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 1/6/16; Demons of the Past

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1/6/16; Demons of the Past Empty
PostSubject: 1/6/16; Demons of the Past   1/6/16; Demons of the Past Icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2016 12:00 am

Discord Draconequus had 'crept' under his covers, but was hardly sneaky, given his size. The coils of draconequus was all over the place. His head rest over the sheets while his lower back dangled off the bed. His rump was clung to the other side, on the bed's center, while his tail was by the pillow still tightly curled around the egg. Forelimbs were tuck under him like a cat and his hinds curled up like a belly up piglet. When he was sleeping he didn't seem so devious... somewhat. The nurses weren't pleased to find a growly draconequus with their patient, nope nope. When Bygone kerfuffled about a bleary-eyed tyrant was stumbled awake. His ears twitched as his crooked beard sproinged. "W-what? beans and toast..." He smacked his lips together and rolled his head and neck til it was upside down, causing a cascading ripple of movement down his coils until one flopped over Bygone.

Bygone Specter only had enough time to blink before he was suddenly squished by a coil head-first into the bed! He flailed under the coil while making several rather amusing muffled sounds! The flailing quickly turned to trying to pull his head free, but.... he pulled with so much force that when his head came un-stuck he went toppling right off of the bed in a tangled mess of limbs and covers! The tangled foal didn't hit the ground at least... He was stuck hanging upside down from the side of the bed though as he squirmed to try to get free!

Discord Draconequus startled by the noise the half-asleep spirit shot his head up, but his defiant coils whipped about as his body moved to right itself. "Fire in teh ho--mph!" A length of his own backside caught him in the mouth before half of him went tumbling in a tangle of sheets, off the side of the bed. He lay there with the top of his skull flat against the ground. He squinted in Bygone's direction, his dragon's hind claw moving to scratch his chin beard. "Is it time for breakfast yet?" He gave a yawn and started to fall back asleep as all of the rest of him flopped onto the ground and coiled up. He slithered under the bed, taking the blanket hostage. He looked like a pit viper ready to strike, or a kitten with a cold nose with his snooter buried in his own body.

Bygone Specter let out an 'eep' as he was suddenly joined by a Draconequus falling off the bed as well! Unfortunately he took the sheets with him though. The little changeling in disguise fell the remaining inches or so on his head and 'eeped'! "Yes Dissy, it is breakfast! The sun is outside!" he'd say from his tangled heap... Whenever the draconequus pulled the blanket with him the changeling was quickly untangled and sent bouncing and skidding across the floor. He let out a shiver as the shadows seemed to warp on the edge of his vision again..."Nope!" he'd declare only to dive into the middle of Discord and try to use those coils as a fort against the alicorn that were here for him!

Discord Draconequus grumbled as a little foal wormed its way into his cozy coils, his warm feathers hardly expected from the tyrant. He was pretty soft and cuddly, but would likely turn you into a chicken before he let you tell anyone. Ears swiveled forward as he eyed the room from under the bed. Should he alert Bygone he was hiding under the monster beneath the bed? Well even that sort of joke went a wee bit too far. "Hey now," He muttered. "I want corncakes." Didn't see what Bygone was so spooked about but he supposed he had to deal with the consequences of his more mischievous pranks. "Don't worry, I'm the only monster here." He muttered trying to be consoling, and failing with flying colors. Fully hidden beneath the bed the spirit sighed out and wondered if his temptation should be fed... Should he grab the leg of the next nurse to check in on them? He wiggled his eagle's claw. You only got one opportunity. Discord was committed. While Bygone hid... he would hunt. Next hoof to pass by, a sneaky grope to scare them. Nothing like a morning prank before breakfast! Corncakes!!

Mirage Moon smiled to the flower ponies, "Oh, thank you I just hope she will like them." He said as he took the white box wrapped in purple ribbon from the desk and threw some bits onto the counter. They all exchanged their good byes as Mira headed out the door. He was heading back to his house, but a sudden tingle went down his back as he came to a halt and tilted his head; looking to the castle with an curious glance. He did need to go check if Bygone was around he did see him with Discord earlier on that day; perhaps the princesses would know he thought. Mira walked up to the castle with his satchel around his shoulder and his present tucked slightly inside the satchel, but half way poked out of it. He entered the castle and wandered down the hall, but stopped when he could hear commotion coming from a room near by as his ears twitched and he headed to the door, before calling out, "...u-um...h-hello...?" He called as approached the door.

Bygone Specter continued to hide in his 'safe haven'.... "Good... now keep the alicorn away!" he'd only mutter as the little changeling took refuge! He was completely unaware that Discord was plotting a 'devious' monster-under-the-bed prank against the next pony to go by! If he did he'd probably find it both amusing and questionable! What if the pony stomped on his claw?! However that was besides the point. He thought he heard a voice only to perk his ears and try to hop up. This was, unfortunately, met by the underside of the bed. His head thudded against the wood and the woozy changeling toppled right back over!

Discord Draconequus rolled his eyes at Bygone's sudden reaction. "D-don't knock yourself out!" He harshly whispered folding his ears back. If Bygone wasn't awake he couldn't answer the door. Than he couldn't grope a pony. Think, think, think Discord! You are a master of time and space surely you ca-- The spirit narrowed his eyes and lips curled back into a grin. He cleared his throat, coughing a bit. "W-who is it? Come in." Of course the poorly replicated voice sounded like someone was a little hoarse, instead of Bygone answering cheerfully. Oh well close enough. Nopony would notice, right? He wiggled his claw in antici-------------- pation.

Mirage Moon tilts his head as he heard the voice called out to him. Ears twitched, "'s Mirage Moon...if it mattered." He replied. He sighed slightly as the voice obviously wasn't that of Bygone nor the princesses so he didn't really care for it and was about to walk away. He then let out a sigh thinking that would probably be rude and decided to go in anyways, "O-okay...I guess I can't just walk away...I heard commotion in here so I thought I just see if everything was alright. D-didn't mean to interrupt anything." He said in a soft spoken tone as he pushed his way into the room with a soft sigh.

Discord Draconequus's eyes widened as he stilled. Like a sssneaky viper in the grass the mischievous spirit waited until the opportunity rang like a song. Perhaps he should heed the advice of others when it came to being mindful of who, what, and where was the sufferer of his naughty games, but than again his compulsive nature was the very core of his existence. Why if he ignored that he would be no different than ignoring his chores. Though games were hardly a chore. A wide grin plastered itself on his face as a latex glove appeared over his claw. The loose fitting, sticking everywhere glove reached out to grab the pony's leg, leaving that weird, rubbery, powdery feeling behind. "Hoo hoo time to operate~" He hissed in a snakey whisper.

Mirage Moon takes a step forward as something grabs his right foreleg, "Wha...?" He was about to say, before the voice filled his ears and he sighed, "Meh...I don't have time for operations I have a date with somepony I shall have to pass on that, but perhaps...a rain check? Maybe tomorrow?" He asked and tugged on his leg; to escape the claws grip, "But...I do have a bit if you would prefer to converse with me?" He looked down and sighed as his leg was now powdery, "My you are rather messy, claw thingy arm...what ever you are..." He said and began brushing off the powder a bit, before taking a seat on the bed with a big flop; totally "forgetting" anypony was under the bed and then sat his satchel down beside him.

Bygone Specter quickly shook his head and dispelled the last of the cobwebs from his head. Ugh... what happened?! Wait... oh.. the underside of the bed! He let out a nervous giggle only to hear the familiar voice outside of the coils. He had just started to climb his way out whenever the weight was put onto the bed which squished down on him as well as the draconequus! He was quickly knocked back into the coils where he couldn't escape!

Discord Draconequus felt the greatest of offenses! How was one not startled by well -- him?! He was a great and terrible king! He snapped off the glove, his grip on poor Bygone loosing. He would shift his body to try and sliiiide the foal from beneath the bed while he pulled the borrowed blankets taught over his head. Pouting a lip his dark eyes peeked out from beneath the soft fabric. "Go get me some corncakes, I don't feel like getting up!" What a grumpy spirit. His dreams of scaring a pony from their fur... the Big Monster Under the Bed would be so ashamed of him. Those years of training!!! Wasted. "I am a fraud...." He weakly whispered, being a drama queen. He'll perk up after he gets over himself. It was a well known fact one couldn't keep a good spirit down. Or a somewhat well-doing spirit either!

Mirage Moon blinked a few times, before noticing the coils pushing out a small foal like object...wait...a foal like object that looked like...Bygone...Bygone! The pony he was searching for fortunate to find him here of all places, "Oh, hey, By! What are you two doing in the infirmary?" He asked as he looked down at Bygone and the tail of the draconequus as he mentioned Corncakes under the bed, "Corncakes...couldn't you just poof those in like you do other things? " He asked. As he rolled off the bed and left his satchel on it; to peek under the bed at the Draconequus.

Bygone Specter found himself being pushed from under the bed! An offering to the alicorn outside! He looked about with wide eyes and shrunken pupils only to notice Mister Mira up on the bed! Yes, he was a unicorn! He was far more scared of Alicorn then Unicorn! "Hide me from the alicorn! They're everywhere!" would be the reply to his query as he made every attempt to hide underneath the unicorn in some manner or another that would mean he was protected! His hat was still on the table presumably that is where it was.. If it had been picked up!

Discord Draconequus would be gone from under the bed, instead perched on the other side behind Mirage and in front of Bygone. He moved his forearms to tuck beneath his chest and legs under his body like a cat. His tail rest beside him, the appendage coiled around a ruby looking object in his grasp. "It's the principle of the matter! Freshly baked corncakes are the only way!" the discordant spirit announced. Ears folding back his eyes narrowed at his target. "Well, well if it isn't the wee librarian. Maybe you can help? You see Bygone needs protection, the kind of protection only the most competent guard could provide. And since i happened to turn half of them into chickens they are unlikely to agree to bodyguard duty." Leave it to Discord to convolute everything.

Mirage Moon pulls his head out from under the bed with a start, but hit his head on the edge as he came out. He groaned slightly and took his right fore hoof and rubbed the back of his head as he stared at Discord who perched between By and his self. Mira tilted his head slightly as the Draconequus spoke to him calling him a librarian...of all sorts...meh well he did live in a library for the most part, but he never thought of his self as such a pony...he just loved knowledge...and to read and to hoard the books. He traveled and traveled all over Equestria to obtain such knowledge even so some things were out of reach from him and he sighed slightly after a moment. He shook his head; coming back to his reality as Discord mentioned something about protection and guards being turned into chickens, "Wait...what...what have you been up to, Discord?" He asked with a raised eye brow and his scolding look a lot like the look Twilight gives him.

Princess Luna chose to skip going to bed directly after the sunrise yet again, but this time it wasn't to check out anything life threatening. Not like the last time, when Azure was in trouble and she'd passed out to protect the both of them from Windigos. Her snout wrinkled at the thought, but she'd spent a lot of her energy that night. Regardless, she'd made the decision this morning to fetch a silver platter of breakfast foods from the kitchen and made her way to the infirmary. Bygone had to be awake by this time, no? Voices were coming from the room by the time she approached, and her touch opened the double doors for her entrance. Ah, he was awake.. So was Discord, and somepony else. "Good morning. How are you feeling, Bygone?"

Bygone Specter stared almost blankly between Discord and Mister Mira only for one of the shadows on the edge of his vision to make him jump! No - There is nothing there... It's just the terror... That is all it is.. Its all there in his head playing havoc with his senses! He'd never had his geas get to this degree of severity before! He let out a shuddering breath and opened his eyes again to almost swear he saw the ghost of wings on his unicorn friend. The sight caused him to yelp and just about fall off the other side of the bed! He managed to cling to the sheets somehow, though... He was just about to speak up whenever the door once again opened and.. There was the smell of food... and Miss Luna! Though the geas recoiled at the sight of her the little changeling practically dove down to the alicorn and in clear irony hid behind a hoof of an alicorn to hide from the 'other alicorn'... "S-Still seeing alicorn everywhere! H-head still hurts..." he all but whimpered.

Discord Draconequus was floating behind Luna looming over breakfast. Rubbing his claws together he chuckled, taking a peek at what she brought. His ears swiveled forward when Mirage questioned him. "Oh, you know. The usual. Impersonating royalty, undermining all authority but my own, defending the weak willed." Or breaking the weak willed, however you decided to put it. He was always rather animated with he spoke, forelimbs moving to tuck against his body before Luna caught him prodding around the food. For whatever reason he kept his tail coiled around the large ruby, close to his body. His wings quietly flapped before stabbing a claw into a breakfast biscuit, munching on it. HRT food~

Mirage Moon noticed the princess that came in and sighed slightly as he stared at Discord still, "Discord...don't be causing too much trouble now." He said slowly, before looking to Bygone as he seemed to be afraid of him for some reason. He let out another sigh at seeing this and then out of the corner of his eye he saw that the sun was shining through the window and he looked down wondering if Twilight would be up yet. The morning train would be departing soon and he probably should catch it if he is to meet Twilight in time for the outing they had planned for the day, "Um...well now that a Princess is here, perhaps they could do this protecting thing. Besides I think the little fella is kind of scared of me right doubt it would do any good with me being this body guard thing. Also starting tomorrow I will be relocating to spend more time with Twilight...and her um friends. I was her idea." He let out a sigh.
Mirage Moon walked over to the bed and levitated up the satchel and placed it back over his right fore shoulder as he made sure he had everything, before turning and walking through the door, "Well...I must be off....I do have a da...erm...a gathering I have to get to in a few hours so I have to catch the next train to Ponyville." He said with a bow of his head, "Please take care, everypony." He added, before walking off.

Princess Luna gave Bygone a mixed look of concern and sympathy when he made it clear that the geas was still at it. She knew it would be, but it seemed a good time as any to discuss her idea with him. When she looked up to the others, she noticed Discord had disappeared from his spot.. and he announced himself a few minutes later somewhere above her, right before he stole a biscuit from the tray. A smile briefly appeared on her face before she tried to usher Bygone from underneath her and back into bed, right before she set the tray down at the end of it. An ear flicked towards the unicorn when he made it clear that he would be leaving, now that she was here. "Good travels to you," Luna bid before her attention returned to the colt. "Bygone, I have something to discuss with you about the removal of the geas. I had planned to try while you were asleep.. but it seemed better to bring it to your attention first."

Bygone Specter found himself being extracted from his position of hiding once again and ushered up onto the bed... out in the open where the alicorn could get him! The changeling looked to the food tray and sidled over to grab a little for himself ~ Even if discord had already taken some. When Luna once again began to speak he looked her way and his ears suddenly perked. She planned to try to remove the geas while he was asleep? He was so shocked he accidentally let go of his disguise! He looked almost 'normal' for a changeling if it weren't for the softly glowing 'core' in his chest. His horn was solid once again and the invasive cracks that had once spread from the chaos core was minimal... His blue eyes peered at the alicorn in awe, though! "Do it ~ Do it ~ Do it! Dun care if it kills me, do it!" he'd say with an almost frantic air to him!

Discord Draconequus floated over them til he hovered right over Bygone. He wondered what that pony's deal was. He was pretty sure he borrowed a book from that pony. The spirit suspended himself over Bygone, coiled in na abstract position. "Whoa Bygone, you have to calm down. I mean it's not like I wouldn't protect you." That kinda hurt, ow. "Besides the only kinda formidable alicorn around is this one." He pointed down to Luna. What did he mean by "kinda formidable? "I mean she's more like a leaf blown in my face during fall." He dismissed before grinning. "Though you should probably lend him a hoof before he explodes."

Princess Luna was just as surprised by Bygone's reaction as he'd been of her. "It probably will not kill you, not while I am here, but let us hope it is not so bad." She assured him.. which probably wasn't much of a reassurance, but at least she tried, right? She'd never dealt with an actual geas before. The moonbringer glanced towards Discord with a mildly surprised look at that little.. compliment? She wasn't sure if it could be called a compliment- being formidable could be useful, but it also came with being feared by ponies who shouldn't be scared of her in the first place. "Ah.. I must explain, before I attempt it. The scanning spell I used on you last night has given me more information to work with than the entire Canterlot Archive.. The geas seems to be a web of spells, albeit slightly incomplete and messy." Luna told him as she moved to stand by Bygone's bed.

Bygone Specter turned to look back at Discord only to smile. "I know... But I don't have much s-sanity left. You wouldn't w-want to be the big brother of a crying heap...." he'd say with a bit of a twitch as the 'shadows' continued to creep around the edge of his vision. Even still the little changeling gave the Draconequus a brief hug before he spun back to Luna and focused his gaze upon her! "Y-yes.. I imagine that the spells would be more complete, but... It is h-hard to keep a subsa..subsorv... no sub-sir-vee-int (subservient) geas active while the 'master' is dearly departed and can't properly reinforce it." he'd say with a bit of a twitch as his head jerked to look to the side. Turned his attention back to Luna and let out a shaky sigh. "Not real... It's the magic... Not real..." he muttered to himself.

Discord Draconequus folded his ears back as he floated up there. His head tilted, claws resting over his paw. "Oh ho, come now." He spoke up shakily. "You act as if anypony is sane. Why I'd be doing a terrible job were that the case!" It was not as if he was insinuating it was a chaos' spirit's job, but he wasn't unaware of the anxiety he's birthed with his existence. It wasn't always like that. He sort of wondered when it had changed, when he became an enemy. He didn't want the little foal to snap, meet that edge... He seemed to be always causing Bygone more harm than good. Maybe you are a monster. A snaking whisper made his ear flicker, tickle. He held out his digits, pulling a spider-webbed shape threading of strings twix claw and paw. "Well if it is just a web, it's only a matter undoing it, right?" He clapped his paws together and pulled them apart to reveal the threads untangled, drooping. "But if you aren't careful Bygone may not be the one coming out." The visual aide should be enough to express the spirit's worry. If you untangled madness without knowing what you were doing you were left with a serenity that was a polar opposite and no longer what a pony was. "A little chaos is good~" And he committed to the idea with strong reasoning. He was not simply known as Discord. Or a monster. He was a spirit, the spirit of chaos, a title much like the Princesses which demanded he play a certain role in Equestria. A lonely role, but a role none-the-less.

Princess Luna frowned as both Bygone, and later Discord, spoke of sanity. What Discord had to show and tell further reinforced, to her, that failure was not an option. "Yes, I suppose so. It is only a matter of using counter spells to undo it, one spell at a time. I will try my best, but I feel the most important spell to be dealt with is the one that forces him to fear alicorns." Luna murmured, with a questioning lilt at the end of her last sentence. "But this is very true.. I suppose Equestria would be a tad boring if there were none." Luna agreed and flared out her wings, the feathers' tips curling inward towards Bygone. Her horn flared with magic, shining as bright as a small star where it gathered at the tip. "Keep still, and keep calm. For you I will try." Luna lowered her horn towards Bygone's head, where from there, she hoped to access the geas through magic.. and maybe begin to untangle that madness.

Bygone Specter had to outright force himself not to fly right off the handle again. It was easy for him to push the fact that Miss Luna was an alicorn to the back of his mind but the way she flared her wings out and lowered her horn... It really was difficult! But miraculously the changeling was far more scared of the terror magic flooding his brain shredding what little he had left! Thus he sat there and didn't move a muscle. The geas was... complicated... And it was like the chaos core itself had tried to fight it off once. However what remained of the complete geas was tangled about his head like the most unholy of cable nests... or tangled hearths warming lights... Parts of the 'nest' were inset into his brain as well... Body functions, mental manipulation, the works! She was effectively conducting magical brain surgery in a sense!

Discord Draconequus without a sound the mangle of monstrous limbs would settle down on the bed, draped around Bygone like a prized fur. His head was cocked up and turned away while his forelimbs sat crossed, shuffled against the coverings of the bed. His hoof was pulled against his stomach while his dragon's leg partially dangled off the edge. It was like a cat pretended he didn't care but would somehow always managed to be right there beside you at the most inopportune moments, and what a purrsian this draconequus was! He looked to his eagle's claw, the ends glistening showing off how sharp they were. He would comb his claws through Bygone's tail in a strangely soothing manner, but in actuality he would stay close and listen. Untangling chaos was just a complex task as tangling it. Discord had his job cut out for him. One did not simply create chaos. One had to make it and perfectly inline disaster beneath serenity to make it balanced. Balance was key to not destroying the universe or creating an irreversible loop in time. Mindful of what was at stake, he would make sure to nosily interfere.

Princess Luna became vaguely aware of Discord presence as he coiled himself around Bygone, but she couldn't see for herself; she'd closed her eyes. The princess started with reaching towards the spells tangled around and in the poor colt's mind, and marveled at how horribly twisted it all was. She knew it was because the deceased unicorn was evil, but yet again she had to ask, How could anypony do this? Luna frowned, but she focused on the spell manifesting the terror in the changeling's mind. She tried to cast a spell to undo it, her first test.... but it failed. Perhaps it wasn't the counterspell she required? She felt an addition of somepony else's magic, but she would have to try again regardless.

Bygone Specter could only let out a bit of a whimper as Luna focused on the spell that was manifesting the terror in his head. Sadly the first attempt failed, and the geas now quite knew it was under attack! The mess of 'knots' constricted and tightened much like a viper that was agitated... if the alicorn hadn't been prepared for a return strike the rampant magic of the tattered 'slave geas' latched onto the magic that Luna was reaching out with and sent a pulse of dark magic back right back at her! A... rather substantial pulse to accord to the roll.

Discord Draconequus did not need to help, and typically kept himself from pony affairs, but given Bygone had a little chaos in him it was harder to ignore. Even still his indirect role only bordered on that of support. Ponies had to live their own lives and changelings were often little more than parasites in the past. He wondered what their role was this time around? It wouldn't be so terrible to keep them around. But it was a matter of these twisted currents. It was a disgusting mess lacking any sort of beauty. This was the sort of turmoil the spirit avoided. While many could claim the despair he wrought upon Equestria was one in the same, such as his was only manic, senseless pillages of normality. Nopony was ever physical punished, or mentally ruined. A few scars kept a healthy mind. Discord felt that such peril pressed upon a foal, on anyone, was really unfair. They couldn't fight back, and had no chance to... A tick of a sneer pulled up on the normally mild mannered draconequus, but it was quickly brushed away as he rest his chin on his claw in a thoughtful manner.

Princess Luna could feel the geas tighten and retaliate after her first attempt at undoing it. It probably wasn't a sentient thing, but its unicorn caster had known enough to put such safeguards in place. The princess's body outwardly tensed when it struck her with a pulse of dark magic, and by Equestria it stung, but she didn't dare back down or pull away. Discord was right to think her formidable.. but stubborn had a place in her too. Her eyes flashed solid white beneath their painted lids as she geared up to handle it, as this time she knew it to be dark magic. She knew. Luna prepared her counterspell, to finally rid the terror spell from Bygone's mind, and cast it. Again she felt some other magic, and had an inkling she had a little help from a certain draconequus.

Bygone Specter felt something... odd... like there was a 'snap' perhaps? It really was an indescribable feeling! The magic remained but... there wasn't anymore... Wait... One of the shadows formed an 'alicorn'! He cringed as he was expecting the overwhelming terror to come, but it never came! In Luna's perspective that specific chain of spells was somewhat... torn asunder and collapsed into raw magic that simply joined the dark magic already in his head...It did make his headache somewhat worse, but... that was all it was doing... right?

Discord Draconequus pricked an ear as the princess seemed to unravel something. While the spirit was no mind reader -- well he was, but he kept a respectable distance from the heads of others as it could lead to trouble in and of itself, and in this state of mind fiddling around with anything could lead to something dangerous. But he heard it. He did. Lowering his head, moving his neck to crane around the foal he turned an eye toward Bygone, hoping to peer into the foal's eyes. It didn't seem strange at all, being he was acting his nosy, invasive, odd self to begin with. "Funny how tired you seem Bygone." He suggested strongly. "Lay your head down and tell me, where is that knot...? Here...or here?" He motioned first to the foal's heart, but dragged a claw toward his skull.

Princess Luna felt the particular spell she was dealing with simply crumble away into aimless dark magic. The dark magic she was sure she could cleanse from the changeling, but only after she'd dealt with the geas in its entirety. She still had quite a few more spells to deal with, and the next to become her target was the one creating the illusions; the 'alicorns' that Bygone had been yelping about. Luna inhaled slowly to steady herself, gathering another counter spell and made to cast it.

Bygone Specter was, in fact, strangely feeling rather tired. He had been feeling somewhat 'sleepy' ever since Luna broke the terror magic... The foal tried to hold back a bit of a yawn as he did what Dissy suggested and laid himself down. The foal was honestly just.. drowsy and distracted! He was just about to make another comment when Luna took down another part of the geas! The shadows that seemed to creep before his eyes receded! Happy day, he wasn't seeing things anymore! Much like before the remnants of that particular section of spell fell to pieces and joined the mass of dark magic. "Head..." he'd mutter to the Draconequus! After all, most of his 'fears' was artificial... Besides his fear of freezing... that one was trauma based...

Discord Draconequus lowered his head as Bygone settled. "Oh, I see." His voice became soft as he chuckled sneakily. "Well, I suppose we all have things dancing in our heads. That's where they say sugarplum ponies dance." He would once again suggest. If Bygone's mind calmed down and settled on more pleasantly amusing images than it would be easier to untangle what remained of the madness, but keeping apart the madness that deteriorated, destroyed. There was always a separation between Discord's controlled chaos and the destructive harm this thing had done to the foal. "Bygone, tell me -- where did the nightmares begin, that way I can...turn them off." He cooed.

Princess Luna felt it again when the hallucination spell broke before her magic, and Bygone himself seemed all the calmer for it. She was doing it! But she wouldn't let herself celebrate too early. She still had work ahead of her with smaller strings of spells still twisted up in their network. Outside of it all, she could ear Discord's voice murmuring to Bygone and she caught something about 'nightmares' but it didn't seem all that important. Luna refocused herself and searched the remaining spells so she could continue taking them down one by one.

Bygone Specter hummed sleepily and raised a foreleg to rub his eye...But... all he really did was yawn as his eyes turned somewhat half-lidded. "Mmmm... back in the l-labs... I d-don't know where we were... They hatched several of us... then we were all so...hungry..." he whimpered with his ears folded back. It wasn't like uncaring scientist ponies knew what changeling hatchlings fed upon! That wasn't a time he liked to remember to! If it weren't for Discord using a hypnosis trick he'd likely not remember a thing. The whole section was all but hidden in his mess of a mind... even from himself!

Discord Draconequus snorted in annoyance, mostly at the consideration. He moved to flop his big head on the foal, as if just being a general meanie, but in truth he was just trying to hide and protect the foal. "Well... there's no need to remember any of that." He assured. Reaching up his claw he moved to grasp the sleepy foal's head. It wasn't anything he could watch any longer. "Hey Luna...?" He murmured as his claws played about in the tangled mess. He couldn't find a way to rip it out, rip out those disastrous memories. It angered him. A nigh omnipotent spirit, far above every being in Equestria! And he couldn't help a tiny, little changeling who didn't deserve any of this. "I'm sorry." It was his fault for spooking Bygone. The male would shift his flexible form.
Discord, wrapping himself around Bygone he would levitate the ruby egg toward Luna. Twisting his chaos and the chaos deep inside of Bygone the spirit would, instead of unraveling the mess, entwine his own, parasitic chaos into the mess. "I'm sorry. I didn't want it, you know? Any of it." Bygone reminded the discordant creature of himself. Trying so hard to make friends. Broken and clumsy magic. Jokes turning into pranks, anything to get attention. Bygone was him. Hurt and lonely just trying to be okay. All of it, all of his twisting mechanics and selfish want. "Don't tell him." His body shifted out, fading from the plane. "Don't tell him that even now, I was being selfish." The warmth Discord had held the foal with would fade before he himself, vanished. The alicorn would feel it. His magic was gone.

Princess Luna was distracted from it all by the little colt's recollection of those terrible memories, and furthermore by Discord. His tone was far different than any she'd ever heard from him before, nor how caring he could be when he wanted to be. She acknowledged his utterance of her name by tilting an ear, and was shocked by the apology, the admittance of selfishness. Her eyes fluttered open in surprise at that, but they were glowing a blank white while she was focusing her powers. "You can be forgiven. You are forgiven." Luna spoke in a low voice that carried weight. She felt Discord's magic fade. This was an unforeseeable turn of events, and it made her want to finish up her work, quickly. Speaking of.. she felt something flutter in Bygone's mind when she'd attempted to seek out the rest, and she delved for it. Luna didn't like the looks of it and now it was her target. She summoned forth her magic to take that failsafe spell apart, so they could all be done with this mess for good.

Bygone Specter was still under the spell for a time...But the failsafe was zeroed in up on and Luna wrought total annihilation upon it before it had any hope of retaliating! With that and Discord's chaos attacking the dark magic the magic of the geas collapsed and was consumed! He even.. couldn't remember some things.. He didn't know if he was happy about that or... not? Yes, best be happy that he can't bring up any of 'those' memories...They were best left as just that... long forgotten memories! The little changeling was subconsciously rather distressed by the sudden lack of a Dissy though....

Discord Draconequus struggled to pull himself out from beneath the foal, now quite smaller than even he. A cute, mangle of bits too precious to be considered trouble. Small wings fluttered as if trying to get the round, pudgy fiend off the mattress. When unsuccessful they would climb on top of Bygone, circle a few times, and flop, curling up. Bit red-yellow eyes turned up toward Luna as he grumbled (or purred)? Ears folded back as he gave the look, that look. Big round puppy-dog eyes. "I-is By 'kay?" Arrow to the heart the cuteness was multiplied by a million. What was this creature?! Why -- the one who invented the puppydog eyes. But could it be called a discord? Or just a wee remnant?

Princess Luna could relax now that the destruction of the failsafe spell seemed to do the trick. Everything else crumbled beneath her and Discord's combined might of magic, and no doubt leaving Bygone's mind all the freer for it. She withdrew from it, shutting off her magic and the moon's glow faded from her teal eyes. Now that she was no longer fighting for the foal's sanity, the fatigue and pain from the dark magic pulse seemed to hit her all at once. Luna staggered a little and rested a hoof on the edge of the bed where Bygone lay. She folded her stiffened wings back against her sides and spied the little bundle of cute that crawled out to perch on the foal's head. "Discord.. ?" Luna said, baffled and.. perhaps a little won over. "Y-Yes, Bygone will be okay now, the geas is gone. All thanks to your help."

Bygone Specter blinked owlishly as he came out of the spell trance and looked about. He felt... really, really good now! Liiiiike... There was some sort of pressure on his head that he'd got used to that is gone now! The first pony he saw was Miss Luna looking fatigued and... perhaps even a little pained? But before he could even open his mouth he suddenly found a miniaturized Discord laying on his head. "Dissy?" he'd ask with a curious tone of voice as he focused on the pudgy adorableness.... "Ooooh! Now I'm the big brother!" the little changeling grinned wide as he shifted chibi-discord from laying on his head to near hug the stuffing out of the chibi ... By had even less defense against cuteness... Plus Bygone just likes hugs; and also owed Dissy one for helping here.. Even worse!

Discord Draconequus pouted at Luna. She seemed tired but his face didn't really emote worry more so than baby pouts. "H-hey!" He muffled in distorted speech, given he only had a big ol' snaggle tooth in that wee muzzle. "Shtap tah!" Which gave him an adorable lisp. His ears folded back as he was squeezed relentlessly with affection. He tried to squirm, but to no avail. "Am biggerrr!" Forepaws flailed wildly, weakly at best. He pouted again before his eyes went wide. "W-woona hasta watch mah egg." He pointed to the egg and moved to smoosh his paw's digits in Bygone's nose holes. "Leggo!" Prod prod. He was too smooshable. Those soft, luxurious ears and that smoosh baby soft mane! He was as dangerous as any toddler. There was not a speck of chaos anywhere on his form. Was it what made him age, or simply capable of holding a discordant, unnatural form? He gave a cute yawn and stretched his limbs. "Am sheepy." Discord was happy Bygone was okay now and really at squishing level, but the spirit -- well what did you call a baby draconequus? Well, regardless the chibi was down for the count. "Ah wanna shtay at Woona's! Dissy cannae go hooome." No Chaos powers, no teleporting.

Princess Luna smiled at Bygone once he came around and looked at her, shortly before he was distracted by Discord's new, small form. "Take it easy on him." She chided Bygone gently, who was currently squeezing the life out of the small spirit. The way Discord spoke, however, really didn't help things at all. Her gaze shifted to the ruby-like egg he'd left on the bed with curiosity- she'd seen him carrying it around in his tail, but things always liked to pop up before she could ask about it. "I will, I promise you," Luna assured him, "but might I ask why you have such an egg? Where did it come from?" She had to ask now, before the sleepy little spirit could fall into slumber. "Of course you can stay here."

Bygone Specter set the little Discord down after the hug quota was satisfied and the little draconequus seemed to be... sleepy? Huh... Then he heard that he couldn't get home. By's ears fell back and his gaze dropped. Dissy wasn't able to get home thanks to this... He felt terrible! Oh no! The chickens were left at Dissy's all alone to! Would they be able to survive there! Maybe... Maybe he could figure out how to get there? The little changeling was thinking... Maybe... Maybe if he blew himself up with chaos he might be sent back there? But then how'd he get back? Oooh this was his fault it was! What if the chickens had no food?! The little changeling schooled his features before his distress was evident for too long and he made to slip himself from the bed. "I-I should probably make my way back to my cart... a-and see about moving it from the Everfree for a while..."

Discord Draconequus threw his paws up in a cheer. "Waaiiii sheep ovah at Woona's!" He jumped up and down at the bed. "Ish mah egg!" Was the short end of it. The wee Discord slowed his hops when Bygone said he was leaving. Big, wide puppydog eyes with glistening tears. "By gooo? N-no. Sthay!" He puled his arms outwards, taking a deep breathe. Any mare knew that stance, any one experienced with foals. He was about to throw a tantrum if he didn't get his way.

Princess Luna frowned a little when Discord didn't elaborate any further than 'It's mine!' but what did she expect? She would take care of it and keep it warm in the meantime, despite the lack of a proper answer. "Very well." She muttered and turned to Bygone. "You do not have to go so soon. Are you sure you do not want to stay for a time, allow yourself some rest? You have been through quite an ordeal." Luna attempted. Discord was upset by the very idea of Bygone leaving, and she hoped to keep him around for at least a little while.

Bygone Specter looked befuddled... bewildered...bamboozled...and well... outright shocked, really! He hadn't expected little Dissy to react so to him saying he was going! The changeling was left with a rather odd look before he suddenly backtracked and shook his head quickly as he looked at the soon-to-throw-a-tantrum Discord. "I-I can stay.. I mean, that is up to Miss Luna! I've grown rather...fond.. of sleeping on a bed." he'd say as he turned his gaze from the two some and rubbing the back of his head. "I can stay for a night... maybe two.... or a week..." he mumbled with a flick of an ear.

Discord Draconequus seemed to deflate that preparation for a wail and brightened up. "Waiiii! By shtay!" He jumped off the bed, but without the use of powers, whoops, tripped. "Uuf!" He grunted landing on his belly. Pushing up he shook himself on all fours he would shake himself out and circle around once. Facing Luna he moved to stand up, forelimbs in the air. "Up, up." He bade. "UUuup!" He uselessly fluttered his wings trying to help himself but, to no avail. He gave another yawn, slipping away as he slowly sunk back to his haunches, his baby bum so heaavyyyyy.

Princess Luna watched as Bygone quickly backpedaled in response to Discord's upset and chuckled lightly. "You may stay for as long as you wish." She told Bygone with a single nod. The moonbringer was taken by surprise when the little Discord showed excitement.. and fell right off the bed. She didn't have time to catch him, but she did give in to his insistence to be picked up. Luna levitated the little pudge of cute up and hooked a soft wing around him, where she could hold him against her chest. "Take it easy, before you hurt yourself."

Discord Draconequus was sound asleep himself all cozy. But the morning the castle would learn of Luna's grave mistake. Soon... sooon my little ponies~.

Princess Luna levitated the ruby-like egg up so she could show Bygone to a guest bedroom where he could sleep during his stay, and during such a time she noticed Discord had fallen asleep. D'aww. She carried the small sleeping chaos spirit and his egg up to her own quarters, where she placed Discord on an extra pillow. The egg would be wrapped up between his pillow and her own, and once she was shed of her regalia, Luna could collapse in bed. She was asleep seconds after her head hit the pillow. Ahh, at last.

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1/6/16; Demons of the Past
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