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Princess Luna

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How often are you online? Every day, or night.

Equestria RP Alts Princess Luna, Shadow Dart



Yuna, 'Soothsayer'

Nonbinary feminine; she/her

Alicorn; ascended

Adult; mid-20s

Similar to Fleur and Sassy's.

A curl of purple smoke coming out of a half-closed eye.

Foresight. Yuna has a way of reading into things in order to predict what may happen.


Gen 4



Yuna travels, so she doesn't have a set home. She owns a wagon that serves as her shelter and residence, which is large enough to hold a bed, a dresser, and some cabinets. A curtain was put up that serves as a partition between her living space and a table from which she tells her fortunes to customers.

Yuna works from her wagon which functions as a small shop.

Yuna spends her time telling others' fortunes and predicting their future. She utilizes clairvoyance, tarot cards, dream meanings, astrology, a crystal ball and/or a mirror for scrying into for her fortune telling. She may even offer horoscopes upon request.

Yuna is a slender pink pony who tries to come off as a unicorn, when in actuality, she's an alicorn! She keeps her wings hidden beneath shawls, which fits considering she's a fortune teller. She enjoys being able to help ponies see what might be in their futures, if for a small profit.

Yuna hails from a small village along the Unicorn Range. She was a shy but observant filly, preferring to sit on the sidelines to listen and watch rather than engage in anything. Whenever something bad happened she quickly took note of it, and began to wonder what exactly caused those things to happen- and how to tell if it was possible to know beforehand. It would certainly be useful in preventing accidents, wouldn't it? And Yuna wanted to help. It was this curiosity that lead her to fortune telling, or rather the beginnings of it- mostly in the form of tarot cards and the like from an occult shop. She didn't try to start predicting anything right away, but instead would watch things unfold to see if she could determine the causes of accidents and other such bad events. Oftentimes it turned out to be carelessness or clueless ponies, at least in the case of accidents. She eventually settled on trying to warn them, and instead turned wholly to fortune-telling, performing predictions and the like for anypony who cared enough to be interested. It took her a while of practice, of trial-and-error, before she got the hang of it; enough to begin trying other things to help her too.
It would turn out that Yuna had quite a knack for it, and when the time came, she earned her cutiemark in it! In the years after Yuna would continue doing what she was best at, along with learning many other things- including training her magic. It was used mostly for show, but she did dabble in spellwork when she wasn't trying to make a living or playing the part of a performer- if fortune telling could partially be considered a performance. Yuna wanted to see if it was possible to use magic to see into the future, as her want to prevent things before they happened had never quite left her.
There came a time when Yuna eventually managed to create such a spell, and in doing so she was met by a vision- disaster was coming to the town in the form of a large, out of control storm. Yuna collapsed afterward, but upon awaking she went to warn the town. Most ponies didn't believe her, save for those who were familiar with her fortunes and their scary accuracy. The storm itself became visible to the town within a few days, darkening the horizon, convincing those who wouldn't believe her. Yuna tried to help and organize the town to prepare for the storm, and found the stone gathering hall to be a perfect place. Ponies gathered up all their things, their food, the elderly, and their pets to take shelter within the hall. When the storm arrived, it raged for some time, destroying much of the town, before it passed on and eventually dispersed. The townsponies were relieved that they themselves were kept safe, and they had Yuna to thank. Yuna herself realized that with her visions, she could do much more than fortune telling to help the ponies and keep them safe- and from that realization she ascended into alicornhood. It came as quite a shock to everyone else, and even Yuna didn't know what to make of her new state. Thankful though the others were, there was quite some grumblings among the others- Yuna, fearing backlash, eventually left the ruined town behind her, believing they would have cast her out as an outsider. From there she eventually learned to hide her wings, and gain the few belongings she has now, so she could travel Equestria and leave her home far behind her. No one would ever find her secret again, but she was still plagued by the occasional sudden vision.

Yuna has, or had, only her mother growing up. She has no idea who her father was, and her mother seemed as though she didn't want to say- the most Yuna could tell was that their relationship ended badly, or that her father had left them. Being fatherless didn't matter too much to Yuna as she did just fine with her mother. Although her mother seemed to disapprove of her focus on the negative, and fortune telling, as she believed it got in the way of her schoolwork, other studies, and her chores. It'd caused quite a few arguments, at least up until Yuna gained her cutiemark- her mother had no choice but to accept what was and could only hope to make sure Yuna was doing all of her schoolwork and chores.
When Yuna ascended, she almost couldn't bear to face her mother, a similar fear she held to the townsponies casting her out. She didn't want any possibility of finding out if her mother would hate her for what she'd become, so Yuna fled without a word of goodbye.
Yuna's mother has a medium brown mane and has a slightly darker pink coat than she does. What her father looks like, however, is unknown.

The mysterious unicorn was a svelte creature with a soft pale pink coat reminiscent of cotton candy. Were one close enough, they could see slightly darker stripes that marked her back and legs like scars. She also had a freckling of white across the bridge of her nose, and two more beneath long-lashed eyes of dark magenta. Her hair was thick and slightly wavy, a brown-black that was bunched in gold rings. The lady could often be seen in shawls of varying dark colors, beneath which were white-tipped wings that she kept hidden. What little jewelry she wore often came in gold rings on her left ear and bangles around all four ankles.

Yuna puts on a friendly face when interacting with ponies, but has never enjoyed their company. She is callous and distrustful, usually keeping her distance, and fears others finding out her secret; because of such, she keeps to herself. There are rare times she yearns for the company of other ponies, but she ultimately doesn't know how to approach them or make friends. She grows irritable when others bother her or persist after she's already made it clear nonverbally that she no longer wants to converse or answer questions.

* Yuna chooses to hide her alicornhood by wearing large shawls draped across her back, which commonly come in dark colors as she has a few.
* Her fortune-telling is a job she has chosen herself and largely inspired by her strange prophetic dreams and visions- the job allows her to scam others and make easy money, as well as allowing her to travel and find food.
* Her faint stripes suggest that there may have been zebra blood somewhere in her family line.
* The visions that Yuna has cannot be controlled by her. They come when they will, and sometimes cause her to pass out afterwards and/or leave her with a headache.


Yunalesca found herself amid a bustling marketplace, surrounded as it was by quaint, white-walled houses with thatched roofing. It was the next down on her little route of travel, a place her map referred to as 'Ponyville' and the source of a few strange goings-on according to the news and assorted rumors. It'd seemed interesting enough. The mare tugged at her shawl with a twitch of magic, making sure it was in place, before she moved her wagon off to the edge of the area where she could begin setting up. She stabbed a sign into the hardpack dirt ground as a final touch, advertising 'Fortune Telling!'; surely anypony interested, and gullible, enough would be drawn in. Yep, it worked for her. She just hoped.. that maybe they'd leave her alone enough to allow her rest. Yuna cast the marketplace behind her a sour glance a moment before she retreated inside to sit behind her table and rest her legs. Whew.

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