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 Test RP - Starlight Glimmer

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PostSubject: Test RP - Starlight Glimmer   Test RP - Starlight Glimmer Icon_minitimeMon Nov 30, 2015 10:55 pm

(14:47:53) Star Glimmer was seated in the rather expansive library that Friendship Castle presented. This was more books than she d had free access to for...a long time, and she couldn’t help but make every attempt to take advantage of the situation. While she was growing comfortable around these ponies, some small part of her yet felt it might only be a matter of time before they left her like her first friend had. So she might only have a limited amount of free access to this large collection of books. Thus she needed to take advantage of it, yes? In front of her was a rather curious book... She didn’t know what it said though, but it was in old Equestrian so it had to be good right? Little did she know, the book was a certain cook-book that had been found before. Yep; an old Equestrian Cookbook - Definitely not something magic related, but as she stared at the pages she couldn’t help but imagine it being book filled with hidden magical secrets. It was futile, yes, but even still....Secrets!

(15:12:39) Mirage Moon grabbed his satchel and headed off the train platform in Ponyville. Mira looked around at the bustling ponies that scurried about and tried to avoid them to his best of ability. He sighed as he looked towards Twilight's castle and hoped she would be there at the time as he really needed her advice. Mira earlier came across a problem that he couldn't solve alone in fact he was able to translate a sentence of the book he held on the last page it said when the two come together. But what exactly did that mean? Perhaps it meant he needed another's help to fully translate the final page...and if Twilight and his self managed to do try; perhaps they could succeed. He sighed slightly as the Princess of Magic couldn't even translate this and he was starting to have his doubts, but just this morning he found he could read the one line and he got a bit of hope back in discovering it's secrets. Mirage walked up to the door and pushed it open as he went into the castle; door closing behind hm.

(15:26:14) Star Glimmer flicked an ear and raised her head as she heard a voice coming from the map room. She'd avoided that room since she didn't know if the rest would be....Comfortable...with her going near it. After all, it had been a key component to her plan before. However, there was an unfamiliar voice so some part of her felt it would be wise to investigate. Thus she picked up the book and made her way towards the map chamber. "Hello? Twilight is out right now." she frowned as she stepped inside the room and caught side of an unfamiliar unicorn. Then again hadn't she heard about a pony with his coloration in passing? The name eluded her though.

(15:49:43) Mirage Moon froze for a second as an unfamiliar voice sounded and seemed to address him. He turned his head towards the unfamiliar pony and thought to his self as he heard her mention Twilight was out. Well it wasn't twilight to be sure...and she approached him and didn't shy away so couldn't be Fluttershy. She had no wings so couldn't be Rainbow cowpony hat so couldn't be Applejack. He looked at her and tilted his head as he pulls out a list from his satchel and says the next part out loud as he looks it over, "Mmmmm no puffy mane so not Pinkie Pie..." He continues to look through it, "Could be...Rarity....oh wait no says her fur is white....okay that all six of the ponies that should be here and you are defiantly not a dragon so not Spike...okay then." He calmly put the list back into his satchel and looked back up as his crimson hues blinked a few times.[c]
(15:54:11) Mirage Moon suddenly went wide eye, "Who the buck are you!?! What have you done to Twilight!?!" He exclaimed as he rushed to her; placing his forehooves on her and shook her around. He then rushed off and looked under the map table, "Twilight...?" He called, but no answer. He then did a short range teleportation and moment's later his head popped out of a flower pot, "Twilight!?!" He called panting. Moments later another pop was heard as he vanished again to appear between books on a book shelf; smashed, "...Twi-light..." He said through smashed muzzle. He fell out of the book case and landed on his back, "Oh where has my Twilight gone" He whimpered as his pent up emotions seemed to leak out and he normally tried to hide his feelings for the purple Alicorn princess of friendship.[e]

(16:05:34) Star Glimmer blinked with the small frown still on her muzzle. What was.... He was listing each of Twilight's friends to compare them with her? How... peculiar. Why would have a list? She was brought out of her musing whenever the strange pony asked where Twilight was. Or more precisely 'what she had done with her'. She never got a chance to reply, however, as she suddenly found the unicorn stallion too close for comfort and shaking her! "Un-hoof me!" She'd try to hold back a surge of irritation. The strange unicorn ran off and looked under the map table. Why, did he think Princess Twilight would be under there?! Then things just turned weird! He vanished and re-appeared inside, yes, inside a flower pot! A-and then, he teleported into a book-shelf? She was seriously pondering finding somepony who could deal with a 'strange' pony like this, but she was the only one here. Was he going to hurt himself?! >>
(16:05:44) You say, ">>Her eye twitched as he landed on his back and whimpered. She wasn't paid enough for this... wait, she wasn't paid...ugh... -e-"

(16:31:19) Mirage Moon rolls to his hooves and shook his head; just realizing what he had done. He blushed and looked down, "Um...oh um...s-sorry about that..." He muttered and looked towards her again with a soft smile; blush still there, "Names...Mirage you know when Twilight will be back? I require her magic specialization." He said circling his left hoof on the floor sheepishly. He arose and walked over to her and looked her over slightly and blinks, before gasping and digging through his satchel as he pulled out another parchment and read through it and stomped his hoof on the ground, "Oh! You must be Starlight Glimmer? Yes...this recent report lists you in it...something about time magic and other stuff?" He explained while he stuck the parchment back into the satchel, "The reports state you are decent in magic as well...that's nice to know."

(16:46:12) Star Glimmer continues to stare at Mira with a rather odd look. "Pleasure." she'd say with an odd tone of voice. She still didn't really know what to think of this unicorn. And she thought the pink one was weird sometimes. How many odd ponies were around here? "Twilight is... Out around the Apple farm unless she has gone to Town hall. She had a whole itinerary laid out for the day. I was taking advantage of the free time to look through the library a little." the unicorn replied only to give a quiet sigh as he suddenly realized who she was. She didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.... "Correct..." she drawled to his brief outline of the 'report' that he was looking at. She was 'trying' to reserve her judgement but this was... quite the first impression...

(16:55:38) Mirage Moon nods his head as he listened, "I see...sounds like her I wanted to by chance take her up on her offer to watch the protostar with her for a bit." He noted as he smiled, "Such a wonderful thing even though the process lasts for about ten billion years and the changes to it are slow just watching them is real amazing!" He smiled as he turned his head to the side and then back noticing a book in her hooves as he caught the word cookbook as it was commonly used letters in the book he deciphered he could read most of it at mere glance now, " you like to cook?" He asked as he pointed his hoof at the cookbook. He then smiled, "I don't think I have a copy of that cook book in my archive. When you are done with it may I by chance read it?" He tilted his head curiously.

(17:01:36) Star Glimmer stared somewhat blankly for a moment but then smiled. "Oh... so you wanted to come by and get a date with Princess Twilight..." she'd mutter more towards herself. That explained a lot... But did Twilight know this unicorn seemed to have a crush on her? It... wasn't her business. Starlight sighed some and was about to turn away whenever the strange unicorn asked if she liked to cook. "What?.... no." she then looked at the book and groaned. Of all things, this was a cook book?! So much for 'secrets of magic!' "Knock yourself out." she'd dead-pan as she levitated the book to Mira and huffed. She'd have to go back the library to find something actually worth reading.

(17:12:27) Mirage Moon horn glew with his crimson magic as it took the book levitating to him from her. The book levitated in front of him and opened up to the index as he read through it, "Oh! That nice...I can make a special kind of muffins with interesting properties with this book! Yes...I think I will try that to add to my muffins." He noted as he tucked the book away in his satchel, before looking back to Glimmer who looked to be distraught at the mention of the book being just a mere cook book, " are looking for powerful magical books or something?" He chuckled at her, "Twilight don't keep them just lying around you know somepony could find them and that might be bad. She is like me hides all the valuable and powerful magic books in a different library than what she let's most ponies know." He grinned to her as he started following behind her.

(17:16:35) Star Glimmer rolled her eyes. "One never knows... Somepony could forget and put them back out on the shelves." she'd say as she re-entered the library and began to look around. If anything she wanted to find something that was 'interesting'. A good part of her wished there was a good fiction section... Perhaps she could try to track down some books for herself or something. Actually, that brought the problem of bits once again back down upon her head....With a grimace she glanced at the grinning unicorn that was following her. "Didn't you need to find Twilight?" she asked with a skeptical look. She still wasn't the most terribly social pony even if she did make a good attempt every so often. She was still trying to separate his actions from the crazy things the pink pony has been prone to do.

(17:36:42) Mirage Moon nods as he followed behind her; stopping when and if she did. He then tilted his head slightly, "Oh! I am yes, but with her schedule she could be real busy and such and I don't want to interrupt her meetings just to hang out. I mean she would probably get mad and all...and then theres the fact this is her home so she will return to it after her tasks so I can just wait here for her." He told her as he looked over the books on the shelf and then pulled out a Daring Do book titled Daring Do and The Marked Thief of Marapore as he took it in his magic and floated it over to her, "Here have you ever read these books by A.K. Yearling, before?" He asked with a smile and floated the hardcover book infront of her face, "They are pretty fun to read." He told her.

(17:50:06) Star Glimmer blinked owlishly as the unicorn explained away having to leave. Well.... It seemed she was stuck with him. She heaved a mental sigh and projected a smile onto her muzzle. She supposed she could put those earlier friendship lessons to the test? "I suppose that is quite reasonable." she nodded as she looked through one of the shelves. She was rather startled as she suddenly had a book floating up to her. Daring Do? Oh! She'd heard of that series from some of the ponies that had moved to her little city. Of course, she'd never read one. (Least assuming she hadnt.) She took the book from his aura and read the synapse. "Hmm... looks interesting, perhaps.... Thank you."

(17:59:33) Mirage Moon nods, "Yes...they are interesting I have the whole collection at my house, but Twilight and Rainbow Dash seems to get the books before they are release." He chuckled as he pointed to the book he handed her as it was a yet to be released book. He sighed slightly and looked over the unicorn mare slightly, "Mmm so did you really run a village where every pony cutie marks were the same and you know a spell to take ponies talents away?" He questioned not fully sure what to believe as he found it nearly an impossible task as he didn't even think the royal alicorns had that power in fact the only one that seem to have that power from his research was Tirek the one he heard about from before and sent to investigate the ruins of the destruction site where he found the book that he had been deciphering.

(18:28:52) Star Glimmer quirked her head to the side and chuckled some. "So the princess can get advance copies?" To be honest that didn't really surprise her... A pang of jealousy surfaced before that was ruthlessly pushed aside. The princess was a friend now, right? it'd be better not to think on it. She was drawn from looking at the book by a question from Mirage. "Oh...well, yes. The spell made everypony 'equal'. It required a focus to allow the spell to take proper effect as well and 'take' the mark.... Hence the 'staff' I found." she'd say with a nonchalant shrug. "Unfortunately I had to keep my cutie mark to use the spell, and that eventually backfired of course." she'd say with a bit of a bitter tone of voice. She'd really thought her town would work, but then they came and started to snoop about, a-and... The unicorn closed her eyes, forcing back the bitterness that she had once come to familiarize. "Best not to talk about that, okay? It is a bit of a sore subject."
(18:29:11) You say, "(kinda used a few loopholes on how the spell works a little there - step one of un-sue-ing xD)"

(18:38:10) Mirage Moon nods as he listens curiously to her and noticed the discomfort it made for her. He turned and faced the door as he took a few steps towards it, "I shall leave you be for the time being. I must go explore somewhere off in the castle. Well go up stairs and look through Twilight's big telescope." He said with a smile as he walked off and waved a hoof to her, "Take care." He said his bidding as he went to the stairs and started making his way up there; soon disappearing from site as he vanishes in a room above.

(18:47:47) Star Glimmer slowly waved a hoof in return as she offered her first nearly real smile. Whether it was because he was leaving or she appreciated his gesture was unknown. (She liked to think it was option B) "Take care yourself." she hummed only to turn back to the book. She had got many of her own spell ideas from books such as these..... Perhaps she'd get some sort of idea from this book as well! She proceeded to one of the tables in the library and sat down. So... Daring Do, huh... Time to begin. She opened the book and got to reading.
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Test RP - Starlight Glimmer
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