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 Noctem's Application

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PostSubject: Noctem's Application   Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:28 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Noctem

Alias/Nickname: Noctem

Name of alts we may know you as: --

Why do you want this character?: Because I'd like a place to roleplay him and I like MLP. Doesn't get more complicated than that.

How often are you online?: I'm on pretty regularly, I wouldn't say 'daily' because sometimes I'm busy outside of game but 'near daily' would be an accurate description. It's important to note that I work a full time job and am thus only very available later on in the day -- and I work weekends.

Gender:  Sterile Male

Species: Donkey x Pegasus hybrid; basically a winged mule.

Age: Adult.

Cutie Mark: He takes more after his donkey parent and thus does not have and can not get a cutie mark.

Generation: Can be any, really.. either way, he isn't drawn very MLP!

Special Somepony: Single and not particularly interested in commitment at this time.

Pet: Though he seems pretty friendly to animals he has none he calls his own.

Residence: He has a small house in Ponyville but is rarely found at it; he prefers to sleep under the stars.

Workplace: He works for mail delivery, with a specialty in long-distance delivery. Can be anything from small parcels to simple messages.

Occupation: Delivery Pony.

Short Introduction: At a glance it's obvious he's shrouded with the general shyness of an outcast, and the reason for this is obvious -- who ever heard  of a mule in Ponyville?! Despite this he comes across good-natured, gentle and scarce with his words as when he speaks he intends to speak with meaning and clearness. His voice is deep and often spoke quietly but can definitely carry if he wishes it to.

Backstory: Originally he was foaled in a small town near Cloudsdale to a pegasus mother and a donkey father, whose names are never mentioned from him. He lived a pretty normal life aside from the rather small amount of friends, going to school as he should, with minimal bullying -- it was helpful he ended up being kind of tall, it's a good bully-deterant. Unable to get a cutie mark, in the teenage and young adult life he became a jack of all trades, learning how to do many things but not being particularly skilled at any of them, though he did seem fairly skilled in painting. However, also being a realist, he knew it's hard to make a living on art and thus he went into the trade of the postal worker and has been there happily ever since. He can be found in many places due to the job's propensity for long-distance travel.

Appearance: He appears a mild cross between donkey and pony, leaning far more towards the donkey side of things. He is tall for a pony but not outlandishly so, and far more slender, like a greyhound rather than a mastiff. Being a mule he has the longer ears and a mane that's almost the upright mohawk-style that donkeys have, though it flops over a tiny bit; his ink-colored forelock is particularly long for some reason and tends to dangle in his eyes. His body is of the blue-roan color, starting almost black at the extremities and paling towards his middle where it's almost a full on blue, with a black stripe down his spine. His wings are large and black with bright gold feathering inside of them, only really seen in flight. His hooves and eyes are also gold.

Personality: Overall pretty shy, but a very deliberate kind of person. He's reclusive and though unafraid of crowds, tends to avoid taking part of them. He's also very unobtrusive and can get very frazzled if he thinks he's in someone's way to the point of launching away to step out of someone's path. Though not a tank in stature, his psyche is built to last and any amount of berating just slides off of him like water off a duck's back. He tends to come across as somewhat carefree and to be fair, it is somewhat a chore to get him to care about something or somepony, and can occasionally come across as rude / cold because of this. Gets along well with animals, with an affinity for pigeons. His work ethic is very strong. Though his memory for place is very good his memory for people's names is wretched.

Job: He is a postal worker. He delivers things, be them written messages, spoken messages, or small parcels. Being a mule, he is not the quickest thing when compared to horses but can outlast them greatly as far as distance traveled is concerned, and that helps his job. Obviously he cannot get a cutie mark but it's theorized that if he could, it would be a compass, because no matter the situation Noctem never seems able to get lost, no matter how turned around he gets; if he's been somewhere he can get there again without even thinking much about it. Because of all these things he specializes in long-distance mail delivery, so if a pony wanted to send something across the world, he'd be the one to do it.

Equestria RP Alts: This is my first character here, and will probably be my only.

Ref Image: It's up top!

Sample Post: Noctem was used to repetition, so the fact that today was just like yesterday and the day before it didn't really matter to him at all. Holding the letters delicately in his mouth he neatly inserted them in their place inside his trusty well-used mail bag first, before finally picking up the large parcel by the strings it was tied closed with, gentle, ever so gentle! With a polite nod to his fellow mailponies, the mule turned heel and, gait a clip-clopping prance, made way for the door. He didn't even slow down for it, no, just butted right through it as if it wasn't there, as he had done yesterday and the day before that. Just another addition to the tedium; with a flutter of wings and a angling to the right, Noctem set about his delivery route. ( Not good at posting in reply to nothing that isn't just setting up scene, sorry! )

OOC Addendum: I'm sorry if any part of this is overly brief.. the way I have always done websites and the like for my characters was to keep things on the super simplistic side as having everything on the table from the start is not very realistic. When you first meet a character, after all, all you know is what they look like, and nothing about their history / backstory / ect! So I tried to be brief and concise. Hope that's okay. This is also a fairly new character so the backstory bit is total garbage, sorry.
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Noctem's Application
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