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 Flitter Application

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PostSubject: Flitter Application   Flitter Application Icon_minitimeMon Oct 05, 2015 6:30 pm

Canon Name: Flitter

Furcaida Name: Flitter Pegasus

Name of alts we may know you as: Nyx Duskmane

Why do you want this character?: I want to play Flitter because I have been impressed with her and her sister ever having seen her in the episode Hurricane Fluttershy, she's active and works hard and as far as I've seen has a great and supportive attide that I can find myself in, she shows a lot of roleplaying potential in my creative mind's eye.

How often are you online?: Daily for atleast 2 to 3 hours unless I'm sick or IRL ill disposed.

Gender: Female

Species: A Pegasus

Cutie Mark: Three Blue and White Dragonflies.

What Gen Are you?: Generation 4

Special Somepony: None as of yet.

Pet: N/A

Residence: A home in Ponyville.

Workplace: The skies of Ponyville and CloudsDale.

Occupation: Weathermare I help control Equestria's weather conditions, also Foalsitter of Rumble.

Short Introduction: Flitter is an energetic young pegasus mare with a cheerful disposition, her pink bow and turquoise mane standing out a lot, she can often be seen near her older sibling Cloudchaser and is quick to smile.

Backstory: Flitter was born in the cloudy pegasus city of Cloudsdale where she grew up with her sister CloudChaser, being very close to her sibling she can almost always be seen near her, when growing older she and Cloudchaser moved to Ponyville together and joined the weather team there.

Apearance: A grayish blue Pegasus pony with violet eyes who wears a pink bow in her turquoise mane.

Personality: Very energetic and social, a mare that tries to see her actions through and not one to give up easily.

Job: As a weathermare I bring clouds over an area when rain is scheduled or clear them for sunny days, the same goes for storms or snowfall depending on the current season, along with other jobs required like funneling water to Cloudsdale, As a foalsitter I look after and care for Rumble in the evenings.

Equestria RP Alts: N/A

Ref Image: Flitter Application 9c5711b386a83f2fef456f6fb4300d98

Sample Post: The young pegasus looked down over Ponyville from the cloud she was standing on, sweat dampening her thin grayish blue fur after a day of hard work made her shiver for a moment but a bright accomplished smile graced her muzzle, seeing the sun nearly setting behind the far off Canterlot she realized with a sudden shock that she was supposed to foalsit Rumble tonight and she hopped off her perch, gliding down towards the residence where Thunderlane and his little brother lived looking forward to a pleasant evening.

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Flitter Application
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