______    __Owner/ Creator____    ___________ME lol________
2__Peddler's Hollow___    _Co-Owner/Co Creator__    __Eden Omar___________
3__Clans of Fire_____    _Deputy/Staff keeping peace, RPing_    __Sarina_____
4___________________    ____________________________    __________________

Do You Have a Skype? [x] Yes [ ] No  
If so are you willing to share your skype name with the Rah for skype staff meeting? [x] Yes [ ] No

Number of Hours Available to Volunteer Each Week:
[ ] 1-5
[ ] 5-10
[x] 10-15
[ ] 15+

Describe your favorite Volunteer or Work Experience:
____Teachng newbies, leading RP events_______________

What do you think makes you a good fit for volunteering with us?
_____I care________________________________________

List the Qualifications and Skills that you bring to the Volunteer Position:
15+ years of RPing, GMing, DMing, writing, leading_______

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Lauren Faust
Lauren Faust

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PostSubject: Re: Discord's Staff App   Discord's Staff App Icon_minitimeTue Dec 15, 2015 7:30 pm

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Discord's Staff App
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