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 Sister meet Room mate.

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Sister meet Room mate. Empty
PostSubject: Sister meet Room mate.   Sister meet Room mate. Icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2015 10:31 pm

Sunset Glow waited anxiously in her seat while the train slowly rolled up to Ponyville's station. She'd gotten word of her sister ending up in the Canterlot Castle infirmary.. and she had to know why! Ponies didn't end up in infirmaries unless they'd gotten injured, even seriously. Sending a letter to ask her about it didn't seem right either- it was important enough that she wanted to find out face to face. Sunset stood up and exited the train once it'd come to a full stop, opening its doors for the departing crowd. She trotted off to head straight for her sister's house, and knocked politely on the door the moment she got there. Now to wait!

Mist Feather some muffled sounds came from inside the house, along with stumbling and some mild swears before locks could be heard opening and a somewhat wild maned pegasus head popped out through the doorway smiling awkwardly. "Yeeesss... oh buck." upon seeing her sister Mist's pupils would shrink and she offered a cheezy smile. "Hi Sis!"

Sunset Glow's ears tilted forward when she heard the sounds of stumbling and tired swears before the door opened up. It looked like she'd just woken her sister up from a nap, or probably slumber. "Hey, Mist. Sorry to wake you, I just wanted to come by and see if you were alright.. ?" Sun replied, eyeballing her sister for signs of bandages or wounds.

Mist Feather had no visible bandages but a few veins in her eyes were still bloodshot, flicking her ears back a bit she lowered herself some. "You're... not going to yell at me?" she opened the door further to let Sunset into the house, guiding her to the living room so that she could offer her sister a seat. "Lavender is in the shower, I'm.. better now than before would you like a drink?"

Sunset Glow quirked an eyebrow at Mist and shrugged. "I don't exactly know what happened, so I can't yell at you over something I don't know." She pointed out. Noting that Mist had opened the door wider for her entrance, she took it as an invitation and stepped hesitantly inside. "Oh, I'm not all that thirsty right now," Sun replied, seating herself on the couch. "So what all happened? What got you thrown in the infirmary?"

Mist Feather she didn't know, should she lie to her? to her own sibling? did Luna's promising mean no more lies to Luna or everypony? "I might have used a dangerous old tome to try and kill Discord which kinda failed and the tome nearly.. um.. drained my lifeforce..." aaand bracing herself folding her wings around her.

Sunset Glow listened with growing concern, her eyebrows knitting together as Mist spilled the entire can of worms to her. Then her eyes widened. "OhmyCelestia, really? Mist!" The unicorn exclaimed, sliding forward off of the couch to rush to her little sister. "You could have gotten yourself killed for doing that! I admit Discord was quite out of line that day, but really!" Sunset continued, but she was hardly yelling, more like gently fussing over her younger sibling.

Mist Feather nestled against her other sister and broke out in sobbing. "I'm I'm sorry Sunny! but he scares me so! he has ever haunted my dreams and nightmares!" shivering now she stared up at her older sibling with tear filled eyes she was being honest now, making herself as small as possible.

Sunset Glow wrapped her forelegs around Mist as soon as she burst into tears. "I know, I know. It's very understandable why. There is a lot of stuff he could do to Equestria, but he's not much of a threat now. If the princesses wanted him gone, they could have called on the Elements of Harmony again. And they could. You shouldn't worry about him anymore." Sun soothed, dropping her fussy tone as she stroked her sister's mane.

Lavender Snow came upon this scene and blinked, head tilting to the side a little. "Morning miss Glow" she dipped her head. The crystal unicorn smiled and tried not to disturb the two too much as she slipped by to head towards the kitchen. This was a family moment was it not? Even still the sight did bring a bit of a smile out onto her muzzle. Family was a wonderful thing wasn't it.... Unless something stopped her, she ducked into the kitchen to retrieve a glass of water - Or at least something to drink! Maybe some orange juice would be nice. Mmmm... We'll see!

Mist Feather offered a smile Lavender's way, then blushed faintly as she hid her muzzle against her sister's chest, face burning, her wings betraying the poor pegasus. "L-lavender is my room mate I t-told you that right Sunny?" yep embarassed pegasus there.

Sunset Glow gave a start when she heard a third, familiar voice and looked around to spy the crystal unicorn. Oh! "Uh, morning! How're things?" She replied with a quick smile. Once the unicorn had disappeared of into the kitchen, the noblemare turned back to Mist with a playfully quirked eyebrow. "I don't believe you have, but it's nice to know you have such a close pony as your roommate." Sunset said, using a hoof to wipe at her sister's wet cheeks.

Lavender Snow would have called back but at the same time she didn't want to be rude. She stepped back into the living area with a glass of orange juice floating next to her. "Now that Mist is back home, it isn't so dreadfully quiet around here." she smiled as she sat down not too far from the sister duo. "I'm just glad she's alright. She wouldn't be the first pony I've known to run afoul of enchanted objects. Books are some of the worst." She paused long enough to take a sip from the glass of orange juice. Oh dear orange juice, how she loved thee.... With all of thine's citrus-y goodness. Then again she was rather biased since orange juice was one of the first things she'd had when she left the Crystal Empire.

Mist Feather was blushing fiercely as the crystal unicorn came back, her emotions had always been very easy to slip and her body language never ceased to betray the pegasus, mainly because Mist always overthought stuff and such made her simple to spill information to those paying attention. "T-that l-looks nice L-lavender I didn't know we had t-that in the house is Mr B-bubbles fed?"

Sunset Glow chuckled softly and stopped wiping at Mist's cheeks when the crystal unicorn returned with a glass of orange juice. "I'm glad too. Mist, you have got to stop getting yourself in situations like these. No more old enchanted books for you, you hear?" Sunset chided kindly, tapping Mist on the shoulder with one hoof and released her from her embrace.

Lavender Snow couldn't help but smirk a little at the blush. But no, she wasn't going to torment her favorite pegasus right now. She wanted to be nice, yes?! "Mr Bubbles has been taken care of. Don't you worry." she smiles as she sets the glass down on a nearby table. "I agree... At least for now. But not all old enchanted books are so...'sinister'. I got my hooves on one or two while on jobs for the company. Depending on the enchantment it can be really useful, or downright lethal like the one Mist came across. Even those books 'do' have their uses though..." She let herself drift off with a humm, likely remembering something from a while back.

Mist Feather sat on the sofa looking at her hooves, it was embarassing that her sister had found out Lavender lived here in this manner, she suspected nothing right? room mates were a common thing, just look at Lyra and Bon Bon or Octavia and Vinyl, nope nothing wrong here, then she picked up Lavender's glass and sipped from it without thinking.

Sunset Glow looked thoughtful at Lavender's response and nodded slowly. "Ye-es. I suppose. The princesses might have also locked away the most dangerous ones.. but there's no telling if there are more lying around out there, or being hoarded." She frowned, showing her disapproval at the idea, but what could she do about it? "As long as nopony gets hurt." Sunset admitted at last, and lifted an eyebrow as Mist, now sitting on the sofa, seemed to absentmindedly sip from the crystal pony's orange juice.

Lavender Snow grimaces. "I know that the company had a small section under lock and key somewhere. But I can't tell you where since I never actually got to see all of them." the crystal unicorn came to a stop as something most interesting happened. Mist... tok her glass and sipped some of her orange juice! Internally she was lamenting the loss of some of her precious orange juice, however at the same time her mischevious side was getting oh so... tempted... to voice something! A wide twitching grin alighted on her muzzle and she lost the fight. "Weeell... There's an indirect kiss there somewhere. And right in front of your sister to, I'm impressed. So bold!" she'd say with a teasing grin.

Mist Feather which ofcourse resulted in a choking gasp and precious orange juice spilling from nostils and lips as she coughed, the little pony in her mind kicking her repeatedly, rookie mistake there! quickly setting the glass down as she waved her hooves infront of her staring wide eyed at her older sibling. "Nothing happened at the spa!" Mist found a new job this morning, namely grave digging, and seemed quite adept at it too!

Sunset Glow listened to Lavender curiously, and remembered that she was from the Crystal Empire. The very empire that'd been, well, basically frozen in time until some months ago. Things were different a thousand years ago, after all. She was broken from mulling about the books by Lavender's playful pass at Mist and looked around at the sister in question. Her expression was, indeed, one of surprise- mainly after Mist's defensive response to it. "It sounds like something did happen at the spa." Sunset teased, her face relaxing into an amused smile.

Lavender Snow choked a little herself, but the grin was turning borderline feral. Did her favorite pegasus really blurt that out?! Oh the temptation! Curse her time in the mercenary copany for corrupting what little innocent a mind she had left! "Oh yes, a lot happened at the spa. It was quite the nice little date Mist took me on. " she smiled with an innocent tilt of her head. "Some good food, a nice massage, relaxing in the warm water. Oh yes... that was particularly relaxing was it not, Mist?" If there was ever a cheshire grin upon the crystal unicorn now there would be one....

Mist Feather gasped a few times now knowing how Mr Bubbles felt that one time he had jumped out of his bowl, staring at the crystal unicorn and her horrible chesire grin before ever so slowly turning her head towards her sister, sweat beading at the tips of her mane as she tried to say something witty or snarky as a retort, but her brain was like buck it filly solve this one on your own I'm out of this. "B-b-b..."

Sunset Glow's hoof slowly drifted up to her mouth to cover her widening smile as Lavender continued to rib Mist. And the poor pegasus seemed to be utterly shocked into speechlessness. Oh her poor little sister! A giggle bubbled up her throat, one she not so successfully tried to muffle with both hooves this time. "Oh my! Miist!" Sunset teased, glancing between Lavender and her sister.

Lavender Snow flicked her ear and decided that she probably needed to give Mist a break. At least before she broke her. The sensibilities of ponies in this part of the world were quite different than the company, even if that made them sooooo much more fun to tease in the end! The crystal unicorn simply smiled and gave Mist a nudge. "Dear Mist, you are so delightful to tease." she chuckled and gave her favorite pegasus a playful nuzzle. One last tease as she turned and hopped onto a near-by chair, taking another sip from her glass of orange juice. So Mist drank from it, she didn't really mind. Orange juice was orange juice!

Mist Feather blinked at the nuzzle and responded in kind out of reflex, then scuffed her hooves a little on her favorite sofa and gazed at the fishbowl. "I swear Mr Bubbles it's a conspiracy." then looked at both unicorns in turn and stuck her tongue out. "You fancy smanchy unicorns just enjoy picking on poor pegasi and earth ponies."

Sunset Glow let loose another giggle after Lavender made it clear that she was letting up on teasing Mist. "You got so flustered!" She exclaimed, still smiling, and finally dropped her hooves back onto the floor. "Sorry Mist, but, just so you know I don't judge you for anything. It's a part of who you are." She replied, rolling her shoulders in a little half shrug. "There's no need to be so mortified." Sun added, chuckling.

Lavender Snow actually let out a quiet giggle at the unicorn comment. "Of course.... Especially adorable pegasi who make it so easy." she hummed and fell quiet as she let Sunset speak her part. That was the way family was supposed to be; always supportive. The company had been like that, and it had easily made up for what had been lost once. In any case she remained quiet, letting Sunset and Mist once again speak. This orange juice was really good! She really needed to figure out how this was made. Perhaps she could also try this Sweet Apple Acres Cider that kept hearing so much about.

Mist Feather blushed and nodded she knew she could always depend on her sibling, yet she had thought that the unicorn would not approve of the crystal pony part even if she had voiced such concerns with Sunny earlier, then like a batpony out of Tartarus spread her wings and pounced into the direction of Lavender, payback time!

Sunset Glow snickered quietly at Lavender's comment and couldn't help but nod along to it. Mist did seem to make it rather easy. She sat back, noting how the pegasus flared out her wings. Her target: Lavender. The guardmare couldn't help but watch as her sister tried to pounce the other unicorn, no doubt her version of revenge, for all the embarrassing teasing. Ha! Although she probably shouldn't laugh- there was always that chance she'd be next.

Lavender Snow was innocently sipping her juice and daydreaming about how much better it was only to be startled out of her thoughts by movement. She turned her head just in time to see Mist pounce! The crystal unicorn only had enough time to give a surprised 'eeep' before she was pounced by Mist! Sadly this meant that the orange juice was sent flying through the air due to her sudden surprise and sudden lack of concentration to maintain the spell! Sort-of like accidentally throwing something when startled! Her poor orange juice! Noooo!

Mist Feather perched on the unicorn and watched the orange juice fly, stretching out a hoof as if to catch it even if it was futile while she tried to balance herself ontop of the crystal unicorn, fluttering her wings to help with the motion, accepting the loss of the orange liquid she leaned down and gnawed on the glittery equine, teasing her infront of her older sibling would she? she'd teach that evil mercenary a thing or two about vengeance.

Sunset Glow watched as Mist tackled poor Lavender too the floor, and in the process, spilled the crystal pony's orange juice. She wasn't fast enough to react to catch it either, but she at least bothered to pick the glass up off the floor before too much leaked out. The unicorn levitated it up onto the nearest table, where she'd set it down.

Lavender Snow was down! And a good bit of her orange juice was now spilled even if Sunset did manage to save some! Rather abruptly she found mist. The gnawing brought out quite the blush and a nervous laugh. "Now-n-now Mist, I know you like me. But your sister is here." she tried to tease and re-direct as she blushed something aweful.

Mist Feather snorted and to her credit only looked flustereda second, then brought a hoof to her head and slumped some on the unicorn, maybe acting too wildly wasn't the smartest of ideas just yet, seeing as the issues about that tome had only occured recently and she was still under some of the backlash's effect even if healed.

Sunset Glow glanced to the crystal unicorn with a raised eyebrow when Lavender tried to redirect things onto her. Oh no! "Indeed, I am.. buuut, I could always step out and give you two lovebirds some space." She teased right back, standing up and taking a step back towards the door. Although she did pause when Mist put a hoof to her head and slumped like something was wrong. Or maybe she was just worn out? "Take it easy now, Mist. I mean, I can always let you get back to your rest. I came by just to make sure you were alright."

Lavender Snow couldn't help the frown that came onto her muzzle whenever Mist suddenly seemed to deflate... That was troubling! The crystal unicorn gave Mist a re-assuring nudge only to glance at Sunset and chuckle some. "Running away, hm?" she teased herself. "Just you wait... Soon I'll have corrupt Mist and she'll be able to tease you right back." she stuck her tongue out childishly. She turned back to mist and simply laid there, letting Mist use her as a pillow should she want. The pegasus was still recovering after all!

Mist Feather nodded slowly at her sister and nestled against the crystal unicorn, a slight headache bothering her in reaction to her wild jump, but surprising Lavender had been worth the small discomfort. "Do you have any guard duty today Sunny?" she would inquire while she wondered how much sick days she was allowed to have as it was.

Sunset Glow made a 'pfft!' noise and stuck her tongue out right back at Lavender, but she refrained from blowing a raspberry; that would have been too unladylike. "Bring it on!" She challenged. The unicorn shifted the other half of her attention to Mist and she smiled, shrugging a little. "I took a brief break off, after I talked to the captain, just so I could come down to Ponyville to make sure you were doing okay. I was pretty concerned when I'd heard."

Lavender Snow was entirely too amused with the tongue that was stuck out right back at her. Such amusing ponies they both were. She let her head drop back to the floor and heaved a great sigh. Lavender let her eyes close, letting Mist speak with Sunset. She was comfortable enough anyways... this was still much nicer than laying upon stone.

Mist Feather nodded at Sunset and lounged on the crystal unicor. "Enjoy your rounds then Sister and I promise I'll do my actual job for a little while when I recovered enough."

Sunset Glow noticed she didn't get another word out of Lavender, but she'd probably found her response funny anyway. She couldn't help but chuckle herself and returned her gaze to Mist, smiling. "Alright. I really hope to see you well again, and no more trying to get yourself killed! You're worth more than that draconequus." Sunset said, still teasing a little, but entirely serious about how much her sister was worth: a lot. "I'll get going now, and leave you two to each other. I'm glad to see you're doing better though. See you around, little sis." Sunset said cheerily and turned to make for the door.

Lavender Snow was only able to let out a half-awake "mmm - see you later Sunset." as she laid there on the ground. Comfy ground - check...comfy pegasus - check...All was well with the world. And thus Lavender was right off into taking-a-nap land.

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Sister meet Room mate.
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