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Just like Furcadia this dream has the same Standards as any other E8+ area in the game. Therefore, to make this easier on all of you who wish to call the dream your home, I have looked up all you need to know about E8+ Standards and I will be listing them all right here for you to read and learn.

Furcadia's Content standards & expected levels of behavior for specified dreams.

E8+: Everyone 8+ Environment

  • Suitable for even Furcadia's youngest players.
  • Appeals to adults and teens as well.
  • No inappropriate content.
  • Friendly and non-offensive behavior/language is expected.
  • Mild language may be encountered here, but is not welcome and will not occur frequently.
  • E8+ maps are also designed to offer especially friendly environments for new players.
  • T+ and E8+ dreams may load to these maps.
  • Swear filter enabled in public dreams.

Equestria E8+ Standards Breakdown

Here is the list I have put together useing Furcadia's Portrait Standards as a Base for all of you as a breakdown for what is allowed in the dream. This means this is the Rules Furcadia has set up for all E8+ dreams to follow. I am hopeing this will better show you why we have some of the rules we have in the dream.

Exposed Private Areas
  • Nothing even possibly resembling genitals or pubic hair is acceptable at the E8+ Standard.

Hand/Hoof Gesture
  • No controversial hand gestures are allowed, period. This includes anything more than, for example, the peace symbol or thumbs-up.

  • No controversial, offensive, or religious symbols, period. This does not exclude all symbols from being used.

  • No nipples, period.

  • 'Bugs Bunny' cartoon nudity and all that is acceptable. Too much cleavage, thigh or defined musculature (sixpacks) are not allowed.

  • No profanity is allowed, period.

Controlled Substances
  • No Controlled substances allowed. Undefined drinks may be allowed as long as any characters do not appear impaired/inebriated.

Sexual Content
  • Friendly hugs and clothed(or fluffy furred)cuddles are allowed.

  • Cartoon skulls and crossbones are acceptable (yay, pirates!). Sheathed/non-wielded weapons are allowed. No blood. Very limited character scarring allowed.

Bodily Fluids
  • Tears, sweat drops and comical spittle are allowed. Blood and sexual fluids are not allowed.

  • No harassing/derogatory themes will be allowed.
  • No excessively dark, depressing, violent, sexual or possibly insulting themes allowed.