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 (12/22/12) Along the way to Zecora's hut.

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(12/22/12) Along the way to Zecora's hut. Empty
PostSubject: (12/22/12) Along the way to Zecora's hut.   (12/22/12) Along the way to Zecora's hut. Icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2012 9:34 am

(You see Ugly Bristle.)
> A lanky and tall unicorn colt, bone-white. Usually found in a cape, it can be sometimes hard to spot his cutie mark -- a musical staff and bars of music, curled into a tight spiral. His mane and tail are both long and black, his left eye yellow, his right a very pale blue. A soft red glow can be observed around his horn -- even when just what he is doing magic on is not evident. Oh -- and he has possibly the worst name in all Equestria.

(You see Spikey Wikey.)
>Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant! Also the best little dragon brother a unicorn could ask for.

Spikey Wikey slips from tree to tree, a rather large tome tucked under one arm, peering into the dark parts of the forest as he creeps forward. "Come on, Spike. You know where Zecora's place is. Just think..." he mutters to himself. "Twilight is counting on you." Well, he hadn't really told Twilight he was doing this, and she would probably have objected, but he knew that she'd be so much happier if Zecora could get the second edition of Supernaturals delivered without her having to brave another cockatrice. And being a dragon totally made him scarier than most things in the forest... didn't it?

Ugly Bristle might disagree with that... then again, he'd had his own experiences with some of the strange beasts in these woods. They were nothing like those in the rest of Equestria, that was for certain. And so, in a way, he felt he belonged. Ugly Bristle was resting in his home, a sort of hollow beneath the extraordinarily overgrown roots of a giant, gnarled tree, when he heard the approach of what must have been some animal and stepped outside to investigate. Funny things, one saw in the Everfree forest... trees that seemed to come to life, rocks that seemed unnaturally sharp, shadows that threatened. Why, for a moment, it even appeared as if Spike had seen some horrible creature -- something with bone and gnarled flesh. Then, a noise of tramping and magic -- and at once, there stood this white and lanky unicorn, his horn aglow with red. "What are you..." He meant to add 'doing here'. It didn't come out.

Spikey Wikey scrambled back, his spines digging into the dirt beneath him as he fell on his back, holding the book up in front of him as a feeble shield. He barely makes it a few feet away, hardly daring to look at the red and bone-white apparition before him. "I'm a dragon!" He

Spikey Wikey squeaks. "Get back or I'll... I'll do something!"

Ugly Bristle stepped up even closer, front hooves filling the little dragon's view. He was taller than the average pony, though with little to none of the impressive bulk of some colts like Big Mac or Shining Armour. He squinted his mismatched eyes. "You don't look like a dragon. You're kinda... small and... cuddly-looking." He came off as so threatening, tone low. But his words? Not so much.

Spikey Wikey peers up hesitantly from behind the book, looking Bristle up and down. "um... yeah. And you're just a unicorn." He scrambles up to his feet, securing the book under his arm again. "You shouldn't go around sneaking up on people like that. You could scare someone. Not that I was scared or anything!" He does his best to look fierce, but it just comes off as cute.

Ugly Bristle gave what came off as a skeptical expression; though with one yellow eye, and one extremely pale blue, his eyes always looked a bit off-kilter. "Yes, you were," he muttered quietly, pawing at the ground and glancing away. The colt was still visibly doing magic, but just what he was affecting was hidden. Maybe he was keeping a branch or something from hitting him in the face. "Sorry. I didn't mean... this is just where I live. Are you all right? I meant to ask... what are you doing here?" Now he was acting more... hm. Did shy count as friendly? Well, maybe, compared to an attempt at intimidation.

Spikey Wikey holds up the book. "Would you believe emergency book delivery? Zecora's been waiting for this to get to ponyville for weeks, so she asked Twilight to bring it to her as soon as it got here, but... well..." he suddenly looks uncomfortable, unwilling to give away his big sister's moment of weakness. Then he changes the subject. "So you live out here too? I thought hardly anypony was even willing to come out here."

Ugly Bristle seemed to perk up a bit at a mention of Zecora. Not that he knew the zebra well, but he was, of course, aware of her and had exchanged pleasantries once or twice. Now there was a pony he could admire. She spoke in rhyme and made potions he didn't understand! Positively fascinating! "This is true. It can be dangerous. But I don't think I'd be able to sleep in the city." He paused. "All that noise." What, in Ponyville? Nonsense! "I could help you find your way..."

Spikey Wikey waves a claw in protest. "I wasn't lost! But, umm... I guess I wouldn't mind the company, if we were going the same way, y'know..." He immediately turns and begins walking off, again in the wrong direction.

Ugly Bristle rolls his mismatched eyes, long tail which nearly touches the ground swishing. "No. Turn right, Dragon -- just -- follow me." His horn simply does not stop glowing as he begins to walk. The colt has a slightly morose attitude about him. But he is totally unafraid, where he is -- and just as glad for the company. "Are you really a dragon?"

Spikey Wikey turns on a dime, following now without breaking his stride. "I knew that!" He marches on easily, rolling over little hillocks a pony would avoid. At the question, he puffs up his chest. "Absolutely! I'm a little young, but I am one hundred percent dragon! I even got really big and scary once..." he trails off, getting a little sad.

Ugly Bristle glances sidelong to Spike. It is what is known as a Significant Glance. "Didn't like it, hm?" His step is careful and sure; being mostly bone-white, he's fantastically easy to spot through the fog, particularly with the red glow of his magic.

Spikey Wikey shakes his head, cast back to that day. "Well, at first it was really fun, but then... I saw what I was doing..." he swallows. "After that I even had to get rid of my stamp collection, just to make sure I didn't get back into the hoarding habit."

Ugly Bristle goes quiet for a bit. His ears slowly pin; the unicorn seems to be deep in thought. On further inspection, more details become visible. The tired look around his eyes; the music-swirl cutie mark. Finally, he remarks. "That's too bad... sometimes I think I like gems as much as a dragon."

Spikey Wikey scoffs, rolling his eyes. "Gems are easy. They never last long enough to hoard around me." The quiet lingers on for a bit, and spike grows concerned. "Hey, are you alright? Did I say something wrong?" He rushes forward to another little hillock, climbing up it quickly to get at eye-level with the gangly pony.

Ugly Bristle stares dully into space, his expression so sad, and then is shocked to find green baby dragon eyes right where he is staring. For a moment, there's something like a flash of light. Just another scary trick of the light so common in the Everfree forest, for maybe a fraction of a second -- but he doesn't react to it at all. "Hmm? Sorry. I kind of... spaced out there. What was your name?"

Spikey Wikey blinks a couple of times, then shrugs and lets it drop and keeps moving along with him. "Oh, I'm Spike. Usually I'm helping out around the library in Ponyville. You must really not go into town often if you haven't even heard of me."

Ugly Bristle shakes his head. "No. I've gone into town... a few times, though. It's really crowded a lot of the time. There's a library? Is it anything like the one in Canterlot?" Typical; it seemed every unicorn had been to Canterlot at least once. Still he seems a bit cheered up by the change in conversation.

Spikey Wikey keeps rolling along companionably, seeming willing to talk about ponyville for hours. "It's a lot smaller than the library in Canterlot, but it's almost as comprehensive if Twilight and I have anything to say about it. Seriously, you should drop by if you ever need anything. It's usually pretty quiet there. Most of the time..."

Ugly Bristle looks positively excited by the idea. "I think I will..." and soon they have actually arrived at Zecora's hut, lit in strange colours and surrounded by strange herbal aromas. He is hesitant -- for all his respect, even this unicorn is a bit intimidated by the zebra.

Spikey Wikey bounces forward, rapping at the door without giving it a second thought. When the door opens, and the zebra comments in rhyme on Spike's bravery and foolishness in coming here alone, he turns to mention the odd unicorn companion only to find him vanished with hardly a trace.
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(12/22/12) Along the way to Zecora's hut.
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