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 Gallantry OC Application

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PostSubject: Gallantry OC Application   Gallantry OC Application Icon_minitimeMon Feb 10, 2014 8:59 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Gallantry

Alias/Nickname: Sparky    

Name of alts we may know you as: Galantry

Why do you want this character?: gallantry is the pony that first came to me as my own, I may have had other ideas for OC's, but Gallantry has always stayed with me for the now multiple years that I have been into My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. He has always provided me with a source of passion for the show and community, and for himself. Not only has he been my OC, he is his own person as well. He shares his own stories and tells me about his own nation as much as I make it myself. Gallantry has become one of those characters that has come into a life of their own and I would not trade him for the chance to play any main cannon character even.

How often are you online?: I am on a couple times during the week, but often am busy on weekends.

Gender:  Male

Species: Alicorn

Age: A couple millennium.

Cutie Mark: Two raindrops and a lightening bolt. Pic:

Generation: Generation Four, Friendship is magic

Special Somepony: Not currently.

Pet: Not currently.

Residence: Nevermane: A country of pegasi and griffons that manage the weather of the oceans of the world.

Workplace: Works all over the world as his position demands he keep up and coordinate with all nations that he can, however, he mostly is found in Nevermane over the oceans of the world.

Occupation: Ruler of Nevermane, Prince Gallantry, Alicorn of Weather.

Short Introduction: I would want you to know that Gallantry is a very noble pony that sees himself as a ruler by necessity, but prefers to able to work with any pony as if he were just any random pony out there. he knows how to be a neutral force, but will stick up for ponies and step in where he can to help in situations that someone should stick up in. Though he may be an alicorn, that is not what defines him, it only helps him better help and care for those he wants to.

Backstory: You say, Gallantry is a male unicorn that wroks directly with the weather of the world, and helps to organize it across many nations. He has lead the nation of Nevermane for a couple thousand years now, a country of pegasi and griffons that handle the weather over the oceans of the world and work with many nations and especially coastline towns and cities to co-ordinate weather patterns as all weather, especially the large scale weather, eventually travels over the oceans. There are many islands that have joined Nevermane over time both for neccessity to keep their weather in tact and have a say in it, and to be connected to the greater world as a whole. So there are all sorts of ponies and races apart of Nevermane, including things like sea serpents and ocean creatures that work with Nevermane to keep ocean currents, and the ocean weather, in sync. Of those, Gallantry's mother was apart of the islands that joined Nevermane long ago. She was a zebra from the Shellfeather tribe, named after their close relationship to both the sea, and the griffons that they shared the island with. Gallantry's father was an Alicorn as well, the previous ruler of Nevermane, and previous tendent to the world's weather. Though Gallantry was born and had many a wonderful time with his parents, they eventually mysteriously disappeared into a far corner of the world and have yet to be seen again. Although he has searched for them all through his travels and has never quite given up on them Gallantry grew into his role as a Ruler and Weather Tendent very quickly. He has been traveling across the world and Equestria constantly and has seen and heard many things. He meets with Celestia, and Luna now and then, and knew them both before Luna was banished to the moon. He was never a mentor to them, rather another alicorn responsible for helping the world work and caring for other ponies. In this, he is both widely known and not known. Not being a major figurehead in many ponies lives since his work is done closely over the oceans and coastlines mostly many of those on the coast have seen or worked with him and his nation but, those inland do not quite have a huge reason to know of him besides those personally responsible for the weather as they still have to work with Nevermane and Gallantry to make sure the ocean's weather, and the continental weather, never clash to hard and to gauge how much rainfall from the ocean comes inland, how far and wide natural disasters need to be made, etc.

Apearance: A muscled stallion, but a friendly one, whom just so happens to be an alicorn with some odd, but perhaps fun, traits and colors. His fur is a mixture of a lovely light blue and a perfect snow white stripes zig-zagging their way all over him. His mane all falls to one side, a mixture of violet and crimson, while his tail is long and has a wild flare to it. His huge, regal, and utterly expansive wings are very neatly preened and cared for. Odder still, he has three horns upon his head instead of the usual one, all the same blue as his fur. However, he always has a warm smile on muzzle to greet others. On each leg is a golden bracelet, with a sapphire in the middle that matches the blue of his body perfectly, signifying his royalty.

Personality: Gallantry's personality is embodied almost in full by his name. Thought he is a ruler he is humble of that aspect of himself and does not make it his identity. Rather than flaunt it, he acknowledges and uses it when necessary, but prefers to work with ponies as if he were just another random pony out in the world. He embodies a more neutral standpoint on the world as he has to work with so many different nations as the alicorn of weather. There are many times and things that he finds in his travels and duties as a ruler that he rather dislikes and rather loves. However, he is capable of seeing the larger picture of situations and will do things that many could consider both good, or bad, depending on one's point of view. In that, he fits the ideal of Gallantry. To keep oneself to a reasonable person, working for and helping others, but being able to handle making hard choices when it comes to safety or health of many. In situations that he can help he will try to, from large political matters to some pony on the road having their cart break and Gallantry flying not only the pony but their goods to where the pony needs to go. Though he is capable of what some many consider poor moral choices, he shoulders the burden that comes with those choices without complaint when making the 'good' choice might get ponies killed, or their bad situations made even worse. He will help where he can, but not try to force his hoof if waiting a bit longer can help out many more.

Job: Ruler of Nevermane and alicorn responsible for tending to the world's global weather system while being mainly focused upon the oceanic weather systems. He travel over the entire world to organize the wider world weather with as many nations as he can because they all eventually connect and cross over the oceans. Also, he tends to and takes care of his own people of Nevermane, along with the many individual oceanic islands and some coastlines that have joined the nation over time. He is as much a diplomat as he is ruler, and weatherpony.

Equestria RP Alts: None currently.

Ref Image:

Sample Post: The large flowing wings of Gallantry beat at the air in an audible signal of his coming. Heading to the ledge of one of the many grand towers of the Canterlot palace he touched down with a grace of royalty and an expression of noble reservation. However, upon the touch of his hooves to the marbled floor and furling of his wings with a soft rustle of their feather he immediately returned the bow that the palace guards were giving to him. It was not a surprising action anymore as these guards were used to meeting Gallantry. Rather it was an accepted and elegant acknowledgement of respect to one another for their respective duties. Upon raising himself back up to a full standing posture his noble, clear, but humble voice came out to the guards, "Thank you for the escort once again my friends, it is a pleasure to see you both in good health once more." The guards gave him both a big smile and proceeded to have quite the normal conversation with Gallantry as they lead him through the many halls of the palace towards his meeting with the Princess of the Night, Princess Luna. They treated him with the respect that they would give to a guard captain, but also the sense of familiarity that normally came with that respect for Gallantry did his best to promote it as much as he could. When finally it came time to enter the quarters of Princess Luna and his name was announced, he was bowing before the doors even opened up, his voice having the formal touch of royalty, but also, the warmth that came with being a friend having not seen another friend in a long while, "Good evening Princess Luna, thank you for seeing an old weather pony again. Your night was beautiful to fly under, as it always has been."

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Gallantry OC Application
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