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 Midnight Sparkle

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Midnight unleashed?
Reign you dark magic from the skies!
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PostSubject: Midnight Sparkle   Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:46 am


Canon Name:  Midnight Sparkle (Dark counterpart to Twilight Sparkle)

Furcaida Name:  Midnight Sparkles

Name of alts we may know you as: Lady Rarity, Nightmare Luna, Pinkamena Dianne Pie

Why do you want this character?: I really, REALLY want an evil villain character.  

How often are you online?: I am staff. I'm the manager. XD I'm on when I can be. And when my comp is glitchy.

Gender: Female

Species: Human Alicorn/ Alicorn of Dark Magic

Cutie Mark: Twilight's magic mark.

Generation: Gen 4, Equestria Girls

Special Somepony: Sunset Shimmer

Pet: Spike ran off once I became corrupted. Now Sunset is here to help me back on the right track.

Residence: Roomies with Sunset.

Workplace: Wherever I won't harm people, but can learn more about magic and controlling it.

Occupation: Working not to tear apart worlds.

Short Introduction: Hello there, worms. I, am Midnight Sparkle. I spent years, trying to understand magic, and now, I have all the knowledge and dark magic I could ever need! But, now Sunset wants me to be good. >.<

Backstory: I was once a measly, pathetic, student. However, after obtaining a high amount of magic, I was pressured into releasing it. The ensuing flux of magic took control of me and gifted me with dark magic, and an intensive amount of knowledge on how to wield it. After creating rifts between the human world and Equestria, Sunset Shimmer helped seal them up before I destroyed our world, and is now teaching me how to properly wield the vast amount of magic and power I have obtained.

Apearance: Deep purple skin (fur), with flame-like hair sporting colours of light purple, pink, and dark purple. Dark-purple, falcon-like wings spread from her back. Bright, light-blue coloured magic forms as a pair of glasses and horn. In her human form, she wears a dark-purple choker with her cutie-mark as the charm. She has deep-dark-purple gloves with the fingers cut out, and a matching pair of boots, the ends of which sport bright-coloured feet-covers. Her dress base was a dark-purple, with a pink stripe down the chest, meeting a belt-like fixture in the form of her cutie-mark star. Over the bottom of the dress, which sported two light-pink and two deep-purple cutie-mark stars, she wore a purple cover, hanging down from her rear like a tail.

Personality: Condescending and stubborn, Midnight often only listens to Sunset. She has a tendency to get crazy when magic is involved, but is currently trying to get better with Sunset's help.

Job: To NOT destroy the world with dark magic and portals.

Equestria RP Alts: Lady Rarity

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Midnight Sparkle
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