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 Friendship Is Magic Canon List

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PostSubject: Friendship Is Magic Canon List   Friendship Is Magic Canon List Icon_minitimeThu Feb 16, 2012 12:11 am

It has come to me that players maybe signing up for more then one forum account and/applying for more then one Main Canon I need to let it be known this is not allowed that this Forum does tell me the IP address of Everypony who is logged in. I do copy and save the ones that tip my attion and if it is found that you have more then one Forum account and/or by the banish check had more then one Main Canon within the dream your IP will be blocked on the Forum and you will be banished from the dream.. This is to allow others to be able to play a Main and or have the name on the Forum they want.. So don't be a greedy pony and let others have a chance to...

List of Ponies from the show

Main Canons:
List of the main 6 characters!
You may only apply for 1 of these positions.

Secondary Mains:
List of the supportive characters!
You may only apply for 1 of these positions.

  • Spike - No Pony
  • Princess Celestia - Celestia  for skilled RPers
  • Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon -  Princess Luna for skilled RPers
  • Princess Cadance - ON HOLD for skilled RPers
  • Shining Armor - - ON HOLD for skilled RPers
  • Discord - No Pony  for skilled RPers
  • King Sombra - No Pony  for skilled RPers
  • Queen Chrysalis - Queen Chrysalis  for skilled RPers
  • Miss Cheerilee - No Pony Due to she is the teacher
  • Mayor Mane - No Pony Due to she runs Ponyville
  • Big  Macintosh -  No Pony
  • Diamond Tiara: - No Pony
  • Granny Smith: - No Pony
  • Silver Spoon: - No Pony

Cutie Mark Crusaders:

  • Apple Bloom - No Pony
  • Scootaloo - No Pony
  • Sweetie Belle - No Pony

The Wonderbolts:

  • Spitfire  - No Pony
  • Soarin' - No Pony
  • Rapidfire - Rapid Fire #sy
  • Fleetfoot - No Pony
  • Misty Fly - No Pony
  • Blaze - No Pony
  • Fire Streak - No Pony
  • High Winds - No Pony
  • Lightning Streak - No Pony
  • Silver Lining - No Pony
  • Surprise - No Pony
  • Wave Chill - No Pony

The Shadowbolts:
Added due to you will see later

  • Nightshade - No Pony
  • Starry Skies - No Pony
  • Stratus - No Pony
  • Blueball Blitz - No Pony
  • Charger - No Pony

Other Characters:
You may only have up to 2 background

  • Heart Throb - Heart Throb
  • Finger Paints - Finger Paints
  • DJ Pon-3 - Vinyl Scratched
  • Babs Seed - No Pony On Hold
  • The Great And Powerful Trixie: - No Pony
  • Garble: - No Pony
  • Lyra:  - No Pony
  • Cloud Kicker:  No Pony
  • Gilda: - No Pony
  • Flim: - No Pony
  • Flam: - No Pony
  • Spot: - No Pony
  • Rover: - No Pony
  • Fido: - No Pony
  • Braeburn: - No Pony
  • Lightning Dust Lightning Dust
  • WhizzerNo Pony
  • FlitterFlitter Pegasus

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Friendship Is Magic Canon List
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