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 12/25/15; Portals to the Underworld

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Princess Luna

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12/25/15; Portals to the Underworld Empty
PostSubject: 12/25/15; Portals to the Underworld   12/25/15; Portals to the Underworld Icon_minitimeThu Dec 31, 2015 3:16 pm

Azure Rain was kneeling on her forehooves as she stared blankly at the portal, something transparent being seemingly slowly being pulled from her body up till the moment that the portal froze in stasis, her fur turning dull in color as shuddering breaths escaped her cold color drained lips, poor Bygone in his panic has made her lose control and entrophy had started to creep into the unicorn mare.

Princess Luna did not expect trouble to arise so early in her time, let alone trouble with timberwolves so far from their wild home. Yet that was what the guard had reported to her: two timberwolves dashing through Canterlot streets, and briefly through this very castle.. to the garden? Much of this was puzzling. Luna chose to deal with the problem herself, rather than delegating it to the guards, and marched out to the extravagant Canterlot Gardens. The wolves had left tracks through the snow of which she could easily follow.. and the trail ended at a scene unexpected. Her scribe was present, but something was wrong with her. The timberwolves were also here.. with Bygone. Luna kept her calm as she studied the strange, swirling magic before her, trying to determine what it was. A portal? A stasis spell? Something of that ilk.. The only thing now was how to deal with it without hurting Bygone.

Azure Rain had not heard or seen the night's diarch, as the entrophy had taken effect after her talking to Discord all she had done was gasping shallow breaths and trying to stay on her hooves, the obvious reason to an onlooker might be the fact that she had her forehooves standing in the corrupted zone which had spread from the portal, duller powderblue coat graying some at the edges.

Princess Luna chose to save the difficulty of dealing with Bygone for last once she saw her first course of action: rescuing Azure. Her horn flared with magic and she stepped toward the unicorn. She reached out to grasp the unicorn in an effort to pull her out of the seal's pull, and hopefully before it became too late to help her. She would hate to lose her scribe to this... thing.

Azure Rain gasped the moment she was pulled out of the entropy spreading zone and bleated in the telekinetic grasp flailing her legs as she meekly sobbed. "No.. no I want my mother.. I don't want to go there.. it's so cold.. so cold.. mommy.." the mana battery she had gotten from Bygone was still around her neck though fully exhausted, color stopping from being drained out of her the very second her hooves didn't touch the soil anymore.

Princess Luna. The moment the alicorn pulled Azure from it, her scribe resumed animation and began to sob. Sorely tempted was she to comfort her, but it would have to wait.. The alicorn set the sobbing unicorn some few feet distant, where she would be safe so she could focus on Bygone alone. She turned back to the trapped foal, spreading out her wings as the magic flowing through her horn brightened. In one swift movement, she brought it arching down as she released a beam of magic- with it, she tore open the outer barrier. Luna transitioned easily from there to snatch Bygone back from what lay in the center, so that he would not suffer as Azure had.

Azure Rain curled up on the grass hiding her head inbetween her fore hooves and draped her tail along them in turn trying to hide, she didn't know how she had escaped the far too literal death trap but she vowed one thing to herself right at that moment, she would never attempt dangerous magic ever again, sobbing into her own chest as she squeaked out more cries for her maternal parent.

Bygone Specter was reanimated the minute the barrier was torn! He hardly had enough time to pale and let out an 'eep' as the portal Azure had made spread that decaying stuff! It had already surrounded him by that point and it was the quick snatching from Luna that spared him from being caught! The two guardians 'died' the moment the barrier broke, collapsing into naught but twigs and carved wood as the magic in them drained out from being linked to the barrier. It took him a moment or two to realize he was floating. "Whaaaaa?!" he'd cry, squirming since he didn't have a good view of his rescuer though the magic was quite familiar! "Oooh Miss Luna!" he finally smiled wide before said smile fell and he squirmed to look for a certain unicorn. "Miss Azure opened a portal to somewhere that was supposed to be dead-y-y! But I thought it'd let out tartarus demons to eat my face! I got scared and then the portal started to do that wispy thing - and - and I tried to contain it so she could get help!"

Discord Draconequus had certainly attempted to save by but since he could not get Bygone out of the bubble seal, he went in and sat there on all fours. His helpfulness was delayed by his distraction. This couldn't verily be such a place. For it to be accessible to a wee pony? Nah. "You know this place looks familiar..." He scratched his chin beard. "I think I took my third vacation here during my reign over Equestria." He waved his hand. "Pah, no matter. Now what was I supposed to be doing?" He was probably supposed to be getting Bygone out. He moved to reach for the foal and set him gently atop his head. Hats on.

Princess Luna was relieved to have Bygone safely in her grasp, and away from the strange portal. Its reaction to the barrier's fall had been.. alarming, and she didn't like the effect spreading from it. "It is I." The night ruler agreed, speaking for the first time since she'd come to deal with this issue. She spared the broken timberwolves a cursory glance, but for the mismatched claws reaching towards Bygone, she honored them with a scowl. "Ah, Discord!" Luna exclaimed, her expression grim as she made to snatch Bygone back and hopefully place him by Azure. "You are just the creature to help me. We need to contain this." It was a situation she was taking seriously, so it came to no surprise to those who knew her that she was all command and business.

Azure Rain was a quivering mess as Bygone was placed by her staying curled up in a tight ball as she muttered softly. "It's alright it's alrigh.. it's al.. dead.. cold.. tired pretty.. m-mother..." then the mare giggled softly nuzzling her tail as wide glassy eyes regarded Bygone. "A-are you cold t-too? I-I'll stop y-your cold." and her horn flared brightly as she slipped into spellcasting.

Bygone Specter flicked an ear and looked between both Luna and Discord now that he was free! He was first grabbed by Luna - then Dissy grabbed him! And now Luna took him again and set him by Azure. Yes! They could take care of whatever was in that portal! Bygone, however, turned his attention to what he considered the more pressing matter and smiled at Azure only for that smile to fall when he heard the muttering from Azure. The little 'pegasus' walked up and nudged the unicorn scribe. "I'm fine... everything will be fine! Dissy and Miss Luna are here!" he'd say as he warily eyed the spell that was being cast. She somewhat wasn't in her right mind; what would she do?

Discord Draconequus slithered out of the portal, bah humbug.  The ruiner of funsies has arrived... He seemed to slip from the dangerous portal with ease, floating just above it. His limbs dangled in front of him as he let out an exasperated, dramatic sigh. "Must we?" He pressed. "I mean Miss Azure here worked so hard on it." He would poof in a flash of white before reappearing behind the princess, grinning widely. "To toss away something so fun, I mean look at how cuddly all the doombeasties look!"

Princess Luna's frown deepened as Discord slithered further out of the portal, pouting all the way. "We must, for if we let it run rampant.. who knows what damage it will cause-.. Azure did this?" The dark alicorn's warning of impending doom came to a halt as Discord revealed who'd been behind it. She froze for just a moment in her surprise, but she quickly recovered and looked over at Azure. The poor unicorn seemed out of her mind, but Luna could probably snap her out of it. Something else, something Bygone had told her, occurred to her. "Azure!" Luna raised her voice. "To where does this portal lead? It is imperative you tell us so I can close it!" About Discord's mention of 'doombeasties' she elected to ignore it, for looking into such a realm didn't bode well.

Azure Rain flicked her ears and ceased spellcasting murmuring. "The underworld s-silly... s-sorry I must help that poor pegasus get w-warm and ease h-him on.." she then gazed at Bygone again restarting her spell, the poor dear had to be as cold and pained as she was she had to be merciful, her horn hummed and glowed golden, her eyes closing as she tried to find the spell in her terror addled mind.

Bygone Specter let his ears fall flat as he listened to everypony speak. However he simply focused on Azure and stepped forward when the unicorn cast the spell to 'warm and ease him on'? The little pegasus had noooo idea what sort of danger he was in! "Miss Azure... snap out of it!" he'd say as he hugged the scribe! The demons of tartarus had her brains! Nooooooo! D= ~ The little changeling was going to cling and make it hard for her to do much more than talk! He was warm, right? She kept mentioning cold? He could help warm her up! Haha!

Discord Draconequus folded his ears back. Perhaps had he paid attention sooner he would have gotten here before the portal got too out of hoof, but he was making nachos for his flatmates. Rubbing his paw through his mane the spirit shrugged. "Oh don't be too hard on the little pony, you know curiosity and how it likes the nameless bonking of cats." he assured before sliiiding through the air and hung upside down so his face dangled in front of the princess. "My rump is getting a bit chilly out here plus..." he dangled his tail tuft in front of Luna with what appeared to be an egg wrapped in the coils. "Cold can't be good for an egg. We should probably head inside. Plus." He pointed toward the portal as a gigantic spider monster skulked toward the portal. "Pretty sure the castle doesn't have an open door policy."

Princess Luna's face darkened somewhat when Azure answered her. The underworld? That was what Azure had been trying to access? She had a few more questions to add to that list, but she currently had no patience for them. "Azure, cease your casting at once! There is no need for that." It was too bad she didn't have the proper time to deal with the unicorn, but at least Bygone was trying. As for Discord.. he was being no help at all, as usual. She scowled at him, and his egg, but she dropped the expression quickly. "We can retreat to the interior of the castle much quicker if you help me close this portal." Luna told him, trying for her best honeyed tone; albeit it probably sounded a little strained underneath. She ducked under the floating draconequus at his warning and sent a beam of magic through the portal, or tried to, in order to warn off that gigantic spider.

Azure Rain actually listened to the order and ceased her casting, it had become far too tough to do with Bygone clinging to her as it was, now simply swaying her head as she looked between Luna and the portal. "Aw are you g-going to close it? b-but that poor spider is still in t-there, maybe it's cold too.."her dull coat at least stayed even now instead of graying out more.

Bygone Specter looked at Azure with a rather odd expression as she said 'that poor spider'. He looked at the portal and... that was no poor spider indeed! It was gigantic and... was that acid dripping from it?! Uuuuugh what?! "That is no poor spider! It'll eat our brains! Miss Lunaaa kill it with fire! I don't have magic!" He even tried to cast a spell from that currently hidden broken horn but only felt a splitting headache that made him whimper and cling to the somewhat woozy Azure all the more tighter!

Baokros. There was a the magic...For the past year this foal had spent among his kind, who had taught him much about the nature of magic, and the true power of the Dark Side. With this knowledge and their help he had managed to capture two of the most elusive beings in the North, The Windigos, now under their command, serve to amplify their ice magic, a perfect pet he thought. And here and now they came with another quirk, the ability to sense magical anomalies and teleport to them, ounce a day. Yet this anomaly had freaked them out, never felt something like this...since...well that day. The foal was curious, but conflicted...he wanted to see how Mom and Dad were doing, yet here is a new opportunity for adventure. "Alright Fin and Fey, let's go. TO ADVENTURE!!!" He yelled as he is teleported, the little foal having no idea what to expect or what he was getting himself into.

Discord Draconequus leaned his head to the side as the spider's limb tried to take a stab at his head. "Oh you are such a party pooper!" He threw out his paws as Azure, behind him, seemed to struggle to close the portal. The spirit sprang toward the opening of time and space and other doohickeys, a scarf around his neck and snowboots on his hind paws. Scuffling toward the magical mouth he moved to reach for it, to help out, but the sudden spring and sproing of an unknown teleporter distracted the spirit. The spider rushed passed him, blowing his mane into disarray. "Well, I never!" He gripped the portal with his eagle's claw and pulled it taught before pulling a 'thread' of fur from his tail tuft and began to sew the rip in the fabric of space, closed like it was a hole in a foal's stocking.

Princess Luna's brow furrowed at the question uttered by her scribe and she could only nod her head. Azure had been addled, perhaps by the magic's toll on her, or the horrors she'd seen within.. or both. Once she regained her wits, later on, she'd have to give her a stern talking to about messing with magic she didn't understand.. For now.. "Fear not, Bygone, that beast will not enter this realm." The princess tried to speak as soothingly as she could, even though her nerves were frayed somewhat by frustration. Luna would use her magic to try to keep the spider at bay, as Discord finally decided to help. But while they were working on fixing one problem, something else came out of the blue- literally. She didn't see what it was, only a blur, but that was to be tended to after the portal was closed, no?

Azure Rain as Discord started to seal the rift the addled unicorn would suddenly shudder, then slumped on her side as if a plug had been pulled mane and coat graying out a little more while the changeling clinging to her could feel a subtle drop in temperature, finally she had been cut off from the entrophic effect of the gate and the drain took it's toll, breath slowing to intervals.

Bygone Specter eeped at the sudden change with Azure as she slumped and just about fell right on top of him. "Miss Lunaaaa! I think something is wrong!" he'd call as he scrambled out from under the rather cold mare... Oh no, did she try to kill herself?! The little changeling was up and starting to pace as he ducked and poked at Azure! "Why do almost all of the ponies I know do this type of stuff to themself?!" he'd whine as he sagged to the ground and thunked his head against said ground.

Baokros. Teleportation was a nightmare, it was nauseating, and being magically connected with wind spirits made it much worst for the little blue foal  could feel what the Windigos felt, and it was nothing but rage. Even after the portal was sealed. They looked very angry and he did not know what to think. But as soon as the vision came to view, he notices the gathering of familiar and unfamiliar ponies around. His ears perked as he noticed Luna, who seemed quite agitated, and Discord who seemed to be enjoying something. Before he could speak to say hello the enraged screams of the Windigos demanded their attention. His ears flattened as he heard them, before seeing the familiar face of Bygone, as soon as he was about to call out to his one of his best of friends, he notices the sad look upon their faces, and thought. Maybe something bad had happened.

Discord Draconequus sewed up the hole in space and turned around to talk bout found his tail stuck against the newly closed tear. "I --..." He tugged his tail back to him, egg safely curled around. "I would suggest we not dally any longer." Whatever zipped out, was no longer in sight. The spirit's paws folded behind his back. "I don't think Miss Azure will last much longer as such." he put his claws to his chin as if hinting at something more dire than it seemed. A bit of drained mana could be bad, but dealing with such questionable gateways, was worse. "It seems you've got a foal epidemic here princess." With Azure dabbling in strange magic, and Bygone's own past troubles, now there were wee blue foals scampering out of teleport spells! The spirit was as harmingly vague as usual. When he felt like it he would say what he wanted to say, or until someone figured it out months later.

Princess Luna barely looked around once the portal had closed to spy a blue foal nearby.. and Wendigos? Wendigos were the last creatures they needed to deal with, next to a monstrous spider from the underworld! The whole situation made her feel like groaning aloud, but like any proper princess, she kept her facade steely. She was thankfully distracted from the complex problems at hand when Bygone cried out for her- something was wrong with Azure. That she could deal with. Luna rushed over and bent over Azure to check on her, frowning. "Indeed," Luna agreed with Discord, "we should get her to the healers, they may know how to aid her." She stated and levitated the unicorn out of the freezing snow. Luna turned back to the others and dropped one wing around Bygone to sooth him. "Perhaps we should go inside, but first.. Young foal, who are you and why do you consort with Wendigoes?"

Bygone Specter was wound up tighter than a spring! He'd come out here with Azure to watch her open up this portal and then... Everything went so, so wrong! He never even noticed that one of the creatures escaped to... Oh well... The fidgeting foal watched as Luna looked after Azure with ears laid back. He'd already lost his two wooden guardians.. and he was doing rather good to hold back that pain! He wanted to help! Then again he kept getting himself in dangerous situations because he wanted to help. His ears perked and he glanced to the wing that was dropped around him. The little foal huddled silently into the wing's comfort... silent at least until he noticed the new addition to their midst! "Hi Bao." He tried to force cheer into the greeting but utterly failed!

Baokros They were angry they were, but the rage was not directed towards the ponies, nor the Draconequs, it was directed towards something else, something they couldn't see nor hear, if only he could understand their thoughts in a more complex manner, and not in a remote insignificant way. "Uhh, who am I? I am Bao." He said looking at the Princess of the Night with a curious glance, he could have sworn they met before, or maybe they haven't. "I am one of Bygone's friends. Hi By!!" He said as he took a step closer, noticing the pony that had collapsed noticing familiar signs, a drop in body temperature that's for certain. "Oh dear, that looks really bad." He said, understatement of the century right there. Before stopping, he best clear as to why he has two Windigos with him. "Uhmm this are Fin and Fey. They are my pets, but I've never seen them so angry before yet they took me here, as this was the cause of their anger. What happened here?"

Discord Draconequus motioned his claws. "Come no ponies, in you go." He seemed to be ushering them for a reason. "No need to mind the little black box." He floated over Azure and would attempt to pick her up to take her inside. What was he up to? Or was he just intent to help? Making heads or tails of Discord's thinking was impossible, but one thing was clear: he never did anything without a reason.

Princess Luna looked briefly puzzled by the giving of the blue foal's name- had she heard it before? She couldn't remember. There had been so much on her mind.. some things were hard to keep track of. "Oh, I see. As long as they remain friendly.. I am sure they will be fine, but as to what happened.. My scribe seems to have attempted to open a portal to the underworld, and a monstrous spider escaped before we could close it in time." Luna frowned briefly as she explained this and started forward at Discord's ushering. When he came forward to take Azure from her, she gave him a considering glance. "Take her to the infirmary, and alert the healers. They will look after her." She ordered as she relented, and levitated Azure's unconscious form towards the draconequus. "Now.. shall we get out of the cold?"

Bygone Specter looked towards the unicorn scribe with concern only to look back at Bao and incline his head at the wendigo duo. And ponies said having a baby hydra for a pet was dangerous! Haha! If Discord took Azure away to the infirmary it was more than likely that Bygone would stick rather close to the night princess's side. At least she didn't have a giant hole through her like the last unicorn to 'test' something! The little changeling's ears fell and his feathery wings fluffed up some only to settle back down. he hoped his friend was okay! It was bad enough he lost two 'friends' already just minutes before! Sure they were just magical constructs he'd animated but they were still important to him! He hated having to sacrifice them like that....But - Miss Azure was alive, right?! His ears fell flat.

Baokros stared at Luna and then at Discord, as the princess spoke he wondered before watching his two Windigos. Is that what's got you two so worried? A spider? He thought. Before he nods his head in agreement to the idea of going inside. "I agree, and give them some hot Chocolate maybe some hotcakes." He said as he notices that the Windigos had changed from being angry to becoming more agitated...was that spider really that important. He shrugged. "Okay...I think you two should rest. You worry me..." Raising his head a little, the two Windigos were dragged back into his being. "Ahhhh...brain freeze..." He may love the snow...and the cold...but he hated Brain Freeze.

Discord Draconequus carried Azure to the infirm and after the nurses got over the fact that he, a grand celebrity, graced them with his presence, he would leave her to be tended to. "You might want to consider stocking up on antihistamines!" He laughed and floated off. What did he meant by that?! Sneak sneak. From above the others a shadow crawled toward Bygone, in a not so sneaky manner. Scrit scrit went the claws and stick stick went the spider's net as it lunged for Bygone.

Princess Luna watched the little blue foal with interest as he looked up at his two, icy companions. Either her frustration was making her crazy.. or he seemed to be silently communicating with the two spirits. What only made the situation weirder was when Bao eventually absorbed the two Windigoes. Luna stared for a moment and shook her head as though to clear it of something. What a weird night this was turning out to be already! At least she was saved from further confusion by a very alien chitter and scritch of sound from above. The spider! Luna twitched a wing around Bygone protectively and fired a bolt of magic at it.

Bygone Specter stares somewhat blankly as Bao... absorbed the wendigo? Then again he'd seen stranger? Maybe? Yes? Kinda - sorta? Probably not, but even still the little changeling inclined his head and shrugged. His ear perked at the sound of the spider moving and made an 'eep' wound as his reflexively cast spell caused a small 'puff' of smoke form where his broken horn would be! He all but hid behind the offered wing while his ears fell flat! "Burn iiiiit!" he yelped as he tried to duck onto the other side of Luna so she didn't have to deal with him being between her and the accursed thing!

Baokros shakes his head a little bit as he recovered from the brain freeze, in doing so he had failed to notice that the thing that had escaped had climbed its way to the ceiling. "Ahhhh that's ugly." He said as he levitated a large piece of snow and using magical manipulation he turns it into a giant icicle, launching it towards that monster spider thing. "Stay away from my best friend you..." If only Fluttershy were here to reprimand them on the treatment the poor spider was getting.

Discord Draconequus peeked out the door and pursed his lips. Oh, they found it already." The spider skree'd when noggin blasted by Luna, but that wasn't enough to deter the doombeastie! Throwing up its spindly legs it held out a web net of silk and moved to launch toward the princess (well she did blast her in the face, rood). "Careful now! Spiders bite!" He grasped his claws to mimic gnashing fangs.

Princess Luna squinted up at the eight-legged monster from the underworld, her nose wrinkling a little in a grimace. She'd have to agree with the colt, it was indeed ugly. "It does not belong in this world of light." The moonbringer intoned sternly as way of response, and her only response; the beast left her no chance to talk further, should she have wanted to. All she could do now was react to its sudden lunge with the web, unfazed by Bao's icicle. Luna summoned forth a spell of flame that she released from her horn like dragon's breath. "Children, inside!" Luna commanded, hoping to keep the thing's attention. Discord, as usual, she could hear joking from the sidelines.

Bygone Specter flicked an ear and watched as the spider was hit with a spell that... didn't seem to phase it more than knocking it back! The little Changeling fumble with his hat as he backed away, turned.... and tripped! "Gah! He landed on his front as his hat bounced away, glowing marbles scattering from said hat! Uh-oh! He'd have to pick up all those explosive marbles! "Don't' step on them!" he'd cry as he scrambled to try to pick up the marbles that were rolling away from his hooves. Yeah... stepping on one was a very bad thing to do!

Baokros Whines "Awww I still cannot make that sharp enough or fast enough." It probably felt like a pebble or a stick or something to the spider...the Windigos would have done better. Running towards Bygone, as Luna gave her command. But stopping suddenly as he sees Bygone tripping over, and spilling a whole bunch of glowy marbles. Cooool he should ask to play with them latter, but no time for that, big spiders eat foals. Avoiding stepping on them as Bygone says he should avoid. He goes around them to try and help By and get inside as they were told to do.

Discord Draconequus motioned to the foals as he stood at the door. Were they to get close enough he would drag them inside. The icicle, was jumped over, with luck, but the fire pain not so much. With a scream it threw its web new up and flailed around like it was dancing a jig. It shrieked and ran in circles, but where would it go? It had no where to go since they sealed its only path "home". Discord pursed is lips, snapping his claws as the net would disappear.

Princess Luna could hear yelling from Bygone's direction, something about not stepping on 'them.' She didn't spare the colts a glance as they scrambled about in her peripheral- all of her focus was on the spider. Her flame spell seemed to work well enough to harm it, and it now ran about in a panic. Tempted was she to kill it and put it out of its misery.. for sending it back wasn't an option. She definitely wasn't going to chance reopening the portal, either. Luna gritted her teeth. "Should I kill it?" Might as well seek opinions yeah?

Bygone Specter managed to catch the rest of his marbles with Bao's help. None exploded, thankfully! At least he thought he had them all... He stood up and scampered with Bao to Discord and the safe interior of the castle. However, just as Bygone entered he skidded to a stop and peeked out of the castle from behind Dissy. He didn't want to leave Miss Luna with the spider! Sure she could handle it but... it was a dangerous giant spider thing! Uuugh... He'd like to see it burn in fire, but he couldn't have everything he wanted, right?

Discord Draconequus peeked his head out. Great. Now he had to do SOMETHING to get rid of it. She groaned a bit and clapped his claws together, a rather crude cage appearing around the spider who passed out from fear. The spirit laughed softly, in a teasing manner. "Having trouble deciding what to do with an enemy princess? Hesitation can lead to trouble you know~"

Princess Luna's nostrils flared briefly and she turned to look at Discord once he'd placed a cage around the spider. "There are children present." She pointed out. "I would have struck it dead, and happily, but I would not want to scar them or anypony else." That was her reasoning, at least, and an effort to brush aside Discord's teasing. She flicked her whispy tail and retreated towards the castle; now that the spider was temporarily dealt with, she need not worry about it. For the time being, anyway. "I may retreat to my quarters to allow myself a moment's relief, if you two do not mind." Luna stated as she stepped into the warmth of the hallway, and shut the door to the outside behind her.

Bygone Specter blinked and looked between the two as his ears perked and fell. The little changeling couldn't help but be relieved that the crisis was somewhat averted! "Thank you Miss Luna..." he'd say as he hopped forward to give one of the alicorn's forelegs a quick hug. "I-I think I'll go check on Miss Azure...  A-and then probably go back to my cart..." And once there he could get over the loss of his guardians and perhaps cheer himself up with a little work? Doubtful... The changeling hardly even hesitated as he scrambled down the halfway form the two in the direction of the infirmary.

Discord Draconequus watched as they both vacated. "And a trophy-- for me. He smirked as he snapped his claws sending away the cage and swirling upside down. "See ya!" And with that -- he vanished with one more prop for his games!

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12/25/15; Portals to the Underworld
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