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 Orig Char Guide

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PostSubject: Orig Char Guide   Orig Char Guide Icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 1:40 am

Not sure where to begin? Equestria is a big, wide work of ponies, magic, and friendship. There are a lot of creatures that call Equestria your home. It's up to you to decide what you want to be and how to best integrate yourself in the world of ponies.

List of accepted species  

Earth Pony
Orig Char Guide 180px-Apple_Cobbler_ID_S1E22 
Earth ponies make up most of Ponyville's population. While they can't fly or use magic like Pegasi and unicorn ponies, they have a deep connection with nature that makes them just as important.  

Orig Char Guide 200px-Rainbowshine_S1E16_thumb
Pegasi typically live on Cloudsdale, but there is a good number of them living in Ponyville. Pagasi are characterized for their ability ot fly and manipulate clouds and are one of the three founding groups of Equestria.  

Unicorn Pony
Orig Char Guide 180px-Lyra_Heartstrings_id 
Unicorn ponies are the third founding group of Equestria. They are characterized by their horn and ability to do magic. While magic is innate in unicorns, they need to learn to use their skill and many will spend their whole lives dedicated to learning magic.  

Zebra/Safari breeds
Orig Char Guide 250px-Zecora_id 
While the only known safari horse is Zecora (zebra), we can assume that other exotic equines can exist in the mlp universe. Giraffes, okapis, and antelopes could exist. We don't know much about these breeds other than they have a strong tribal connection to their homeland and very foreign ways of doing magic. Characters of this type are rare, so we will be a little pickier about them. Make sure to have a solid backstory as to why they are in Equestria. (:  

Orig Char Guide 240px-Cranky_Doodle_Donkey_in_Ponyville_S2E18 
Like earth ponies, donkeys have no magical abilities. They also don't appear to have cutie marks.  

Orig Char Guide 180px-Mule_thumb_S1E04
Like earth ponies, mules have no magical abilities. They also don't appear to have cutie marks.  

Orig Char Guide 250px-Chief_Thunderhooves_ID_S1E21 Orig Char Guide 250px-10
Strong, earthy creatures, buffalo coexist with Ponyville with a treaty. They are very family oriented and resemble Native Americans in culture.  

Orig Char Guide Applej10
A domestic breed in Ponyville, cows are capable of speech and interaction with the ponies. Many cows live with Applejack's family at the ranch and occasionally will stampede into town (apologizing afterwards of course).  

Orig Char Guide 235px-Princess_Cadance_id_S3E12 
Alicorns are a closed species, reserved only for positions of royalty.  

Orig Char Guide 240px-The_dragon_likes_what_Rarity_says_S1E07 Orig Char Guide 240px-Green_dragon_S1E24
Dragons are very rare around Ponyville, and when they do show up they can have a huge impact on town life. Dragons like to eat gems and can live for thousands of years. Like typical mythology, dragons hoard treasure and gems. Baby dragons are much more likely to peacefully exist in Equestria.

Orig Char Guide 250px-Gilda_pose_id_S1E5 
Griffons are not native to Equestria, they live across the ocean on a mass of clouds. However, it's not unheard of for Griffons to visit and make Equestria their home. With the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, they are great fliars with

Orig Char Guide 250px-Changeling_swarm_S2E26 
They are the minions of Queen Chrysalis. They have a pony-like appearance along with insect features. They change their appearance to match that of ponies. They have sheer insect-like wings, fangs, horns used for magic, and holes in their legs.Changelings feed on Emotions.

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Orig Char Guide
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