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 Dr. Stable's OC Application

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PostSubject: Dr. Stable's OC Application   Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:57 am

(I hope this gets to the proper area, my deepest apologies if it does not!)

Full (furcadia) Name: Dr. Stable

Alias/Nickname: Doctor, Dr., Stable, Doc

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion.

Generation: Most anything from Gen 1 (original) to most modern (FiM) is allowed: Generation 4, I presume.

Species: Along with many different gens there's many different species. Which is yours?: Unicorn stallion.

Location: Where does your canon live?: He has come from Canterlot, into Ponyville to see if he is needed more there and to get a feel for more of his Equestria home.

Status: Optional. This is just to let us know if your canon has a love interest: Single. He has no 'special somepony' as of late.

Appearance: 3-5 lines is great, or you can use a picture: I would like to use my picture, but it had stated to me that I was not allowed at this time.

Personality: 1 paragraph (3-5 lines) please. Dr. Stable is a well renowned medical physician. His love for the medical field and helping others is how he discovered himself long ago and earned his mark. He is gentle, kind, and caring. He has great pride and understanding in his work and thrives in helping his fellow ponies, no matter what it takes. He is quite 'old fashioned' and fancy when it comes his taste in lifestyle and clothes, but when his profession calls it is only the newest and best methods used! He cares for all, young and old, and holds a deep compassion for what he does.

Sample Post: 5 lines minimum, but more lets us get a better feel for your character.
The fancy stallion was found in his office at his work place. Having just finished a treatment of a patient, he went to take a relaxful break for a few moments before returning to his job. He placed away his monocle as he only needed it when he had to see to a tediously detailed and concentrated task. He let a relaxed sigh escape him and he smiled inwardly to himself, proud of his previous work. He sat back in his chair behind his desk and closed his eyes for a few moments to reflect. After what only seemed like a few minutes, actually was about half an hour, a nurse pony poked her head in his office and called to him that he was needed for another procedure. He opened his bright blue and gentle eyes casually and smiled, his voice soft and calm. "Alright nurse, thank you." She nodded and ducked out. He gave a light chuckle, took a stretch for his muscles, and got to his hooves. He placed his stethoscope and monocle back into place using his magical ability and pulled his white medical coat over his upper torso and trotted out into the hall with a warm smile. Just another day getting to do what I love the most, he thought, and went to go see his next patient.
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Lauren Faust
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Stable's OC Application   Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:14 am


You Most get a Approve from both myself and Macintosh to be allowed to rp within the dream
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Stable's OC Application   Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:42 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Stable's OC Application   

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Dr. Stable's OC Application
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