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 Rainbow Dash's Application.

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PostSubject: Rainbow Dash's Application.   Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:57 pm

Canon Name:
Rainbow Dash

Furcaida Name:
Rainbow Dash

Why do you want this character?:
I'm kinda shy when it comes to RP with players I don't really know. So I mostly went and sat with people in dreams and kinda kept to myself. But since I've had the alt for a while now I've been wanting to really RP it lately. A friend of mine (Mortain) had whispered me and told me about this place. That's when I decided to check it out ever since I came into the dream people have been asking me, and wanting me to apply. Though apprehensive about RPing with lots of people, I decided to apply knowing that I am applying with a few of my friends makes it better.

How often are you online?:
Usually I'm 'ONLINE' all day everyday. The pc runs 24/7 here so unless the net goes out I'm never offline, I'm mostly reachable by whispers. I tend to log multipul alts online at once so a lot of times unless I'm focused at RD's screen, I may not see stuff going on.I also may be in another dream. I work as a staff member at Cypress Homes as well. My job irl sucks out most of my time/days as well. I go to work between 2pm till 11:30pm and I'm mostly unavailable before or after those times. However I do have days off that alternate depending on the week.

Element of Harmony its Loyalty. She tends to he following traits at times: Overzealous, Competitive, Semi-Arrogant, Lazy, Blunt (Honest, but rude about it), Big-hearted, and loves to boast about her skills. Also, every now and then she reads books, and likes to prank her friends.

Sample Post:
It was summer and the air was warm, the sun was shining and there was a few clouds blowing in the wind here ant there. Atop one of the clouds was a small pony, whose mane was a brilliant mixture of colors. Stretching out her forelegs before rubbing her eyes as they fluttered open. Rolling over onto her belly she looked down over the cloud at the village below. She watched as the ponies below moved back and fourth throughout the town. In the midst of taking care of business as usual. It was quiet, and this pony was getting bored. She need excitement and something fun to do "Time to go see if any of my friends are up to joining in on activity today.."

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Lauren Faust
Lauren Faust

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PostSubject: Re: Rainbow Dash's Application.   Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:15 pm


You Most get a Approve from both myself and Macintosh to be allowed to rp within the dream.
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PostSubject: Re: Rainbow Dash's Application.   Mon Dec 24, 2012 5:36 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Rainbow Dash's Application.   

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Rainbow Dash's Application.
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