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 Stalwart Shield

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PostSubject: Stalwart Shield   Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:41 am

Full (furcadia) Name: Stalwart Shield

Alias/Nickname: None


Age: Young Stallion

Generation: Gen 4

Species: Pegasus

Location: Travels, working as a private security and body guard

Appearance: A tall, muscular pegasus stood before you, his powerful wings folded neatly at his sides. His eyes and coat were a deep blue, contrasting with the pale gray of his mane and tail, which were much like the shade of clouds that had just finished emptying themselves of rain and were being blown (or pushed, as the case may be) elsewhere. On his flank was an image of a simple stone fortress, the mark that denoted his purpose in life. Though he wore a very stern expression, his heart was gentle and pure, and held the deep seated desire to protect others...with his very life, if need be.

Personality: Very protective of those he loves, somewhat stern and stoic, though he has a very gentle spirit. Stalwart is sometimes rather reserved, but can be rather outgoing if he wishes to be. However, he is generally more of an observer. He is far from passive, though, and most certainly possesses qualities vital in a leader of stallions. His greatest aspiration is to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Royal Guard.

Sample Post: Stalwart surveyed the scene with a keen eye from behind some sunglasses. His job tonight was to follow the pony who had paid him wherever he went, and assure that no harm came to him. Every moment he was scanning the occupants of the ballroom, taking in their features, carefully measuring what their intentions were likely to be. The pegasus stallion was ever vigilant; he was regarded as one of the best at what he did for a reason. Where other bodyguards would slack off, maybe have a drink or two, nothing was further from Stalwart's mind. He never let down his guard when on a job; that was just asking for trouble. If someone wanted to make trouble, he'd be ready to bust some heads, but otherwise, he'd continue to stand a short distance away from his charge, never wavering.

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Stalwart Shield
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