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 Zero Takenaka - RP Application

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PostSubject: Zero Takenaka - RP Application   Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:11 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Zero Takenaka

Alias/Nickname:    Zero

Name of alts we may know you as: Cruise Control(not on Equestria)

Why do you want this character?: I want this character because this is me. I am hir

How often are you online?: Every Day. I have nothing to do until I go find a job.

Gender:  Neutral

Species: Changeling

Age: Adult

Cutie Mark: Changelings don't have a cutie mark. If he did though, it'd be

Generation: Generation 4... of course >.>

Special Somepony: No.

Pet: No pets.

Residence: On the outer edge of the Everfree Forest.

Workplace: He doesn't have a place to work.

Occupation: Magical Analyst when he can find something to look at that is.

Short Introduction: If I had to say something for them to know about me, it'd be that he didn't look like the one to initially cause trouble. He never wanted to cause trouble.

Backstory: Zero argued with Queen Chrysalis about how to deal with the food shortages(which is what I believe initially sparked the attack on Canterlot Castle). Chrysalis believed that the only way to feed the hive was to launch an attack on the castle. Disagreeing with her, Zero detracted from the hive. He was now to be branded a traitor by the queen. He set up camp in the Everfree Forest to keep an eye on what the ponies were like.

Appearance: Startling emerald-green eyes, just a little smaller than applejack, black carapace with many scratches over the main body perhaps from creatures in the Everfree.

Personality: Original Creation has no set pre-defined personality but seemed to be a happy changeling if a lonely one. Not one to cause a fight or get one going preferring to defuse a situation but would not hesitate to save somepony if their life was in danger.

Job: Investigating and analyzing magical items. He dabbles in some creation of magical items too but they were mostly for him. What kind of pony would buy an item from a changeling though?

Equestria RP Alts: None

Ref Image: Unfortunately, I don't have one.

Sample Post: Zero stood near one of the trees to the Everfree looking out towards the town again. They seemed so peaceful. So... happy. It was totally unlike the hive where it seemed like there was never any time to have fun. Placing a hoof in the ground and twisting it, he made a small circle. Something to perhaps take the edge off of the loneliness after his last meal he had to steal... There's that word again. Steal. Yes, that's all he was. A stupid little changeling that has to steal to survive. At least it kept him alive. Suddenly, the town became blurrier. He lifted a hoof to his face feeling his eyes were wet. He was sad. Sad that he could never return to his hive after knowing what they did, and sad that he would never be able to fit into the pony population. He sniffled a bit and braved up. "... At least I'm still alive." He said turning back into the forest where his little clearing would be.
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Zero Takenaka - RP Application
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