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 How Bygone got his horn healed again

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How Bygone got his horn healed again Empty
PostSubject: How Bygone got his horn healed again   How Bygone got his horn healed again Icon_minitimeSat Nov 28, 2015 11:08 pm

Luminescent Wish wandered the streets of Canterlot on this sunny afternoon, her warm smile offered to any pony looking her way as she made her way through the bustling crowd, looking around for a cafe or bistro to get herself something to drink.

Bygone Specter found himself in caterlot again! Why? Well... he had thought he'd visit Mister Mira and try to find himself another book to look at, but.... That didn't work since Mister Mira wansn't home! The little hat-wearing unicorn bounced down the street, dodging any ponies whom got in his way so that they didn't run into eachother! He was trying to be quite careful, especially since he'd been having trouble with his disguise thanks to the accused horn injury of his! Better be safe than sorry; smacking his horn would likely hurt!

Luminescent Wish sat at a table when a shiver coursed through her, eyes lidding slightly as she felt somepony being hurt far beyond the norm of a normal bruise or scrape, setting down her glass of sarsaparilla sap she would turn her head and shake her mane out of her eyes, scanning the crowd of ponies to see if she could find the source of distress.

Bygone Specter continued to bounce down the road only to come to a stop and look back and forth as he stood on the edge of the main road. Hmm... which way to go! If the little 'unicorn' took a left he could stop by the market on the way to the train, but the direct route was to the right. Ugh...decisions decisions! He sat on his rump and stared up at a sign which listed off directions. Market that way... and train station the other... He wanted to go to the market, but.... did he have enough bits if he were to come across something he liked? Probably not.....

Luminescent Wish saw a small unicorn stop some ways ago and she tilted her head something about the pony's pattern was off, getting up she wandered over to Bygone and tilted her head lightly, to her acute healer's gift this was the individual that seemed to be hurt in some manner. "Uh do excuse me dear youngling but could it be that you are hurt in some way or another? and if you happen to be would you let me take a look? I am a healer of the Unicorn Temple, you can call me Lumi."

Bygone Specter flicked his right ear and hummed only to nearly jump out of his fur at the 'sudden' appearance of another behind him. He spun and blinked, ears perking and falling. "I-I... wha?" he'd ask, head quirking to the side in confusion. The... unicorn temple?! He'd never encountered a pony from the temple. What if... she could sense the chaos or something? He was a little unnerved by that thought as he looked up at the unicorn. "I-I suppose... It won't hurt, right?" he asked with an unsure tone. This was a healer from the temple... not a doctor. There was a difference, yes?!

Luminescent Wish smiled down warmly to him as she lowered her muzzle to his ear whispering softly. "I do not know what you are little one, but I promise you on my healer's oath that I do not harm you." she could sense something off about him and knew fairly sure that he was what she guessed, but she gave him a free choice here she never discriminated but would not force him.

Bygone Specter looked up at the pony with his ears perked. The whisper caused him to pull back and gaze at 'Lumi' and... his naiive side switched on full strength. She seemed like a nice pony! She'd not hurt him, yes?! "I-I... uh... not out here in the open?" she asked with a glance back and forth. Sure she was going to likely know just what he was but that didn't mean he didn't fear other ponies finding out! He didn't want to be stared out or mistrusted. He wanted friends!

Luminescent Wish shook her head softly it would be very bad form for a healer to just throw a patient's privacy out in the open, she brought her hooves around the small being and pulled him to her chest to try and soothe his fears. "Shh shh ofcourse not out here." then she would gently herd him with her as she made way to the temple getting him past the gate guards and into one of the treatment rooms found in the healer's wing near the inner walls.

Bygone Specter was taken by surprise when he found himself with hooves brought about him and pulled to the temple healer's chest. The little changeling had been the subject of more affecton during this last month than.... most of his life! It was both a good and bad thing. Good in the fact that the changeling part of him wasn't starving, and bad in the simple fact that the more he got the more he feared losing those he held dear! If he went back to his existence as just a... specter in the background... it would kill him! If not physically then mentally! After all, giving a love-starved foal affection would make said foal fear to lose said affection! He didn't even protest as he carefully followed the healer past the guards and into the temple proper. He was amazed at the interior but was quickly ferried to the treating rooms!

Luminescent Wish once inside her horn glowed a soft lavender and with a hum a locking spell shut the door to prevent any interlopers as she had promised the foal secrecy, then she set him down on a small table while sitting next to it looking at him with a soft smile. "Now then my little friend, tell Luminescent Wish where it hurts?"

Bygone Specter flicked an ear and let himself be set down upon the small table. The question 'where it hurts' brought a bit of a dry grin to him. "The old pain or the new pain? The new pain is centered in my horn..When I was -uh- petrified back in Ponyville, I think I toppled onto it." he sighed, knowing he'd have to drop his disguise but at the same time not wanting to. It just hurt so much to stay in his base form for long periods of tim. The magic formerly spread out over his whole body was focused into the chaos core which burned in his chest. Not pleasant...

Luminescent Wish nodded patiently letting a lavender glow wash over him to understand his injuries better, then focused on the not unicorn's horn looking for any hairline fractures or breaks as she collected her healing power and started to mend the damage. "Hold still dear this won't hurt, and if you do not trust me enough I will not ask you what secrets you are hiding, may I just know your name?"

Bygone Specter tried not to flinch at the lavender glow of magic. Spells such as that were quite common during his... early years. He was trying not to dwell upon that. "I am.. Bygone Specter, enchanter and toymaker..... " he'd say with a quiet sigh. After a while of the injury not showing thanks to his disguise he just let the disguise drop, eyes on the floor. There was a rather large crack amongst the already glowing cracks on his horn... That would be where his horn injury was! Amongst everything else wrong with him of course!

Luminescent Wish's eyes widened only a split second before her professional side kicked in again and she would not drop good bedside manners over surprise, not being able to see the crack she mended it rather skillfully, breaks were an easy injury to fix. "Well met Bygone, may I call you that? your horn will be better in a moment." so he was a changeling well she had treated far worse patients as of late."

Bygone Specter flicked his red-geen tail while the temple healer worked on his horn. By the stars, this meant that his magic might hot hurt to use! Sure his chest felt like it was searng thanks to the core, but.... that was normal! He could easily deal with that pain until Lumi finished working on his horn..."O-of course... All my friends call me that." he smiled a little.

Luminescent Wish made sure to seal all the cracks in the young changeling's horn, she didn't wish pain on anypony or anyling so this was no exception. "Then you may call me Lumi, fair is fair. aaand there we go your horn is all better." she smiled as her telekinesis dropped and the glow of her horn dimmed out, smiling at the changeling kindly.

Bygone Specter sat still as the pain coming form his horn diminished little by little.... until it was all gone and Lumi leaned back. "Thank you miss Lumi." The changeling smiled happily only to take his disguise once again. Why? The burning form his chest had been getting to be too much! He let out a sigh and tried to return the smile with one of happiness. It wasn't that hard, it always made him happy to meet more nice ponies! The strange changeling tended to identify amongst ponies more. Likely because he'd lived amongst them for so long.

Luminescent Wish bowed her head slightly and gave his head a pat with her hoof. "You are very very welcome Bygone, I am happy that you're not in pain anymore, but do take care to keep your little secret safe until ponykind is better accepted to changelings?" she after all didn't wish to see him hurt again.

Bygone Specter sighs and smiles. "I'll try.... It doesn't really help my cause that I seem to be noticed by more and more ponies. I always got by by being.... well... a specter. Someone nopony spared a second glance for." he lowered his eyes.

Luminescent Wish shook her head softly. "I merely detected you due to youe injury, most wounds beyong bruises will usually draw attention." standing up she swished her tail a moment and smiled at him. "I suppose you want to carry on on your path again then?"

Bygone Specter quirked his head to the side. She sensed his injury? That is... odd! "Well, no matter the case, thank you! It was hard to cast spells and keep my disguise up." he smiled at the temple pony happily. "What about you? I mean... I don't like to make new friends and then forget about them" he scuffed a hoof....

Luminescent Wish inclined her head some. "What about me Bygone?" she'd inquire gently as she looked at him good naturedly. "I still have some small errants, besides you can always visit or come meet me in town?"

Bygone Specter nodded some. "O-okay... I'll try to keep that in mind!" he'd smile some. It would probably do the little changeling some good to have somepony that could put him back together after his foolish self gets injured in some form or another! "I tend to drift primarily between Ponyville and Canterlot. When I'm in town I typically stay in the market district at my cart." he smiled.

Luminescent Wish nodded and gave him a brief affectionate hug, then guided him back out of the healer's wing and unicorn temple all together, just so that he wouldn't get lost or wander without supervision, once outside she sat down and smiled at the little not pony. "Now you better take care of your horn a little better Bygone, fixing it takes a good deal of my magic."

Bygone Specter managed to return the hug a little this time and had a wide smile as he was guided back outside. Upon being out he looked up at Lumi and quickly nodded his head. "I'll do my best! I hope I won't wind up petrified by a cockatrice again! That was not an experience I'd like to go through again."

Luminescent Wish quirked an eyebrow and gave a quick nod. "Indeed, it would be best if you avoided cockatrices and if you really must, don't meet their gaze, I take it you will be going down to Ponyvilly again?"

Bygone Specter quickly nodded and looked at the pony once again. "Yeah! My cart is down there in the everfree.... I need to get back there before night or Squirrel might worry." the little changeling smiles. He liked having company in his cart! It wasn't as lonely as it had been before.

Luminescent Wish smiled and waved her new acquaintance off with a hoof, hoping to meet him uninjured the next time, she herself set course towards the little bistro again to but herself some new sarsaparilly sap. "Good luck then Bygone and till next time."


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How Bygone got his horn healed again
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