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 Applebreeze application

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PostSubject: Applebreeze application   Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:56 am

Full (furcadia) Name: Applebreeze

Alias/Nickname: Apple/Breezy

Name of alts we may know you as: Applebreeze is the only one.

Why do you want this character?: Well, I think that AB is my most developed character, and I'd also like to switch roleplaying dreams.

How often are you online?: Usually everyday, or once every couple of days if I'm busy.

Gender: Female both IC and OOC

Species: Unicorn Pony

Age: 18

Cutie Mark: A vintage perfume bottle shaped like an apple.

Generation: G4

Special Somepony: No special somepony.

Pet: No pets.

Residence: Hoofington

Workplace: Works at her fragrance shop in Hoofington.

Occupation: She creates perfumes using the scents of different fruits and spices.

Short Introduction: Applebreeze is a quiet, but friendly mare. She enjoys nature, especially trees and flowers, and can often be spotted strolling around in a park. She usually doesn't start any conversations, but if when ponies talk to her, she comes off as talkative and friendly. She also spends a lot of time practicing her trademark spell, the ability to convert scents into real, tangible perfume.

Backstory: Applebreeze lived on a farm in Appleloosa with her mother, a high class Canterlot Unicorn, and her father, a hardworking Apple Family Earth pony. Though she had Apple Family genes in her, she lacked the Earth Pony magic that allowed her to buck the apples off trees. This garnered weird looks from her peers, until one day she caught a whiff of a ripe apple, which caused her horn to glow and turn the scent into liquid. Her cutie appeared. In her teenage years, a pony named Petal Blossom took her in as in apprentice to further train her skills. Soon after, Petal Blossom left for a bigger business, and left Applebreeze her shop.

Applebreeze is the size of a regular Equestrian mare, with a cream colored coat and tangerine eyes. She has a crimpy light red and orange mane and tail.

Good Traits - Kind, Patient, Doesn't judge anypony
Bad Traits - Hesitant, Bad judge of character, Fussy, Can be vain at times

Job: Applebreeze works at a small shop in Hoofington selling her own fragrances.

Equestria RP Alts: Just Applebreeze

Ref Image:

Sample Post: Applebreeze let out a small sigh as the sparkling orange magic in her horn let out. "Just why can't I do this!? It's just a simple conversion spell!" She groaned, her frustration blooming in her cheeks.
The mare had been working hard and long on grasping the scent of a small grape, but every single time it had eluded her magic. What could it possibly be? She knew the spell inside and out. Her mentor had taught her everything, and she was living the high life in Canterlot! Applebreeze picked up her old dusty textbook and planted it on the table with a loud 'thud!'. She flipped the pages over and over until she finally reached the page of the spell. As she scanned the page, she sighed in relief. She had finally found her solution. She closed the old, dusty book, and placed it back on the shelf. Then, she turned back to her workspace, and finally finished up her creation.
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Applebreeze application
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