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 [12/21/12] Watch those clouds!

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How'd ya like it?
Awesome as a Wonderbolts fly-by!
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Could've been better, but not by much!
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I didn't like it too well.
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Dude, Captain Spitfire really is a jerk. D:
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PostSubject: [12/21/12] Watch those clouds!   [12/21/12] Watch those clouds! Icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2012 5:15 am

This was a scene including myself, Rainmaker, Rapid Fire FLW and Radiant Flame. I've only edited to add line breaks between posts, and clear out adverts and some unnecessary OOC dialog. Enjoy!

(00:46:18) Captain|Spitfire: [Scene: Spitfire and Rapid Fire are executing training maneuvers through Ponyville airspace, when they are intercepted by Rainmaker, who can't finish her weather duties because of the two invading fliers. And Radiant... You do stuff, too?]
(00:47:52) Rainmaker: [I totally know what the issue is, you guys have moved a training course of clouds into ponyville airspace, and this will throw the expected quotas off. And Rain is kinda a stickler for that. Is that ok?]
(00:48:24) Captain|Spitfire: [Beautiful. And Radiant is just a nosy little filly with nothing better to do on a saturday.]
(00:48:36) Radiant Flame: hey D:]

(00:55:38) Captain Spitfire grunts as she dips below two very heavy cumulus, goggles mashed to her snout. Quite uncomfortably. Her suit had already dampened with a mixture of sweat and droplets from the last two clouds she skimmed, making her golden wings fight to keep her airborne. "Two more right hooks and we land, Rapid!" she shouted, giving rudimentary hoof jabs to show her intentions to her wingpony. Training was going fairly well, as the clouds she had flown in were keeping their positions, more or less, with their practice flights, though a few had begun to break apart, making the airspace a bit more treacherous to unfamiliar fliers. First cut to the right, and the leader of the Wonderbolts was blinded by a few wispsy strands of the last cloud she passed, making her veer down lower, right over one of Ponyville's many travel paths, and dangerously clost to a passing filly. A few hard flaps sent her shooting back into the course, dodging weatherpony-issue thunderheads that would've unseated Rapid if he wasn't right on her tail. Something always went wrong when the Weatherfeathers were involved, she thought.

(01:05:10) Rapid Fire FLW had his goggles on, going through clouds didnt bother him much with his rubbler wonderbolt costume. He stayed right on Spitfire's wing, nodding when she signaled at him. When she dove and got close to the filly he seen that he would run into the weather filly so he switched sides, almost at an instant, letting off his peralesent contrails for a short moment. He would be on Spitfire's other side now, keeping up with only minor difficulties, only the ones she was expirencing. He had been a bolt for a while, and predicting obstical paths was what he was good at.

(01:12:46) Radiant Flame was bouncing along the path, enjoying the scenery. The little firebug was so happy to be in her world again. She giggled and smiled at the pastel colored ground and at the lollipops that formed from the earth, sprouted like flowers across the land. As she was bouncing along a sudden flash of blue flew past her, almost crashing into her before she had realized it. She had paused mid bounced and ducked just in case. That was odd, what was that!? She thought to herself. She looked up to see a pair of Wonderbolts racing along and giggled. Oh, it was just them. She waved at the ponies in the air and then looked around, wondering why they would be here in the first place. Didn't they normally only show up for important things? She shrugged and was about to continue to bounce along on her way when she spotted her dear old friend Balloonicorn floating on by. She beamed up at him and waved her hoof excitedly in greeting. "Hello Mr. Balloonicorn!! It's so nice to see you! Where are you off to in such a hurry?" Although to everypony else she was talking to herself it would seem like. The air inflated blow-up unicorn answered her. "Hello Miss Flame! I was just trying to catch up to those other ponies. I think one of them is a mare!" Mr. Balloonicorn waggled his designed on brows. The firebug blushed and shook her head with a playful dissaproval. "Mr. Balloonicorn! Don't bother her! You know you have a wife you silly thing!" Then she giggled and stood there chatting to her friend, oblivious to the real world.

(01:23:01) Rainmaker Comes flying hard from the folliage somewhere in the whitetail woods, a grim determination to her features. Within a few minutes, she reaches the patch of sky the wonderbolts are using for their training course, managing a personal speed record as she almost keeps up with Spitfire for a few seconds, following her through the course. After about a minute of chase, she finally manages to get in front of the captain as she takes a loop that Rainmaker misses entirely, and can actually get her attention by hovering in place and waving her forelegs. "Hey! Hey!"

(01:32:29) Captain Spitfire yelps and strains her wings, buffetting the air in front of her as she slams on the air-brakes, just barely stopping before the blueshape in front of her. Panting hard, the commander knocks her goggles off with a brisk swat of her hoof, wincing at the *pop* as they freed themselves from her face. "WHAT DO YOU WANT? WE'RE TRAINING HERE!" she bellows, impervious to the heavy clouds listing around her, and the relatively short space between the two mares. Firey eyes flashed as she stared the Weatherfeather down, flight suit sagged a bit since she had come to a stop, hovering with shaky wingbeats from the effort it took to stop. "I'll see you on the ground! RAPID, DESCEND!" she cried, jabbing her right hoof down and darting the few hundred feet to the ground with minimal effort, coming to a heavy stop as her suited hooves planted earth. Paitiently waiting for the weathermare to follow, oblivious to the nearby unicorn filly that she nearly took out on her highly unauthorized flyby.

(01:38:43) Captain Spitfire should change her name to Captain Douche. >:3[]
(01:40:14) Radiant Flame nods then applejackguiltfaces >>;]]

(01:40:40) Rapid Fire FLW stops, and listens to them talk, not saying anything yet,. He decends and gently lands upon the ground next to Spitfire. In a deep batman like voice he addressed the captain. "You know I don't like you using my name in front of ponies. I don't like all that fame." He would almost scoul at her through his goggles, but would would refrain from doing so. He then would turn to see what Rainmaker had to say.

(01:45:41) Radiant Flame was suddenly distracted by all of the fuss and finished up her chat with her friend, she waved him goodbye as he float-bounced away. She got to her hooves and wanted to greet the ponies nearby, but felt as if there wastrouble brewing. She stood on the other side of the pathway, hesitant to walk over there. She wanted to meet the ponies and say hello. She bit her lip. What to do? What to do? She waited, then made a few steps closer then stopped just a couple of pony lengths away. She took in a deep breath and put on her bright smile. "Hi there! I'm Radiant Flame, but..most just call me firebug." She grined and bounced in place in excitement.

(01:49:28) Rainmaker is struck in the air for a moment as she finally gets a decent look at the wonderbolt, realizing who exactly she just shouted out. She takes a moment to breath as Spitfire gathers her wingmate and descends, swallowing hard. "Alright, I just did that, I can't back down now... time to put on your big mare saddle," she whispers, letting the wonderbolts determine the landing spot and lifts down to it. She flinches at Spitfire's glare, but returns the gaze after just a moment. "Look, I know that the... the Wonderbolts have intense training needs, but you can't just pull this many clouds into an airspace without at least some advance notice! This is going to throw off our weather models for weeks!"

(01:59:37) Captain Spitfire took the brief interlude to catch her breath, which would soon be used in intense 'negotiations' with the wayward weathermare. "We have had clearance to seed this airspace for WEEKS! Do you know how much... -nnh!- how much effort it took just to convince the greymanes that make the weather patterns to let us bring fresh stratus from Cloudsdale?" she raged, trying to fight back the soreness in her wings from the abrupt stop. "And not only did you interrupt our training pattern by not clearing the sky before 1600, you flew into our -restricted- airspace! You're lucky you didn't get creamed after our last bank, or worse! Not to mention this little filly here...!" she jabbed a hoof in Radiant's direction, but didn't acknowledge her further, beginning to pant a bit from raising her voice. "Who is lucky she didn't get a faceful of my wing from having to do a ground level incursion! JUST HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A WEATHERPONY?!"

(02:04:08) Rapid Fire FLW thought that the captian was saying enough, so he kept quiet for the moment. He would just look at her, and have a questioning expression, If one could be done with goggles. He would see where this may go before speaking up.

(02:10:03) Radiant Flame was about to take another step closer to the gathered ponies when she was pointed at in anger. Her ears went back and her mouth opened a gape. She noticed she was being refered to as a 'little filly'. She tried not to be offended by that rude remark. As much as she may act it, she was indeed not a little filly any longer. She began to try to speak up louder. "Hey! I am not a little filly. I am a mare thank you!" She tried to keep a smile on her face. This pony isnt very nice... She thought to herself. She noticed the silent stallion and wanted to greet him. Maybe he would be friendlier to her? With her ears back and her tail drooped, she attempted to wave a hoof at the wonderbolt. All she wanted to do was make new friends..She was beginning to miss Mr. Balloonicorn.

(02:17:03) Rainmaker winces hard at Spitfire's shouting, her mind spinning a thousand miles a minute as she tries to compose her response. Her legs shake a little while she works through her uncertainty and thinks over the schedules and memos that make up her career. "Five years, Captain. And I'm not the one whose been incompetent here, though it's obvious somepony has been. The thunderheads were on the schedule for today, while the import of stratus for training purposes and the restricted airspace wasn't." She sighs. "When I first saw you up here, I thought it was Rainbow Dash using her position to be a danger to the entire town again. No one on the ground has any idea this was supposed to happen today." She takes a hard breath. "And I know they didn't tell the pony who makes the schedule for the next month's cloud import, because that pony is me."

(02:25:56) Captain Spitfire positively boils at the weather pony's retort, orange mane bristled despite the heavy sweat that soaked in, wings flared out to her sides... And slowly lowered into place. The captain's head lowered a bit as she shook it, grimacing again at the soreness that her training chase had put her through. "Well then..." she draws a heavy breath herself, the exhale coming as steam out her nostrils, head rising once more. "Allow me to apologize, Weathermare. It seems the cadet I put in charge of the Weather Liason Division has some explaining to do. If our operation here has disturbed you, and it seems it has, let me offer the Academy's full services to returning your airspace to its correct configuration. The Wonderbolts have a duty to not impose on the citizens of Equestria, and I do not intend to breach that trust any further. Rapid, please escort our friend to Cloudsdale, and assist her with the logistics necessary to clear this sector. I will remain here, and hopefully not disrupt anything else. Perhaps I'll give our young fan here a few laps through some of the lighter cells while I await your return." she sighs, raising a hoof to her temple in an attempt to massage some of the stress away. It was going to be a hell of a lot of paperwork to clear this mess up, she knew.

(02:31:39) Rapid Fire FLW was happy that this wasn't escilating any further. He would wave at Radiant, then approach her. "Hello there. Where you enjoying the show?" He would ask, dropping the batman voice and speaking with the regular voice he had which was soft and kind of sweet. He would smile a pretty wide smile to her.

(02:36:41) Radiant Flame grinned brightly and instantly regained her cheerful self. She stood and looked up at the wonderbolt. "I was! I think.. at least, until the almost crash, hehe." Her voice happy and filled with innocent bliss once more. "You are an amazing flier! I wish I could fly...I tried to once with my magic! But my wings were made of flames and..well..bad things happened." She grinned with a 'heheh' look upon her face and tried to contain her excitement to bounce in place. She was so happy he had acknowledged her! Was she making a new friend? She giggled. "It is a pleasure to meet you!"

(02:42:46) Rainmaker takes a few steps back, looking almost more afraid of the wonderbolt captain's apology than she would have been in the face of continued argument. "R-really, I just needed to establish what was going on and make sure it didn't keep happening, I mean I could go let the mayor know and adjust the forecast to compensate, and it wouldn't be the first time the higher ups have promised things and forgotten to tell anypony about it. You don't need to go out of your way..." She scuffs a hoof in the dirt, looking not quite away at rapidfire, blushing a little bit. She tried desperately to keep her mind clear, thinking 'do not be unprofessional, I know he's a wonderbolt and he's right there and she's offering to have him escort me to canterlot and calm down this is just a part of the job...' She bites her lower lip and turns back to Spitfire. "I really am sorry to have to inconvenience you like this."

(02:50:17) Captain Spitfire shakes her head slowly at the mare's suggestions. Her training flights were already done, anyway, with her sore wings, and Rapid seemed more interested in playing with the unicorn than to do any more laps. "Please, allow me to fix what has been broken. The problem will only exacerbate itself if we try to accomodate it now, believe me." she insisted, planting a forehoof rather firmly in front of her, indicating that she absolutely wouldn't be swayed again. "Besides, the quicker we return to Cloudsdale, the quicker I can reschedule tonight's training sortees so that this doesn't happen again. We aren't slated for another Ponyville run for at least another month." she suggested, taking a step forward. And slowly, she bowed, wings splaying loosely. "Allow me to escort you, please. Rapid seems to be enjoying himself, and I'd rather not do this in the dark."

(02:54:50) Rapid Fire FLW blinked under his goggles, "fire wings? that sounds fun!!" he would almost jump. "with practice comes ability. dont believe miss drill seargent here, anypony with wings can learn how to fly well."

(02:58:53) Radiant Flame beamed up at the pegasus and smiled. "Hehe, well thank you! I might try it again, but I would have to be away from everything...well...burnable." She tried not to grin at the thought of burning flames. She giggled excitedly. "I never caught your name!" She too began to bounce slightly in her place, her excitement almost overtaking her. Her 'vision' coming and going as it does sometimes. She wished it would stay all the time. It cheers her up and makes everything better for her.

(03:03:48) Rainmaker lets out a breath, relaxing finally, really glad that this boneheaded move hadn't cost her her job. "Alright. I guess I'd rather have you on hand when I track down who forgot to file their paperwork and caused this mess." She grins maliciously for a moment, then looks back and tests her wings. 'And I would have to be brain damaged to turn Spitfire, captian of the wonderbolts, down when she's offering to fly with me,' she tried not to think. She looks back. "I'm ready to go whenever you are."

(03:09:04) Radiant Flame: goodnight guys, im sorry i have to go Dx]]
(03:09:07) Rainmaker: [we could continue if Rapid is interested in watching.]
(03:09:17) Captain|Spitfire: [Goodnight, Radiant! Thanks for joining!]
(03:09:21) Rainmaker: [It's alright. We understand. It's hard out there in mountain time.]
(03:09:40) Radiant Flame: yes xD thanks! nightynight c: ]]
(03:09:48) Rapid Fire FLW: [go on]
(03:11:18) Captain|Spitfire: [Alright, typing now~]

(03:16:54) Captain Spitfire takes a moment to stretch her wings and reseat her goggles, producing a second pair of the Wonderbolt-issue eyewear for the weatherpony. "Here, take these... The least I could do for nearly blowing you over with my angry words. You'll need them when we break through the cloudbank." she offered the equipment, the weathermare's words softening her demeanor greatly, even as she tried to play it off. "And, you know... I never did ask your name, what, me too busy shouting at you... What do they call you, Weatherfeather?" she smirked a bit as she used the lull to stretch a bit more, her wings returning to their normal state after being unused for a bit, and not nearly as sore.

(03:22:30) Rainmaker Smiles as she carefully sets the goggles over her braided mane. "I-I'm Rainmaker. I know it's kind of an... obvious name for a weatherpony, but it's something I've always taken seriously." She adjusts the goggles with a hoof for a moment self consciously. "I'm sorry about interrupting your routine, I just looked up and saw this huge unplanned for cloudmass and something just kind of... snapped."

(03:27:48) Captain Spitfire nods at her explanation, the golden pegasus fiddling with a buckle on her flightsuit, then gesturing to her new wingpony. "We climb up five hundred feet, then punch through the lowest cloud level. After that, we make a turn to seven sero, straight on to Cloudsdale. Stay on my left wing and you'll miss the thundercells we brought in for training. Do your best to keep up, weatherfeather." she teased lightly at the end, smirking before leaping into the sky, embers dancing through her tail as she picked up speed with her rejuvenated wings.

(03:34:04) Rainmaker Grins, nodding, trying to act cool and conceal her thousand-mile-per-hour heartbeat. "I'll do my best!" She shouts after her, jumping into the sky behind Spitfire. She doesn't have the wingpower of a Wonderbolt, but her compact body allows her to nearly keep pace with what spitfire probably considers a leasurely flight skyward. She's going to feel it in the morning, but she isn't going to let anything hold her back in front of the Captain Spitfire.

(03:41:28) Captain Spitfire doesn't exactly have her full wingpower back from the recent training run, but kept enough energy to give the weather pegasus a good fight against her wake. Forehooves skyward, she gained enough momentum to shatter the low ceiling clouds with a sonic boom, before slowing up a bit for her wingpony to stay close. Thankfully, most of the cloud cover she had had flown in was in various stages of dissipation, thanks to her and Rapid's cutting through them during flight ops, so there wasn't much to impede her companion.

(03:45:36) Rainmaker Struggles a bit to keep up, but clearly has significant experience flying against a hard wind. She''s clearly not a competitive flyer, but isn't completely left behind. By the time they reach the top, however, she's clearly near the end of her stamina from the push to keep up with one of Equestria's strongest flyers.

And then I totally passed the buck out. D:

But, woohoo! First post for the RP forum!

Comments, criticisms, suggestions are always welcome. Please keep 'em friendly!

~ Cap'n Spitfire.
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[12/21/12] Watch those clouds!
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