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 1/7/16; Discord-sitting

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Princess Luna

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1/7/16; Discord-sitting Empty
PostSubject: 1/7/16; Discord-sitting   1/7/16; Discord-sitting Icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2016 10:14 am

Discord Draconequus was up bright and early because spirits had no sense of time, let alone ones that had zero chaos magic and had to learn to listen to things like biological clocks. A few hundred, thousand years kind of made yours wonky. First on the agenda was getting down stairs without wings, teleporting, or levitation. What caparious fiend made steps so HIGH. The chibi draconequus stood at the top of the steps in Canterlot castle glaring down at them. He scurried back to the bedroom where Luna slept and snatched one of the pillows. He would pause and carefully pull up the sheets for the egg before hurrying back out the door. He stood atop the steps. Setting the pillow down juuuust right he stepped back. INITIATE TARGETING SYS-- oh well forget it too much time! "CHAMPAI!" He jumped onto the pillow and slid down the steps, taking care to take out any butler pony or guard in his way. Whee~

Princess Luna awoke from a restful sleep to feel little feet scampering across the bed, and the brief pull of one of her covers. In her 'just waking up' state, she didn't think much of it.. until she had time to remember this morning's events. Discord had shrunk to a small cute pudge, and he HAD been sleeping on a spare pillow.. The lunar princess raised her head to check on him, but no sooner had her head left the pillow, a yell sounded somewhere outside her room. Luna jerked up, using a wing to throw the covers off of herself so that she could scramble out of bed. She rushed out to the staircase, and only just managed to catch the tail end of something sliding down it. Uh oh.

Bygone Specter was up bright and early himself! Why? Well.... For as much as he loved the bed and cherished every moment laying under the covers, the curtain had been left open! Why, oh why had the curtain been left open?! He should have thought of that... Sadly while he was awake he couldn't seem to fall back asleep! And nopony else was going to be up for a while! The little changeling had eventually grown bored and wandered out of the castle using the disguise of a day guard to not be noticed. It was somewhat early evening whenever he finally returned from his little day-trip back home and slipped into the castle with the very same 'generic day guard' guise... And now he found himself lost! Perhaps he was making headway? No matter! He found himself at the base of a particular set of stairs with no idea just what was heading down them at that moment!

Baokros was asleep, snoring up a storm, if you looked closely the cartoonist Zzz would actually be atop of his sleepy little head, before beginning to talk in his sleep. " balloon...wait." He said before beginning to wake up, looking around he was in the infirmary room, and telling from the bed position adjacent to the window, and the window overlooking the city of Canterlot...Oh oh...many foals have spoken about this room, the mystery of room 13C, a room believed to be haunted. Neighing in a sort of panic, as he started calling for the nurse, but no response. Standing up from the bed, and walking out the room, he was not staying there to get possessed by some form of mean spirit...Noooo thank the way the little foal thought. Why was he in the infirmary anyways?

Discord Draconequus was as coordinated and graceful as he was in life. Did one ever question why Discord floated, or never bothered to walk much? He was not the most delicately poised creature. With such a mix of limbs and parts, it was hard to say he had a handle of any of them at once since they all appeared to have a mind of their own. Still he made excellent choices even in such a wee state. Without magic there was no probable means of escape. With his size, did it also regard a sort of regression of his senses, or was a chaos beast always chaotic? Without much consideration for his own survival the spirit miscal-- well you couldn't miscalculate what you did not calculate, but it was clear, part of the way down: it did not add up. As he leaned toward the left and did not stay centered his wings tried to right the wrong, only to wrong the right by veering to left! Whoops! The pillow slipped out from under him.
Discord Draconequus launched toward the banister, but clipping off the edge the wee spirit launched clear into the air and beyond thanks to his frantic wing flapping. The wee monster instinctively clung to whatever he landed against. Blinking his eyes open he would find himself high above the foyer's sparkling, tile floor and note he was way too high. He pursed his lips, hiccuping as eyes began to water. "OOOUUAAAA WOONA!!" How did he end up so high!? He didn't like being so up high! His little hoof slipped as his dragon's claw clenched as hard as it could and his foreclaw. His paw was too big to really grip good so he was in a predicament. He didn't like being helpless so did what any baby draconequus did in distress and spat out fire, because dangling precariously on a metal object while breathing fire: helped.

Princess Luna didn't hesitate very long after that little glimpse and went running down the steps after him. Her wings had snapped open instinctively, and though she knew flight would get her there faster, there wasn't enough room for her wingspan. Ah well. Her ears perked as she heard a despairing yell as Discord called for her: he'd either gotten himself in some major trouble, or he'd majorly hurt himself. What was it about those she knew hurting themselves? Luna couldn't spare a moment to think about it as she hurtled down the steps, and came skidding to a halt at the bottom. A quick look around showed her nothing, other than Bygone- oh hey- until instinct made her look up. He was hanging.. from the chandelier? Luna bit her lower lip in worry and took flight, holding out her forelegs to try to catch the small spirit.

Bygone Specter heard the cry and then looked up and blinked. There was the little Dissy... on the chandelier! "Heeey, how'd you get up there?" he called up at the little spirit! He was completely unaware of the rather dangerous predicament that the Draconequus was in. At least until Miss Luna took off and flew upwards! "Oooooh... Falling wouldn't be good..." he'd mutter quietly to himself lest he disturb the Draconequus above and the alicorn trying to catch him! He was ready to use his magic in the case that Miss Luna missed!

Baokros. As he left the room, and decided to go for a walk, he must have figured that for some reason he must have gotten injured or knocked out cold, and somepony brought him into the infirmary. Taking a stroll through the castle, before seeing the royal suite, where Luna and Celestia's quarters were. Shrugging as he decided to pay a visit, maybe they will know what happened and why he was put into a hospital bed. Missing out on the commotion that was going on, but being sort of curious about it, getting a little glimpse of the baby Draconequus before tripping on himself. Rolling in a comedic fashion before knocking over the changeling foal that has somehow lost his fear of Alicorns which has made this whole scenario less destructive. "Owwww...sorry."

Discord Draconequus was not amused. Perhaps, in a reverse situation, would he be laughing his tail tuft off: at the current his own was puffed out and stiff. Like a cat stuck in a tree the wee draconequus clung as hard as he could to his current base. Rattling in his own fur-feather-scale combination the parts monopolizing fiend swiveled his folded ears down to a familiar voice. It was Bygone. "Byyyy." He shook. Turning his head a bit he would spot the princess below. He noted that her hooves were outstretched for him, but dare he make such a leap? He slowly unhooked a claw, only to quickly reattach when it seemed as if he would fall. After a moment he would take another breathe and jump toward Luna, closing his eyes. Well one could say taking care of a wee spirit that was used to doing everything with magic, was not easy, but what probably made it worse was he was not simply wee --
Discord Draconequus seemed to give off the sense he has regressed. His speech was easily explained by his snaggletoothed fang and lack of sharp teeth, but moreover he seemed terrified of things he would normally scoff at, like heights. But has anyone ever seen Discord any much higher than a low lying branch? Even his clouds were rather low to the ground. Were his games always so silly and innocent, or did his magic just make them seem more dangerous? There was a lot many ponies did not know about the spirit, and even less in terms of what they did know. He was small and fragile now, but has he always been so breakable, or maybe others simply accounted for his size. Regardless of such he would be curled up, trembling a bit.

Princess Luna tried to smile reassuringly for the tiny troublemaker, and didn't dare look around at the commotion below while Discord looked down at them fearfully. He seemed to change his mind a moment later, something that said he was placing trust in her to catch him, and fell. She fluttered up a ways to meet him, holding her hooves up to catch and pull him safely to her chest in one smooth motion. Once she had him, she descended slowly to the marble flooring, murmuring, "There, you are safe now!" Luna had to remove a hoof from Discord so that she could stand on three and finally looked over to the foals- Bao had arrived while she was otherwise occupied. "Ah, hello. Are you two.. okay?"

Bygone Specter was watching the 'daring rescue' up above whenever he suddenly found his world tumbling! The little changeling let out an 'eep' as he toppled over due to Bao tripping right into him. Thus Bygone was now laid out on the ground with his hat having bounced a few inches away. "I feel fine, Miss Luna!!" he'd giggle from his laid out position on the floor up against a plant stand. "I feel happy! I feel happy! I feel - ooph!" The somewhat dazed changeling's rambling was cut off as a wicker-basket with decorative plants fell upside down on his head! "Ooh... Lilac..." he hummed.

Discord Draconequus clung tight to Luna, having ducked his face into her mane. Though her words were a soothing treat letting him know he was well it wasn't until they touched down that he felt so. Were the princess to let go though the chibi spirit would cling t her halter for dear life, face plastered in a baby grump. "Nah!" He refuted coming down. "Byyyy! By By By By By By!" He barked out, swinging against Luna before almost slipping and clinging again. "Grrrr!" It wasn't easy getting a handle on all your strange paws and claws! He turned his bright red eyes up at Luna. "Mooornen Woona." Thought it was night, not as easy to say. He gave a big ol smile, his fat little tail swishing about. Swiveling his ears he looked over to Bygone, tiling his head. "By haps!" He was very happy to see his friend happy. It made him happy. But was Luna mad at him for falling down? "S-sowws." He mewled, glistening, tear-filled eyes which may or may not be crocodile tears.

Princess Luna's smile returned before Bygone's exclamation of happiness could be cut off by the wicker basket of lilacs. "It fills my heart with joy to hear it so." She expressed and glanced down as she felt the little draconequus struggling not to slip from her coat. "Oh, good morn.. or shall I say, night." It felt weird to be downstairs at this hour and not yet be in her regalia.. but in her haste, she'd forgotten it. Saving little draconequuii from falling was far more important. A soft chuckle bubbled up her throat before it was stilled by the little apology. She hummed. "I am not upset, but I must chastise you to be more careful. You can get easily hurt in this form, you know."

Bygone Specter seemingly re-animated after a good minute or so and pushed the basket off of him! With a shake the little 'unicorn' slid back onto his hooves and retrieved his hat from where it fell and dusted it off. He made his way back over to Luna and smiled up at the little draconequus that was seemingly clinging to the alicorn. "How's Dissy Miss Luna?" he asked curiously! He had been rather woozy the night before and this morning but... to see his 'big brother' turned 'little brother' he was unsure what to make of it! "I... wonder if little Dissy likes toys." he inclined his head. The little changeling was an enchanter and toymaker after all! What if he put a thin frame into and enchanted a stuffed toy for the seemingly regressed chaos spirit?

Discord Draconequus blinked and looked up when in the stead of an angry, shouty voice, would come a soft and soothing one. He was sure she'd be mad cause ...well he couldn't remember why. His head was a little funny. He did dream while he slept, but maybe it was better to call it a nightmare. It was quiet, fuzzy. He felt scared by it, though there hadn't been anything scary about it. He had woken not long ago when someone shouted at him. He sat on the bed's edge staring out the window, watching the sun set. His forelimbs pulled to his chest which was mostly feathers and pudge. Far from the lanky, length serpentine form the round ball of smoosh was a huggable kit. Ears pricked up at the mention of a toy! He looked down to Bygone with an expectant face. "Toy?" He could have one?! He seemed to wiggle with excitement, his grip on Luna tightening. He exhaled in cheer, though it sounded more like a little whinny.

Princess Luna looked up from Discord to Bygone, her smile returning. "Other than a small scare, I do believe him to be fine." She became briefly puzzled by the next question the changeling posed, but Discord answered that question for her. That cute little wiggle and tiny cheer, who knew such a troublesome spirit could end up being adorable. Luna carefully shifted the grip of her foreleg so he wouldn't slip off so she could quietly mask her inner fight against the influence of cute. "He probably would."

Bygone Specter could only smile wide a the reply and then even more whenever the little draconequus seemed to react positively to his question! "Oooh yes! I'll make Dissy a toy! Mmmm what would he want? A stuffed pony? A Miss Luna doll even?" he'd ask with a somewhat impish grin as he thought out loud. "Oooooor maybe a bunny or a manticore! Or Dragon! Or chimera! Ooooh! ~ What would little brother Dissy want?" he was hopping from hoof to hoof in excitement at the potential new line of animated toys! He didn't know if the draconequus would be able to reply to the question but... he might as well ask! He'd prefer the little draconequus to like the toy!

Discord Draconequus wiggled cheerfully "Waaai!" He cheered. "Toys fuh Dissy!" A little shiver ran through his body as he thought of something, Bygone naming the options down the line. He rubbed his head as a strange memory struck him. Was that there before? But as he released his other paw, he was with a lot less gripping power and plopped to the ground with a uuf! "Uuf! Waah!" He flailed like a turtle on his back before righting himself, puffing up in offense. "Rawr!" He tried to be scary but wasn't. Hie made a groany-puffy about-to-cry noise as he whined and sat roughly on his rump. "I--I... I wahn..." He looked to Bygone with teary eyes before glancing to Luna. He rubbed the tears from his eyes, that strange idea floating in his head. He looked to Bygone and wiggled his chunky dragon tail. "Oooh. Uuuhnee-com! Uuneecom! Uuuneecom!" he cheered. For some reason he picked that, and did so with recitative gusto. "Uh, Woona, Dissy canne?" Discord was asking permission? What is this? But he did so with such a sad expression... as if expected to be denied such a simple thing!

Princess Luna chuckled lightly when Bygone began to list off different toys he could make for the tiny Discord, who seemed quite excited about it. Unfortunately, in his excitement, he went tumbling right out of her grip and onto the floor. The princess winced and knelt down by him, looking fretful, when he went from puffing up to sounding like he was going to cry. This must be what it was like to deal with very small foals, huh? Luna wouldn't know. "Hmm. I suppose you can, as long as you can behave yourself."

Bygone Specter felt a pang of hesitation for a moment when what sounded like unicorn was said by the little draconequus? Silly Bygone, why would unicorn unsettle him? It wasn't like a unicorn had ever done anything to him! Well, except Mira acting all strange; That had really freaked him out! The little changeling ducked forward to hug the pathetically sad looking draconequus and smiled. "I'll make your toy, just you wait Dissy!" he smiled with a swish of his tail and hopped back to look between the little draconequus and the alicorn. There was something in his eye briefly but then it was gone. "I'll go to my cart during the day tomorrow and have it by the time you two wake up again, perhaps! Finding a stuffed unicorn to tinker with shouldn't be too hard!"

Discord Draconequus looked to Luna when she bade it as a reward for good behavior. He hardly considered this plausible.... because he didn't know the meaning of the word! Wiggling his rump entirely as his fat tail waggled, the chibi squinted at Luna, as if in consideration toward her words. "Hmmmm..." He rumbled, patting the ground with his forepaws before flopping on his side, showing that cute, feather covered belly of his. It was so big and squishable. ADORE IT. Was this perhaps one of the ten temptations that was chibi Discord? He looked yo Bygone, limbs flailing as he pushed to stand on all fours. "Waaai!" he cheered. "Wahn Uuuneecom squeak!" He made a squeaky sound when he expressed this. In a moment his tail stiffened as his looked back toward an empty space. "Woona!!" He scampered, slipping against the glossy ground before hiding himself under her legs, tail tuft puffed, body wiggling.

Princess Luna smiled at Bygone's promise to the small draconequus and peered at the creature in question when he looked thoughtful. When he rolled over, she had to resist the urge to poke at his soft, feathery belly with a toe. She didn't get a chance to give in to do so, however; something had spooked Discord and sent him hiding under her body. The moonbringer stood up a little to peer beneath, quizzical. "What is wrong? There is nothing there to hurt you."

Bygone Specter couldn't help but have a bit of a smile as he eagerly nodded his head. "Indeed! It must squeak." he smiled as he sat on his haunches and smiled at the almost criminally adorable draconequus! However the little spirit seemed to suddenly get spooked by something! He stood and moved to look where Dissy had looked with narrowed eyes. But... there was nothing! If there was something then he'd have blown it up in the name of the adorable little brother of his, but... there was nothing! Blast! He needed a different sacrifice!

Discord Draconequus had pulled his little muffin paw and claw over his eyes. When the two bade him that there was naught to worry over he shuffled his head up like prairie dog! His rump sank down as he felt confused by the truth he came upon. Looking himself there seemed to be nothing. His white brows pressed down before he blinked. Groowl groowl! He tucked behind Luna's leg, only for his belly to growl again. Sitting back on his haunches his forepaws came to rest on her leg as he looked up with his round eyes. "Am hoongy..." The chibi hadn't anything to eat for the longest time! he put his paw on his belly and whined. If ever any were prepared, they were not for this. His ears folded back as if dejected by his irrational hunger. Tucking his paws against his chest he would, a moment later, raise them up so he could be picked up.

Princess Luna glanced up at Bygone to see if he could find whatever it was that Discord had been afraid of. Nothing. She looked back down at the hiding draconequus, her ears flicking forward at the sound of growling. Stomach growls, to be exact. "Oh! We must fetch thee some food from the kitchens! We have all only just woken up, so breakfast should be in order." Luna said with understanding, standing up to her full height. "Are you hungry too, Bygone?" She asked as she made to levitate Discord up to ride on her back; he wouldn't be able to keep up with either of them with those stubby legs!

Bygone Specter definitely failed to hold back the smile as Discord and Luna interacted. However there was a brief.... nah.. He wiped his expression and offered the duo a grin. "Nah, but thank you Miss Luna!...It is sleepy time for me!" he sighed, ears falling. "I forgot to close the curtains last night sooooo I was kinda up early without any real sleep... hopefully I don't make the same mistake again! ~ I do need to be up early to hit the early train back to ponyville if I want to make the toy for Dissy, though..." he'd say as he lowered his gaze in thought. His ears perked and he quickly shook his head. "G'nighty Miss Luna ~ Dissy." the little changeling smiled and set off to find the guest room again!

Discord Draconequus seemed to get very upset when Bygone left! His lips would begin to quiver as he clung to the alicorn's mane. "B-Byyy....?" He didn't want him to go, for whatever reason. So the little, squishy draconequus let out a wail. "OOooouuaaaa!!!" Big eyes full of tears, and crying on an empty belly was no good. He began to hiccup, snot dribbling -- oh the whole nine yards. Luna would experience motherhood without ever experiencing it. But it brought to question just what was up with the spirit. He didn't feel like a spirit. Far beyond the horrifying tyrant he was known to be. He had no energy signature. He was a normal draconequus.... and it was something that could get a bit unsettling to realize that this creature was something capable of rending time and space.

Princess Luna looked briefly disappointed to hear that Bygone wouldn't be joining them, but it was for an entirely understandable reason. "A pity, but I hope you sleep well this time. Goodnight." The alicorn bid and let Bygone leave them, but in doing so upset Discord. She twisted her head around to face him, surprised by this outburst. "There, there, do not cry! Remember, Bygone needs rest to make you that toy." Luna hoped the promise of such would help calm him down, but she wasn't sure if it would. How did you make children stop crying, anyway? "Come now!" Luna said soothingly and started off towards the kitchens at a slightly playful trot; maybe the motion would help?

Discord Draconequus wailed, sobby boogers everywhere. Why did Bygone leave? Why did it distress him so? The chibi wasn't sure, but it did and he was furious! He tugged at Luna;s mane. "Wai goooo!? By leaf Dissy!!!" Poor baby hasn't the concept of such things -- but wouldn't Discord? He's more often than not the one leaving others and vanishing without a lick of guilt. He seemed a contradicting form of existence at this point. Was this even the Discord they all knew to fear? Even with her attempts, the wee one would cry. Luna was taking a crash course in foal rearing!

Princess Luna could hear the little foa- the little draconequus still crying on her back. She came to a halt with a frown and turned her head a little, just enough to try to levitate Discord. If she had a hold on him, she could unfold her wings and cross them in front of her chest, where she could lay the distressed spirit as though he were held by crossed forelegs. "Please, Discord. He is not leaving you forever, he only went back to sleep. Do not worry!" Luna attempted to comfort him again, and tried to do what she'd sometimes seen pony mothers do: she tried to rock him back and forth in her wings. "He will be back, I promise."

Discord Draconequus's wailing cries seemed to quiet when he was cradled in this position. For most ponies such a means of cradling young foals was not possible The weightless feeling calmed him down some, but he was still a hiccuping mess. He rubbed his face, smearing the gunk that was kit goop. His ears pricked up, head turning to face Luna. "W-wai By gooo... wai sheep...?" He had already slept, so to the backwards running kit it seemed bizarre! Though a grumbly tummy would intervene. He was still quite hungry!

Princess Luna could relax a little once Discord began to calm; the rocking was working! She smiled down at him gently as he hiccuped and resolved to clean his face once they reached the kitchens. The princess started walking again to the destination in question while she handled the little spirit. "Indeed, he went to sleep. He did not sleep well during the day, and he needs his energy to make you a toy!" Luna assured him, beginning to adopt that light tone that adults spoke to small children in.

Discord Draconequus wasn't going to agree to be cleaned, he was a rebel, plus it was scary having your faced wiped! It got so dark! He would flail if she even tried and if she succeeded he would bite the cloth! But would, overall, remain calm. "Toy?" He looked up, ears perking. His tummy grumbled again, causing the kit to rub his belly and whine. "Woona, hungaaa!" He whined and rubbed at his snooter. "W-woona nah go? Dissy alone." He clutched his paws together.

Princess Luna knew the castle well enough by now that she could safely split her attention between talking to Discord and walking, without running into anything. And they were close to the kitchens. "Yes, I know you are hungry. You will have breakfast soon!" Luna reassured him and glanced down briefly with some concern. "I shan't leave you, do not worry. You will no longer be alone." She murmured, falling into a thoughtful silence once she'd spoken. The thought that'd entered her head seemed.. sort of absurd, but maybe it was just because Discord was like a foal now. Foals often feared being alone, didn't they? Luna dismissed the line of thought as she stopped by the kitchen doors to open them and made her way inside. The cooks certainly wouldn't mind making breakfast at this hour.

Discord Draconequus was a little reassured, but he could not help but worry. The hungry in his tummy made the pressure there hard to notice. He had it when he woke up. A scary feeling like no one was around. He had been glad Luna was there and his egg, but just a emptiness that ran around his head made it hard to not worry. Luckily young ones seemed to have a short attention span and whatever powerlessness that forced Discord to regress kept his mind on the now and not before. "Purromush? Woona nah go?" He held up his claw's pinky, pinching his eye closed, but before he could hold her to her words they entered the kitchen. Eyes widen in awe as a glimmer at the edge showed where his heart truly was. "Waaaai! Dissy wan cookies!!" Course cookies weren't much of a breakfast for growing kits, right? "Woona make cookies?!" He sparkled with hope. The princess -- cooking? Oh if only he were in his right mind....

Princess Luna caught what Discord had said, but his mushy way of talking took her a moment to realize what he'd said. He wanted her to promise she wouldn't leave, something she couldn't do once he became distracted with the kitchen. "Cookies? Ah.." She bit her lower lip. "I cannot make cookies, but our cooks can.. perhaps we can eat some once we have some good food in our stomachs. What would you like? Pancakes? Waffles? Cereal?" Luna listed a few sweet things off of the top of her head, hoping they might seem appealing to the draconequus. Of course, while she did this, she moved over to the sink to levitate up a dishcloth and dampened it beneath the flow of water. She would make good on the face-washing.

Discord Draconequus looked to Luna with a tilted head. No cookies? He didn't understand this. Brows would furrow in protest at the flowing water as he moved to shuffle closer to Luna, his tail tuft puffing out! "Nah!" He whined. "Woona cookie fah Dissy!!" He demanded. What were you doing with that water?! His wings spread out much like a baby pegasus', refusing to get wet in the rain, those tiny things could hardly flap, let alone hold water, but he seemed more to favor his dragon's wing, tucking it over his head. His foreclaws gripped around Luna's mane to hold himself tight.

Princess Luna wrung most of the water out of the dishcloth while the draconequus cowered from it. She moved the dishcloth in to the mess of that was Discord's face and began to wipe it, first the tears and the snot. She wasn't anticipating that he would fight something so simple, however. "I am afraid that I do not know how to cook that well. I can certainly try, but it will not work out." Luna told him, frowning faintly. "Tell me what it is that you wish to eat and I will try my best."

Discord Draconequus seemed to peek out from under his wing at the promise of her effort in the evening's breakfast adventure. Pricking his ears up his mouth parted at intrigue. ACK WASH CLOTH! NOM OM! The gummy mouthed brat tried to eat the cloth, murder it with his gummy mouth. All that was dangerous on him was that sizable fang, but it hardly did anything as he could not aim it. He looked up and wiggled, lowering the cloth from his muzzle. Anything~? Smug face as he narrowed his eyes. "Dissy wan..." A flash in his thoughts and he rubbed his eyes. "Uuah?" What was that? He shook his head. "Dissy wan hat cake!" Hotcakes were great with fruits and all the syrup!!!

Princess Luna cringed when some of the cloth ended up in Discord's tiny mouth, and she helped with extracting it. Whoops. She moved the damp cloth in more carefully this time to clean the rest of his face before she dumped it in the sink. "Ah, hotcakes? Of course, I shall try to make us some 'hotcakes'!" Luna promised, and gently deposited the spirit onto the counter with her wings. Before she turned away, however, she thought better of it; he'd probably end up falling off and hurting himself. Instead, she levitated him to sit on top of her head before she approached the cooks in helping her prepare hotcakes for the both of them.

Discord Draconequus was like a stray cat, for the moment she put him down he would swat at the nearest, sparkling object and in a kitchen they were not in rare number. "Arrg!" He was suddenly hoisted up to the best perch in allllll of Canterlot. "Waaii! So ha!" Though for a wee bab it was indeed high but low enough for a scaredy-kit. He gripped her mane in a very instinctive action that seemed also clumsy with his softly gripping paws. He watched as Luna moved around, but didn't like the other helpers getting to clsoe to her. "Mine!" He would swat anypony too near with his lion's paw and growled all angry-like, but who could take serious face to a wee draconequuus? Probably those that don't realize wee bab was without any magic. He was quite a hooffull to deal with.

Princess Luna chuckled softly to herself because of Discord's reaction, and the reactions of the pony cooks who saw him. They probably didn't have a clue what was going on! All the better that they didn't, at least they could focus on helping her with the hotcakes. Cooking was a very rare thing for her, considering her title. She'd always had others to cook for her, and being in the kitchen like this made her realize how out of practice she was with it all. Well, at least she had help, and patient help at that. The smell of cooking hotcakes made her realize how hungry she was, too.

Discord Draconequus would not be careful not to drool in her mane because his rumbly tumbly was not patient for breakfast nor any meal time. It was not near-disastrously uncommon for the kit to swipe at passing hot pans or sharp utensils. Mares would just die of heart attacks there! He felt slighted as food was kept from him. Patience was never a strong suit with him and clearly it was something never developed. Impatience often brought ruin to magic and it was not anything the kit had any of. "Grrrraw!" He would wiggle his bottom in the air, using Luna's head as a starting pad. His tiny, wobbly knees bent as he jumped off her head toward one of the poor cooks who withheld his food!

Princess Luna felt that the hotcakes might turn out.. pretty good, if their smell was anything to go by! Of course, they might not get finished if Discord was going to be attacking the cooks. She felt him wiggling on top of her head (which felt a little damp from drool) before the weight left it. He was jumping at one of the cooks. Uh oh. Luna tried to catch him in her magic before he could, but he probably wouldn't do much to hurt them.. Startle them, maybe. "Please, they are almost done!"

Discord Draconequus was caught, but barely, and dangled upside down while he made a nasty ol baby glare. "Mrrrawwwo!" He growled, not liking being stopped from his masterminded plans. His plot was foolproof and yet here she was defying it! He glared at the cook and pointed his eagle's claw at him, startling the poor pony afraid he'd be turned into a chicken, or worse -- a hotcake himself! But with no magic to speak of it looked more a menacing point than a glare, but at the tip of his claw a spark that gave a little fizzle. He slumped, more like dangled in despair and groaned whinily. "Hunnnggaah Woooonaaa!" He bayed.

Princess Luna had been biting her lip, but she seemed to have managed to catch him by one foot. Whew! "I know you are hungry, but look, they are almost done!" She pointed out with a smile. The princess pulled the little upset draconequus through the air towards her and plopped him back down on top of her head. With her magic still active, she turned back to the stove and flipped the hotcakes a final time.. and soon onto two plates for the both of them. She began to move out to the dining room beyond, but before she left the kitchen, she did think to grab syrup and a bowl of fruit!

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1/7/16; Discord-sitting
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