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 (12/27/2012) The Doctor is in. [Finished]

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(12/27/2012) The Doctor is in. [Finished] Empty
PostSubject: (12/27/2012) The Doctor is in. [Finished]   (12/27/2012) The Doctor is in. [Finished] Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 4:37 pm

(You see Heart Throb.)
> Sweet talking and flirty this pony was a Heart Throb.. She chould not help but flirt with a cute Stallion when ever she seen one.. Her voice is as sweet and smoothing as honey.. with her wings stallions have told her she reminds them of a angel.. Heart was a sweet heart thats for sure.. She also does the Hoofbinding Ceremonys for Ponyville.
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. Equestria

(You see Dr. Stable.)
> The doctor is in. Reference. Cutie mark. My home. Talent/Career.

Day 1
(19:15:56) Heart Throb sighs softly and fusses at herself under her Breath "Silly girl for pushing yourself so hard you know better now you can't even fly home" she whould walk into Stables offic not really the reason she wanted to have to see him again but then again at least she knew who the Doctor was. A sigh was gave as the lady at the desk asked what seemed to be wrong with her " Well I seem to have hurt my left wing. " she whould reply as she stood there. Then again it was easy to see with the fact that her Right with was up and in the right spot but her left wing was held losely at her side

(19:22:45) Dr. Stable had been in another patients room checking in on them. He had declared they were well enough for now but he would later send another nurse in to check in again. He exited the room with their files and clipboard engulfed in his magic and levitated them to the front desk. As he himself reached the desk he spotted a familiar pegasus. She seemed to be injured, which was concerning him. "May I help you, miss Heart?" His voice was warming and calm as he dipped his head to greet the pony. He then looked to the nurse and informed her that he would take it from here.

(19:27:11) Heart Throb smiles softly and blushes at the greeting " You may call me Heart no Ms. is needed " she whould sigh softly as she walked toword him " I was running around today and had a long list I was very behind on so I pushed mayself and " she whould look to her lose wing " It seens I pushed abit to far and now I can't move my left wing. Not even to hold it right without pain. " she whould give a weak smile to him as the tip of her wing was touching the ground as she walked " Do you think that maybe you can fix it for me " she whould shake her head " I can't even get back to my house in Cloudsdale with my wing like this " a sad look was gave to him

Day 2
(10:36:43) Dr. Stable nods at the injured pegasus and gives off a concerned frown. "Well then, we shall just have to attend to this injury and get you back where you need to be then." He gave her a warm smile and dipped his head. He looked back at the nurse pony behind the desk. She instantly knew what he needed and slid over a clipboard and some files. He enveloped them into his light blue magic and carried them beside himself. "If you would follow me please, my dear. We will go have it looked at, uh, Heart." He felt it odd to not address properly.

(10:44:14) Heart Throb smiles softly at him as she noded then walked along behind him. She whould look around at the walls and into any opened room they passed on there way. Her wing tip draging on the ground as she moved the whole time thinking to herself " And to think you where on your way here later to ask him to Sugarcube for a cup of Coco. Now your here for your wing " a frustrated sigh was gave as she walked along

(10:54:36) Dr. Stable guided her into a solitude room for singlular patients. It contained a bedded table to examine patients on, a few counter tops and cabinets limed a wall, medical equipment dotted certain areas of the room as well. He opened the door for her and allowed her to step into the room first. "After you, my dear." He would bow and smile towards her. He noticed the look of frustration across her face and took it for fear instead. "Do not worry, we will have that dainty wing of yours fixed in no time!"

(11:00:10) Heart Throb nods softly as she trots into the room before him. Well more like Pranced she anways had a bit of a Prance to her step and a sway to her flank when she walked not that she ment to do it. This was just a part of how she moved " So do you think its bad? " she whould ask softly as she hopped up on the table and layed down being sure she leaned on her rigt side not her left. Her left wing streached out to her side as she tucked her legs under herself to make it easyer to stay stead. She was not at all worried she knew that she was in the best hooves at this point plus it was nice to have the Doctor all to herself for once.

(11:12:36) Dr. Stable gave her a comforting smile. "Do not worry, everything will be just fine. It will be healed soon." He set down the clipboard and files behind him on the counter top. He trotted over to the injured wing and assessed it by gazeing at it. He rubbed his forehoof to his chin and nodded after a moment. "I do think we will need to take some x-rays though." He looked from her wing to her face and smiled. "But have no fear, it will not hurt."

Day 3
(22:29:02) Heart Throb blinks softly at the talk of a x-ray she had never had one of them before. A sigh was gave as she looked at Stables " If you think thats what is needed then that is what we do. I trust you " she whould blush softly as she looked at him

(22:38:33) Dr. Stable returned the slight gesture and tried not to show his own reddening cheeks. He gave a nervous clearing of his throat and smiled. "Well, that is a relief." He spoke playfully. He nodded and excused himself from the room to retrieve the x-ray machine. He returned moments later carting the device on four wheels and being assisted by the nearest nurse. Knowing exactly what to do, the nurse pony draped a protective covering over Heart then went to assist in assembling the scanning device above Hearts wing. The pegasus nurse hovering with it in her hooves and she took a quick once over then nodded towards him. He returned the gesture and cleared her out of the room, removing the covering from Heart. "Now we simply wait for it to process." He gave her a reassuring smile and excused himself from the room once more to get the developed x-ray photo to overlook. "I will return shortly with your ressults, my dear."

(22:42:55) Heart Throb blinks softly and lays still for all the movement. She whould nod to him as he replied he whould return a sigh was gave as she looked around the room she was in waiting for him to return

(22:50:57) Dr. Stable returned and gave her a warm smile as he trotted over to the wall near the bed and opened the file he was levitating, removing the photograph and placing it up onto the lit panel to show. "Well thankfully, it is not broken. Haha. But you did strain it quite a lot so it is sprained." He paused. "So we will need to treat it but you should be just fine, my dear." He gave her a warm smile then added. "Luckily I know just what to do!" He chuckled and gave her a playful wink. "First we will need to wrap it." He walked over to the counter and rifled through it, finding bandage wrapping. He approched Heart. "May I?"

(22:55:30) Heart Throb nods softly and smile " Thank goodness its not broken " she whould watch him walk over and smile softly with a blush " Anytime " was all she replies to his question. She whould sit still and blush at him as he wraped her wing

(23:03:43) Dr. Stable attempted to stifle his nervousness and his own persistent blushes. He gave a nervous chuckle as he began to wrap her wing gently. He had never experienced such an intense emotion before. Not even during a particularly difficult surgery was he ever so nervous. Why did he feel this emotion around her? He tried to stomp it out of his thoughts but it continuously crept back in. After he had finished wrapping her wing, he used his magic and levitated an icey-hot pack from a compartment and placed it onto her wing, holding it there for some time with his magic. "Now all you need is a decent rest and to stay off of this wing, understood?" He spoke with a gentle warning and a smile.

(23:07:32) Heart Throb nods softly and sighs " Well looks like I'm traped here in Ponyville for a bit " she whould blush at him and ask softly " So how long before I can use it? " she whould bat her eyes softly at him as she moved her other wing abit streaching it out trying her best not to flirt with him to much. She knew he was probly way to busy to have time for things like that. A smile was gave back to him as she blushed and turned her head abit looking up at him.

(23:16:34) Dr. Stable gave a light chuckle. "Ouch, trapped? Why use such a term for such a wonderful little town? Hahaha." He grinned at her playfully. "Well, at the least a week, and even that is only if you are a quick healer." He pawed nervously at the floor tiling with one of his back hooves, blushing slightly. He levitated over some files and the clipboard and scribbled down notes then floated it out down the hall onto the front desk to turn it in. He placed away the icey-hot pack and stood nervously before her. He wanted to ask her if he could escort her about, but did not want to intrude. "I- if you would.." He cleared his throat. Snap out of it, Stable! You are a professional. You are a doctor! You can do this! He shook his head and cleared his throat. "If you would not mind, I- it would be a pleasure to escort you about the town. To ensure the safety and the prescribed rest of your injured wing." He gave her a smile. Then nervously removed his eyepiece from his right blue eye and cleaned it then placed it into his front chest pocket.

(23:22:56) Heart Throb smiles softly and blushes " I whould love that " she whould blink abit then look up at him " If you want to know the truth I was trying to find a way to come over and ask you if you wanted to go to Sugar Cube for a cup a coco later today " she whould smile nervously at him " That is sorta why I hurt myself. I was pushing myself to get done and still have time to come talk to you " a giggle was gave as she thought to herself "Stupid hes just being nice and doing his job. And you hit on him." she whould look over at him hopeing he didn't take it wrong of something

(23:35:17) Dr. Stable gave a warm hearted chuckle and smiled. He thought to himself how sweet. But being the medical professional that he was he instead said. "Well, haha, there is no need to rush to meet me. I am here most of the time. When you heal ponies for a living, there is hardly much time for anything else." He tried to come up with something charming but began to trip over his thoughts and words. It is quite unprofessional to flirt with your patients, he warned himself subcontiously. Well blasphemy to professionalizm. I- I like her. Which is a feeling I have never come across before. He gave her a smile. "But I think, for you, I could take a quick break." He nodded. "Then I would love to join you for a hot cup at the Sugar Cube Corner, my deart Heart." He gave her a gentlestallion bow and offered her a hoof to help her from the bed.

(23:39:38) Heart Throb nods softly and smiles " Ya I'm glad you are able to take abit of time to come have some coco with me. I exspect you are very busy and really didn't exspect you to have the time to be truthful " she whould smile and blush as she gave him her hoof to come down from the table with her wing wraped she whould be abit off balance when staning and siting for a few days " So when do you want to met. I exspect you have some others you need to get to. "

(23:46:26) Dr. Stable. After assisting her to the floor safely he answered. "As true as that is, today has actually been quite decent. Actually kind of slow. I am sure they will not miss me if I step out for a few minutes." He smiled and trotted over to hold the door open for her. "After you, my dear!" He chuckled and kept a close watchful eye of her incase she stumbled. Now don't mess this up, you ol' fool. Giving himself a quick pep-talk.

(23:49:55) Heart Throb smiles softly as she move toword the door stoping abit away from him she whould say " In truth i have a few more things I needed to do. How about we meet at Sugar Cube for lunch tomorrow? Can you get abit of time off for that? " she whould blush as she asked as she finished talking she whould go to step and stumble into him blushing heavly at this point

(23:52:38) Dr. Stable chuckled and grinned down at her as he caught her in his forearmed hooves. He held her easily with no effort for a few stilled moments, looking down at her quite stunned and blushing then helped her to stand upright slowly. "That sounds grand, my dear. I will indeed meet you." He spoke gently.

(23:54:10) Heart Throb Blushes up at him as she is held and smiles softly as she is helped back to her feet " Ok that sounds great then I will see you for lunch tomorrow? "

(23:58:05) Dr. Stable nodded and straightened himself up as well, readjusting his white medical lab coat and stethoscope because they felt oddly out of place out of his nervousness and he grinned with a blush. "But of course, my dear. It would be an honor." He let her walk out of the room first then shut the door behind them. "Where will you stay?" He spoke it before he could take it back, knowing it was not his business to ask but figured he could use being a doctor that is simply concerned about his patient theory. Then rubbed a hoof through his mane nervously.

(00:00:49) Heart Throb walks ahead of him she whould smile softly at the question " Oh I can stay in the Ponyville Chapel I run it so thats not a problom " she whould blush softly as she got to the door that lead to the deash around stopping she whould turn around and give him a hug and a kiss on the check. Blushing harder as she pulled away.

(00:08:06) Dr. Stable nodded and smiled as she informed him of her place of stay. Suddenly she had hugged and kissed him and he froze in his place. What affections! Such affections have never been giving before! This feeling, why it grows! What should I do? Medicine was one thing, but affections were entirely another. He cleared his throat nervously and blushing harder than before. He readjusted his lab coat again and gave her a dazed smile. He gave a nervous cough and returned the gesture very slowly. Lifting his hooves to hug her gently. As she was departing from him he smiled and slowly began to thaw from his frozen state, kissing her gently on one of her forehooves. "Farewell, my dear Heart. Until tomorrow!"

(00:11:07) Heart Throb smiles softly and blushes as he kisses her hoof she whould nod to him and smile " I'm looking forword to it. Sweet dreams Dr. Stables " she whould then trot out the door and to the chapel for the night

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(12/27/2012) The Doctor is in. [Finished]
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