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 Professor Comet Application

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PostSubject: Professor Comet Application   Professor Comet Application Icon_minitimeThu Jun 05, 2014 12:14 am

Name: Comet Crash, Professor

Furcadia Name:  Professor Comet

Name of alts we may know you as: Lyra L. Heartstrings

Why do you want this character?: As my first OC from back in 2010, she has been developed the most out of all my OCs, for the most part. I have garnered a larger amount of experience roleplaying as her character type during these four years of her existence.

How often are you online?: All throughout May through August, and most weekends.

Gender:  Female.

Species: Pegasus.

Cutie Mark: A cyan comet with a yellow core. Appears to be arcing lightning. Reference here, colors may vary:

Generation: Generation 4. occasional G1 references.

Special Somepony: Comet has little time for romance.

Pet: "Archie", a domesticated strawberry fruit bat.

Residence: Canterlot.

Workplace: She is the Professor of General Engineering and Localized Weather Maintenance at the Canterlot University. Invents and develops devices on the side.

Occupation: Professor.

Short Introduction: Comet has a low tolerance for mocking her only-basic flight skills, and an even worse tolerance for flirtation or prejudice.

Backstory: (Pasted from PonySquare. References to time travel will be absent from Furc role-play upon request.) Her mother and father were Berry May and Circuit Crash respectively. She grew up with them and her twin brother, Helix Crash, constantly in a sibling rivalry due to the twins' engineering skills. Comet was often poked fun of for a genetic defect in her wings known as Canton's Feather, which caused the split ends of her wing bones to rub together and stunt her ability to fly. How she was to perfect this, she wasn't sure. One day, a close friend of her mother's, by the name of Punnett Laminin, met the filly when she run away from school after being picked on one too many times. Punnett presented himself as a Professor of Biology, prompting Comet to seek his help with her wings. With a bit of adjusting and practice, Comet used the split wing bones to produce sparks of electricity via friction and static(or reflexive pegasus magic, as also assumed). Once honed, this earned her a cutie mark and a best friend. Years went by and the filly had grown into a mare, having learned how to keep her wings from locking up and using her generator-esque abilities to power machinery and hold down a career in engineering. Punnett, on the other hand, had perfected a time machine and years later shared its secret with Comet, now a highly-esteemed Professor of Engineering and Weather Machinery.

Appearance: She is taller and somewhat brawnier than most mares, contrasting with her gangly build as a teen(please note, she is now around 28 years of age, if ponies age like humans). Her wing shape when folded is angled like an alicorn's, but is slender with long pinions like a bird, when opened. Her mane and tail are a bright, strawberry red with a heavily curly consistency. Her eyes are also red, but a bit duller. Her fur is a light ash grey, contrasting against the blueish glasses and dull green dress suit she typically wears. Her hooves are slightly unshorn like a draft horse or musclebound pony.

Personality: While a bit rough around the edges, Comet exhibits a sense of friendship her mother reflected as a filly. She can be very outspoken, but is not shy of contemplating her next move before acting. As her students tend to note, she is nowhere near as refined as her elderly best friend, Professor Punnett. In fact, off the job (or out of earshot of faculty), she can be somewhat crude and careless about her speech mannerisms.

Job: Equestria as a whole is new to engineering, hence why Comet's partial job as a professor of Engineering is so broad and basic. She teaches the basics of machinery, but is often assigned to perform maintenance or build parts in Cloudsdale's weather factory. As a Professor of Localized Weather Maintenance, she teaches Pegasi how to manipulate the weather and operate factory machinery, since Clousdale is often very full in this department for their universities. Magically-skilled unicorns and other people 'handy enough' are also taught how to do the like, in the event that magical finesse or nimble engineering is necessary for repairs.

Equestria RP Alts: Lyra L. Heartstrings

Ref Image: Professor Comet Application Dw2maf

Sample Post: (Posted from PS. Slight name tweaking to avoid canon conflict.)
Off in the same store stood Comet, her eyes focused on the pharmacy section, specifically for mild off-the-shelf painkillers. She heard all the commotion over at the register as she snatched a bottle off the shelf, rolling her eyes at Time Turner's behavior. Both her ears were perked in addition to the partially mechanical wing (whereas the other was tethered to her side). With a look combining contempt and brief amusement, she yanked him off to the side, but held his place in line.

"Turner, pigs are 'people'. They're not capable of speech, usually, but they can perform a lot of 'people' tasks. Of course no one makes food out of them. You can /get/ fake bacon that tastes like the real stuff, but you have to seriously quit asking for 'pig' or 'pork' in the same context. The closest thing to meat that's sold and consumed by everyone around the world is fish," she explained, eyes shortly drifting over to the scale.

"Forty bits and an attempt to use a slab of Kaeserium. Nice try, though Kaeserium won't form for another couple thousand years, the wizards say," snarked Comet as she passed him around fifty more bits. "Buy your toaster and some crispy not-people bacon, alright? You're holding up the line."

She winked at him once and made her way to the back of the line with her basket of pizza rolls and painkiller tablets.
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Professor Comet Application
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