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 12/29/15; Detective Work

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: 12/29/15; Detective Work   12/29/15; Detective Work Icon_minitimeSun Jan 03, 2016 5:11 am

Discord Draconequus arrived in Canterlot not long after his Tuesday tea~ A short meeting with Bygone and off to Canterlot he was. Of course as he entered the capital he was far beyond his former self. now in the guise of an ordinary background pony, the unicorn male trotted his way toward the castle. It was easy enough to be ignored when you looked like everypony else. After a questionable cupcake incident in Sugarcube the spirit was able to get himself a good stock of freshly baked cupcakes. Let us not ask about the batter overflow that had foals licking their lips with snowcone treats. He made his way toward the castle and would manage to meander up to the courtyard. With puzzlebook floating beside his head and a saddlebag of smuggled cupcakes -- could he perhaps lure a princess out?

Princess Luna probably could be lured out from her castle, once the guards took enough interest in the unknown pony moving up into the courtyard. They were obviously a visitor, and visitors were oft reported to the higher-ups so that they knew who passed through the palace. And Canterlot Castle.. or parts of it, were certainly open to them. Princess Luna herself was looking forward to a calm enough day, one that hopefully didn't involve giant spiders, or scribes and foals endangering themselves with advanced magic. She was thankfully steered away from such a train of thought when one of the guards came to her. Her court was open, or would be, and she wondered what they had in store for her.

Discord Draconequus dipped his head to the guards. "Good day sirs how are you today? I was wonder might there be a chance to meet with the princess? Local detective, Strife." Using his horn he would levitate his badge from his saddle bag and show it to the guards. "I was hoping to ask the princess some questions on the cockatrice incident a few weeks back in Canterlot." He spoke with a raspy voice, hardly looking as if he was the sort to cause trouble.

Princess Luna. The guards cast each other brief puzzled glances when the unicorn introduced himself. A nosy pony.. but probably a harmless one; one that the princess could easily handle. "Of course. Head to the throne room." One replied gruffly, and as one, they used their magic to open the double doors for the detective. They would say no more, and close the doors after the visitor had entered. Princess Luna would be where they said she'd be, opening the throne room doors and taking her place upon the throne itself to wait.

Discord Draconequus cleared his throat. "Why thank you gentleponies." He slid the badge back into his saddlebag and made his way into the foyer. Of course Dis-- er Strife had an ulterior motive. It was easy enough to ask Luna this and that about the incident, to gauge her annoyance level, but his goal was to learn how the princess moved and walked for Bygone. The prank wouldn't work if Bygone did all the work! He made his way toward the throne room and glanced around with his red eyes. His cropped, scruffy mane gave him a rugged look, but also just a bit lazy and haphazard with the scissors.

Princess Luna spied a figure approach the open doorway and pass through into the throne room proper. She watched them curiously from where she sat poised on the throne, trying to gauge him; but it was always difficult to tell what it was ponies wanted from just a look. The princess idly ruffled her folded wings against her sides, getting them comfortable, while she hailed him from across the room. "Greetings, citizen, to the court of night. What ails thee to seek my aid?"

Discord Draconequus stood with an informal stance: back legs parted slightly while one forelimb curled up. His scruffy tail flicked this way and that before he settled all four hoofs on the ground. "My, I have to say the Night Court's pretty impressive." His ears pricked forward, the quill behind his left ear slipping down as he levitated it and a notepad. "I wished to inquire about a few things Princess, if you wouldn't mind?" He was polite in his manner, but spoke informally. He seemed an average street pony. "So I presume you heard about that incident in the streets about two weeks ago involving ..." He nosed over his notes. "Guards hunting monsters-- as one citizen called it." He looked directly at Luna, eyes focusing on the princess.

Princess Luna allowed a faint smile to briefly surface across her face at the compliment, and let it fade as the stallion continued. "I would not mind at all. Please, ask." She replied, bidding him to continue. To what he said next, she tilted her head a little in thought. "Ah.. yes, I assume you speak of the sudden cockatrice invasion?" Princess Luna queried. "It was unfortunately during a time of which I slept, or I would have dealt with it myself. What was it you wished to know about it?"

Discord Draconequus scrawled his quill's tip over the parchment in though. A few pages were leafed through. "Yes, very good, thank you princess. Now ah, just to get some clarity on some old information -- you no longer hold affiliation with your old title, Nightmare Moon, correct?" He poked the feather end against his lip. "Leading to a full cooperation and separation of duties between night and day, according to sources?" While as a detective he did need to separate fact from fiction, sometimes Dis--Strife liked to have a little fun. "I'd also like to confirm that your favorite flavor is blueberry?" He arched a brow, peeking over the pad.

Princess Luna guessed that there was nothing more the pony needed to know about the cockatrice, but the following question prompted a raised eyebrow. Were ponies still so concerned about that, about her? "I indeed no longer hold Nightmare Moon as a title. I must clarify, too, that what prompted me into taking it has long since been dealt with. I have atoned for the sins I have committed under that guise. Princess Celestia and I have forgiven each other, and settled our differences. We are as equals once more." Luna replied, hoping her answer would help quell their worries. To that last question, she looked briefly puzzled before she answered. "No, it is cherry."

Discord Draconequus nodded. "Well, may I say it is good to have you princess." Of course he had to bite his tongue lest he said 'good to have you back,' that would have ruined all the fun. "Always important to set the facts straight, now given that many felt that with you two Princesses together the panic caused by a few cockatrice dining at a restaurant could have easily been quelled by a few graceful words. Tell me what is your view on the animosity between the two groups? Ponies and Cockatrice that is." He seemed ready to jot down her words for posterity. What was he investigating though? It seemed the questions were arbitrary.

Princess Luna bowed her head in response to the little 'welcome back' and straightened to hear what else the detective had to say- and it was back to the cockatrice. She allowed a moment of silence to trail out to consider her answer. "It is understandable why ponies would be upset with the cockatrice. They caused quite a lot of trouble in Canterlot, in damages, lost goods and general mayhem. As to the cockatrice.. I have little idea. Their home is in places such as the Everfree Forest; what they were doing here in Canterlot, of all places, is puzzling." Luna paused, gathering the rest of her thoughts. "I suppose the animosity is a bit unfounded. We should not fight with fellow animals we should be caring for and returning them to their natural habitats."

Discord Draconequus pinched his eyes up in amusement. "As expected of a princess." He could not help but mentally sneer for the answer. While it was to be expected of Luna she didn't need to meet every aspect of being royalty. It made it no fun corrupting her words! Twirling the quill with magic the detective considered the newly wrought information. "Well as you can understand it is my duty as a detective to find the truth and discover where the cockatrice came from -- but as you said they were quite far from Everfree -- so there had to be a reason they were in town. I am determined, if I may princess, to find out why. Why does anyone come to Canterlot really, let alone to one of its high scale cafes." He levitated a small photograph from his saddlebag. "This was acquired as evidence. During the pandemonium someone seems to have found the time to take a picture." He floated it over. It was a selfie of Discord and the lizard birds at lunch while ponies in the background seemed to be running for their lives.

Princess Luna merely peered down at him at his response, her expression neutral; had she known what was going on in his head, she probably would have smiled in triumph. Alas, she did not. She nodded as the detective went on to tell her of his duty to find out who was responsible, and why. When he mentioned evidence and brought out a photograph, she leaned forward a little in interest. The picture was floated towards her so she could get a full look- 'lo and behold, it was Discord. Luna's face darkened. "Oh I do believe I know who it is." She replied. "There is only one draconequus in Equestria, and it is Discord. He must have brought them here for the sake of creating trouble, for that is what he loves to do."

Discord Draconequus pricked an ear as he turned his head slightly, the quill lifting from the parchment. "Discord -- but my princess, certainly that can't be so. Is he not some old mare's tail?" He bade. "As such there has never been any empirical evidence that he exists, and pardon me for saying so but even from the word of muzzle of a princess: without proof it seems a bit of a stretch." While he did not claim it was impossible... "It is highly improbable still that such a creature of myth would come to Canterlot for the sake of ...dining and trouble. It doesn't explain why cockatrice." He really had to hold back his tongue. How he wished to fill the hall with the decadent sounds of his ego stroking. He was too awesome, cool, powerful to be anything but a spooky bed time tale! He cleared his throat and stuffed down a cupcake feeling a bit drained. Luna was tough nut to crack.

Princess Luna frowned at the detective as she lifted a hoof towards the levitated picture and nudged it back towards its owner. If she had been any other pony, she would have asked the rude question 'What rock have you been living under?' but, fortunately, she was not. "Certainly you have heard of his return and the trouble he caused in Ponyville those seasons past." She prompted, confused. "Discord is indeed real. My sister and I once sealed him in stone with the aid of the Elements of Harmony, where he had stayed these past thousand years. There is plenty of evidence, if you know where to look, detective. Our tomes of history are not written on false tales."

Discord Draconequus seemed to write something down. "Well, those in Ponyville, but being that I live in Canterlot it isn't very easy to travel between the two. Princess, I am a simply pony, I really don't have the means to travel so haphazardly on a rumor. Hysteria is a very real disease you know. It is why I ask these questions. There truly seems to be quite a bit of conflicting evidence. Truth is my priority. So some facts." he flipped through some older pages. "Ponyville becomes the center of Princess Twilight's kingdom." Flip. "Old Kingdoms restored from obscurity thanks to princess Candace." Flip. "Princess Luna returns to the throne." Snap book closed. "There seems to be much evidence of princesses stepping up from the shadows of ruined or forgotten kingdoms that one littered Equestria, and the presumed king-tyrant of the you know what these facts point to Princess Luna?"

Princess Luna quirked an eyebrow at the detective, but let her face quickly settle back into mildly interested neutrality while he spoke. "Truth and honesty should be highly valued, and it is understandable to hold a healthy amount of doubt for what you hear.. but one should be open to trust, too." She idly told him and fell silent as he brought up facts of which she nodded to each, confirming that they were true. "I could give you one good answer to that. Equestria is blossoming into something more than it was.. but pray tell, what is it you see?"

Discord Draconequus settled his noting pad in the saddle bag before consuming another cupcake. After he finished chewing he let a cherry frosted cupcake float toward the princess. "Perhaps maybe those individuals that invade from Everfree, and other parts of Equestria, should be considered as well, not just new princesses, former princesses, or former kings." He bowed his head. "Well, Princess Luna, I must thank you for your time. You have helped me clear up a number of discrepancies in these reports. Do expect a lovely report of the investigation concerning the Cockatrice Incident. You know many have come to favor the title 'fox in the hen house' I wonder who will be the fox in all this." If she had naught else to say the unicorn would turn to depart~

Princess Luna looked surprised by the offering of a cupcake from the detective- who, she noted, had a bit of a sweet tooth. She would accept the confection into her own magical grasp, but she didn't dig into it right away. Her focus was still on the unicorn stallion while he talked, and he brought something into her consideration. Interesting point of view.. Luna thought to herself and nodded to the stallion. "You are most welcome, detective. I am glad to have helped. Goodnight." She bid him, and did not speak aloud her answer on who the 'fox' would be. Discord, most likely. He was a wily one, and it was always difficult to predict what he was up to.

Discord Draconequus existed the throne room to the foyer, and headed out the castle. His eye gave a twitch as he turned his head and let out a sneeze. A wayward flower sprouts and blooms, only for it to erupt a hoof full of sprinkles. Off the unicorn went back to Canterlot to work on his 'investigation'. Next time he'll have to consider another angle. Luna was hard to get a giggle out of. He was determined!

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12/29/15; Detective Work
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