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PostSubject: Discord App   Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:07 pm

Canon Name:  Discord

Furcaida Name:  Discord Draconequus

Name of alts we may know you as:

Psigma, Malix, Shisou

Why do you want this character?: Explain to us why you are choosing this character. 3-5 line preferred.  

I have always enjoyed Discord's character, since the first time I watched MLP. He was the very core of what the god of Discord should be: sometimes benign, and sometimes a calamity to one's way of life. Ponyville was his target not out of random spite, but a deep seeded hurt that grew over time. He is something I emphasize with well where sometimes a playful nature may be seen as going too far and hurt can manifest into spite, but in the end they are still a good pony.

How often are you online?: Being a canon can be a lot of responsibility. In many ways it's like being staff.

I am online everyday. I work in the mornings and am on during the evenings. Obviously there are times I won't be on such as if I go on doctors visits (which can sometimes take a week), but I still check in on forums often.

Gender:  Are you a Male or Female

Discord is male.

Species: What Species are you?

Discord is a Draconequus: half pony, half dragon

Cutie Mark: What is your Cutie Mark?

Discord lacks a cutie mark

Generation: What Gen Are you?

Discord is Gen 4

Special Somepony: Do you have a Special Somepony if so who?

Currently Discord doesn't have somepony, but he is close friends with Fluttershy and fond of her friends.

Pet: Do you have a pet if so what is there name?

Discord has no pet.

Residence: Where do you live?

Distorted Area in the Chaos Realm (aka Chaosville)

Workplace: Do you have a job if so where do you work?

He is the spirit of disharmony, otherwise he has no true job and is a bit of a layabout.

Occupation: If you have a job what is your Job Title?

Ruler of Equestria (former), Spirit of Disharmony (always), CMC Member (honorary)

Short Introduction: If you where to met me randomly what would you want me to know about your pony the most?

I am the great and might Discord! The most handsome, and powerful pony. Also, pretty clever if I do say do myself.

Backstory: Where does your pony come from what was there past like?

It is unknown where Discord is from beyond the fact he has always been part of Equestria since centuries past. He had spent much of his life causing disharmony and confusion for the pony citizens until he was encased in stone by the two princesses.  He was eventually woken when the spell was broken and remains in Ponyville after many trials and attempts at reforming him to the side of harmony. Though he could never be a harmonious being, he slowly learns more about friendship.

Appearance: What does your pony look like?

Discord is a hodgepodge of different parts that all have their own uses, touch and feel. A crooked ram's horn and twisted deer antler sit atop his head. His face, down to his neck are distinctly pony, while his snaggletooth is that of a dragon. His body is like, like a snake's,  but is covered in short, brown feathers where as his tail is res, scaled and tipped in a white plume belonging to a dragon. His right paw Is that of a lion's,  covered in golden fur while his left paw is like a falcon's, tipped with gripping claws. His hind, right leg is covered in green scales, dragon toes wiggling. His left leg was a hoof, belonging to a pony and brown in its coloration. His eyes were large, expressive and hand yellow sclera with red pupils.

Personality: Show us your knowledge of the character.

Discord is an attention seeker and becomes lonely very easily, only just learning to curb his jealousy for attention from the few he calls friends. He likes to play pranks and twist the peace and quiet of Ponyville with boisterous antics that other ponies feel are disruptive to daily life.

He is cunning, clever and thinks ahead with his actions so he is not the one left confused and troubled. He is loud and likes to question authority's desire for order. He does that like sitting around in one place for too long, often becoming restless in the lull of lazy days.

Job: Tell me all about your ponies job?

Discord is the Spirit of Disharmony and Confusion so it is his main duty to spread shenanigans, otherwise he is yet employed, but is tasked with assisting Princess Twilight in her duties.

Equestria RP Alts: Do you RP other ponies in the dream please list there names here.


Ref Image:

Sample Post:

Lazy layabout or cunning con artist? Many muddled over the menagerie of mangled monsters that made up this chaotic tyrant. Now he wasn't the horrific terror that many presumed. There were rumors merely passing him by was akin to the dangers of walking beneath a ladder. A snaggle toothed grin or a cheek smirk was usually all any pony suffered when passing the twisted ball of limbs and feathers, horns and scales. When he lay out in the sun, his back was against the warmer grasses, his rump beside him as his back curled behind his head, giving him a pillow to rest upon. His forepaw and foreclaw crossed over his feather covered chest while his dusty, grey mane collected stray blades of grass and other bits of nature. Sometimes this was enough. Watching as ponies grew distraught just seeing him filled him with great amusement, but it also brought him a bit of -- sadness.

He did not feel they had a right to judge him. They were not his friends, at least how could they be with the way they burned holes through his feathers with such heavy stares. Pursing his lips he twisted his face up in mild disdain, unamused by the feeling of being an outsider. It was why he often choose to lay inside and lump around with the pets. They didn't judge him, or -- if they did they were silent about it.

"Oh come on not, never seen a guy molt before?" He chuckled before pulling a feather or two from his belly.

Though that was no way either to make new friends. But how did you make friends? While he had friends, very few at that, they were forced upon him by Celestia... so how did one go about making strangers friends? These aren't people who were used to his jokes or turned a blind eye toward his pranks. Stretching out his back, dragon leg he would bemusedly scratch his chin. After a moment or two he allowed his flexible body to unwind so he was sat back on his haunches. Folding his long ears back he narrowed his eyes. He thought long and hard on this conundrum and, no matter how he played with the idea, it came to one conclusion: the only reason he became friends with Fluttershy and the others was because he pulled pranks and caused a bit of mischief. So -- what was the harm in having a little fun?

"Ooooh, I've had a wonderfully fantastical idea~!" He chuckled. Spreading his wings the troublemaking spirit hopped up and down before trotting off awkwardly, though it could be better described as ambling with his awkwardly set legs. "Ha! It will be the funnest game yet!" He cantored off, red tail lashing behind him.

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