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 Bygone Specter

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PostSubject: Bygone Specter   Tue Oct 27, 2015 10:30 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Bygone Specter

Alias/Nickname:    Bygone / Not Food / Psycho Foal / Pillow

Name of alts we may know you as: Princess Sparkle, Princeshe Celestia

Why do you want this character?: I’ve been playing Bygone in the dream for several months; and to be perfectly honest I really did need to put an application in! ^^

How often are you online?: Just about every day.

Gender: Male

Species: Changeling (Unicorn disguise)

Age: 10

Cutie Mark: Red runed jack-in-the-box wreathed in green fire.

Generation: 4

Special Somepony: o.o’ …… nope!

Pet: Mr Cuddles the Baby Hydra

Residence: Cart (Locations tend to vary between Ponyville, Canterlot, Crystal Empire… Anywhere he could pull his cart.)

Workplace: The workshop or sales stall of his cart

Occupation: Toymaker/Enchanter

Short Introduction: Hello everypony! I’m the local toymaker and enchanter! Or rather, I’m not really local… I travel a lot!

Backstory: (Quite tentative backstory)

        Bygone Specter’s life has had its ups and downs. His egg was discovered and taken by a Unicorn who sought the near unlimited power of chaos magic. Whispers in ancient text and even recent events spoke of the power the Lord of Chaos possessed. It was even said that some artifacts from his reign lingered even to this day, infesting certain parts of the world.

           Several small-time expeditions were launched time and time again into the unfamiliar regions of the world outside known civilization: The frozen north, to the north of even the Crystal Empire’s former home.  And the badlands; a region nearly devoid of life and the vast deserts. During the reign of the Discord, his chaotic influence had reached every corner of the world. It was during one of these small expeditions that the Unicorn's mercenaries came across the first signs of the local changelings. They were quite interested in the changeling’s inherent ability to change and also adapt to whatever form it took. However, due to necessity the changelings were left undisturbed.

        During a third expedition to the far north, a shard of magic was found. Upon closer study the magic had…..Unusual reactions to scanning and any spells that were cast upon it. The old Unicorn was quick to claim that the crystal was infused with the remnants of chaos magic. The shard was transported to the his home in Manehattan and, after months of failure and the death of three hired scientists, it was determined that chaos magic caused some form of severe magical infection when infused into a pony. They couldn’t leave things as it was, however, oh no.

        A mercenary team was sent into the badlands to steal some eggs from the expanding ‘changeling’ population. After two weeks, a total of sixteen eggs were brought back from multiple hatcheries. The team that returned hardly had enough time to spend the money they were given.

    Weeks passed, and each egg was infused with raw chaos magic from the shard. The shard’s power had been waning as a result of the experiments, so this was going to be their last chance to come up with something. The results were inconclusive, at best. When it came time for the changelings to hatch, three of the eggs had already become lifeless and several of the newborn changelings were in poor health. Over the course of two days the health of the whole lot suffered, even though there was a great amount of evidence that the chaos magic infused into them had some form of effect.

The little ones were able to do…strange things. One squeaked oddly when it had been squeezed too hard, seeming to distort in his grip like some sort of toy. The greatest incident was when gravity had been accidentally inverted on several of the nymphs.

The lack of love as..... not good for the growing changelings. (though the researchers didn’t know that) The group that continued to live on were taken into labs and force-fed unicorn magic. The end result was disheartening. Little was done to change their conditions although several had become stronger, and seemed to continue to do so over the next several days.

The young ones lived among the rogue unicorn researchers for two years before an experiment on the failing shard caused it to bleed the remaining chaos magic into the surrounding air. The chaos magic surged from the shard and was absorbed up by the young ones. The little changelings were flung away by the magic, scattered to the corners of the world.

Bygone remembers very little of his early life, but his earliest free memory is waking up at the base of a large tree during the dead of night, gazing up at the moonlit sky. From there, Specter did what his kind did best. He adapted and proceeded to hide in plain sight. Over time he became quite skilled with creating trinkets and various knick-knacks. Some could be sold to children as toys, and others were kept to himself, better serving as weapons of protection.

Bygone Specter took up his name at the age of seven and began to travel between pony settlements with naught but his wagon and wares to his name. If he grew hungry, he entered a pony settlement. The unicorn magic did strange things to him, allowing him to absorb high amounts of magic to compensate for the very little love he received. As long as he possessed enough magic, his physical form didn’t waste away from starvation. Sometimes he could even feed on the emotions that bled into the air when parents bought their children a toy. Such a thing always brought a smile to his face since, to be perfectly honest. While concentrated magic could sustain him, love tasted 'sooo' much better!

Not just love, almost any positive emotion. Negative emotions had the tendency to taste fairly…spicy, chilling his heart and bringing dark thoughts to his mind.

The chaos magic that took hold within him also has grown. The power is Uncontrollable and entirely unreliable in the combat sense, only rearing its head at strange times and when he works on new creations. Sometimes the chaos leads to a great product, and at other times it is just too dangerous.

While his life is that of a wandering peddler, he is content. Then again it is all that the young changeling knows.
Lately things have been looking up! Furthering his study into enchantments he has developed a form of 'storage' container for the magic and emotions he feeds upon! This 'imitation' inspired by the crystal heart has improved his life significantly since it gathers the emotional energy from a large radius and stores it ready for him to absorb.


At a Glance: (Disguise) - The 'unicorn' stands at a rather moderate hight that puts him smaller than most stallions; and he is also quite on the thin side. Even still there is life to his eyes along with a glint of mischief. He has cream colored fur and his mane/tail are composed of the colors green and red. His almost glowing eyes are azure in color, giving him a..somewhat colorful appearance. Upon his head he wears an oversized black top-hat that has a green band; and he more often than not can be found being accompanied by a pair of well worn wooden figurines! (Daring Do and Ahuizotl)

Personality: Bygone is…. unstable is a good word. He can be cheerful one moment and absolutely terrified the next. The chaos infused into his body did a number on his mental state. The more panicked he gets the more the infection burns in his chest. The results can be minor to major mana burns on his chitin. Oh; and he's terrified of Alicorn.

Job: Bygone is an enchanter and toymaker by trade. He sells toys to any foals or families that he can. Whenever a family comes to his shop he is able to feed off of what little love he might be able to consume. He is more than happy to receive any attention or bits!

Equestria RP Alts: Princess Sparkle

Ref Image:

Sample Post: It was a peaceful day in the land of Equestria; birds were singing and squirrels were playing and… boom! A pillar of smoke drifted into the air from the Everfree where a peculiar little unicorn was working. His fur had been blackened with soot as he coughed… Ow! Why did that explode. He coughed and groaned as he flopped back on his back. Ugh…. He needed to sneak into Canterlot or the great Crystal Library for more books on proper enchanting. This trial an error stuff was going to be the end of him! With a groan he pushed himself up and set a glare at the shattered remnants of the crystal he’d spent hours engraving runes upon. And it was all gone! With a sigh he hung his head dejectedly and pawed at the ground while two small wooden figures poked their heads out from behind the wheel of his nearby cart. With the coast clear the duo ran out from their hiding spot and ran about Bygone’s hooves in the endless chase. Oh…confound it! With a grumble the foal started towards his cart. He needed to get another crystal.
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Bygone Specter
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