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 Starlight Glimmer App (mega - spoilers)

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PostSubject: Starlight Glimmer App (mega - spoilers)   Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:00 pm

(Warning - For anyone who hasn't seen the recent season finale, beware - heavy spoiler alert)

Canon Name:  Starlight Glimmer

Furcaida Name:  Star Glimmer

Name of alts we may know you as: Bygone Specter, Lavender Snow

Why do you want this character?: In an animation and writing point of view I rather like Starlight Glimmer’s character. She’d be liable to take actions that some might deem to be ‘wrong’ with the best intentions. Such is the way with characters that possess a skewed moral compass at the time. She also falls for the same problems many villains/former villains have. She likes to gloat among other personality issues. I could have so much fun with the character! Also since nobody has applied for her yet I won’t feel guilty about taking her for my own. >=D

How often are you online?: Eeeeeevery Day

Gender:  Female

Species: Unicorn

Cutie Mark: A purple and white compass rose (star) type symbol with a two-tone blue stream.

Generation: 4

Special Somepony: None

Pet: None Yet

Residence: Unknown (Going to go with a room in Friendship Castle for now)

Workplace: Friendship Castle (most likely)

Occupation: Student

Short Introduction: Starlight Glimmer is a pony that, while crafty and rather resourceful, has made some mistakes throughout her life. She garnered a disdain for cutie marks and even a slight fear of friendship after the ‘abandonment’ of a friend when she was a foal. Now, as Twilight’s student, she’s attempting to make amends for what she’d done in the past.

Backstory: When Starlight Glimmer was a filly her best, and only friend, Sunburst earned his cutie mark and subsequently left for Canterlot. This left Starlight Glimmer without a friend and she quickly developed a fear of losing potential future friends to something like a cutie mark. She apparently grows to believe cutie marks ruin friendships and delves deep into somewhat unknown studies of magic; one being the ‘removal’ of cutie marks. Starlight eventually comes to found a small town on the fringe of Equestria.

There she used a staff she found along with her magic to remove the cutie marks of all the town’s inhabitants; thereby making them ‘equal’. Her plan seemed to work for a time until the six arrived. After the events there she was subsequently exposed to still have her cutie mark and chased from the town.

Presumably when she found her way out of the caves she made her way back to central Equestrian and began to spy on Twilight to plot her revenge. She eventually attended a lecture on cutie mark magic and hatched a plan. Using a spell she’d ‘acquired’ for star spell she sought to change time.

After a few encounters with Twilight whom was trying to stop her she was eventually drug into the desolation that was one of Equestria’s potential futures. Starlight Glimmer caved and let the rainboom occur, letting the timeline return to normal (Or as normal as it can be with time-fuddling. She was ready to accept whatever punishment but the six simply decided that she should be a student of friendship.

And thus began her reform.

Appearance: Starlight glimmer has a pink coat with a two-tone purple and blue-gray mane and tail.

Personality: Starlight Glimmer’s personality has ‘changed’ between her appearances, but those echoes can be seen occasionally. Beginning with her appearance in ‘our town’… She was originally friendly and opening, but it changed as she began to fear discovery. It could be argued that she wanted to ‘fit in’ but to use the ‘Staff of Sameness’ she required her magic since said staff was just a twig and it was actually her magic doing the cutie mark removal. Lack of mark would likely have resulted in her being unable to perform the removal.

After being exposed and her ‘utopia’ falls to pieces around her she gains a bitter hatred for Twilight Sparkle. Upon taking her ‘revenge’ and using star swirl’s spell to change time she has the tendency to gloat.

Now as a student Starlight has lost her hatred and seemingly taken on a more friendly take on life. Parts of her ‘old’ personality traits could possibly resurface given the correct circumstances though.

It is implied that Starlight Glimmer

Job: She is well… a student of Twilight, or it could potentially be argued that she is a student of the six, twilight being her primary ‘teacher’.

Equestria RP Alts: Bygone Specter, Lavender Snow

Ref Image:

Sample Post: Star Glimmer was seated in the rather expansive library that Friendship Castle presented. This was more books than she d had free access to for...a long time, and she couldn’t help but make every attempt to take advantage of the situation. While she was growing comfortable around these ponies, some small part of her yet felt it might only be a matter of time before they left her like her first friend had. So she might only have a limited amount of free access to this large collection of books. Thus she needed to take advantage of it, yes? In front of her was a rather curious book... She didn’t know what it said though, but it was in old Equestrian so it had to be good right? Little did she know, the book was a certain cook-book that had been found before. Yep; an old Equestrian Cookbook - Definitely not something magic related, but as she stared at the pages she couldn’t help but imagine it being book filled with hidden magical secrets. It was futile, yes, but even still....Secrets! (Opening post from an RP with Mirage Moon)

(Further samples from said RP)
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Starlight Glimmer App (mega - spoilers)
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