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 Pinkie Pie application

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PostSubject: Pinkie Pie application   Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:07 pm

Considering the general atmosphere of the dream and since I've been asked before to join, I figured I'd go ahead and take a shot and apply for Pinkie Pie's position. Forgive me if I appear rusty. I haven't RP'd much lately and may be a little off.

Canon Name:

Pinkie Pie

Furcaida Name:

Pinkie Pie

Why do you want this character?: Explain to us why you are choosing this character. 3-5 line preferred.

Hard to explain. In simplest terms -- I adore Pinkie Pie. Her personality is just attractive. She's outgoing and big-hearted, another reason why I found myself gravitating towards her then any of the other ponies. She's just generally out-going and a giving pony (which sometimes can be taken for granted) which I find a lot in myself. She is just very easy for me to relate to.

How often are you online?: Being a canon can be a lot of responsibility. In many ways it's like being staff.

That can't be determined exactly. I work full-time in the evening and I am gone from between 2pm fst to 10 pm fst. (3pm - 11pm est) and usually don't get anywhere near the computer before midnight after work or 10am - 11am est in the morning. Aside days off, time to be around may be inhibited. I also tend to do things away from the computer and have a decent amount of company around. So my activity may vary.

Personality: Show us your knowledge of the character.

Pinkie Pie is usually very hyper and ecstatic. She is constantly out-going and always looking for a good time. Her uplifting behavior has a tendency to bring a smile to anypony's face if anypony appears to be down and out, causing her to find laughter is 'usually the best medicine.' Pinkie loves to party and host them, even if her friends sometimes find them a little over-bearing at times.

Being a confectioner, she has a knack for baking sweets. (And eating them too!) Though her love for cupcakes (no relation to that grotesque grim-dark fic) seems to over-power her desire for other sweets as she is usually seen in-hailing those moreso then anything else. She is also mechanically inclined oddly enough and ends up creating the right thing needed to solve a plaguing problem. Sometimes ignored for her strange and quirky way of acting, she is still loved by all.

Pinkie Pie's Element of Harmony is: Laughter

Sample Post: This better be your best work, as it's the most important part of the application.

It was a bright day; cloudless as it were. Obviously the weather patrol pegasi were out cleaning up the skies as usual. Pinkie stepped off the stoop of Sugar Cube Corner and into the streets of Ponyville. For a moment she remained there, hooves un-moving as her head turned from left to right, one hoof finally coming up to shield her eyes from the blinding sunlight as she looked up. "I wonder where Rainbow Dash is." She asked herself quizzically, tail giving a random twitch in impatience, "I have something I just have to tell her!" Lowering said hoof, she started bouncing off, by-passing other ponies along the winding streets, focused solely on finding her best friend.

Then she stopped suddenly, remembering something. "Oh, I got it!" She blurted out excitedly.

Remembering the usual 'lazy spots', she made her way towards the edge of Ponyville, finally spotting a lone cloud hovering aimlessly in the clear sky. She thought a moment, her smile widened, "HEY RAINBOW DASH!" Voice booming, she jumped up and down repeatedly, attempting to reach the fluffy arctic bed which she knew she wouldn't ever reach. "ARE YOU UP THERE?!" She yelled again, this time, louder then the last. She heard a irritated groan and something incomprehensible. Was Rainbow Dash really up there or was she hearing things?


That has to work! She thought to herself. Realizing that the cyan pony was probably just lazing around like usual.

Giving another pounce, nearly causing the earth to shake beneath her now overly-heavy hooves, she watched as the cloud seemed to quiver and come alive, eagerly waiting on her pal to answer her so she could pawn off her excitement onto the other pony.

Hopefully this will be good enough. I know, rusty. But I also do not like to take control of some else's character, so, It may seem very open-ended.
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PostSubject: Re: Pinkie Pie application   Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:15 pm


You Most get a Approve from both myself and Macintosh to be allowed to rp within the dream.
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PostSubject: Re: Pinkie Pie application   Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:34 pm

Love it! Approved!
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PostSubject: Re: Pinkie Pie application   

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Pinkie Pie application
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