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 1/6/16; Interrupted Night

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PostSubject: 1/6/16; Interrupted Night   1/6/16; Interrupted Night Icon_minitimeWed Jan 06, 2016 8:01 am

Silver Key found himself a somewhat quaint little veranda cafe to sit at to pass the time. Before the somewhat scrawny unicorn lay several papers; many of which outlined items he'd need for his current 'project'... He intended to take a proposal to the castle within the next few days to purchase a nice spot currently occupied by condemned structures in order to build an.. orphanage or perhaps a bakery. Treats would be nice... Nothing wrong with that, aye? But he had further plans for the building. A few secret rooms, a tunnel crafted by a few well paid diamond dog contractors. Who would really suspect something so innocent? Nopony, he liked to think! He wasn't married to the idea, though. Ah, yes.... The 'spice trade' was working out lovely. There was just a matter of expanding operations.

Discord Draconequus was scoping out Canterlot for his secret party-que. Why wouldn't he occasionally take time out his busy schedule to look around his old kingdom? Floating over the skyline the serpentine body of the spirit lazed like a tarp in the wind. His forearms were folded behind his head, his neck snuggly wrapped by a scarf. His hind legs set leisurely crossed, tail coiled around his ward: the small, ruby colored egg. He felt a yawn ripple through his body, the occasional gasping mare on her balcony or surprised pony who lost a flowerpot to the lazy spirit's hanging wings. It was downright boring today! Pah, typical tuesday, but it needed to be -- livened up somehow.

Silver Key was in the middle of reading a letter from his 'contractors' whenever he caught sight of something. A shadow in the road from above that looked... nothing like a regular pony. He leaned out from the veranda discretely and looked upward. And that was when he caught sight of the floating and, he could only assume, rather bored draconequus! Any time the creature was sitting 'still' it was only a matter of time before all sorts of mayhem erupted. Every one of his papers instantly vanished with a flash as he placed several bits down on the check and stood from the table. Perhaps he'd head for the other side of town... Or... Perhaps the castle? No, he wasn't ready to put forth the pitch to build. Besides, it was Night Court now... The sun princess was the one that was far more trusting... Perhaps he could take a night trip to Ponyville to escape for a night? He just picked a direction and began to walk, slipping into the first side alley he came across.

Discord Draconequus has what one could only call a brilliant draconequus idea. Since it was such a boring evening... and ponies were either in bed or quietly enjoying the night with a loved one, why not get an early start. His ears flickered as he turned an eye town toward the streets. Not many noticed him and those that did clumsily sought to escape. He leaned his elbow on a wayward cloud that seemed to gradually grow beneath his belly until the monster was perfectly perched pon the precious, porking cloud. The dark nimbus writhed as the spirit chuckled with amusement. His face would rast in his paw while his claw spread out. "Ah, what a lovely day~" Reaching up his claw appeared to slam into existence itself and latch on. He pulled down and with a grunt the moon was sent crashing down and up came the sun. Man if chickens weren't crowing already there was surely some dogs barking and ponies wailing as the morning sun consumed them. Nothing was more fun than watching the guards of the Night and Day courts scramble for their posts.

Silver Key was immediately relieved he didn't decide to go home and go to bed early... The sun coming through his window would have been the most... insufferable wake up call imaginable! His eyebrow twitched and the lanky stallion looked up at the cloud that the Draconequus was now standing on. "Put the bloody sun back down! It's too bright!" he'd yell up at the cloud as he shook a hoof! He already felt the beginnings of a headache now... Ugh...His eyes hurt... Perhaps staying inside and coming out mostly at night wasn't such a good idea...

Discord Draconequus curled his tail up upon the out-of-place cloud, his ear flickering back at the aggressive slurs ponies neighed out in protest. His paw lay flat against its surface while his bearded chin moved to rest in his claws. "No, something is missing..." But what? A bright, sunny night with the stars glared out by the sun.... angry, sleepless ponies... His back hoof tapped against the cloud's surface, shaking it a bit. Arching a brow he patted it again, the cloud chiming softly. Both ears would swivel forward as his face pulled up into the most troubling grin. Cocking his head, long neck curling back he moved his dragon's hind to scratch at his back, patting the cloud rapidly. Chiming and ringing until it started to rain ice creme sandwiches from his lofty, fluffy, throne.

Princess Luna. There had been little going on in the Court of Night when it happened. The throne room doors closed behind a pony who Luna had just helped when she felt a twinge, and bright light flooded through the stained glass windows. What.. ? She quickly stepped off of the throne to peer through one of the windows to behold.. day; however discolored it was by the stained glass. How could that be? Scarcely had the thought crossed through her mind before she realized: Discord. He'd been causing so much trouble as of late. Luna huffed and strode through the castle halls and out into the courtyard, her horn flaring with magic to set the moon back in its appointed place. If she could. Then she would find Discord, which wouldn't be too difficult.

Silver Key was staring up at the cloud as it suddenly began to... rain? Before he could even move he was suddenly hit in the face with an... ice cream sandwich. The offending treat was removed and he hesitated for a moment. How could he even think about wasting such a thing, yes? The unicorn took a bite form the treat while he got an idea.... He seized a few more in his aura and - returned fire! He used his magic to throw the 'captured' sandwiches back up at the cloud! Maybe he'd hit that crazy chaos menace....In the mean time he collected a few more sandwiches for later.

Discord Draconequus's ears pricked as he pulled his tail up, moving the egg almost beneath him as his rump arched up, majestically evading the ice creme sandwich. "Who dares challenge a king on his throne?!" The spirit bellowed with a blast of thunder, that sounded very much like a rubber ducky being squeezed to its end. He released the flattened duckie from his claw and sat up, a loose fitting army helmet falling over his eyes. "This means war son." He pulled what appeared to be a bazooka onto his shoulder and with the clumsy deft one with barely opposable thumbs could muster would fire what appeared to be a ice creme cherry as big as the equus-mash-up's head! "Syrup in the hole!"

Princess Luna found lowering the sun a little difficult. Celestia had experience and capability to handle both celestial bodies.. but Luna did not. Once she forced the sun down below the horizon, she brought the moon.. for the second time that night. She didn't spare the time to watch the stars wink back into silvery existence again and turned her attention to one of the guard that came rushing up. He seemed a little out of sorts, but she got the information that she needed. Luna leaped into the air at once and flew towards town, where it was not difficult to spy the low-lying cloud.. with a certain serpentine form on top. "Discord! What is the meaning of this?"

Silver Key flicked an ear as he heard Discord bellow above. "If it's a war you want, its a war you'll get!" he yelled back as several more ice-cream sandwiches were sacrificed to the cause of being thrown at the errant Draconequus! However he was taken by surprise whenever some... cylinder thing was pointed at him and then.... oh wait, is that something like a cannon ~boom~! Oooooh no... Silver dove into a nearby trash can only for the ice cream projectile to seemingly turn and follow him in! Amusingly enough... the trash can exploded with ice-cream....Leaving Silver Key almost akin to a snow-pony... Ice-cream pony? The irate noble let out a huff and brushed himself off as best he could and looked up... Oooooh that's not good ~ Luna was here!... He thus tried to slip away!

Discord Draconequus dropped the bazooka, letting it vanish. "Princess~fancy meeting you here on such a cozy evening." He glanced away, paws shrugging in the air nonchalantly as his egg was rest between his legs like a mother hen. "I was just taking little Eggbert here for a walk and -- well just got hit by a sudden storm." Said the draconequus on the cloud, burping up ice creme sandwiches... He coughed into his gloved paw. "What can I do you for princess? It's been days since we've talked." He was really just pushing it sometimes but it didn't seem too much of a harmful prank. "Ice creme?" He offered with a wide grin. Now where did that snooty pony go? He had sprinkles to add to that sundae whinny of his~

Princess Luna slowed her incoming flight to a hover near the draconequus's cloud while a pony below vacated the area, now that the princess had come to the rescue. She quirked an eyebrow and frowned when Discord acted so casually, despite the fact that he had just been seen dropping a giant cannon. She knew he was just trying to rouse her anger, and had known it for a while. "Indeed, a pleasant evening harass the ponies of Canterlot, a pleasant evening to tear my moon from its sky!" The moonbringer let her anger flare out anyway before she changed tact, turning herself in midair with her wings to cross her forelegs. "How could you do such a thing?"

Bygone Specter found himself coming upon quite the scene as he brushed past a blue pony that was... covered in ice-cream and muttering something about deranged draconequuses. He took one step out onto the road and blinked... Then his eyes all but bugged out. Ice cream sandwiches... everywhere! Somehow he was sporting his own little army helmet while his little wooden 'sidekicks' had their own! He dove onto the pile of treats and cackled delightedly. "Mine... Miiiine! So much dear ice-cream hath fallest from the dearest sky! Come my minions, to collect all the ice-cream!" he smiled as he hopped about and tossed the still falling ice-cream sandwiches into his hat, completely oblivious to the strife up above between Luna and Discord... For now, there was more important things to the foal such as the extremely large amount of dessert... An evening snack?

Discord Draconequus bit down into the crabby princess refused. With a munchy mouth full of ice cremey treats he shrugged. "Far be it for me to question your intelligence princess but I couldn't possibly explain to you the finer details of celestial magic. Let me tell you it is not a simple twisting of words that's for sure!" As if the princess of the Moon did not know how to move celestial bodies. That aside... "I was merely being considerate for the ponies who had missed out on the days. They always seem sooo busy working that all the day just slipped them by~" he cooed. "I mean it is not as if many ponies can see where they walk at night." Another bonus when streetlamps 'inexplicably' shut off. Whoops. "But my~! Dear princess out on a midnight stroll?" Discord vanished only to slither up beside her. "Perhaps you need an escort?" He wiggled his arm around her shoulder, his won wings flapping to keep him airborn as 'eggbert' just sort of say wrapped in his tail. Bygone would find all the yummy sammiches had crunchy bits in them. Nothing but to tackle a man for a klondike bar for sure.

Princess Luna opened one eye to peek out at Discord while he went on about 'the finer details of 'celestial magic.' "The moon provides enough light to see by, as do the stars, far more soothing than the sun. You are being most inconsiderate by interrupting their rest, and my precious night." She didn't need to fake much of a tone of upset, but she tried to keep her anger out of it. It was her turn to try to toy with him, after all, he was usually the one toying with others! Luna turned her head as he moved next to her in the air and slipped an arm around her shoulders. She peered at him out of the corner of her eye, frowning faintly. "A stroll doth sound pleasant.. Alas, such trouble as this keeps me most busy!"

Bygone Specter looked up a the cloud.... Okay ~ So he knew about Discord being up there.... He could feel the chaos from down here! Sadly he didn't know about Luna being up there to! "Dissy! I've been practicing for that super duper cookout with the chickens! B-But I don't think I can play Lunaaaaa. I'm not blue enough and she's too tall! A-and an a-a-aalicorn" he called up with a fierce twitch of an eyebrow as the shadow of a night-flying pegasus made him jump a few feet. Now that he was off of his ice-cream high he was back to 'somewhat' normal... Which meant that he was still somewhat 'terrorized'. Several hours of unfettered terror magic being poured into his skull made Bygone well... Who knows! Technically it was dark magic after all so the effects were long lasting. He had to check himself every so often to calm down! "Oh! And I don't wanna go breaking into castles anymore... Please, Mister Dissy! He also seemed to have dropped the more familiar tone for something more... hesitant? Perhaps Bygone was going to be a bit scared of 'Dissy' now? He was the only creature he knew of that could execute a prank like the alicorn one! W-Which was something akin to his worst nightmare and all that! No hard feelings, right?

Discord Draconequus felt the distinct feeling of being weighed down by stone. He knew what it was like to be turned to stone. This was that chill riiiiight before that happened. The cloud of ice creme sammiches dissipated as the draconequus sloooowly pulled his arm toward his chest, legs curling up like a puppy having been caught eating out the refuse. His ears folded back as he held a serious tone. "Remind me Bygone to explain to you what subterfuge means, later. I think I have failed as a brother in teaching you the finer art of secrecy." He quickly zipped backwards. "Now before you jump to conclusions Luna...I wasn't going to body snatch you. That didn't work out so well last time." There was a last time, or was that a dream induced by a cupcake overdose? Well leave that for later. "But also remember that foals have wild imaginations and dreams do come true at night so don't ruin his wonderful dream..." Slowly he sunk down to sit by the foal and knocked his hat over his eyes. "He's just confused."

Princess Luna waited to see how Discord would respond to her that time, and blinked when she heard Bygone's voice drift up from below. Oh, he was here! But she was starting to get a bad feeling the longer the little colt talked, and what Discord tried to reassure her of afterwards didn't make her feel much better. She let the silence stretch out after Discord withdrew from her, trying to cover things up as he did. She slowly let herself flutter back down to the flat cobbles of the street to join them, unfolding her forelegs to let all four hooves meet the ground. "I am afraid I am a little confused.." Luna began, and calmly. Uh oh. "What is all of this about a 'cookout' and 'body snatching' and 'breaking into castles'? Playing as me? You two have some explaining to do."

Bygone Specter looked up at the cloud as it disappeared and then caught sight of Discord and then... the silhouette of an alicorn in the night sky! Of course because Luna was still up there he didn't get such a good look and he locked right up even as Discord descended and knocked his hat over his eyes. That action snapped him out of it and he visibly flinched. Was it another alicorn!? They were back to get him again! His pupils had already shrunk down to pinpricks and he let out a shaky giggle. "N-NO... Alicorns won't get me! N-n-no they won't! Alicorn everywhere! Hiding, gonna blow me up! Chop me into little bits and throw me to the spiders! Giant spiders in castles guarding boxes! D-Demon spiders with cousins that have a-acid saliva...Alicorn just wanna kill everypony that isn't a p-pony yes... Nopony to help, nopony to flee from... E-everywhere!" The fact that it was actually 'Miss Luna' was right over his head as far gone as he was. Then again with all the dark magic residue in his head from the geas it didn't matter if she was familiar or not... When he looked at her the terror 'laughed' and he was outright paralyzed while shaking profusely. ~ He broke out into a cold sweat and levitated his hat from his head. M-maybe if he used all of his marbles... he could get away? And run far - far away! Y-yes... that was the only way! Dissy wasn't going to help him! Nopony was! The p-pony from the lab was right!

Discord Draconequus leaned away from Bygone. "See? The foal's gone mad." Shifty glace. "He's just a little panicked, nerves nerves. He has it in his head you want to eat him." Yes no easy way to get out of trouble is to play the insanity card -- or at least someone else's insanity. "Princess, do you think I would go to all that trouble when I could simply just oh, I don't know turn the castle into a cake?" Where did that giant cherry go? He slithered up besides Luna and leaned against her. "Besides I have been eggsitting Eggbert for a while. I can't really do any heavy duty pranking, so I have to get by on ice creme sandwiches and waking up half of Canterlot." Wide grin, batting eyelashes. Added halo for effect.

Princess Luna was evidently not going to get an explanation. The colt was on a panicked ramble about.. quite a lot of questionable things; but what was most worrying was how he freaked out upon laying eyes on her. He was normally fine around her, her most of all! Her horn lit up as she cast Discord a single glance of disappointment, something she hoped would convey everything she could say about this situation, and took a hesitant step towards Bygone. "Everything will be fine, Bygone. It is I, Princess Luna, remember? No harm shall come to you, please, take a deep breath." Luna hoped to calm him down.. and if he didn't, she might ultimately have to use a spell to make him fall asleep. Whatever had happened to him had made the geas act at its worst. If she could only find information on it, it could be dealt with- but if she didn't? She just might have to attempt something.

Bygone Specter had a brief look of recognition flick across his face before his eyes screwed shut and he let out another whimper, hit hat dropping to the ground with a thud. "A-alicorn e-everywhere, miss Luna! E-everywhere I look I see one... E-Every shadow might be another!" If she'd got the note from the little Daring Do figure about the 'prank' the day before she'd likely have an inkling just what had caused the geas to get so out of hand so fast thanks to that line! The only thing she wouldn't know was that he'd been affected to! Any magical scans would easily show just how much of the foul magic was in his head. Likely enough to cause mild brain damage if it persisted! Not that he really needed a brain! The chaos would make sure 'something' stayed! The quaking foal was starting to quickly break out into sniffles right then and there as he kept his eyes screwed shut in every attempt to block out the outside world!

Discord Draconequus seemed taken aback more so by the lack of scolding and that look. It wasn't a look he really recognized. One needed a mother for that sort of thing really. His foreclaws moved to his chest, pressing into his feathers. So maybe the prank wasn't that funny to Bygone, but it was amusing. He really didn't think it freaked the foal out to the point of insanity. " don't think I did something to --- trouble Bygone." He couldn't even bring himself to say 'hurt'. It was never his intention. "I mean he's just a bit strange from all those ice creme sandwiches, right?" He slowly padded forward, inching as he wasn't really sure why By was being weirder than usual. "Just a harmless joke." It always was.

Princess Luna. It came as some relief to her when Bygone showed some recognition. He knew who she was, but it wasn't just her he was afraid of- or perhaps it wasn't her he was afraid of at all. He was seeing things, alicorns, that weren't actually there. Hrm.. Her brow furrowed in thought. She had gotten a letter from one of Bygone's little figurines that mentioned something about alicorns.. ? Alicorn foals? She'd been half asleep when she woke and found it. Discord's worried mumble jogged her memory a long and she glanced at him, finally deigning to speak. "Yes, and no, it is not the ice cream. He has a geas, something implanted in him by those who used to experiment on him. It makes him fear alicorns. It does seem to be something you may have inadvertently triggered." Luna frowned and knelt down in front of Bygone, horn still alight, and washed her magic over him. Was there anything she could do to even lessen it for now?

Bygone Specter initially pulled away, but then he remembered that the presence was Miss Luna... He was about to say something different whenever the magic washed over. He let out a bit of a whimper but that was it as the little changeling in disguise latched onto Luna's leg and just shook. The magic that she was  washing over him was also rather comforting! The dark magic of the geas reacted negatively to alicorn magic, but the magic he was 'absorbing' was acting as a buffer to...Soften the blow more than it was making things worse. So... Both good and bad!

Discord Draconequus looked between Bygone and Luna. Though he was an ancient being, in terms of age, there was much in the world that -- he choose not to pay heed to. It was easy when you had your own realm and had a circle of minions to hassle. He sunk down to all fours, his back arched as he rest on his haunches. Equine ears folded back as his brows furrowed. "I don't understand what you mean." He said, reflecting the accusation, but he very well did understand. Beings like Tirek were not in their rarity. There were creatures that went a step further than simple subjugation. But subjugation was easy. It was without guilt. 'At least I never did that,' one could always be permitted to stay. His soft lion's paw reached out to pet Bygone's back. Bygone was just a foal though. "I mean, who would do that to a foal?" Though his voice was dismissive there was a distinct crack in the back of his throat that broke though his disregarding visage.

Princess Luna attempted to use a spell to scan the changeling colt in hopes of finding something she could deal with, but he latched on to her leg and she fumbled it. Her magic winked out for a moment, but she activated it again to attempt it again. One of her ears twitched towards Discord, at what she was sure was another denial. Was it even possible to trust anything he said? Well.. maybe sometimes. He seemed quite naive about what ponies would, and could, do. "A monster." Luna answered simply, and it was true; whoever it'd been who experimented on Bygone was no pony.

Bygone Specter breathed in and shakily exhaled... He felt the alicorn's magic wink out for a moment and stiffened only for the magic to be returned and he let out a quiet sigh of relief. The buffer was back! " 'M...S-sorrry.. " would be all he'd manage to get out as the little changeling just closed his eyes. Inwardly he felt terrible about coming apart at the seams like this! Perhaps even a little shamed that he wasn't able to hold the geas down like he was supposed to! He didn't like to trouble anypony, much less his friends, yet here he was troubling Miss Luna and Dissy both with his unstable head! Mind magic is such a fickle thing....

Discord Draconequus paused in his stroking of Bygone's back at the word monster. His paw pulled back and rest on the ground, his toes wiggling against the cold stone. "I see." He chirped sharply, biting back the offense. She didn't direct it toward him, but still. Sticks and stones hardly did damage in comparison to wordsmithing. Tucking himself so he sat with a tight posture the draconequus turned his head away. Had tried to use his touch to draw some of that strange energy away but he had a tummy ache. From all those ice creme sandwiches, of course. "Look I was only having a little fun. We wanted to have a party -- I mean every time they have a party in Ponyville you leave with more friends than you did enemies." At least that had been the logic behind it. Pinkie was a lot better at this party thing than him. He sulked, sulky draconequus.

Princess Luna frowned down at the little unicorn on her foreleg while he struggled to steady himself, and the stuttered apology drew an expression of sympathy. "Do not apologize." The princess murmured and cast her spell just as Discord withdrew his paw. What the spell fed back to her were hints of dark magic, among other things. Was this the geas? It felt like a little woven mesh of spells, with one invoking fear resonating the strongest. This knowledge seemed to simplify things, and gave Luna something to think about. While she considered it, she looked up at Discord when he made clear what it was they were trying to do. ".. I am sure you can still have your party. You only need to ask and arrange it without all of.. that."

Bygone Specter simply remained where he was and jerkily nodded. He could stay quiet, yes he could! The 'buffer' between the terror and his conscious mind was making the hours catch up to him fairly quickly, though... It hadn't allowed him to get any rest ever since the day before! Thus as his adrenaline finally had a chance to diminish the little changeling was starting to collapse right up against the alicorn! He did get out a quiet. "Told you, Dissy...." as he started to nod off!

Discord Draconequus rolled his eyes at the foal's response. As if he would admit Bygone was right! "Oh please! How could I have known that?" By asking. That aside he still seemed a bit sulky but since Bygone was making a bit more sense he felt less gui-- annoyed. Keeping his ears pinned he glanced toward the princess before snubbing his nose. "I don't need to ask permission to throw a party..." Grumble, head sulk. "But it would probably be a bit easier if a princess said we weren't trying to conquer Equestira." Pffft ponies acted like a tyrant came around that often!

Princess Luna felt the hold on her foreleg relaxing and looked down at the little colt, who seemed to be falling asleep. She could probably take him back to the infirmary and see if she couldn't undo some of those spells while he was asleep.. It was obvious this night that the geas needed to go more than ever, and she needed to try. What could some monstrous unicorn do that she couldn't undo? "You need not ask permission, per say, other than to book a location the party is to be held.. What I mean is that you could have asked with the preparations, or even alerted me. I could have assisted.. and with that said, it is sometimes wise to listen to your friends."

Discord Draconequus grumped, and grumped fantastically, but the spirit's grumpiness was broken by Luna's words. Friends? His head turned slightly toward the princess, his ruby eyes blinking. He quickly turned his head away and stared down. It was hard  to keep such a facade in his winter gear. He looked more spoopy than the terrible tyrant once feared by Equestria. He never saw the princesses as friends -- really. More like rivals. Beings to test and twist until they snapped and he was once again a victor. "DO you mean that?" He scratched at his nose. "I m..mean the party. You'd help." He couldn't bring himself to ask. It seemed too much. He didn't want to lose his rivals. It was different from his friends, wasn't it? A different relationship.

Princess Luna levitated the little foal up from the ground, and her foreleg, now that he'd completely passed out. She would hold him in her sparkling blue aura while she turned her full attention back to Discord, looking interested. It was, yet again, a time when she saw another rare glimpse past the couldn't-care-less prankster's facade Discord always put forth. "I do." Luna replied with a nod of her head. "'Tis a new year for us, after all. A party would be pleasant, one that may allow us to spend some time together. Though I do wonder about this mention of 'chickens.'"

Discord Draconequus flinched a bit when she mentioned the chickens.... Since Bygone was well enough and asleep the spirit turned to face the princess. "Oooh~ that? Well we sort of made friends with the lizard c--- cockatrice-hahaha!" He rubbed the back of his head with his paw. "Funny story about that--" he trailed off. "Anyway they're my main cooks." he flatly added. "You can't have a Barbecue without chickens after all!" At least with the new topic he could bounce away from the weird existential questions.

Princess Luna recalled what news, important information, the detective Strife had brought to her attention. Ah yes, she'd almost forgotten. Her face darkened for a moment at the recollection that it had been Discord who'd caused that bit of chaos in Canterlot a while back.. but she forced herself to relax. The dark look was dropped and she simply calmed herself with a breath. "I see. Well I am glad you have forged such a friendship with them. Such alliances can be useful when keeping the peace between races." Luna remarked and turned back towards the castle, holding Bygone ahead of her. "I should put the foal to bed, but perhaps we can have that midnight stroll so we may talk."

Discord Draconequus blinked. he was wholly expecting her to shout, scold him!  he pouted. It was no fun when she didn't ruffle! He wasn't intentionally trying to forge friendships, but it didn't seem fair the chickens got all ganged up on either.... "Hmm, well it wasn't on purpose!" He assured with a scoff. He supposed he kept up his part of the bargain in helping Twilight, but how it turned out in their favor he'll never know. "W..well here let me take him. I mean, ... a sleep -- over. Yeah. Foals always feel better after a sleep over." Hardly the sort to admit he'd feel better watching over the mini-him, he'd be specially bothered if he would wander off to the Everfree Forest in his state.

Princess Luna lifted an eyebrow at the blurted response and smiled in her amusement. It probably wasn't on purpose, knowing him, but here they were. "If you do not mind, I would prefer to keep him in the infirmary. While he is asleep, I hope to begin untangling the mess of spells that make up the geas within his mind. He will be much better without it." Luna said kindly. "You would certainly be free to stay by his side while he is there. I just do not want him coming to harm and not getting the care he needs in that regard."

Discord Draconequus snubbed his nose once more. "I guess you leave me no choice.  And they say you're the least clever princess~!" He had to hit her with a zinger, his pride demanded it! Holding his pretenses the draconequus would follow, reluctantly-ish.

Princess Luna turned her head towards him enough so that she could cast him a puzzled glance before her brow furrowed slightly. "Is that so? I cannot imagine who would say that about me." She managed to reply, attempting a tone of playfulness. She recognized his joke, oh yes. The moonbringer turned to face forward again and lead the rest of the way to the castle, and to the infirmary- a room that was becoming far too familiar. And because she ended up in them, but because those close to her did. Luna lay Bygone down on one of the prim white sheets, where he'd be comfortable until.. whenever he woke up.

Discord Draconequus quick as could be the spirit zipped under the blankets and coiled himself around Bygone making a Discord nest. The nurses may be surprised when they find that mess of coils down there but there would be no moving the spirit, his head flopping over somewhere near the foot and his tail being half -- well it was better not to try and triangulate coordinates with him around. The egg was nice and warm, and hopefully Bygone too. The spirit sure was snug!

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1/6/16; Interrupted Night
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