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 10/31/15; Nightmare Night

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PostSubject: 10/31/15; Nightmare Night   10/31/15; Nightmare Night Icon_minitimeSun Nov 08, 2015 2:33 pm

Princess Sparkle had spent the greater part of the morning preparing the castle for Nightmare Night. While for a single pony that would be quite the daunting task she had the help of both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. It did take just a little bit of convincing to get Fluttershy out of her house though. Twilight's horn lit up as she placed the spell chain upon the next window that would occasionally create the appearance of 'ghosts' gazing out of the window at passers-by. She'd spent the last few days refreshing herself upon the Nightmare Night decor, and was quite confident that the castle would be up to par! Hopefully.... With a quick shake of her head she flew to the next window, sparing a glance to Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy who were working with some fake spider webbing that she'd brought in from Manehattan. Some of the most odd things were sold there!

Rainbow Dashie: With Nightmare Night coming to Equestria, Ponyville had undergone a terrifying transformation and Rainbow Dash loved it; it was a time of  the creepy, the frightening, and a time for her to disguise herself and flit about the neighborhood, brazenly asking for free candy and scaring a few ponies along the way. What wasn't to like about that? Flitting back and forth like a hummingbird, she threw the webbing onto the castle. She pulled away to observe their work, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "I don't know... I feel like it's still missing something." Suddenly her face lit up, and she launched herself higher into the air, propelled by her wings. She came back pushing a dark, grey cirrus cloud ahead of her, finally leaving it to hover above the castle. She landed on the cloud with ease and stomped her back leg down, causing it to release several lightning bolts, effectively completing the castle's transformation into a haunted house. "Perfect!"

Fluttershi shivered as she hid under her bed; trying to ignore everything that was happening outside her little cottage walls. It was Nightmare Night...or at least tomorrow was and she just needed to wait until the day passed....if only that was possible; Fluttershy thought as she she tried to get the spider webs out of her hair from previously putting them up around the castle. Fluttershy sighed as she wished she really was back home again instead out where all these spooky things were, but Twilight showed up and offered to watch over the animals for her while she was out of town for a convention coming up; one catch she had to help Twilight with something. She sighed again if only knew this involved decorating the castle to be a scary house. She shivered as she dreaded haunted houses and whimpered slightly as she was too lost in her own fears to realize Dash took off for a moment.
Fluttershi saw a dark shadow enveloping the castle and before she could look up it happened a loud bang as lightning struck. Fluttershy jumped, "Eep!" She cried as she scurried into a near by tree and held onto the bare branches since the leaves were gone as the whole tree branch shook along with the terrified pegasus. She looked up with tears in her eyes as Dash and frowned, wasn't...very...nice Dash..." She said from the tree top.

Queen Chrysalis sighs softly as she wondered about the area in the shadows. " How is it so close to Nightmare Night and I can't find Luna anywhere " she thought to herself as she looked out of the trees every once in a bit her green eyes glowing looking like some spooky decoration or the holiday. She was watching as Dash did her lighting trick and scared poor Fluttershy " Well its odd to see that one out with all this going on.. " she thought to herself. Wondering about she found a area where some changeling hive pony decorations where at thinking to herself " Ahh yes that is where I will stand. Maybe they will not notice I am real if I am there " she slips past the trees and into the area standing behind the fake Changelings she poses with her right hoof lifted and her body in a scare stance. She opens her muzzle to show her "fangs" to complete the scary look and thinks to herself " I hope this works. Now to hope Dash and Fluttershy don't catch on and that I spot Luna before anyone knows I am here." she watches around her. Darting her eyes every once in a bit to look for the Princess.

Princess Luna didn't really want to wait for her sister to arrange their chariots for a visit to Ponyville. It was nearly Nightmare Night again, and she couldn't wait to see Ponyville in its scarily decorated splendor. The moonbringer took wing and left Canterlot behind her, reveling in the cool autumn air during her flight. It didn't take long before Ponyville was spread out below her, and Twilight's Castle a short distance further with a shadow cast upon it by a stormcloud. Luna planned to visit it on Nightmare Night itself, but for the time being.. exploration! She dipped down and landed gracefully in one of Ponyville's hardpacked dirt streets, hailing those near her before she started on her way.

Flitter Pegasus was having a horrible week as it was, Cloudchaser had gone off to Cloudsdale and she had been left behind because of her nightmare night work schedule, halfheartedly kicking at some clouds that needed clearing as she rubbed a forehoof along her eyes to clear her vision better, she needed more friends drowning back a soft sob as she flitted to the next series that needed clearing up.

Princess Sparkle just about jumped out of her own fur as Lightning crashed in the sky above. She had been concentrating on adding a thaumatic shell to the window after all! With a brief shiver to lay her fur properly down again she looked to the terrified pegasus that was clinging to a tree branch. She looked up at the cloud and sighed. "Rainbow; I know how much you enjoy the holiday but please try to remember Fluttershy is here. It was hard enough to get her out of her house in the first place!" she called up only to smile some. "Still. That cloud is perfect! Thank you" she smiled only to turn and look around Ponyville briefly. So many decorations from ghosts to changelings... wait what? She looked down at the changeling decorations and saw there was a new decoration! Curiosity possessed her and she swooped down to take a look at what was quickly identified as some sort of decoration that looked just like Chrysalis! "Wow! This decoration is almost....perfect! So life-like! If I didn't know better...nah. Hey girls! Come look at this!" she called up to her two friends. She stared at the decoration; almost imagining it moving!

Rainbow Dashie's eyes widened in realization when she heard a distinct "eek!" coming from below. She tried to find the source of the voice, quickly realizing Fluttershy had shot up a tree in terror. She scowled, unimpressed. "Stop horsing around, Fluttershy! I wasn't even trying to scare anypony yet. Besides, it's Nightmare Night. It's supposed to be scary anyway!" She  said, feeling exasperated, if not a little hopeless. If Fluttershy was scared of a little light effect, how was she going to make it through the rest of Nightmare Night? She seemed to thaw a little when Twilight berated her. "Alright, alright. I'll give some warning next time. You can come out of the tree now." She suddenly caught sight of Flitter, blinking in surprise as she gazed up at her. "Flitter? What're you doing up there? All the fun's down here!" When Twilight called her, she zipped after her through the air, stopping to gravely scrutinize the decoration. Then she shrugged. "Eh, I've honestly seen better." Everyone's a critic.

Fluttershi looked up at Dash still as her tears went away as she seemed to scold her for playing about. She pouted and her ears drooped; just then Twilight voice sounded from the opened window at the Castle. Flutter looked down and slowly inched her way down the tree as she would gingerly place her hooves back on the ground; first her hind ones then she would release her hug on the tree and return to all fours. Her wings folded back up on her back as she sighed and looked to Dash again as she called out to Flitter. Flutter's attention went from Dash to Flitter and she smiled warmly at her and thought about calling out to her, but thought better of it as she probably wouldn't hear her being so far away. Flutter ears twitched slightly as she caught Twilight words and called for her and Dash to come over. Fluttershy turned towards the direction of Twilight with a questioning expression and froze when she finished turning towards her eyes went wide and a soft eep came out; escaping her muzzle, but it was barely heard as she saw the scene of Twilight standing by changeling decorations. Fluttershy shook her head moments later and took a deep breath...they were just decorations...she told her self as she exhaled. She slowly inched her way over; nearly crawling even if they were decorations they still were kind of scary. She especially though the one tall one looked scary as it was bigger and more life like the others...and...and looked like the Queen of the Changelings...she whimpered as she approached and stood by Twilight. She reached out an hoof on her left foreleg as she reached out and touched the Changeling; poking it in the chest, before eeping and scurrying away as she hid behind Twilight and held her head on the ground with her hooves over her head as she trembled.

Queen Chrysalis watches as she see Luna walking toward the area but before she can move she was spotted by Twilight Sparkle. Watching as the three ponies move around her she thinks to herself " Don't call over the scared one.. Don't Call over the Scared one.. " she sighs softly as Fluttershy comes over and pokes her chest " This is just great I am going to give her a heart attack " she thinks to herself but Luna was getting closer and that was who she was looking for. She however holds her pose as she watches in hopes that they leave before Luna gets near where she was.

Princess Luna made sure to pay the town's festive decorations attention on her wander through the streets. Ponyville seemed to have outdone themselves this year, which made tomorrow night just that much more exciting. She couldn't help but smile at the prospect, and began to ponder what she could do tomorrow.. Although her thoughts came to a fumbling halt when she saw, up ahead, Princess Twilight and two of her friends standing around some changeling statues. Ah! Luna trotted towards them, wings held up in a stately fashion, and greeted them heartily. "A pleasure to see thee, my little ponies. I too admire what you have done to thy castle, Princess Twilight." Luna began, and paid the changeling decorations they were ogling another glance. One of them, of the Changeling Queen, seemed a little.. off, on closer inspection. Hmm. "Art thou excited for tomorrow's frights and games?"

Flitter Pegasus was shaken out of her self pity when Rainbow Dash called out to her, quickly rubbing her muzzle before bleating out. "B-but miss Dash isn't it a work da..." the cyan pegasus was gone towards her friends it seemed and she doubted if her boss had heard her, but slowly flew after the famous flier as she let herself glide down towards where they had come together.

Rainbow Dashie watched as Fluttershy hid behind Twilight's legs, then arched an eyebrow at the supposed queen Chrysalis decoration and confrontationally folded her front legs across her chest. "What're you so scared about?" She demonstratively flew up to the changeling queen and pulled her eyelids apart. "There's nooo menace in her eyes. And the teeth are all wrong." She jammed her hooves into the Queen's mouth, pulling the jaws apart to display a pair of gleaming fangs. "They need to be longer and needle-like to look even the slightest bit spooky. If it were up to me, I'd just trash it and do it all over again." Upon seeing Luna, she gently landed on the ground with a few quick flaps, briefly bowing to her before looking at her expectantly. "I've been looking forward to it all year long. I can't wait for you guys to see my Daring Do costume. I searched every market stall in Equestria to look exactly like the real deal." She turned her head towards Flitter when the Pegasus pony landed next to her and put a reassuring hoof around her. "Not today. Consider it the boss' orders."

Princess Sparkle stared at the changeling queen decoration quizzically with eyes that quickly narrowed just a bit. Breathing, and mildly reactive, decorations were not unheard of, but... did she hear a quiet sigh when Fluttershy poked her? Perhaps it was a trick of the wind? Twilight turned to look back at the now cowering pegasus and shook her head with a small smile. But then she heard Rainbow speak up again as she began to mess with the decoration. She raised a hoof to speak only to falter and place her hoof back down when Rainbow Dash pulled the jaws apart to! Thus Twilight did the only thing that seemed.... logical at that point. She brought her hoof up to her face and stifled a groan that was crossed with a laugh at what she was growing to suspect was the actual changeling queen's expense. Thankfully an opportunity for distraction arose and she took it full-heartedly "Princess Luna! I wasn't expecting you in Ponyville until tomorrow. It is good to see you!" While the scrutiny of the 'decoration' was temporarily forgotten, she did nudge Fluttershy in an attempt to get her to come out of her 'hiding spot' and perhaps even edge her a little further away from the changeling whom would probably scare her half to death if she were right. "I can only speak for myself, but I can't wait."

Fluttershi looked up towards the changeling queen decoration as she heard Dash's voice and her hooves moved to rest on the ground to the side of her. Dash suddenly started talking about how fake it was and Fluttershy kept trying to reply, " I-I...don't think you should..." She stopped as dash pulled open her jaw and Flutters eyes went wide as she saw the fangs and hid her head in her hooves once more as she didn't even wait to see Dash stick her hoof into the changeling's mouth. Fluttershy trembled, before hearing another voice it was what sounded like Princess Luna's and she was coaxed to getting up by Twilight as she ignored the laughter of before Luna came, but she did see Twilight's smile still lingering behind.
Fluttershi placed her hooves on the ground as she pushed her self up with shaking legs and she managed to stand. Her eyes explored her surroundings as she looked to Twilight and a quick glance at the changeling queen, before looking at Dash who stopped from playing with the changeling's mouth as she tried to not notice the saliva looking substance that dripped from Dash's hoof that was in her mouth as she shivered...i-it was too life like. She thought, before turning to face Luna once she noticed Dash bowing to her. Fluttershy lowered her forelegs and bowed her head, "...o-oh, hello...there...Pri-princess...L-Luna...yes t-the scary stuff the liking...of someponies I suppose...well me...I wish things didn't have to be so...well...s-so scary..." She replied, before her ears twitched slightly hearing Dash voice address yet another pony. Fluttershi turned to face Dash again and followed her eyes or well the dirrection she was facing to Flitter and she smiled lightly as she recalled that Pegsaus many times around the skies of Ponyville and the one time she even helped her build confidence in her self. She smiled and thought she was close enough to say hi to now, "...o-oh, hello...Flitter...h-how are you?" She asked, before started to walk over to her as she passed by Chrysalis even forgetting for the moment she was there.

buddersky: walks to princes luna and bow down to the princes"its a pleaser to see you in ponyville your highness i hope you enjoy it here"

Queen Chrysalis watches Luna walk up and knows that she knows shes real.. She however does not move as Dash assaults her allowing her face to go back to the way it was before dash grab on to her and put her hoof in her muzzle.. She realizes that Twilight is also on to her and it seemed Fluttershy to. She watches as the group all say they are ready for Nightmare Night. Not paying attention to poor Fluttershy as she crosses in front of her only seeing the others not looking at her and that Luna was watching her she takes a few steps out from behind the Changeling Decorations and gives a grin her fangs shine in the light " Well being everypony here is ready for Nightmare Night. How about we start it off with a real scare. " she turns to face Dash and lowers her uper body to the ground some " BOO!! " she states before she responds " Seen better huh Rainbow Dash? Eyes not menacing?? Fangs not sharp?? Seems you forgot how I look wll here is a refresher..." She looks at Fluttershy " And of all the ponies I never thought you'd be the one to poke me.. " She turns toward Twilight " And as for you Twilight Sparkle... " she stand there for a bit looking all mean and scary before giving a wink to Luna and a soft giggle. Then she does something nopony but Luna seen coming The Queen of the Changelings still facing Princess Twilight flattens her wings to look like air plane wings and bows.. Yes she bows.. " How are you Princess Twilight it is so nice to see you and your friends once again.. Did you get the gifts I left from the Changeling Emipre.. And Fluttershy I am sorry if I scared you.. Its all in the spirit of Nightmare Night I can assure you.. "

Princess Luna was a little shocked by Rainbow Dash's inspection of the.. display, and wondered how the good Queen was taking it. Nonetheless, she smiled at the cyan pegasus's eagerness for the festival. "Wonderful! I cannot wait to behold your costume, including your friends'." She replied, and spotted the pegasus that joined Rainbow of which she offered a smile and a welcoming wave. Her attention soon shifted to Twilight. "My sister and I wished to make a visit to Ponyville to see it before the fun begins tomorrow. I.. admit, I was impatient, and left early. I daresay Celestia will be arriving soon." Luna replied with a chuckle. She turned away briefly upon hearing another new voice, and spotted the pegasus stallion. "Greetings to thee, citizen. I hope to see you, too, tomorrow at Nightmare Night!" Luna replied, and turned back at Fluttershy's voice. "Worry not, dear Fluttershy! 'Tis a night of frivolities and harmless scares, no harm shall befall you." The moonbringer hoped to be reassuring but the 'decoration' of Queen Chrysalis coming to life in an attempt to scare the three Element Bearers certainly ruined that. She could only watch with an expression of amusement, and slight worry underneath- hopefully they wouldn't take it too badly. "I am glad you could finally join us." Luna teased.

Flitter Pegasus smiled back at the shy pegasus mare and trotted up to her as she approached nickering kindly. "And hello to you too Fluttershy, I've been alright but feel terribly lonely without my sister here, are you nervous about tomorrow? if you want I'll meet up with you." she bowed at Luna as she looked her way keeping her gaze down, then smiled at the yellow pegasus again. "Miss Dash said I could stop working so if you want."

Princess Sparkle nodded some, but then she went stiff as a board. Princess Celestia was also coming for a visit today?! Thus she was completely distracted and just about jumped out of her fur when the voice of Chrysalis rang out from behind. She caught herself in a hover and turned to set back on the ground once again. So she had been right! The only reason Twilight didn't recoil more than a wince at the way the changeling queen was looking all intimidating was the simple information that peace-talks were in progress between Luna and Chrysalis. Then another unexpected action threw her for a loop. Chrysalis... bowed? She could only gape just a bit before she caught up with what the changeling was now saying. Gifts? No, she hadn't received those quite yet. Pulling herself together she entered into her own bow. It was only right in a political sense. At least that is what the books on politics and foreign relations she'd poured over ever since her 'ascension' told her.
"It definitely is nice to see you again in more favorable circumstances. As to the gifts... I haven't received them quite yet. I assume they just haven't made it this far yet." she smiled only for her ear to flick as she quickly turned to look back at the castle. "My apologies, Queen Chrysalis, but I need to go check up on my assistant! I'll be right back." and with that she shot off towards the castle! She needed to check up on spike and the rest of the decor inside!

Rainbow Dashie: It felt great hearing princess Luna say that she was looking forward to seeing their costumes. Her recognition made Rainbow Dash the more eager to show it off. Her costume was so good that even the princess was going to be hard-pressed to discern her from the real Daring Do. "Relax, Fluttershy." She said, ignoring the yellow pony's barely audible protests. "It's just a lame..." When queen Chrysalis suddenly started talking, she slowly turned her head around and to her dread, saw a set of very real, very angry-looking eyes peering at her from the blackness. "...decoration?" She finished in a strangled, squeaky voice. Then the changeling queen surprised her with a loud "BOO!", causing Rainbow to involuntarily yelp and shoot into the air in shock. She blitzed away, and this time, it was her turn to hide behind Twilight's legs, leaving nothing but a rainbow-colored trail in her wake. "Uh... I mean... no offense, of course." She offered her a nervous, toothy grin. Suddenly, Queen Chrysalis' cold demeanor seemed to crack. Rainbow slowly straightened again, rubbing her eyes to make sure they weren't deceiving her and looked again. She couldn't believe what was before her eyes, but her vision still hadn't changed: queen Chrysalis was taking a bow! Jaw hung, she looked from queen Chrysalis to princess Luna, then back again, shaking her head to regain sense. "Wait, sooo... you mean you're not going to suck the joy out of our beings?"

Fluttershi smiled as she heard Flitter's question and nodded her head, "...oh...! ...t-that sounds delightful..." She beamed as she would love to spend some time with another friend for this scary holiday....She then turned back and sighed as she saw Dash still playing with the Chrysalis decoration...oh wait no she wasn't...! Wait the decoration i-it moved it totally moved! N-no...shegulped as she was frozen there as she watched the events of Dash actually letting out an eep of her owns and hiding under Twilight such as Fluttershy had done moments ago. Flutter found the strength to move her hind legs as each one took a few steps back, before bumping into Flitter which caused her to jump even more, "EEP!" She cried as she zoomed into the sky even faster looking than Dash at the time and zoomed to a near by cloud above them as she hid inside of it and the whole cloud shook from the trembling hiding pegasus. Fluttershi peeked her head out from the cloud after a little while to look down at the lot below her, " going to be up here...a-alright...?" She asked shakily as she then duck her head back into the cloud.

buddersky: looks around to understand why flutter is scared "why is she so scared i don't get it realy"

Queen Chrysalis smiles to Twilight as she bows in return. "Yes it is nice to e on better terms. " she nods to the Princess as she lets her know she is sorry but has things to do. Then turns to Dash as she asks if she was there is suck the joy out of ponies . She giggles and shakes her head " I never fed on Joy Rainbow Dash it was Love that my hive feeds on.. But now we feed on this.. " she pulls a bag of glowing green candy from her bag "This is Emotion Candy it is charged with the Emotion that we eat donated to us by Ponies like Princess Luna. To help the hive." she watches as flutter shy jets to a cloud. " Fluttershy!" She calls after her. "I mean you know Harm I was not trying to Scare you.. " she looks to Luna and frowns then sighs " I came looking for you I hoped that acting like a Decoration I'd go unnoticed but it seems I was wrong. But I know ,y alicorn form would have really gotten attention also.. " she shakes her head " May we take leave to Canterlot and talk? Maybe I can pick up the gifts and give them out myself on Nightmare Night? " she smiles " If that is ok with you and the others that I come.. "

Princess Luna was amused when Twilight seemed to stiffen at the mention of Celestia's visit, and of course the Queen of the Changelings herself bowing. Although any conversation with the new princess was cut short so that Twilight could check up on Spike. She'd barely brought up a silver-shod hoof in a wave before the lavender mare was shooting off. She was fast when she had to be, huh? Her attention was drawn back to the remaining two Elements by Rainbow's yelp- she'd been frightened by Chrysalis! Luna held a hoof up to her mouth to stifle a giggle. Fluttershy didn't seem to take the surprise much better, poor thing, and had disappeared up into a cloud. "Very well." Luna uttered and turned back to Chrysalis. "I would hate to turn my back on Ponyville so soon, but we may. I am sure my sister can keep the citizens entertained in my absence, once she arrives. You can certainly give the gifts yourself, it may reflect more highly upon you if you do it."

Celestia felt the wind whip through her iridescent mane. Cool air; the breeze was wonderful. Was a beautiful day to say the least. She glided along,. remembering the meeting spot with full clarity that her sister, Luna had described to her, knowing unfortunately, she was going to be late to the 'party'. Chuckling to herself, she mused over the fact that things should be underway just fine without her presence, I am sure Luna is handling things just fine. She thought to herself, knowing she had full confidence in her sister's abilities. She drifted along the currents, the warmth of the sun she rose upon her coat, causing her to glisten like diamonds in the sky. Little dots of figures suddenly came into view below her, the silhouette of Ponyville just beyond the gathering. Everyone had met just beyond Twilight's castle walls. She furled her pinnions and lowered into a descent, dropping towards the ground at a high rate of speed before evening out just before impact, landing on four golden hooves, "I see everyone has gathered here today." she mused, noticing the large gathering of ponies; she smiled again. It was good to see everyone getting along and friendships so bright, "So how is the planning going for the festivities?" She questioned before spotting Luna, as regal as ever and strode over to sit beside her sister, lowering on haunches, "Is everything going according to plan?" Eyes slid over the gathering before landing on something which stood out differently then the rest, catching her attention in an instant snap. Deep pinks settled on somepony who she had once considered a formar nemisis, "And how are negotiations coming with the Changeling Queen?" Her voice continued, melodious like chimes, watching as the changeling tried to seemingly integrate herself into the community.

Flitter Pegasus just now her brain came to terms with the fact she was near the vicinity of the changeling queen, eyes shrinking to pin pricks as her wings snapped tightly against her body, knees buckling as she tried to slooowly get away from the ebony chitin covered mare, looking to where Fluttershy had fled to but unable to snap her wings open for flight in the state of her shock, tears streaking her face as she gazed blankly looking for a place to hide.

Rainbow Dashie stared in awe into the bag, the glowing light coming from the candy illuminating her face. "Alright, that's cool, even by my standards." She said, apparently easily won over by the flashy-looking sweets. Suddenly, a yellow blur shot across the sky like a comet, disappearing into a puffy cloud. She knew it couldn't have been anypony but Fluttershy. Before she had time to ponder further, a new voice presented itself, and she looked on in silent surprise as Celestia joined them. She sheepishly scratched the back of her neck, suddenly feeling very small and very out of place. "Well, you guys obviously have some business to get to. Maybe I'll go and see if I can pry Fluttershy out of her hiding place... again. So, I'm off. See you all at the festival!" With that, Rainbow Dash soared up into the sky, waving goodbye.

Fluttershi poked her head back through the clouds and just caught the tail end of Rainbow Dash's streak flying by her. The force of the air currents caused the cloud to pop. ! Oh no her hiding spot was gone and what worst she seemed to of froze up completely which meant no cloud to keep her in the air so, "Ayiiiiie!" She cried out as she suddenly started to fall. She was panicking and tears filled her eyes as they closed and water trails could be seen following her as her tears were leaving the liquidy trail. Flutter suddenly opened her eyes once more as she found the strength to open her wings even though they were stiffed she managed to start flapping them a couple times in the air as she got closer to the ground she just hoped it was enough to slow her descent. Flutter indeed did slow her descent as she pulled up slightly, but not far enough to stop her self from crashing. Fluttershi closed her eyes again as Celestia seemed to be in her way and she collided with the sun Alicorn with a loud oof. Fluttershy was layed out on the ground and twitched slightly, "...ow...oh,...t-that was...not say the...l-least..." She whined.

buddersky: sees celestia and bows down "welkome your highness i hope you have a great time in ponyville and its a pleasre to meet you"

Queen Chrysalis watches as Celestia arrives and Bows to the Princess " Nice to see you Again Celestia. " she then smile as nods to Dash as she takes off. A gasp was gave as she tries to move and help the falling Fluttershy but she was unable to move fast enough and watches as she collides with Celestia.. Feeling this was all her fault she shakes her head and looks at Luna.. " Maybe the ponies are not ready for me to come out of the shadows yet... " she looks at the other mare who was frozen crying " I will be on my way and if you want to stay and clean up the mess I have made I can meet you later to talk " she bows to Celestia and Luna and looks at the others " I am sorry for any unrest I have made for any of you today... " she takes flight with a buzzing of her wings and takes off in the direction of Canterlot.. On her way she'd change into Holly Snow as to not make this same mistake there also..

Princess Luna turned from Chrysalis upon hearing the new beating of wings, and spied the pale radiance of her sister. Her face brightened at the sight of her, here at last. It was such a pity she had to back out for a little! "It is, dear sister." The moonbringer replied, "All goes well. Queen Chrysalis wished to speak with me back at Canterlot, and so that we may fetch her gifts for the six." Luna turned her gaze briefly from her elder sibling upon hearing Rainbow's voice, and gave her a farewell at hearing her need to leave. She would cast her a wave, and move to gingerly touch a hoof to the underside of Flitter's chin briefly. "Fear not, Queen Chrysalis is an ally, she will not harm thee." Luna murmured, smiling reassuringly. Hopefully she could assuage her fears, but she would no doubt calm once Chrysalis was out of the vicinity. Luna's attention was then drawn more forcefully away by a falling, shrieking Fluttershy. She seemed set to plummet towards her sister, but Luna wasn't sure if she'd be fast enough to catch her in time. She could only grimace and turn to Queen Chrysalis, briefly. "Go ahead, I shall follow shortly." She would bid, and move towards Celestia once the changeling had gone- she'd exchange a few more words before she went on her way to Canterlot.

Celestia listened to her sister's words, eyes straying momentarily from the Changeling Queen to rest upon the darkened form that was Luna, "I see. It's good to know preparations are well underway." She had obviously arrived late; everypony seemed to be disbanding, the area starting to become void of sentient life. She sighed and canted her head to the opposite side, pinnae standing at attention as she heard her name being addressed, "It's good to see you again, Queen Chrysalis," Her voice added as she returned the formal bow, crown upon head glowing in it's arululent radiance. Indeed it was odd to see someone such as she joining their ranks; there had been so much discernible history between them, it was not easy getting used to. Yet, she composed herself, nodding as the other professed the need for her exit, "I am sure that will help ease any tensions. Thank you." The princess watched as the Changeling fell into her exodus, returning her focus back to her sister, "I can handle things here." A smile drew across her snout as she tilted her head, mane flowing in unrivaled colors. Hopefully this newly unified alliance would ease any trepidation the people of Equestria once had. "I'll continue to oversee pre-" Words were cut off abruptly as the Sun Princess was suddenly struck in the back, tossing her off balance and down into the sodden ground. Wind was knocked out of her momentarily before she was able to regain her composure, "What..." She uttered before realizing not what hit her but who. Slowly she arose to all fours, hoof coming to her head. attempting to stave off the dizziness before turning to the small ball of mare before her, "Are you okay, Fluttershy?"

Flitter Pegasus was easily calmed by the princess of the night, after all Flitter was a rather common pegasus and thus had full confidence in the two princesses, surely if one of them said everything was going to be alright then that word must be truth no? "A-alright your majesty, b-but she simply strikes fear in me." then backed a bit as Luna tended to other matters before the princess left.

Fluttershi looks up to Celestia as her eyes were slightly glazed over, "...uh..." She shook her head slightly and nodded, "...oh, about you...? I-I...didn't mean to crash into you...l-like that."  She said, before getting up and stumbling over to the others before he cutie mark started going off and she looked to it, "...o-oh a time like this...?" She pouted, before looking to the castle and walking towards it as she waved by to everypony, "...w-well looks like I have to...have a good time..." She sighed and soon disappeared into the castle.

buddersky starts trotting to a mine "well i see you all at nightmare night have a great time while i go mine for the rest of the time" disapear in a cave

Princess Luna smiled back, briefly, but it disappeared in a look of shock as poor Fluttershy finally landed on her elder sister. The dark lady rushed forward, fretful, to see to helping Celestia up should she need it. "Sister! Are you unharmed? And Fluttershy too?" She queried, but it was perhaps unneeded- both of them seemed okay. The little yellow pegasus seemed to have to run, however, and Luna could only watch her departure. She cast Flitter another smile, nodding. "It will soon come to pass." Luna replied, and turned back to Celestia, giving her another look to make sure all was well. "I suppose I can delay a moment.. I doubt Queen Chrysalis will get too far for me to catch up to her." Luna flashed a smile. "It is good to get out of the stifling confines of the castle and all that paperwork, once in a while, is it not?"

Celestia was still feeling a little wave of uneasiness from the sheer impact she made to the ground beneath her. Shaking her head, she breathed deeply before repositioning her body to face that of her sister, "I think I shall be ok, Luna. Do not worry." Of course, what transpired wasn't adverse, this she knew. Though there was concern she felt for the small pegasus pony, "No need to apologize Fluttershy. It was just an accident," She reassured the small mare before catching sight of her cutie mark starting to emulate a faint pink and blue glow, She giggled sheepishly as she suddenly shot off, heading in the direction of Twilight's Castle. "It's good to see they are helping those around Equestria," She finally added, focusing back upon Luna" It seemed everyone had fully departed, leaving only her and Luna to stand amiss the vast field that was soon to play privy to Nightmare Night. "Hopefully she doesn't grow too tiresome of waiting sister. You know how those things can go." For a moment the Princess reflected on past delegations which had gone awry. Causing much stress and work to repair. There was definitely no need for future repeats. "Just try and delay not too long."

Flitter Pegasus simply stood there as the others left, staring at the two monarchs in a somewhat dumbfounded manner, what could she possibly do or say that would even remotely interest these two figures of near divinity? she was just a weather pegasus for Celestia's sake.

Princess Sparkle took quite a bit longer than she intended. The 'incident' had involved several bookshelves in the library toppling over due to her assistant eagerly attempting to place decoration. And true to her rather organized nature she couldn't bear to leave the books in such disarray! She actually passed fluttershy on the way back and quickly came to find that Chrysalis had apparently moved on and Luna was standing with... Princess Celestia! She covered the rest of the distance so fast it was like she had teleported! She took longer in the library than she had intended; oooh that was not good! She came to a quick stop and smiled. "Princess Celestia! I'm - Uhm.. sorry about not being here when you arrived. There was a bit of an accident at the castle library." she'd say with a bit of a shuffle and a scuffed hoof upon the ground.

Princess Luna felt relieved when her sister reassured her that she would be fine. Hopefully so! She could always arrange for Celestia's chariot to pick her up while she was in Canterlot, should she ever ask for it. "Indeed. They do great work, and our fair Equestria flourishes under their care, and ours." Luna replied, and considered what Tia had to say about Chrysalis being left waiting. Well.. she did have a point. "Worry not, you may have always been faster in flight than I, but she will not have to wait on me long. I.. suppose I have delayed too long, as it is." Luna replied in a considering tone of voice, and glanced up briefly as Princess Twilight returned. "Ah, I am pleased to see you have rejoined us, but alas I must be on my way. Perhaps yon pegasus can keep you company, too, while I am gone." Luna said and briefly gestured Flitter forth with a wing and a smile. Whether or not she responded, though, Luna would turn back to Celestia and briefly cross her horn with hers- a rare gesture of affection. She would step back, then, and lifted herself into the air with a quick stroke of wings. "Fare thee well, I have a dignitary to tend to. I shall see you all on the morrow!" Luna bid and took off towards Canterlot, with that farewell.

Celestia was glad to see her sister had heeded her words. With their past occurrences, it was good to know that she wouldn't straggle too long. "I agree dear sister. These lands have indeed, prospered as of late. I pray tell everyone has done a wonderful job of keeping Equestria going." Lowering her head, she touched her elegant horn against Luna's, one they did clearly when showing their family bond. It indeed, was a rarity in the least that the did and on few occasion. "I shall be fine here. Canterlot needs us both, but, it could use you more now without my presence in the castle." Her gaze swept over the thinning crowd; not many stood in it's presence. She sighed heavily as the Princess of the Night had lifted into the air, taking wing and leaving her standing nearly alone. For a second, all was quiet, then voices caught her attention. She found herself face to face with someone she had come so close to. Those eyes brimming with apologetic concern. "Twilight!" She beamed. Her former student had cantered to where she stood, coming to a abrupt halt before her, "No need to worry." She chuckled, "You have your matters to attend to. I am not the only one with responsibilities." The mare continued, "Is everything alright?" She questioned before turning her attention to another form which she caught out the corner of her eye, letting those soft eyes upon her, "Why hello there." The greeting came, soothing and welcoming.

Flitter Pegasus's formally addressed yon pegasus was looking at both white and lavender princess, having sat down by now after hearing Luna's words.

Princess Sparkle smiled some at the solar alicorn and nodded. "Everything is fine. Spike just knocked a few of the shelves down in his excitement to decorate. I decided to let some of the events drift into the castle after all. It makes a great setting for a haunted house." she smiled. With that the lavender alicorn followed Celestia's gaze to Flitter and smiled herself at the now seated pegasus.

Celestia chuckled; she knew just how klutzy Spike could be. Especially when he got overzealous. Wasn't uncommon for Twilight to get stuck cleaning up the mess. She couldn't help but chuckle, hoof coming up to conceal that smile upon snout, "It's good to know. At least it could have been worse." Letting it fall to connect with the earth once more, she stood more erect; knew it was time to be a bit more formal, "So how are preparations coming along?" She asked, ensuring that things were indeed going as planned on all angles. The Sun Princess wanted to make quite sure this years event was going as planned. She too, wanted to see the event to be as fun as possible. Hopefully things wouldn't turn out too chaotic once Chrysalis showed up to the festivities, "Have to get everything ready for tomorrow." Canting her head to the side, she studied her former pupil with caring eyes, "I trust you have everything in order. I will have to return to Canterlot to oversee the delegations with Luna so that everything is in order for Chrysalis's arrival isn't too much of a shocker to the ponies here." Honestly the unipeg knew that Twilight was fully capable. She has proven herself time and time again. The uneasiness she had slowly ebbed away; she had to have faith. She always did. "Try to finish what needs to be done here. Hopefully everything will be ready in time." With that, she nodded towards the lavender mare, allowing wings to spread to their fullest length, lifting into the air with ease, taking to the currents and in the direction of Canterlot.

Flitter Pegasus watched Celestia go?

Bygone Specter was wandering through the more spooky looking Ponyville while keeping an eye out for the supposed alicorn that had been here to visit! He didn't want to deal with that, it was just so hard not to panic with the geas whispering little words of terror and pumping fear magic into his mind! He shook, himself and pushed the dim fear to the back of his mind. There were no alicorns; there were no alicorns! They'd be around tomorrow and he'd hide in his cart where he wouldn't get blown up! Yes! He rounded a corner right as the Lavender princess finished speaking with Celestia and they both parted ways; back to preparation. If he'd been paying attention though he'd have seen them. But he wasn't and would have likely bounced right into the pony whom might have possibly been still sitting on the ground.

Flitter Pegasus flapped her wings hopping out of his way just in time, looking at the pony and his cart furiously, she had not seen this colt before she thinks. "Hey, watch out friend."

Bygone Specter came to a screeching stop as the two wooden figures that were riding on his hat fell. The little wooden Daring Do figure caught herself in the air while the Ahuizotl figure fell and landed on its paws. The little unicorn looked up at the pegasus owlishly. "Oooh, I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." he'd say with a rather distressed look on his face as he jumped up and down in the bindings that hooked him to his cart...

Incomplete; rest to be added.
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10/31/15; Nightmare Night
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