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 Luminescent Wish Application

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Healer Application
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PostSubject: Luminescent Wish Application   Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:21 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Luminescent Wish

Alias/Nickname: Lumine. Lumi

Name of alts we may know you as: Azure Rain.

Why do you want this character?: I have a somewhat shady character and a loyal hard working character, so missing in the mix was a kindhearted good doing character, hence Lumi.

How often are you online?: Almost every day if not every day.

Gender: Lumi is a Mare.

Species: Lumi is a Unicorn.

Age: 20

If Under 13 or Foal age we need a mom and dad background: Luminescence was raised by two Unicorn parents in Canterlot and joined the temple at an age of twelve.

Cutie Mark: Silver shield with an overlaying pink heart on it.

Generation: Generation 4

Special Somepony: Lumi has no special somepony but cares for everyone.

Pet: Luminescent has a pet ferret named Irina.

Residence: Lumi lives in the barracks of the Unicorn Temple.

Workplace: Lumi has a job as healer and temple protector in the Unicorn temple of Canterlot.

Occupation: Lumi is an Exemplar they lead rituals and teach novices.

Short Introduction: Luminescent Wish is a very optimistic pony and it shows when ponies meet her, always having a smile on her snout and a kind word for those she socializes with, all in all she is a helpful kind mare.

Backstory: Lumi was born in the capital city of Canterlot and raised in a wealthy yet sober home, in her younger years it became apparant she had a gift for healing and protection spells which caused her parents to apply her for the Temple.

Apearance: Lumi is a somewhat short mare with an off white coat and a many of varying colours from gold to lavender, her soft eyes are light blue in colour, she dresses in gold hoof guards and a lavender armored robe.

Personality: Show us your knowledge of the character.

Job: As an Exemplar Lumi is often seen healing those in need or writing missives and scrolls for her novices when she is not guiding them in their exercises.

Equestria RP Alts: Azure Rain, Mist Feather, Bon Bon.

Ref Image:

Sample Post: Luminescent Wish wandered out of the temple gates on a warm sunny day in Canterlot, her robes flowing along her body in the mild breeze as her gentle gaze passed over the various ponies living in the bustling city, she then sighed happily knowing that today she would once again aid and guide ponies in their lives as she strived to see a bright healthy Equestria.
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Luminescent Wish Application
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