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 12/17/15; Chaos and a Party

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Princess Luna

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12/17/15; Chaos and a Party Empty
PostSubject: 12/17/15; Chaos and a Party   12/17/15; Chaos and a Party Icon_minitimeThu Dec 31, 2015 2:28 pm

Princess Luna. The night's ruler had found herself swamped with work in the wake of Heart's Warming Eve's arrival.. amongst everything else she was responsible for. She had lost track of the days, or was it weeks? but she handled it with the strength and grace of a princess. By the end of it, she'd been exhausted enough to sleep in her quarters for several hours- before the sun had even rose to take its place in the sky! The time of her waking came around afternoon, when the first glitters of orange sunlight touched at her windows. Luna dragged herself, almost unwillingly, from the comforts of her bed to groom and head back into the depths of the castle. She loathed the idea of seeing the throneroom after such busy work, and opted for the snow-blanketed gardens. Maybe she might meet Azure there.. and others, if she were so lucky.

Azure Rain could indeed be found there thinking herself alone as her lithe frame shuddered with her retching, she had been feeling under the weather but had stubbornly continued working for hearth's warming eve and learning how to teleport, so now her body told her it had enough and there went her lunch, trembling on her hooves as her ears lay flat against her mane.

Discord Draconequus shoved the cupcake in his muzzle as he slowed to a stop. Ruby eyes turned toward the unmistakable visage of Princess Luna. Ooooh~ Where has this one been? His ears folded back as a grin plastered his face. No no, erase that expression. Cool, casual... The stallion brushed his hoof back through his mane as he cleared his throat. "Greetings your highness!" Oh he took a lovely bow. "I am Strife I am assisting with the Hearth Festival preparations. I am also inspecting some troubling incidents involving the festival's plans, do you have a few moments?" Oh He was a cunning fellow, but it was as it as.

Bygone Specter flicked an ear as he hid on a windowsill overlooking the garden. What was Bygone doing there by chance? Why, he was trying to figure out just who his new friend was! He knew that there was something fishy and familiar (The faint smell of cucumbers nonwithstanding.) about that pony. But... why? And why did it bug him so bad! The little changeling in 'pegasus' form had somehow come across a full spec-ops outfit from some cosplay vendor down in canterlot market. So he was outfitted in that as well as his large top-hat. He'd even found little black suits for the two figures of his! From a doll shop, but that was besides the point! Anyways! He jumped with a flap of his disguise's wings to the next windowsill and scrambled to keep himself from falling off the other side. He flung himself down flat to hide after making all that noise!

Princess Luna had scarcely stepped out into the wintry cold, and spotted Azure not too far distant, when she heard a new voice ring out behind her to halt her progress. She turned to take it in, and allowed the outside chill sweep the last vestiges of sleep from her. "Greetings, Strife. I am pleased to hear you are assisting us with such important preparations. I do certainly have free time in this moment.. perhaps you may join me out in the gardens with my scribe?" Luna replied patiently, stepping outside and holding the door open for the stallion. Her ear twitched at an odd sound she could not discern from somewhere nearby.. but in her distracted state, she dismissed it as nothing more than a cold wind clawing at a window. Luna turned to approach her scribe, extending a wing to touch her shoulder gently and sounded concerned. "Azure, are you ill?"

Azure Rain let out a soft pitched squeal and hurriedly shoved snow over a certain spot, face reddened as she turned around and resumed the scuffing with a hind hoof ears perking up. "O-oh Princess L-luna I'm fine j-just having a stroll out in the gar.." kept her jaws shut as her cheeks bulged some and ears went flat again, looking left and right in embarrassment as she also noticed Strife.

Discord Draconequus flicked his tail. Internally squealing Luna hadn't noticed. Though why would she? It was not as if Unicorns did not have magic so just a tinge of it about wasn't out of place. Since his disguise hardly used any, if at all -- it was perfect! Ahhh!! He cleared his throat, coughing into his hoof. "Why thank yo mi'lady! Oh certainly much nicer than the rumors portray~" He walked out into the cold after afternoon~ His ears flickered back as his eyes drew upward. Oh... this would be fun. He turned to face the others as he levitated a noting pad and quill from his saddlebag, but something else was shifted as he did so. Where Bygone was a large, fluffy spider appeared clung to the window. "Now would you mind looking at the itinerary I have planned?" He levitated the pad to her. "And Miss Azure~ soo lovely to see you today. Not practicing any troublesome spells today are we?" He grinned.

Bygone Specter snuck up to the windowsill and peered down at the collection of Mister Strife, Miss Luna, and Miss Azure! He was going to figure out this mystery! However, even as the unicorn down below levitated out a note-pad he.. felt like he was being watched! His head slowly turned and... SPIDER!? The little 'pegasus' let out a startled cry (that was coincidentally accompanied by a gust of wind) and jumped back right off of the windowsill. But... there was no ground! And he was exposed! Realizing that he tried to dive back onto the nearest non-spider windowsill! He was... moderately successful. His forelegs found purchase, and he scrambled the rest of the way up onto the windowsill and tried to resume hiding! Hopefully the damage wasn't quite done.

Princess Luna blinked a little in surprise as Azure squealed upon being found. She didn't let her notice of sickness pass, but she let it drop for the time being, seeing as they had a guest among them. "If you say so, my scribe." The princess replied, casting her another puzzled and very concerned glance before she turned her attention back to Strife. Her eyes found the notepad and she took it into her own magical grasp to read. "Of course, this I will not mind." Luna accepted as the wind.. cried out? overhead.

Azure Rain quickly spat to the side as Luna turned around and panted some. "H-hello again mister Strife, h-how are you this fine d-day?" she stepped up besides Luna and smiled at both of them in turn, still trembling as her horn sputtered into a soft hum and her clipboard levitated shakily next to her head. "Any notes I n-need to t-take your h-highness?"

Discord Draconequus narrowed his eyes hen he failed to remove Bygone -- well later. He chuckled. "I -- could be better. You see there is jsut so much to do but I am missing some very important objects that would mean a whole lot for the festival!" He seated himself back on his haunches, a bit surprised the ground was cold. He looekd toward his saddlebag and huffed. "As you see I-- we have a lot planned for r the festival and with the original planner -- missing, it's nothing short of problematic!"

Bygone Specter wouldn' t have been able to help but frown as his attention turned from Strife to Azure.... The unicorn didn't... look that well. Thus he warred with himself! Should he go down and see if miss Azure was okay, or... should he keep tailing mister Strife! Eventually concern won out and tried to jump off the ledge to fly down. However.... his lack of experience using these wings did make a fool of him this go round as he toppled with an 'eeeee' right from the air and came to a crash landing not too far away in the snow. Leaving naught but an outline of his falling form and his hat fluttering down to cover the 'head'.

Princess Luna cast her scribe a sympathetic look when she stepped up beside her, pad of paper and pen at the ready for taking notes. "There is no need, Azure. The night has not yet begun! Allow yourself a moment to rest before our work makes us busy." The princess advised as her gaze returned back to Strife's notepad- which was, she noticed, very organized. "I do see. You have worked hard in the original planner's stead-.." Luna paused and looked up at Strife in surprise, realizing something. "A moment.. I did not realize our planner had gone missing! Much has escaped my notice.." Luna muttered this last sentence, and was prevented from prodding for more information when something came crashing out of the air nearby. She scarcely saw who, but identified the little black hat that came floating down after its master.

Azure Rain the words planner and missing shot through the scribe and she was visibly fighting her own urges now, yet the princess had told her to relax for the moment as the night had not yet begun, so with a soft groan she sat down, ears flattening as a strange gurgle sounded from her abdomen, thinking to herself no more, not infront of them you stupid weak unicorn then smiled in a forced manner hiccuping. "Y-yes Princess."

Discord Draconequus was thankful for a busy princess. Those who had idle hooves -- got nosy. He say back and waved his hoof bashfully. "Oh princess you praice me!" Of course it was organzied! Everything about Strife seemed relatively perfect! A shiny horn, a smooth coat and fab writing! Certainly this fellow was the pure opposite of Discord. "Hoo... you are a charming one." he cleared hsi throat. "Oh well it seems we have a visitor." As Bygone fluttered down he chuckled. It seemed Azure was to relent. She did seem tuckered out. "You should get some rest dear. Can't help if you aren't at full capacity."

Bygone Specter was in the snowy hole for all of five seconds before he jumped right back out. "Cooold!" The currently little pegasus hopped all the way to the path with the odd beat of his wings before he shook like a dog to throw the clinging snow off. He was, of course, still in his costume as his Daring Do figure clung to his hat. The Ahuizotl had fallen off and was clinging to By's mane for dear life. The little pony then blinked and looked between the group. "Uh... hi." he'd say with a sheepish grin as his hat was put back up on his head by the hoof that had retrieved it.

Princess Luna idly extended a wing to curl it around Azure as she slumped down beside her while her attention was split between the three- a talent that took long practice. She smiled distractedly at Strife when she heard him vocalizing his pleasure from her praise and turned her gaze back to their abrupt visitor. The hat seemed familiar, but she might have dismissed it as chance if not for the little figurines. The pegasus themself.. "Indeed." Luna agreed. "Hile, stranger, what brings thee to the Canterlot Gardens?" She queried almost teasingly.

Azure Rain slumped against the princess without pardon as the wing curled around her, taking the moment to rest herself before her brain caught up to whom she was actually leaning and that infront of guests no less, bleating out a deep moan as she detached herself and tried to lay down in the soft inviting snow, mumbling. "I'm so sorry your highness " mm yes just ten minutes to just lay and rest there, then work..

Discord Draconequus bit back a snarky smirk and tapped his hooves agianst the ground. "But Princess, certaliny you alone can't be handling approval to this event? You know it would really be something to see you both there, but what's more, not stuck in the castle during such a festivity!" He clapped his hooves together. "As you see we have most things handled but there's still the tiny things -- like our guest speaker and of course the culprits. If someoen is out to sabatoage the event -- well we want ot make sure they are apprehended before it all."

Bygone Specter glanced in concern at Azure even the foal that was dressed up in spy garb was addressed by Luna. Ever since the chaos core had stablized the geas hadn't... well... it was still there, but it didn't have such a hold on him when it came to Luna apparently. It made him feel fidgety around the alicorn but he wasn't quite as... dead to rights terrified? Then again the majority of it might be becaue Luna's magic had been used in the whole 'keeing Bygone ticking after his head near got blown off' ordeal. The 'pegasus' fluffed up his wings in embarrassmet as he blushed. "Ummm... well... I totally wasn't sneaking around the castle spying on Mister Strife because he feels too famliar!!" He'd blurt out before his hoof flew up to smack himself on the forehead... Smooth... real smooth. Some spy - cracking under pressure... and a tease at that.

Princess Luna glanced down at Azure briefly as the weight against her side immediately disappeared and found the scribe resting in the snow. She must be feeling pretty ill.. The princess pondered worriedly. She brushed the tips of her feathers over the unicorn's back comfortingly as she turned her attention to the two others. "You are correct, Strife. My sister is as responsible for having a hoof in the event as I am. We will be able to discuss these matters soon, including what may be done about these to-be party crashers." Luna told the stallion, and to the pegasus she lifted both eyebrows. "Familiar, oh?" She echoed and glanced back to Strife. "How so?"

Azure Rain was brushed by feathers and cooed softly looking up at Luna she would look pretty guilty over it. "Yet again I'm sorry your majesty.."

Discord Draconequus cleared his throat at Azure's collapse. "Quite." Felt a bit restless from Bygone's accusation. "Well of course I'm familiar, I live in Canterlot. Here and there, probably seen me in passing. Pretty common." Pretended not to realize it was Bygone due to his little wings. It was a struggle not to override his own knowledge and blurt things out. He had a put a vice on his muzzle. "have a cupcake." He would let his magic attempt to shove a blueberry cupcake into Bygone's mouth. "Now that I am glad to hear. Seeing as we cannot currently locate hte planner ---" He put hsi hoof to his chest. "Might I suggest I continue my role in assisitng things being moved forward. It's only fair that everyone gets to celebrate and not be delayed by -- pah minor inconvieences!" Stay cool. You got this.

Bygone Specter furrowed his brow and scuffed his right fore-hoof upon the path as he looked up at Luna. "I don't know and that is why it bugs me!" he groaned and then blinked, ears perking. "A-although, my core..." he looked like he was having a thought. Yes.. he had it! It was - *Ka-cupcake!!* The foal blinked as he chewed the rather delightful blueberry cupcake that had been unceremoniously shoved into his mouth.... and its gone.. The little pegasus had a quite delighted expression as he munched on the cupcake.... Dissy was saved?

Princess Luna turned away only briefly to attend to Azure. "You need not apologize. We have both worked ourselves ragged. Let us take it easy tonight, now that the worst of the storm has passed." She murmured gently. "Should you need to step out to the infirmary for a potion to ease your ills, you will be free to do so." A smile lit up the moonbringer's face, one meant all for Azure, before she turned back to the business of the stand-in planner and the lurker. She'd heard their little exchange, but made no comment yet. "Hmm, I do believe this will be acceptable, and my sister may agree. We do need the preparations finished for such an important holiday.." Luna frowned but briefly. "'Tis true, you may have seen him around Canterlot, considering."

Azure Rain nodded getting more comfortable under the moonbringer's smile, eyes half closing as she rested next to the alicorn, a potion crossed her mind but being too reliant on those could spell trouble later, instead she scooped up a muzzle full of snow letting it melt in her jaws. "Thank you kindly your highness."

Discord Draconequus chuckled. "Such an energetic foal..." Hmm mmmyesss. "Well Princess by your grace this will all work out nicely." But Bygone was in the way. His ears folkded back. Sliding toward the foal and pulled a hoof over his shoulder. "Why this little fella could even help out, keep bus-- well make sure everyone has a part to play!" Yes that was teh way. "Maybe he could help perhaps construct things for the visitors to enjoy." He moved to raised the foal's hooves up. "I mean that is the hoof of a tinkerer!"

Bygone Specter flicked an ear and inclined his head when it was brought up that the unicorn might just have been around Canterlot. "But... I'd remember a pony with such strange non-pony tasting magic...." he'd say only to furrow his brow. However, his train of thought was once again brought to a screeching halt as Discord brought up him... helping! He inhaled and his eyes went wide. He couldn't help but smile at that thought! "Yeah! I could help - I have a cart! Need me to pick something up? Make something? Uuuuh... I have some bits on me so I could even take the train with a cargo haul!" he'd grin wide as he bounced excitedly in place. He liked to help his friends! Yesh! Even if he was spying on the pony Strife was his friend! And in his head the little changeling liked to think Luna was one to! One couldn't have too many friends! "I'll do anything!" However that was nterrupted by the... removal of his hooves as Strife raised them up. The end result... The 'pegasus' face-panted right into the snow-covered path and whimpered... His face hurt...His hooves were up to study but he was down!

Princess Luna's ear flicked back towards Azure as she heard the thanks, and a glance showed her the scribe letting cold snow sooth her. Hey, if it worked. She looked back around at the new planner, an eyebrow quirked when he mentioned 'non-pony' magic, but Strife seemed quick to change the subject. "If he is willing, indeed he could, but.." Luna let the sentence trail out into a dramatic pause before she spoke again, and this time she was smirking, "a tinkerer you say?" Luna queried, eyeing the foal with a look that said 'gotcha.' "Bygone, is that you under that strange garb, or am I mistaken with another tinkerer I did not know of?"

Azure Rain gently brushed the princess's foreleg with a trembling hoof as she gave her a shy smile. "P-princess Luna? I know it's v-very unbecoming of me but m-may I by way of exception take a half n-night off to celebrate my birthday a little, um later on?" oh by the princesses that was embarrassing, and in front of others even! what would her parents have said about this? that idea however sent a shock through her totally unrelated to her little flu.

Discord Draconequus was just glad subjects changed. Note, stop materializing cupcakes... but there was a good reason he ate them. Cupcakes were full of energy and keeping up disguise wasn't a cake walk-- well in a way it was, for the chaotic spirit. His natural state was anything but primp and perfect so forcing a sense of calm beneath an obvious being old discord. It was hard work. Settling on his hooves he chuckled. "Yes, yes, don't be humble lad, you are quite nimble." Oh ye olde irony. "And what is a festival without craftsponies showing off their work!"

Bygone Specter crawled back up onto his hooves with an eager smile still on his muzzle. However; then he was caught! Luna smirked and looked his way with a look that he knew meant that the jig was up! His goose was cooked as carnivorous creatures said! The little 'pegasus' let out a long-drawn 'eeeeeeep' as she asked if it was in fact him. His wings once again fluffed up and he gained a rather amusing sheepish look. Like the foal caught with the hand in the canterlot kitchen's cake storage ~ er... cookie jar! Yeah! Thats it!... But it was not... that he didn't know where the cake storage was, right? hehehehe..."Uhhhh.." he'd start as he adjusted to try to change his voice. However he was panicked and totally failed at that. Finally he hung his head. "Y-yeah..." he scuffed a hoof on the path. "I'm sorry I was s-sneaking around the castle again miss Luna..." his ears fell.

Princess Luna chuckled lightly at the two ponies, most of all at Bygone's reaction to being found out. "I do not know your reasoning as to exactly why you were, other than finding somepony, but I will overlook it today, and with Hearth's Warming Eve on the horizon. I must agree, though, craftsponies would be welcome at the festival." She replied, greatly amused. When she felt the gentle touch against her leg, she turned to face Azure with an expectant look. It soon shifted to one of surprise, once she'd registered what her scribe had said. "Thy birthday!" Luna gasped. "Of course you may, my dear. In fact, we could host thee a birthday party here at the castle if you so wish.. and I wish thee a merry birthday!"

Azure Rain flicked her ears back and turned her head aside to let more of her stomach's contents dribble out between her teeth, her formality finally sapping. "Oh sweet Luna I give up somepony either get me a potion or end me I.. I can't take it anymore.. I I'm feeling ill I don't c-care what dad'll s-say.." cringing as she said such her pupils narrowed and she gave her employer a pleading look before stammering. "A p-party? for me? that.. I'd love that. p-princess.."

Discord Draconequus perked up. Did someone say party?! Ugh he had to reel it in. Trembling a bit he waved his hoofs. "W-would you look at the time!" He had run out of cupcakes and with Bygone around -- curses! The pony stood and bowed. "Princess anything you can do -- but I must go help wi--with the um... banners!" And as quick as one could the male galloped away, face planting the snow when he turned the corner, but zipped.

Bygone Specter flicked his ear and looked from Luna to Azure even as Strife seemed to beat a hasty exit! There were more important things to take care of! He quickly hopped over to the laying, and rather ill, pony and popped of his hat if allowed. His reached his hoof up to the shoulder in the hat and then pulled out a... box? Or more like something akin to a briefcase. he opened it up and inside were vials upon vials of potions! How did a foal get a hold of medical grade potions one might ask? Well when said foal has the tendency to blow themselves up in various ways or get into all sorts of mischief.... and doesn't have the ability to go into a hospital without risking exposure... he might stock up on anything and everything that he might need to avoid said hospital! He frowned and looked down at Azure. "Uhhhh... besides vomiting is there anything else?" he looked through the collection of medicines. How could he leave a pony sick on her birthday?! That was just... a travesty!

Princess Luna looked around at Strife at his sudden exclamation. He was leaving already? "Ah.. very well!" It was all she managed before the stallion galloped off, in an unusual hurry. She stared after him for a moment before shrugging and turning her attention more fully on the remaining two ponies. "Indeed, a party for thee! We may have to get you to the infirmary first, for how can you eat cake while ill? But you are my scribe, it is the least I can do to give back." Luna replied and faltered a little when Bygone came forward, pulling a briefcase right out of his hat! It was filled with potions, eliminating the need for them to walk all the way to the infirmary. "Oh, thank you, Bygone."

Azure Rain shook her head slowly she had a mild flu but having teleported for the very first time had left her stomach completely upset, though her earlier shock of having nearly fallen from the throne room's ceiling to the floor if Strife hadn't caught her had her stunned enough that the ill effects had only surfaced a while later.

Discord Draconequus would suddenly appear with a party hat, floating just over the group and pull a rather loud popper. "Ho ho! Did someone say party!" As if on cue. Sometimes one could wonder about the spirit and his housewife habit of eavesdropping. "Did I miss anything?" He floated a little party hat down to Azure before himself landing on the ground on all fours. "I do love a good party. Oh if it isn't Princess Luna. I am surprised to see you out of your study. Careful now. The sun must be far to bright!" A pair of sunglasses would appear over Luna's muzzle. Even though it was nearly night time... good on you.

Bygone Specter could only smile. "Ooooh... I have all sorts of stuff in here... mmm..Hold on." he'd say as he rummaged between the corked vials. Soon enough he came up with one that was a light reddish color. "Ah! Here we are! This should take care of stomach nausea...." he happily smile as he held up the vial with a hoof. It was habit but he didn't tend to use magic when in a non-unicorn form. Call it ingrained habit.... In any case, the little changeling nearly fumbled and dropped the vial as discord appeared and popped a loud party popper. However he managed to catch it thankfully. The little changeling stared up at Discord with a blank face.... wait....he narrowed his eyes in thought....

Princess Luna stood by as Bygone made to tend to poor Azure, but with her focus on them, she didn't expect the loud arrival of a certain spirit of chaos. The loud party popper gave her a start, her wings partially unfurling in a 'fight or flight' response, though upon seeing who it was, she quickly folded them again. The fright left her looking a little disgruntled. "Ah, Discord. Always a pleasure." Luna replied dryly and made to levitate the newly appeared sunglasses off of her face. She looked to Bygone quizzically, wondering what was with the expression on his face. "Is there a problem?"

Azure Rain lay on her belly now and had her head tilted back, jaws parted as her muzzle was held open so that the potion could be poured in once Bygone had found the correct one he was looking for, tongue getting a bit dry with the exposure to air though and she realized she must look silly.

Discord Draconequus took great pleasure in spooking the princess. Sitting back on his haunches. "Oh what's this? Birthday pony sick?!" A plate of cake appeared floating down near them. "Come now I bet a bit of cake'll clear that right up." While he wriggled all around the spirit appeared to have something or another coiled around his tail and said tail tucked close to his body. "So what do you say? Blow out the candles, cut the cake? Some cheese?" In that order of course. Couldn't have anyone cutting the cheese!

Bygone Specter stared up at the draconequus as his head started to put 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 together in a nice and pretty star. Wait, what? The foal shook his head and looked down at Azure. There were more important things to think about.. like the sick pony! The little foal smiled and inclined his head as he brought the vial to pour into the pony's waiting mouth. Before the cake could get there at least. He didn't know what the silly chaos spirit was up to trying to give a sick pony cake! Not that he'd not do the same! Cake was a delight! Anyways, the potion tasted like a warm cinnamon with berries as the scribe was given it. Then Bygone gained an impish grin. "Hope you feel better when you wake..." he'd say with a small smile. She did seem like she needed some sleep to... Thus he'd given the pony a slightly stronger brew that should work with her magic to help lessen what was wrong with her... She'd end up knocked out for that to happen though. He turned his attention back to Discord and went rigid. Oooooh, precious! The little changeling caught sight of that ever so delightful ruby-like gemstone on Discord's tail. He wanted it! He wanted to study it a-and nom on it...a-and see what he could do with such a wonderful thing! Thus with a flap of the changeling's pegasus wings he tried to pounce at Discord's tail... But due to use of typically unfamiliar muscles he missed by a mile and hit a pillar not too far away head first. He slid down mumbling gibberish about beautiful tasty red magic gemstones.

Azure Rain swallowed the potion obediently never having been one to balk when it came to taking medication, her eyes widening though at the part that Bygone added to it taking a half second to panic before consciousness started to slip away and the warm embrace of unconsciousness took claim over the small mare, flopping onto her side after trying to question him but words never passed her lips coherently. "Whu do you mea..."

Princess Luna frowned in a disapproving way when Discord noticed her ill scribe and summoned forth a cake. "Cease, Discord! You will not help her with cake, only make her illness worse." The alicorn warned, her tone stern. An idea occurred to her then, and she allowed her tone to lighten somewhat. "I am sure you can give her such a tasty cake, later on during her party!" Luna suggested, hoping that the chaos spirit would take the bait and give Bygone time to give Azure the potion. He seemed to be doing that just now. And true to his hint, it put the poor unicorn mare out like a light. While Bygone fixated on whatever Discord had coiled up in his tail, something Luna couldn't make out, she decided to move over next to Azure. "I will take her to the infirmary until she recovers.. and him too, I suppose." Luna remarked, noting Bygone's lunge had smacked him right into a pillar and stunned him. "We can plan her party a little later.."

Discord Draconequus harrumphed! Spoiled as he was the spirit let the cake vanish as he floated off the ground on his "back". "Whell!" Almost offended. "I suppose it can wait til the party, but there's nothing like a good cake to turn your frown upside doooown." He floated upside down and let the end of his curled tail boop over Luna's head. What was he carrying that led Bygone to self--wall face planting? When he was around shenanigans were never far behind.

Bygone Specter quickly shook his head as he pushed himself up onto his hooves. Uuuugh...what had...No! He missed! The little changeling's tail flicked as he pushed himself up and his wings fluffed out. Damn! How did he miss? The little 'pegasus' sat up and stared at Discord as he hovered over Luna's head.... Distracted... Hehehehehehehe! He held back cackle that sounded out in his head as he took his squished hat in hoof and flicked it, causing it to resume its precious shape with a little damage of course. He reached a hoof in and pulled out a little red crystal of his own and stared between the crystal and the one in Discord's tail. With a cheshire grin on his muzzle he focused that chaos core and darn-well prayed (focusing all he had) that it would obey his 'request' to swap the crystals! Much to his delight there was a pang of warmth from the chaos core in his chest as the chaos laced magic fired up! Unless there was something to stop it the crystal was swapped with the red gem in hoof! If he obtained the gem Bygone would be delightedly turned away while nomming on the residual magic..

Princess Luna quirked an eyebrow at Discord as she gently levitated the unconscious Azure out of the snow. She didn't want to leave her lying there for long, not if there was a chance she might suffer frostbite.. or some other sickness. "Indeed, it will wait, and the reward will be all the better for it, but can I count on you not to ruin Azure's party?" Luna queried delicately. "I know how you love to cause, how they say in this present, a 'ruckus.'" Her focus was almost entirely on the draconequus, so she didn't see what Bygone was up to- or that he was up at all. She did, however, wonder what Discord was hiding.

Discord Draconequus did like ruckuses! "What's wrong with causing ruckuses!" He crossed his arms over his chest and righted himself. "Oh well fine. I guess it's no fun without the birthday pony!" He felt his tail unabashedly grip groped causing the spirit, who was distracted with the princess, jump! As a result he would end up manifesting something from his realm. "Hey! Hey! No touchy!" He would raise his tail and turn updown side to waggle his finger at Bygone. "Do you know the powers you tempt foal!" Cue random thunder and lightning.

Bygone Specter gave a start as he nearly jumped out of his disguise's fur when discord suddenly addressed him. He turned his head and... -hello greyness my old friend-... The now once again stony foal was blankly staring on with red gemstone in mouth mid-nom. The culprit was the surprised cockatrice wearing a bright neon pink apron reading 'kiss me' with a white and black feather duster seemingly mid-action of dusting something. The cockatrice also wore a large pair of sunglasses that had fallen from its eyes when the foal had been petrified. It let out a confused 'bawk' and looked up at Discord with a rather stunned expression. It was literally standing just inches from the night princess....if she startled it, well... hope she's immune to petrification magic!

Princess Luna merely stared levelly at Discord until he relented. "You say true." She replied at last and tilted her head to peer past him when the draconequus suddenly gave a start. It was Bygone, and he'd done something to draw the spirit of chaos's attention. She only caught the glint of a red stone in the foal's mouth before he was.. suddenly turned to stone! Luna stared at him, and.. was that a cockatrice out of the corner of her eye? Where were those sunglasses when she needed them? Not that she knew if she could be petrified or not, but one never knew. "Discoord. Do please be a dear and unfreeze poor Bygone, and perhaps send that away." Luna warned. "I am taking Azure to the infirmary, and if things are not fixed by the time I come back to discuss her party, I will be quite irked." Luna added before she slowly turned away, and chose that moment to levitate a sleeping scribe up into the castle.

Discord Draconequus laughed nervously. "How did that get out." He sighed at Bygone, looking at his tail. "Honestly." Floating down he would swap the gem back to his hooves and the objects back to his tail with his magic. He looked to the cockatrice giving a shrug. "Would you mind fixing that. I suppose he's one of the few pony out there that aren't so bad." He teased with a smirk. Ah at least she didn't get mad! This time. He could wait for the party. Bygone was getting a bit sniffy and hoofgrabby with his treasure. "Go ahead and unstone him, I'll send you back, with this!" He snapped his claws, a dvd box appearing in his grip. "It's a good one!" The Amazing Spiderpony.

Bygone Specter: The cockatrice stared between the small pony and then the draconequus as he spoke. As far as the cockatrice was concerned the pony cold stay stoned! However; the draconequus used his greatest weakness! The cockatrice's eyes were focused on that DVD box.... "Bawk?" Somehow a whole sentence was condensed into that... asking about if it was better than some of the other ones.... However the cockatrice still made grabby motions and absent-mindedly un-stoned By before pushing his sunglasses up. The little 'pegasus' face-planted in the snow...The cockatrice turned back to Discord and looked up expectantly.

Discord Draconequus gave a thumbs up. "Good job. Alright, back to the couch with you!" He handed the cockatrice the DVD and moved to slash his claw across the air, which would rip open a portal allowing the Chicken lizard waddle through to gather up with the others. He turned to look at Bygone. While the princess was tending to Azure this was an opportunity. "Bygone..." he had his paws on his hips like an expectant mother.


Azure Rain opened the package with her magic and was curious what the spirit of disharmony had brought her for her birthday, sitting back on her haunches looking fully concentrated on the birthday presents her friends were bringing her. "I am so very curious what you brought me mister Discord."

Discord Draconequus chuckled and floated off the ground. "Well I have selected something quite fitting for someone like you~" He threw up his paw, waving it dismissively. "Now, now, try not to shower me with too much praise. It may get others jealous!" Inside the gift was a lovely brown quill that seemed quite sturdy. "Well? Do you like it?" He put his paw on his hip and his claw on his chest as his head cocked up. "Go on, tell me! I made it myself." Come to think of it... the entirety of the spirit's torso was covered in -- brown feathers.

Princess Luna was, admittedly, running a little late for Azure's birthday party. It had been set up beforehoof, but with it being on such short notice.. she'd yet to find her scribe a present! And the deity didn't want to show up without one, but what was she to get her dear scribe? The lady of the moon had scoured the shops of Canterlot's city in the few short hours she had, searching for something. And eventually something did catch her eye, something pretty. Luna had purchased it at once, and had it wrapped in lovely, purple wrapping paper decorated in crescent moons and stars. Wasting no further time, Luna flew back to the castle with the present. The doors opened before her and she came gliding into the room like a gentle wind, beaming- and just after Discord had handed over his own gift. It pleased her to see it. Luna landed soundlessly nearby to watch and wait her own turn.

Azure Rain regarded the quill with glee and almost immediately tossed her old one out, the new brown one taking it's place on her clipboard, then she gave the draconequus a hug and smiled gratefully at him. "Thank you very much for the thoughtful gift Discord." then saw Luna glide in and beamed a smile at her. "Ah princess Luna! I'm.. all better now how nice to see you your highness."

Discord Draconequus would almost bristle, having not expected the hug. Frankly he expected to be teased or shunned. He chuckled nervously and patted her back. "Well you are quite welcome~" He vanished before reappearing lounged on the floor like a prize winning poodle. Tossing away the dog-shaped party mask he smirked. "Well well, the princess of the night finally decided to join us. Was it too bright for you?" Inferring that she was somehow a vampyr.

Princess Luna looked on with interest as Azure, having received a brand new quill, tossed out her old one. She had an inkling what that new brown quill came from, but made no comment- she did, however, consider it quite kind of the draconequus. His jibe earned him an unreadable look from the lady night, but she didn't rise to his bait. Instead she turned her smile back onto Azure. "I am pleased to see that you have recovered, and for your party of all things! Forgive me for my tardy arrival, but it was a gift I sought for thee, so that I would not arrive empty-hoofed." Luna said, levitating over her own gift. Within the box was jewelry, a delicate spider's web of platinum chains strung with moonstones and lapis lazuli to set over the mane and tail- the mane piece, specifically, had a loop to set around the base of the horn with a single, hanging crescent moon to lie across the forehead. Luna had figured Azure should have something nice for special occasions.

Azure Rain squeaked in excitement wasting no time in donning the glittery mane and tail jewelry as she fought between hugging her employer or hugging her friend, which of the two was Luna at this moment? technically it was a work night but then again she did have her party. "Thank you so very much your majesty, they are beautiful."

Discord Draconequus crossed his arms over his chest as he floated off the ground giving a little scoff. He tried so hard with his jabs! Each one unique in their own way. "Well -- it seems the little pony is receiving all manner of gifts." He would vanish and snake up Azure's side, putting his paw over her shoulder. "And being such close friends~ these things only come natural~" He was poking at something with a stick, but exactly what it was -- was unclear.

Princess Luna swelled with happiness when Azure displayed how much she loved her gift. She cast an eye over the newly donned jewelry to see how well it looked on Azure, and found it fit her color. "May you have joy of it!" She replied, smiling widely and glanced to Discord with a quirked eyebrow. "Well of course, it is the day of her birth. All ponies deserve gifts on their birthday." Luna said, watching the draconequus curiously; what was he doing?

Azure Rain smiled joyfully still but then staggered a little, thinking a moment before finding a pillow to lay down on. "I must still be out of it thanks to the medication, would you terriblymind if I rested some more princess?" and assuming that wouldn't be too much of an issue she would rest upon the spot, merely looking at them hoping her guests enjoyed herself.

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12/17/15; Chaos and a Party
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