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 Patcher Application Form

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Patcher Application Form Empty
PostSubject: Patcher Application Form   Patcher Application Form Icon_minitimeFri Jan 22, 2016 3:29 am

Head Patcher: Princess Luna
Here is EQ we hire Patchers to patch full building inside and out.. And some full areas..
when you commit to patching a building/area we ask that you see it though we do not wish to have the buildings/areas a mix match from more then one patcher..
If you feel you can not do a full building/area please contact the head patcher to talk about how you can still help.
Bellow is a list of the buildings/areas needed and who is working on them. All buildings/areas with [Open] Beside them can be added to your app if you wish to do them..
One only allow you to work on one building/area at a time.. No holds on other buildings/areas..

  • Sugarcube Corner - Bygone
  • Outdoor Items/Floors - Kono
  • Everfree - Jethro
  • Friendship Castle - Open
  • Rainbow Dash's House - Open
  • Ponyville Houses - Open (Only needs outside for 5 types)
  • Zacora's Hut - Open
  • Fluttershy's Cottage - Open
  • Carousel Boutique - Open
  • Sweet Apple Acres - Open
  • Ponyville School House - Open
  • Town Hall - Open
  • Marketplace - Open
  • Day Spa - Open
  • Clovers CafĂ© - Open
  • Ponyville Hospital - Open
  • Old Ponies Home - Open
  • Ponyville Gym - Open
  • Ponyville Park - Open
  • Train Station - Open
  • Train/Inside Train Cars - Open
  • Generic Items, Walls, & Floors - (Multiple People) Keiroko,


Patcher Application Skeleton

What name will you be using in the dream?

Do you have a active Skype? (We have a chat in Skype set up for all the patchers to be able to talk and update each other you will need to be added to)

How active are you?

Furthermore, how many hours will you be able to contribute to patching for us?

What kind of patches do you wish to do for us (Items, avatars, portraits, floors, walls)?

Do you do patchwork anywhere else? If yes, please state where. (Please know that if you wish to join the team, Equestria should be your first priority).

Please show us some examples of your work:

How well will your style mesh with the show's style? Make 1-2 examples to show us as a test attempt.

(While this is volunteer work, all patches made for Equestria shall belong to and only be used by Equestria. They cannot be resold/redistrubuted for any reason. Please keep this in mind!)
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Patcher Application Form
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