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 How To Get Bits In Game

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PostSubject: How To Get Bits In Game   How To Get Bits In Game Icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2012 8:39 pm

There are a few ways to get Bits in Equestria. Here are the ways we have set up for you so far.
Currently we do not have the bit system up and running

Dream Currency Converted
Gold Bar = 1 GDS/$1
Bit = 1 SDS/ 10 cents
Cent = 1 CDS/ 1 penny

You can Buy Bits with Dragon Scales or Money. Dragon Scales are to be donated to the bot Equestria. You can donate money useing the donate button here on this page. All cash will go to the dream it can be for extra Patcher help, Coder Help, the Dream packs or SS on the dream uploaders, or to buy prizes for the events or parties. The more we have donated to faster the dreams can be made and the more we can offer at parties and event.

Paypal Donateing will take a day or two to complete please whisper the bot the Email, Name, Total Amount, Alt/Alts you wish to put it on and Amounts for each alt.

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How To Get Bits In Game
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