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 Pinkie Pie Application

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PostSubject: Pinkie Pie Application   Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:05 am

Canon Name:  Pinkie Pie

Furcaida Name:  Pinkamena

Name of alts we may know you as: Miku Hatsune, Rin

Why do you want this character?: Gosh this could get pretty dorky, but I love Pinkie. Pinkie has her own insecurities, but overcomes them. She had a pretty crappy childhood, but overcame that too, and just tries to make everypony smile! So she's kind of an inspiration for me.

How often are you online?: I'm online all the time, but my timezone is radically different from just about everyone else's, GMT+9

Gender: Pinkie's a girl!

Species: Earth pony!

Cutie Mark: Three balloons, two blue and one yellow!

Generation: gen 4

Special Somepony: nooooo

Pet: One alligator named Gummy!

Residence: Sugar Cube Corner, in Ponyville!

Workplace: The same as where she lives, Sugar Cube Corner.

Occupation: Pinkie is a baker and a party planner!

Short Introduction: A pony with a personality as bright as her pelt, Pinkie is always trying to make her friends - which is just about everypony with only few exceptions - smile! Prefering to hop around rather than walking, she's full of energy and is always willing to help someone in need of a laugh or two!

Backstory: Pinkie's childhood wasn't the greatest. No smiles. No fun. Certainly no parties. You'd never recognize her either, her mane was dreadfully flat and straight! But thanks to a certain somepony, a rainbow brightened her day so much she wanted to make everyday as great as that one! But how? Pinkie thought really hard, and an idea finally came to her - a party! She worked hard all night just to set one up for her family, who couldn't help but start to smile, something that brought her so much joy and earned her cutie mark. And that's how Equestria was made, or something.

Apearance: Pinkie's pelt is vibrant, in-your-face, and of course very pink! Her mane is curly like cotton candy and a bit darker than her fur. She has sky blue eyes and a cutie mark of three balloons, two blue and one yellow.

Personality: Pinkie loves to make people smile and will go out of her way to do so! She's the most  cartoony of the mane ponies and speaks a lot of nonsense and makes lots of cheesy jokes. She has her own insecurities, even snapping at one point and talking to inanimate objects, but it hasn't happened since thanks to some very loyal friends

Job: Pinkie plans parties and she plans them well! She also caters and bakes just as well, and she's always passionate about her work, but maybe not so serious!

Equestria RP Alts: nope, none!

Ref Image:

Sample Post: It was a pretty boring day in Ponyville. Nopony seemed to be doing much of anything... it was absolutely dreadful! And just who would be the one to solve this boring day? Who else?! Pinkie! Pinkie saw this problem and was on it in minutes. Hopping from place to place, thinking out loud to Gummy, just trying to make everything perfect for everypony! Pinkie tried to think of things that would appeal to anypony that came - and of course, she was to invite each and every pony in Ponyville -- it would have been all of Equestria if she could have! Games, drinks, entertainment, this pink pony thought she had covered everything...but she hadn't. Now what did she forget... hmm. Even Pinkie knew she had forgot something... Oh dear! She forgot the invitations in her excitement for the party! Now what was she to do?! There was no time now! Distraught, she started to make her way to her super-smart friend Twilight's treehouse to ask for advice.
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PostSubject: Approved! ;o   Wed Jan 22, 2014 5:27 am

Nice. I approve. ^^
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Pinkie Pie Application
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