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 11/5/15; Midnight Stroll

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: 11/5/15; Midnight Stroll   11/5/15; Midnight Stroll Icon_minitimeSun Nov 08, 2015 2:52 pm

Princess Luna. The Night Court was.. always dull, when most busy ponies were already in bed. Who would need her to help with their issues, or solve their problems with others? Her sister usually took care of most of it during the day, as it was. She had no pressing matters, no nightmares to look into, nothing. Really the only option left to her, one she found most interesting, was stretching her legs. The castle sometimes became stifling if she stayed in it for too long, so even reading was out of the question if not walking. Luna knew the streets to be mostly empty, and it was out to them she strode. She politely shrugged off any of the night guard that wished to accompany her, and chose to go into the town alone, where all seemed peaceful.

Mist Feather came out of her favorite after duty hangout that catered to all breeds instead of just unicorns like some did and looked genuinely relaxed and happy, sure she might have had a smidge too much of the famed Apple cider but she had never been a mean drunk or anything, wandering out on the street a little as she tried to keep herself steady with her wings, soft chuckles escaping her muzzle every time she threatened to stumble.

Princess Luna could already feel herself starting to relax, with the cool autumn night air pleasant against her coat, and open space above her. The restlessness was melting away, but that didn't mean she was ready to turn back to the castle. The walk would do her good, anyway- keep her fit. The princess passed a few darkened shops on her aimless way, and once the lit windows of what she recognized as a tavern. One of the places the guards went to relax, if she recalled correctly.. Though as she turned her head to look forward again, she spotted a pony. A familiar pegasus mare, if she was positive.. "Mist Feather?"

Mist Feather perked her ears as she looked up at hearing her name being called, then looked over and her muzzle broke into a jubilant smile that was rare to be seen on the beige mare. "Oh hey Princess, what a delight to see you here this wonderful evening." quickly she half trotted half stumbled towards her sovereign looking excited to see the moon princess, stopping in front of her as she stood to attention. "Private first class Mist Feather reporting for evening casual conversation ma'am!"

Princess Luna noted that Mist seemed to be a lot.. cheerier than she'd last seen of her. There was also the matter of her bit of stumbling on her way over. "At ease, Mist. It is pleasant to see you in better spirits." The princess replied politely, offering the pegasus a friendly smile. "I am merely out for a leisurely stroll. If you are not too tired, perhaps you may join me if you wish." Luna thought to offer- it would be nice to have someone to talk with. The night guard weren't ones for conversation.

Mist Feather bowed and fell into step next to the princess, looking up at her with an ever present grin. "I would gladly join you your highness, how can I resist my most favored princess in any way?" yes alcohol you're ruining my life already but hay at least it beats having worked my flank off earlier today, right brain? right indeed. "So are you enjoying your evening so far your highness? you must be since you kinda create these wonderful nights."

Princess Luna resumed her pace when the pegasus fell in beside her, and kept watch from the corner of her eye. She was taller than Mist, with longer legs, she didn't want the guardmare to start falling behind.. The compliment immediately caught her attention, however, and she looked around with surprise- she'd probably never get used to it. "Oh, indeed I am. It is quite peaceful during the nights, although there are some times when I long for the old days when I could still handle danger myself, or explore the Everfree Forest when I wished." Luna replied truthfully.

Mist Feather nodded understanding the desire to act upon things instead of sitting idly by, and in her cheerful haze she decided something and reared up giving the night mare hehe night, mare? a hug around her elegant neck with both hooves smiling at her with a look of pride and care. "That is fully understandable your highness, but don't feel sad, there are many of us who remember and still look up to you for it."

Princess Luna was certainly not expecting to receive a hug, especially from somepony not her sister, and came to a halt in her surprise. She looked down at Mist, confused.. and weirdly comforted- at least by what she said. "Oh, ah, I do appreciate the gesture.. It is.. nice to know some ponies do." The moonbringer replied, and wondered how to handle the hugging thing. She couldn't very well push her off, she'd look callous. All Luna could settle on doing was unfurling one wing and use it to awkwardly pat the guardmare on the back.

Mist Feather giggled and nickered gratefully as she was patted on the back in turn, always having wanted to hug the dark alicorn knowing that the princess undoubtedly had a few hardships still, she knew how some ponies still thought of her as evil but she would buck em in the face if she ever heard such slander towards best princess. "I do so especially Luna you are a wonderful mare.. eh I mean your highness."

Princess Luna smiled hesitantly and noted the quick correction Mist made to her speech. She'd never been called a 'wonderful mare' before, and she really didn't know what to think about it. "Ah.. thank you, Mist. I appreciate that you think so." She replied after a moment of searching for words. "So, ah, how has your night been faring? I could not help but notice you did seem a little off balance." Luna started walking again after this, hoping to draw the focus off of herself.

Mist Feather was dragged along for a few and fell onto her hooves again trotting along with her. "Oh you know same old same old, doing my routines checking for trouble a mountain of paperwork, but after that a few mugs of the best cider ever, only to walk outside and be called by the pony that once kept me sane during shift hours, couldn't be better."

Princess Luna looked amused, briefly, but the hug was no more. "I see!" The moonbringer replied, but she'd figured that the guardmare already had a few drinks. She wasn't blind to the stumbling, and the tavern she'd only just passed before running into Mist. It explained things. "I am glad to hear your night is going well, other than the paperwork. It can be dull work, that. My sister has far more patience than me to have put up with that for a thousand years."

Mist Feather blinked a second as she hiccuped, then swallowed making a sour face trotting after Luna again thinking she should have eaten this evening before guzzling down half a dozen mugs of cider, but lagging behind a second had nice benefits, which was taking in her sovereign's graceful and regal being and not staring just admiring, pinkie promise. "W-were you aware of time.. all those long years Princess? were.. you lonely? aside from having that entity occupy your mind?" stomach felt a tad queasy again but she ignored it pointedly.

Princess Luna found herself confronted by unusual questions, and fell into a brief, thoughtful silence. "I was not aware, for the most part. It was like.. being asleep for a very long time. I did not have moments of consciousness, or thought, but sometimes dreams of what was." She finally spoke up, sounding a little solemn. "It was not an entity, either, not something that possessed and forced me to commit such terrible acts as I have. I suppose it is more of a dark secret of my race that was. A.. transformation.. of who I was as a pony, as I had chosen to obey my darkest impulses and desires." Luna frowned then, and turned her head to glance at Mist who seemed to be lagging behind. "It is a depressing topic, I suppose. I would not want to bother you with it."

Mist Feather and hearing that her inner pony decided to kick Mist in the ribs nice going stupid now you may have depressed her, so she froze a moment before rushing up and sidling along the regal mare patting her with a wing. "I'm Sorry, I'm sorry! okay no talking about that umm your coat is very beautiful yes you're not a bad mare nooo it was a phase yes you're not evil I still adore you don't worry we all forgave you."

Princess Luna looked surprised for a moment, but smiled reassuringly when the pegasus seemed to be trying to cheer her up. "Please, do not worry. I often fall into a thoughtful mood like this, but it is not something that truly affects me anymore." The princess said with a hint of a laugh in her voice, amused by Mist's nervous response. "But thank you for the compliments. It still surprises me every day to find ponies so appreciative of me."

Mist Feather flustered a moment at the notion of ponies appreciating the princess but inner Mist quickly stuffed certain ideas back behind the door of her subconscious, yeah best not embarrass ourselves now Mist, hey how about fixing that queasy feeling? yup sounded like a plan, hiccuping again she quickly averted her head and lost a good 25 bits of fine booze to the Canterlot cobble stones. "Urff oh bye cider thanks for having accompanied us tonight."

Princess Luna heard the wet splattering sound and came to a halt yet again, turning to spy poor Mist had thrown up. Yikes. She must have had too much. The alicorn thought with a frown. "Oh, dear. Perhaps we should get you home. You will need to drink some water after that, and something to eat. Have you not fed before drinking?" Luna queried, clearly concerned over the guardmare's sudden sickness.

Mist Feather shook her head not having done so.. wait home as in my home? oh boy Princess Luna bringing us home? the little pony in her mind started dancing a jig, a beautiful ever gleeful smile appearing on her somewhat messy snout, turning towards Luna with a grateful look in her eyes the likes of nothing seen before. "Oh your highness, you are too good for this simple commoner, it is such an honor I think my heart might just stop, I um I live on west mane street 117A."

Princess Luna felt that awkwardness again when the guardmare began to gush and held up a silver-shod hoof. "Please, I care for all my subjects, and you were just ill from too much hard cider. It is only right that I make sure you have made it home safely, while your body is still dealing with the cider's effects." She dropped her hoof, hoping her words had the desired calming effect. "Do you live here in Canterlot? I am afraid I am still not quite familiar with the streets."

Mist Feather shook her head slowly. "Nooo but mom and dad do after moving here from Cloudsdale but they're not home soo I can sleep there." she smiled at the princess and started to trot towards her parental home looking over her shoulder now and then to see if Luna was following, flying was not advised by her inner pony because that might lead to pain, but bringing a princess to your home was perfectly acceptable, oh wow Luna home, home Luna squee.

Princess Luna nodded in understanding and followed after the pegasus as she took the lead instead. "Very well then, I shall escort you there." The lunar princess assured. It wasn't hard for her to keep pace, but she at least stayed at the back of their small procession, just in case. She didn't want anything worse than throwing up to happen where she couldn't immediately see and help. "When we get you home, just remember to drink plenty of water. It may help." Luna advised, for the lack of anything else to say.

Mist Feather nodded her head excitedly yay escorted by the princess escorted by the princess, after walking for a good ten minutes they miraculously made it to the front door of her parent's condo, fishing the spare key out of the flowerpot she opened the door with some difficulty and bowed pointing a hoof. "After you your highnblaargh.." yes bowing sure was a good idea there went the last five bits of cider right over a now ticked off begonia.

Princess Luna allowed them to walk in silence the rest of the way, and once they'd reached their destination, she paused to look up at the building. When she turned her attention back to Mist, she had retrieved a key and had opened the door. The invitation to come inside was a little confusing, since she'd only intended Mist to get home safely. Which she had... Mostly. Luna couldn't help but cringe a little as the poor mare threw up the remaining contents of her stomach into the flowerpot. "It is fine. You should really get inside and let yourself rest."

Mist Feather put on the puppy eyes now, wobbling her lower lip "But but.." and glistening started at the corner of the mare's eyes, she couldn't show her princess her home? no no tour? no talking and being tucked into bed, braaain you lied to me, you never told me this. "I.. um.. I hoped.. Yes princess." drooping her head and wings she lowered herself respectfully, being drunk sucked it made you see things that were false.

Princess Luna was a little vexed by the display, the wobbling lip and teary eyes.. She didn't exactly know what to do in this situation, and frowned briefly. "Ah, very well then. I will come in for a short visit, and to make sure you get to bed." The princess eventually relented and approached the doorway that Mist now drooped in. It was a little unusual to give such care to a guard, but the mare was drunk and probably emotional. She didn't want to hurt her feelings, after all..

Mist Feather exclaimed giddily. Look Dad I brought a mare home! a princess to boot who is the useless layabout now huh!?" she yelled to nobody in particular then sobbed for a second before smiling and prancing into her home looking up at Luna. "Please come in your highness I hope you will like our home oh gosh I can't believe you care enough about a simple mare like me to see me home." then headed to the kitchen to get the both of them some spring water and hay sandwiches.

Princess Luna went from worried to utterly flabbergasted at the aimless exclamation. Brought a mare home? Either Mist was still very much affected by the cider that was still in her system, or... Well, her mind almost didn't want to consider the other possibility. It seemed too far fetched. The alicorn nodded awkwardly at the invitation and entered the house, ducking her head as she passed through the doorway. "I care about all of my subjects. Who would I be if I did not?" Luna repeated, standing with an unsure look on her face in the entrance of the house.

Mist Feather could answer that but she enjoyed the princess's presence too much to spoil the mood, setting two glasses of water and a pair of rather nice looking hay sandwiches on the kitchen table, looking hopefully up to Luna hoping she wouldn't scoff at such simple fare. "You know? I never brought anypony home before, I know this is just you being concerned princess, but.. but.." yup more tears and ear drooping. "But I appreciated the gesture so much." yup happy drunk Mist could get sad drunk Mist when thinking about stuff.

Princess Luna stepped gingerly into the kitchen once the mare set out the sandwiches and water. She had been starting to get a little hungry, with all the walking, and hadn't had anything to eat yet. "Do not cry. We can be friends, can we not? I appreciate that you would share thy food with me. The sandwiches look lovely." Luna consoled, smiling. She seated herself at the table, tall enough that she didn't want to risk one of the chairs, and levitated her sandwich up to take a bite.

Mist Feather ears perked, she couldn't mean that, the princess, the actual princess would be a friend to her? thud, oh hello floor gravity brought me here it seems we are going to be acquaintances for a while until our SQUEE new friend notices and picks our useless winged carcass up, ohmigod friend with Luna, the Luna, dream fantasy l... yeah erm that.

Princess Luna looked up from her sandwich when she heard the little thud, and saw no Mist Feather in sight. What.. ? She ate her little bite of sandwich, and placed the thing in question back on its plate before she opted to peek under the table. She immediately saw where the poor guardmare had gone, fallen to the floor. "Oh, are you well.. and unharmed, Mist?" Luna asked with some concern. If it was allowed, she would try to use her magic to lift the poor pony up and into a chair.. where hopefully she'd be a little more steady.

Mist Feather was lifted from the floor by her sovereign's magic responding with a very calculated and intelligent. "Meeeh." then was seated on her chair and nodded blissfully, sipping from her springwater and happily eating her hay sandwich, friends with Luna the little pony in her head danced and pulled acrobatics that would make a paid escort jealous.

Princess Luna couldn't tell, but Mist seemed alright. She was probably just tired.. ? The princess waited and watched for a moment to make sure Mist was alright, and she seemed to be happily eating her sandwich. She guessed that the pegasus would probably feel a lot better in the morning when she no longer had to contend with drunkenness. Smiling faintly, Luna returned to munching on her own sandwich.

Mist Feather would also probable impale herself on her own spear in the morning after remembering what she said and pulled tonight, but those were worries for tomorrow, right now she ate her sandwich and simply stared at Luna with absolute happiness in her blue eyes, wings flitting slowly as she seemed to shine brightly with glee.

Princess Luna sat under that happy stare patiently enough, as it was something she was at least used to. Her and her sister were often stared at so adoringly by the public wherever they went, her sister more so.. but still. She paused to drink some of her water before she resumed eating the rest of her sandwich. Once she was finished, she wiped at her snout with one foreknee to dislodge any crumbs. "You made quite a good sandwich." Luna commented idly, lifting her glass of water and taking another drink.

Mist Feather gasped and nodded. "Thank you kindly your highness I'm so happy you approve." she likes my food! soon she finished her own sandwich and water and slumped a little, drooping on the table some, tonight had been so fantastic she hoped it had not all just be a dream, but that annoying pony in her head wondered if she would still think the same in the morning.

Princess Luna smiled back at the excited pony, and idly waited as she drained her glass of the remains of her water. She soon noticed that the pegasus was starting to look tired, and punctuated this by drooping onto the table. "Are you sleepy now? We should get you into bed, or you may wake up with an aching neck should you stay here." Luna pointed out, slightly amused. She took the moment to levitate their plates and glasses over to the sink, where they'd probably be tended to in the morning and waited for Mist's answer. If she fell asleep then and there, Luna'd probably have to tuck her in anyway.

Mist Feather nodded numbly. "Yes sleep should pony." she lifted herself from the table and stumbled to her room, upon arriving there with Luna the princess would see that Mist's room held numerous Luna objects, from tapestry to giant poster and from fake regalia to small statuette on her nightstand, flicking out her wings a few times she would crawl onto her surprise surprise dark blue sheets and just lay there in that typical awkward rump up wings splayed being drunk pose, mumbling something about caring princesses that were great to their subjects. "Mmm brought home by Luna... bed soft.. nice....."

Princess Luna bit back a giggle when Mist responded with a nonsense string of words and followed her to her room. What decorations awaited her there surprised her quite a lot, and the princess stood there for a moment looking everything over. Well.. clearly Mist did think her 'best princess.' She wasn't sure whether to be touched, or what. Luna shrugged it off and approached Mist's bed, where the pony had arranged herself awkwardly. Smiling, Luna lifted her up in her magic, moving the sheets back, and lay the pegasus down on her side. She pulled the sheets up to Mist's shoulders, looking amused, and used her magic to tuck the sheets in around the sleepy mare. "There we go, all safe and warm in bed. Goodnight, Mist Feather, may your dreams be pleasant."

Mist Feather smiled in her slumber, resting on her side after being rearranged by the princess on the night, breath now coming calmly as all her features relaxed and her lips parted in a small snore, ear flicking gently as she mumbled. "Happy... princess..." curling up by instinct as she folded her wings more full slumber finally set in and the loyal yet silly mare was finally gone to her dreams.

Princess Luna smiled gently, noting that the pegasus seemed to be well and truly asleep. She took that moment to quietly back out of the room and returned to the main part of the house. Out the front door she went, ducking her head again to avoid bumping her head on the door frame, and made sure to close and lock the door behind her. She'd be safe until morning, or whenever her parents came home.. Comforted by the fact that all was well, Luna would move off to resume her nightly walk, at least until she grew bored enough to return to the castle.

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11/5/15; Midnight Stroll
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