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 Vesper Dusk

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Vesper Dusk

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PostSubject: Vesper Dusk   Vesper Dusk Icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2015 9:16 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Vesper Dusk

Alias/Nickname:    Dusk, Moonchase

Name of alts we may know you as: Firil (I also used to be Crescent Rain and ~OPinkiePieO~ a long time back)

Why do you want this character?: It's one of my favorite OC's of my few male OC's lol.  I also enjoy playing changeling characters x3.

How often are you online?: 4-5 Days a week, usually in the afternoon

Gender:  Male

Species: Changeling

Age: 20
If Under 13 or Foal age we need a mom and dad background:

Cutie Mark: In pony form, it usually is either a silver crescent moon or a head of a halberd.

Generation: 4th

Special Somepony: Nope

Pet: Nope

Residence: Currently, he stays in a tent outside of Ponyville. He hopes to move to Canterlot if he can.

Workplace: He has no current job, but he's done various guard tasks all over Equestria.  

Occupation: He seeks to become a royal guard of the night.

Short Introduction: Dusk seeks to become a royal guard, preferably for Luna.  He is not with Chrysalis, nor is affiliated with any changelings that he knows.

Backstory: When little, he was raised like any other changeling to follow under Chrysalis.  He always wanted to be a guard, but could never seem to fit in perfectly with other changelings.  Seeking to find a place better suited to him, he snuck into the changeling army during the Canterlot Siege. Before the wedding he'd disguised himself as a royal guard and managed to actually get in the wedding where he saw the Princess of the Night.  He had always admired the night sky, and then it finally came to him what he wanted.  He'd become a guard for the princess herself, so that the night cannot be harmed.  But then, battle ensued, ending up causing him to be expelled from the city as all other changelings there.  After waking in a far away village, he began his quest to become strong while making his way back to Canterlot.  

Apearance: His changeling form is somewhat tall for a normal pony's size. His mane was long and unkept with varying shades of blue in it.  In pony form, he simply inverts his colors with his fur typically a soft light blue and a dark black mane.  He usually takes the form of a pegasus.

Personality: He is known to be quiet, but always eager to learn his craft (and new ones too, if need be!)

Job: As previously mentioned, he doesn't maintain a steady job.  

Equestria RP Alts: Not yet. xP

Ref Image: Vesper Dusk Ponywi11 In pegasus form (the best I can do for now x3)

Sample Post: Vesper stood quietly.  Two thieves had snuck into the small village he was only passing through, but he couldn't let them go by and steal from the ponies here.  With his halberd ready, he jumped from the top of the house and stuck the ground in front of the thief.  He looked at the thief and smiled.  "It's a nice night out to be walking about.  Maybe we should go for one together? Either way, you won't be stealing from these houses this night!"
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Vesper Dusk
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