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 Noctia application

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: Noctia application   Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:41 am

How often are you online? Every day, or night.

Equestria RP Alts Princess Luna, Shadow Dart






Mid 20s

Obscure swirls of smoke

Making natural remedies and medicines; a healer, in short.

Gen 4



The other side of the Everfree Forest- sometimes within

Her home, otherwise she has none.

Her occupation involves growing herbs and other plants that she requires for her potions, or seeking them out in the Everfree Forest if they grow nowhere else.

Noctia does not have an official job for which she's paid, and has yet to seek one out.

A zebra with an inverted coat, Noctia is a loner who spends most of her time on her craft, improving her skills and trying to make new, useful potions. Perhaps some day she might be brave enough to approach the regular pony folk.

Noctia originates from the tribe of zebras that live secluded on the other side of the Everfree Forest. Her color mutation may have made her a little bit of an outcast, but it didn't seem to matter much- she was still a zebra, and she still had stripes. She was taught much of what had been passed down through the generations, about the plants, the animals, potion-making, and the natural magic zebras had learned to harness. Her strengths seemed to lean more towards potion-making, and specifically medicine- a useful thing, to be sure, when one could help heal or fix the physical ills of others.

Noctia eventually decided to 'leave the nest' as it were to get out into the wider world, although her travels didn't take her far. She eventually ended up settling around the Everfree Forest, finding it to be ideal and secluded- not to mention she could find plenty of useful herbs to gather there. It would be her home base from which she could travel out to whoever would need the help of a passing healer.

I'm kind of going by what it says about zebras in the Journal of Two Sisters, rather than most fan opinions.

As black and white as any other zebra, though she is noticeably inverted. The majority of her coat is black, and decorated with many thin, white stripes- the only absence of them is on her flank, where her glyph mark resides in smoky swirls. Her angular eyes are violet, one of which is covered up by the loose, white mohawk of her mane- struck through with thin stripes of black.

A loner by heart, though she doesn't shy away from interactions with ponies; sometimes too-large crowds may make her nervous. She can be bold, speaking her mind with little care to the consequences, and doesn't let superstitions or false stories scare her as it does most. She tries her best to help others out with her skills in healing, no matter how little she likes them. Noctia chooses to live out in the wild, rather than in towns or cities, where she can be more in tune with nature; she holds on to an old belief that all things are alive, and feel, in their own way.


Noctia had been picking her way through the wild forest on one of her explorations, using her long legs to step gingerly over the winding roots of trees. In so far, she was oblivious to a new arrival to the woods, with her mind on other things. Potions to make more of, plants to find, new uses.. The list was a short one, but nonetheless. Her ponderings would eventually come to a pause when a groan from nearby reached her ears, one that sounded decidedly.. equine. Had it been an animal, she would have paid it no mind, but this tugged at her attention. Noctia paused, one foreleg bent, head cocked towards the source. Ponies were known to wander into the Everfree on occasion, despite the obvious dangers.. This time though, somepony probably needed help. Noctia's lips thinned and she started moving again, this time veering towards the sound. She was eventually lead to the edge of a grassy clearing, where lay a pony on his back. Huh. "Do you need help?"

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Noctia application
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