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 1/24/16; To Triumph Over the Dark

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Princess Luna

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1/24/16; To Triumph Over the Dark Empty
PostSubject: 1/24/16; To Triumph Over the Dark   1/24/16; To Triumph Over the Dark Icon_minitimeFri Jan 22, 2016 1:47 am

Mirage Moon mumbled slightly as he flipped through the same book for about the two thousand time and the voice in his head kept saying the one thing over and over again. Her Time is over...time for a new rule to take her place...the rule of darkness...Mira closed the book with his crimson magic and frowned as he looked over the cover once again History of Princess Celestia...was the title of the book. It had most all the current information in it even from the banishing of her sister which he saw no point in that decision other than she wanted to rule alone. He rolled his eyes and sighed slightly as he looked out the window to the castle that was clearly viewable from his house. Mira didn't always live in Canterlot how ever in fact he was for all he knew an orphan.
Mirage Moon doesn't really know who his parents were nor if he had anypony else that he was related to and he doesn't really remember any of his past at all other than he awoke up twenty years ago in the Everfree without any memories of how or why. He was alone for all that time growing up he quickly had to learn how to survive the harshness of the Everfree and in doing so it made him dark and cruel than most as the forest seemed to consume his fun loving and carefree self. Soon he would discover his talent that saved his life from the predators inside it; by projecting false images into other timber wolves minds he was able to scare them off making them believe they were on fire. After he did that he found that he was not their prey, but a young wolf pup was and they became companions that explored the Everfree together.
Mirage Moon was about ten when he first heard the hatred inside his soul as it was claiming that Celestia was a disease and deserved to be wiped out, but Mira didn't listen and he was strong enough willed to fight it for now. Little did he know it would later consume him the more he fought the stronger it became. As he went on he eventually made his way to Canterlot and found a conveniently abandoned mansion which used to be a library, but was long sense forgotten about. Mira sat up his residence there as he cleaned it and organized it and so happened discovered some lost books in it that told of Celestia which would feed on the darkness even more. He sighed slightly as the memories faded and he snapped his attention to the book once more. It so happened to be also convenient that the mansion was in close range of the castle so he could keep an eye on the current events there. He got up and placed the book aside as he made his way to the door.
Mirage Moon turned his head slightly to Luna who whimpered on the bottom of the stairs; staring at him, "It will be alright...I will be back shortly..." He told his wolf companion whom seemed uncertain and then Mira smiled, "If you are that worried...just come with me." He said with a little smile. Luna let out a bark and started to follow him as he opened the door and the two started their way to the castle; it was late and hardly any pony was out and about in the streets.

Princeshë Celestia found herself sitting in the throne room as court finally came to a close. Today was a somewhat calm day compared to normal, which was something that she could always be thankful of. However the day was slowly dwindling to the end and she was starting to feel rather drained compared to before. Not too long now and she'd have leave to sleep while Luna reigned over the night... A stack of papers floated from next to the throne and she grimaced at the sight of them. She just needed to look through these before she could retire, yes? One after another the papers lazily drifted through the air before her; just long enough for her to read through the information written out and sign her approval or disapproval.... Then, of course, those papers would head to Luna in the night court in the end. The alicorn stood and began to slowly pace back and forth while she read, occasionally muttering something about the lunacy of a particular request or affirming another...

Mirage Moon approached the castle and saw the two guards standing watch it was almost time for a shift in the guard, but he couldn't wait for then he needed in now. He looked to Luna and grinned, "Do ya thing." She nodded and started to run at the entrance to the gate as Mira hid close by to watch. The wolf ran passed the guards who both eeped in surprised and started chasing it calling for it to stop or not allowed here. Mira waited until Luna lured the guards away from the entrance and made his move. as he silently made his way from his hiding spot and quickly raced passed the gate as he slipped his way into the castle doors; Luna seemed to of lost the guards shortly after and slipped in behind him as the doors closed. Mira patted Luna's head, "Good girl." He complimented her, before he looked around a bit and took a step; moments later he froze and a dark aura surrounded his body. The aura leaked off him as it caused Luna to whimper and coward back slightly, but then it was gone. He shook his head slightly; presence seemed different than before. He smiled and started to slowly trot to the throne room.

Princeshë Celestia flicked an ear and rolled up a report on a rather curious situation with some peddlers in Manehattan! Then there were reports of monster activity in the Everfree, but as much as she hated to say it.... that was rather normal. The forest had turned quite savage over the years! As the last scroll was teleported to where Luna could find them the alicorn felt something rather... daunting. A sudden dark presence within the castle gates! Now that she had a good lock she could feel whomever it was heading her way... She quickly turned her head to the guards whom were also in the room and made a split second decision. She didn't want any of her ponies to be hurt by whomever that was! She sent the guards away and sighed, walking to her throne to take a seat. Just...what was she dealing with this time?

Mirage Moon continued down the path way as he looked was late, but it was oddly quiet for being so late. The darkness inside of him laughed. She is expecting on your guard...also I sense others nearby...if you are going to defeat her you can't show those petty emotions of yours she will hold back...let me take over fully if you stand a chance...or you will lose. Mira shook his head and growled, "...leave me alone...I will do this my way and not yours..." He seethed as he continued down the path. When he got to the big double doors leading to the throne room the dark aura that leaked off him seemed to be gone, perhaps it did what he said and left him alone...for now. Mira pushed open the doors and stepped inside as he looked towards the throne where the princess sat, "...hello..." He said without so much of a bow or change of tone other than monotone and he approached her.

Princeshë Celestia stared at the double doors and felt the presence continue to approach. This was just so... familiar... disturbingly so. Her ears fell back and she couldn't help but wonder what she was to do this time.... When the doors were pushed open and a pony stepped inside her attention focused upon him. Wait... she didn't feel the dark quite as much as before. Fascinating! "Hello my little pony. Was there something you needed?" she'd ask with a smile that did nothing to convey the inward nervousness she felt. She didn't want to have to do this again!

Mirage Moon smiled slightly as he approached;  his wolf companion didn't show her self yet. He looked around, "Mmmm...I was hoping Princess Luna would be here...I suppose I came a tad bit to early though." He said then cringed slightly as the sight of Celestia eyes and mane infuriated him for some reason yet he didn't really know why. His eyes flared up as they went from crimson to a flash of black then back, "Mmmm...n-no...perhaps it is better that she is not here after all...I wouldn't want any other getting involved rather to help or get hurt..." He whispered lightly in a strangely polite tone still. Mira tone how ever darkened soon after as did his expressions, before his horn lit ablaze with his crimson magic he jumped back making plenty of space between them, "Look...I am not going to just attack you without giving you a fair warning, but consider this your one and only warning...fight me and prove ya worth as the ruler here or die!" He growled at her and gave her plenty of opportunity to put up a defense as he seemed to be wanting a fair fight for now at least...while the darkness left him alone.

Princeshë Celestia inclined her head to the side as the pony continued to act somewhat strange.... And then he gained a somewhat polite tone of voice. "Very well." she'd say as she stood and descended from her throne and looked at the pony once again. "However... Might I ask why? I harbor no grievance with you, yet you seem to have quite the grievance with me." she'd say with a somewhat curt tone of voice. She merely needed to keep him talking for a moment longer."

Mirage Moon tilts his head slightly, but his magic stayed powered up as it created like a lightning crimson aura around his body, "Why? Well that is a good question. And to be perfectly honest I honestly don't know...I just know that ever since I awoken in the Everfree twenty years ago that I harbored a hatred for you, perhaps it was something you did that caused me to forget my past and is why I was alone when I awoke. Perhaps you tried to get rid of me like you did to your sister for one thousand years. I do not know really, but I know one thing perhaps I will learn the truth during our fight." He explained, before grinning and looking around then back to her, "Now are we done talking? Or must I talk some more in order to by time for your sister or pet draconequus to come help you?" He asked in the same polite tone as before.

Princeshë Celestia only continues to maintain that pleasant smile. "Who ever said that is why I was stalling my little pony?" she'd ask as she let out a sigh. Alright, connection established! Some of the sun's energy would be able to keep her fighting for a while longer.... The alicorn dipped her head. "I suppose the challenger should take the first shot, am I correct?" she hummed some as her mane and tail continued to wave in their ethereal breeze. She had no intention of hurting the pony before her.... why should she? This pony was clearly influenced by something from what she could tell.... But the question was what? Perhaps that question would be answered soon enough and she could try to free him....

Mirage Moon smiles, " are right I suppose, but I already did take the first shot. You just haven't noticed it yet." He then vanished from sight as the Mirage that was there wasn't even there to begin with and suddenly where ever Celestia was standing at the time it would appear that the floor would open up and tentacles would arise from it; black in color with red tips as it would attempt to grab the Princess. How ever all this was just a simple illusion...that is if she believed it wasn't real. If the princess did not realize it was a Mirage the illusion to her would feel all to real. Mirage was still no where to be seen, but in reality he had not moved an inch since he walked through the door he just simply scattered the particles around the room to manipulate the reality of the dimensions in other words he just appeared to not be there with illusion magic while trying to convince the princess that the other illusions were real. The tentacles if successful would merely just pulls her down and bar her to the floor.

Princeshë Celestia inclined her head and smiled some as she saw the floor 'opened up' and tentacles seemed to emerge. The thing was, though, she knew the subtleties of illusion magic. She looked entirely unconcerned as she released a large pulse of magic to help disrupt the illusions and also permeate the air with her magic to make detecting movement anywhere in the throne room to be somewhat simpler'. "I do hope illusions aren't all you have my little pony.... I've encountered a few generations of 'masters' of the art. Some of which have been in my own guard." she'd say with amusement lacing her voice.

Mirage Moon smiled, "I suppose...I shouldn't be using basic child illusion magic on you then...? Very well then, Celestia. I suppose it time for the foal gloves to come off," He smirked. Perhaps he should quit using basic illusion magic and using his...other half's magic instead. Or he could try it on his own, but every time with out "his" help...he failed.` He let out a slight sigh, "Very well then..." He said and his horn lit up again as this time wait...he wasn't casting an illusion spell this time no it was an actual magical blast from his horn and he fired it straight at Celestia. Or so it appeared, but the blast suddenly hit the floor in front of her and released a chain reaction of thick smoke as moment later everyponies vision would be obscured only by the thick smoke. Mira how ever already knew his..."victim" location and charged full strength as he tried to ram her to the ground through the mist.

Princeshë Celestia continued to keep the somewhat amused look upon her facial features only to hear him say he was going to 'remove the kid gloves' as it were! She inwardly sighed and shook her head. The unicorn thus began to charge up a magical blast that... hit the floor in front of her. ~ Ah, a traditional unicorn tactic. ~ Not bad, but it wouldn't work. A strong magic-filled flap of her wings carried her up and out of the smoke cloud before the unicorn could manage to tackle her. "Something dark is manipulating you, my little pony.... Can't we just come to a settlement and deal with that issue first?" she'd ask as she hovered in the throne room. So far she'd yet to retaliate.

Mirage Moon blinked as his tackle missed the now air born opponent. He stood the and looked up at her through the smoke that still lingered on as he smiled, "Sure...let's come to an arrangement....if it requires you to be banished then I am game." He said calmly, before he grimaced slightly and coughed slightly; his fore hooves buckled as he collapsed. Perhaps he pushed his self too much as it was, but he appeared to be weakened all of sudden. He pushed his self up and wobbled over to the throne seats, before collapsing into one. If This was just a tactic of course as a surprise now was hidden in the smoke and was unseen with the smoke still there. If Celestia came to check on him he would turn to her folly and whisper, "Luna sic her." That would be all it took for the Black Wolf to leap out of the smoke and attempt to bite into the Princess's wings to clip them. Even if she did not come over the tactic remained the same and Luna would jump up and attempt to slash at her body.

Princeshë Celestia let out a bit of a sigh as she came to settle upon the ground not too far away and moved to check up on the seemingly injured pony. Her compassion was a... potential weakness the depraved were sometimes able to use against her; time and time again. However; the wolf in the remaining smoke wasn't that much of a surprise...Her magic was still spread around the room after all, smoke or no! The leaping animal was met with a repulsion spell that would send it the opposite direction of her with hardly a flinch. "I wish Luna were here... She always did know more about the darker forms of magic than I. Maybe she could help you." she sighed.

Mirage Moon horn lit up slightly with his crimson magic, before an aura surrounded him and then followed a flash and pop as he appeared by his companion, "Luna!" He called out and braced her so she wasn't thrown into a wall or something, "You're alright, girl?" He asked concerned. Luna woofed and then gave him a quick lick, before rolling back over to all four paws once more. Mira nodded with a smile as he turned back to Celestia, "Hehe. Not bad. This is kind of fun. Besides the fact that you are not really doing is kind of boring. I want to feel your power. I mean you doing nothing, but dodging. What the point of that?" He asked and then sighed slightly as the smoke vanished, " think I am a foolish little child or weak...meh you are like the others. Oh he is a book pony! Don't go near him he grew up alone in the Everfree! He is Dangerous! Blah blah blah." Mirage Moon shook his head and growled slightly as he was on the verge of tears, but he fought them back and looked back to her, "Look you!" He yelled and pointed his right forehoof at her, "I don't need you to baby me! Don't think for one instant I need anything from you...I see how you look at me with those eyes! It just like everypony else! I don't NEED your PITY!" Suddenly a dark aura began to surround Mira's body as the aura was purplish with a bit of crimson in the core, "No! I don't need this world...he is right...I don't need it...this world should just disappear! And the first step is getting rid of you..."

Princeshë Celestia stares at the pony with a rather blank look. She had no desire to hurt him! How was it so hard for ponies to believe that she didn't want to hurt them?! Of course she'd just dodge.... using paltry spells was more insulting than doing even that to some... What did everypony think she was, some tyrant that would smite down anyone that opposed her? She hated to harm! That thought was somewhat sobering however, and then she felt the dark pulse coming from the unicorn. "Now that isn't good...." she let out a bit of a groan. Always the dark magic... And yet there was still no Luna! Taking advantage of the pony's stillness while he was saying his piece the Solar alicorn sent a 'wake-up' spell out the window towards Luna's tower... Basically like a fire-cracker going off in her sister's room.

Princess Luna had been in a deep, comfortable sleep, a usual for her during such a time of day, yet it was not so deep that the crackling explosion didn't reach in and pull her from her slumber. The princess jerked up with a breathy shriek, legs flailing beneath her blankets. She caught the fading flicker of the spell once she had a chance to get her bearings.. Who in Equestria had set off such a spell in her room? Luna's brow furrowed as she focused on the spell's lingering magic- and it came to her with a sharp realization. She would recognize that magic anywhere. Celestia. Luna rolled herself out of bed, using her magic to smooth the starry veils of her hair and adorned her regalia on the way out of her room. From there she was off to the throne room at a canter, wondering why Celestia would have woken her up in such an unusual way. It had to have been an emergency!

Mirage Moon's companion whimpered a bit and looked to him as she backed away inching slowly. Mira growled as the darkness began to flow out more and more as the crimson aura faded completely and was replaced with blackness that was pure darkness. The Purple aura slowly faded as well into darkness to match as Mira started to laugh, but it wasn't the normal sounding Mira this voice was different as it sounded demonic in a way, "...Foolish how the ages has treated been what...a millennium...or two...or...well it don't matter...all that matter is soon this world shall be no more. And the darkness you banished will soon come to consume this world once again!" Dark Mira began to laugh more as Mira's companion growled slightly at him and he turned to her, "Foolish weakling. You dare to growl at me! The boy that is before you is no more...there is now only darkness...only Zauug..." He laughed and soon Luna pounced at Mira, before his horn lit up with a black aura this time and a wave of darkness came out and wrapped around the wolf, before squeezing her and tossing her to the wall, "Begone, fool. weaklings are not needed in this world...either is this boy, but...I do got to say...this body I could get used to...and I must thank you...if it wasn't for you I wouldn't of been able to gain control. He put up more of a fight than I thought after all I have been inside him since he was a foal for over 20 years...most ponies would of been destroyed by now." He laughed.

Princeshë Celestia stared at the possessed pony with a bit of a frown on her muzzle. Of course that was only because of many years of political practice! Never show your feelings on your sleeve to the 'opponent' as it were lest they take advantage of a pony. "Oh Luna... Of all the times to take your time!.." she'd mutter to herself as she prepared a defense. She had absolutely no desire to kill the pony even now! But if she didn't do anything this was going to get out of hoof and ponies could get hurt! The wolf was caught in her magical aura before it could impact the wall... There was no need to allow actual injury on the beast. She did take advantage of the monologuing though. So useful, monologues. There was hardly any warning save a shimmer from her horn before she sent a bright burning spear of magic at the unicorn to see if she could catch him by surprise mid-sentence....

Princess Luna. The lush red carpet muffled the beat of her approaching hooves as she neared the tall, throne room doors. They were cracked open, but she didn't need to reach them to sense the terrible dark power radiating from within. Celestia! Her mind clamored, but she forced herself to not go charging in right away- she could hear a voice, a stallion's voice. The moonbringer paused at the opening to listen, her face darkening with every word. He'd insulted her sister, spoke of a 'darkness' and consuming the world.. She did hear the faint yelp of an animal beneath the voice and caught the glimpse of something canine. Her sister was there too, and a flash of golden light that signaled her attack on the intruder. Luna gritted her teeth and entered, using her body to shove the open doors out of her way. She wouldn't stand idly by while some brute gloated about destroying everything they'd worked for! "What arrogance thee possesses to challenge the might of the sun! To fight her means to fight us too ye fool!" With her entrance, she hoped to distract him long enough for Celestia's attack to hit its mark.

Mirage Moon was indeed monologging as he could feel the Princess of the Night approaching through the darkness that is in everything. He didn't need to hear her shouting and attempting to goad him, but he did glance over once just to reach out with a dark tendril that appeared by the door and slammed it shut once more. Suddenly the blast hit him and it forced him back against the wall. Mira collapsed, but moments later returned to his standing base as his chest was blackened with a scorch like mark that then soon faded, " can harm this body all you want, but it does nothing to me." He smirked. Suddenly Mira's horn glowed with the same dark aura, "Fine then...if I have to fight you as well...then it shall make things more interesting to say the least...try not to die too soon." He laughed. Suddenly the Mira split and became five Miras as each of their horn glowed and fired a black beam out at Celestia all, but one as the other one turned to Luna and fired a dark mist at her.
Mirage Moon's "mirages" felt different this time around and they could be sensed different as well, because they weren't simple illusions any more. Each Mira attack would be felt like a direct hit as the black mist was the only attack that either princess should be worried about as it would do a lot more harm than a simple blast attack. It fed on one's thoughts and allowed his mirages to influence the  target easier than normal. The mist attempted to follow where Luna was and engulf her if she was able to be hit by it that is. At first glance the attack looked harmless even if it hit it looked like nothing would happen.

Princeshë Celestia narrowed her gaze and leapt to put more distance between herself and the forming dark-filled unicorn copies as her horn lit up bright gold. Then the five fired beams of magic at her! Once again the white alicorn took to the sky to allow the converging beams to pass harmlessly underneath her. What she did next was fire a quick barrage of blasting spells at the throne room floor near the unicorn. Six quick blasts towards five unicorn 'copies', yes? Perhaps to test out whether or not they were solid copies and could be harmed? Perhaps there would be a way to tell which pony was the real one!

Princess Luna's tactic had been successful, but it was soon proved to be useless. The unicorn simply stood back up, and it was like Celestia never hit him at all. The glare she sent to the stallion was soon turned into a brief look of surprise as, suddenly, he split into four more. "A classic trick!" She spat. Anypony who knew illusions always resorted to creating fake copies. Most of them attacked her sister, but for her, a strange black mist. Now that was new. Luna frowned and cast up a bubble shield, to see if that would stop the mist.. She could only hope, but she didn't want to be stuck on the defensive forever. No matter what harm might come to her, she would banish this villain from whence he came! "Who art thou, truly? For what purpose does challenging us serve, other than thine own demise? Cast aside thy tricks and face us proper, or art thou truly so weak?" Luna took the time she was defending herself to call out their newest opponent, hoping to catch his attention- and perhaps goad him into fighting on her own terms.

Mirage Moon mirages got blasted with Cele's magic as she flew to avoid their beams. They were blasted back, but not destroyed like a normal mirage would of been. For this wasn't a mere illusion this was a dark mirage that was created by the darkness empowering them inside of Mira. The illusions got up and smirked, but soon Mira attention was on Luna who seemed to have the real Mira's eyes on her as the bubble went up around the princess of the night the mist surrounded it, but it did not make physical contact with the alicorn's body as the shield dispersed the mist. He tilted his head as she seemed to be calling to him and he looked to Celestia then back to Luna once more, "Very well..." He uttered as the dark illusions faded all at once, "Tell your sister to stay out of it then." He told her as his full attention was now on Luna.

Princeshë Celestia couldn't help but frown but she fell quiet as Luna attempted to draw the possessed unicorn's attention. She needed a bit of a breather, though! At least some time to watch and gather her wits about her and plan! Luna was the more combat oriented of the two of them as well. Thus the alicorn alighted upon the rafters above and gazed down at the two below, watching with her expression set into a neutral frown. If Luna got into trouble she'd step in... She wasn't about to let her little sister get hurt if she could help it!

Princess Luna fought the urge to smirk with triumph as the villain took the bait. Her eyes flicked past him to her sister as she moved, flying up and out of the way of their battle floor. "She shall." The princess answered, returning her gaze back to the unicorn. With an upward flick of her horn, the bubble around her expanded and popped- a precaution, though the mist was gone, she didn't want to encounter any lingering effects. "Many have come before ye to take this fair land as their own, and failed. Thy purpose shall meet the same end." There was a hard edge to Luna's voice and the motion of her mane seemed to quicken, a roiling aura of stars around her head to mimic her mood. She made another motion with her still gleaming horn, bringing a glittering, translucent war axe forth into existence- the same color as her magic. Luna took but one step forward before she used her wings to launch herself towards Mirage, swinging her weapon in a wide arc.

Mirage Moon just stood there glaring at Luna as she spoke to him and he let out a sigh as she spoke about taking a world as his own just like others tried and failed and honestly this irritated him for he didn't wish to claim this world as his for he merely just wished to return it to darkness from which the world began. He did not speak as he allowed Luna to summon her weapon and rushed at him, before sending a wave out at him as she swung her powerful summoned magical axe. Mira how ever just stood there as the attack came at him. He closed his eyes and the wave swept over his form; causing him to momentarily disappear amounts the wave as it passed through him. Mira was unharmed...? No...he was very much the opposite as the body took a big gash from the attack, but it did not bleed, but instead darkness seeped out of the wound in his torso. Mirage Moon opened his eyes as the darkness from the gaping wound started to flow out of his body and surround Mirage into a cocoon of darkness as soon the cocoon surrounded him completely and then it crystallized with him inside of it.

Princess Luna put her hooves down and slid to a halt upon the rug before the stallion, her wings flared. Her axe had gone right through his chest, but he did not cry out or topple from such a fell sweep. Instead, something black dripped out and completely enveloped him! It made her wonder what exactly this pony was, or what possessed him, if something did. She bared her teeth in a feral expression and lifted her axe again, aiming to swing it towards the crystallized cocoon. Surely if nothing else stopped her, she could hack it open.. Luna was not one to waste an opportunity.

Mirage Moon cocoon glistened slightly as darkness seemed to emit off of it. The cocoon would need some prep time to be completed, but it was also not unguarded as it it's self was a natural guard as it would protect what laid dormant inside of it. As Luna approached; suddenly dark tendrils erupted out of the floor near by the cocoon to lash out at her and erupt any current attack that would be aimed for it. This was only meant for a defense and as it thrust out more tendrils started to wrap around the cocoon to entrap it even more; bracing it as a secondary layer of defense. It still needed more time to be complete, but it started to glow with a faint crimson aura that seemed to grow larger as the time passed. Darkness still seemed off of the cocoon, but it did not attack the princess as it merely just defended.

Princess Luna's axe jerked short of its mark when her focus was interrupted by the tendrils. She danced back when they lashed out at her, gritting her teeth against the stings of those that did land a hit. She changed her focus, her axe flashing back and forth in sweeping arcs to cut at the tendrils nearest her. Once she was out of range, she brought her axe around to bear, between and the pulsing, red cocoon. Luna had never seen anything like this before, but until whatever horror hatched out of it.. she would have to wait and conserve her energy.

Mirage Moon tendrils vanished as the threat seemed to stay at bay for now. As the darkness surrounded the cocoon that was being emitted from it. Suddenly the crimson glow pulsed brighter as flashed three times and then the crimson glow...was gone and the cocoon was left there dull and lifeless as it no longer glistened either. Soon the cocoon would show why as a loud hissing crack could be heard then seen as a bright white line trailed down the center of the cocoon, before moments later the cocoon shattered in pieces as the bright light shot out and for a moment covered the entire sealed room of the throne room in it's radiance. Strange thing that a creature filled with darkness would be unleashed with a surge of light. The brightness faded and soon a form was seen as it appeared to be the same Unicorn, but it wasn't...the Unicorn had darkness creeping out of his back that resembled wings. Wings of darkness? Yes they were wings as they kept him air born and soon the other changes happened.
Mirage Moon darkness spread throughout his body as it began to morph him completely as a voice started laughing that was completely different from before, "The light...the night...they shall become no more...the the beginning...and it shall also be...thy end..." The voice growled as soon as the darkness finished it revealed that mira was no more or it seemed. The body was no longer that of an unicorn or a pony. It was a body of pure darkness with the same wings and sharp talons on his fore legs along with a long lion like tail and no more a muzzle, but now a beak that was protruding the darkness from it as his eyes snapped opened, to reveal nothingness and a void that was not like the original, " is return to that in which you crawled out of." He told her in more of like a whisper and more as if through her mind that actually speaking it.

Princess Luna waited, impatient for her opponent to show his face again. It would be soon, it seemed- the cocoon was showing signs of change. When it cracked open, she was forced to shield her eyes from the blinding light that exploded out of it. She hid her face behind a wing, and had to wait until her vision returned before she could see the sinister change playing out before her. If only she had a suitable curse- what an awful abomination. "We would desire to see thy attempt. Tonight, the moon shines fully." Luna moved forward on that, hefting her war axe- but she knew it was not her only viable weapon. The glow around her horn brightened and she fired off a spell towards him, one that would end with a a silvery burst of light; she was testing his defenses.

Mirage Moon smirked, "The moon...?" The darkness emitting from him hissed as it attempted to counter the blasts to him with blasts of his own from the darkness, but he had not yet recovered his full power nor could he fully control this form since he just recovered it and the blasts drifted wide; allowing each blast to hit him as he howled in pain. In this form he could feel each blast unlike when he took the Unicorn's form, "You..." He hissed out as no wound was shown through the darkness, but the pain was noted from the groan he made when they hit. The darkness suddenly took to the air above the throne room once more as collided with the ceiling! Oh he didn't collide he phased through it as he made his way to the out side of the castle.

Princess Luna straightened up a little when her opponent spoke and she narrowed her eyes. What was he implying? No matter, his signs of pain told her enough that light did indeed harm him; she could put that to use. She was confused why he hadn't tried to strike back- wait, where was he going? Luna watched with confusion as her opponent flew up into the throne room rafters, past Celestia, and through the ceiling. Her face darkened. She came for a fight, not a chase! Luna let her war axe shimmer out of existence as she made for one of the stained glass windows. The glow around her horn brightened briefly and she teleported outside, using her wings to catch herself from falling. From there, Luna flew for her opponent.

Mirage Moon stared up into the sky at the accursed moon, but his gazed switched back to Luna as she charged him once again. She was charging at him; perhaps it was time for a new tactic then...another mist spell would probably be beneficial here. Yes...a mist spell, but which one? He decided on not one, but two different would be an attack mist and the other would be concealed by the attack mist to coat the front of where he was in a thin mist that could only be seen for a second, but the first mist would take away the defensive mist sight. Suddenly his horn glowed with a green aura as it let loose a beam shortly after of green like mist, but shortly after the first mist was fired the second lighter colored green mist followed, but soon vanished from sight as it now created a wall in front of him, but the mist was not a wall it would only merge into the creature that made contact with it and appear to be harmless at could stop no attack coming and he was pretty much defenseless at this point or he just allowed his self to be at least as a lure.

Princess Luna. It was easy to see where he was, silhouetted against the full moon, a dark blight on its silver surface. He was staring up at it, and it didn't bode well. She resolved to drop the banter from now on and rushed him, but not before he summoned more of that eerie mist. The alicorn was already on her way, what did a few scrapes matter to her? Yet she wouldn't go in, her horn blazing, without hurting him in turn. Luna sent a beam of magic up at the dark creature, hoping to strike him from the sky.

Mirage Moon looked to the foolish mare who now fired a beam at him. The beam would hit it's mark as it collided with the creature's chest. He howled in pain and soon her shriveled up it looked like...wait no not shriveled up, but he turned into a vortex of sort as it suddenly zoomed to the direction of Luna and then it split up into seven circles or vortexes as it surrounded Luna's form and then a darkness from under neath Luna would appear as it closed in on her. The seven portals fired a black color mist out of each one as the darkness closed in on the bottom of Luna. It seemed it was trying to lure the princess upwards as if it succeeded another portal would appear as she went up and he would reform outside it and fire a Red mist from his horn.

Princess Luna knew it was too good to be true after her beam had hit its target, evoking pain, but did not take him down. At least she got him to retaliate, but she had no idea how to defend against the sudden circling vortexes. She looked up, her teeth bared- she saw the tactic for what it was, she was being herded like cattle. The princess would allow it, this one time. Luna lunged up, her horn gleaming silver-blue, and when the brute showed his face.. Luna fired a bright blue-white beam directly at it in an attempt to harm him in turn, and in the face of the red mist he'd created.

Mirage Moon grinned as she acted exactly the way he saw her acting. This was a different mist than his others...normally an magic attack would disperse his mists, but not this one the red aura instead attached to her magic beam and froze it as it traveled down using the beam as an anchor to the Princess's horn as it traveled down beam to the horn in a rapid motion that would take just a mere blink of an eye. The creature then flew up some more as he looked towards the moon again, "Mmmm...yes it indeed is full..." He muttered, before his horn glowed again and suddenly darkness arose in the forms of clouds as it surrounded the moon in the sky to block it and all of it's existence from view, "Now then...let..continue in pure darkness..." He said as the moon light faded an eerie darkness started to cover Equestria and little by little the lights of houses and even the castle began to go out.

Princess Luna's expression changed to one of shock when the beam was stopped, frozen like water. She brought all four of her hooves up to kick out at him, shoving off so that she could maneuver away from him mid-flight. The fact that his mist would do that to magic, she didn't want to find out what it would do to her. If she was successful in escaping, she would retreat- only to be witness to the eclipse of her moon. "No!" Luna shouted, but it was in vain. It was perhaps for the first time in that fight she felt actual hatred for this creature- not just because it attacked her sister, but this too. She would need Celestia's help, after all.

Princeshë Celestia was down below in the throne room in a bit of meditation. Her own energy was at its weakest during the night without her sun overhead... So she needed time. For what? Well... She needed to focus upon the sun... Bask in its warmth - feel the draw of her connection to it. Push her magic through and... ah... there we go. Her muzzle crept into a devilish grin. She was prepared! She could feel her sister losing above; she had wasted enough time preparing! Her form shimmered and then vanished in a blaze of crackling fire as her forced connection flooded her with blazing magic! Her intended destination? Underneath the pony as he gazed upon her sister! Her wings flared out and her horn alit with magic. She didn't fire a beam, no, a portal tore directly between them. From that portal spewed solar fire from the celestial body itself! There were no punches pulled with that one - it was very heavy-hoofed! Celestia's visage had twisted into a bit of a snarl as well as the magic influenced her some.

Mirage Moon stared at Luna as she attempted to escape the magic devouring mist and she did just that the moment she quit using magic the mist disappeared, but now she ran due to the darkness that crept across Equestria to gain the help of her sister it seemed since she would most likely be the only being that could off aid in a current pitch black world. Moments later it seemed that Celestia emerged below him; not unexpected as moments later a sunburst explosion like penetrated and struck his body this one how ever seemed to actually do damage to his body as it's form altered slightly then went back to normal. He cursed his power wasn't complete yet he needed more time. He still didn't make a noise nor did he holler in pain about the attack he just took. Darkness still covered the land and until he was removed it would remain the same not even light can escape the darkness and even if light over takes the darkness...darkness still always remain even when the light is not.
Mirage Moon looked at Celestia and offered a smile as he finally had his true target back, but in reality he didn't care for her much any more due to the fact he gotten what he wanted already. The darkness around the body of him began to expand and he his self turned into a crimson mist the light from the blast earlier that Celestia had fired got drained of the power and the light faded back into darkness. This time his body expanded into a midst as it outstretched closing in on Celestia and Luna now. This being his ultimate mist defense where it had the same ability as the red mist, but one other effect as well adding an absorption spell to his own body.

Princess Luna didn't have to move to call her sister, it seemed. The clue she had that Celestia had arrived was the blazing portal that opened,  scorching the monster who dared wipe her moon and stars from the sky. She retreated immediately, zeroing in on the faintly glowing presence of her sister. It was by her side that she would go, and there she would watch as.. the creature wasn't simply destroyed by the very fury of the sun. "How can this be? Light should have destroyed it!" Luna exclaimed, aghast. "Celestia, I beg you to raise the sun! Perhaps its sunlight shall vanquish it!" She had no other option she could think of, other than to retreat mid-air from the encroaching mist. Hopefully her sister would do the same..

Princeshë Celestia was smoking somewhat whenever her sister came to join her! The solar alicorn was aghast! How was the creature still.... no matter! It took centuries of political training to snap her out of that shock in time for her to retreat with her sister! It really hurt to continue to channel the magic, but without it she would be at low power due to the lack of a sun in the sky! This was her only shot, really.... The alicorn of the sun took Luna's words to heard and came to a stop after a suitable distance. "Distract him if you can, Luna!" Thus the alicorn would go about channeling to to raise the sun!

Mirage Moon laughs darkly as he continued to spread his darkness across Equestria soon everything would be covered by it, "Foolish so called both will fail..." He heard the words of Luna and he laughed again, "The you not see the darkness it blocks out everything the moon the stars...the sky....the sun is in the sky it will be blocked out as well..." He mocked them as he would indeed go after Luna; the mist form approached her, "You shall be defeated first...then your dear sister..." He laughed, but then something happened and the mist quit moving towards Luna and in fact it took his monsterous form once more, "Wh-what!?! No...that fool...he still fighting for control!?! Even now!?!" Suddenly the darkness in the sky broke a little bit allowing the light of the moon to shine through again, "Gah...stupid child quit lost!" It seemed he was having trouble keeping his powers in check now.

Discord Draconequus had been without his Chaos Magic for a while now, being so wee and helpless. He had grown comfortable in Luna's room, but a disturbance downstairs had woke the chubby titan of terror. He clutched tight his unicorn doll, a nightmare rousing him from sleep. He would find the bed was empty save for he and the, now large given his size, egg he had been tending. He wiped his eyes of his tears, paw and claw holding out his doll. "Unikrom...?" The doll's expression shifted, its button eyes pinching up as its lifeless body of fluff began to move. It rattled a bit before squeaking as if talking. A green haze filled its eyes before it fell lifeless again. "W-woona?" He called out, but he was one for instant-satisfaction. Since the mare did not materialize herself before him, the spoiled prince of chaos would find her! Sliding off the bed he would hit the cold ground with a thump. Standing he waddled his way down.
Discord Draconequus didn't feel alright. His tummy hurt, sort of. Without his chaos magic it was difficult to sense the turmoil and despair caused by a third party, and not him. Bit by bit he waddled his way down the steps, his tiny form a bit bigger than it had been. Was he getting big? Something was weird. He stopped before hitting the landing and looked to his paw, Unikrom tucked in his left forearm. It once again shifted, its face twisting up in an unsettling 'smile'. The haze escaped its gullet before the doll went lifeless again. Discord would nuzzle the doll and sit on the bottom step before sliding down. "Woona?" But nothing. "Tia!" He called out. Even less... something was visibly wrong though. The Guards --- He dropped down to all fours, Unikorm discarded, and the chubby coaster raced along the marble floors. His mismatched parts made it difficult, but next thing he knew he was being levitated toward the throne room.
Discord Draconequus waddled through the archway of the impressive halls that placed a pair of Princesses pon pedestals to be revered by commonfolk. While the spirit generally relished in attention, he found the pompous, public procedures to be particularly prolix! Ceremony was far different from genuine attention. At times he pitied the sisters, other times he stood envious of them. There was a strange tug-and-pull between them. Even as he was now here he hid beneath their legs, expecting them to shield him from the very horrors he himself had committed upon the world. It was an ironic punishment being this way again, one that called in the horrible, unmentionable memories. He looked beside him, his Unicorn doll sitting at his claws. The wee monster swallowed nervously as he looked up toward what was to be a temple presiding over peace and prosperity. It lay ruin by darkness.
Discord Draconequus was no hero, but neither was he a malefactor. Just a wee, lonely spirit who had found even the cruel company of spite was better than none at all. It was not the fire of greed, nor was it the green spine of envy that had become his downfall. "Woona...?" It had been one of the most agonizing feelings to behold in the world. "Tia....?" It was the crippling loneliness that turned him away from both the darkness and light and into an abyss encased in madness. His body trembled. This wasn't just harmless pandemonium, which left ponies awail with madness. This was danger! Not even the wee chaos fiend has meddled in the attributes of Darkness, probably one of the only classes of magic in which Celestia and Luna stood above him with. The trembling turned into growling as his doll put a stuffed hoof to her muzzle and silently laughed.
Discord Draconequus gripped his paws as tears welled in his eyes, the familiar sight feeding his nightmare from moments ago. Tears freely flowed from the small lump of fur, scales and feathers. wrenching his forepaws to his eyes he tried to stop the cascade of pain. "Mama...." he sobbed, the doll emanating a strange energy. It was not darkness, neither was it light. It was the pure, manic rampage of primordial existence. It was the stars. It was the moon. It was the sun. It was the world. It was the grasses, it was the trees. It was the sand, it was the stone. "Mama! Don't go! I'm sorry!" He fell to his rump, throwing an unexpected tantrum amidst the screaming -- screaming? The doll lay flat on the ground, devoid of life. It did not seem to be moving, but in Discord's eyes it was. It was a waking nightmare fueled by the stark fear of the night, of the day that had long since consumed the demibeast.
Discord Draconequus didn't feel safe. The light and darkness were rapidly consumed by a parasitic magic that devoured, consumed, and twisted. This Transmutation magic would convert all sources it touched into pure, unbound Chaos Magic. A few clouds of cotton candy raining milk could hardly contest the current deformity of the throne room as it melted, the walls becoming wasting pools of color, the furniture coming to life and taking the form of horrific Tartarus-spawned beasts. The ground cracked, opening up at their paws as time was stopped. Sound was halted by the barrier of time, no sound except for the sniffling sobs of a foal crying out for its mother. Flashes of a distant point in time, or perhaps one that never had passed, flashes across the pools of color, the walls having melted to the floor in a psychotropic venture.
Discord Draconequus standing over the malformed, sobbing kit was a shadow. At first glance it looked like a unicorn, but it was him-- Discord's shadow. It reached down to pick up the sobbing child. "There, there. Eventually, you don't ever have to worry about anypony again. You'll become the most powerful pony, rule them all. And they'll never forget you." The familiar chortle of a chaotic tune rang in the air. A purple nightmare wing splayed out depicting a seen from the night. A pegasus wing unfurled depicting a scene from the sunrise... "I'm going to make a good meal!" The Chaos Spirit bellowed with a cackle. Rolling its shoulders, its entire body filling the room with the chaotic rolls of fur, scales, and feathers, the beast stamped its paw and claw into the ground. The moment its claw made contact a tear in space ripped open. Its paw's contact caused the marble to entropy. Sitting on its muzzle was an unconscious baby Dissy.
Discord Draconequus's wings had absorbed both the life giving power of the Sun and Moon. With both present he had seemed ti mirror the Princess' abilities, but far from it. He was more than capable of controlling both aspects of the Sun and Moon. Nightmare - Daymare. He was the primordial chaos. "Greedy PUP." he snapped his jaws. "Those two are my prey and have always been. You'll get none." He began to slowly inhale before letting out an exhale of magic that was twisted in both the Light and Dark, swirling into Chaos that coasted through the room. A sweltering agony not unlike pure fear ripped through the Dragon's Breath. His jaws parted as he began to absorb all of the Chaos in the room. The darkness, the light, the anger, the hatred, the fear, the joy. "Ha ha ha ha! I'll make sure -- mummy dearest has a playmate." The chortling laughter was like the jagged tapping of claws on a chalkboard.

Princess Luna felt unease at the sight of the blanketing darkness, but that was her realm! Her night! She gritted her teeth, an expression of determination upon her face when Celestia bid she distract it. Mist or no mist, she would do just that to give her sister time. Facing the approaching darkness, she could only glare when it spoke mockingly. Although it soon seemed to change, draw back in on itself- was whoever it had possessed fighting for control? It certainly seemed so. Luna was about to lunge forward to attack him, to beat at him with her hooves if need be, but her plans were changed. She caught something in her periphery, and when she looked, what looked like a giant, monstrous version of Discord was rising from the throne room. Though the light of the moon had returned, the air had taken on the strangest quality- no doubt the chaos magic wrought by Discord himself. She chose to remain by her sister and let what happened, happen.

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Princeshë Celestia let her magic hold on the sun go and whipped her head to the side as she heard what was effectively a rumble from below. Whenever the monstrous version of Discord rose from the castle she blanched... And what an accomplishment that was! The white-furred alicorn actually paled and her eyes wend wide with shock. Oh now they were in trouble! The alicorn's ears fell back and.... oh heavens how was she going to stop that? Then again he did seem focused on that dark being so... perhaps it would be best to step back yes? Thus she slowly came to rest beside Luna and would observe! Oh how she wanted to let go of the magic that was causing spots of black to start appearing on her fur but... she really didn't want to have to fight Discord! If she had to... this would be the only thing that could help; she didn't think she'd have the time to re-forge a link....

Mirage Moon let out a growl as he could feel the power coming from below far before it even came to be. He planned to rid his self of this irritating duo, before it came, but something halted his efforts, "You will be destroyed D-do you want that? I can stop him...give me control again...give me control dang you! I need the mist powers without no..!" He struggled with his self, but the more he did the more the darkness faded by the time Discord actually came the darkness was lifted for the most part from the sky revealing the starry sky once again and the moon in it's fullest. From what Discord absorbed he would of absorbed just fragments of left over darkness, but something was wrong for the creature didn't freeze exactly; perhaps cause of the struggle with in his body created strife with in the one being causing bits of chaos with in him. He growled more and struggled, Mirage Moon howled in pain as the form before his self began to alter again or rather revert back to it's normal self. The darkness then was blasted upwards outside of Mira's body as Mira being currently in the sky fell due to the lack of wings he had while in the darkness form. The darkness roared and flared as it didn't no longer have a solid form or a base at all. It just floated as a mist; harmless and meaningless in a powerless state. Seemed it needed a body to pose a threat and with his body plummeting to the ground lifeless seemed he was done, " all...I will remember can never truly destroy me...for I am darkness...and darkness is eternal as long as chaos and strife and order and light and even the night exists...I too will be there waiting...and time...perhaps even one of you will succumb to the darkness that is in every heart...until then....enjoy this bitter victory of yours..." With that he let out a loud groan as he faded from existence and his aura faded completely with him. How ever Mira was still falling from the sky since he was near the atmosphere this might hurt a bit...especially since he unconscious and can't even brace for impact.

Discord Draconequus was helpless against the baser courses of his nightmares. Because he was without shield from the terrors he suffered amidst his rest, memories bombarded him with unrest. Feeding off this were his reproachful self-doubts that had only been fed by his defeats at the hooves of those he had berated. But what had made it far more humiliating was that they refused to end him. They froze him, locked him away and left him there where he could do naught but watch. It was a fare more bitter tasting punishment. But this -- this was sweet. "Oooh, boo-hoo! And here I was saving this nightmare for the princesses~" The curdling hiss of the time warping draconequus cooed. Its slithering form, only turned monstrous by the backdrop of melting walls and Tartarus-fiends surrounding the small gaggle, he would snap his jaws. "Desssstroy you?" He laughed and parted his jaws, body arching as he lunged forward.
Discord Draconequus's Shadow rolled violently as it ripped open a portal, catching the creature's attempt to escape. "I AM CHAOS." His fearsome jaws snapped over the form to absorb it into his quintessence. "So long as there is me, there is no you, for chaos does not exist without my command!" His eyes pinched up as he laughed feverishly. When he had done such a powerful snap of his body the small kit was rolled off his muzzle and onto the ground where he rolled to the edge of one of the swelling fractures of marble. The young kit rumbled away, eyes turning up in search for one of the sisters. The shadow's muzzle wrinkled as an unkind word slithered through his mind: [PEST]. "Withering, whimpering pest!" It moved about. Were one to spot it the end of its tail was actually bound against the ground where smol!Discord's shadow met the floor. Pulling its wings in it would flex them once more, only this time the room would fill with night.
Discord Draconequus's had made move to attack his own body, the darkness overcome by his light, only for the spirit to be bonked in the head by the falling Mirage. Chin hitting the ground it lurched with a thud, the quasai-Tarrtarus fiends flinching back at the hard hit. The Shadow lay on the ground, eyes spinning as the little Discord looked up. His little brows furrowed as his shadow was subdued by sheer will of Faust. Scrunching up his muzzle he stood and stamped down on his shadow, reverting it to its formless, small size. The shadow looked to itself and hissed out before Discord swung up Unikrom threateningly. The shadow cowered and sunk back into his place. Discord looked around, everything shifting back to normal. If the Alicorn were inclined they could perhaps notice time began to flow again. Discord's lips quivered as he threw up his arms. "Tia, Woona!!" They were okay! No danger!

Princess Luna felt glad to fly idly by while Discord, that behemoth, struck the dark entity from the unicorn's body. The unicorn, finally released, fell- but it seemed neither sister would have to fly to catch him. He'd smacked into Discord's snout, which was no doubt a more softer landing than what had been in store for him- but not before Discord himself absorbed the entity, preventing it from fleeing after its little monologue. As for the monstrous shadow.. the true Discord simply stamped it out! Luna could breathe easy now, and bask in the cold, silver light of the moon. She cast a smile to her sister before she flew down to the melted remains of the throne room so she could scoop up their little savior in a hug! It conveyed her thanks more than words could. Now.. how to deal with the unicorn left over from that ordeal?

Princeshë Celestia would probably have been there to try to give the little draconequus a hug as well herself but... she landed, released her link to the wild magic, and let out a quiet hiss as the flow of magic fled and left her with pain... The scorched-looking alicorn moved to meet Luna with Discord and shot the little draconequus a small smile. She did well to cover up the... discomfort... the burns marring her deep tissue and fur provided, if only so that she could turn her attention to the fallen unicorn and frown some. Presumably that 'darkness' was gone, right? Discord destroyed it?

Mirage Moon fidgets slightly in discomfort. Once again he dreamt...if only it was a simple dream it was more of a nightmare like always. We the creature took him over he allowed it in his moment of weakness it came to him and offered him his power. He was afraid to be alone again...his words to take that all was all he ever wanted to be not alone to be just be....yet at the same time he never could be. He groaned and the darkness clouded his self as he remembered what it was like watching from the shadows; from the woods he called home since he was a little foal. He saw him self there watching the other little foals playing close to the forest with their parents watching them closely. They little foals then began coming closer to the forest and Mirage was about to come out, but it was then one of the older mares shouted, "No! Stay...away that forest is dangerous everything in there is a hideous abomination!" The foals ran back to their parents as they left.
Mirage Moon grimaced as he was left alone whimpering close to Ponyville he saw them, but he dare not adventure out of the forest for he was an well wasn't he? After all the forest was his home...and everything that lived there was an horrible abomination this would include him. Mira never once adventured outside the dark forest and he made his home there as he learned how to survive the harshness of the forest from all the creatures in it. He learned how to either avoid or fight the creatures so much that he discovered his talent at deceiving others was that of creating illusions to trick the minds of the weak willed like the Timber Wolves. The timber wolves he thought as he recalled saving his only....friend...yes his companion Luna was his friend, but...Luna! What did he do...? He saw her wounded and lifeless by his own magic...he attacked his only could he...Luna...I'm...s-sorry...he whimpered in his sleep.
Mirage Moon groaned a bit more as light started to fill his dreams now as if from the outside of them, " I doing.,..? What is the point..." He questioned as he lied there unknowing if what he said was heard outside by others or just words in his dreams. The darkness agreed to give him what he needed he agreed to accept the help, but the darkness demanded that he destroyed the light and the night...the princesses...he didn't want to, but the darkness convinced him that they were the reason for his past that they locked him away and cast him into that forest. Mirage struggled to keep the darkness at bay, but the princess she seemed to toy with him...something about that it irritated him.,...why didn't she fight...why did she mock him...he couldn't stand it when he saw her he saw the older mare calling him an abomination...he couldn't take it so he faded away and he allowed the darkness to coax him into letting it take over and so it did...while Mira slept...but something was wrong.
Mirage Moon darkness was doing horrible things. Things Mira knew was wrong...the darkness was covering the Equestria...even if Mira didn't understand others...he didn't want the world to simply disappear...and what was worst is the creature used his body to start this chain of events...he couldn't forgive his self for this. So instead he had to fight back and stall him the best he seemed to of been enough for help to arrive and banish the darkness, but now he was falling...wasn't he? Mira couldn't see it, but he felt it...he was falling, but...he didn't hit the ground...he hit something softer and his fall was slowed as he landed on the ground shortly later. Mira groaned a bit more as he flailed in his sleep and rolled to all fours and his eyes opened up; allowing the night light to fill his gaze as his crimson eyes blinked a few times.
Mirage Moon groaned and tried to stand; legs trembling he managed some how to pull his self to a standing base. He looked around at the scene and then gulped slightly as he saw the other three he began to inch away and then out of the corner of his eye he saw her...his wolf companion..."L-Luna..." He whimpered and rushed to his fallen companions side; with tears in his eyes as he collapsed next to her, "Luna...wake up..." He cried as his placed his nose to her limp side and pushed her lightly for a response.

Discord Draconequus seemed relieved that the pair were well and the suffocating darkness had dispersed. The spirit ad not really considered what had occurred, only that whatever nightmare frightened him: sent him running for the sister that had tended to him for this time. He tried to hide from something scary looking -- the sight of the darkness fighting the ponies he cared for most. While personally derelict to admit it, they were what little remained of his past. He struggled between snuffing them out and pulling them close, but the feeling of the hug suppressed that sadness that churned the kit's nightmares. His grey ears pricked up, head turning to look toward the white Alicorn mare. His brows furrowed as his soft paw reached out. He realized he could not inspect her with his paws full, so dropped Unikrom. Claw and paw reach out, sharp talons and nails kept from scratching the mare with his gentle touches.
Discord Draconequus blinked slowly as he noticed that Celestia was unwell. "Tia..." He would attempt to grab her muzzle and hug it, offering a soft light. Though sequestered off from his Chaos magic, he seemed to still retain his pony magic and gave tempt to heal the princess. Though it was not much, he would give his all to at least sooth her pain from the wounds. He mumbled little chirps and squeaks, apologizing for his badness. He would try to give her muzzle a soft pet before turning back, hearing Luna's name, but it was unexpected to whom his eyes would fall upon. He had startled when the Princess' name was called with such distress. Had he hurt her too?! The kit was assured the injures done to Celestia were fault of his. He wasn't sure why, but he felt that his bad dream tried to 'scare' everyone. He went to grab Luna's muzzle in the way he had Tia's, but there was no injuries? Looking back he would spot Mirage in tears.
Discord Draconequus would squeak, reaching for the ground. He never wanted to get down from hugs so this must have been important! For a draconequus' priorities were never your own, and made little sense. If set down he would waddle along on all fours toward Mirage. The chubby round of fur, scales, and feathers would plop beside Mirage and look up at them, paws on their knees. The spirit thought long and hard before speaking. "You haveta say sorry -- when you do an accident." His ears folded back. In truth he had yet to apologize to Celestia and Luna for what he had done to them in the past. Personally he felt justified for his actions, but the hurt and turmoil it caused them was an unforgivable result of his selfishness and arrogant blindness to that which he already had. His claw came to rub his muzzle. While he would have liked to help Mirage, the spirit knew he had to help himself.
Discord Draconequus grunted. "One nice about ponies is they are sappy with all their compassion and forgiveness. Feelings, emotions,'re a better pony than I." Since he tried his hardest to ignore it all. Maybe if he occasionally stood to be more accepting of them he wouldn't be in awkward situations. But -- he was okay shrunk like this because it was a selfless act. This wasn't a punishment. Not like before. If so allowed, he would attempt to hug Mirage to the best of his ability. being three foot tall came with disadvantages.

Princess Luna looked up from Discord when her sister joined them, and she noted Celestia's self inflicted burns. It was quite a powerful spell she'd pulled off, and probably all for naught. The moonbringer felt Discord wiggle in her embrace and moved him close to Celestia, who he reached for. While he was busy with that, Luna looked to the unconscious unicorn as he muttered and fidgeted- it didn't take much to reach out to tell that he was caught in a nightmare. She wasn't sure how to feel about it, but his muttering of her name caught her attention. Odd.. Luna dared not approach him yet, not until he awoke and went to the injured wolf. Oh! He'd.. named the wolf Luna? The princess gently let Discord down when he struggled for it, and followed close behind, where she would loom a short few feet distant. What to say? Her anger still burned, but it was a low flame now, mimicked by the near shapeless roil of her mane. "She yet lives." Luna began, a tone of quiet seriousness.
Princess Luna. "I wished it not were my sister who I came upon, under attack, but I am glad to have seen what you were capable of. Your talent, used for such dark ends, is a threat, but," Luna paused to consider him, "am I not also responsible for such terrible deeds against mine own sister? I shall bestow upon thee my forgiveness. Your crimes are not yours alone, you were as much a tool to that dark entity as I was to my jealousy and my fury. I have an offer to make you, as one kindred spirit to another, for you are in need of guidance. Will you allow me to take thee under my wing? For the world is not so dark and terrible as it seems, I can show you that."

Princeshë Celestia smiled some at the little draconequus and gave him a gentle nuzzle all before he latched onto her muzzle with a hug! She relaxed though and quirked her ears when she felt the presence of magic flowing from the little draconequus the magic flowed into her and she felt the pain coming from her body lessen somewhat. Of course it was only limited due to the fact little Dissy only had so much power but it was.... nice. "Thank you, Discord." she smiled and then let the little draconequus and then Luna move over to the unicorn. Her ears perked as she heard the offer from her sister and... she couldn't say it wasn't too bad of an idea. She kept back out of the way since even before the battle he had seemed to hold a...dislike for her... T'would be best if she were to stay out of the way.

Mirage Moon sniffs some as his ears perked a little bit from hearing a tiny squeaky voice coming from the small Discord and he turned to him, before inching away and hiding his form; behind his unconscious companion to shy away from the attempted hug. He would then jump slightly as he heard the princess of the night speak and he inched away to the throne area as he feared for the punishment to befall his after all he did just attack both of the princesses...he expected some sort of punishment, but what came next was a shock...she asked allow her to guide him...? She compared himself to her he looked down at the ground; eyes swelling with tears once more. He didn't know what to say or how to respond, but he knew one thing..."I-I...can't..." He said as he looked back to Luna then his companion, "The other ponies are right...I am an abomination...I-I...don't belong with other ponies...I belong in the is my home...and there...I-I...can't..cause...the ones...I care about any harm..." He said softly through a trembling voice as he turned away from them, "You...said she will be alright...that's good, explain to her when she awakes...w-we...won't be seeing one another again..." He said even more shakily as tears fell to the floor, but then he dried his eyes and started to walk off; power drained he could barely do such as he wobbled and couldn't keep a straight line.

Discord Draconequus never liked that feeling, when others shirked away from him. Even at this size it seemed a weight force on his form. The action caused the draconequus to flinch before he gave a pout to hide the hurt. When they began to cry again the fiendish imp tucked together his paws as his ears drooped. He looked up toward the sisters, his face twisting up in confusion. That wasn't who they were. Even with him --  The way Mirage stepped from the glimmering shades of hope the more he felt annoyed. They could have let the ungrateful brat roast under the sun! Though as angry as he wanted to be hearing that term slip from his lips only sunk his wrath into bubbling grumpies. He sighed out and waddled toward the sisters and hunkered down between them, as if he was hiding. What could he say? What could he do?! He was the spirit of Chaos for Faust sake, but he had gone and goofed up, sputtered up his magic and sealed himself.
Discord Draconequus had perhaps made a conscious choice on the matter."Y-you haveta choose." He jumped up and spun around, but didn't move from between them. "You haveta choose to be bigger an' 'em! Nasty words hurt but lettin' 'em hurts only gunna make the niceness Lulu and Tia show you be true!" he smacked his paw to his head, smooshing back his ears. He was bad with expressing himself! How could you lie to someone? Say that ponies didn't mean to say those things?! He clutched his forepaws together, wings flared out. He was an  abomination. That fear and loneliness had turned him into something terrible His dragon's leg kept much of his weight as his hoof was a bit longer, making him a tad unbalanced. His mismatched eyes sunk behind black circles from eons of sleepless nights, nightmares caused by those hurtful words. In truth he had only ever wanted to hear one thing and even after he was a brat, it was wholeheartedly given to him. Discord bounced on his legs uneasily. "Please don't go! Be my friend!" He pushed his paw to his eye. "Don't be alone. I'm sorry. I'm sorry those mean things were said to you! Mira don't leave!" He sat, tearing up a bit. "Don't leave Lulu like I did." He begged.

Princess Luna saw fear in the way the unicorn shrank back from both Discord and herself. If there was anything to be seen by that, and the tears in his eyes, is that he'd really meant none of it. He clearly had compassion for his wolf companion. Yet he refused her offer, calling himself an abomination. He was no more an abomination than she, to say true! The unicorn's leave greatly distressed little Discord and Luna had never heard such begging from him. Perhaps it was personal? Luna turned to watch, solemn. "Abomination you are not, but my offer still stands should you desire to take it. We will watch over your wolf until such a time as your return." Luna chose to make no move to stop him; he needed time alone, to think and consider. It would be his choice alone to return, and nothing she nor anypony could say would make that decision for him. Luna knelt down to wrap a wing around the distraught draconequus, offering him comfort. "Let him be, he will decide, in time. For now, it seems we have a throne room to rebuild, do we not, Tia?" There was a rare endearment from Luna, but she paid little mind to saying it and went on to jest. "Until then, I'm sure the fresh air could do us good, no?"

Princeshë Celestia watched the exchange and couldn't help but frown. She knew that Luna would possibly consider his situation to be somewhat... personal? She knew one thing though, the pony was NOT an abomination like said he was. The white alicorn gazed in concern at Discord as the little draconequus ran to get between Luna and herself. She would have gone to comfort him but... well, Luna took good care of that somewhat quickly... She didn't seem to have much use right now. She had turned and started back to the throne when she heard Luna's jest and couldn't help but let out a quiet giggle of her own. "I dare-say some air would do us good during court, dear Luna. It would make it... easier to deal with the hot air that becomes such a problem." Thanks to Discord she was able to move normally once again even if her fur was still quite singed. Nothing a little rest wouldn't fix!

Mirage Moon stooped slightly; hesitating as he heard the little Draconequus and extended an offer of friendship...? him? It was tempting to say the least, but he wouldn't make a good friend...not after how he treated his last one. He thought as he took one more look to his companion and frowned as he turn his head back, "...I-I...will think about it...and the offer...until then. I will be in the Everfree Forest...near has been my home for the past twenty years after all...and I have grown accustomed to the harshness of that world...i-it...really is the only world i know...perhaps later I could attempt to learn more outside of my books about the world beyond the forest." He told them as he continued to walk and then he stopped only again as he looked to Celestia, "I am sorry...for what I have done...some day I shall make up for what has happened, but for now..."
Mirage Moon turned back to the exit and glanced once at Luna, " know how to reach me easily enough...just follow the nightmares..." He gave a nervous chuckle, before he walked off and after awhile fading off in the distance as her slowly made his way back heading "home" to the forest.

Discord Draconequus rubbed his face and swiveled his ears back before his head turned, followed by the rest of him. His forepaws were clutched to his chest, feathers fluffing up a bit as he broke into a sleepy yawn. Too much energy, he felt like he was run over by a train. Had he been once? Maybe at a different time. Unable to stand much more he sunk to all fours and curled up, much as a baby draconequus should at such an hour! "Okay." He allowed, and only on his time would he allow! Forelimbs tucked against his body, tail wrapping around his form. He looked down to the ground, eye wincing a bit when the princesses made their commentary. He did make a mess, didn't he? He stared down at his shadow, only to blink and notice Unikrom in front of him. He waited for Mirage to depart. When eh felt it was clear he looked up up them. "Sorry." He murmured. He felt his advice to Mirage was somewhat shallow if he could not himself proceed to do the same.
Discord Draconequus couldn't change what he was. It was much too late for him. But he hoped that one day he could make more friends. Fluttershy and the others had worked hard to help him, but old habits died hard. Sometimes he could be a contemptible baboon more so than a pony. But he wasn't a pony. Nor was he a dragon... neither was he a monster. So, what was he? Nightmare, huh? Softly did the spirit breathe. "I'm sorry Celestia. I'm sorry Luna." But he hadn't done anything wrong in particular -- this day. Nor yesteryear. "I--" He laid his face against Unikrom, the wee fiend slipping. He could hardly keep his eyes open, the chaos settling to a silent nothingness. "I said something mean..." He exhaled before his breathing became shallow. He hoped Mirage could find his way too. Being a nightmare wasn't so bad...

Princess Luna's ears perked when the unicorn seemed to respond to Discord's offer for friendship. The answer, while not overwhelmingly positive, was definitely a start for such as he. The apologies too. Although to the nightmares, the guardian of dreams herself was surprised. She had no doubt been neglecting him, but there were so many ponies in Equestria, and so many dreams she had to go through each night. She would take it to heart and deliberately seek him out, when the time was right. For now, Luna watched him go and turned back to her sister with a little smile. "The throne room was indeed stifling. It needs to be aired out." Luna agreed. She looked to Discord, half covered as he was by her wing, while he apologized in clear words- genuine apologies. Sympathy laced her features and she bent her head to give him a little nuzzle, another rare bit of affection. "You are forgiven." Luna murmured and aimed to levitate him up to Celestia, perhaps where he could rest with her upon the throne. She would have to do her duties, and go to find builders they could contact about rebuilding the throne room- no doubt her and Celestia could work together on instructing them.

Princeshë Celestia made it to the throne and sighed as she sat down. She looked back towards Luna to catch her telling the draconequus he was forgiven. The white alicorn offered them both smile, but her attention turned to discord when he was levitated up her way. She settled down on the throne and let the draconequus be set where he could be comfortable as well. She'd look after him until Luna returned, yes? She did offer the draconequus a nuzzle if she was allowed. "You were forgiven a long time ago Discord..Just as Luna was." she'd say with a slightly hidden smile. She had a long time to reflect upon past events. And as was her nature she had grown to blame herself for much, as the 'survivor' between the three of them how could she not? How much she'd wanted things to go back to the way they were.

Discord Draconequus wasn't going to have a nightmare tonight. He curled up against the feeling of warmth, a ball of fur, scale, and fluff. Not a monster, not a pony, not a dragon. He was someone who had troubles, and was forgiven. Soft Discord, warm Discord, little ball of Chaos. Happy Chaos, sleep Chaos -- purr purr purr. Off to dreaming he went.

The End.
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1/24/16; To Triumph Over the Dark
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